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Thread: Out of Date Error

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    Default Out of Date Error

    Has anyone else seen this. These came up as being obsolete, but the new version has an Unknown Location.

    <kuid:122860:100927> Roys_oak_dub_07_2_m5_4D_season
    <kuid2:35412:28111:2> S&C SM house(brown stone)
    <kuid2:57230:25010:1> Villetta rustica 2
    <kuid:122860:100572> Roys_birch_bereza7_m7_4D_season
    <kuid2:68787:21004:1> River Water Dark Blue
    <kuid2:124017:10124:1> Coal Unloading Pit, N-S
    <kuid:146087:27525> granoturco 3 spline
    <kuid:122860:100573> Roys_birch_bereza10_m5_4D_season
    <kuid:146087:27118> granoturco 2 spline
    <kuid2:122860:100830:1> Roys_birch_bereza13_m5_4D_season
    <kuid2:82412:611120:2> Track-Crossing-611120-TS12
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    Hello , I checked on list
    all in DLS Show up except 122860 on roytrainz not have one!! I had TANE SP3 verison 94217 Beta now
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    If they came up as obsolete on your installed selection then you have the newer version installed already. If a newer version was available they would show as out of date. It will not show obsolete if a newer version is available on the DLS for you to download.
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