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Thread: One way street lane

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    Default One way street lane

    Hi Guys.

    Looking for a one way street lane with traffic.
    Only found USfreeway1lane1wayTraffic, but unfortunately traffic runs too fast.

    Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.



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    Hello, You can clone on it and experiment with your clone by change traffic-speed 15.
    Hope it help you!!!


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    You can make any road into a one-way road.

    In addition to experimenting with the speed of your cloned road, add in this here to the config.txt:

    Additional Tags

    0 = asset can be a road or rail track1 = asset will be a freeway model allowing the use of and multi-lane roads
    numlanes The number of lanes to be generated.

    Default lane spacing is 3.4 metres.Note that for kind track, traffic will flow in one direction for all lanes.
    isfreeway works like expected and you need to drag the roads in the opposite way of travel when placing them down.

    For roads with no traffic, so you can place static vehicles, set the carrate to 0. If you do this, don't attach the road to an active road, otherwise, you'll have traffic on the no-traffic road.

    Here's additional info:

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