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Thread: Open discussion on screenshots

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    One other thought, some themes are very specific and narrow, which leads to few entries and only one vote usually. This sometimes makes it easier to win (just bc there are so few entries, each vote counts more) . It might be a fairer competition if the themes were a little wider, or less often (more non-themed weeks). More ppl enter when either happens, which makes it easier for anyone to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whamm0 View Post
    Besides which, most ppl who follow the competitions seem to adjust their votes already if you were the winner last time (or at least it seems so to me). This self adjusting by voters is only fair imho.
    I never considered that possibility, although I have never voted on the basis of who won last time and I'm not sure how many voters would even be aware of who won the last competition. Although I take your point, in government elections I often vote against the party that won the last election.
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    Too busy making a route , I post screenshots of that in a separate thread , can't be bothered competing and anyway the route isn't complete enough to compete against finished work. Also I don't like the competitive aspect.
    Might it be a good idea to have some non competitive threads where the idea is to ask for constructive comments rather than which shot is " the best "? . Also, people might be more inspired if there was a way to like posts , similar to the facebook feature ......
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    Thanks everyone for your honest and interesting feedback.

    In a nutshell, I agree with almost everything you've mentioned (except, perhaps a couple of posts about ships .

    The Trainz Gallery is at still at our "Phase 1" implementation, hence the lack of some of the obvious improvements that could be made. We won't be making any changes in the near future, but it is one of those things we'll be getting to when we have some spare bandwidth to add more features. (I'm sure most people would agree that game features and updates should take priority over the Gallery).

    Better communication is something we're always striving for (hence the call out here to get your feedback). We've tried a few things (some that have worked well and others that haven't) and no doubt we'll try a few more.

    From what I hear, there is nothing inherently broken with the current competition and it's an option among several available for people to show their screenshot skills to the Trainz world.

    As pointed out by a number of you, the most important thing is to not take things too seriously - enjoy the hobby, contribute when you feel the urge, and vote when you see something you think is worth voting for.
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