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Thread: Need some help with K-50 Switch on Narrow Gauge

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    Question Need some help with K-50 Switch on Narrow Gauge

    Good Evening,

    I downloaded a Russian Narrow Gauge Route, named "Zhukovka Russian Non real NG" and started using train to see the route, I ran into a KOLEJ Switch machine, which does not allow me to switch the control from what I can see.

    Need the Brain Trust here, to advise how this Switch operates, does anyone have familiarity with this switch throw controller. It's locked in place against one of 2 rails, so I can't pass the switch to continue on the Route.

    I would appreciate any ideas for how this little guy works?

    IF you need a picture from the route showing how this looks, I can snap a picture if needed too.

    Cancel this request: I will post a picture in few mins, apparently, and didn't notice it but the switch needs a special controller, a yellow cube box with green arrow, and it was missing on that switch for some reason, I replaced it, now it's ok.

    I'm glad I went back to look at it, noticed it was not setup as the same as other switches, WHO KNEW,,,,,LOL

    This was what the switch looked like without the Controller in place.

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