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Thread: UPDATE: I'm back from the dead?/Cass Shays are Finished

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    Default UPDATE: I'm back from the dead?/Cass Shays are Finished

    Hey, guys. How long has it been since i was last active? November 2017?! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! Drama aside, life happened. But...... you probably don't care about that. Anyways, what you really care about is.............................................WHE RE ARE MY CASS SHAY RE-SKINS??!?!?!?!!?
    Ok. Let me explain. (AND YES, I HAVE PERMISSION FROM YUKONZOOM!) Recently, i went back to work on the Shays and a disaster happened. I accidentally deleted my Cass Shay #2 re-skin. After a minute of steam coming out my ears, I got back to work and i successfully made a new re-skin of #2. I I am also finishing up #4, #11 and some others. I will post pictures if you are curious.
    However, 2 tiny problems arise. First off, I don't really know how i am going to release them. If you know ways, let me know. Second, These Shays come with various whistles. I think i might get in trouble if i release them. (Most whistles are from the DLS.) I am not sure about releasing them with or without the whistles. Once again, if you know any ways to get around these problems, let me know.

    Anyways, feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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    You could just put the locomotives on the download station without the whistles, and then let us download the whistles separately. Or you could just pick one whistle for each engine and then put that on the DLS and if we want to, we can download the rest of the whistles separately. Hope this helps, can't wait for this release!

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