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Thread: Problem entering sesion.

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    Unhappy Problem entering sesion.

    Me and my friend have trainz 12, default, no dlc or anything downloaded.
    When ever he tryies to enter or host a sesion he has this problem.
    We both have the debrecen route from the game with no updates.
    For some reasons when he enters my sesion this problem appears.
    How can we fix this ?
    We both have the build 61297 steam version.
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    Funny enough, blame TANE. Likely those assets have been updated for TANE, and since that is a higher build number that what TRS12 recognized it wont download. And since TRS12 see's it as "out of date" it will try to update it. But it of course, fails, and throws this error. There is NOTHING you can do.

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