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Thread: G Style Trilight Signal error in TS12?

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    Default G Style Trilight Signal error in TS12?

    This morning I found the majority of the G Style Trilight Signals were no longer working in TS12. These are the JR G Style Signals by the way. They are all working correctly in TANE. The 04 series are fine, however the 05, 06, and 08 signals give me an error. I'm getting a "Unable To Link Compiled Script Class," error. Does anyone know why this is suddenly happening, while they were working fine last Sat, which was the last time I was using TS12, today not so much. Is there anyway for me to correct this. I tried to delete, and reload the signals, but I got the same error. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you all in advance..........RD

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    I have this in T:ANE SP2 HF1 ....
    same issue?? ..
    I don't know how to solve this ,,,
    it's the only redliner in Coal Country ,,, above: rightclick: "list of dependencies" and "view errors and warnings" ...
    want some help too ...


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    My Trilights work fine in TS12, except 04 Trilight (Right Hand side). The Left Hand 04 Trilight works fine. So I don't know the RH 04 doesn't work.
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