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Thread: JATZ :: Jenolan's Activities for Trainz

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    After a long time looking at T:ANE and after installing SP2 Activities are back on the menu.

    If you have a hankering for the good old dayz of RBR (Razorback Railway) where you could drive a train, achieve some goals and generally have fun without worrying about trying to manage 'Drivers' and the like well it is all coming back. Zec even reckons we may get a T:ANE version of the RBR layout which would be super spiffy!

    Working on a sampler using Highland Valley to try out various bits and pieces and work out what rules I need to mind meld to suit. Initial (Beta) versions will be over at Jenolan's CESS but look for announcement(s) here when they are on the DLS for you driving pleasure.
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    JATZ -- Jenolan's Activities for Trainz (T:ANE only now)
    Coming soon(ish)

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