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    Default Multiplayer Routes

    I am unable to get a listing of any multiplayer sessions since reinstalling on new computer but please be aware it has been quite a while since tonight and the previous time I went looking.
    I only have the Routes that are supplied with T:ANE SP2 and if I am required to download any Payware routes then at least I will be able to join in,

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    There is no such thing as a "multiplayer route".
    A session makes something multiplayer or not.

    Don't look for routes, but look for sessions instead. Those usually have "multiplayer" in the name.
    Set a filter on "category = session" and "name = multiplayer" and see what you can find.
    All that download without missing dependencies will in theory work for you.

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    Default they do not work

    every-time I try to use a route, there is content that is broken and on my own route...though I add the multiplayer add-on you need, it does not like the routes, saying the route is an unknown asset or whatever, I am having this issues on both TRM17 and TANE SP2....at the end of the day....having content in the games that is broken with-in a few months of the games release...
    is it dumb....if I am missing something, then ok, but digital games having no in-build manual is stupid...and frankly route creator has no manual....unless you have played before and each edition has differences in the game....so fact is...this needs to sorted or removed from games, I think multiplayer is almost essential part of modern video-games, so you really need to fix they...

    I am sorry if this is long but having no proper customer support network means people like me, who pay your wages, need to bitch and post, other-wise, how can we actually make you guys and girls change and improve things.

    I hope truly you sort this asap...other-wise, you will lose money and customers....
    good-bye and farewell.

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    Hello rando-guy,

    SP2 has some issues with multiplayer session but the upcoming hotfix looks quite good so far.
    Like oknotsen said, an attribute -called "rule" to be exact, turns a local session into a multiplayer session. That is basically the first step, the second is that that session must be provided to all players. That's why this session has to be uploaded to the DLS. So, whenever someone starts this session and activates the online functionality everyone sees this online-session when he (or she) browses the sessions of that route. Players who want to join simply click on that running session and - in case of missing dependencies - the assets get downloaded locally and the player can join. Most standard routes do have at least 1 default multiplayer session to try and use. (Most likely as base for a customized version). It's not too hard if you understand the concept that for a multiplayer game every player must use the same assets (versions) to keep the game in synch. And the DLS ensures this.
    Please also keep in mind that if you created your own route this also must be available at the DLS so others can get it. A session always bases on a route and has it as dependency.

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