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Thread: How to use Filter "Dependants include" in CM?

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    Question How to use Filter "Dependants include" in CM?


    I was wondering how to explain to some one how that "Dependants include" filter in CM works.

    The only thing I found is
    "Dependants include" is just the new way of saying "View Dependent Assets". The selection is the same.
    but honestly - doesn't help much. What filter values would work here?

    Background of the question was to create a filter that allows you to see if there are nice sessions at DLS for installed routes or the other way round - see which routes sessions at DLS would require.

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    As the game won't read config files of assets on the DLS, no filter will show you which asset on the DLS is dependent to which asset or has which dependencies.

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    Ok, makes sense. Still- how to use that filter? What values does it accept? Just for my curiosity =)

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    From memory it's a true/false aspect although simply selecting it will probably default to true.

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    It's free text value, You can enter anything yet I never get a result. Tried name, kuid, whatever. What does that filter want? A short example would be helpful for understanding

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    If you are talking about the "List Dependants" filter, it is, as Shane said, just a true/false filter. The text box is a sub filter on the result. That text filter can be useful when you get lots of hits.

    It might be nice if the List Dependants filter worked on the DLS but it would be incredibly slow.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lockheed02 View Post
    The only thing I found is but honestly - doesn't help much. What filter values would work here?
    Type in a KUID and the dependants of that asset will be listed. The terminology has changed because the system does not necessarily know the full set of dependants of all assets, so the list might be incomplete.

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