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Thread: Faulty Content in T:ANE

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    Default Faulty Content in T:ANE

    Hi everyone! I upgraded to T:ANE, and have been re-downloading ALL my content. Now I'm having trouble with a few items which are showing up as "faulty":

    FGMR RC PCF 57' Reefer
    NS ex-CR SD80MAC
    CC&W MOW Bay Window Caboose
    PVRX MP2800/C
    PVRX GP38-2 ex-UP 3, 4 & 5
    PVRX HH SD45
    PVRX RS27
    PVRX SD38
    PVRX SD38 2
    PVRX SD40-2 (Red)
    PVRX SD45M
    PVRX SD70ACe (late)
    PVRX SD9043MAC

    They show any combination of warnings like 'obsolete build number,' 'low detail mesh,' 'image file incorrectly used,' 'tag "size" is invalid,' and '"image" refers to nonexistent file,' just to name a few. I've deleted and re-downloaded them, downloaded cabs, wipers, engines sounds and every update I could find on the JR site, but nothing helps.
    Also, the Husky Stacks from the American Intermodal pack and the MiJack Cranes show missing dependencies, but when I open them, all the dependencies are there.
    Am I missing something? Maybe an update or a extra download? I apologize for lumping so many issues into one post. Any help or advice that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to get these fixed, if possible. The JR content is amazing! Thanks in advance!

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    All of the above besides the NS Ex-CR 80MAC and FGMR PCF were specifically made for Content Packs for TS12, not TANE and as such as have not been updated or modified for compatibility. The same goes for American Intermodal but the fact you are missing dependencies but all show there is puzzling too. Make sure you don't have any Open for Edit items in content manager either.

    Delete the FGMR and 80MAC you had problems with and redownload and reinstall from our site and you should be good there.
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