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Thread: T:ANE Multiplayer troubles

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    Exclamation T:ANE Multiplayer troubles

    Last weekend I bought Trainz: A New Era together with some friend. We want to drive together in multiplayer but that doesn't work.
    We can host a game, and also we can join the session. So far so good, till one of the non hosting players starts driving. At that exact same time the game of the hosting player quits working and shutdown, so the server closes also. We have tried it over and over again and every one has tried to host the game. Every time stops the hosting players game. We don't know what to do and that's why we ask it here. Does someone know how to fix this problem?
    T:ANE SP2, build:88460


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    I just tried to do a multiplayer session with some friends, and we experienced the same thing. Everyone can join, but as soon as a client starts to move a train, the host game crashes. I am beginning to think it is an issue with SP 2, because MP was working just fine in SP1, and several of the SP2 Beta stages. Sure would be nice to have this fixed.... But I think I will be waiting a long time for this to be resolved...

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    We don┤t have enough rights to read the show that page. Is there an alternative to read the solution for our problem?
    Thanx in advance.

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    Is there a response to this yet? Seems like a large number of people are experiencing this issue.

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    There is (yet) no solution to the problem.

    Tony_Hilliam wrote in the another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony_Hilliam View Post
    Yes - this is a known issue. It has been fixed internally and the fix will be in the next update.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony_Hilliam View Post

    We want to ensure that we resolve all the more serious issues remaining before releasing the next update. We're close to beginning some external testing, and from there we'll work towards a public release. We'll be asking for volunteers to check our specific bugs, so keep your eye out and we'll get you onto the external test.
    The problem will (theoretically) be fixed with SP2HF1.

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