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Thread: Ransom Attack. Microsoft Blames Everybody But Themselves.

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    Hi Everybody.
    Quote Originally Posted by Saieditor View Post
    This is an interesting comment since most of us who run *any* version of Trainz do so on a desktop system. I actually have Windows 10 ready to install, but I am not moved to go ahead and do so. I'm staying on Win8 for the time being.

    I am not sure I want my data on someone else's server, although Bill Gate's idea of the Net PC is coming into reality. My sense is that these cloud services will only be free for so long. (I found I had one gig of mail in one of my google mail accounts, so I am emptying that out. Once it gets to 15 gig, you have to pay for the service?) Yea, I think so.

    Remember, XP ran for 12 years before it was obsoleted.
    Saieditor, I would very much concur with the above posts advising that you install your already owned full Windows 10 on your gaming system in order to obtain improved security. If you are "holding off" of doing so while you evaluate the Windows 10S operating system then In my humble opinion high end gamers will find that system has nothing to offer them at the present time.

    Windows 10S comes with security that is much above anything which can be achieved with any present windows version. However, that security has a trade off by way of severe restrictions placed on what users can carryout with the operating system. A brief description of those restrictions can be viewed by following this link:-

    The above review was written in May of this year (2017) and since that time additional restrictions have been added in the wake of the Wanna Cry virus attacks. In bringing forward Windows 10S Microsoft have also set aside their decades long tradition of using Intel chipsets in their PCs, laptops and more recently the Surface Pro Tablet range. In the foregoing devices running Windows 10S in the main incorporate Arm technology based in the Qualcomm 600 and 800 series processors. However, as good as those processors are (especially the Qualcomm 835 processor) I have no doubt that at this point in time they will not run T:ane in any form.

    In the forgoing, high end gamers will have no other choice at present but to soldier on with the full desktop version of Windows 10 and on occasion have to pay Microsoft's extortionate fees for use of that system, while all other operating systems are provided free of cost to there users including Windows 10S in the near future. The 10S system is now being targeted at Microsoft's core userbase of small and medium size businesses worldwide and also the education market where Google have been so successful with their Chrome OS platform. That has brought many to ask questions in regard the long term future of the Windows 10 full desktop version to which Microsoft are yet to make any statement on.


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    Thanks, Bill,

    I am taking a look through Paul Thurrot's site now about the upgrade.

    Speak the truth, follow right conduct; all else will fall into place.

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    Okay, just thought i need to chime in. I have 2 Win 8 or 8.1 systems with SSD that are now 'Bricked' aka 'Junk' after trying to go to Win 10. I am told it's the SSD and a USB drive that was plugged in. Something about the backup program included with Windows. I was able to write a program with .NET to get all the data off the USB sticks that was backed up, but I now have 2 'Laptop Coasters' under my newest laptop. LOL... I am also being told it was one of the updates after the Win10 rollout that caused it, and it was specific to the USB backups.

    Since I have reloaded and put everything on the new Win10 machines and have the latest and greatest, all Trainz with SP2 work perfect now.

    IMO Win 8 and 8.1 is / was Windows Vista, and Win 10 is the new Windows XP of the next decade. If you were waiting, I now recommend to get some new hardware made for Win10 and start over. If you have Win8, don't upgrade anything..... Be warned.
    If it's not broke, don't fix it.

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    Like i've stated before, i ran windows 10 nativly for a year and a half, and have now decided to use Windows 7 as my main OS. I felt that with windows 10, I just wasn't getting what I needed out of it, and to be honest, it felt too different at the same time it felt familier. For me, Windows 8 or 8.1 i can't stand. I've trusted Windows 7 since 2010, and it always gets the job done that windows 10 fails to in many aspects, especially if i'm trying to run compatible games from the Windows 98 days that do work with windows 7.

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