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Thread: Hide smoke

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascaderailroad View Post
    Creators go to great lengths to create wonderful smoking locos, with great noisy enginesounds ... and then people want to turn off the locos, making them dead, and eliminating the smoke effects ... Sheesh ! That's as silly as having a huge route creation capability program in Trainz, then shoving a route it into a cramped basement model RR room It just doesn't make sense !
    Under normal driving situation that's find but if your working in a yard and need to see switches etc. smoke becomes a pain in the backside. To me it does make sense to be able to turn it off or at least reduce it.

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    Throwing turnouts has never been a problem to me in smoke, pressing "J" or "Alt J", while free roaming around, by pressing "4", or driving in the cab ... perhaps you are positioned way too high up, following along in chase mode, riding along like a whirlybird, right up in the plume of smoke ?

    Most switching moves require the loco to stop for several minutes, while the conductor gets out and throws the turnouts ... and when a loco pauses, the smoke stops
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