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Thread: Southern California's Cajon Subdivision

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    Default Southern California's Cajon Subdivision

    (Pictures will exceed 800x600 in this thread)
    -As many may know I've been slowly working on the Cajon Sub for quite some time after the creation of the Mojave Sub. Cajon Sub has been re-made a few times due to different versions of Trainz which has pushed this project back but work does continue on it. I know I'm not the only one working on a Cajon Sub project but one has never been completely finished, all 81 miles from San Bernardino to Barstow California. I'm hoping someday mine will be completed.
    -This route will be for Trainz A New Era, T:ANE. I don't plan on back-dating it or none that, I plan to only move forward. +/- 98% of track is complete. All that's left is to lay track in Barstow and Colton yards. Other than that, you can realistically run a train end to end, even with AI, though a little boring due to the lack of scenery but I just use my imagination for now.
    -The Cajon Sub was created with Transdem. I have hundreds of tiles with Google imagery on them to help assist with everything from track alignment to scenery. I use track charts to help with many other things like track grades for an example. I also have plenty of videos, cab rides, friends that work for the railroad on Cajon, pictures from when I use to live in San Bernardino, Google and many other asset to help me create this route the best I can.
    -Here's a basic estimate in mileage, milepost to milepost, for what this route will consist of.
    -The 81 miles of Cajon Sub, Barstow to San Bernardino.
    -12 miles of the Cima Sub, Daggett/Yermo to Las Vegas.
    -16 miles of the Needles Sub, Barstow to Needles.
    -10 miles of the Mojave Sub, Valley Junction/Barstow to Mojave.
    -10 miles of the Alhambra Sub, Colton to Los Angeles.
    -7 1/2 miles of the Yuma Sub, SP's sunset route, Colton to Yuma.
    -8 1/2 miles of the San Bernardino Sub, San Bernardino to Los Angeles.
    -6 miles of the San Gabriel Sub, San Beranrdino to Los Angeles.
    -The route will obviously have the Colton cut-off Palmdale route through the pass but I ended it just after it goes under the I-15 freeway in Hesperia.
    -I don't have much to show at this point unless you all want to see grid pics, but I do have a pic of the map in its entirety. I'll have a better map to show at some point.

    -More to come soon.

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    Great stuff Joe good too see you back into it mate, Looking forward too seeing how transform this one.
    Cheers Mick.

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    Agree with Mick, and keep up the great work, Joe .

    // Erik from Sweden

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    Hello Joe,

    Glad to see the work and your Picture is worth at least a 1000 words, gives depth and scope of said project, just came back from Las Vegas to Los Angeles area this Monday, was watching the Cajon Sub, and some slow Chew Chews grinding up the Grade from LA Piers with Intermodal Loads, as much as I could thru Rain going over there, then Fog coming back at night after a Family get together.

    This will be some project for sure, tiny by know means, and a very interesting Route when you consider the Type of Terrain.........

    Only smart engineers and good train handling will get you through this Route Safely, and no Cheating either.

    Looking forward to your accomplishments, Know it will take time, all great projects do.

    Thanks for Sharing.

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    I can't wait see this! Your old thread was a favorite!

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    Love to see this project returning. Thank you socal for putting the work in. Your contribution does not go un-appreciated.

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    Default Barstow Yard

    -Thank everyone for your comments. Really appreciated.
    -Work continues but the way I've been working on Cajon doesn't really leave me to take any good screenshots because any where on the route isn't completed. I do things in sections like, track, signals, roads, power lines and so on and so on. So there might be some grid pics for a while but I couldn't keep this thread updated all the time without some kind of pics to show.
    -Just completed 99% of track for Barstow yard. It's all track for track except for the bowl in the hump yard which is pretty much every other track. The only track I haven't laid is for the engine shops cause that will be dependent on what buildings I'll use. As I have time, next will be finishing up all roads then track work on the UP Colton yard.
    -A few pics of Barstow yard. (Nothing is final yet)

    -Barstow east looking west

    -Barstow west looking east

    -Barstow east looking west

    -Barstow west looking east... looking from Valley junction



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    Hi Joe

    Your old thread was a favorite off mine too. keep up the good work you do Joe.

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    Keep up the good work can't wait for this one. Looks great so far I love the Cajon route..if you like realism you could use jmr's safetran signals from the dls helps with real signal configurations but if realism not that important than do whatever just trying to help good work.

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    -Thanks for your comments everyone. Work does continue on Cajon.
    -I created something for myself and I thought I'd share it. I created a basic excel calculator to help me run trains a little more prototypical.

    -You can get it at my site: http://socaltrains.weebly.com/ or by clicking on my banner. This is version one and I know it could be more technical but feel free to add your two cents and I'll improve on it.

    -Barstow gets a little scenery. Looking west at the entrance to the receiving yard.

    -Looking east.

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    Well, it's nice to see a great adaptation of Cajon Pass in Trainz. The route is very beautiful, but also challenging to even the most experienced crew of any train. I have rode in the cab of a BNSF C44-9W a while ago, and it's no easy cake. Focusing on keep the train at speed while braking carefully to prevent a runaway takes a lot of skill and determination.
    "There is a way out of every box, a solution to every puzzle; it's just a matter of finding it." -- Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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    Thumbs up

    Just dropped in for a sec to see what you've been up to, and I like you sharing the work areas of the Route that your currently working on, W.I.P. pictures is a good thing.

    I think it offers us tips and ideas of things we can do with our routes, Picture perfect I don't feel is a necessity with where you at with a project this huge.

    I just looked at your Trans Dem map, you have done fantastic in recreating Cajon Pass.

    Thank you for allowing us to enjoy with you sir!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PereMarquette1225fan View Post
    ~snip: "I have rode in the cab of a BNSF C44-9W a while ago"...
    Oh really now ? ... Nowadays that is totally illegal, and can cause the engineer to be fired on the spot, and lose his pension

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascaderailroad View Post
    Oh really now ? ... Nowadays that is totally illegal, and can cause the engineer to be fired on the spot, and lose his pension
    You being allowed on the internet is illegal. Go be a twit somewhere else, in one of Billvu's threads perhaps.

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