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Thread: T:ANE MP that actually works and is being worked on.

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    Default Kickstarter County Multiplayer Session (V1.5.1) is up

    More a bugfix version dealing with removing of dependency of a payware asset that sneaked in 1.5 and re-balancing industry production (increased rate compared to 1.5). Also the beta versions finally got obsoleted.
    Full log is embedded in asset or available in our discord Server at https://discord.gg/huQ7Gg3 in "mp-map-recommendation". Also you can find the commodity flowchart there.

    <kuid2:622415:100036:10> Kickstarter County Multiplayer Session (V1.5.1)
    PS: 1.5.2 is up already on DLS and will co-exist with 1.5.1. More details in a short while...
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