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Thread: Niddertalbahn LAAERS transporters payware session not loading.

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    Default Niddertalbahn LAAERS transporters payware session not loading.

    G'day All,

    Yesterday I purchased the LAAERS Car transporters pack (along with a few others) from Sim Central.

    When I go to try and run the sessions, I get the messages below (That I need to install the sessions and that the system seems to be waiting for a response from somewhere).

    All the other sessions and packs that I bought seem to be fine, including the sessions for the LAAERS pack for the ECML line.

    The files don't show any errors in content manager and I have tried deleting the KUIDs in explorer and doing a database rebuild, which forced a new download and install, but it doesn't fix the problem.

    Would anyone have any other suggestions?


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    G'day Piere,
    Had you tried this: File > Download Purchased Items?
    It helped me when I had problems downloading anything from Simulator Central

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