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Thread: SV Tender version of #51

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    Post SV Tender version of #51

    Benjamin Dorsey (bendorsey) had tried asking politely if anyone around could consider converting Ben Neal's URY 2-6-6-2T into a Sumpter Valley tender version, but no luck - not even prowler. So I'm going to ask very very politely; if anybody around could consider converting the Uintah Railway mallet no. 51 into a SV 2-6-6-2 tender version, that would be very much a honor.

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    I'm sorry bud, but you need to ask Bdneal. He has the original mesh, and you just can't convert it over since, no one has the original creators gmax, or what ever program used; mesh. I can only suggest to you to try and learn a program and start from ground up. It's more fun to create your own works.

    Rock On!

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