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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    A thousand apologies for not responding to your Christmas greeting before Blue. That's why and before I forget, Merry Christmas! ...
    I'm glad you're done with the roof, I was worried because ...... "If God wanted man to fly, he would have given him wings"

    Interesting about the island railways and as always your explanations.

    Hugs, Javier
    Hi Javier,

    It is I who must apologize for not sending you a Hug as well........Hope your feeling OK.

    I think my Arthritis is acting up a little, because of all the banging the Nails down to hold the Roofing Tiles and working in an awkward position up there for several hours, the old body didn't take well to that abuse....

    What I can say, I learned a lot more about Roofing, and better skills in laying the Tiles now, it's like riding a Bicycle in a sense, it takes a while to learn the Rhythm and movement, then you find out, this is not so bad, as it is tedious and repetitive.... The downside, is the other Channel, on the ride side of my Roof, looks like I might have to take out some tiles, not as much as the first side, and relay a little Tar Paper back in, for assurance so it won't leak later. But with this good experience behind me, and knowing exactly what tools I need plus some special Circular saw blades to cut what is called Fiber Cement Tiles, it should be a breeze now.....

    Second time is always easier after the initial break-in. especially for someone like me,

    I am 80-90 Visual in my learning capabilities, once I see something and can program it into my mind, and it makes sense, I get faster and more confident, I don't have to sit and think, ponder what I do need to do next.......

    Anyway, at least one side is looking great on the roof. However after 35 yrs in the house, I can see lots of broken Tile Edges that need some attention, I need to get more up on my Home Maintenance, so I don't put myself in the position of where I am now. Similar to the Gardening, you walk outside, and really take a hard look, say to yourself, OH my how did it get some bad........But then that's life in a many ways.........

    Ah, I just thought of something good today, we went out and got our Xmas Tree and it was so fresh and beautiful. Mr's Blue is very happy, and can't wait to decorate it out.....Made my Day......

    Happy Holidays ahead wish for you Sir.

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    Lightbulb Kauwai2008 Night Running Shots and other misc thoughts Etc

    Good Sunday Morning to all members,

    Wow Xmas is litterly just around the Corner, we had a little Christmas Party yesterday for the Ladies and Mr's Blue, much laughter and Cheer was had by all. Now today, me and Mr's Blue will attend Semi Formal Xmas event with some wonderful Philonthropic friends who, along with us, try to help those less fortunate. There are so many out there who are in a bad way, as you know, holidays can be a tough time, so we try where possible to help a little here and there.

    So this week, we spent some time with our Grand Kids, my are they growing up so fast, one is month away from 13, the other has recently turned 19, OMG hard to believe, are we getting older or what, 70 is not to far for us either. But at least our Health is holding, ah bit for some Arthritus, and Muscle pulls......I think this time of year, gives me a Pause for looking back, and seeing what needs to be done, and what I should have done. So the saying I need to do a little Spring Cleaning, which started in October, is definately in Vogue at our House. There is much to do.....

    But for now, that I got our Roof Buttoned up in one Section, with 2 more spots left to work on, it is prime time to get our outside Xmas lights up....Haven't been this late in years, so these next 3-4 days, I have to get the lead out and get this place lit up, and will see how many sets of lights don't work and get thrown out this year.

    Now for Trainz, ah, my favorite Hobby, besides gardening and honey due lists......

    I decided I needed to go thru my ever growing list of Faulty and missing lists, and start weeding out the ones that are Mesh related, toss those, I can't fix that stuff. Get the uniform Color ones knocked out, easy to due when you have PEV's Tools installed, I didn't due to moving my Trainz folder from C: to D: Drive. A good move when you only have M-2 SSD with 250 Gig on the Boot Drive.......LOL.....

    However now, I am in the process of upgrading/ordering Crucial One Tera M-2 and 2 Tera SSD to bolster my 250Gig M-2 and Samsung 1 Tera Drive which are getting 80% full.....I have 520K of Assets, and yes, thats lots of Routes and old things that need to be cleaned out, especially the old ones that do not look good and our Graphicfully , like PaintShed models, showing their Graphic Age.....and there are some, that might look OK with just a simple Bogie upgrade, if that will work, and if not, your outa here.......

    On the Translucent side, I have been able to fix a lot with this Statement.....Added to the Texter.txt Files in each affected Asset....
    ================================================== ===============================


    Vern Trainz Maverick Sunny Swindon

    As always though, if you mod the texture for your personal use, anyone eventually downloading a released route will still see the unfixed transparent fault.

    If you are up for the task you can add the tag:
    to the texture.txt. In most cases it works fine. Instead of masked, semitransparent could also be tested to see if it creates the effect you want. Here is an example with an Auran asset:
    ================================================== ===============================
    I did probably a doz of my problem Assets, and it worked perfectly. Now I can see them, especially a fair amount of Trees. A few Trees were Auran, so I can't edit them, as they protected and propritary items. But it was only a few. I might find a suitable replacement for them, when I get some time to look around.

    I used a few of MSGSapper's new Bridges to exchange older week looking Structural ones on a few of Routes I am modding for my own Tastes. And his Bridges look terrific......

    Over to Kauwai2008 Night Running Shots. Decided it was time to go Night Running, and I was not disappointed at all, pretty cool here....We are running a late night Passenger Run around the Island, too see how our Signals are working, I need to exchange them for newer ones, I have to wait for Signals to clear with no other trains on the Route. So that is my next step. Probably use the Vador Style ones, I am familiar with.....

    Great looking Water Fall effects here at Night.

    From the bottom River level looking up here.

    What a surprize here, all Red on this side, could it be we are coming through fast, I think so.....Actually one of these should be a Yellow on double part of Mainline......

    And an evening Tunnel Shot......I like this wide mouth 2 track Tunnel.....
    We are headed in here, will see how dark it is inside the belly of this Beast....LOL

    I think this is the only Tunnel on the Route, I need to drive the rest of the Island, too see if there are any more......

    Across the way, an Amusement Park is all Lit up.....Pretty Cool....I am running the New New Haven TalgoTrainsets here too......


    Thank you PWieser for your incredible Xmas Gift......They are awesome.....Love the color Scheme.......

    A closer look at the Park, as our Tracks are far, far away from this Park.

    Ah, the City life and lights await us here as we pass thru.....Looking at the Tropical Green Farm Fields here.

    OK...Gang, I have to Run, lots to do today, and tonight it is Party Time with good friends......Get together with some folks we haven't probably seen since the beginning of the year.....

    Take care all, have a Blessed Day, thanks for dropping in.....

    And Railhead001, my apologies for not addressing Credit, where it is properly due yesterday, my bad, I need to pay closer attention when I read a Thread........Sorry my friend.......

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    Spain, Madrid


    Beautiful images Blue.
    Fixing faulty items is the most tedious, so now in TRS 2019 I do not install things without first fixing them.

    Greetings to Mrs Blue.

    Hugs, Javier

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    Beautiful images Blue.
    Fixing faulty items is the most tedious, so now in TRS 2019 I do not install things without first fixing them.

    Greetings to Mrs Blue.

    Hugs, Javier

    Hello my Friend,

    And Mr's Blue says hello too......

    I have to reinstall my AssetX, I added some programs that go with it, and I somehow messed it up, no big deal..I just have to reinstall the main Program....But I have to say, Asset X is wonderful Program for fixing items, I still need to read all that 124 Manual and figure out how to do Batch Mode, I haven't learned how to do it yet....Can you imagine that.......It would say me so much time.......As for the mesh issues, well that is a special item, since I don't create Assets, nor do I want too, I don't think I have the ability to do very well, maybe if I was younger.....But I have more than enough other things, I learn in Trainz.....This is one of the best Virtual Simulator's I have ever played.

    Hugs to you my friend, and if we ever make it back to Spain, I would really enjoy meeting you.

    Thanks for the kind words......

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    Lightbulb New Route Profile DSEPR02 Pilbara Iron v2 (huge size) must see....


    Like many Trainzers who date back a bit, I cut my teeth in Trainz on the old Robe River Iron route that shipped with early versions of Trainz. DSEPR02 Pilbara Iron is my long-planned successor to Robe River. Whether it is good enough to achieve this goal I will leave to others to decide. Though Robe River was an amazing route in it's time, advances in Trainz itself and additional 3rd party tools make much more realistic routes possible, and these advances have been utilised for Pilbara Iron. The route was constructed in TANE SP2 ver 4.5 build 94916, and took roughly 2 years from inception to completion. About a year of this was actual construction in Surveyor once the terrain was built and textured, and research done.

    This route models at full scale the entire Pilbara Iron mainline from the coast at Dampier south through Western Creek Junction, Rosella Junction, and onward to mines at Mount Tom Price and Paraburdoo. Recent aerial imagery has been used to ensure that the trackage is as accurate to it's 2019 configuration as possible.
    Downloading the session named DSEPR02 Pilbara Iron Basic Session from the DLS will provide suitable motive power and wagons in their starting positions. I couldn't quite manage to exactly reproduce the 33000 ton prototype trains, but my Trainz versions are a fairly good analogue. They are certainly challenging to handle in CAB Mode if you don't mind such a challenge. Otherwise the AI schedules provided in the Basic Session can be used to direct the AI Drivers to do the driving for you. AI ore trains will also generate once every two hours near Western Junction and drive the double tracked section of mainline to Rosella Junction then return. These trains are as long as the operations trains and can be demanding on computer resources. You can deactivate these AI trains by editing the session in Surveyor in the usual manner.
    Downloading the session named DSEPR02 Pilbara Iron Schedule Demo will provide a means of observing most of the normal flows and activities of iron ore trains on the route, using the AI Driver schedules provided in the Basic Session. The AI ore trains are disabled in this session.

    This route was built with operation in mind, so for those fellow Trainzers who enjoy operations, here is a text based pseudomap of the route, from north to south.

    Dampier ports with 3 ore dumpers.
    ---------------13km dual trackage across the Dampier Causeway
    7Mile Yard complex
    ---------------56km single track with 3 sidings
    Western Creek Junction, now a complex intersection with the old Robe River trackage
    ---------------167km dual trackage with multiple sidings and crossovers
    Rosella Junction, unmodelled lines from mines to the East and West join the mainline here
    ---------------26km single track with no sidings
    Wombat Junction and Mt Tom Price township. Mount Tom Price ore mine and it's twin loaders is just west of here on a short branchline
    ---------------steep 100km single track with 3 sidings. Ore trains require pushers northbound.
    Paraburdoo Mine with 1 loader and a pusher locomotive base

    Standard TANE procedural track with concrete sleepers has been used for most trackage on the route.

    Fully implemented along the entire route. I based the SE calculations on the speed that a loaded ore train could attain during test runs on every curve on the route. On curves where a low speed is expected I used the equilibrium SE figure, but on higher speed curves I used the modified figure as per standard practice on real railways. Maximum SE angle employed was 0.089 radians, which equates to roughly 5.1 degrees of track cant. Only in a few places along the line did the SE approach this limit. The overall effect of this approach to SE produced a noticeable but not unrealistic end result.

    The general ruling grade facing loaded ore trains on the Pilbara Iron network is 0.33 percent. There is an exception to this along the 95 km climb northbound from Paraburdoo to the line summit just south of Wombat Junction. This part of the line has a ruling grade of 0.42 percent, meaning that this section of line is a modern-day pusher district. Locos for this purpose are kept at Paraburdoo and push the ore trains to the line summit before returning to base. For southbound empty trains the ruling gradient is 2.0 percent which can be found along a 10km stretch which climbs the Chichester Range south of Western Creek Junction. It makes for a nervous descent in a loaded ore train if you are using Cab mode!
    I was able to construct the Trainz version of this route while adhering to these prototypical ruling gradients. It wasn't easy in places, but I got it done. Vertically, the lowest point of the line is 8m above sea level, while the summit is at 751m.

    This is a very well maintained railroad, so track condition has been set to 100% for all trackage that is in regular use.

    The real railroad incorporates in-cab signalling and now robotic trains, but also uses visible aspect signals where required. So I used a similiar mixed strategy in the Trainz version of the route. All open mainlines have invisible signals with a marking board. These signals can be seen ahead by use of the mc display custom HUD rule which simulates an in-cab display.
    Around yards or facilities or junctions, visible aspect signals of various types are used. Some theatre style indications are used at several locations, mainly to ease driving operations.
    As a general rule, signalling has been arranged to facilitate smooth AI Driver or User operation, rather than attempting to be purely prototypical.

    All locations along the route have trackmarks added to the degree necessary to facilitate smooth AI Schedule operation and the use of most areas of the track work using Driver commands. Cameras have been added at reasonable intervals along the entire length of the mainline and facilities.

    Level crossing equipment of the TRC type are in use. The American style of TRC asset are fairly close analogues to the equipment often used in Australia so that was good enough for the author. These seem to work as intended in testing. I used the simple logic setup specified in the TRC asset instructions I found online.

    The arid Pilbara region, though spectacular in real life, doesn't automatically translate into a spectacular route in Trainz. With this in mind, I generated the terrain out to a considerable distance from the trackage. Four baseboards either side of the one the track is on were generated so hills in the distance can be seen from the cabin. I also built as much line-side detail as I could in the allotted construction time, in order make it somewhat interesting for those drivers prepared to undertake a 5 hour mainline drive without appointing AI Drivers to mitigate their boredom.

    There is a yowie to be found on this route, somewhere. For non Australian readers, a yowie is the Aussie version of the Bigfoot or Yeti. Most sightings of this creature occur in a region of Australia that is also known for having the most marijuana crops hidden among the lush hills in the area. Make of this coincidence what you will. The asset is named People Yeti .

    The builder of the route is me. The builders of the DLS assets that made this route possible are a great many others, and I thank them for their asset creation efforts over many many years. You guys make Trainz what it is. In particular, a couple of needed assets were custom built in response to my request by asset creators RR_Signal and Dinorius_Redundicus, so an extra thank you goes to them.
    Another special thank you goes out to the trainzer called Sardo. His reskins in modern Rio Tinto colors of Dave Snow's ES44AC and SD70ACe locos made it possible to have fairly prototypical locos in the base sessions. Read the notes for the basic session for important info about using these locomotives on this route.

    There should be two sessions for this route on the DLS named.....

    DSEPR02 Pilbara Iron Basic Session
    DSEPR02 Pilbara Iron Demonstration Session

    Thanks for dropping in........

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    Post Message one of two.......DSEPR02 Pilbara Iron v2 Profiled

    Tonight we highlight a very unusual Route.....This Author has done a lot of work in 2 years, I think if your Computer can handle this Route size, by all means try it out, if nothing else, download it, and take a peak at what he has accomplished........

    Route name is <kuid2:582486:104144:2> DSEPR02 Pilbara Iron v2, he made another Route long ago, "Robe River Iron" I have never seen it, but I might try and find it on DLS.....It might not even Load in my Version of Trainz, but he (anathoth71 I.D.582486) has caught my Attention with his new Route.....And I can barely run it on my ASUS ROG Strix Laptop with 1050 GTi NVIDIA. You want to see the striking colors in this Route....I think they are phenomenal........

    I show Route Size approx 644Meg. Or 2/3's of a GIGABYTE.....Pretty hefty, but when you size my Map Photo's tonight, I think you will relate to the gargantuan size of this most unusual Route.........EPIC!!

    So here below is the Route Notes, and after this is his Thread Link.......Check it out.....I had one missing asset, which was the White Rock Gravel, I just substituted a different Gravel, as I couldn't find the one that is supposed to be on DLS. No biggy for me. IF I find later, I will adjust the Config.txt file to reflect the correct one......

    I couldn't get this in all one message, so look at next MSG for the Profile on this Route......

    Here is the Thread for this Route too.

    Last edited by blueodessey; December 19th, 2019 at 01:29 AM.

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    Lightbulb Kauwai2008 Night Running Shots and other misc thoughts Etc

    Good Morning all, still Xmas Shopping, we are too.

    Our Inlaws have come to visit, and this is a very good thing, one of the other side of the Family has a Brain Tumer, which is fatal, and maybe only a year or so left before they pass on.

    Unfortunately a very Rare disease that there is only some Surgery to due what cleanup and removal is possible, but like some rare forms of Cancer, this one goes deep into the brain, and there is no way around that, time is little, but at least this person is spending the best quality time they can with their Children. Would not wish this on anyone, it will not be easy for the family when that day comes.......At least the Children are mostly in their Teens at this point, but this type thing is never easy at any age.........

    They had a very bad headache for 2-3 days, and finally went to Hospital, we thought it might have been a possible Mini Stroke, who knows, but they found swelling of the brain, once they stablized them, they performed emergency Surgery and found 5-7 Lessions in the brain area, with more they couldn't get too.....At least they made it out of Surgery and back home in a few weeks. Please pray for them, that is all that can be done now.......The rest is in the Lord's hands......

    So lets go to Trainz:

    I have been fooling around with 3-4 Routes, doing some Mods on them. And I need to get my Drive Upgrades done soon, got some M-2 USB to M-2 Drive for NVME SSD's drives. The reason for this, my M-2 is my Boot Drive, which means if I take out my Original 250Gig Boot Drive, I would have to reinstall all my programs.....Ain't going to happen this time........And the second drive is Regular SSD, so I need an external Reader for the new M-2 NVME drive I am purchasing from Crucial Memory Co......Which I have used for Years, and never had a problem with SSD's or Ram Memory Chips......

    Will Clone my M-2 Boot Drive and then replace old one with new 1 Tera module.....And second drive SSD change out 1 Tera for 2 Tera.......module....I will make the old ones as External Drives for backup. But might keep the M-2 as a safety Clone for my Boot Drive just in case I ever need it. I guess, I should say, it will be used as an IMAGE BACKUP, we have all gone thru that, I lost my drives and all my work thingy, in some cases, one person, lost 20 years of work, because he never backed up his Drives, which is insanity or just being lazy.....

    Whatever you want to Label it.......It is very important to have both Cloud and Backup, off site Drives etc for all your items, such as your first born baby Pictures on your Cell Phone etc, there are plenty of sad stories on that one.......

    So lets see what are pictures are tonight....?
    ================================================== ============================
    Kauwai 2008 Night shots: Here we continue on with our Night Trip from Western Shores to East end of the Island.

    Signal lights are dated, so I plan on upgrading them, the problem with these, is interemitant Reds show up, with no other Trains running or standing on any of the ahead route Tracks. So what happens, you get a few Greens, then all of Sudden Yel, then Red with switches aligned. To the point of having to stop every few miles..

    Sunset has just occurred, and stars are coming out now, as we darken along the Route. A lone Car is seen driving on the Highway.....Which reminds, me, with the new Trainz Update, it broke the US 3 way intersections, so I had to remove all of them, Traffic stops at each Entersection and never recovers. So I have to find another Intersection to fit in?

    Heading across a deep river gorge.

    Our New Haven Trainset continues along thru the dark nightside.

    I have replaced the older light weight Bridges with newer SAP heavier duty Bridges. They look and work great.

    A few lights in shine in the deep view of the Countryside as we pass thru here. I found a few Gradients that needed some slight adjustment.

    Nothing like a nice looking Lighted Bill Board in the evening......One more thing, I think the Sky Clouds look really nice too.....

    Now onto a strange thing, that just will not correct itself......I keep get these Files downloading, whether it be 3-4 of the same ones, or with others. The odd thing, I have my settings to NOT AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD UPDATES and it still keeps trying to download these pesky items....Not sure why.

    Especially these same files.......Crazy? Is this happening to anyone else, if so, did you find a solution.......

    Going to run now, I have out of town Family's over thru now and New Years, going to spend some quality time with them. They come from the State of Missouri.

    I probably won't post till after Xmas, so everyone, enjoy your Holidays, and be safe in your Travels as well.
    Peace of the Holiday be with all of you........

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    As always, very instructive old friend.
    Merry Christmas and peace on earth to men of good will!

    Receive a big hug,

    pd.- Tomorrow I hope to send you a Christmas gift by e-mail, I found it under the tree and in our home there is no Mr. Blue ........

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    Smile A blessed Holiday to all

    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    As always, very instructive old friend.
    Merry Christmas and peace on earth to men of good will!

    Receive a big hug,

    pd.- Tomorrow I hope to send you a Christmas gift by e-mail, I found it under the tree and in our home there is no Mr. Blue ........

    Good Evening my Friend,

    Last night we had Family and Close friends come for exchange of presents, good food and wine, a great time was had by all, the only difference this year, too see how fast the little one's had grown up, some heading into High School and College. Wow, are we getting older or what LOL.....

    I wish you Javier, my good friend, the Peace of Xmas and very good upcoming New Year as well.

    Hugs from the other side of the Pond.

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    Blog Entries


    Merry Christmas to you Blue and everyone else that stops by this thread

    Now onto a strange thing, that just will not correct itself......I keep get these Files downloading, whether it be 3-4 of the same ones, or with others. The odd thing, I have my settings to NOT AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD UPDATES and it still keeps trying to download these pesky items....Not sure why.
    Yeah that's also happening to me as well. What I do is just ignore it as there is a bug with SP1 already that checks for what DLC's you have installed and what DLC's you don't.
    Midwestern Branch for TRS19 was released to purchasers, but since N3V supplied a broken set of navigation icons, they had to downgrade everyone back to TANE's version until they fix it, so I don't know how much longer that'll be..... hopefully soon...

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    Merry Christmas to you Blue and everyone else that stops by this thread

    Yeah that's also happening to me as well. What I do is just ignore it as there is a bug with SP1 already that checks for what DLC's you have installed and what DLC's you don't.
    Midwestern Branch for TRS19 was released to purchasers, but since N3V supplied a broken set of navigation icons, they had to downgrade everyone back to TANE's version until they fix it, so I don't know how much longer that'll be..... hopefully soon...

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Thank you Sir, Well as u said, I will continue to ignore it..........At least the rest of the Program is working well........With new update.......

    A Happy New Year to all here too......

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    Good Friday Morning all,

    I hope all of you had some quality time with your families on this Xmas Day, and I know some of you had to Work before and after Xmas as well, it was probably hectic, some of my Family members did too. A good time was had by all here.

    My Neighbors wife who had a major Heart Attack just days before Xmas, has come back out of Unconscious state and the Dr's expect a full recovery for her. Our whole Church had been praying for several days and we ultimately knew whose hands her life was in. I am feel releived for the Husband, I can't imagine being in his Shoes with 3 kids, and not knowing if my spouse was going to come back to me. It was miracle that she survives this heart attack. Mind you she is middle age, in great physical shape, you wouldn't think it could happen to her, looking at her. And he too is in great shape too, Children are almost grown up too. So this is great start for the new year. I'm so grateful for all the blessings in life when you see something like this happen.

    Now for for the Weather report, we had a whopping Winter Storm over here Xmas Night, the Storm brought a small twister Tornado, cat EF0, the lowest one in strength, that came off the Ocean and traveled a few blocks, ripping out Trees and I think some fences in the middle of the night. And it was comical, some of my California counterparts, asked, do we really get Tornadoes in California, and answer is yes when conditions are right. We have had some off shore and land based over the years. Some times the Weather folks can't determine if there was actual Tornadoes in the spots reported, but I can tell the Residents knew by the strong train rush sound of wind, and their Patio Covers, Furniture, Rubbish Cans, and who knows what else, that end up miles away in someone else's back yard. That is a sound and event that if you have never heard or experienced, you don't quickly forget.

    So this Storm, for whatever reason stalled over So California, we have seen this behavior in Los Angeles area before, when huge flooding occurred, a Storm Thunder Cloud Anvil Topped, sat for I believe 1-2 hours and just pounded the LA area with several inches of Rain, it was amazing. Our storm Stalled in the middle of the night, and powered up, producing at least 2 small twisters, one in Ventura and the other in Orange County area. The latter, didn't quite touch down, I believe, but Trees were moved



    I am happy we got this Rain, our area has been so dry through this year, and no Rains in OCT NOV to speak of, but December rolls in, and we got hammered with Rain. Another Storm is scheduled for Monday, so at least we get 3-4 days to dry and absorb what we have.

    Here is a link that shows our Snow Covered San Gabriel Mountains, this is the best we have seen Snow in our local mountains for a few years with all the Drought and Heat we've experienced. Ironically some of you in Midwest have seen some higher than normal Temps in some areas, in the last few days.....


    OK now on to Trainz,

    I have downloaded a few new Sounds, Locomotives, and UMR2020 Route,

    <kuid:95512:100931> UMR2020 by Author and Route Builder "neilsmith749" here are his recent Notes below, about the changes etc.

    This version has about 15 new miles of mainline track, and one new town. The update was mainly to provide a bunch of fixes to scenery, signalling, bridges, miscellaneous problems, and completion of a number of track-improvement projects.

    I plan on exploring the new version (2020) am holding the previous one (2019), to see what is different with this new one. It is a large Route, very well done, and lots to explore and play with. It just works OK with my Laptop for now.....4Megs of VRam with Trainz only goes so far, allowing for Battery Capacity and Run time.

    Speaking of which,

    I bought my External Drive Boxes to house the new M-2 and regular SSD 2 Tera Drive's I will purchase from Crucial Memory next week hopefully. I still have hard drive space left, but my Primary Drive M-2 is almost 2/3rds full now, it is 235Gigs out of 256Gigs total size drive, which was OK a year ago, but you know how easy it is to fill your Storage space up with all the large Files, New Programs etc. I use a Dedicated Drive (D) for Trainz and PEV Utilities Etc, with the Rest of IOS and other programs residing on M-2 for quicker Access and Boot up times. It works extremely well for me.

    When I bought my ASUS ROD Strix laptop a year ago, after surviving an HP integrated GPU onboard Video Chip, I never looked back!

    The pictures and Graphic's quality of this newer system, with 1050 Gti NVIDIA, 4Megs of VRAM along with M-2 SSD, was a huge improvement over what I had. Of course the second drive was conventional Platter One Terabyte 4200RPM Western Digital, a bit slow, but I had my Trusty EVO970 Samsung SSD, with Magician Software for excreased read and right improvement, like a Gas Engine on Nitro, those who drive fast cars, race-cars etc, know what I am speaking too....LOL

    For Next Year:
    Purchase M-2 and 2 Tera SSD
    Reinstall PEV's AssetX I did something wrong in the order of Installation between AssetX with other PEV's Tools, so I have some operational issues where Images, and other Modules don't launch or can't be found when I run AssetX tools......

    I had the guide in which order to install the other Tools, but somehow lost the Notes I had when I changed Laptops......Actually I use Microsoft One Note and I really like it. Only problem was, with new Computer, I had a Version problem between old and new, so some of my Files wouldn't convert over. A problem with this and similar programs in Software Versions......

    Wished I had known this before I got rid of my old Laptop, what a not so nice surprise......

    The earlier program was 5 yrs or older.......We have had this issue with Graphics Program updates too, where a project Mr's Blue had made, couldn't be imported into the newer versions of Software. She was extremely perturbed that some of her design's would have be recreated and recolored over, think of Mesh issues with Trainz with newer Versions, like TANE and TRS2019. Of course

    Think of Trainz Versions issues, and import issues, all relative I think in the same sense.

    Trainz: Plan on cleaning up my Assets that are too dated. Especially the ones with Mesh issues, which I cannot Fix (above my pay-grade).

    Start a spreadsheet with all the Routes I have, see which ones I really shouldn't keep any longer......This will take some time. So easy to acquire Routes.

    Buy some new DLC Routes and Rolling Stock Packs from various Creators.

    And then of course, I have lots of House repairs to accomplish. All in all, I think my year is full with lots to see and do.

    With that and much gratitude to this Forum, with numerous help and support from fellow members,

    I thank all of you who have come by to visit here and wish all of you a healthy and prosperous New Year.

    (My apologies for not Posting pics this round, I have to go out and do some things before the Sun Sets.)

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    Spain, Madrid


    Just read your to-do list and I'm tired
    I have sent you an e-mail, old friend.

    As we say in Madrid "happy entry and exit" (of the year).

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    Cool Our San Gabriels covered in 2-3 Feet of Fresh Snow.....

    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    Just read your to-do list and I'm tired
    I have sent you an e-mail, old friend.

    As we say in Madrid "happy entry and exit" (of the year).

    A Blessed New Year for you Javier,,

    Correct in a lengthy List, it will take longer than a day, week, or even a Month, need to have a Road Map to get started.....

    And here is a Picture of our local mountains at the end of day Sunset.......

    Just checked the Temps on the highest Mountain, Mt Baldy, looks like 4 Degrees, don't think any of this recent Snow will melt away today......

    They haven't looked this great in a long time........

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    Good Monday Evening Folks,

    It would appear next year is just right around the corner. I spent most of day, getting some new Tools and a small a sundry of other items at some great Sale Prices. All in All it was a bumper day, and the big Rain Storm we were supposed get, slid around us, just a few clouds and beautiful Sunset Today......

    Now since the Holidays are almost past us, I started cleaning up my files in Computer, and trying to learn more about AssetX and it's associated Special Program Aldon's. The one problem I have with AssetX is I think I overwrote the startup files when I added, PEV's Images, Attachment Maker, PM2IM, Soundz, Train Swayer, Texture TXT, Train Mesh Viewer, I could be wrong, but since I have PEV's Tool's on D Drive and not C Drive, I think the installer thinks it is on C: When in reality I have it on D: Drive.
    D:\PEVSoft\Mesh Viewer2
    D:\PEVSoft\Texture TXT

    What is happening to me, I open an Asset in Content Manager for editing, it comes right into AssetX, I can see the File run some other repair programs, but cannot run Any of the one's above, AssetX tells me it can't find the startup files of any of these ones, I listed above.....So something has happened when I installed them a few weeks ago......

    Currently I am reading the following help file from beginning to end, about 1108 messages, last night I found something new about Water Kuid, regarding Map Water Errors, didn't know that kuids have changed, and several older Water Kuids from versions 2.7 and below. Look for Message #88 in (There is tons of good info in this AssetX FAQ help Thread) I probably will need to re-read this Thread a few times over to assimilate all the Substantive details about certain things and how they Relate in AssetX.

    ================================================== ==========================
    Default Obsolete Water

    There are a number of legacy water assets that red flag tag 'water' at TB 2.7.

    List is not exhaustive:


    Substitute any of the following will clear the red flag:

    -1:6342 Choppy Water
    -1:6351 Rippling Water
    -1:6352 Rough Water
    -1:6353 Calm Water
    -1:6354 Glassy Water

    Routes affected when trainz-build raised to TB 2.7 were:

    41009:100001 Port Ogden&Northern
    54059:20002 Fox Lake V2
    67396:100019 Lisboa Azambuja
    128675:180618 Maine Central - Final Version

    Again list is not exhaustive as several years ago I substituted in other routes for 'Water', 'Water 1' and 'gerWater'.

    N3V Beta Tester. Trainz Pioneer Council. TrainzDev Team.
    Asset X, PEVTools and TARDIS Beta Tester
    ================================================== ==============
    For the newer Members, AssetX is powerful program, it will take you a while to get thru, the most important thing, make copies of your Assets before you work on them. Once you play with AssetX and learn the true potential, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.....I am no Pro with AssetX but I can tell you, I am doing my best to learn what it can do, and how to do it. I really want to learn how to do Batch Files when repairing multiple Assets with the same type issues.

    So there you have it for today's, Story in Trainz.

    Tonight will see a picture of San Gabriel with lots of Snow, and some Fairmont and Kelly Shortline Rte.

    Some very reliable C&O power is moving a hefty load of Boxcars to all our Shippers here. It's a trans-load situation with both Loads and Empties being swapped out. So you can see the importance of on time, low Dwell times. Today about 60-150 Boxcars and other types of loads will Transverse through this area, with Amtrak's about every 2 hrs, when that occurs, these mainlines need to be clear of Freight moves for about 1/2 hour, and then we resume.

    Set of Beer Tables, getting moved around, I need to replace this Red Corona that is way to bright for this FRED Application.

    Switch is set, and we have a good amount of Freight headed into Beer, Grain, and Shipping Facilities.

    A rebuild and expansion of the Old Refinery System is in progress on the other side of this Boxcars. That will require another Crew to rotate Tankers from here down into Oil Storage Tanks some miles away from here. This crew is too busy with new high volume of Boxcars each day, not complaining, it's just we've had lots of Industrial expansion in this area. Good earnings for the Railroad as long as we don't over promise. The key like anything else is Excellent Service, on time deliveries, the ability to work out the unexpected within reason.....Keep that Shipper respect. Or our Favorite saying, the customer is king.

    At the end of this Consist, will be some Grain Cars headed for small Silo Operation up ahead to our right. But will drive further up, we have heavy industries packed in tight, with 2 and 3 car Team Tracks...They are eagerly awaiting our Cars here......Good thing is not to much sorting here. Oh and see if you can find the Sun that is well hidden here?

    A very long view here of narrow tile setup, I put low hills on the left, and small rolling hills over the right here, in middle, I matched out Shunting Tracks where I could.......I have to say, this little "Fairmont and Kelly Shortline Rte." is fun to play with, and is merged with Wilson Mills, and Fairmount E/W Rte Merge on the West side of Wilson Mills Route....

    And the pride of Signaling aspects, a Lunar Signal, bottom of the mast on three way split sorting yard etc. As George Peppard once said in the A-Team Movie Series, he loved it when a plan came together! And so do I!!

    A lone C&O is docked sits on Wye awaiting Work orders, Clear Tracks are deceiving here, in a few hours, they'll be filled to capacity with lots of Shunting for our crews. From the looks of Sunshine shimmer on rails, I due believe it is High Noon, will have some time before Nightfall hits us. And while I am thinking about it, I need to lots of area and Street Lamp work done here, else we are going to be in an extremely dark area. Of course the Brakeman man and Engineer have Flashlights and Signal Lanterns, but proper lighting goes a long way in Rural areas like what you see here, just need to have them well placed for effect.

    Well what do know, Dispatch has just called our lone Loco to power up and get these Loads across the way here. clear for new incoming loads coming in this afternoon. Got to run now, can't be late, duty calls.....See you all next year, and will see where we are next.....Night all, and thanks again for coming by...

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