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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    Thank you for your kind words; I do try to make it worth download

    I'm just going to say, making seasonal routes isn't an easy task, as you are pretty much limited in assets you can used and such. After this route, I think I plan to do a summer one in TRS19 and see how that turns out. If worse comes to worse, you can always go back to TANE they say lol.

    I'd say it was a once an active volcano, just by the looks of it, but not 100% sure as I didn't study that kind of things when I was in school. I will say though, it does look really peaceful.

    Anyway, your welcome!
    Thank you sir, and as per TANE vs TRS19, I kind of think, and I don't want to be too critical about the Versions, but when I moved from TS-12 to TANE it was not an easy task, because of the increased Error Checking, the change of Game Engine vs ARN and other longer processes that we use to be able to do, along with many older Assets that simply looked horrid or didn't work at all.

    With that said, I think it somewhat of similar situation with T:ANE vs TRS19, with changed software, unexpected things happen, and you will generally give up some, or several things for the greater good of the enhanced newer Software. I would say this is A-Typical just like the newer versions of MAC OS X/Win10 issues that we have all experienced. I'm especially keen with Database issues with Windows and other Software programs, it drove me banana's especially when I had to give up my Old Home Grown Database Programs, which I loved and admired so much.

    I think that is the same here in the respect that as a Company Up Versions it's Software, there are going to be Scripts, Assets, and other things that will not work, or need to upgraded to work in the new environment. It becomes as they say, the Dealer's Choice, and in that vein of thought, then ultimately the we, the consumer, have a selection of Choice here.

    For me, I like right where I am now with T:ANE, as even after a year and 1/2 of use, I am still learning about T:ANE's Quirks and dislikes for certain Assets.

    The 64k question then comes into play here: how long, how far back version wise can a company write the new software to be Backward compatible, and then you need to ask Bill Gates and Windows Software Writers, how that has worked out for them over the course of years. So at the least, I have to say it is a very Slippery Slope Development wise........

    The other side of this problem area, you have Asset builders who do things quite differently when they build items, and this causes problems too, but that is the nature of the Beast, so in the end game, we do the best we can with what we have. And I as a consumer, Game Player etc, I am grateful for all the Assets provided, without which we wouldn't have as near much the great toys to add to our Routes.

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    Good Evening all,

    Spent part of my day with the Dentist, now that is over, and mouth feels more human, time to get some Pics in here for you all.

    So before we talk about that, will just touch a bit here on "Timber Ridge Line" Ver 2.6 by Author Klinger, so now that I have the Route Downloaded and set to play on, I needed to check my Assets for D&RGW and RGS which according to the Author have run Narrow Gauge (3 Foot Gauge), even though this is Dual Gauge Route, I figured I didn't have enough of the right NG assets, like a heavy Rail Crane on Flatcar and several Combines, so I went thru and looked for some item on DLS and found a few....Now I need to put them in the Route and start running the Rails.....Such an exciting Route to run on.....

    Downloaded some Wikipedia info too, so I can understand more of this famous RR did in the last 110 years......Pretty amazing when you think about what they went thru with Financial, and War issues almost to the Brink of disaster in some cases! Enough for this.....

    Lets hop over to FLaam Route and look at my Oil Refinery Center up in the high mountains.

    Alright so in this overhead, you'll see the Lakes and Dams above where the heavy Ice and Rain flows end up, to give nice pristine water to Residents all through the mountains here into as far as the seaport below, about 35 miles away more or less......

    The refinery was built when i saw some opening land in the rugged mountain passes and Canyon area, it only necessitated digging out another 100 Feet of low hills to accomodate what I needed and viewed as perfect working area near the main lines.....We have 30 different storage tanks for different Oil and Gas items......

    It took quite a while to find the buildings and run the Rails where we could do fills and runarounds with our Tanker Cars, and not get stuck in one end or the other here. We could had one way in and out, but sometimes I prefer multi Loop pattern when I can get it within the confines of medium size area. What is hard, is getting those Curves just right, and not too tight for the locomotives.......

    Here are the Gas Storage on the left, mixed Oil and Gas in the middle, and small Refinery on the Right with Torch burn offs....And you can see a string of Cars I pulled in for testing. Because of all the different routes in here, I signaled it to the max for safety purposes, you have lots of Blind Curves behind the Tanks, I don't want any head collisions occurring......

    Across the Lake, here is a front view.....I need to redo the Texture on Bottom left, it does work....But that's OK, it did before I made elevation changes, and the cuts for the lake changed this from a top view to Side view it classed with the other color here....No big thing, I'll blend out with a better pattern and color........Who said you get this done in a week.....LOL

    A side overhead view here, I think you can really see how I rounded the Tracks thru and around all the Tank Farms here.

    Shunting empties back in here to get filled today. And the Grade if I recall is 1.5 to 2.00% just for a short distance and then it flattens out....Didn't plan it this steep, but it just worked that way.........You know how it is..........I have an old Steel Crane in the back to load our Scrap Metal from Construction and Re mods on going all the time with Oil Center....Takes 2 Gondolas to fill up on Spur.......Try to make this area interesting.........

    Back view on the side here so you can see the rails reflected better, and get an idea of how I made it all work.....You see it comes into a Throat at the front, with dedicated approach track off the main, so there is no following the main, when load of Rakes of several Cars with load/empties etc. Mainline passenger Trains, can skate right on buy, and we don't effect them, as long as we have their Schedule......

    Back of the other side here with empty gons for lots of Scrap metal, old machinery, pipes from wells etc. See we have portable hydraulic heavy lift Crane here all the time, there is plenty to do on Re mods and Engine replacements etc in this industrial yard, be it said, time is money, and time waits for no one, not even the busy Railroad, so it is on point that we have our Tools, equipment when and where we need it for Critical Repairs, maintenance etc. You know the Drill.....Especially in these altitudes where we could get Snowed or Rained in......Got to think ahead here.

    Another way to put it into terms of understanding, our community etc depends heavily on the Railroad, and sometimes, lots of times, we can get thru when Trucks, Ships might not be able too. Just ask Alaskan Railroad how they work in the Cold Winters....I have watched many of their History Movies on TV.....Simply a concerted, down to earth, no BS dedication to JOB #1 up there..........

    Recall I said I had this yard signaled to the max, well the 3-4 Dispatchers here in upper Story have control of all these signals plus the mainline all the way down to the Port areas. For now, and that will change, as their are other others that will have dense industry and need Local Dispatch to handle the Freight and passenger movement efficiently up and down the mountain.......I will see to that, you can count on it......It's called a master plan, be pro active, not reactive, keep ahead of the game, because, and I can tell you this lots of experience, the Game can and will change.......Preparation, training, maintenance, respect for all workers, up/down, sideways from the Owner down is a must, if not, well never mind, you know already and probably experienced it. I know I have, and it won't happen here if I can help it........

    My little switchers are hard at work here pushing/shoving the loads around......Passenger Train is due thru here in the next hour, and one mainline has to be clear, or all hell will break lose for me......No problem, everything is figured out, and our tracks thanks to Great MOW planning, has plenty of reserve capacity..........

    First rake of empties is headed in off the main.....Oh btw, this huge building is where our Suites work, and is also Research arm for the site, with Scientist and other essential teams needed to run this professionally, and safely.........I forgot. I have mainline Switch Tower here just around the corner from the other one..........Oops....I get so wrapped up, I forgot where I put some items........

    That's about it for today......Thank you for dropping in........Will have Timber Line Picks coming......I didn't forget.........

    Night now........
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    Lightbulb California Wiidfires and Narrow Gauge Pics

    Good Day all, but not for several out here where I live in California,

    Recall I told you all in the past, we have had the worst Drought ever, 7 years now, that I can remember, I have lived here for almost 70 yrs, and have good memories of rainfall, in some cases, it was 1-2 weeks of Rain, we thought as School Children our Sun was not coming back. Well now, we fear the Sun is here too stay and the Rain has not come back......

    Of course in some years after the Fires, we had heavy rains, and you know what comes down from the Hills and other Fire scorched areas and more folks will pass away.

    Please say a Prayer if you could, because one of these Fires is burning from the Mountains to the Sea, in a very Destructive way, and it is beholden to no one.......Thanksgiving is on the Horizon, so it will be a very tough time for those whose homes are no more. I posted a link below that has videos and Story on this horrible fire.........


    Lets jump over to some more happier things:

    I downloaded this Route recently, and finally have started to run on it:

    After pre looking the Route over and figuring what Gauge of Train Assets I needed too Run.

    This Route is so cool with Dual Gauge setup because the Builder has integrated both Dual Gauge Track combo and Separate Narrow Gauge Running in a unique way...........You have to see how he did it.......

    I had to look several times too see where the Gauges are separated and where they merge together, like at Passenger and yard points.

    The Author did a MASTERFUL job of creating this route, and at the onset here, I highly recommend you try this one out and should find as I have? You will not be disappointed, by the Texture Colors, the variety of Scenery, (love the towns) everything spaced out or Bunched tight, including some Street Running for shunting ans Engine House Storage Etc.....I'm amazed at what this Route has to offer.......

    Now I need to be honest here, My first love is Standard Gauge a lot, Why you ask?

    Because I was raised around Standard Gauge, never saw much of Narrow Gauge, but for some trips with my Parents, and I could probably count that on one Hand.......

    However, in Trainz, with reading the Narrow Gauge Threads, and seeing the Pictures of what, how, and where these Routes can run, and what in real life people due with Narrow Gauge, Himalaya comes to mind, along with many others.

    I now even more so, hold a very high respect for the Narrow Gauges, with full appreciation of the Craft and World in which Narrow Gauge operates.....Touche!

    Here is the Author's Notes:

    Timber Ridge Line

    Deep in the Colorado Mountains, lies the small town of Timber Ridge. For years, the D&RGW and RGS have run Narrow Gauge (3 Foot Gauge) Trains into Timber Ridge and the other towns in the area.
    This area is a rich natural wonder, that includes the Towns of Timber Ridge, Red Valley, and Montview. This place is a Scenic Wonder, Which allows the Rio Grande to run tourist trains through the area, along side the regular Passenger runs. There is a Large Mining area
    just South of Timber Ridge with Ore and Coal production. There is also a Meat Packing Plant in Timber Ridge, and a Large Cattle Farm about 6 or so miles down the Track. There area also many other industries within the Route.

    This layout is the Result of over 7 Months worth of work at the time I Typed this title. The First version of the route was around 35 Miles of Main Line Narrow Gauge. However, while working on the layout, Trainz locked up and I was forced to close it, when I got back, I discovered the
    Config file had corrupted, all the work was lost. This second version I think is not nearly as good as the first, the first version had almost perfect grades and landscape, this one has much steeper grades where there are grades, but overall is very flat. However with the experience I
    have gained since the first version, this new one is much more playable, and far better planned out. Also I must admit, as much fun as it was to run over 35 Miles of Main Line track....With the low speed of narrow gauge trains, it took a very long time to go from one end to the other.
    Son in many ways, the 12 or so miles of this route is far more playable then the first 35 miles of the old route.

    This route REQUIRES TRS2006 with SP1 installed, I have had problems in the past with people getting 'map not found' errors, this I was told was because people trying to run the route did not have SP1 installed, causing the error. Most of the content should be on the DLS, I barely have any
    payware content on my computer, so if anything is missing, I will bet its free on
    Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad


    Ok, So here is a picture of the whole Route as it looks, the Dark areas are forest. light Gray or Brown Color is Desert and open range area, in middle. At the bottom Left is White and Greyish, that Snow and high mountain Climb area.

    Closer look here...........I am starting the Run from the upper Right side where the Gauges are parallel and apart.

    You can see there is a lot of Desert in the mid section, on the righ the Gauges are separate in some spots, and they merge up and overal in the middle., it's a little hard to explain, but as I show the picture where we run, you'll get a much better idea how it was done, again, hats off to the Author.......

    Ok, now here, on the left is Snow Country with hard Grades, I don't know the exact % of Grades, but he says some of them are Steep. I can tell you the Steamers I running will have good strength to pull up those Grades.

    I didn't say earlier, but this is the end point behind us, and the Author put in Portals, which I'll save to the last here, months from now, I want to get running first.

    I scoured the Web etc, for more NG both 30 and 36 inch Track Gauges here. I just had an epiphany somewhere on this Route, I think I setup a small 18inch mining spot with some Mine Cars etc that come into the 30 inch track for Transfer, one of my routes has this in it, I just don't recall which one.........

    So what I did here, it hard to see, I assembled every NG to these 2 types, 30"/36" and laid them out too see what I had and what ran Ok...

    We got a start over River divide here with #488 Rio Grande headed into to town on a bright Sunny Day.

    Recall, I said the Towns are both spread out and Bunched, here with some Street Running Etc, Look at how great this is here.

    Tracks have nice spacing, and the town is both compact and open, depending on where you look and Run your trains.......We just pulled in with a Double header and all the cars I could find, I know I have more, hidden in my inventory, because not all of the Assets are labeled Narrow Gauge by their Asset Creators......

    Here is the overhead of the previous picture......And these are where, in the middle section, going up the middle, the 30" track separates and goes North on the Second Leg of the track.....

    Here are some of the little Guys I downloaded for Standard Gauge Streeter and MOW Carts..........

    On back track grabbed EMD? and some Coal cars to add to my Assets.......The engine is nicely done and detailed.

    One of you made some WAR Ships, so I grabbed them for one of my larger Routes.......Thank you for some great Creations...They look awesome

    I believe these are from here:



    Well, tomorrow, I'm headed off for short Gambling Trip with Friends in Nevada......Hope you enjoyed the pics today.......Thanks for visiting here.....And there will be much more to discuss about TIMBER RIDGE Route too! You can take that one to the Bank.........Cheers
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    Lightbulb Smooth out tight curves, add water Oasis in Desert, realiign some Rail Yards Etc.

    Evening Folks,

    I wanted to post this in the Morning, however a 30 min business meeting, ended up with being 3.5 hour meeting, so the day just wizzed by, you plan out your day, and then the Matrix kicks in, and all bets are off......LOL

    So, while away in Laughlin, I did some serious Route manipulation, redoing sharp corners of Curves, Adding some Water Oasis for the Desert Dry area. Changing some track Elevation.

    And smoothing out the Textures where I change Track Curves and straight line alignments......

    But I have to say, I really like this Route......And I had another epiphany, this route is signaled as far as I tell, with all invisible Signals, which is fine, there is nothing wrong with that, and it may have been a temporary thing? I don't know.....So I had the thought of using Semaphores which should look quite nice, but will come at a later time......

    Here is link for additional info on the Timber Ridge, btw , I was in error, with the name, I called it the Timber line, it is the Timber Ridge line, my bad.....An aply named the Grades and Topography for sure..........


    Here is a section of the area which I am retooling the hard Curves etc........

    This is a Wire Mode Schematic of one Rail Yards I am changing, I could have deleted the whole yard, but I wanted to preserve the idea of which it was laid out, but change the Yard in a way too, get the mainline as straight threw , rather than going thru a ton of Switch inter lays......So what I did, was push all the Rail Yard and associated Switches off the Main, about 30' feet to the bottom.

    Disconnect one of the main Switch Legs:

    Next go over to the Wye, and extend the Throat where the WYE comes down, to give more gentler Curve, about 50 feet longer.

    Next running a straight Tape Measure From the Right where single mainline bifurcates into 2 mains, stretch the line clear over to the left, where you see the large Loop going into what I think they call Dog Bone, which turns back into a smaller Loop just below these words, and then heads into a Siding (upper left of picture)

    You can't see this here but the Dog Bones head from Zero % to 2.75% Rate of Climb.

    When I finish with this part, there are 2 Mainlines above the Rail Yard, one goes thru unabated by Yard Traffic, etc, the other just passes thru a few switches. So if we have Passenger Trains, and we will, they can go thru Main #1 not having any delays.

    And in the yard, there is a small Passenger Station that allows for secondary Passenger Traffic to come thru for Workers and any other Pedestrian Traffic generated.......

    Over here, I needed to realign the main lines, and Wood Trestle Bridge....I cleared some of the Trees, which comes to point of interest, I like the Trees, but I need to thin them out, for better Frame performance and some other visual reasons. These Trees are groups, not individual....So I also want to sprinkle some different Trees, just a few, here and there for Variation of Contrast.

    I like the desert here, and Main line went thru Straight for several Miles, so I decided to change it up, make huge "S" Curve, and have that curve go over a Osasis of Water, and I plan on adding some Palms and similar Cactus type Plants in the Water area as well.

    Here is an over view of the Mainline, now imagine that the Mainline went thru the Middle of this picture from Left to Right, I think this works a little better for Visual appeal......Also add some Reddish Texture Rock effects to the lighter Desert Color, and I think that works nice.......I want a little contrast of blended colors here.

    OK now we are in Wire View here and you can see I moved the Yard out of the way, look very carefully here I laid the Tape Measure to get a straight edge......It helps me set my Tracks where I want them to be, and get items straighter overall, I know the tile has lines in it too, but the Tape for what I needed works better for me........

    Look in the upper part behind the Town, you'll see its a mountain grade behind, and the double over loop works great, once I realigned it, with larger Curves and better Grade %.

    Wire Mode in my estimation, is the way to go whenever and where ever possible, it allows at least for me, quicker Refresh of the area you are changing, especially elevation changes.

    Now of course when your doing Texture, you only change to Wire Mode when you want to see how the area looks elevation wise.......Like anything else that is new to you, Wire Mode seems very strange at first, because you can actually see thru all your mountains, and it can be disorienting when your trying to change a area around mountains, and not Flat areas, buyt you'll find your brain will adjust and understand what your seeing.

    It just takes time, and you take it in baby steps, I can tell you also, that when you look at your Elevation Changes for Track or Roads, the Wire Mode View helps me see even better at how your Road, and track is changing, because when you look through Texture it becomes very hard sometimes to see what is wrong with your Track changes, depending on how busy the Texture is, say Dirt over a Rocky Terrain Texture..........

    This another Rail Yard and large City area, I did a lot of small Changes, and will show smaller inset pictures to explain, it is too hard to use them for that.

    Also, there are dual NG sizes here, on the left of the Red cars, is 36", the Red Cars sit on 30" inch Gauge,,,,,Very cool setup.

    There is a lot too see and do in this Town, the Author has amazing creativity with the positioning and spacing of Assets here.

    Over here again, if you look at Rail loop hanging out in mid air, that is the increased curve size....And later on, you'll see I also raised the Hills here too.......I really like the Colors he used for this area, actually the whole Route............

    This is the Map you saw earlier post, so I am working from top Left to bottom Right, the upper Leg on the Right is 30'' Gauge, with lower Leg 36" inch Gauge, however as they converge in the middle of the picture, they over lap into some areas........

    So I am working the upper leg of the Route.

    Also came to thought, I want to have some type of small 18" Gauge mining operation somewhere, unknown for now....

    That's enough for now......This is such a fun Route, and look again, it is all single space Tile dimensions here, phenomenal.....And it works......Later on, I plan on checking some my other small NG Routes, might have one too merge with this one....Of Course Elevation is important, as this one has several changes of Elevation depending on the area.....

    Night all, and thanks for coming by..............
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    Quote Originally Posted by blueodessey View Post
    Thank you sir, and as per TANE vs TRS19, I kind of think, and I don't want to be too critical about the Versions, but when I moved from TS-12 to TANE it was not an easy task, because of the increased Error Checking, the change of Game Engine vs ARN and other longer processes that we use to be able to do, along with many older Assets that simply looked horrid or didn't work at all.

    With that said, I think it somewhat of similar situation with T:ANE vs TRS19, with changed software, unexpected things happen, and you will generally give up some, or several things for the greater good of the enhanced newer Software. I would say this is A-Typical just like the newer versions of MAC OS X/Win10 issues that we have all experienced. I'm especially keen with Database issues with Windows and other Software programs, it drove me banana's especially when I had to give up my Old Home Grown Database Programs, which I loved and admired so much.

    I think that is the same here in the respect that as a Company Up Versions it's Software, there are going to be Scripts, Assets, and other things that will not work, or need to upgraded to work in the new environment. It becomes as they say, the Dealer's Choice, and in that vein of thought, then ultimately the we, the consumer, have a selection of Choice here.

    For me, I like right where I am now with T:ANE, as even after a year and 1/2 of use, I am still learning about T:ANE's Quirks and dislikes for certain Assets.

    The 64k question then comes into play here: how long, how far back version wise can a company write the new software to be Backward compatible, and then you need to ask Bill Gates and Windows Software Writers, how that has worked out for them over the course of years. So at the least, I have to say it is a very Slippery Slope Development wise........

    The other side of this problem area, you have Asset builders who do things quite differently when they build items, and this causes problems too, but that is the nature of the Beast, so in the end game, we do the best we can with what we have. And I as a consumer, Game Player etc, I am grateful for all the Assets provided, without which we wouldn't have as near much the great toys to add to our Routes.
    Yeah, it wasn't easy for me to switch from TS12 to TANE either, simply because of the performance and bugs was terrible!
    As for the 64K question... as far as Trainz v1! That's just my guess anyway.. I'm not completely sure, but you can only go so far before you hit a brick wall
    And I can agree with the assets, it has came a long way! When I had UTC and TRS2006, I used only the built-ins as I had no idea on how to work the DLS back in the days.. TS2010 I started to use the DLS as I finally started to figure it out (that's when I created my Trainz account back then).. Their assets really helps to make route / session building fun!


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    Yeah, it wasn't easy for me to switch from TS12 to TANE either, simply because of the performance and bugs was terrible!
    As for the 64K question... as far as Trainz v1! That's just my guess anyway.. I'm not completely sure, but you can only go so far before you hit a brick wall
    And I can agree with the assets, it has came a long way! When I had UTC and TRS2006, I used only the built-ins as I had no idea on how to work the DLS back in the days.. TS2010 I started to use the DLS as I finally started to figure it out (that's when I created my Trainz account back then).. Their assets really helps to make route / session building fun!

    Evening Sir,

    From the Trainz history, and your acquired timeline, you have really been thru the Mill of Experience, the hardest, most cruelest, and I guess one very effective teacher.........I wish and this is in retrospect, that I had found Trainz long ago, I think it would have been really good for me as a primer for say TS-12......But that is spelt milk and not worth it at this point. What I try to do now is learn as much as I can when I come into situations I don't understand completely, such as Faulty Assets. Which I am learning to do better now with the help of PEV's Tools......

    Now to continue, that 64K question in regard to Backward Compatibility, it is very hard for Software Companies to draw the compatibility line! Both in Cost of investment, versus the potential loss of previous Customers over Version incompatible form of function etc. Ask any Word Perfect, Excel, or Game users what they dread the most on updates, and or new Versions?

    Unfortunately it is like a Weight on your back that gets heavier on each new release of Software, and at some point. The line has to come into play, and find out your Old Items, Rules Etc cannot co exist for any number of reasons. I think the word Evolution comes to mind, as we evolve and mature, we have to use different tools to accomplish the change in the playing field, the Game.

    I know for you as Builder/Session creator it causes problems when your items our loaded into a newer version........

    For precisely that reason, I have elected to stay put in T:ANE, and I do know one day, I have to make the Change or Not......I have seen others in the Forum who still use multiple Versions or Older Versions depending on what they elect to accomplish in the Game. And I truly respect that, more now, than ever before as I have used a few versions of Trainz all unique in there own way.

    So will see how new Trainz evolves over the next year............

    You laugh at this, the other more serious reason, I wont upgrade because, I would want both T:ANE and TRS19 on the same Drive, and I find now after upgrading to one Gig SSD it is not enough for that.......My next laptop will have a minimum of 2 Gigs Hard Drive plus SSD........I hope a larger SSD is on the horizon, we sure need it.........

    Thanks for coming by.

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    Lightbulb Timber Ridge/ Aussie Merge

    Evening All,

    Been working steadily on Timber Ridge Line, lots changes going on as I make progress with it........And I was able find some D&RGW Locos by Prowler901, and they are swell looking Loco's had to do some repair on Textures and some other few things, but I got it squared up with PEV's Tools, than you very much.

    Over to Aussie Route,

    Another Late night run in Aussie Desert, very cold temps outside, but our passengers are nice and toasty inside with Hot Drinks and fine food.

    We pull thru the yards with smoking hot passenger cars, referring to how the brakes work on these particular Coaches.

    Ah our favorite hotel with late folks having a smoke on the Balcony as we pass on thru. Too bad it's so late, or we would stop a second and pickup some good Submarine Sandwiches from the Butcher Shop, will our hot chocolate and Scones will have to get us thru for now....There fresh baked so it'll work out for us.

    Signals our clear at this hour.....Thank you dispatchers for stacking our signals in favor of this direction.

    Look at the heat coming off these cars from some hot brakes........That's OK, they'll cool off, we had quite a few curves and grade changes. Good to know our brakes can keep up, I can assure you, these cars are very heavy, well built Steel construction, and they'll last a lifetime if we keep the Maintenance up.

    Coming thru the Bridge over some very icy cold water..Don't go out swimming here, with less than a full wet suit, Better yet, wait till Summer and water will be great.

    Wave hello to the night owls....Having a great night with Drinks and Friends.......

    Little peek inside one of the Cars, yes there old, but in pristine condition.........

    Lush green grass here for now, until the Ice sets in.

    We have lots of Farm Silos here, gives us good Grain Trains, for now the Growing season is over, and farmers will start planting new crops next year........

    Headed out to the Badlands now, dark windy, and watch out for the wild animals, if they get hungry enough, well you know what can happen, your dinner......So better to be on the train where it warm, safe, and some steel between you and critters......Werewolf's anyone......LOL

    That'll do for tonight, have a great weekend all..........

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    Lightbulb Timber Ridge Notes / Marias Pass Consists Pics

    Good Sunday all,

    Been busy on Timber Ridge Line, and I found out something that was staring right in front of me?

    I knew I had Dual Gauge Track, what I thought it was, is Narrow Gauges combined, but what I found out, it was Standard Gauge and one of the NG tracks......So now it appears I have Standard, and two Narrow Gauge Track sizes for a total of 3 different Gauges running together and independently, which changes a few things for me. As you can see I still have much to learn about Narrow Gauge Style tracks in Trainz.

    What brought this surprise to light?

    I came across a Passenger Station where the Dual Gauge kind of looked connected to the Passenger Station Tracks but I found it had Standard Gauge Stub. and unless you use the Narrow Gauges or Standard Gauges by themselves. The Station cannot handle the Dual Gauge.

    So You lose the Narrow Gauge Track and that Train cannot enter the Station on either side. Who knew, I didn't so what I'll probably the do, is use separate Gauges to go thru one side of the two side Track. Giving me 1 Standard Gauge and one Narrow, probably 36" Track.

    Once I figure it out, I'll show the pictures........Only problem is, there is a bunch of interchange and Yard Tracks all around different Gauges in some spots.......Track Puzzles.
    ================================================== ============================
    Below is more info for the D&RGW:

    The Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, often shortened to Rio Grande, D&RG or D&RGW, formerly the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, was an American Class I railroad company. The railroad started as a 3 ft narrow-gauge line running south from Denver, Colorado in 1870.


    Locale La Plata County, Colorado
    San Juan County, Colorado
    Dates of operation 1881–present
    Track gauge 3 ft (914 mm)
    Length 45 miles
    Headquarters Durango, Colorado
    Website www.durangotrain.com

    The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (D&SNG) is a 3 ft (914 mm) narrow-gauge heritage railroad that operates 45.2 miles (72.7 km) of track between Durango and Silverton, in the U.S. state of Colorado. The railway is a federally designated National Historic Landmark and is also designated by the American Society of Civil Engineers as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

    The route was originally opened in 1882 by the Denver & Rio Grande Railway (D&RG) to transport silver and gold ore mined from the San Juan Mountains. The line was an extension of the D&RG 3 ft (914 mm) narrow-gauge line from Antonito, Colorado, to Durango. The last train to operate into Durango from the east was on December 6, 1968. The states of New Mexico and Colorado purchased 64 miles between Antonito and Chama, New Mexico, in 1970 and operates today as the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. Trackage between Chama and Durango was removed by 1971.

    The line from Durango to Silverton has run continuously since 1881, although it is now a tourist and heritage line hauling passengers, and is one of the few places in the U.S. which has seen continuous use of steam locomotives. In March 1981, the Denver & Rio Grande Western sold the line and the D&SNG was formed.[3]

    Some rolling stock dates back to the 1880s. Trains operate from Durango to the Cascade Wye in the winter months and Durango–Silverton during the summer months. Durango depot was built in January 1882 and has been preserved in original form.[3].........
    ================================================== ==========================

    Now lets flip over to Marias Pass: As of late I not doing anything on this Route other than running Test Trains for Grade % compliance, Proper Signal Aspect and coverage Etc, and checking on Track arrangement in the new Quarry section I enlarged. That area has Coal, Sand & Gravel, Several ancillary support operations and Businesses. With this type setup, we are generating lots of Loads for Bulk material and other corresponding construction needs.

    Running a heavy load of Logs into our new Facility and Mill. I changed the loading a track for more length to handle a 25-30 consist........

    This Wye needed a little longer curve in it, I like the way it handles now.........And this Route goes into a Branch line of several miles, into a Portal at the end. For now, if I recall correctly, the Portal is set for Consume all Trains.

    Our Log Train coming across the Valley from 15 miles away on the East side.

    Using SW1000 Switchers, geared low, and works perfect for these heavy log loads........

    Passing thru local downtown area.......

    Well looky here, a bonafide Air Stream Trailer sitting here....Wonder who it belongs to? I'm very happy with how the buildings are laid out here. And these Crossings work perfectly.

    Good ole SP1500, heavy duty Switcher.........And they can haul a lot of cars too........Sorry that they look so Clean.......But for me, after seeing so many filthy looking SP livery growing up in So California, this is refreshing for now.......And I due have some really heavily weathered U-30 and some others in my assets.

    Stopping on Red here, we have Passenger ahead coming this way, but will divert to another Branch and then will get our clearance. Weather is good today, but wait 5 mins and it change.

    That'll do for now, thanks for coming by folks.....And have a Blessed Sunday,, as we pray for those Forest Fire Victims who lost Family and Homes during the horrific Fires this last Month.....

  9. #924


    Good evening all,

    Been busy running around like most of your probably the day before a major holiday, getting all those last minute things you think you'll need and hope you don't forget yea haw....

    So more about the Timer Ridge Line:

    Boy have I been learning some good lessons with Man6 Dual Gauge, etc, it is whole lot different in the way you make Stub and spur Tracks depending on what Gauge your going into or connecting up with, and it does like some have said, very difficult to get the connections lined up, till one gets the hang of it......

    But it is one cool Track to work with.

    I have also been busy changing Curves, Elevation, and reducing some Trackage in major Yards where my weak Graphics card has issues with Rendering of several Tracks 10-15 or more in straight view.

    Re aligning some of the houses too for some improved curves coming into and out sharp corner....

    And belief it or not, I haven't even got to the Snow Part of this Route.....

    So tonight. I'll show you a few spots I'm heavily working on for various reasons.

    Alright so here is the very beginning of the route straight out of Portal......I added a Tile, because I prefer my Portal not hanging out the edge of the Route into dead space.

    I use the open space here to lay out Assets for Viewing purpose, kind of like a Scratch pad of sorts, and to test Color Texture Designs too.......

    One of the things I need to due is thin out the Trees about 50%, hopefully Bulk Replace will handle that for me. It helps me with better Frame performance etc.

    Here is the overhead, on the right where you see the blank Gray Tile is the beginning of 30" and 36" parallel mainlines.

    Red circle is the area where I am reducing Tracks and doing re alignments etc.

    Bottom lower left is the Snow part of the route, it shows in a light gray.......Open Range with Desert Scrub plants our tan Tiles. Forest is the dark Green areas of the Route on the Center to extreme Right Etc.

    OK, So in this Civic Center here, straight across from us was an Locomotive and Care Shop, I felt with nice out door restaurant on the right.

    So I moved the yard and car house from here, and pushed it over a Block to the left of here which was wide open next to our main lines.......I think the diners wont be bothered with some occasional Freight switching on Single Track here, versus a 5 track setup running thru here before........

    Some noise is OK, but lots of noise when your dinning out doors, no,, not conducive to the Food patrons here.

    Over here I use a mass of Rulers here to line up the main and Yard lines, in unison, and delete a Yard line here and there, it was just too crowded for the area and my tastes. We have plenty of room in other parts of the layout to put up more Staging and Sorting Tracks.

    Got rid of the Fog here for a while we work......Now if you look at the trees, and they are huge Groups, just too thick here for me.........So will go thru and thin it out..

    Red Circle here is where the old Car house was,,,,,,,Lavender is where I moved it too........

    Yellow is where the Gauges Split with 36" straight ahead, the 30" goes off to the right into a new leg of tiles......Perfect bifurcation for duel Gauge Action........And boy do we have it on this route and Standard Gauge to boot, who could want more........This Great for Narrow Gauge lovers........

    Also in the picture you can see how I'm using the Rulers to get those Tracks straight with parallel ones, and the Curves friendly for the Crews.......

    Oh and while I thing about out, I even found a small mining area with 18" mining Narrow Gauge Tracks, so this Route has

    One Standard Gauge

    And 3 different Narrow Gauges on it, and you know if I can, I will expand that mining area with 18" Gauge too.......

    Now in several places in the Route, where Rail comes into Street Running, they used narrow strips of Wood Crossing Boards, and I am changing those out to simpler less Graphic intensity Crossing Boards, as this setup with kill my Video Card in some areas........

    Great selection of Buildings here too.........

    Here is a overhead view of the Yard I just showed you previously,,,,It has a lot of action here.....Very well laid out......I deleted one mainline yard track, and one sorting yard to give me some more room in this Puzzle Track.......

    Black Circle here is another spot to change out the Crossing Boards for better Poly control.

    These 2 tracks handle Goods and several other items 24 hours a day, there is lots of Shunting to be done here.....Great Access, we generally do late nights and early morning Shunt here so Traffic won't be to impaired.

    There wasn't this many buildings when these tracks where put in. But you know how growth comes in over the years, kind of creeps up on you.

    However the Town knows all to well which side their financial bread and Butter is one......The Railroad generates a lot of Jobs here to keep this City Thriving........

    Wishing everyone one of you a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Looks like we have one of those CUT OFF LOW Storms coming in late tonight and part of tomorrow.....Will see how much Mud and flooding we get out this one in the Fire Burn areas of California......It's a huge mess, and they are still looking for about 700 missing people too.......

    Peace and Blessing to you and your families......
    Last edited by blueodessey; November 22nd, 2018 at 08:29 AM. Reason: Grammer and Spelling errors to fix

  10. #925


    Hello Blue,

    great work and a lot of détails on this route ...

    Keep on friend !!!


  11. #926


    Quote Originally Posted by GIRAUD View Post
    Hello Blue,

    great work and a lot of details on this route ...

    Keep on friend !!!

    Thank you sir for the kind works, I hope that what I show and discuss here will help others in their quest of changing things up an curing those weird issues that confront all of us from time to time.....

    Have a great day Marc!

  12. #927

    Lightbulb Flaam Upper Level in the Alps

    Wow, did Thanksgiving go away fast, and its off to the Xmas Holiday Shopping Races. I hope all of you enjoyed some quality time with your families and prayed for the Fire Victims that maybe could not yesterday. Last night I came home late after having a wonderful dinner.

    Opened my Trainz, worked on it for 45 mins, and almost did a face plant on keyboard. It was 11oo PM and there was not a minute more of Track adjusting to be done else, I break the Screen. And that was the end of the night......

    Today,,take Mr's Blue out for a bit of Xmas Shopping and it was a very good day for me too.

    Now I take a little time and show my good friends some more Pictures of Flaam Route in progress.

    Now this area, is not seen much by you, it is the final height area where I needed to bring in Mining, Heavy Industrial Manufacturing and Oil extraction etc, coupled with some Ethanol Plants too. I plan on adding some small Manufacturing areas, and other items? TBD........Will take it as it goes.......

    Alright with that in mind, this Ethanol production below. IT comes from Dave Snow and some other Authors. There will be lots of Tanker Trains coming here from the Ports below......

    Natural Gas Plant and Valving for pressure to push this much needed Gas to other areas of the Alps.......Lots of needed for the heating of City, Hotels and Residences, you name it.....I kind of Cobbled this together..........There is probably more items I find over time.......I also need to add a Proprane Plant up here in the heights too, there is plenty of Room here to do it...

    Also need to add lots of Trees too. so this area is naked at the best, but I want to get my Buildings and Tracks in first then Trees and Shrubbery........

    Larger picture of the area, the valley floor here was originally Grey Granite and Rocky, to drab for my tastes, so I change the floor to Green and Dry grass areas........I think this is Propane plant here, and some light Oils with Natural Gas........

    Coal Power Plants next in line.

    Ethanol entrance for Rake Tank Cars.......

    Nice Signals here, doing exactly what I need, proper Aspect, because when this area is completely built, there is going to be lots, and lots of Chemical Trains, including Passenger Freight service too, our workers don't drive to the plants,, they come in by Train......Vehicles are shipped in by Rail and kept up her, the Roads coming up here are too icy and dangerous, with or with Storms that get blown in.....Trust me, we are up to 10,000 feet or more up here.........And you don't play with mother nature if you know whats good for you.......

    Signal Aspect is Clear with restriction to not go over recommend Track Speed.

    Looking at that Map below is the Lakes below in mid level area........In the bottom half is upper level, and where I am adding lots of heavy industrial sites......

    Next level down is Oil Refinery, Brakeman are helping move switches for the Tank Trains coming in for a fill up.......

    New Ethanol Plant is in Startup Phase as the first rake of Cars is brought in for fill up..........And once this plant is 100% functional, it will be outputting 100,000 Gallons of fresh Ethanol for the markets........

    Over to the right is natural Gas processing plant......I have some Tracks in, but this plant will need to some more, once I figure what else needs to come into the picture.......I need to find out exactly what else is messing here for operational needs........Semi Tankers and some other ancillary items for sure are needed.

    That'll due for today........I'm busy working on Straightening Tracks and moving Buildings around, fixing Curves, Bridges, and whole lot more with the Timber Ridge Route line, am I complaining here, oh heck no, LOL/..........

    I am having a ball, playing with what if scenarios in reference to the same.

    For instance, in the first town, with heavy Rail yard facilities and Duel Gauge operation, there are close to 15 Tracks in part of the area, and they get Stub out or leave by single main line for each Gauge, so what if, I could dual mainline them and reduce the Bottle necking. Now it will be possible for 2 trains to come into the main yards independent of occupying one another'S main line.....

    Of course, and this is for now, those 2 tracks due have to come into one main line, but that is a mile away from the Yard entry. Should work real nice......

    And that is the fun of it all, when comes to playing with another persons route........Or not changing it at all........It all works out.

    Have a good Friday..........

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    Lightbulb Helping a neighbor Day and life on Maria's Pass Route

    Good Evening all,

    I have to say, after you get past Halloween and then Thanksgiving, it just gets busier with Xmas on the Horizon, and today it was no exception!!!!

    It turned out to be a Help Thy Neighbor, trying to cut down a Tree with a new Chainsaw, no experience and using the wrong size and type of Ladder to use on one Huge Fruitless Mulberry of 50 yrs old.

    Potentially a very bad recipe of huge proportions up too and including fatal injuries from the felling of limbs 500-1000 Lbs.

    So seeing how I had noticed the neighbor attempting to cut this monster tree down, I did the neighborly thing and politely intervened with help, and all was well, since I have been in the Tree Trimming and/or removal business for a very long time .........
    It was a good day, as any of you know, backyard projects can end in a number of ways..I was determined to make sure my Neighbor wouldn't get injured or worse.

    Now to our main topic Trainz:

    I read one of the Threads discussing the King Mountain and Western Pacific Route merge.

    So I downloaded the Merged Route and it is really nice merge. And I proceeded to download the separated Routes that were merged. And made a merge using 4 blank Tiles between the merge points, I want to try and do it a little differently to see how it works out.....So for now that'll stay in my bucket list to come back later on when I finish , as I real busy reworking the NG D&RGW Route, AKA Timber Ridge Line.........Which is coming along real well......

    The latest thing I found, is the Snowy Section has really steep Grades up to 6% in several places, so I have a plan in place for that. I keep it secret for now, and let you all in on it later once I've tried the first of 2 potential options on solving the Grade issue......

    Over to Marias Pass, we are using Dragons Pass Power to bring in the heavy load. As we ease into the Lumber Yard lead.........Dispatcher is holding a Freight ahead so we can cross over to the proper leads.

    Over at the other Lumber Yard, we have lots of Shunting going on......In this yard, I did lots of re arranging and adding additional Tracks and Switches to handle the Volume of Finished lumber.
    Using Triple Signal Interlock-er 08 here for proper movement.

    Everything is moving smooth as we take our loads out to Mill for finishing.

    I'm in Wire Mode here to clean out additional excess Water not needed for the small pond area. Point here is, when your not in Wire Mode and the Texture and elevation will hide the excess water from view, so I try to clean it up for resource issues not needed.

    Signal Aspect is perfect here, as the switches are aligned ahead by dispatcher.

    Engines running light for a bit, as we wait for Lumber Hostlers to move the loads onto the Cars, we leave and head out for some Fuel and Lunch break, come back in a few hours to pick up the loads for delivery. Unless of course Dispatch sends us out to a different job and a patch crew Extra Board comes in to finish this Job up.......You never know how your day will end. All in a days work.

    Well looky here, I Short line LAJ power coming to work some of the jobs, Acronym stands for Los Angeles Junction Railroad.......Tehy work a lot of industrial Leads in LA County area of California.

    Oh here we are as we finish coming into the Finishing Mills......Got power pushing in from the back so as not to break a knuckle of this very heavy train of Logs. 15 Mph is our max on this Branch we don't need a derail disaster.......Safety first, all else follows along........

    This is where we come from out of 3 Logging Camps, and there is lots of Lumber to process, good money for the RR.......Looks like the weather might be changing here too.....

    I bid you all a good night, and great week ahead..........

  14. #929

    Lightbulb Kings Western Pacific Routes and Timber Ridge Etc

    Good Day all,

    Weather has been great, and I hear we get some Rain tomorrow night, I right in the middle of putting up Xmas Lts outside, looks like today and tomorrow morning have to count.........But being a 7 year protracted Drought, you learn to take the Rain when you can get it......And we and Texas really need some from what I read and hear.

    So on to Trainz Biz,

    Been playing with one below, and when I downloaded the TANE version, all the Tracks are missing, and when I download separate Routes, they have their Tracks, Crazy. But I understand Stouhtm has uploaded a revised version with no errors to fix the other one.........

    Kings and Western Pacific RR Merge

    I merge the 2 routes a little different than his Route, so decided to run some Freight and see how things roll here.....So far so good.

    And it is a beautiful Route, with lots to see and do between the merges.........UP Power with Police Caboose.....Cool huh.....

    A rake of Empties heads out over the Valley Green side here and on to the next Rail yard........Traffic is light in this area, because MOW is making new Mainline Connections to the other Roads Rails.......Elevation, Grading and Texture will be needed as I added about 4 tiles double rowed to fix the elevation difference.......No big deal and I have less mountain moving etc to do........I'm learning more and better ways to do things.....LOL

    Ok we are in the yard, signals and switches are good here. Will drop off the cars and add some more inbound ones to transfer out to other locations........Very nicely done with the Trees, This is what I like for Density......so cool...........

    Looking from the front, love the sky scenery on this too.......We coming in off mainline at 20 MPH slowing down to 10MPH.....Don't want to derail these empty flatcars......

    And we are set and Staged for decouple......Dispatcher is making new orders for another arriving consist to take out. I forgot to say I am running the Cyclops Loco here....Runs great and is pretty strong too.

    Cab view as we get ready pending new load pickup orders......Since I am new to the Route, I have my milepost guide here, as I have no idea where all these tracks go......LOL

    OK this is what my merge looks like here..........In the middle of the picture is where the Routes Dark green and yellowish green come together....I did a whole lot of Texture and hill pasting here after watching Youtube Video by NV3 Staff on how to copy and past bulk areas of interest, it really helped me, since I didn't understand all of the buttons that well......I need to experiment more to get it clear in my mind how do different Copy and Paste functions with tool.......

    Timber Ridge Pics:Here is an abandoned line here, but you know who is going into the mining business here, and will add on some more tiles and mountainous area for maybe an Open Pit mining operation.......later of course, I want to get the Snow area % issue straightened out first. and reduced from 6.5% lower maybe down to 3 or 3.5% for our trains, else I have to run lots of locos and much smaller freights up there, which doesn't make sense when in the top they have a huge freight yard installed..........

    OK here I have divvy up the main yard from throating into a single main to 3 legs into 2 leg main line,,,,,,takes out lots of the bottle neck, and I may extend the main line much further around the mountain for less clutter of trains in the yard approach area.

    Ok got to run now, before the Rain gets here........Thanks for coming by,,,,,,,,,,

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    Thumbs up

    Good Day all,

    It's Raining Cats and Dogs here and I am a happy Camper.....

    So you know, I say from time to time, I see different Trains on the Road, and most of the time, I can't safely stop and take a picture, well yesterday, I saw some Local UP Gensets working local Freight Shunting back to the City of Industry. Nice clear day for some shots here.

    It appears they are returning back to the main Yard and awaiting clearance into the yard by dispatcher......

    I guess this Single Lumber load from nearby is headed out some where else......

    Empty Lumber Spine Cars in the Mix.........

    These Switchers are graffiti ed to the max with Paint.

    And look at that, they even have a SP Caboose in the Consist, I am happy camper.......Yahooo

    Mainline here heads to City of Industry Intermodal Yard..........



    I edited this from the consist pic, so you could see the Graffiti better here........

    Over to D&RGW I am moving up the Mountains here, doing that Gradient % redo thing, and finally I got it figured out how to set perfect % Grade going up or going down, whatever you want. It all has to do, where your place your pointer on the section of track your trying to change the Grade on. What is difficult is when you have small sections Splines to click the change properly, and what I do find, is it works best in Wire mode, so you can clearly see how your change works, versus looking thru Texture, which inevitably can cuase an error.

    I started out at the bottom of the Route at the end point of large City area, and started the Grade change from 0% on the desert floor, and increase it to 3.5% over the next several Miles.

    Also what I needed to do is cut that whole leg of the Mountain and Snow section of the Route into 4 Sections to decide where to begin, and where to end, and also where a critical area, that I would actually have to add Tiles to the edges to make it work.........So far, 4-6 Tiles have or will be added, depending on exactly where I need to maker those Mainline changes smooth out, in lower section, I had a meeting change of only 12 Feet, but at 3.6%, I didn't want to increase my incline further, so I had to adjust the Radius of the lower Grade Mainline to stretch enough to compensate for the change and keep it in tolerance, it took a little tinkering and adding some more track, but I got it......Now the I need to run a train too actually see if all the Curves and upward incline works..........Will See?

    Last large city here, look over to the Right, you'll mainline headed up to the mountains, and I intend to make this double main line, why, well , to my amazement, there are several good size yards up in the mountains North of here........I think you can see, why I didn't want to change the elevation here with all these buildings and lots of Trackage, Roads etc. Just wouldn't be worth the Time and effort, when I can change on Desert Floor on Right.

    Now looking North here , you can see way in the Horizon some very tall mountains, and the elevation, goes from 0 to 875 Feet, in trainz with only about 20 tiles or so, that is a heck of a lot of change, but we will prevail..........

    Lots of Trestles all over the place........

    Here is the Track with new alignment in the hanging in the air, as we make the changes, I have since raised the Desert Floor up the level of the new Grade.

    Another view of the tracks as they start grind upward into the high mountains ahead....

    That'll do for today..............Lots more to come.......Have a great day........
    Last edited by blueodessey; November 29th, 2018 at 07:30 PM. Reason: Change out to better Pics........

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