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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Quote Originally Posted by pagroove View Post
    Hello Blue. Just dropped by this thread to say hi. What I like about your thread is your enthusiasm and the stories you tell with each picture.. You make the Trainz world a happy place. Keep posting .
    Wow......Thank you for the complement.

    When I first came to the Trainz world in 2014, I was playing Trainz Driver 2 on my IPAD, totally lost, frustrated in more ways than Carter has pills. But then, I found this Forum and the kind folks who helped me find my way around the Trainz world. It was then I decided I wanted to share some of things I was involved in, so hopefully it would help others and what is possible in the Trainz World.

    Thank you for coming by, and I will continue my best to bring the Pictures and Stories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueodessey View Post
    Wow......Thank you for the complement.

    When I first came to the Trainz world in 2014, I was playing Trainz Driver 2 on my IPAD, totally lost, frustrated in more ways than Carter has pills. But then, I found this Forum and the kind folks who helped me find my way around the Trainz world. It was then I decided I wanted to share some of things I was involved in, so hopefully it would help others and what is possible in the Trainz World.

    Thank you for coming by, and I will continue my best to bring the Pictures and Stories.
    I can totally agree with that. I have Trainz since the first version (I have not registered all versions but I have also Trainz and Trainz 2004 as well as Trainz Driver 2) but I also had a sort of love/hate relationship. Still each version kept adding nice things so I was always there to buy a new version. With each new version came new frustrations but version 2009 was the first version on which I started building a serious route that stayed to this day. My beloved Electro Island. From there I created a fantasy world to my liking and I am still building to this day on another route the Icarus Shinkansen with the aim to merge both routes in a far future.

    With help from the nice people and content creators of this forum this would not be possible.

    Because I drop in and out of your thread and have not read all I have a question. Are you making 1 route with all others merged in it or have you started several other merge projects?

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    Ah interesting, You do have lots of history, which I failed to look out..........

    I do agree as well on the love/hate relationship...

    In IPAD version I think what was the most frustrating for me at the time. For one, my thought was having an Apple Product at that time should be really good on Graphics, as that was what most of my friends lived by.....If you where into Graphics, then Apple was the only one in Town to handle it the best, as I knew several Graphics designers at the time. (I'm in no way talented in that regard) Geek all the way, Graphics, ho hum for me in having that talent. And I was born and bread DOS 2.0 pre windows, command line, and batch files etc back in the day, actually played with Radio Shack Tandy TI99, running at 6 hertz.....Using Basic for some programming, circa 1970 I think?

    In the end scheme of things, my IPAD couldn't handle Trainz very well back then, and that, with limited Rolling Stock and Routes bothered me, in fact that is why I did changeover to TS-12 and then the rest is history.

    Now as for Merges,

    I started with my IPAD believe it or not with 2 small Routes from other Authors.........I don't really build my own original Routes per se, what I do is look for one(s) I like and use other Folks Routes and then modify them for my use..........I see you indicated you have read only some of my Thread, but if you do get a little time........maybe look back and you'll see I do talk and show some of my merges.........And if you look up my name on the DLS, it should still have some Routes I merged in the past as backup.

    I really like you using other folks Routes, as I don't consider myself that creative, so there Routes give me some really good ideas.

    Like for example the Kankakee and the other one Blue Mountain Ver2 , of which I just recently downloaded, and NG Wild Bill Routes, I just learning some Narrow Gauge, and I have a long way to go.

    So at the moment, I think I have 6 different Routes Merged, in which some are 2, 3, and Mega Merge of small routes up 16-19 merged......What I like to do is see what I can jigsaw together and make it work transitionally, we are talking Desert to Mountain, to Beach and Harbor etc........And the largest Challenge is height difference where you need to add enough blank new tiles to integrate grades of 3.5% or less between the merge points......And in some cases where I have 1500' or 2500' difference to 300' of the other Route.......most of the time I couldn't do it, however in a few instances, I raised or lowered one of the Routes that didn't have that many tiles involved.........And yes it is hard work, and sometimes, it doesn't pan out, so I delete the Route and Idea and move on to another project....

    Merging Layouts is fun for me, but it is not for everyone, because you need to understand the lay of the dissimilar lands, tracks etc............

    I think it helps keep my mind sharper and I learn a little more over time............

    A question for you? Are any of your Routes on the DSL, or do they remain private..........

    You probably like me are waiting to see what the new Trainz version will bring, and I would suspect one thing, will have lots more Assets, dated or otherwise that show Faulty indications.........Will see.

    As one great book writer side TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE, the bell will toll as Time marches on, something along that line..... I think it was Hemingway.

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    Lightbulb UMR 2018

    A blessed Sunday to all,

    Continuing down the Route, we see lots of Country and City side views. As I look to find more Electric Locomotives to run on this Route.

    I like the fact that there are not too many Trees, since it would hurt my Frame Rates. This is a Large Route, 51 Miles long, so it will take some time to explore and see what we have.

    Below we have Passenger and Freight co existing on 2 Track Main..........Good signalization too.

    Author's Notes:Fifty one new miles of mainline/branch line track added to the West and North, with 5 new towns and 5 new commodities: General Auto Parts, Corn Oil, Corn Sweetener, Propane, and 5/16' Copper Rod.

    All assets are on the DLS, with the exception of the free weathered container pack and the TOFC pack from JointedRail.com.

    Special thanks to all who created content - and especially to George Fisher, James Flanders, and Andrew Cochrane, who gave their permission for the mergers to take place.

    Taking a Cab View here in passenger Loco.

    And we see the light of his eyes ahead, as we pass each other at 60-70 MPH...........Little bit of wind buffeting when we cross. Just a note here, hope no one ever tries to stand in the middle of 2 tracks when trains cross, it could very well prove Fatal for that person. DON'T DO IT, it's a dare not worth your life..........

    Coming into the Station for Customer Pickup/Drop off and we have plenty here in a busy downtown section.

    Buildings are placed well, not crowded.........

    A further look out, we see some Industrial area as we pass by.

    Lots of Apartments and Condo's here as we take a load of Empties to one of our Customers several miles away......Curves and Switches are spot on.....Good fluidity for the Trains.

    I'm very impressed with how the Trackage is merged in here from other parts of the Route into a major Passenger Station along with High Density buildings and good Commerce.

    Couple of Cars parked here now, but this shipper is awaiting a load of Empties for there factory orders, we have a priority train headed here later,,,,there is one issue, we have to bring a Diesel switcher too, as these tracks are not electrified, I have to look at this and see if we can electrify it later? And we might just leave a dedicated switcher here for the freight traffic Loads.

    Better view here showing the team tracks........I might have enough room for Electrical Posts for Cantenary? Will see.

    This is a great Route and I recommend you try it out, impressed at how organized the Industries are sprinkled thru the Route so there is not congestion, you have good running space to drive some distance with the advantage to do Shunting, a nice mix of both worlds, add your Passenger Stations in between and it is perfect for me........

    Will drop more pictures in as I explore the Route.

    One thing I did to help with my Frame Rates, I removed some Shrubbery Splines and Fencing in some areas to help my weak GPU since I need to add lots of Freight and Passenger Rolling stock.

    I have read that long splines can impact graphic performance if one has a weak GPU such as me...........I think most of all of by now, know how our particular Computer and Graphics Cards or units work with the various Routes we build and/or download, so you'll no right away if you can't run this Route, for me, I can just run it with some slight modifications, if push came to shove, I could cut it in 1/2 and run Portal Connections to make it workable, however then you get into quitting one 1/2 and loading the other 1/2 the Route,,,,,,,Workable but not as much fun.......

    The builder of this Route, valbridge, went great lengths to make it enjoyable and fun for all of us to participate, hats off to him and the others who made the items for the Route, it is really nice, and plenty of play area at I believe was 51 Miles...........

    Thank's for coming by and I bid you a Sunny Spring week ahead............Everything is starting to Bloom from the recent Rains......Nature is amazing isn't it!
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    Lightbulb Watseeka and Kankakee Route

    Good Weds Morning all,

    It's that wonderful time of the year called Tax Time,,,,,Grrr.....And I needed to take a break and come here for some R&R time......

    In riding down this Route, I came across this interesting place in the Tracks, if I recall correctly this invisible Train Stop for a Passenger Station.....Learn something every day....

    This is the Large UP Rail Yard that came with the Route, unfortunately me I had to cut it in 1/2 and surrounding Trackage two, My weak GPU had redraw issues to the max when running Trains, and that's with the Tracks empty and just consists. So you do what is prudent to keep the Route if you like it....And I do.......

    This is the Auto Plant with probably 500 new cars sitting in it......I didn't have to make any changes here......But I might make some small radius changes in the approach Tracks. Other than that, this is a great Auto Plant setup.

    Coal Mining setup and huge Crane for open pit mining, I might have some Tracks coming into the Pit will see later?

    Here is big Bertha, and boy does she have a huge bucket at work here, look at the bucket and the size of the Dump Truck on left.......

    Overhead Rail Yard here for you to see how it works.

    And here is Sir Dave Snows new Boxcars old timers, and I love them......All 57 of them....Thank you Dave for your terrific creations..........

    Approach tracks to Yard from two main lines.......Lots of Puzzle switches here.

    Pulling the Boxcars off the line into the Hump Yard to the Right, once we get across 2 crossovers..........And the Hump Yard works like a dream too......No derailments far.

    I have lengthened all the crossovers to twice the distance.........IT looks better when your Locos come across and you don't have huge hangovers from front and back ends of the Power or large 90 foot Trailer Spline cars, Passengers, Etc.

    Ok.....Got to get up in a few hours, I have meetings to attend today with Mr's Blue.

    Take care all, and thanks for dropping in.........

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    Lightbulb Watseeka and Kankakee Route (Hump Yard Day

    A Blessed Friday to all,

    Especially the reemergence of our good Friend and Great Asset Creator, over 7000 items, Ben Dorsey who was taken from us by Cancer, He will always be remembered as one of the greater ones, who is now in a better place. Thank you Ben for your help with my Asset issues over the year.

    Here is a Link for those who have left their condolences to Ben.

    ================================================== ==================================
    This week I downloaded the Cajon Pass (roymac version) and Cajon Subdivision - 1990 Part1: The Pass (wridenour version) to play with.....As to be expected one is missing tracks, and the other is missing small number of Assets......So I have to contact the Author's to see if I can get some more information, especially the one with missing tracks.......Hard to run Trains with no Tracks present........All in a day's work they say....

    I use the Cajon Pass in my State Travels, and it's cool to see the Trains at work, laboring up the heavy Grades as your driving, one eye one the Road, and the the other on the Train Shots....Like a Chameleon? Oh do I wish my Eyes could do that, well maybe not, I'd probably get dizzy as a bat.

    And I downloaded a Polish Route,,,,,,Polskie Koleje Piaskowe and other is Waskotorowe, below is the Polish Website for it.........I have to see if I can Translate the Website so I can read about this RR.


    I suppose these are name of Townships? I have to check them out further......Not sure on the Gauge, I think it is Standard........

    ================================================== ==============================
    Watseeka and Kankakee Route (where do they get these names? Tongue twister for sure.)

    Author'a Notes:The Watseka & Kankakee Railroad is a fictional Granger division road of a Class I railroad set in America's prairie heartland with 20 miles of East-West single track and 43 miles of North-South double track and a fully functional classification hump yard based on the UP's Livonia yard at the junction. AMTRAK also uses this route and runs passenger trains on it twice daily. Contains 274 baseboards and uses the LARS BI2 industry track system. Among the various industries are an open pit coal mine, auto assembly plant, several grain storage facilities, a small refinery, and a power plant just to name a few. This layout is a greatly updated and enhanced version of the original December 2004 layout of the same name by George Fisher (AKA gfisher) and with his permission. My thanks to the original author for allowing me to do this! Lots of scenery and attention to detail so this layout will require a computer with very good graphics handling capability. Thank you to the many third party creators who make routes like this one possible. Setting is 1980s or later. This is a multi-seasonal layout. Uses procedural track with animated junctions. There are no SpeedTrees. Minimum requirements are T:ANE with all hot fixes applied. To provide comments and feedback on the layout, visit the Watseka & Kankakee Railroad official support thread on the Auran Forums at: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/showt...support-thread

    Alright so off to the Hump Yard here, with Sir Dave Snow's fantastic Boxcars he made, all 57 of them. UP Power has just pulled this long string in from the North,, and will sort them out for distribution to our customers.
    We have pulled them in off Main#2 and take a Light to the Hump Yard area behind the Highway overpass.

    And Voila, we are at the Hump Hill Grade, here moving about 2-3MPH slow, so no mistakes or derailments. Safety First folks, all else follows in place. Our Yard Tower has given us the all clear for reverse move into the Hump Yard Chute.

    As we crest up you can see the yard ladder Tracks ahead.....Disclaimer here, I had to take out the Right side of the yards, because my Weak GPU can't draw all the Tracks and Scenery when I operated, painful you bet it is.......But when I get my next Laptop, it will be a full scale warrior with NVidia Muscle to the max!!!!!! Then I can play with the big boys.

    First cut of cars is headed to the yard. We have Brake retarders and they work great with any length of cars we send down.

    And down in the Yard they have stopped perfectly.

    Another view of how it looks as we Hump this Consist into the Sort function.

    View from side so you can see the elevation of this Hump Yard facility,,,,,,,it is done perfectly........

    We are breaking a set out, as it rolls down, we have already cut the Couplers and Gravity and motion do the rest at 2MPH. Nice

    We are end the end of the consist, and will pull clear and go to the Engine Yard.

    OOP's I made an error here, just about the 2nd Car in the last cut for Hump, there is a Switch Point ahead, and track lead there, taking us to the Round House, Care Service are, and Fueling Stops as it cuts off to the Right.......My apologies.......I play with too many Routes sometimes and forget the small details........

    Thanks for coming by for visit......Wishing you all a Blessed weekend........
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    Good Morning and Happy Blessed Easter Sunday to all,

    Today I needed some Bridges for some of the Routes I'm modifying and who else to check for Bridges, than our ole Friend Ben Dorsey the "Trestle Man", his spirit lives on thru the masterful Assets he made for us, a reamrkable 7000+.......!

    And the most amazing think happened, I found so many other bridges that Ben had made, well you know, I had too download them too.

    While looking at the many other type Bridges, I found Buildings, specialized machinery like Clam Shell Buckets for Coaling operations, and many, many interesting pieces of Rolling Stock and then?

    Well you see the point of this drawn out discussion, he truly was an amazing artist of the highest quality, in fact, out of 702 Assets I downloaded from the DSL today, only 1!!!!! Yes count that ONE, had a "FAULTY" error in T:ANE with a multiple mesh issue.

    That just speaks in Spades to Ben Dorsey's dedication to detail, in the work practiced in Asset Creation! I would say that is remarkable. Please check out Ben's Assets on the DSL, I think you, as I have, will find quite a cache of Assets for many of your needs.

    So let's kick over to Routes:I downloaded the following Routes for various reasons this weekend.

    Tidewater Point Rail (remake c)

    Author's Notes:

    Tidewater Railroad is a shortline running from a crude oil terminal by the river to the South to an intermodal terminal in the North. Extra CSX and Norfolk Southern traffic also use the 9 mile sprint to the looping yard at Tidewater station.

    Blue's Notes:Reason for downloading this particular one, was that they had remade it, and I wanted to see what the difference was over the "MAPLE CREEK BRANCH (Tidewater) version

    TrainzProRoutes present the Tidewater Point Railroad, an industrial shortline running alongside the picturesque Maple Creek and serving a multitude of lineside industries along the way. It's early Autumn and the hills are ablaze with a riot of colour.

    Cajon Pass:

    Author "roymac's" Notes

    The MC&S Railroad has merged with the Cajon Pass Authority to create the NSCR (North South Corridor Railroad). From the Forested country sides of the North, the NSCR runs into the desert plains of the Southern United States. A fictional route with a moderate industry base of lumber, cattle, goods and passengers.It is a mix of double and single tracks.
    ================================================== =============================================
    Now over to Cajon Pass versions (3 separate Routes)

    Cajon Pass Xtreme

    This is the modern (as seen today) BNSF/UP segment of track leading through the Cajon Pass and into the Mojave desert from San Bernardino, CA to Barstow, CA. The route is famous for its high volume of rail traffic, steep grades (3% max-BNSF; 2.2% max-UP) and breathtaking scenery. Apart from the usual freight trains, Amtrak's Southwest Chief passenger service regularly employs the pass. The route in 88 miles in length. Many thanks to Paul Haglund (fishlipsatwork) for the excellent DEM terrain.

    "Cajon Subdivision - 1990 Part 1: The Pass"

    Author "wridenour's" Notes:

    Take a step back in time to California in the early 1990s. This accurate-as-reasonably-possible representation of the rail route through the Cajon Pass north of San Bernardino, CA will give you a taste of classic Socal railroading during the twilight years of the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads. The pass is famous for its steep gradients (3% max) and high valume of rail traffic. This route is part of a project that bagan back in the Trainz 2006 days, and countless hours have been poured into researching and crafting it to ensure its detail and authenticity. Once completed, the rest of the full 88-mile Cajon Subdivision, stretching from Barstow to San Bernardino, will be released, in addition to a refreshed edition of the route showcasing it as it appears today under BNSF and Union Pacific ownership. Many thanks to Paul Haglund (fishlipsatwork) for the excellent DEM terrain.

    All dependencies should be either built-in to T:ANE or be available on the Download Station, except for these:

    <kuid:106916:10483> AASHTO 32FT Double Solid Line
    (Available from USLW.net)
    <kuid:9000:37012> and <kuid:9000:37020>
    (Curveable Bridges from Trainz Pro Routes)

    Both awesome track packs from SoCalTrains.

    Also download from Jointedrail:
    - Dragging Defects Detector
    - JR Roads Pack
    - JR H Style Searchlight Signal Pack #1
    - JR Safetran Crossing Pack

    If you do not have the Deluxe version of T:ANE, you might see a few dependencies missing that are not from the sources mentioned. This is fine, and the route should run fine without them.
    ================================================== ============
    Blue's Notes:

    "Cajon Subdivision - 1990 Part 1: The Pass" my interest is the subtle difference if there is between these different Cajon Versions, to see which one I like the best, then I will dismiss the the other two.

    Unfortunately for one of the Cajon's, it has all it's track missing, and about 4-5 other dependencies, so I need to try and figure out what they might be and replace as appropriate.

    How do they say it? Never a dull here,,,,,,LOL.......All good, There is and are many fantastic Routes out there made for us.

    Like an artist's easel, some of these Routes are just amazing in design and function, both Fictional and Replica's Route Modeling.

    Below are the pictures of each Route in discussion.

    Tidewater Point Rail (remake c)

    Cajon Pass

    Cajon Subdivision - 1990 Part 1: The Pass

    We are off to Church and then see our growing Grand Kids.....

    Have a wonderful Day all, don't eat too much sweets, but if you do enjoy that too........

    See you next week then.

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    Lightbulb Russian Locos on German Niddertalbahn Route

    Evening all,

    Been quite busy with biz matters, I wanted to get this out this morning, but it was not in the Cards.

    So as several of you know, there was a 2 day schedule of Sale for Easter, so I grabbed a FCT Card for a year, as mine will expire in a few months. And I bought a TC3 Russian Locomotive, not the one below, as that one is Russian too, but it came with one of my other Routes I believe.

    This is the inside CAB of the picture above.

    Here is the TC3#2068, and you manually start the 2 Diesel Engines. There are other controls inside the CAB for different items.

    You see the first Smoke as the Engines Roar to life.

    Found some old beat up cars to use as consist.

    We are on the Niddertalbahn Route which is perfect for this equipment to test out. We have very powerful engines here, with 3 traction motors per bogey as you can see.

    Only problem here is trying to get thru the double slip Switches some of PWare's path controllers would work great here.........But that is for another days work.....

    Both Freights are moving along thru a these track puzzles, and where these tracks take me, I haven't a clue, as I have only looked this route over once before, when I downloaded it, oh and before I forget, you have to have this particular route to use this Payware TC3 Russian Locomotive on........Hmmmm!

    Our Red Russian Consist is awaiting some lineup by dispatchers.

    Ok, All Trains are on the move, now if the switches are set correctly........

    I like my TC3 Engine, I just need to learn some more about it, NV3 had Videos on how to start the engine and get the Cab Controls working ok, Oh and it even has Signal Light indicators inside the Cab, pretty darn cool if you ask me.

    I also busy working on the Cajon Pass Routes, too, one didn't make the cut, and was deleted yesterday, and one other has some issues, which will discuss later on.

    That's it for today.......Hope you like the pictures today, and I glad I was able to purchase a few items on sale..........Night All........

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    Nice work on that Russian part of the world. Are you from there originally ? Just curious.

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    Thumbs up My New TC3 Russian Locomotive

    Quote Originally Posted by Rail4Pete View Post
    Nice work on that Russian part of the world. Are you from there originally ? Just curious.
    Thank you my friend, and no I am not from Russia, but my roots do extend to other parts of Europe.

    I had my eyes on the TC3 for quite a while, and decided to take the Plunge and purchase this one if and when it ever went on Sale. Now that I see how it works, I will probably buy the Trio Group ( see last 3 Pictures i show below the Route Picture) and run with them on Niddertalbahn, and some other similar Routes, I really like the fact that they are Triple Traction Motors, as it would seem to me there is more pulling power in that configuration, of course I sure there are dual Traction Setup's that come close to this performance too?


    Link above has some additional info in different items on this particular Loco, and another Feature I like a lot, the Engines are shut off and you go thru a startup procedure which takes just a few minutes to get going.......Pretty Cool.

    I only have maybe 5-6 Freight cars Russian, and some of their Blue Striped Passenger wagons...........Kinda of cool to have some items from different countries and see how they build and operate their Trains Etc.

    The Route details which is Free:
    An idyllic, single-track branch line in Wetterau- and Main-Kinzig-Kreis - and best of all it's free!
    Die Niddertalbahn, eine idylische, eingleisige Nebenbahn im Wetterau- und Main-Kinzig-Kreis

    The 30km track from Bad Vilbel to Stockheim was originally built by Pängel_Anton and was upgraded to current standards in track design.
    Finally a new German community was created for Trainz-Multiplayer where you get all news and information. Make sure to visit us www.trainz-multiplayer.de

    This is the one I buy today, since NNV3 extended their Easter Sale.......Be good discount for me over full normal price.

    This bundle includes the TE7-083, TE3-1072 and the TE3-2068 Russian locos.
    The legendary TE7 and TE3 locomotives are made in compliance with the highest standards for quality and precision. These are replicas of the locomotive TE7 and TE3 series.
    Photo-realistic graphics / textures and geometry has been recreated as accurately as possible the characteristics and details of the locomotives.
    The models are equipped with an original soundtrack and detail functionality.
    Operating the Loco:
    To use this locomotives once installed you can find the locomotive under the Trainz Tab when searching for "TE3".
    These are Russian locomotives and have English and Russian translations.
    For guidance when using these locomotives in Realistic mode we recommend you watch the creators video instructions here:



    Thank's for coming by to Visit............

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    Lightbulb Watseeka and Kankakee Hump YArd and other moves

    Well good morning all,

    Up late doing some paperwork, and I thought, he it's Friday, lets come by and post up some new pics for your viewing pleasure.

    So we are over at the Hump Yard site. Our power has taken the bypass switch over to the Loco service yard around the corner.

    Looks like we have Hot Coal Run for the Light and Power Co, and Michigan power is running out some Trailers and Wood Supplies to local customers.

    Way down the Tracks on the left, we have a load Boxcars coming for distribution via Hump Yard shunting.

    Our consist on the left is headed in for more Train Orders and some Fuel. As soon as he clears the back Switch, hotshot BNSF Coal Drag will head out to the Power Plant Southbound.

    A long view here shows the end of our Log Train with Caboose hanging just in the Switch.

    We got our clearance so will move down the line close to the Mainline Switch prepared to stop if the Switch hasn't cleared, and our local Dispatcher are right there to control the switch from that Green Tower ahead.

    Ok, we are good to go........

    Don't ever get in this spot between opposing trains, as it messes with your Horizon View and you could get disoriented and fall right into either train, no Bull it's true.

    Nice shiny Tracks here.....We are powered up, at 10Mph as we head to Car Shops and Fuel Depot, we just got notified were going to pick up some repaired cars for another Yard down the line.

    Every Yard should have one of these Mobile Car Movers to shunt Traffic when Loco's aren't available.........Quick and easy, and they are very reliable equipment too.

    Yes our Hump Yard handles empty Tank Cars too, no issues with the Chemicals.....As the Brake Retarders work perfectly with them too........Empties only of course.

    And that'll do it for now........Have a great day all......

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    Default UMR2018 Route

    A blessed Sunday all,

    Been busy buying some European Trainz Cars via the Easter Sale, so I got Niddertalbahn Shmns Coil Transporter Cars, and some more Italian and Russian Locomotive power too. And I downloaded a Geo therm Route, My curiosity has the best of me here, but I thinking it is a Geothermal Design for industry? Well will soon find out.

    On another Note, please visit Ben Dorsey's Thread, to see more of the accomplishments this Prince of a Man accomplished.......I have to say Regal in every way. We will miss this Giant of man, for he surely accomplished great Strides thru the love and devotion of his Heart and dedicated Skills up to the end of his mortal life here with us.


    So below we have UMER2018 Route here, as we continue our first run shunting and testing signal operations.

    We come pass a nice looking Oil Refinery as we pass buy, no tankers today.

    Long View of our Refinery.

    We have a Clear Signal as we gain speed here.

    I particularly like the lights in this hooded Signals too.

    We stopped here to drop off some Farm Equipment at the local Feed Supply Store.

    We sure can see what color the lights are from side view.

    A straight on view of lights tells us, for sure, they are easy on the eyes, meaning the Engineer will see it easily at some distance. Important, heck ya, imagine if we have rain or snow mixed as we driving..........I think so, it works.

    Really like the articulated double sided junction here.........And another think, no sharp moves, gentle to the left or right curves,,,,,at speed too!

    Good Looking Bridge with warning buoys in place and divert-or Pylons so the boats pass thru the safest and deepest part of the waterway.

    Another great looking Route with things situated perfectly, and room to add more at your whim......

    Enjoy your day and the week ahead.

    As always, thanks for coming by,, and I'll post the pictures of my new Locos and Cars when they come up in the Que.......
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    Thumbs up Haunted Caboose


    <a href='https://postimages.org/' target='_blank'><img src='https://s31.postimg.org/n5v81bxpn/cab8.jpg' border='0' alt='cab8'/>

    "Did you ever notice that you really don't see too many cabooses anymore?" a friend said to me a few years ago. Truthfully, it was something I had never noticed, at least not until my recent move to a railroad town, where I can sit on my deck and watch freight trains roll by at all hours of the morning, afternoon and evening. And after watching countless trains I concluded that my friend was right-- you really don't see too many cabooses these days.

    There's a certain sadness about this, I guess, because the caboose holds a special place in many of our hearts. With its cupola, toolshed shape and tiny back porch, it is undeniably the most charming of all railcars (which probably explains why so many old cabooses have been reborn as gift shops, motel rooms and vacation cottages). Even the name is charming, though it is derived from the Low German word "kabhuse", referring to a wooden cabin on a ship's deck.

    The decline of the caboose began in the 1980s when new technologies, such as electronic EOT (end-of-train) devices, rendered cabooses obsolete. Today, CSX is the only major railroad that still uses cabooses on a regular basis.

    However, since the caboose played an important role in railroading history for more than a century, it is no surprise that there are so many interesting stories that have been written about them, and some of these stories are downright spooky. Here are some fascinating "haunted caboose" stories I've been able to uncover.

    The Caboose That Ran Away

    In 1898 the Topeka State Journal reported that "1908", the number of a caboose owned by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, rolled uphill, went over an embankment and into a field... all by itself... even though the brakes had been set!

    But the story of "Old 1908" doesn't stop there; its mysterious antics continued for well over a decade. According to L&N employees, the caboose had once been in a wreck. Although no one suffered any injuries, "1908" was badly damaged. After being repaired it was put back into service, and that's when it began to do strange things. One report from Kentucky in March of 1910 describes this bizarre incident near Lexington:

    Spooked by Phantom Rappings

    In 1903, conductor Frank Correl and brakeman Tome Rowe of the Santa Fe Railroad heard someone rapping on the outside of the caboose as their train passed through Garnett, Kansas... right at the spot on the tracks where a fellow railroader had recently been killed.

    Caboose Haunted by Ghost of Woman

    In 1888, conductor J.H. Riley of the O.C. & S.W. Railroad of Kentucky claimed that his train's caboose was haunted frequently by the apparition of a young, slender woman in a broad-brimmed hat. The ghost, which would remain visible for hours until someone made an attempt to approach it, was reportedly seen by every railroad employee and several residents of Rockford.

    Dead Brakeman on Top of Caboose

    On August 12, 1888, H. Gilmore was conductor of the No. 2 train of the Sonoma Railroad in Mexico when a sudden jolt near Imuris caused brakeman Frank Urquidez to fall between the cars. He was cut to pieces. After gathering up what was left of his remains and turning them over to Mexican authorities, the train proceeded to Santa Ana. And that's when things really began to get weird.


    ghost stories ghost trains

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    Lightbulb Watseka & Kankakee RR Shunting Etc.

    Good Morning all,

    Been busy adjusting some items on the UMR2018 Route, I had one really messed up signal that I found out was not quite correct for the other Signals it was trying to work with. And one of the main Gantry's needed replacement from a 2 track to 3 track, now the Signal aspects are acting properly. Dropped in a double track bridge for River Gorge, it was a serious bottleneck for 2 and 3 Track Mains. Traffic will be much more fluid now.

    I also need to drop in some new Tiles on some spots that were cutoff to close when driving by. However, after rethinking that option, I might exercise another with a Back Drop instead, if I can find one close to the Country Texture in use? Will see which option works the best here.

    Alright back to our Hump Yard operations, on Watseka & Kankakee Railroad. Here is a picture of humped 4 Tanker Strings, empty of course, well practically empty, up to 500 Gals of residual chemical can be left after pumping out by customer. So they stopped perfectly here, no derailments.

    In broadview, you can see how most of cars kicked loose on the Hump Yard Hill stopped relatively in the same distance with Retarder Brake action.

    Over on nearby tracks, our Milwaukee power is doing some power swapping here. I have lengthened the X crossovers to accommodate larger Loco's and look better when they Cross the Mains. Signal aspects are spot on.......

    Looking out from the Cab we are backing up to pick our next load of Empties for Hump Sorting.

    Hooked up and we are ready to go, I really like this older Pig Trailer on the flatcar.

    Our hotshot Coal Run is on the way out as we pass the end of the incoming Freight......

    Run 3 coming up as we clear the corner, want to try and make to Power Plant before dark if we can.

    An\d we are gone into the Sunset, dispatch has all our lights Stacked for clear.......

    Signaling in this line with Crossovers strategically placed for maximum Traffic Flow......Any way to run a railroad, you bet it is, with Safety as priority one, everything else falls right in place.

    50 MPH and we cross smoothly.

    That's about it for today folks..........

    Thanks for dropping in, and I hope you enjoyed the Creepy Caboose Stories I posted earlier.......

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    Thumbs up UMR2018 and my Trip to Europe Etc

    Good Saturday all,

    It was one windy week around here, I think a few folks lost their umbrellas too!

    OK, so I need to tell you all, I'm going on a family trip to Europe Monday and I won't be back for a few weeks, now the caveat is I be on a Ship a good amount of time, so I don't think I'll be able to post pictures here, with the Bandwidth they offer, but will see.

    So if you don't hear from me, rest a sure, I'm lost in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere headed across the Pond. This is one of those items in my bucket list, I've waited a very long time to do.......

    And if I am able to post from Ship I will......with some Train Photos too, on land of course.

    Now that we have that covered, below, we are on UMR2018, crossing thru a wide river bridge here, with Buoy markers for depth, and Pylon markers for safe boat paths under our bridge. Really nice bridgework here, it works as directed by the Author.

    The line bifurcates here for different Industry leads as we head East. Tracks are well laid out with gentle curves allowing for better speed as we travel thru.

    Industries on this line are well spaced out, just like in real live.........Lots of open land here, and if one wants to add more to some areas, you can due that too. There is one spot here over to to upper middle left, that I need to add a blank tile to fill in the drop off look from this height, but will see if that is needed, because when we operate at train level, it may not be apparent horizon wise.

    What's also nice here, we have great looking Farmland, and I think I might add a few more trees, not to much just a little.

    At the end of one the Routes he made a loop return with Industry, I believe this is a small Coal Operation. I'm working on so many Routes right now, and buying some items from NV3, I couldn't pass up their several day sale, and it worked out for me......I even got Scratchy's Decapod and new Steam Session for Coal Country too........Love the Steam Engine, especially that unique sounding Whistle......So cool.....

    We had another consist here with lots more cars for our Customers, so I added another Loco to pull the weight. Great looking Scenery here, and the author did fantastic work with the Water effects.

    Checking out our consists for minute before we move up to the Feed Center.

    The rail to the right goes to the Harbor Division, which I haven't made it yet.

    The railroad carries everything including portable Housing models.

    Getting up a head smoke here as prepare for more Car Shunting.

    We shunted our cars at the Feed and Seed Company and we are crossing another great looking Bridge here, the only thing, unless something is wrong, this lift Bridge is Static and does not move up. Look here how nice the waterways are here........I really like this type of Scenery, along with small hills. Everthing is well thought out, as I alluded too, before, please check out this Route and what your thoughts are if you agree.

    Lots of Double mainlines, Industries are spaces out very well, and not clumped, lots of open country to run, if you like driving some distance........

    I think that'll do for today.

    Enjoy your week ahead and I'll report back if I can from the Ship, I was thinking I might just do Text and few pictures rather than the 10 I normally do, have to see how their Web works.......That's in between some good cocktails of course.......

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