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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    This is an overview map, on right bottom corner, is new waterway , directly across is the Bay on lower left side of
    map is large Ocean and pier facilities Lovette Dock, connection will be added by using 2 more base boards in middle opening at bottom. I don't want to use three if I don't need to because my Laptop is only so powerful for this Route.

    Larger Map shows the more of my merged layout.

    Below is newest extension of waterway, and I saved it to a new file in case it doesn't work out, and I have to scrap my Waterway project. Steady as she goes helmsman.

    View from Rocky outcrops showing the new Water inlet connected to the Lake, I have a fare amount of cosmetics to do, but that's not an issue. Deepen water way, remove trees out of the water, repaint the bottom?

    Further out to edge of this baseboard.

    Bridge building using Spanned Bridges most likely for good water clearance of Vessel Traffic coming in and out of the lake area, Cruise Ships etc. The Main Lines will need to be elevated, I don't know how much till I see how much length of Main Line extends from each shoreline. That will determine the size of ships that can come thru the inlet.

    That's it for now, have a blessed Friday.
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    Lightbulb Austin Cable Arch Bridges installed over new Waterway Canal

    Well last night was a marathon of Bridges and Track Matrix rebuild. Spent the night working on this little Construction Project. Lots of things come into play here:

    2 Highways had to be lifted higher for Track realignment.

    Main Lines were Raised 10-20 Feet for Shipping Clearance.

    Switches were torn out, Curves renegotiated to accept the new Bridges.

    Main lines were integrated from Single to Dual Lines for each bridge, originally I planned on just single line bridging, but I really liked the look of these bridges, in the end, with all the single tracks in the area, this actually modernized the flow of Rail, and it will work much better than the original track scheme.

    Rail bed extended all the way back to Valley Main Yard, that alignment was 1-3.5 feet in the Throat opening only so it was minimal disruption for the Yard Master.

    I put in a Gantry Signal and several Dual Light Signals, not all the Signals are in, and non of the new affected Main Lines and new Bridges have been test with Trains yet.

    Not a problem!!!

    We have several bypass tracks to get around until I can get the new construction Signed off Defect Free.

    Finally in Picture below, I had to tie in a bunch of single tracks into Dual Mode Bridge Track, one of the things I did was make a double throat main conversion that has a main to main xover, with USA Signal 1, (3 lamp) it isn't an enter-locker that I know of.

    This is one of 2 Highways that were elevated for the mainline changes.

    This is one of the areas that connects to the new Bridges. You can see lots of earth Berm on this line as I had to raise it 10-20 feet higher, Grades originally were .5 to 1.25% now in some areas the Grade has changed from 1.0 to 2.75% Grades, but I made sure the Climb is gradual, not up/down ?Grades you find in some Roads.

    And that is really what took the time was recording all the Grades % changes and getting the lowest Grade I could, versus the highest Bridge Clearance for Shipping in the Canal.

    When all is said and done, I did good and I think it will be good fluidity for Rail Traffic, just need a little more Power added for certain consists such as Coal and Logging Etc. We have enough Power already allocated for our Route changes.

    Still lots of Texture correction and Ground smoothing from making the new Waterway. I like the look so far, and I think the changes will match nicely with Mountainous areas it transverses.
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    Default Route maps for Canal Building Etc, Overview Shots

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    Lightbulb 3 Tiles added to connect new Lovette Shipping Canal

    A blessed Sunday to all:

    Next session, in effort to connect the new canal to our main Shipping area "Aurora Port" I dropped in 2 Tiles, but I need a 3rd because of the angle of connection was to close the 2nd Tiles edge.

    Looking below, you see the new Tiles and a faint outlink of the grid area excavated already for Texturing etc...I went -20 to -25 feet in the area. (I'll need to go back and do an uneven excavation thru out the whole canal to the lake, It should give a more natural look to the water reflection of the bottom when you look into it, also need to change some of the colors to, so Water is not all one color, just like the Oceans in real life, you have White, Blue and Green hues depending on the sub surface Mineral content, cleanliness of the water etc.

    This Pic shows a more clear picture of the new area and how I have scooped it out for Water way extension.

    Remember, I just slice right thru the mountains here, so this is an unfinished rough cut,, Edges need to be smoothed out and sloping from the chopped look you see here now, I also need to build a new Sandy Beach area as well, I wiped out have of it when I cut thru like this.

    Notice I the bottom in here has small ridges above the bottom pan, it shouldn't be smooth, but irregular. If you downloaded routes from others you'll see how others do their Underwater Terraforming, some is absolutely amazing and colorful, it's all in what you your looking for, don't be afraid to EXPERIMENT with this to find out what you like for taste....That's how you'll learn.

    Notice I only brought water out so far, as I'm still working in this area of detail.

    Further into Aurora Bay area, you can see how I have done the couture, trying to make it irregular as possible for more EYE CANDY, some will make things very Square others will shape to make it look more natural. There is no right or wrong, it's purely personal taste.

    As we come into the bay, I'll change the bottom colors from Green here to Blues and Blacks, remember, we have Fresh Water coming into a Saltwater area, where it drains and mixes, so we want the effect of different surface colors as it ebbs into the Bay from the Snow Capped Mountains.

    We are looking from the River into Aurora Bay, our actual Pier is not the one you see across from here, it's further, just around the hill and Rocky protrusion (I need to change color of rock outcrop over there too) on upper left side of Picture below..

    I have more pictures coming later today, Time for Church, have a great Day, and thanks for coming to visit here. I hope my Story's help you in whatever your trying to accomplish.
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    Lightbulb Rail Traffic on New Span Bridges, commentary on Extension Plans, Etc.

    I meant to put this out earlier and missed,

    Here is Picture showing new Rail Traffic on both Span Bridges,, and many Thanks to Dave Snow on his fantastic Rail Creations, these are the new Tankers he made, our Road has some much Variety with these new Tankers, and all the different Loads they can carry, it's the Cats meow.........Please support our Creators here, they do amazing work for us.

    Ok, below you see the main line hanging in the Air, I need to put a new Bridge, It will be different type than the Spans I just put inland..... We need to elevate the tracks, 20-30 feet higher, but this will not be anything like inland 2 bridges I just finished, much simpler, no highways to contend with, and a single main line!!

    Looking out to the new Span Bridges, we see some sail boats out on the calm waters having Fun......We r on Shark alert, since we opened to the Seaway, there are some reports of Sharks swimming into the inlet a bit...Local Residents are put on alert to be careful when boating till see how the new waterway works out. On right side where other Sail Boat is near land, I need to fix the color up some......Just cosmetic for now.

    Extended View of new rail Traffic go over the Bridges, we set the speed limit restriction for 10 MP, till we make sure Tracks and Grade are within Specs, and we probably need more Tamping by MOW crews. We do have some ROW that need more grading and filling for potential Drainage issues being in a mountainous area there is chance for Flash Floods in many locations are tracks take, just the nature of the beast.

    Wow, look at this, we have small Freighter coming in to drop supplies off to local Industry, we need to find a spot for better off loading, we are using temporary Floating Docks for now.

    Another view of Waterway excavation. I intend to have some small Reefs in the Bay as marked by White Circle here, it will have some type of Plants and Shrubbery Etc.

    One other item, if you look to left, you see the Baseboard end, drop off, hind-site is 20/20 they say, I will probably drop one more Tile on that edge to close in 3 corners, unless I can elevate the edges to hide the Drop off, but then the Clouds in the Sky cut off at all Baseboard edges, so I don't know, have to experiment here to see what can be done to be Tile (baseboard) thrifty?

    Ok it's back to modeling....Thanks for your interest.
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    Lightbulb Lions Beach, Aurora Bridge installation over new Canal

    Map below shows the new canal connection the Lions Beach now you can travel from lake to the Ocean, and the Scenory ain't half bad either, except I need to pluck out some more trees from the Seaside Hills now under water.

    Here is the new Steel De Bridge, single Track, Euro Style. We brought an Oil Tanker in to check our Clearances, I like this Bridge because it has nice clearance and works perfect for the task at hand.

    So here is how I did this portion, I took topography Tool and sit it to -25.00 Feet, full circle, went thru thru the mountain range, linking the canal to Ocean.

    Once that was done I dropped the Bridge in place, oriented it so my curves would line up OK with the Main Line coming around the corner. Set the Bridge + 12.00 feet from ground level, gives usapproximate 37.00 Feet from River Bottom to Bridge Rails overhead, + or - a foot!

    Double check clearance with Ships Pipe Stack, looks like we have maybe 5 feet of clearance. Acceptable because more ships will not be as big as this. Most of Traffic will be local Sailing Ships with Tourist and Cruise Ships.

    And there will never be a need to bring anything larger, as that will go to our Ocean Port around the corner 3 miles away.

    Left side of Bridge I've lifted the Track into the air, and hooked it to the new Bridge,, now I'll adjust for Grade of 3% or less going into Y around other side of this mountain. We just need to compensate for 13 feet, however part of Grade goes uphill a little, so all in all, it works to our Favor.

    Other side is hooked into the Bridge but will encounter a couple Switches main splits for different inland cities off coast line. Will adjust as far as we need to go for proper Grade %,,,looks like we will maintain a 2.3% to 2.65% at the most Grade Rise, all with Tolerance for Freight Moves, I know some route have had 4% or more Grades, but it ain't happening on my Route, I can Operate those hi Grades, but your asking for problems, equipment and Brake Failures. Safety first above all on my Railroad, nuff said!

    This is left side again up the main, you see beginning of Wye that goes into a Farming area with Grain Mills and small Freight Station, it's also our Passenger Route too.

    Everything is coming into play as envisioned, just takes some planning and Electronic Elbow Grease, I have to say it is truly worth in the end, I'm never bored, and never finished, like one you mentioned Trainz is a great experience, 95% Route Building, 5% play time, that man is a Genius, spot on. Keeps this old brain fresh with new ideas.

    Sunday night and it's about bed time. Have good week ahead folks.
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    Lightbulb Lions Beach, Aurora Bridge Track Elevation in Progress now.

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    Lightbulb Grade Reduction improvement, Topology and additional Dredging

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    Default Cruise Ships, Highway realignment, moving hotel beach houses, Pier relocation!

    The old Dock was across the bay and obstructed the mouth to the inlet, posing a shipping hazard. I built and doubled the length for the newer cruise ships scheduled to arrive this Summer. local business up river our excited as sales haven't been vibrant in the last few years. I f we take care of Travelers and make them want to come back and visit, tell their friends what a good time they have, this might be the start of something great in a business relationship way of thinking.

    Look at this, we already have a cruise ship in port here to pickup new passengers!

    The large beach house had to moved closer to the highway because Grade Construction, Railroad paid for the relocation and all the work , along with redoing the highway as well. They call this progress and it affects those in area. Remember the Railroad likes to be good neighbors with those affected by Growth and Change, it's very much in the interest of the Community and the health of the Railroad, which is known for bringing in Population and Job Growth.

    Grade improvements and Highway alignment came together and now the area flows.

    Sorry about the Trees left in the waterway, they're slated to removed tomorrow.

    For the remaining Grid pattern, I just will cover in Battleship Gray Ballast till I see how I'll Color Texture it. But I just got an epiphany while I was typing, I think I see some low areas that would look nice in Beach sand with Palm Trees and BBQ pit, well that's if I have a Beach pit in inventory..........

    What's this, I see we already have our full size Cruise ship sailing slowly up the canal, with a Ships Pilot keep them clear of any obstacles in the River.

    The large cruise ship might not have enough room to get thru the Rocky out croppings , no big deal, if not, they have ship Tenders to take Tourist the rest of way to local resorts.
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    Default Lucy we have a problem! OMG highways to nowhere, bumpy mountains!

    Evening all, I was feeling good about my route till I looked at some adjoining areas where I tried to do some patchwork texture, and like they say, you can fool everyone else? Maybe, but can't fool myself. So I'm busy correcting my hiccup, Oh do I have few.

    One side of the canal, paint looked natural and inviting, the other side looked like mulligan stew, with too many cooks in the kitchen, so I went back and recolored several portions, now it looks good, not perfect but good.

    In this area, dropped a highway down to the Lake landing, and there is a cruise ship here that will drop off passengers to spelunking in the Countryside, B&B's and Wine. Not finished, I need Trees and Plants to compliment it better.

    I dropped (Select, Copy and Paste) some textures, but it messed with continuity of land, Waffle pattern, so I need a Steam roller to iron out all the ripples, and adjust the tree more Random!

    The train is stopped for a bit till line ahead is clear of some Freights coming thru in opposition, we have problems with uneven Highways, and mountains uneven, so lots of smoothing the mountains, with relocating the highways.

    In part of the new Canal below, I redoing the Farm Fields and edges of the land by the Water, lots of Color Texture to work with, and possibly some small Spurs line for Industry's, W.I.P. for sure. I also have to paint the bottom of the Canal too.

    In the mean time we are preparing for a family outing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains all next week so I won't be able to work on this as there is no Internet in the wild where will be camping.

    Our family has been camping all our life and we really enjoy it.

    Night all and QUES and COMMENTS are always welcome.
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    This is actually a pretty impressive route, especially for the sheer scale of the thing. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Keep it up blue.

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