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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Thumbs up Did they find the Bank Burglars yet........Manifest NS#3331 inches to thru the City

    Well what a day it is on this RR!

    Below the Officer is getting additional info while we wait a minute, apparently, they might have found the Robbers in an alley, somewhere close to here. So we are now instructed to pull our Train to the next Signal for further directions. Looks like we are going to have an unscheduled delay, and the Coal Clock is a ticking.

    Pretty interesting train, when you see the back pushing as your pulling, hey don't laugh, it works and it's paid for to.

    We are continuing downtown and headed to the Signal about 1/2 mile up. We also here another Train is coming into the Yard at the bottom, so will need to inch up once we get clearance from the Police.

    Ok...Are dispatch just got a call from the Police, they got the Suspects in custody, they flushed them out ....Good news for us, we only lost 15 mins here why talking to the Officer.

    We are checking our rear engine and equipment all is working good.

    NS #3331 continues pulling the cars slowly thru the loop. And Weather so far is great for us!

    As we head down towards the Signal ahead, we pass Santa Fe Caboose #811 who is not in use at the moment.

    That's it for now, will see what happens next as we make our Trek to the Mine for loading.

    Have a great day and thanks for dropping in folks,,,,Enjoy the ride here.

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    Awesome work! Keep it up!

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    Thumbs up The Show must go on.........

    Quote Originally Posted by Southern1581 View Post
    Awesome work! Keep it up!
    Yes Sir,,,,We are trying our best.........

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    Smile Cops said the Coast is clear......Now lets get moving, before we lose Power

    Evening again,

    Well were passing a lonely Caboose here, out in the cold air all by himself and nobody to play with, certainly not fair, but will have someone grab him up for a run back to the Yards. In the mean time we need to get going to the Mine plant!

    Wow does our Coal Manifest stretch back a ways.......We tied up a lot of intersections with the Robbery in Progress call.

    Passing a huge Tree sleeping till spring as we head down Main #1 to the next switch where will wait for North Bound Train coming into the Yards.

    Almost to the next switch and you can see the whole Train here looking very nice, I think you'll agree.

    It took me about 5-10 tries to get that Cam where I wanted it, so here is another side of the Train, just a different perspective.

    Ok, now we switch places and continue following our Vegetation Train #2502 as it leaves the Yard to do it's spraying run, all the way to the next Yard. I'll post more pictures tonight.......Thanks

    Passing the power Plant and X crossings are working well, plus I got our Yarn uninstalled and reinstalled, now it displays correctly, no more Pink Green imagery........Whats the word they use, Growing pains...LOL

    We Scissored over from Main #1 to Main #2 and hold, while our Locals grab the Loads and empties out of Union Ice, Liberty Propane, Golden Grains Mill, and Caterpillar Plant and probably the Corn Sweetener facility too if we can pull it off.......Were doing all these moves so tracks can be clear enough for hotshot Coal Manifest scheduled in tomorrow morning.

    We pulled up here to clear the Scissor Puzzle and then dispatcher will set switches for Straight. Will clear the intersection, hope no drivers try to bust thru here. I'd hate to see an incident happen, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, or I pull the across the rest of this crossing.

    Thought I would show you how we set the spray patterns on our Vegetation Train. And I believe you can set the broad sprayers at any angle for clearance issues you might run into.

    Ok, now we have all the shots in for tonight........See you tomorrow and I wish all a good week ahead.

    Thanks for visiting us today..........
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    Nice shots blue! Gonna try and put in a little bit of work on the GP15's tonight, wish me luck.

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    Thumbs up Wishing good outcome with your Re Skin quest...Can't wait to see......

    Quote Originally Posted by Southern1581 View Post
    Nice shots blue! Gonna try and put in a little bit of work on the GP15's tonight, wish me luck.
    Thank you sir........Real busy in the industrial Yards today, and I had such a big train put together, I couldn't add Caterpillar or the Corn Sweetener Plants......And that's a good thing, u would want me board now would you.....

    Will have another Crew grab them with some NS Locos.

    May the Trainz God and Re skin Image rs lead you in your quest..........

    I sure you'll be fine,,,,,slow and steady wins the game ole friend.

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    Lightbulb Lots of Shunting going on today

    Good Monday morning all,

    Well, we made it to our Signal and will hold here for a bit till the local from Newcastle gets by us into the yard. Then it's a hustle and whistle our way to the Crowhart Mine and get our manifest loaded for Power Plant.

    Back over at the yard we are snatching all the loads we can from local industry's, will miss Corn Sweetener at Chem Plant and another from Cat too. We just have to many loads and not enough time, another Crew will finish those loads for us, and hold till Coal manifest #3331 gets in today.

    Green cars have fruit, we just had them ice down a bit to keep everything cool. Next to them is another Chem plant and will grab those next.

    Making a joint here with the Chem Tankers.

    Now grabbing all the empty Propane tankers, we won't run out of propane either, in this area we use a lot for biz and residential heating needs.......

    Will use CSX #7662 to haul out our consist we just made.

    See you later tonight.........

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    Cool Junk Train CSX #7033 on it's way out.

    Evening all,

    CSX Manifest Junk Train #7033, now Junk doesn't mean it's Hazmat or Garbage, just means we have a little of every industry in this load. And we have a bit of cars, if you look to the right, our Train stretches all the way up to the ramp to Heather Feed and Supply, as we tacked on some of their empties too.....So it worked out great.

    We are pulling partially out of the yard, and then a quick reverse move and pickup our Conductor with his Caboose, and we have a Brakeman on this trip, as we need to get the Coal loaded quickly for the Power Plant....

    These units on the front will pull with no problem........

    We r now doing a reverse move into the yard to get the Caboose.

    NS #3401 and EX Illinois Central # 429 Switcher on lease to us, are waiting for us to clear, and then they, clear out Caterpillar, Penn Chems, and the rest of the cars in the yard for another Junk Train out tomorrow.

    Reverse move is almost done, one car length more and will have Caboose.

    It looks like our Coal Train is going to be loading in the middle of the night. Unusual, we would normally do it in the Day Light, but this is special request.......The Mine has enough product ready for us so it only takes a couple of their workers to operate ORE loaders for our cars.....It's quick too.

    Thanks for dropping by......

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    Nice shots Blue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern1581 View Post
    Nice shots Blue!
    Copy that, good luck 🍀 with reskin projects, the previews look great, can hardly wait to see how NS 15 Switchers come out....... Any news on your finals?

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    Cool Junk Train CSX #7033 on it's way out II

    Good Day all,

    Looks like we have everything and the Caboose all hooked up and ready to go now. Dispatcher has given us the clear all the way to Newcastle Yard. Going to take a while to get there, I expect by Dark will reach there, we some curves and stretches that keep us at 10-15 MPH, but safety and no derailments is one heck of deterrent if you know what I mean.

    As we head out of the Yard, you can see Cat Equipment tied up and ready to go......Our other power will handle that and other loads one we clear the Ladder Switches in the Yard.

    These are the leftover Empties and Loads to pick up later today.

    we our passing are ole Friend the Vegetation Train, he will hold tight here till (Crew has gone home for the day) Mine Train gets loaded and clear of us. Won't move this consist will sometime tomorrow. That's why we have a passing siding here.

    It's getting later in the day as we pass thru our slow horseshoe curve at 10MPH.........

    Coming down the line through the forest. Will see how we do later tonight, should be in the next yard and clear for Manifest Coal Train to pass us at the bottom of the Yard Tracks.

    Thanks for dropping in folks, and looks like we have some rain in So Cal for the next 2 days, I just finished my outside Deco Lights......Talk about timing.

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    Cool Time Flys when going cross country

    Evening all,

    So our "Junkster" is headed into the yard not far away, this signal says the Yard Switch is set ,a someone is on the other end of "WYE" that be Coal Hot Shot awaiting our move into the yard, how do we know all this, well it's something called a Radio where Engineers and Crew talk to one another, he already heard us calling out our Signals as we progress towards him.

    Of course our day light is starting to drift away......But that's OK as we are just about in the Yard and ole Hotshot, well, he will be putting the Pedal to the Medal so to speak.......He needs to get to the Crowhart Mining!

    And there's are Green and we are on the move.......

    We just made it into town, it's very late, so we are trying no to make a ton of noise, just using our bell, no horn.

    Ok, we are out of town now, and at the Mine. Waiting to call there office and let them know we are ready to load a bunch of empty's.

    Well the good sign is, we see employee cars were familiar with, we've been here before, many a time...The Mine facility is a family owned business that goes back more than 100 yrs. We have been great partners in business.
    i can tell you this much, this is one thing that our town depends on for Lighting and Factory Power for Industry, yes Propane is part of it too, I guess you could say we are all in together, just like the Railroad use large quantities of Diesel and Oil Products too, with out that, no Railroad.

    Will look in tomorrow morning and see how we are doing?

    Thanks for visiting folks.......

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    Lightbulb Anyone have a little light for us tonight?

    Morning all, It's time to go get our Xmas Tree, wow is this month on the move, been busy with house repairs etc.

    So we made it to the Mine, and it's very dark out here, and they don't have any lights so will make do, as most if not all the loading is done during daylight hours.....So here goes, but the Railroad as always has a Plan "B" contention just in case.

    We dropped our helper off the back and will use him as extra lighting by setting him just around the curve in the back........We pulled up to the bridge to position ourselves just clear of the switch to back into the plant.

    Moving our rear engine into the corner and then he'll flood the area with his high beams........

    Voila, and here we have the light to see what we are doing here.

    He, this is working out real nice, and we have the Loco mine power in here this site he'll pull out our loads and push them around to help us load faster.

    Overhead picture of what is going on here. And our Junkster Train is making some moves at night over on the left to get his loads set out for morning deliveries tomorrow. Over at the Mine to the far right is our Loco Mine Power moving loads around for us, as we cut, back, pull out and move our Empties around.......Then will get them out to the Main and stacked to haul to the Power Plant.

    I post more tonight with additional Pictures as we continue this Shunt operation..

    All you have a good day............

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    Lightbulb And we have light, Coal is loading....

    Evening all,

    In the Dark of Midnight, we continue to load our Coal, with the aid of some bright Loco Lamps.....

    Our Rear Engines light shines as bright as Daylight as we continue to load our consist up.

    Local NS unit at mine is bringing additional loaded cars for us to take in the morning.

    Still some empty's to fill as loads are shunted out to the main.

    Amazing how different the light looks here at night as we shunt the last 1/2 of the train into the mines 3 Tracks for loading.

    Now you can see how we set our Loco to shine some light for us.....I think after this, will meet with Mine owners and see if we can get a few night lights installed..

    Track one is filling the last of our Coal Cars.

    If this load situation presents itself again in the future, which with unknown emergencies and weather situations could probably occur again, preparation is key inn handling wisely when alternate situations demand it.

    Loco Mine unit is Dragging out our loads to the main as there is only so much room here to load a good size train, like this one tonight and will shove them back to our rear unit then return to Power Storage spur in the Mine Yard.

    Lots of Trees in here our getting ready for a very cold Winter, some evergreens are seen too.

    You see NS Mine Loco pulling the last loaded Cars out to main, it saved us a lot of time getting all these cars, close to 30 loaded and ready.

    Thanks for Dropping by, will see where we are in the later with the load.
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    Nice shots blue! Interesting to see that mine in operation.

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