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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Question Mountain Building and Elevation fixes, matching those rough edges with new baseboards

    Now back to Uneven Baseboard elevations do to Merges and other weird stuff Trainz exhibits?

    See this msg thread:
    Terraforming Techniques I use.

    Now looking at these pics, I have added mountains, etc, using the smoothing Tool in Trainz

    Example, Edit Route, Topology, Adjust Height button, then I slip down in menu, and alternate from Use Height (H) and smooth further with Plateau (P) what this allows me to say I have a Ridge where I need to raise level baseboard to match up to that hill or mountain, I continue the base heights, with (H) then smooth it out further with (P).

    So in this picture, all the rough edges are translated to the new new (Grey colored baseboard) and already the Land Topography is shaping up, doesn't mean we are finished, but it sure looks a lot better?

    Now on in this View, remember, we had the huge mountain ridge on the right, just chopped off at the edge, now look,
    From picture above, here is the extended view showing the mountain change merging into the Lovette Rail Bridge, and meeting nicely with the next Group of Mountains, believe me, it took a good hour to fool around with the Throat area of the valley, so it looks more natural, I wanted the narrow cyn to open up as you enter Lodge area. I thin I succeeded with what I was envisioning.

    Ok now tonight, or later, when I get back in here, I start working the ground level below the bridge and see how far I want to extend the main line in towards the Resort Lodges in the back Canyon?

    This is view over canyon and valley, from Lovette Mountain side, and you can see the line way out there going into a Tunnel.

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    Looking absolutely MAGNIFICENT. Beautiful scenary

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    Thank you Sir,

    I do need to say, not all of this Scenery is mine, part of Merged layouts need thanks to Infrared Bob and Phil Skene's talents, and Montana Rail Link, I can't recall their name. Who have been great inspiration to me in what I'm trying to accomplish as well as Dave Snow's amazing modeling, and there's more, this is why I like this Forum so much, we have great Talent here, I'm forever grateful.

    I recall my frustrations 2 yrs back when I started with Ipad Trainz Driver2, and what really helped was all of you and your stories, pictorials on how to, that is what really sold me on Trainz, the learning curve was tough then, I think I must have reinstalled Trainz2 3X times and lost layouts to file corruption, actually I almost gave up on Trainz Driver2 and Ipad Memory and Video issues (thank you Infrared Bob for helping me) as now I feel more confident, and happy to share my ideas.

    Have a great day.

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    Lightbulb Rock Outcrops in Water/ Inaugral Canyon Run to Lovette Resort area

    These Pics show first Passenger Run on Canyon Line bottom, and the one below is back corner showing unusual Rock Outcrops.

    Reference below, what I have in mind is making a small lake with nice looking Rock outcroppings, the Rub if you will? Can I make them look like piercing pinnacles of Quartz etc, dazzling colors, life like, and surround them in Water, if I can do that, maybe it will look OK, if not???, it's back to the drawing board...

    I did some small outcroppings on the HarborMaster side and it looked OK......I'll try and remember to post some pics of them for comparison.

    Water Topic and Rock Outcrops here:Back on upper right side, I'll scoop out some more land, bowl like for good reflection of Water effects, and try to make that Rock Cropping look unusual? It's not a large area, nor do I think it needs to be, We see small ponds in different natural settings and it gives a surreal effect to areas nearby the tracks, its all in the Color arrangement. And I was just thinking, I have some large pre-made Granite Rocks I think, I might substitute too?

    Below is first passenger Run with BR Duchess in Green Livery, cars are BR Stanier, also a helper Amtrak#398 FP40 Class, an oldy but a very reliable engine, I used to work in one. to protect the rear, and help on Grades, wanted to make sure I had enough power, and this is back in deal here, no turn around. (I do need to realign the Grade from other side of Tunnel to Bypass Track, it's 3-4%, I blew that one, I forget to recheck after setting this alignment side of the main.

    Looking to Place Passenger Station (possibly Split into 2 Tracks Boarding??????I don't know what Type, Im open fpor suggestions if anyone has an idea????? to left side of Train, with small Food Store for now. I plan on moving a little bit of Ridge, below large Rail Bridge for clearance issues, small road maybe? out of the way for Foot Traffic and possibly small rail extension back into the Lodge area with Track. I'll play around with this tonight and see what I conjure up.

    Discuss weird consist here:Used Leased Equipement, Amtrak Crew with FP40, #398, I'll see how the BR train works with extra power on this Grade?

    Discuss Grid lines still showing and other thoughts here: Remember I talked about Grid lines showing up after Coloring in? Look to left over top of Passenger Car, and you can still see telltale Yellow (faint) but visible, and I had beautiful routes by others and found this too, it's easy to miss. So I need to make sure I get more Texture on it to cover it completely.

    The Test run went without a hitch other than more signaling, some misc switches and Stub tracks for Storage Etc.
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    Default Rock Outcrops in Water/Canyon releveling and realigment in Resort section

    Here is a real life, as far as I know, Rock outcroppings, I like to make something closely resembling these out in the distance on the ocean. I Know It will be more cone shaped because of Grid Line constraints, but if I can pull it off it would be cool? Will see.

    Here is the beginning of Spur to Lovette Mtn Resort area, you notice the Track style is different than the main, Im using 132LB Rusty style. i might change it later with Maintenance window?

    Continuing, we head into the Tunnel to access Lovette Canyon on other side.

    Pop out other side, I put a Signal as this Tunnel might be 1-2 long, now look at the massive Granite Mountain, I think it looks pretty awesome. Size does matter in this case.

    Had to relevel the whole canyon floor, due to multi levels at Resort side in steep canyon walls, which is OK I just didn't realize it was to that extreme Snow Colors hide a lot. Now it isn't finished, I need to do a lot of Fill on Left side for Station and other small buildings.. I think I'll leave the right as a deep channel for Snow melt off, and drop some water trees over there?

    I didn't quite take a good enough picture on other side of Rail Bridge, had to dig and fill a lot in the back so folks can jump on the rear cars of the train as well as the Station further down in the Canyon, I had to find the best level for the Track and not extend it too far into the Cyn.

    I'm running 2.5% Grade elevation up from Cyn Floor, you can see on the left, It needs a lot of fill in with Soil, as I had to raise the Line up from the floor by 10 feet. Before I do this build out, I'll run a few trains in to see if the Grade and Track Curves are ok for Passengers and Crew?

    That's it for now, sorry for the mess below, I thought I would get further with it, but Reconstruction, reveling the ground around the houses etc, slowed things up.......Sound Familiar?
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    Lightbulb Lovette Canyon Improvements.....Future Plans Etc

    Good Day all, Here is where I'm at now,

    This is top view of Lovette Mtn Resort, Freight and Mining areas as they look now, lower left is new area of Lovette Canyon where Passenger service was brought in.

    Tracks and Signals are in, need a passing siding in the canyon, in case the Passenger Train has equipment failure and or we have more Passenger trains coming in, also we will have some Freight occasionally for Country Store and other construction projects.

    For instance, we have several D9 Cats and Diggers still working in the Canyons as we clear areas for expansion, this equipment as expected gets brought in on Flatcars. Rail has a large presence in this area due to the ruggedness of Terrain. Water wise we only have small lakes etc. Plus the Railroad can handle very nicely.

    I need to refine my Textures better, my Colors are not quite there, but this is my weakness, it takes me time to get them to flow right.

    The outcroppings in the Lake are too big, I need to reduce size, and possibly position them in a different spot in the lake. It will work, I just need to scale them better.

    Shows the Canyon, new Lake area and some Rock Outcroppings, with a couple of small Ships in there. Nothing commercial, as this Lake gets its water for Snow melt and Rain flow from nearby mountains. Maybe some day we cut a channel to the Ocean, who knows, but that is huge cost to consider. ROI is questionable, besides we already have large presence in several Shipping Docs with hour or so of this Resort.

    This area added a Passenger Station, I think the size is appropriate for the area? Comments welcome as always.

    Added store, Small Bank, Church, Grave Yard, and Hotel. I don't won't to crowd area up to much until I get a feel for the lay of the land.

    On left side you can see I made sure have enough Drainage for Snow Melt etc, there is water in there now, and I think enough capacity, if not, will address with more excavation of ground and Piping if needed.

    Because the Tunnel is on Grade, we have put a heavy layer of pipes and Crushed base for Drainage, which will flow out both entrances and drain naturally. Since the Tunnel is new, don't have historical information on this yet, We do know we get a lot of Snow in the Resort and surrounding areas, but we also have small Lakes and good drainage.

    Time will tell.

    New Hotel built at back of Tracks here where Passengers will come out, should work nicely.

    At moment, just foot paths and small trails, maybe a small road in some spots, I don't want to Urbanize it too much, I like the natural settings.

    This a good view of the Passenger Station, and we have a nice Curve going out to the Tunnels. I was thinking and I have the room to due it, I need to add some passing sidings maybe some Power StorageStubs too, I don't want to cram stuff in and make it look junky. Some more Trees and Shrubs will come in too.

    The Building in Green Metal is a general store, I liked the colors and Size I think it compliments the other Lodges n stuff in the back.
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    Lightbulb Trees, Rocks and things?

    Got my Honey Dues almost finished, then came time to make changes, add more Texture, Trees, Rocks, Shrubs, change the size of my Rock Outcroppings, and level some other Outcrops that didn't work as intended.

    Pic below has a lot of Snow Trees added in, now, I need to add small touches of Shrubbery here and there.

    Nice view across the Lake, and you can see part of one of the outcroppings which I added a lot of trees, and different Color variations......I think it will work nicely in this setting. Need to add some more sale boats. Added trees sparingly in the Canyon passes.

    Better view of the outcroppings, putting trees on Rock definitely helps the look. I didn't to heavy in the mountains with trees, as my Video Card is integrated in Laptop, and it has hard enough time keeping up as it is!!!I got the water color about where I think it should be for now..Always room for improvement of course. Time will tell.

    Different view of Lake and Rocks, and I have figure out how I want to extend Lake as a canal going thru a small canyon, have to see if it's plausable???? or something going towards the Ocean, but seeing is believing, I'm not in a rush...I was just thinking while typing here, I can take some nice Granite Rocks and place them in some spots too.

    I want to start running trains now to see how all the new signal Systems work, and any kinks in the Track scheme.

    High view from the mountains looking out over the canyons and Lake Etc. Unfortunately my Video Card left out some land in the very far corner, and a wall board is hanging in the air, Sorry about that.....

    Opposing View from other side. You'll see sparse trees in the mountains, I might add a little more, but only after running Trains, which will give me different perspective.

    That's it for tonight,,,,,,TGIF........Night all.
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    Talking Added Light house, and Night Scenes Etc

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    Lightbulb New Light House, Autos, Cruise Ships, and Waterfalls....

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    Angry BR Duchess Steam test runs to new Station and Signalling issues to haunt

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    Thank you sir, always appreciated.

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    Lightbulb Canal Building

    I wasn't going to start the Canal to Ocean Construction Project, but that little nagging itching feeling, what if I could, I still working on some things nearby why not!!!!You heard this song and dance before.

    So that's it, it's decided, where going for the high grand here, no pun intended!

    I'm going to show how I do it, why I do it the way I do......Everyone has there method of Route building, there is no right or wrong way, it's what works in the way it'll turn out best for you.

    Picture below shows the Lake with Rock Out cropping and my beloved Light House, which now comes into direct play with my expansion plans, will work our way across to the end of this particular baseboard and hold? Why?

    Well because we might have to tack on 3-4 more baseboards for a larger expansion to the larger Ocean areas, far away!!!

    Will it work?

    Don't know, lets take it in baby steps for now.

    Area here has been changed slightly along the shore lines and if you look at the top right corner, you'll see I have taken the land and sunk it to almost the water line of the lake area.

    Ok, now for me, this is key: I literately took the tool Full circle Topology tool with height set from 0 to -10 feet or more down and pushed it all the way to the end of the baseboard!! Notice I didn't fool with Texture, or the Rail Tracks, crossing the area! Times 2 mainlines. It took about 5 min or less to do this, simple.

    Ok here you really see the depression made for Water Way.

    I don't touch plants color, or Rails for now. We are going to leave that all as it was, if this Water Project doesn't work, all I need to due, is raise the ground backup, better yet, I saved the original File intact, I will delete this file, everything goes back to what it was, no harm, no fowl!!

    Now we are at the end of Baseboard on this side, and you see Scenery Board across the water here, which I didn't finish raising the ground to match in more natural, because I knew ahead of time I would probably be adjusting the the area, and if I add baseboards to continue the canal on over to Ocean area no problems.

    In addition, we need to raise the Rails X2 and put in a Spanning Bridge to allow Cruise Ships and some commercial traffic too. Clearance is key, however, we won't have huge Freighters either, so I need to be able have a workable Grade before and after the span Bridge on both main lines.

    You can see the cut off of the other Baseboard so if nothing else, I need to add 1 Baseboard.

    Tonight, I adjust the shore lines along the newly cut water way

    Next water will be Dropped in for effect, if all looked good, I'll move all the Trees elsewhere, or delete as necessary.

    Finally once I'm satisfied, I re colorize the River bottom, and the shorelines, I might put in some sandy areas for swimming holes?

    Working in the Water is easy, just a matter of lowering the Water below the land, do my work, go back and raise when I'm done with Texture colors, Etc. One key is, write down the original Water Height when you start?

    That's it for now.......Good Friday all.
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