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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Cool Art Work looks terrific as always

    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    Nice pictures and stories that goes along with them Blue
    Hope you (and everyone else here) had Valentine's Day.
    Some screenshots from my model RR route for TRS19

    And lets not forget this

    Got to love the Pics, I started with Dos 2.0 BW (before Windows) LOL and I still have Win7 on one of our really, really Old Computers...Will have to see if the Really Old Programs like Win10, I think not......So who knows, this could be the end of 10 yr old Computer.

    As for Athearn, I know them all too well, used to buy them 1960's, were always great models on home built HO Gauge RR. Very cool sign there

    And Valentines was a great day spent with the Grand Kids, one who recently turned a year older, my oh my how fast they grow........

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    Hi Blue,

    Just popping by to say thanks for the discussion in this thread of your experience with my route WeddinNSW, and for the details regarding your experiments with Ben Dorsey's Coal setup. Based on your feedback I think that for the next upload of my route I will swap over to Ben Dorsey's asset. I am currently testing it. I won't be changing the track config, as that is based on the actual 1960's historic layout for Cowra Loco.
    'WeddinNSW V4.1' for TRS2019 SP1 coming soon to the DLS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueodessey View Post
    Got to love the Pics, I started with Dos 2.0 BW (before Windows) LOL and I still have Win7 on one of our really, really Old Computers...Will have to see if the Really Old Programs like Win10, I think not......So who knows, this could be the end of 10 yr old Computer.

    As for Athearn, I know them all too well, used to buy them 1960's, were always great models on home built HO Gauge RR. Very cool sign there

    And Valentines was a great day spent with the Grand Kids, one who recently turned a year older, my oh my how fast they grow........

    lol, so you know the operating systems way before they became easy to use
    If the hardware is 2012 (as I tested this with hardware from that era) it'll run Win 10 no problems. I think the same can apply to 2009 hardware, but I can't say for sure.

    That must've been a fun thing to do. When I was a kid, my dad would buy a few of their rolling stock kits and we'll put either one, or two together. The fun days, now you can hardly find a kit..

    That's good to hear, and time has been flying by really quick...


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Cool Good memories revisited back in the days

    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    lol, so you know the operating systems way before they became easy to use
    If the hardware is 2012 (as I tested this with hardware from that era) it'll run Win 10 no problems. I think the same can apply to 2009 hardware, but I can't say for sure.

    That must've been a fun thing to do. When I was a kid, my dad would buy a few of their rolling stock kits and we'll put either one, or two together. The fun days, now you can hardly find a kit..

    That's good to hear, and time has been flying by really quick...

    My first computer was something like this, radio shack Tandy 99


    I believe it was 6 Hertz in speed, and all I learned was programming in Basic to make a Database for sorting RR Cars..........

    Computers and Software back in 1986 was pretty cool, not all the stuff we have today.....And hard drives the size of small Shoe Boxes. We made our own menus and batch files to get around in the Dos, non GUI time........Now things are all graphical and Drag and Drop visual Basic, and other programming languages.

    That's cool story about your POP, mine played around with Lionel, but never got a chance to build the layout he always wanted........I belonged to Model RR Club for a short time, but family life and Work hours made it impossible to keep up.

    I remember their layout was so amazing to see........

    Pure dedication is what is required, and a good game plan with direction.

    Their layout was probably 30 foot by 15 wide, with 4 different levels.

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    I wasn't around back then, was I was born in the late 90's early 2000's, but I heard that computers would take up a full size room and such
    Back then, I probably won't want to have anything to do with computers, as I'm not the kind that likes programming on them lol. With thanks to the GUI, it makes things easier to configure and all that jaz, and now, they're the size of a USB stick running Windows 10 Home or Pro!

    Yep, we would have a fun time. Sadly they stopped making them years ago, and now you can only find them aready assembled
    I only joined one model RR club, and since they really didn't run any trains, I lost interest with the club. Their layout wasn't that big (I forgot how big was sadly as that was years ago), but it had 2 loops.


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    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Lightbulb Weather/ White Pass RR News/ Snyder Route building ideas

    Good Thursday all,

    Well it is hard to believe, Winter is only with us for a bit longer, but I have enjoyed the Cooler weather, because if our supposed mild Spring does not appear, and we go immediate 90 degree days, well lets just say, I wont be a happy camper, Cold doesn't bother me as much as Heat....The other issue in California, In first part of April, that just about closes the Rain Door for us, not good, as we are dry now......Means lots of Forest Fires.....So will see where that goes, and we usually get 8 months of no Rain the last decade.......

    For those who follow White Pass Line in Alaska, this might be of interest......Good to see they are keeping the line alive.


    Lets go to Trainz, First a Shout out to Sir Dave Snow, lets keep those prayers going on, to help Dave get back to health. And thanks for a amazing Alma Route, I am playing with it, there is lots of areas to explore and plenty going on. I haven't taken any pictures just yet. But I will show them in the Future.....Dave has knocked this one out of the part. It is a fabulous Route with much to see and do.....Thanks Sir Dave for another Gem of a Route.

    Now will move over to Snyder E/W Shunting and look at some Tracks and Industrial Centers I setup.

    In the past, I have referenced using the Tape Measure Tool in Trainz, it really comes in handy when you want to Square up at area that is say 45 degrees off the true Grid-lines. Makes it easy to get your tracks and or curves in a direction that looks and acts the way you want the Rolling Stock to run.

    In picture below, I have 2 tapelines, to get my Buildings square on 45 Degree off set of what the Mainline is running. In the left side, I have chosen a bunch of building models I think I will use in this industrial Project.

    Looking down, I dropped in a whole bunch of Tapes to get my Buildings angled the way I want them to look.......Reminder there is nothing said, that everything has to be Square, in real life it is not. And that is OK too........

    Next shot the Buildings are pretty much set in the location I visualizzed and I brought in some more warehouses too.

    Now in this Shot, we are in Wire View, I want to see how my tracks align on the Grid, I don't need to see the Texture at this point, I need a clean view, in this area, I want the mainline straight and my spur's trailing off. I need a certain amount of spacing between the Mainlines too. Not too much, not too little.......Everyone has there favorite spacing.....

    Here I ran a Tape, because one of mainlines was not straight, and when I added the extra siding to drop in Freights for delivery, I couldn't get that 3rd line looking straight, brought the tape, and lined up my Spline points and not the Tracks are trued out, further down out of view, they go into a Curve.

    Overhead view here, shows how my Track Plan worked out.......When I lay my Spur's and Switches, I want there to be some logic and purpose when I do my shunting, and the first layout, might end up being 3, 4, 5, 6, changes to get it working......What I don't want is tripping myself over the spotting of cars not have the switches in strategic spots, where your doing a bunch of back and forth moves........There are those situations where it is unavoidable, and you have to work within the confines of your Track build.....

    Over here is Diesel and Propane service, at first I was only going to have Diesel Service, and then the thought came to mind, I think this can work for us too......

    More distant view, Cardboard manufacturer in front of Diesel and Propane Facilities, I need to add lots of junk and other things you'd expect to see in an industrial area, so very much WIP here.

    Looking here, the best logic is having your many cars sorted ahead of time, before you drop them in here, and that is where the Rail Yard down the way comes into play, do most of sorting if possible, before you come in here, sometimes, time will not allow. You run with it, and sort the mess here instead.......

    Wire View here, I needed to get this Curves lined up better, so Grid View cleared it up for me.....

    Looking on the Right, you see I have set off the Building off angle, it is not square with the Main line......Further up Spurs are going to more than one customer and branch off in Trailing pattern?

    In addition to checking the Tracks to see if there lined up to my preference, I am also checking ) 08 Signal for 3 Block assignment, and the Signals light up for the proper Switch arrangement, allowing the Engineer to see how the Switches are aligned.....Not all signals will work properly, it really depends on how you have set your switches.

    That'll do for today.......Thanks for dropping in.

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    A blessed Sunday to all,

    Got lot to do this week, since I found some hungry Termites eating my Roof in a spot,,,,,,work and maintenance on an aging house never cease, it only increases with age, akin to Arthritus and my old body....LOL

    We received some lightning and a few showers, nothing to write home about, but better than none at all.....Spring is coming, now is the time to dig into the Garden, tidy up unfinished projects and get some Flowers and potted plants I have grown into the Ground, before the Heat of Spring and Summer soon after make it near impossible for yound plants to get established....

    Today, just some simple Locomotive Pics with Heritage models, I bought........Haven't run them yet, but I will soon. Been playing around a little bit with Alma Route and is a keeper, will probably show pics on next message......
    I think this is a K&L locomotive, I bought quite a few Locomotives from K&L and Diesels from Jointed Rail......

    Check out the Colored Smoke on this one,,,,,,I need to learn how to do this with other Locos in stock, in fact I need to retool a lot of Smoke Characteristics....That will be fun when I get around to it.......

    Latest Roster of Heritage Models.....Like them a lot......

    One of my favorite SP Switchers I remember as young kid

    Ain't she a beauty.......Powerful too....Seems to me, these are SD70's?

    Interesting paint scheme on this one.....I forgot why the UP Number maybe it was a merge with Western or buyout, please forgive my being Naive here......

    Distance shot on Route.......This might be UMR 2020...not sure.....

    Getting ready to do a Power Move Transfer to new Routes? Points unknown, but Alma and UMR2020 are definitely in the running....

    Another interesting Paint Scheme

    Ah D&RG another of my favorite Loco's that got absorbed by Fallen Flag SP......Like this Scheme of Colors a lot....Very nicely done....

    Baby blue, a crowd favorite....A little to light shade of blue for me I prefer some silvery blue cast.......

    And that'll do it for now.......It's out to the yard and get some stuff done before the Sun fades away today....Thanks for dropping in.........

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    Good Thursday to all members here,

    Well this year is turning out to be very busy, Mr's Blue has reminded me, we have been in our house for almost 3.5 Decades, and we now, more than ever need to Spruce this 58 yr old House up a bit, as it now showing it's age. And potential buyers are too. Yes eventually, we like other friends we know, need to down size, clear up the Clutter, make things more manageable as we age. It just makes good sense.

    I was looking at my inventory of Trainz Assets, now at 526K and thought oh my, I have accumulated quite a bit of Assets, some Version 1 and on up, I need to go thru and do a major clean out, keep the best of the best and say so long to the others, that I had for so long.

    In the same vein of Thought, I ran into repair issues that needed my Insurance Company and Pest Control Companies help, and it became obvious to me, they couldn't be there or provide the On the spot service I needed, some of these Companies I have been with since the early 80's. My thought is, and I was taught this at an early age from my parents, Customer is King, and Customer is right until proven otherwise, Service is performance. So when the New Year comes around, and Prices for everything is on the Rise! Ask yourself, are you getting what your paying for, if not, why Not? And what are you going to do about it?

    So my message here, take a few minutes, think about your concerns of Services you need, and how it relates to you as an individual, and make the changes. Do your due diligence, before you do......Have a plan "B"..........

    For me one of the companies that serve me will be losing me as a customer, and possibly another one too.........

    The last thing I would remind to my friends, you receive what you pay for, so Cheap, is not always a good option at times, you have to make that call, in the final Note? You are number #1, the most important part of the equation, make the most prudent change for your lifestyle......

    Now lets get to the fun part of day!

    I want to make a Shout out to Sir Dave Snow, on his Alma Route, if you have not downloaded, please look at the pictures I will be showing here in the coming weeks, and ask yourself, is this not one awesome Route by one of our beloved Creators. I think it is, and I am having a bang up time playing on it.......

    This is a nice size Route with lots of action, Boats, Airplanes and neat little crooks and cranny's to check out.......The range of different Train Models used is phenomenal here and if you download Sir Dave's Route, give him a Shout and let him know, how you like the Route......I am one happy camper with Riding on the Alma River Route.....

    Thank you Sir Dave Snow, for one very cool and entertaining Route.........It's a keeper for sure......God Bless you Sir and keep you on the mend........Best wishes on your recovery......

    I had some other photos I was going to show, but somehow in renaming other Photos, I over the ones I wanted to show tonight. So will see some others......

    Back on Snyder Route, and E/W Switching Route we have some shunting action going on.

    The Map shown here, looks like a lot of Xmas Lights, I finally got all the Signals in place and things are ship shaping up well......

    This is the completed overhead Industrial Park I modified and added to more commercial Packing Houses. After many tries, and changes, I got the Tracks aligned and one crossover where it doesn't affect other traffic on the Team Tracks.

    Over in the same area here, I am working in Wire Mode for final adjustment of Track to grid points, and do a check on Interlocking Signal, so far so good.

    In Food and Freezer Storage area I added another Siding too handle excess cars needed for these large company's so we don't interfere with Amtrak designated trains and other priority Freights etc.

    Had some power sitting over here in Industrial lead, will press them in for lots of Shunts.

    Got a cobbled together lash up of different power to handle some heavy loads coming in today..

    Loads are just down the track, will pick them up and get them spotted.....

    They gave us some MOW Unit Consist to get moved into place for upcoming Track and Ballast work scheduled Maintenance Windows.

    Last part of Shunt in progress, as the Sky above darkens and looks very threatening with a nasty Storm coming over the top of us......Can't wait for the Thunder and lightening show I am sure will follow on the heals of this bad boy.

    Thank you for stopping in.
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    Lightbulb Triplex arrives at Alma River Yard today......

    A good Sunday to all,

    Been hard at work getting my roof ship shape, today looks like will have a little Rain starting last night and most of Sunday. Our area is quite dry now, as the good rains we did receive thru early Winter have severely tapered off. In fact we have had 85-90 days in the last few weeks, which in the end of Winter is very troubling, and will signal more Forest Fires starting early again this year.

    Ironically one of our Northern Dams has to be drained and repaired because they have found some weakened spots in it, and a Flood potential to the small cities downstream........And this is not localized to California along, it is a major infrastructure across the USA......

    ================================================== ==============
    This week I downloaded the Triplex Locomotive from



    Thank you for great looking model.

    Here is a picture of it waiting in Sir Dave Snow's Alma River rail yard. Water and serviced ready for a departure later tonight.

    Our consist will have Baggage and Mailing Sort Coaches lashed up and ready for a Trial run in Alma River Country tonight.

    Look at those nice Looking Green Marker Lamps, this Triplex is in the Hunt and ready pony up the Horsepower.

    You should hear the thunder of Steam as this magnificent Triplex comes thru the yard.

    On a dark Starry night, Black Beauty is lit and on a roll into the Country.

    Track path is cleared, and switches set, Signals are stacked, and we are clear to let this beauty power up show her stuff.

    Yard exit is directly ahead.

    Earlier today we Genesee & Wyoming #46 Gen-set Power for some MOW scheduled work window.

    We're making a joint with MOW Consist. Track over to the right is end of Triplex Baggage consists.

    Coming thru the Locomotive Shops, our power will get quick check up on Battery status and Fluid levels before they go out.
    Mechanics are on duty, and this shouldn't take too long.

    I'm enjoying Alma River Route this week, there is a lot to see and do, and more pictures on the way.

    That'll do for today,,,,,,,,

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    Lightbulb Rail News Links/ E/W Power move for new customers.

    Good Thursday to all,

    Got my Roof watertight now, and next week, looks light we have a 3 to 4 day Rain event, believe it not, we already had 3 small fires in So Cal area that I know of......And our area Temps are sub 90 degrees, which means, we are too dry.

    Over to computers for a moment, I had some directory problems, and found that I had what is called Cross linked Directory's which one was hidden until I did File move, and all of sudden the other Directory showed it's true name. I had changed my Download Dir to a different name, which WIN10 showed much displeasure and I did what I thought was rename, but for some reason it didn't go thru right......Now by luck when moving some files around, all is well.......

    This week, I figured I needed to do some more spring cleaning with my Hard Drive, get some more organization done, throw out some stuff I don't need etc.......

    Been playing on couple different Routes, one Alma, and the other helping a friend out with some Route changes.

    And some articles of interest for you.....



    Today will look at some pictures from E/W Module merge.

    Looking out in Western Horizon is quit a sight to see in this part of Rural America

    Coming thru a small grove of large trees.

    Coming in strong our fresh Power for heavy Oil and Boxcar Loads.

    Large Power move is coming into the area for staging at key points.

    Looks like Storm is brewing in East, will see if get some Rain out here?

    Power is headed downtown to local disptatch and Rail Yard.

    Power is stopped for a few minutes while we get our break out orders for positioning.

    Another look from afar, Locomotive power as far as the eye can see....Our dispatch has already received several calls from Vendors asking about why so many Locomotives here. We politely inform them, there over a dozen new industries just came on line, with that, and one being a large Beer Plant, we need enough power for this and a large Creamery operation just opening this week. As anyone know, Rail Biz is very competitive, if we lose our edge, someone else, will pick up the biz and chances are we wont get it back.......

    Power is holding on left side as outbound Freight heads West with some of the Power units from what just arrived.

    Load of Missouri Pacific Rolling Stock is coming thru town....

    That'll due for today, thanks for dropping in.

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    Great shots Blue. Thanks for posting!

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    Nice screenshots Blue!
    Maybe your next adventure could be more American Mountains?
    Speaking about American Mountains, I started a TRS19 version yesterday, and posted some alpha screenshots in the American Mountain announcement and support thread if you want a sneak peak


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Good Tuesday to all,

    It wasn't a good weekend for Blue, we lost a family member to Multiple https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-...s/syc-20350269, they made it just past 30 years old, had made thru College re-markedly consider her extreme Medical issues. But time ran out and the Lord took her from us......At least now, she is in peace.

    And with that came more bad news from a close in-law, they have a quick form of onset Dementia and they are not even in their 60's yet, in addition to that our Grown up Child mid 40's needs a knee replacement and may have a Cancerous lesion growing in a Gland. A very troubling weekend indeed, it will be another 2-3 weeks before the surgery occurs and we can get more decisive results since they have to make deep incision to get inside the gland in question. We are hoping it just Benign, but you never know, so we prepare for the worst and hope for the best outcome, and say our prayers.......

    For tonight will spend some time over on the Island of Kauai 2008:

    Island Steam run has come into station for pickup. Our station personnel at the ready for Passenger arrival/departures.

    And on the left our latest Island Passenger Train in living color.....Thank pweiser for a classy looking Asset....Love it.

    Both new and old Liveries side by side........Question held here, which do you like, for me, I like both, they are both Special Trains. Steam will always be held in respectable esteem. A touch of Meloncholy for love of Steam, and sound of raw power.

    And she is steaming away to the next several Station Stops.

    Looking across a Island, our New Haven Passenger Train is headed to the City Stop.

    These trees are shadowy and see through when I took this picture as are assets on other Routes, usually A REVERT TO ORIGINAL, OR Alpha Mask change in the Config.txt does the trick and they change to full visibility.

    Our next shots will come from a Route we have covered lately, as requested by member who is very talented and I enjoy his Routes too.

    That'll do for today, thanks for dropping by.

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    Good Saturday and health to all,

    Well, today we got a barn buster Rain Storm, and our dry areas got some much needed Snow and Rain as is appropriate. As for Traffic well, you know how that goes.....Out here, because it doesn't rain as much as other parts of the country, our Drivers be inpatient, or otherwise don't slow down. So we get sat 20-50 accidents in a day, it goes to 300-400......

    It is what it is, bad habits are hard to change......LOL

    OK So great news on my Laptop, I was able to exchange a new M-2 Crucial Sata SSD, 1 Terabyte for my small 256Gig one, now I have some breathing room, I am awaiting a 2-Tera Crucial SSD for the Second Drive, and I love Acronis Software, it just works, and works well, like it should be........

    Supposed to come in tomorrow, and super easy to change drives in this ASUS Strix, max of 5 tiny screws and simple access from the bottom side of Laptop, I love it......Bless those engineers who laid out this computer, one of the best Laptops next to Lenovo one, I ever owned.....

    Now on to Trainz,

    Tonight we head back to America Mountains Route by hiawathamr.

    <kuid:605579:100619> American Mountains - TANE

    It says for TANE, and I run it in TRS2019 with no issues at all, runs perfectly......

    He has made lots of nice sessions for this Route, I really like the way Track Plans are and wonderful green foliage with Charcoal Mountain hardscape, dramatic contrast, somewhat like Iceland and Norway I think.......

    Tonight we do a little Oil and Coal Run, here are the pictures.......I found out, I have to restart my Engines on saved sessions, with Santa Fe Power, I like that a lot, I need to convert some of my locomotive power to Start/Stop Engine control, of course easier said than done, but it goes into my bucket list for later......

    We start the session out in the local yard with Consist Ready for departure. We also have inbound traffic, but since we have dual mainlines (my favorite) it works great, and gives more realism of active RRing action when your operating your Consist..

    Rail yard where we will start our Coal and Oil Session.......

    Green Clear Dwarf gives us the go ahead as we head out perfectly straight Yard Ladder Tracks, with makes it lots easier for our empties, not snaking out have to Crawl here. I head up to 25 MPH now.....

    Just heading out of local Rail Yard with Rake of empty Oil Cans and Coal Drag. As you can see here, this Route is superbly detailed with appropriate Detail and Color Contrasts.!

    Just as we head out of the Clear, there is a inbound heavy thru Freight, with Auto Loads passing us at SPEED.

    We go thru s Dark, Smoky, but not to Dark Tunnel here, I have never seen this Tunnel in my whole time of Trainz, I have to find out what name this one is, I like it a lot....Cool and very musty Spooky looking Tunnel......LOL

    Signal ahead tells us we are doing Crossover onto Long Spur entrance for Oil First then further up leg, we end up in Coal Mine Tipple for loading.

    Coming off the main, and I like the good spacing for Switch distances, so your hangover as you come into the Spur, looks natural and not jerky.....Perfect spacing for sure on this and the whole rest of route, well laid out Crossover and escape cutoffs for doing your Runarounds on Industries......Well done Sir.....

    Several miles off the Main, we head up our Spur to Oil and Coal industries for today's load. Look at the lush countryside and the green well diverse Trees he has put it......

    We cross over a tranquil nice looking River to other side where Customers are located.

    Dropped a set of Tankers off for Oil Fill.......Headed back to Spur and re hook up with our Coal Drag, last 1/2 of Train.

    Thank you for dropping in.......

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    Nice screenshots Blue!
    And thanks for doing another round of American mountains - always nice to see when someone is enjoying the content you made
    I see you haven't install AM v1.1 yet into Trainz. It does update quiet a few assets, reduces the number of items that needs to be downloaded, and updates the rolling stock and a few of its locomotives. Might be worth to check it out
    For the time being, taking a small break from creating new items, as this will give my brain time to recharge and think of another route project to work on.

    Take care, and stay safe as this nasty thing goes around the world.


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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