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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Nice looking screenshots from your Blue!
    Thanks for sharing

    From the sounds of it from todays post, you just completed the Hiawathamr Trainz Collection :P
    For Leadville if you haven't read the store description, there are x5 gameplay sessions available for the DLS that you might be interested. Just need to search using keyword LSD: to bring them up.
    Still got more on the way and sooner or later, my mega route

    You have a good rest of Good Friday and a safe weekend. Happy Easter!


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Lightbulb Merging NG3 Rt pieces /You Tube Pic/ Misc

    Good Day all,

    Things are looking up this week.....In Trainz.

    Nothing Faulty, Missing or Crashes......Because I have finally got it all cleaned up, and I sticking to Clean as you go, when installing items, Routes etc.....Takes more time, but it worth it........

    Grabbed some older NG Routes and decided I wanted to merge a bunch of pieces together with a large NG Route or Two........

    Blues Youtube Pics of the week:

    You think we have bad tracks over hear? Well here some one that might just go into Ripleys believe it or not?

    Зеленниковская УЖД.Плавающий тепловоз.

    Blues Notes: Where there's a will there's a way, Weather........Ground is muddy wet and soft!

    [TTP] TU2-155 delivering


    TU2-155 narrow gauge diesel locomotive delivering. Tyosovo peat narrow gauge railway museum.
    Blues Notes: Had heard of this operation, never seen it......

    A Trip On The Plaster City Narrow Gauge


    The first comprehensive railfan video covering the entire 26-mile Plaster City Narrow Gauge Railroad. This is the last exclusively freight-hauling three foot gauge railroad in the United States. The overall uniqueness of this operation demonstrates what a modern, 21st Century American narrow gauge railroad might look like had the national industrial transportation industry not taken such a turn years ago. The locomotives, designated DL-535E, were built by MLW/Bombardier in 1982 for the White Pass & Yukon, however, they were never delivered. The units are powered by an ALCO 251D prime mover producing 1200hp. The Gypsum train makes anywhere from 1-3 round trips to the mine and back depending on the demand for ore used in the production of drywall at Plaster City.
    Blues Notes: I sure some of you have thought about building a Railroad outside your house. Here is what one man did, and continues too, every chance he gets.....Fascinating.....

    Back to see Adam Pinales and his 2 1/2 inch scale yard railroad AND his new HOn3 layout


    Toy Man Television
    49.1K subscribers
    Our hunt for code 215 rail takes us back to see Adam Pinales who has torn out his garden railroad and said we can have as much as we need. But mostly we want to see the progress on his 7 1/2 inch gauge outdoor railroad and his new HOn3 layout.

    Last time we visited Adam we saw his huge N scale Denver and Rio Grande layout. His goal was to build every piece of rolling stock owned by the Rio Grande in the 1950's. He did that too!! Anyway, the dumpster fire that was 2020, after the earthquake and hurricane his basement flooded (nothing to do with the earthquake or the hurricane or the dumpster fire) But all the Sheetrock needed to be replaced and Adam saw this as a sign he was supposed to change to HOn3. So.... the new layout is coming right along, BUT the big thing we wanted to see was the arch bar wheel truck in 2 1/2 scale he 3D printed.

    Now, the printed truck can not run, it going to be used to pull molds and use the lost wax process to cast the wheels and basic components in steel. YES he's plan is to sell them and you will be able to buy a pair if you want them, SOON.

    ANYWAY as the 7 1/2 inch gauge railroad has taken over the whole yard, the #1 gauge was torn out. (Yes, it will be rebuilt after the dust settles on the build of the 7 1/2 gauge railroad) The garden railroad was built with #Llagas​ Creek code 215 rail. And the new garden railroad will be a much larger size rail so when deer step on it.... ANYWAY, I digress. He offered to give us any rail we want! But it was only when we grabbed the track that I realized it was aluminum rail... Now I knew that when he built the railroad, but it just never sank in.. Anyway will not work for us as we are using code 215 nickel steel rail...

    When we started the logging layout we bought 24 feet of rail from Mike at Llagas Creek. It worked great, looks great and so we decided to buy the needed 13 pieces of rail to finish the logging line. We have a desire to support our local hobby shops because losing all a community's hobby shops is not just a shame, it often destroys the hobby in that area. SO we ordered a bundle of rail from The Train Shoppe. Who gets most of their products from wholesaler Walthers. The bundles from Walthers are only available in bundles of 10. SO we ordered 10 from the Train Shoppe - Walthers and 3 from Mike at Llagas Creek. Mike ships rail in PVC pipe with caps on the ends. Because they had so much rail destroyed or lost by Fed X or UPS. But Walthers shipped the rail loose in a large box. And by the time it arrived at the Train Shoppe there was only one rail in the box. And it was halfway out of the box through a small hole worn into the cardboard by the loose rails.

    SO we moved onto building the locomotive shop. No rush. Covid lock down for, well, A YEAR SO FAR??? Anyway. No rush. So after several weeks, the replacement rail came from Walthers. This time the box was totally empty. SO Jeff at the Train Shoppe said "I give up! Get it from Llagas" And Fed X said not our problem, bad packing, and Walthers said not our problem, Fed X screwed it up. So in trying t help the hobby shop out they were out $300. (good news, Walthers has agreed it's their problem, and will cover the loss)

    AND the replacement rail just came from Mike at Llagas Creek. AND he threw in an extra rail just because. And we will continue to support the local shops because it's really important to do that.

    What does any of this have to do with Adam and this week's show? Nutten. But it's a good story.

    Rough map of my NG Pick a part Routes laid out on several grid tiles, not all the tiles are were they need to be yet, as I am dealing with some existing Altitude issues between the Tiles....Not a problem, I just need to work my way thru it......I needed a diversion for a while and this will work nicely.

    In the center of this picture is a set of Tracks going up the hill, Grade is 29%, uh no, not happening, we are ripping the tracks out, and reforming this Ridge, and will expand the elevation across 3-4 tiles to bring to 3.5----4.00% max uphill.......Sure I could run the locomotive up, well, for safety reasons, probably burn out the Wheels, going up.....And I not going to do Cable operation either........Blue will fix......

    4 Tiles are merged here, and busy making new NG Rail connections.....

    Another Tile, from a Diorama Collection, I need to raise the ground and do a lot of blending in, I like the style of Mountain work here, very cool, so I will use this as template for Transformation into several Tiles to make much larger NG3 Route.......

    Another Diorama here with Deep Canyons, and cool waterways.

    Another Diorama piece that will be built into the Route........It has small Townships on two sides......

    Like the Water ways and Animal details the Author used here.......Some where in this area, will be some NG trackage.....Too early to tell...

    Log view across blank tiles, this last Diorama has beautiful Lake area, which I plan on expanding out.

    This Corner Piece one tile Diorama has beautiful Water Fall, I really like the style of colors and mountains.....

    A long view between Diorama's

    I have started some Elevated Tracks, will need lots of Dirt to fill in once I get the Elevations where I have Elevation Changes.....Should work out nicely.

    Oops it is 1:00AM here on the West Coast, time for Blue to retire.......Thanks for dropping by......

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    Lightbulb NG merge deleted/ GFisher Rt's / YTube Pics of the week/

    Good Day all,

    This last few days have been some twists and turns on my NG Merge Project.....After a 3 weeks of playing around with 9 pieces and trying to make the Merge work, there was too many quirks to the point of pure frustration. One can have a vision, but in that vision, one might not realize it is clouded with unforeseen problems. As such, I took one last look at the way the Mountains and valleys were looking and lining up, and it just was not Jelling.

    Blue took the Delete key and scrapped the project, on the upside, I have several other Nice NG Routes that are potential suitors for merges. They will be a much better choice for me.......

    I did have some fun when I came across so older gfisher Routes, Version 2.6 and too my delight 8 out of 9 downloaded and opened up in TRS-2019 with no issues, other than a few missing Assets.....However this one Route of gfisher, <kuid:106916:1031> St Barbara Railroad which was 88Megs in size for some reason would not open in TRS-2019, the one thing I noticed is besides not opening, all the others would do a Precache as they were opening. This one, never saw a Precache. So maybe that is the Key to it failing to open........??

    <kuid:106916:1061> Eastern Shore Railroad
    <kuid:106916:1117> Bayonne & Red Bank
    <kuid:106916:1059> Bridgeport Southern
    <kuid2:106916:1287:1> Hampshire Hills Traction
    <kuid:106916:1031> St Barbara Railroad (Couldn't get this Route to open)
    <kuid:106916:1009> Box Butte & Meg's Despair
    <kuid:106916:1056> Down East Fishing Village
    <kuid:106916:1042> Gloucester Terminal Railroad
    <kuid2:106916:101011:1> Watseka & Kankakee Railroad

    Some routes are tiny, and some are larger are in size, he is such a talented Artist and Route Maker, today I will show some screen shots of these Routes.........
    Blue's Y Tube Pics of the Week......

    Blues Notes: This is short little 3 Min Video of some old time Steam Action, I was barely knee high to a tadpole when this was made......Wow! Blue has driven thru this area many times over the Decades, but never knew about the history of thie p

    Steam Railroad Series 14 - SP Narrow Gauge January 1954


    SP 18 Between Keeler & Owenyo Jan. 4&5 1954.
    Blues Notes: This is retired Rail Supervisor/Worker from UP, and he has made several nice Videos about things along the Railroad path from yesterday up to today.....

    Exploring the Semi Abandoned Town of Cantil


    Cantil is just off the beaten path of Highway 14 east of Jawbone Canyon in the western Mojave Desert. It was once an important stop on the Southern Pacific Owenyo Branch and was once the site of thousands of acres of alfalfa. Sadly, it has been dormant since around 1990.
    I hesitate to call it abandoned because, as I was surprised to learn, quite a few people still live there. It is, nevertheless, just a place to live with no amenities or industry of any kind.
    It has a pretty interesting history and there are a few abandoned gems to be found.
    So, join me on the semi abandoned exploration of a once thriving community of Cantil, Ca.
    Cantil GPS 35d 18' 57"N 117d 58' 01"W
    Blues Notes: I have been following this little Railroad for the last year, and enjoy learning about how it is to run a Garden size Railroad in Snowy Country. Today he works on Locomotive Traction Motor. Hope you like this one. When your a one person owner, maintainer, it takes a lot Skill Sets to keep the RR running.......

    Plum Cove Generic Electric Disassembly: MLBK 18 Traction Motor Removal


    Today, we take Mill Brook locomotive 18, a Plum Cove Studios Generic Electric, completely apart for some much needed repair and maintenance.
    Blues Notes: Heard the old saying, it may be Old, but it's paid for and still runs? Well this Video truly speaks to the fact....Look at what they do with Vintage piece of MOW equip, I let you be the judge here...

    I think it speaks well to the Workmanship of the Designer-Builder.....

    Rumbling along with old 224 (NZ)


    & one other one I watched with excitement too....


    1936 Cowans & Sheldon 10 ton steam crane No 224 demonstrates it's self propelling capabilities on the Glenbrook Vintage Railway (NZ) This film was shot in July 2006
    Blues Notes: I know there some Rock Island Fans, this is Story about revival of the Rock RR, who would believe this would happen! You may have heard this.....Where there is Will, there surely must be a WAY? Listen to what one of the Employees discusses here... I like what I hear, and will see over time how things work out, I think it is great start.......

    Rock Island Rail: The Mississippi Delta Railroad


    Sumner, Mississippi - a sleepy delta town known as birthplace of the American Civil Rights movement - is now the epicenter of a modern railroad revival. After years of neglect, the Mississippi Delta Railroad has a new operator that plans to bring this once prosperous branch line back to life. The new operator is Rock Island Rail and the management team at this unique short line couldn’t be more optimistic about the future.

    With a dedicated team of experienced employees, the “do whatever it takes to get the job done right” mentality is at the core of their operation, just like the original Rock Island some forty years ago. The company’s slogan is “Modern Logistics, Delivered,” and they plan to do just that by offering reliable transportation solutions in northwest Mississippi.
    Blues Notes,,,,Blue can laugh, and Blue is sad, that these Tracks are in such disrepair........Hope there is better days ahead for this line......

    Reminds me of some of our streets out here in California, with the nations worst traffic.......Shameful!
    World's Worst Railroad Track (2020)


    Map of Eastern Shore RR by GFisher.......

    Log view near a crossing........

    Farmland in the Winter Fall or Winter?

    More of Downtown and River area,,,,his waterways are so cool,,,,,And I like the River Water Color too.......Nice industrial area here.......

    High overhead view of this Route and far away you can see the tranquil River on left....

    Map of Bridgeport Southern RR by GFisher

    There are some interesting tricks of the eye deployed here.....This is Mainline of another RR coming thru,cut off on both ends....But when your on Bridgeport Tracks, it looks as natural as can be.....

    Nice Heavy Industrial are here........Could be Spring time thaw going on, I haven't looked at the Date time on this Route, my Bad,,,,Sorry....

    Tomorrow is Sunday, and I pray for all of us, thank you for Visiting and have a Blessed Day.......Peace

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    Lightbulb Scrapped Alaska Merge/ Pwr Outage Thurs/ YTube Pis/ Weddin Rt Pics

    Good Day all,

    Did some more cleaning and clearing out of Routes I figured I didn't need any longer.......

    Scrapped my Alaska Merge, it was not going to work for me......Too many bad merges, in the form of Mountains Ranges just not lining up, and the Routes not going to look good like a jig saw puzzle....What I did find was another Route that has bit less Snow areas, and I can expand it as I want too for my needs........

    In addition to that, I had several Dem Routes of large size with Colored lines, and decided that the time and work to convert a Dem Route completely, I should say one over 100 Miles is not going to work out for me.......

    And I am fixing/deleting all Faulty or Missing Assets as I go, and Platinum DBR repair is rewarding me with times of 86secs to 5 mins most of the time now, I am exstatic with this.......When I first started with all my Assets, and some 1000 or more errors, missing etc, the times where in the neighborhood of 5-6hrs.....What a difference hard work and dedication and with a couple of months make!!

    There is an old saying, sometimes if you can't beat them, then it might be better to join them? In this case learn to yield to Platinum Trainz.

    Now for our next Spring cleaning, I have a Directory I made years ago, that has every Route I have ever downloaded with pictures and names of said Route's. I have to update the last few I accumlated with Platinum. After this, I need to start weaning out all the very old Assets, like Anything below Ver 3.5...Probably going to take quite a bit of time to replace things on my older Routes, or maybe, it is time for the Older Routes to be gotten rid of.....This will be a hard decision. But since I have about 570,000 Assets, I need to start dealing with this sooner, rather than later....

    Blues You Tube Picks of the week:

    Blues Notes: Not good when your Engine starts spouting Fire from above, quick way to catch nearby Trees and Buildings on Fire......
    Part 2! How a diesel locomotive dies! Smoke and fire from the engine exhaust pipe! Russian trains


    Hi guys! In this video I have collected Russian locomotives, with a dying diesel engine! You will see a lot of smoke and fire coming out of the tailpipe of the diesel train! This video is presented for educational purposes! Turn the VOLUME UP and enjoy that sound!!!

    Americas steepest grade freight railroad Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold


    Nestled in the copper rich hills of Morenci, Arizona is the rarely visited McMoRan Copper and Gold railroad. Morenci is home to one of the largest copper mines in the World which has been in operation for over 100 years. With railroad grades in excess of 5%, this is the steepest operational freight railroad in the United States. The Cass scenic railroad which runs steam powered passenger trains, has the steepest with grades up to 11%. The Boeing plant in Everett, Washington also has a grade 5.7% however this is just a spur.

    Blues Notes: Have travel thru this area many times, and enjoyed the Local Short lines here......

    Trains Return to the Santa Cruz Branch


    On April 17th of 2015 trains returned to the Santa Cruz Branch for the first time in almost 2 1/2 years after multiple bridges were either rebuilt or replaced. The La Selva Bridge was completed on January 30, 2015 and was reopened for trains on February 26th. You can see our video of that event here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n25Am...​. The train was made up of Mount Hood Railway #89 as well as 4 empty tank cars that were used to test the track and grind down the rust so the crossing signals could then operate reliably. As you will see in this video the signals have not been used in a while so most of the crossings needed to be flagged. However on the way back some of the crossing signals began to work. It was truly great to see trains back on the branch and we look forward to all the future hold for the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Ry. and the Santa Cruz Branch.
    Blues Notes: When your pulling a heavy grade, with a Coal Train, you need all the power you can muster up.....

    Union Pacific coal train climbs the steep grade of Soldier Summit, Utah with 7 locomotives


    Beautiful scenery, steep grades, and trains with a lot of locomotives. Soldier Summit, Utah is a rail fans delight. In years past it was not unusual to see 10 or 12 locomotives pulling and pushing coal trains up the 2 plus percent grade putting on a terrific show (click link below for video). Union Pacific still continues to impress with no less than four mid train helpers and a pusher locomotive. Railroad traffic on Soldier Summit has all but disappeared but the coal trains continue to roll on for now. Filmed March, 2021
    Blue Notes: Yes people actually due this sometimes, and don't live to tell about....Very, Very dangerous!!

    Epic moments captured between two trains! It's dangerous to get stuck between two railway tracks!

    Hello friends! Today I have collected for you amazing moments in which two trains going to meet each other are captured on video by the operator who stood between these trains! Between the railway tracks on which the trains run, it is very dangerous to be! This video is presented for educational purposes!
    Yesterday was an interesting day, early in the afternoon, we lost all power in the area, reasons unknown, and it came on about 20mins later, good, except our Fios didn't come back on. So for hours and and some calls for Tech help from Frontier, we couldn't get our Router to connect to the Fios Switch box down the street....We wouldn't have Tech able to come for a Day, which is normal, they have lots of customers......

    So today, Friday, we were hoping for a Cancellation and possible app t, when the Help desk, asked me to turn off main power unit, outside where Fiber Optic Cable enters the house......Ironically yesterday, I had unplugged the main box to check power outlet to see if maybe a Breaker switch had been toggled off from power outage....Outlet was energized, but no activity or power lights on main box....Thought that was strange, but maybe, since we've had this box for over 15 years, maybe the Components had failed from Power outages......

    While on the phone for new app t, the Tech asked me to power off the main box, wait 20-30 Secs and re plug....

    Guess what?????? That did the trick and now we have our Cable and Network back on, and we saved a unneeded Tech Service Call to house.......Mind you, on all the other Power Outages, never had to re power the main box connection, only our Router.....What changed, who knows.......But if any of you have Frontier issues, try resetting both main box first, if you don't see any power lights on Box, then your Router next....Waiting for 30 seconds after unplugging.............

    Today will have a look at FootplatePhils Weddin NSWR (New Zealand RR) these are great routes, very prototypical and fun to play with, there are several, and merge able too, just follow his instructions from Route or Dedicated Thread on Forum.....

    This one, was working on setting up more Semaphores and Feathers, which are control points for Signals, if you don't use Feathers (activated Boards, similiar to Whistle Boards) your Signals will not work right on Switches etc........

    Doing some switching moves to check Signal and Clearance aspects.....I changed and added some Tracks on this Route for my personal use......

    Our Train is headed down mainline to next set of Towns........

    What da ya know, Traffic is stopped as we go thru....I like it!

    Checking new signals added here...So far, spot on.......

    Look at how nice FootplatePhils Scenery is done up here.....Great work.....

    Lots of work here checking Signal Alignments and proper aspects.......It's tedious but well worth it, when your Signals due what I need them to do, for no Train Collisions......Corn Field Meets...You know what I am talking about.....Believe me, it has happened on Real RR's and with deadly consequences too!!!

    We are moving about 8Mph just cleared a signal for train ahead of us switching on Mainline to Siding, a few miles down the Tracks.......

    Switching to new Industry here today......

    Switching out empties and putting in New Loads for our Customer.....

    Setting up new Consists for delivery here into main yard........

    Thank you for coming by........

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    Default Herog Train in City of Industry/YTube/ Misc

    Good day all,

    This weekend away on short trip to celebrate 4 birthdays was wonderful, yes still wearing masks in Travel, and maintaining Covid procedures. It was just wonderful to have some quality time with special people after 15 months of restrictions......

    And while Blue was out trainspotting, he saw something of interest, that he had not seen before..Took some quick photo's and hope you like them.....



    Herzog's Automated Conveyor Train℠ is the most versatile aggregate delivery system available.

    I didn't see this Unit Train in action, it was on Siding awaiting orders from 3 miles downwind from MOW.

    303's First Run on Standard Gauge in 63 Years | Re gauging & Test Run of SRHC's S303


    And now we're all waiting for GM36's first run on BG in 17 years
    Trains Return to the Santa Cruz Branch


    On April 17th of 2015 trains returned to the Santa Cruz Branch for the first time in almost 2 1/2 years after multiple bridges were either rebuilt or replaced. The La Selva Bridge was completed on January 30, 2015 and was reopened for trains on February 26th. You can see our video of that event here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n25Am...​. The train was made up of Mount Hood Railway #89 as well as 4 empty tank cars that were used to test the track and grind down the rust so the crossing signals could then operate reliably. As you will see in this video the signals have not been used in a while so most of the crossings needed to be flagged. However on the way back some of the crossing signals began to work. It was truly great to see trains back on the branch and we look forward to all the future hold for the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Ry. and the Santa Cruz Branch.
    Sunset on the Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Ry.


    In what will be our last look at the SC&MB, Mount Hood 89 and SC&MB 1101 and 1102 move tank cars into storage. At the end of the video, you will find out what has become of the SC&MB and what the future looks like!
    Blues Notes

    Southern Pacific Hopper Rides the Rails Again! SCBG Ballast Service


    After 21 years of sitting on the dead line, the old Southern Pacific Hopper Car, now owned by the Santa Cruz Big Trees and Pacific Railway is back in service as a ballast car for the railroad! It is a real treat to watch an original piece of SP equipment run on a line that once saw hundreds of these cars a week!
    Great Cockcrow Miniature Railway


    **Video is a bit shaky as I was driving with one hand and filming with the other**

    Went to Great Cockcrow for the Gala weekend 12th - 14th September 2014.
    Had a great time, thank to all the member for a fantastic weekend.

    This is a trip on about 95% of the track including elements of the Red and Green routes
    Blue's Notes: Think an Engineer's job is easy or uneventful, take a good look at what happened to these Locomotives.....

    These trains survived the disaster! The consequences of a railway accident!


    This video is about trains and locomotives that took part in a railway accident. You will see the consequences of accidents on the railway, at the railway crossing. There is no tin, just photographs of damaged locomotives from nature or lack of care of people, as well as trains that got off the relays.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I downloaded some English Routes this week, I'll discuss in my next message post........

    Thank you for dropping by.....
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    Lightbulb Sp3 Update / YTubes / Lone Pine Route and Gloucester RR

    Good Day all,

    I'm happy to report, that yesterday, I was able to donate a Pint of Blood to Red Cross, who is extremely short on Blood Supply, I would feel its to due with our Covid Issues in this Country......I'm hoping my little donation will help someone in dire need and save their life......

    Please donate if you can, I had to wait a couple of Months due to the Maderna 2 Shot program, I wanted to make sure I didn't contact Covid or have serious side effects that would prevent me from Donating. Also I waited 14 days, actually more than that to make sure I was stable and healthy.....Red Cross does test all Blood Donations, and if there is an issue, they will notify the Donating Person.......

    So on to Trainz. I have been remiss in sharing some things.....

    1. I did the update with SP#3 for Trainz 2019, Platinum for me. Current build is 111951, I don't recall what my old Build # was. Sorry.....I thought I had a screenshot and if I find one in my Thread, with old number, I will update here. And I found it after looking back thru my Thread Notes......Platinum Version, Build 11091, and this was Fresh install of Platinum from Standard Trainz TRS-2019 Program.........

    Now as for the update a week ago, it was 30 GB, not to large, and it didn't take over 5 mins to download and install. Once this one done, I conducted a DBR run, that took a little time, because it has to re index everything Fresh, which I think is spot on.......

    Didn't have any problems, and I did a Reboot of my Laptop too.........Blue is happy camper......So far so good, I have to read what the fixes were on SP3 Update.

    2. Picked up some Polish and Australian Routes, found out I don't have much in Aussie Rolling and or Loco Stock, so Blue is on the hunt.......

    Now over to Blue's You Tube Picks of the week.......

    Blues Notes: This I think is one of the Crowd Favorites........

    Durango & Silverton Double Header January 2, 2021


    D&S ran another double header with 481 and 493 to Rockwood. Helper engine 481 did some switching at Event Park on the return to Durango and brought three flat cars into town.

    D&S Double Header 4 17 2021


    Durango & Silverton double header Cascade train. April 17, 2021
    Blue's Notes: There is nothing on any given day that is ordinary in an Engineer's or for the that fact a Crews workday!

    Near Fatal Head on Via Train CP Freight Smithfalls 2


    As you can see this is a one of video the engines came within 6 feet of coupling together. Amazing camera operator, stayed on the ball the whole time, knows how to use the zoom to their advantage, perfect panning, anticipated the train filling out the frame, no shakiness, no freaking out at the key moment, no loud comments, no screaming, kept camera level, rare breed on youtube.
    Norfolk Southern Train With A High / Wide Load & EMD GP38-2


    A Norfolk Southern freight train pulls a high/wide oversize load north through the Shenandoah Junction Road grade crossing in Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia.
    Locomotives: NS 4064(GE AC44C6M), NS 9278(GE C44-9W), & NS 5014(EMD GP38-2 Ex- SOU)
    Renfe 1003 y MZA 602 en los talleres ARMF, Lleida


    Con motivo de la Fira Expo Tren celebrada en Lleida, los talleres ARMF abren sus puertas para que el publico pueda ver el material que estan recuperando y ademas ver rodar el ya recuperado. Todo un espectaculo.
    British Railways abandoned goods yard uk railways


    Healy mills marshaling yard
    osset west Yorkshire.
    opened in 1963 and replaced 7 smaller yards in the area it was part of the British transport commissions moderation plan and was so equipped with a hump to enable the efficient shunting and re ordering of goods wagons. The yard lost its main reason for existing through the 1970s and 1980s when more trains on the British rail system became block trains where there wagons required less, or more commonly , no shunting facilities at the site were progressively run down until it closed completely closed in 2012.
    a few left relics of the yard loads of track and few good sights to see thank you feel free to subscribe.my channel is made by a disabled hobbyist with only one arm.
    Blue's Notes:Imagine yourself just out for some Train Spotting and you see this! What would do, how would act if this happened!

    Man captures video of train crash


    This guy just wanted to take a quick video for his train loving sun and got more om the tape than he bargained for.
    Big Truck against a freight train. Guess who won; both men in the truck survived. Good for them, now they have some paperwork to fill out.
    Blues Notes: I have seen some terrific Routes on the DLS with lousy Tracks, on purpose of course, and very well done. This Video shows what lack of money, time, deferred maintenance can cause........Let your eyes be the judge here......

    ND&W 3054 wobbles down the bad track


    I filmed this back in early December. 3054 starts out crossing the CSX/Wabash diamond in Defiance Ohio and makes the slow trip to Cecil to pick up a string of boxcars.
    Tonight's Pictures will be Lone Pine Route and Gloucester RR's....

    Going on run with 50 covered Wagons today.......

    Guess we get all the hobbling Power leftover........Well, you know how it goes.......

    Map of Gloucester Route.....

    It is one beautiful Route to look at,,,,,

    This was an old Logging Route I was going to fix, but it got shoved to the round file.....too many problems and rough points to figure out.......

    Seafood anyone.......You know its fresh, just look at the Wharf......

    Lots to do in this little village.......I have lots of missing items, so I will be quite busy replacing trees and Building objects.....Been there and done that......

    Over here there is plenty of things I need to figure out what it is.....But will work it out,,,,,,Great Route by GFisher if I recall correctly......

    At least the tracks are not missing like a couple of other Routes I downloaded this week.....

    Thanks for dropping in, and have a great weekend.......

  7. #1492

    Lightbulb Going Camping today/ YTubePics /SAR Backwater Railway (Adelaide to South Beach)Rte

    Hello All,

    I headed to the Camp Grounds today,

    Since I wont be online where I am staying, I thought I would just drop in some Pictures of a new Australian Route I downloaded this week.........I like the Route a lot, and had to find some SAR items to run on it, of which there isn't much, so I probably drop some NSWGR items to make up for the what I want to run......

    A few Y Tube Pics for you.....
    ================================================== ===========================================



    After 3 inches of snow over-night and rain now falling, of course my buddy told me about this southbound train.. I'm glad I listened because there was a lot of excitement when the train passed by when heavy smoke was rolling over the tracks blinding the train, which eventually stopped.
    ================================================== ============================================
    Rail fanning The CSX Fitzgerald & Manchester Subs April 2021 [4K]


    4/3/2021 - A small trip to the Manchester, Ga area produced several good trains, and a slightly above average amount of Action. We saw 10 trains from about 11:30​ - 7:00​.
    Locations in video - Manchester, Ga; Woodland, Ga; Haralson, Ga
    ================================================== ===========================================
    Blues Notes: I just subscribe to this Gentleman, he is quite interesting to watch. In this one he shows very cool old time historical Photos.......Hope you enjoy too....I know lots of Asset Builders use old Photos like for reference......

    The War Department Loco that's been all over the world! - Lawrie Goes Loco Episode 18


    In this episode of Lawrie Goes Loco, I do something I've never done before - I get to to drive on the Tramway of a dockside railway! We visit the Historic Dockyard Chatham and get to grips with the most well traveled locomotive that I've ever has the pleasure to get behind the throttle of - Overlord!
    ================================================== ============================================

    303's First Run on Standard Gauge in 63 Years | Regauging & Test Run of SRHC's S303


    ================================================== ============================================

    SAR Backwater Railway (Adelaide to South Beach) Map

    Took me few minutes to find a SAR Psgr car. I can't remember when I had one with all these type of
    Commodities......Very interesting.....

    Backing up to our consist, will see how it goes. Take one look at my Engineer, not even a crack of Smile, No Sir, its all business here, maybe he is EX Military too?

    Found Military Skinned Steam Locomotive for the Psgr Cars. Its big, its very heavy and sure to pull these few SAR Carriages with nary a sweat Mate......!!

    Full Steam ahead here,,,This is a very strong engine. Our Engine is wearing his Ugly Face........Look out, stand clear, and don't even think about getting in my way, rrrrr it'll be last time!!!!

    A face only a Mother could love, don't mess with this Engine, he'll bite ya....

    Inter Modal Yard here, I think I might reconfigure a few things....?

    End of the Line, full construction in swing here for Railroad extension,,,,,,I like this scene a lot, great creativity by Route Builder. Except I think we need the Rail with Safety Flag, I better tell the crews to get one here pronto, before the Railroad Inspector of affairs catches and fines us a big safety ticket........

    Looks like the Engineer lost the Skin of his Locomotive, funny how when you move the Camera, it shows some funny shots of a seemingly solid Item......

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    Lightbulb Ca Fires and Drought / YTube/New Rt's / Watseka & Kankakee RR / CDE Moduler Trainz

    Good Evening all,

    Wow, May has arrived and I just enjoyed a 3 day Camping outing, from Snow to Heat, it was snowing when we arrived at 39 Degrees and within 3 days, it went to 85 degrees on Friday this week, with 95 or more Degrees at home, crazy weather. And unfornately Fire Season is in Vogue because we got sad news that our Water Storage Reservores are 50% of capacity, little to no Rain for Winter and Spring........Our Fire Fighters are working a 650 Acre Fire that is putting a lot of homes in Danger, Summer has not arrived yet, but yesterday you wouldn't know that.


    So will see how the rest of this year works out for us.........

    Over to Trainzownloaded a few more Routes, Canadian, Polish , American and New South Wales Route.........

    Fictional Scenic Railroad Expanded, VICTORIA TO KAMLOOPS, Metropolis - Ishtropolis.

    Polskie Koleje Waskotorowe, Polskie Koleje Piaskowe, Modest Empire Traction, NSWGR Sky lake, Oregon farm.

    Several are missing a lot of Assets, but they hold promise for what I'm looking for.
    Blues You Tube Picks for the week.

    Just in time...on 4/29/2021


    I figured I had at least an hour to drive up to Summit and get set up for a video. I was wrong-as I drove into town I could see the short Canadian National getting ready to back into the Certainteed yard. I grabbed my camera and started filming-Derek and soon after the train itself and I was fin ished with this video! What to do-I knew it wouldn't take them long in the yard so it was up to Tama Siding which I have also been wanting to video for awhile.
    Blue's Notes:I thought this was a great Documentary, hope you enjoy it as much as I did......

    The Rock Island in Film


    OK, Rock Island fans, this one's for you. From the late 40's to the late 70's, the video has a variety of steam, slant-nosed TA's and E6's, FT's, a Whitcomb 70 tonner, a Lima switcher, "Christine"- the EMD re-powered DL109, Alco RS-3's and C415's, the E6B's with control cabs, the Aerotrain, GE U Boats, long distance and commuter passenger trains, and freights. The first scenes are from a Rock Island promotional film, edited down and with the soundtrack replaced. The clips appear in rough chronological order by era and paint schemes. Sounds are from my video library and Arkay records. Enjoy!
    Blue's Notes: Alco's are cool Locomotives, even the ones not running anymore.......Look at what they did to save this one from certain Scrap Torch doom.......Once it is cut apart for the Scrap Heap, that's it, not coming back ever again. This video truly shows the most labor of Love to keep ole 25 around for quite a while longer.

    "Saving Adirondack 25"


    Adirondack Railway No. 25, one of three remaining ALCo RSC2's, has been owned by the Utica & Mohawk Valley Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society since 1983. In 1986, the locomotive was moved to the grounds of the Utica Children's Museum and has been cared for by Chapter members ever since. However, the Museum notified the Chapter last year that No. 25 had to be moved (the property was being sold).

    Though a measure of last resort, scrapping the locomotive remained a possibility and time was growing short. A GoFundMe effort was organized by supporters of No. 25, especially by Luke Irvine. The fundraiser quickly surpassed its goal and arrangements were made to transfer the big ALCo to the Remsen Development Corp., a non-profit. The RSC2 will be placed on display on the grounds of the Remsen Depot, located in northern Oneida County NY.

    In this video, we watch a work crew begin the process of moving No. 25 off Children Museum property the cold (15-20 degrees F) and blustery day of December 16, 2020. I was at the location most of the day (9am to 4pm) but was unable to stay until the job was completed. Still, I hope you enjoy this video regardless.
    Top 10 Diesel Locomotives of New Zealand


    This was a great idea for a video, The EF, DC, And DX classes have always been my top favorite mainline locos, But have never been able to decide an overall favorite, Looking at this makes me wanna film more EF class locos at some stage as well.
    Blue's Notes:Never know what you might see at a Crossing, this person couldn't believe his eyes.

    Caught on camera: Train derailment in Southeast Texas.

    Witness video shows a train derailing, causing nearby evacuations, the morning of Oct. 29, 2020 north of Orange, Texas.
    Blue's Notes: Do any of us ever really prepare for the unknown situation life puts us in, will we survive it, or will we be the next casualty? It's tough and impossible to answer. Watch this Video, and you be the judge.......?

    He survived a major train derailment. Here's what happened


    On April 7,1997, Train 935 unexpectedly fell into a 21-metre (70-foot) black hole after the embankment below had unknowingly collapsed, tearing the track apart in the process. The train fell straight off a cliff nearly killing the three crew on board. CP Rail Locomotive Engineer Joe Moloney describes how he and his crew mates survived.

    Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/1.5608769
    Blue's Note:Nothing like a Smoky Belching hard working old Locomotive that is still up the task of pulling a heavy load up the

    Guilford GP9's Blowing Smoke - 1080p - 6/25/11


    A collection of the most action I've ever seen in one afternoon on Pan Am.

    A few things you'll see in this video:

    -Two GP9s helping three SD40 variants restart their train, with copious smoke.

    -Two sections of MOAY, one sporting rental power and one with a pumpkin.

    -A meet between two manifest freights on the bridge west of east deer-field yard.

    -A wide variety of semi-uncommon cars (for new England anyway) including lots of gondolas of scrap, recycling, wire, ties, wheels, and water, plus a Canadian cylindrical hopper and many coil cars.

    -An empty Bow coal train with a standard cab dash-9.

    -A stationary Sperry inspection car.
    Next will look at one of the Route's I downloaded this week " Metropolis - Ishtropolis"

    So what is this Route, its a Trolley Route, with 2 Islands, and that is running here, is Trolley Lines on Highways, Zero Freight operations of any kind, not even Passenger Trainz.....A very unique Route for sure, only if you enjoy Trolley Bus line operations......

    Found a buried Asset, Track....Always a good thing to check whats under the Grid Lines. Goto Wire Mode and all will be revealed......

    Another Overhead view, of NBC Building, at first I thought the top view was interesting and this was one building, but on closer inspection I found it was 4 building duplication to make a particular look, however one of the problems came into view, it was overhanging on one of the main highways. Rather than making a larger mess, due to Plant Hedge Rows behind the skyscraper building, I deleted 3 of the buildings, and re-centered the one, all is well, and the main highway obstruction is cleared.......

    Another overhead view, showing the Trolley Bus-line to next island.

    Trolley Bus I found for the Route, once I got the Electrical Poles lined up with the Trolley.

    I almost missed this interesting detail,, but the Bus-riders here have there Arms pushed thru the Glass Windows, protruding for all to see......

    City Scape looks really good around here.

    Headed down the Route and over a Bridge.

    Now over to the Merge Routes Department: Was playing around with Watseka & Kankakee RR (left to middle portion large Route. On right side of this Photo is CDE Trainz Module, merged the two routes together, since their Base Elevation is 0 Feet it was a no brainer to merge them at available open Mainline off the CDE Trainz Route portion.

    This is the CDE Trainz modular Route, consisting of 6 individual pieces that are Modules and Corner Connections, you can merge whatever you want together, all, or some Modules and End Pieces.....

    I have to connect the Tracks, on CDE Trainz Modules together. Individual Module Route sections worked perfectly........

    That'll due for today, take care, and be healthy too.

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    Good Saturday to all,

    Little checkup on Trainz Platinum 2019, so far I have made a good habit of cleaning Faulty and/or Missing Assets are all in accounted for, if I can't fix them, they get deleted and/or replaced as needed.......DBR is done at least once a week.....Most of the time, 5 mins to reset for newly added Assets, Routes Etc.

    Blues You tube Pics of the Week:

    Comments: (This Gentleman does a bang up job on catching some interesting Videos all over the place....)

    YouTube Creator Award & Fast Freight Train, 3 Locomotives, Short Line Railroading, Blanchester Ohio


    3 big classic locomotives pulling a fast mixed freight train on short line railroad Indiana & Ohio Railway. My Silver Play Button Award finally arrived. The train is passing Blanchester, Ohio on the I&O Midland Sub. I was notified that the manifest was leaving Cincinnati and heading toward Washington Court House, Ohio. Since it had colorful locomotives on a mixed freight I knew it was going to be a good one to film. Not many manifests run this line in daylight. You are lucky to see one in light. The rock trains on the Midland Sub are alright but I like the mixed freights. Interestingly, this train only had one boxcar but it had a lot of gondolas and covered hoppers. I got my YouTube Creator Award and tried to catch the train at Blanchester which is a small town in southern Ohio with a population of 4,243 and is in Clinton County. Ohio has 88 counties. I decided that if I got to see the train, then I would film the unboxing. Right as I got to Blanchester the local was just ending their day on the Greenfield Sub and they were entering the siding in town to shut down for the day. I got some pictures of their locomotive and 15 minutes later the northbound mixed freight came through. I got a few minutes warning on my scanner as the train passed the defect detector at MP 38.5 with Blanchester being about MP 40. Listen in on 161.220 and there is a crossing east of town that uses this frequency to alert the train crew of the status of the crossing gates and lights. After the train passed I opened the box and showed the award. I got the award for topping 100,000 subscribers on my channel. I actually did that about a half year ago but I didn't know that I had to request the award. I thought they just sent it automatically. I can't believe so many people watch my videos! That is awesome! Now, my next question is, how do I get that check mark next to my name? Does anyone know? It's awesome for YouTube to recognize my channel as a YouTube celebrity and I really do want to thank my subscribers for this achievement! I started my channel as a way of documenting the dying Norfolk Southern Peavine Line. I knew nothing about making videos when I started and had to learn everything one step at a time. When I was in school there was very little talk about computers and I never had a computer class, not even in my 4 years of college. The thing that saved me was that I took 2 years of typing classes in high school and kept those skills through college and used them in my job with county government, of which I am retired. My videos of the Peavine Line started doing pretty well so I expanded to include all railroads and here I am today. I am still learning and my channel is still growing. My plans are to get a drone, do more traveling and find some actors. Filmed Thursday, April 29, 2021AD. Thanks for watching!

    Disaster at Glenbrook (NZ)


    21 Years ago (09 July 1999) A truck V coal train accident happened on Glenbrook station road rail crossing, No one was hurt. I arrived shortly after with my video camera & captured the scene on video.
    Virginia & Truckee Holiday Excursion - 2017
    Comments Would have preferred their Steam Engine, but I guess will allow a more colorful encouraged Loco today....)


    The Virginia and Truckee Railway's holiday train is seen in operation between the Virginia City, Nevada, depot and Gold Hill in the heart of the historic Comstock mining region on 10 December 2017. The diesel is an EMD SW1200 built in 1957 for the Northern Pacific. The V&T also has operable steam locomotives. The rugged Nevada terrain and some remote trackage are touted as good settings for use of the train in movie productions.

    In making this video, we used a Sony RX10 IV hand-held, shooting 1080P video at 120 fps. Some camera movement can be detected at extreme (600 mm) telephoto extension; with a little practice, this could be a great train-spotting camera.
    HUGE Train Derailment, CSX Main Line Train Wreck, Train Hits Parked Train!
    Comments (You don't usually get this close to Train Wreck......)


    CSX freight train derails and crashes into a train on a siding in Cincinnati, Ohio. This CSX mainline is parallel to Central Railroad Of Indiana on the west side of Cincinnati in the suburb of Sailor Park. The long mixed freight was heading to Cincinnati Queensgate Yard from Louisville, Kentucky when it derailed at a switch in front of Cargill on River Rd ( US 50 ). The derailed cars hit empty covered hoppers, tank cars and 2 GP locomotives. This created a huge pile up of about 20 freight cars on the 3 CSX tracks. A fourth track is owned by Central Railroad Of Indiana ( CIND ) but it was not affected. The wreck happened in the dark. I was able to film the derailed cars and some of the removal of the cars. CIND sent a high rail truck through late in the afternoon and shortly after that I was able to film a long auto racks train on its way to Greensburg, Indiana Honda for reloading. The 3 locomotives pulling this train were on the news in the background during an interview on their way toward Cincinnati with a train. I caught them on their return trip. There were no hazardous chemical cars and most of the derailed cars were empty. I filmed this on December 22, 2019.

    Expanding some Waters and decided to add some more Water area, looking across the Bay, I got a good sun reflection.

    Looking across here, I built some low level Hills, so I needed to see if they look OK.

    Once I makes changes on a Route, I try to get as many different views as possible, allows me to fix any irregularity from another point of interest.

    This area had one tile of water, I added about 4 more when you traveling thru this area, I thought it would nice to have more expansive feel of Lake area........And with some nice Cloudy Sky overhead, comes thru nicely......Of course, Trees, Shrubs and other items still need to be placed.

    Another Sun and Water shot, I need to do some more shaping of the Waterway on this one......My canal lines are just a bit too straight......

    Over to the Beer Line, doing some Track and Signal checking......

    I like to use as many multifaceted Train Signals as I is possible, it makes for more interesting operations.......There are times, when using an 08 Signal such as this one, that I can't always get the needed light sequences...

    Looks like a very wide open area, and it is, I need to add lots of Buildings, Industrial areas for all the Beer manufacturing and supply Assets to make this Operation run........

    I like using this particular Dwarf Signals, they quite reliable and I never have an issue with them......

    Wishing all Mothers in our Forum, a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend..........Thanks for dropping by.

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    Meridian, Idaho, USA


    Great work as always Blue! My one question is - Where did you find a female driver who's eyes aren't crossed! Was that an SP3 Update?
    “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” - R.L.S.

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    Lightbulb Hungry Horse River Rte/YTube Pics/

    Good Wednesday to all,

    Thank you for the kind remarks @Forester1,,,,Ya know I have so many Drivers working for me on my numerous Routes, hard to tell about the Cross Eye ones......Yes on SP3 update.......I am running version......111951..........

    Well it has been a very good week for Ole Blue........

    Got Port Zyd Purchased and the new update......So Cool.....

    Found some interesting Routes this week too......Southern Pacific Elkhorn Slough Module from link below.....

    https://controlpointsimulations.squarespace.com/routes Route is beautifully made, and there is another Route too,

    Muskanippee Valley both Routes are made for TRS-2019.

    Today will show another Route, unusual name? Hungry Horse River....A Logging Route...

    Map of the Route, all I can say, there are a lot of Twists and turns in this one. If your not careful, you find yourself lost in the Myriad of Turns.

    Taking a logging Train up for new Lumber Loads......

    Very mountainous Route with some great Waterfall effects, nice looking Snow Sheds and huge Bridges as well.

    Grades are around 1.50 to 2% more or less.........

    Couple of SW1500 Switchers pulling a bunch empties to Logging sites.

    Another Freight in tow with lots of Flat Cars headed to Logging loads.

    Mountain Scape looks terrific here, very well done and interesting to watch as we proceed up the mountain to higher areas where Logging operations work.......

    Nice Retaining Walls and Bridge Work evidenced here as we pass thru.

    I think this very large and expansive Bridge is a Cantilever Style.......Nice fit here in one very large Canyon

    Blues YouTube Pics for the week:This Video shows how much activity can happen in busy Thoroughfare....

    Crazy Minute at Eastleigh Railway Station (2 Dec 20)


    Blues Notes:Very rough day for this Train Crew, thank heavens no one was hurt.........

    Disaster at Glenbrook (NZ)


    21 Years ago (09 July 1999) A truck V coal train accident happened on Glenbrook station road rail crossing, No one was hurt. I arrived shortly after with my video camera & captured the scene on video.


    First New Rock Trains Have Finally Started! First Rock Trains In Decades! Rare Train Catch Lucky


    The rock trains have finally started running! The last rock trains were decades ago when the quarry stopped shipping by rail. Trains are finally running to Plum Run quarry and shining the rails of the rusty quarry track siding and main line past Peebles, Ohio. The track at this end of the line has only been used for car storage but now Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET has started the rock shuttles. Rock is loaded at Plum Run and shipped to Milford, Ohio to unload off the mainline at Bzak. The shuttle run is about 58 miles. This is not the first rock train but is one of the first. The train has 12 loaded rock cars and 15 covered hopper cars that were picked up from the storage track at Mount Zion. This video shows the train passing Mt Zion, Winchester, Macon and just outside of Sardinia. Both sides of the train are shown. This is Part 1 for the 2 part video. Filmed April 23, 2021

    Blues Notes:I remember James Bond since I was a Teenager, great acting and Movies.......Now you learn something about the other parts of Magic in the Movies.....

    The Tiny Monorails That Once Carried James Bond


    The Road machines Mono-Rail may have been the only truly useful, fit-for-purpose monorail in the world. Of the hundreds that were built, most were never meant for passengers. But they did carry a couple of famous people in their time, including a certain secret agent...

    Thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Amberley Museum - Harry and Gerry in particular - for running the monorail specially, and letting me film! The Amberley Museum is a massive industrial heritage museum in the South Downs, and you can find out more about them here: https://www.amberleymuseum.co.uk/​

    There are lots more videos of Amberley's rail vehicles at the volunteers' channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMHT...​

    My research is heavily based on David Voice's "Mono-Rail: The History of the Industrial Monorails Made By Road Machines Ltd., Metalair Ltd and Rail Machines Ltd", ISBN 1874422877, available from Adam Gordon Books: http://www.ahgbooks.com/index.php/pro...​

    Thanks to Derry Faux-Nightingale for the initial idea!

    The Tanat Valley Railway in Nantmawr is the home for the Richard Morris collection, more than seventy surviving Road machines Mono-Rails: https://www.tanatvalleyrailway.co.uk/...​

    This is one huge Rail Sorting Yard......Yikes

    XXL Shunting: Inside Europe's Largest Marshalling Yard | Doc Bites


    A gigantic network of rails: We take a look behind the scenes of Europe's largest shunting station.

    Blues Notes: Never know what I come across, found this interesting Construction operation.
    Great video,very entertaining goes perfect with the narrow gauge.
    Bauarbeiten mit der Feldbahn


    Die Feldbahn Woltersdorf im Arbeitseinsatz: Da sieht man, dass man selbst mit so einer kleinen Feldbahn auch etwas sinnvolles anfangen kann (Mai 2004)!
    Only been up to Yosemite twice, never knew anything about the Railroad Operation they had......Amazing to say the least.

    Yosemite Lumber Company Logging Inclines With Jack Burgess


    The Logging inclines of the Yosemite Lumber Company were dramatic tracked inclines that carried felled trees on rail cars down or up very steep grades to the mainline where they could be transported by the Yosemite Valley Railroad (YVRR) to the lumber mill at Merced Falls for further processing.

    This extraordinary presentation contains hundreds of rare photos and film clips of these amazing engineering feats in action, and is narrated by Historian and Author, Jack Burgess.

    That'll due for tonight......Enjoy and have a good week........

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    Default DBR/YTube/ Southern Pacific Elkhorn Slough Module Etc. / Y Tube Pics

    A Blessed Sunday to all,

    Blue has had a very good week, the Weather which was in the 85-95 Range has turned to Cloudy and Cool, and I am loving it, while me and Mr's Blue start the Spring clean up of copious amount of Green Weeds growing all over, and tree Trimming.......It's Garden time......Much to do, however we are enjoying beautiful fresh cut Roses. Can't beat that.....

    Over to Trainz:

    So far my continuous cleanup of Faulty and/or Missing Assets is paying off handsomely.........

    The next 3 pics you'll see are of last night's DBR Run, after finding some Broad Gauge Rolling Stock and some additional Routes I tripped over why looking for some other Assets I needed.


    This is how a DBR Repair should come out looking.........203 Seconds is great, I have seen 150 Seconds sometimes........
    ================================================== ===================================

    Here are some cool Routes I came across this week.....

    SAR Peterborough Narrow Gauge Division (TRS19 SP3 This is huge NG operating Route.......Really nice and lots of fun....

    Gunnison Sub-div UMR12 Friends of Coal TS-12

    If I remember UMR stands for Ultra Mega Route, meaning a very large Route.....And this one sure is........

    Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek Ry DEM [unedited]

    I love this type of Dem Route,,,,,,You basically paint the Texture by Colors and where you see the Colors on Dem Map..........Everything is there to finish out this Route...

    Box Butte & Megs Despair

    ARTC NSW Main South-VR North East

    I just needed to add Consists for this Route..........Here SP Local is picking up some Freight destined for other locations....Along with Empty Coal Cars.......

    Southern Pacific Elkhorn Slough Module

    I never knew about this Route, it beautiful and still in use.....

    Excellent for Merge with Central Ca Routes too! I added what I think are interesting stories about this RR.......

    A small 10 mile chunk of the SP Coast Division that goes from just south of Watsonville Junction to Castroville through the Elkhorn Slough.




    Blue's You Tube Picks of the week......

    Blue's Comments: I think this is one fascinating Video about specialized Tunnel's, and it had a Narrow Gauge RR too.....

    The story of the syphon tunnel.


    In this video we walked for miles across the moors to find the lost syphon tunnel. I say lost because its hard to find. This tunnel contains an inverted syphon. Between 1907 and 1912 in the Edwardian period. A massive civil engineering task was undertaken to build reservoirs in the Pennine hills in Saddleworth near Oldham. The reservoirs were for drinking water for the nearby industrial towns that were booming during the Industrial revolution. The nearby Chew reservoir was a huge engineering project high up in the Pennine hills. It utilized a light rail, narrow gauge industrial railway to get equipment up to the hills and also an Incline plane to cable hoist wagons up a steep section.The narrow gauge railway also employed six steam locomotives. Thousands of tonnes of clay were brought from the nearby town of Micklehurst for the dam on the reservoir. This video is a story of Victorian civil engineering and the quest to provide clean fresh drinking water to Victorian towns in England.
    Blue's Comments: For my Steam enthusiasts......I think you'll enjoy this one a lot! It's old and Vintage, and still runs.
    Bulgarian State Railways Class 01.23 arriving at Bankya station


    Bulgarian State Railways Class 01.23 arriving at Bankya station with a special train. Between May 24 and June 3, 2012 everyone can see, hear and smell a real legend of the Bulgarian railway history - the Class 01 engine. This locomotive is over 75 years old, made in Switzerland in 1935 by Lokomotivfabrik Winterthur (SLM Winterthur).

    Yosemite Lumber Company Logging Inclines With Jack Burgess


    The Logging inclines of the Yosemite Lumber Company were dramatic tracked inclines that carried felled trees on rail cars down or up very steep grades to the mainline where they could be transported by the Yosemite Valley Railroad (YVRR) to the lumber mill at Merced Falls for further processing.

    This extraordinary presentation contains hundreds of rare photos and film clips of these amazing engineering feats in action, and is narrated by Historian and Author, Jack Burgess.
    I Fell Asleep At The Railroad Tracks & This Happened! Ohio Short Line Railroads & Dreaming Of Trains


    I was at an awesome level railroad crossing in Sardinia, Ohio. A fast train with mixed freight cars went by and stopped at the Sardinia Holdout. I went ahead of the train and fell asleep while waiting for the train to pass again. Then the ex Erie Lackawanna and ex Montana Rail Link SD45-2 ( ex SDP45 ) #332 went by with a train at the same crossing. Cincinnati Eastern Railroad sent this locomotive out west recently so I was kind of surprised until I realized that I dreamed the whole thing. That would have been cool if the 3 clips in this video of #332 were real! The first shot of 332 is with it teamed up with a B36-7 pulling a train across Mathews Rd, Sardinia which is the same spot as the real train in this video at the beginning. The second shot shows it pulling a grain train with a B36-7 and an MP15DC going under Rt32 in Winchester, Ohio. Bonus shots show it at the Sardinia Holdout and crossing Bean Rd near Mount Orab, Ohio. This railroad is owned by Norfolk Southern and leased to CCET. I filmed this on December 9, 2020. If you want to see more of this railroad just check out one of my playlists for them or consider joining my FaceBook Group. I created a FaceBook group for this railroad that I call Cincinnati Eastern Railroad Fans. It is a very active group and I am on it a couple times a week. I put material there that is not in my videos. Thanks for watching!
    S303's First Run on Standard Gauge in 63 Years | Re gauging & Test Run of SRHC's S303


    Once when I was coming home from Albury to Melbourne on the Inter capital Daylight it came to a stand at Moonee Ponds crossing loop because the NSW loco had developed a flat spot and was going bumpity-bumpity-bumpity.
    As I understand it, the procedure is to attach another locomotive in front of it so we waited about 45 minutes.
    Eventually an S class arrived, but it attached to our train by it's nose which meant it was leading the train from the hosters end, supposedly a big no-no. Normally done for shunting and perhaps it was deemed that the ten odd kilometers was a shunting move?
    Surely the S wasn't the only spare loco on SG that night? Sorry I forget which S.
    Blue's Notes: Fair amount of RR Operations have disappeared, however there are some interesting Artifacts to find!
    COLD TRACKS: EP1 | Rails of PA - 2019 (Found an OLD BRIDGE!)


    Finding evidence of structures, railroads and just general history interests me. Mainly finding clues and artifacts from abandoned and disused railroads. I'm not entirely sure if it is the railroads themselves or the fact that over these old paths, millions of tons of goods traveled in the past, helping to build the United States into what it is now.

    In this video, I explore a small portion of the lake shore/bay front area in the town of Erie Pennsylvania in a journey that will ultimately lead to finding various artifacts, evidence and knowledge of a once bustling rail line that serviced multiple industries within the small area that I traveled through.
    D3 639's First Mainline Run in Nearly 4 Years! | Steam rail Victoria's D3 639 Test Runs


    That whistle and galloping exhaust beat is one I've been longing to hear again for years
    That'll due for tonight......Enjoy and have a good week........
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    Lightbulb Centrella Sub Div. / YTube / Central Point Simulations / SP Slough Muskanipee Rt's

    A Good Thursday to all,

    A shot out to Hiawathamr for helping get Centrella Sub Division update..........So now I'll need to look at American Mountains and decide if I want to keep that Route. Decisions, Decisions......

    Blues: You Tube Picks of the week

    Comments: I am in total ah that someone could make a Replica, a darn good one of this type Locomotive......Look at how caring the owner is of his pride and gem........



    I spent Sunday running at PLS It was beautiful day for it .

    The Forbidden Video Files: A Day Working in the Desert


    Welcome to another of the forbidden videos. I shot this one March 24, 2019 on a very busy day and, as I stated in my intro to these videos, STILL managed to get all my work done!
    I've spent a great deal of time working in the desert over the years and, while I wouldn't want to live there, it is a cool and interesting place with great opportunities for rail fans.
    I was fortunate to be able to shoot the ballast shoulder cleaner, a piece of equipment I didn't know existed until a few days prior to this day. It made it difficult to acquire on track protection for a couple of hours but, in the end, it all worked out even though train traffic was pretty heavy.
    So, join me for a Day in the Desert!
    Rail fanning The CSX Fitzgerald & Manchester Subs April 2021 [4K]


    4/3/2021 - A small trip to the Manchester, Ga area produced several good trains, and a slightly above average amount of Action. We saw 10 trains from about 11:30 - 7:00.
    Locations in video - Manchester, Ga; Woodland, Ga; Haralson, Ga
    She may be old, don't laugh, she is healthy and Paid for, from the 50's and still works, thank goodness she didn't get taken to the metal scraper either....Lots of Old unreplaceable Rail Equip is headed to the Scrappers.
    1950s EMD V16 2 stroke roots Blown Diesel best Engine sound on Youtube!


    GM27 with its (confirmed) EMD V16 - 645E 2 stroke roots blown engine. And crisp exhaust note!.

    Comments: I have no idea where this place is, I need to look it up, but I thought it was interesting to see from the Aerial View......
    Island Line track upgrade works at all stations (May 2021)


    This video is to show all the works and progress so far on Island Line on the Isle of Wight as upgrading work continues in preparation for the new to Island Line trains to start running later this year, i have filmed Shanklin, Lake, Sandown, Brading & Ryde St.Johns.
    I took photos of Ryde Esplanade & Ryde Pier Head as not much work has been done at these stations.

    At every point of filming i made sure i was not in the way, coursing any obstructions or danger and made sure i didn’t disturbed anyone in there home or garden.
    Melbourne's Red Rattlers RETURN to the Mainline! | Steam rail Victoria's Mainline Tait Test Runs


    To find out more information on events like this, please visit: https://www.steamrail.com.au/
    D3 639's First Mainline Run in Nearly 4 Years! | Steam rail Victoria's D3 639 Test Runs

    Comment...I am happy camper this one comes with a Caboose. The one thing I would say, they are overloading those car's with Gravel, but maybe it is short trip and wont hurt things......By the way be sure to check out the Classic Old Green Alco sitting on side Rail!

    "Loading Ballast" Adirondack RR


    We watch an Adirondack Railroad work train load ballast in Remsen NY on May 18, 2021.

    The tracks at this point are operated by Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern. Adirondack's "home rails" are reached a little under two miles north of here at Snow Junction. Adirondack has trackage rights over the MA&N Utica-Remsen NY, 22.75 miles.
    A few weeks ago I found Central Point Simulations and Downloaded SP Slough and Muskanipee Routes to play on, they are quite nice and well detailed........Here are some picks of these Routes.

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    A Good Sunday as I am writing this now,

    Me and Mr's Blue have been busy Cutting, Trimming, Planting Flowers etc for Summer, which I know is coming soon......This week it has been relatively Cool for Spring, and we are enjoying it so much......65-75 and one 80 Degree day, thank you Mother Nature......Outdoor exercise is great for Old Blue......

    Over to Trainz,

    I had American Mountains as purchase a while back, and Legacy American Mountains too, then a name change to Centrella Sub Division, .After checking all, I decided Centrella with its 5-6 Sessions would be the best way to go.....So now I took care of Route Duplication....All Good!

    My WIP now is get all the Rest of my Routes in Trainz, Map Photograph and Kuid Name added to Old Excel Sheet from probably 3 years.......What this will do, is give a good Picture and Route Kuid list of all my Routes I have, and it will show the ones which I got rid of and why.........

    When you use a Historical List, no matter what the Software Application, I like Excel.

    Here is a link about Spreadsheets, how and why they began.......



    Now should warn those who might think of making an Excel Spreadsheet for Routes, what ever, you can go into Content Manager, and do search for exactly what you want in Routes, or Rolling Stock etc, doesn't matter the Skies the Limit in Content Manager, however your Results can't be EXPORTED To Excel directly.......You have take your Content Manager Results, and do a Copy and Paste into a Fresh Excel Spreadsheet, and then make you Names for Headers Etc.......It is a bit arduous at the start,,,But once you get your RAW data in........

    So here is a Copy and Paste from Content Mgr in Trainz, as you can see, there is Asset Kuid, Name of Route and that's it, no Version # or Date Installed or any of the other Category Tabs, I would need to add that in manually if needed?

    <kuid:455032:102954> Muskanippee Valley Railroad Tree Reduction 20%

    So like any Inventory Program, similar, what you put in, Labor wise is what you get out, and whatever Garbage you add, your output will show same........

    I have heard other members discuss Inventory or Build Lists they keep for Asset Production, that list, like any list is only as good as is Current up to date, which leans on you,,,,,,,,More work you put in it, the more you should get out of as an Aid of Sorts, dependent on your particular needs....

    Can't remember all the names and Versions of Routes I come across in 7 years, ain't going to happen in my pea brain, so a good Spreadsheet is going to help my memory....Hope this makes sense to new Folks coming into Trainz........

    Of course, we have a good Content Manager, and if you know what your doing, it does a lot, and is very reliable, for me, it is good, but I want something a little more customized for my needs, especially when I start to Merge up Routes......
    ================================================== ====================================
    Blue's You Tube Pics of the Week:

    Comments: I know we have lots of Steam Loco enthusiasts, hope you like this one....
    Return to running -Bredgar and Wormshill Railway's First open day of 2021 - Chasing Dinosaurs Ep.5


    Hello Everyone,
    This is a long one, so I suggest sitting down, making yourself comfy and getting ready for some good old train spotting fun, and join me and James as we wonder round and just enjoy being back at a railway - as the Bredgar and Wormshill Railway put on quite the show with their freight only event.

    For more information on the Bredgar and Wormshill Railway, check out their website - https://bwlr.co.uk/
    Comments: Martin Zero is all Heart and really tries to give a good sense, overview of what the Little Gems he finds in Railroad History.....I enjoy his Videos quite a bit, and get a great education of what, once was here......

    Five Disused Railway Finds


    In this video we visit five disused railway finds in Manchester. These five abandoned structures of railway architecture are in a remarkable condition and although abandoned I had to urban explore Urbex Manchester to find them. They are great examples of Railway Architecture. An old railway turntable, and old engine shed an old station building and an abandoned railway tunnel are amongst some of the gems we find. We look around an abandoned railway on an old disused railway.
    Comments:Track Geometry and how it works with right tools......
    Track Inspection Gauge, Level Boards and Rail Bright Bands


    The silver aluminum gauge in the video is called a Level Board. My Geismar Track Inspection Gauge is a combination level board and gauger.

    The Bright Band is also called the running surface or the rail tread. It is the longitudinal band where the rolling stock wheels make contact with the rail head.

    When I make my weekly track inspections watching where on the surface of the rail head the bright band runs is one of the things I watch for.

    Too much bright band on one rail or the other indicates an unbalanced condition in normal track cross level.

    As an example, a bright band that has too much surface area on the low rail and not a fairly equal amount on the high rail indicates too much super elevation in that curve or section of track.
    Comments: Talk about a one man army? This is some back breaking work, as well, he is a fountain of Knowledge in my different Disciplines in which he applies all his trades of Schooling on one tight, tight Budget.

    J&L Narrow Gauge Eastern Extension Underway!


    We have started building the next 350 feet of track, going up grade and with a turnout. We hope to have this track completed by the end of summer so that we can run trains back into the woods by fall.

    And if you like what you saw in this Video, swing over to his main site, I have to applaud him......This is nothing short of amazing, if I every get out his way from So California, I want to stop at his Museum......Well worth my time.....Google Search "Youngstown Steel Heritage"


    Comments: this is from New Zealand area....I have had the pleasure of riding with some Locomotive Engineers, this video spends part of day with what the Engineer in New Zealand Line might encompass......Very cool I think....


    Cab Rides with Drivers from Palmerston North: The Overlander January, 2005


    This 56 minute video includes basic preparation of a class 30 electric locomotive {EF} before it is attached to the Overlander Daylight express at Palmerston North.
    The train {No 220} is shown as far as Ohakune where there is a crew change with the southbound Overlander No 221.
    The trip is then by car to Taihape, then the Overlander {221} to Palmerston North.
    The Locomotive Engineer is Jimmy Oliver.
    Having viewed the footage for the first time in many years, I was disappointed by my choice in the transitions had I used way back then in my early editing days. Also much of my videoing was started or stopped during conversations between Jim and myself which you may find don't make sense.

    Imagine riding a motorcycle, you hear a few unusual noises, slow down, stop and your bike becomes engulfed in flames. And there is nothing you can do to put out the flames...
    Comment: Watch this Video very closely, and think (COMMON SENSE) then ask yourself a question, what went wrong here....



    Imagine riding a motorcycle, you hear a few unusual noises, slow down, stop and your bike becomes engulfed in flames. And there is nothing you can do to put out the flames...
    Comments: Someone is always looking out for good tunnel to put on their Trainz Route, here's one that might peek your interest........

    Taft's Tunnel, One Of Oldest Train Tunnel In America 1837


    Historically this tunnel is thought to be oldest but nobody knows?

    Here is another link with some good pictures on this old tunnel......

    ================================================== =============================================
    Few Pictures today, I was UP Crossing the other day, and just had enough time to snap these Pics as UP Local was making a reverse move back to yard from Shunting Job in our area....Sorry the Pics are not a bit better, but I literately had 10 seconds to snap these before he got out of my Phone Camera View the other day....I thought Graffiti was interesting.

    That'll due for today.....Thank's for dropping by Folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueodessey View Post
    A Good Thursday to all,

    A shot out to Hiawathamr for helping get Centrella Sub Division update..........So now I'll need to look at American Mountains and decide if I want to keep that Route. Decisions, Decisions......
    Your welcome Blue - glad I was able to help out
    That update besides small fixes and such was basically a name change to the route. Nothing much besides that.

    In your post #1499

    Got some good Youtube picks here
    What I really liked are your pictures of the train you caught there. Amazing catches!
    That UP engine though, I see she really got the works with all of the graffiti.

    For all of your posts

    I love coming to see your screenshots Blue. Always something new to checkout and get ideas from. Keep up the good work.


    In case if you haven't seen, here are some recent screenshots from my WIP route that I'm going to be burnt out from when its completed. Might be a good time to take a break from the game when I get a few sessions done

    Day 1 of having to bring 4 hoppers from the storage track.

    Another day where some boxcars are needed

    Somewhere out in the open countryside

    Can't forget the street running section (which I almost did again lol)

    And that's all.

    Have a nice day

    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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