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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb Merge of Feather River/Cajon Pass/1950's Glory Yrs / You Tube/ Weather and Firestorms

    Good evening all,

    I don't know how it is in other area's but out here on the West Coast, So California area, it is blazing hot, 104 yesterday, 111 today, I think our Low was 79, grrrr......For those of you who can stand the heat, and enjoy it, my hat is off to you, I hope you never get Sun Stroke as I have over the years, 3x times. It is no fun, and in some cases, can be deadly.

    Tuesday tonight, we are on Fire Watch in San Gabriel Valley, unfortunately for us, our nasty Friend the Santa Ana Winds, return, and with all the fires going on at the minute in West Coast, these fires could over run their boundaries and race down the mountains into our valleys and into the City's causing horrible devastation and destruction of property and peoples lives at risk.....

    Here is the link for tonight.........




    Everyone is very uneasy about this, weather pattern from Mr High Pressure system has setup once again on Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona State area......We have more problems with this constant reoccuring high pressure ridge in this four state area.....Similar like Hurricane Alley Louisiana, Texas and Florida, except they get nailed with Hurricanes instead...........So we say a prayer for all the areas affected by this terrible weather.........

    I am praying that maybe somehow, some way we get some type of Rain. We really need the moisture and that our Fireman our OK with almost impossible job of trying to contain, or even redirect some of these fires..........And to our Neighboring States of Oregon and Washington who are fighting fires as well....... https://twitter.com/NWS/status/13033...226567/photo/1

    ================================================== ===============================================
    On the brighter side, we made a Garden Bench this week, to cover an old missing Diving board that was broken by a Family member fooling around with it. They over sprang the board, and it cracked in half, fortunately due to being a strong fiborglass no one was hurt......20 yrs ago, our Diving board cost 1000$, can't imagine what it would cost. But now we have a nice Garden seat to use.

    Lets goto You Tube:


    For Bridge over Tracks enthusiasts, here is an old timer....Still in use.....2 Trains Pass Under Ancient Wooden Bridge Still In Use, Norfolk Southern Railroad Main Line CNO&TP


    For my friends across the Pond, this is one cool Garden RR in O Gauge and turn up your speakers. Clickety Clack is in Session on this one......


    Here is another very unique Garden RR........Having survived COVID 19 Adam Pinales is back on his outdoor railroads and NEW HOn3 indoor layout. HOn3, F garden railroad AND NEW 7 1/2 inch backyard railroad.

    Update on Adam Pinales' backyard railroad and some more surprises.


    And for the Shay Locomotive Folks: Modelers and Asset Creators might enjoy this one.....

    United - Pacific Fast Mail Benson Log Co 528 "T Boiler" Shay


    And for the Unitah followers:

    Uintah 50, HUGE Articulated Steam Locomotive on the Worlds Largest Backyard Railroad



    The Worlds Most Crooked Railroad - The Uintah Railway

    ================================================== ===========================
    After playing with Feather River Version for TRS2019, finding some Textures, Roads, Trees, etc missing, I decided it was time to have a tree-peat, Triple Merge party.....Took Cajon Pass (Non Dem), 1950's Glory Years Routes and strung them together with some extra Tiles connections........

    Final Merge with Feather River, larger route on left next to Cajon.

    Cajon and 1950 Glory Days Merge

    Feather River 2019 Version.....

    Fair amount of rebuilding Terrain colors, Roads missing intersections, looks like they are corrupted.

    I started working on missing Ballast and Canyon Wall areas, using some colors similar to what was around. I think it will work....All the Trees are gone, but there are while lines to help me replant the splines.

    Merge Point here, I have added tiles to buffer edge dropoff issues.......Other parts of Merge Points will need some various tiles here and there once I take some train rides and

    Merge point here, it is divided by mountain Backdrop, so on one side it matches nicely with Forested part of other Route, on Desert Side, it looks like group of mountains faraway as you travel through rugged Desert.....Backdrops work well when placed properly.........And there is a wide selection of them on DLS, plus ones for Building or Hard Scape backdrops too......

    Other side of Merge Point I had to find a good spot to run track into the next Route, and so here, I had the right elevation, and space to add another Tunnel on Left. So tunnel on Right continues on to East with tip of this Route, and new Route Tunnel heads straight North and right over some low Mountains, then down into a Valley into Farm areas........All I needed to due, was move some trees around to clear the tracks, and put a Bridge over River Crossing after exiting Tunnel on other side....Worked perfect. and max grade is 1.25% or something....

    This is one of the points of merge, where I need to blend Desert into Forest area, I might just run the Desert to that next Mountain in the Forground top middle of the picture.....Tracks are in, so I can start running Trains for Signal placements........Going to take some time to get everything situated on this 3 piece merge, but I think it will work OK once I get missing items situated and or replaced by other assets......If nothing else, it's a good challenge and diversion from these Fires we have through out the State.....

    This came up on my Wallpaper, I think it is amazing......

    Hope all of you are managing and prayers to you if needed. Thank you for stopping by.....Peace and God Bless......

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    As always very instructive my friend, the wallpaper is beautiful.

    Cheers, Javier

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    Lightbulb Fires on West Coast / 1950's merge Etc

    Good Day all,

    Been one heck of Fire Week, so much Smoke and Damage on the whole West Coast, and for that fact across the Country too. Last night around 8PM or so we had a Fire start in the hills about 1.5 miles from our house, seeing how it was night time, 70 degrees or so, I think it was intentionally started,, or someone had an accident? They are looking for clues, fortunately, there was a Fire Station with in 2-3 mins of the Fire, and they jumped on it. Got it out........I hope they find out how it started and the responsible party.

    Next week we are supposed to have around 200 Air Quality, so looks like more time spent inside, the Garden will have to wait till Air Quality gets better, I know it is bad, as I can feel it in my Lungs when I'm outside........Crazy stuff......Hope all of you are doing OK with these terrible Fires......We pray for those, especially a City in Oregon that got wiped out I believe this week?

    Abandoned Bear Butte Fire Lookout


    Lets get to some things we like to enjoy.

    You Tube seen by Blue this week:

    For our Scottish friends.....

    unique tandem locos saved


    Ruston and Hornsby tandem locomotives 165DE 0-4-0s 421439 and 423658, were both offered for tender as part of the Scottish Railway Preservation Society’s reorganization of unused exhibits, but no group seemed much interested on taking on the pair. However Jordan Thompson owner of the Thompson Loco Collection stepped in to save the unique tandem locomotives with help from Andrew Briddon The locomotives were built in 1958 for the former Colvilles Limited Clyde Ironworks in Glasgow. The tandem system allowed the locomotives to be controlled by one driver giving a 4 axle 330hp locomotive which could also be used as 2 separate 165hp locomotives for use on lighter duties. This gave them great flexibility for use in the iron-works with its varied duties.
    The Scottish Railway Preservation Society (SRPS) Core Collection, acquired 1978. Operational. diesel electric locomotive, Colvilles, Clyde Iron Works No 3 Built 1958, Ruston & Hornsby, Lincoln. Works No.423658. 165DE type

    Snowing this time a year?

    BNSF freight train climbs the steep mountain grade in early snow Colorado.


    Unitah Railway

    The Worlds Most Crooked Railroad - The Uintah Railway


    Ghost tracking the amazing Uintah Railway, From Mack Colorado over Baxter Pass. We are back riding the California Zephyr to Grand Junction, with a side trip in search of the elusive yet amazing Uintah Railway, over the Book Cliffs in search of spikes and other rusty metal as we explore the abandoned grade. Also a quick trip to Cross Orchards which is home to a great collection of old Uintah rolling stock.

    North Bergen, NJ to Jacksonville, FL - Riding The CSX I-95 Corridor


    A total sensory overload: 25 hours down the East Coast riding CSX Q031 on the former Baltimore & Ohio, Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac, and Atlantic Coast Line to Jacksonville, FL. The route takes us through nine states and shown in this video are the cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, and Rocky Mount.

    Highest Railroad Bridge In United States Over Navigable River! High Bridge Kentucky Trains!


    Highest trestle in America over a navigable water way at 308 feet above the Kentucky River! High Bridge, Kentucky. Double track Norfolk Southern main line known as The Rate Hole Line goes over the trestle on the Cincinnati to Chattanooga line. This busy railroad is owned by Cincinnati and leased to NS. Close to 40 trains a day cross this line and call the signals on 160.950 and use 452.940 for the end of train device ( FRED ). This trestle was built in 1911 and uses the original concrete and rock bases constructed in 1876 for the original bridge. The bridge is 1,125 feet long and was double tracked in 1929. It was the tallest bridge in the world until the early 20th century. High Bridge park was reopened in 2005 after being closed since the mid 60s. It has an open air dance pavilion, a playground, a viewing platform that over looks the bridge, some rocks and some other junk that I didn't pay any attention to. We saw 5 trains in the 4 hours that we were there. The last time I went through High Bridge was in a boxcar back in the mid 90s. Lol! This is a very difficult place to film trains. Trees make it impossible to film on the north west side of the trestle and the late after noon sun shines right at the viewing platform on the south east side. It is very difficult to film trains here unless you have a drone or you film in the winter. This trestle is located at MP 103 on the CNO&TP with Cincinnati being MP 0. Filmed September 5, 2020 CE.

    ================================================== ==============================
    Over to my Merge Project Feather River, Cajon Pass and 1950's Glory Years.

    Been working on Tree reduction to improve Frame rate, and adding Scenery Texture to the extra spacing Tiles I needed to add.......

    Thia is the East end of the 1950's Glory Days Route, added 4 Tiles to the Right of the Page. Extended the Waterway for more Ships I want to put in.

    This is the West side of the River on the East end of the Route.

    This is overhead view,, The Seaport had Rail to Ship on Dock, but not a Rail connection made to the Port, so I did a Round about with some spure Factories on Right, will allow for a lot of Shunting near and on the Waterway here. Looking to the left, it goes straight into a large Rail Yard to make up our Consists, and is shared with lots of Passenger Train equipment too, which gives us lots of Variety. Passenger Trains do not go past the Yard to Wharf Spur lines, so that works elegantly here for my needs.

    This is the Wharf and Docking area for now, Spur tracks in place, haven't run on them yet, so there's that? Will see how it works......I might add to Wharf area later on. For now, I need to balance the Three Route connections appropriately. Should work out well......

    Put a lot of Period Switchers and other Diesel and Steam Loco's Etc.

    That'll do for now, thank for dropping in, for heavens sake, try and stay safe out there.....

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    Lightbulb Our Smoke ends up in Washington D.C. / UMR 2020 Photos

    Good day all,

    Well it appears that all the Wildfire smoke from West Coast and some of Western edge of Midwest has made it all the way to Wash D.C. this week. Today was slightly better for us, but then towards Sunset, you could see a swath of Smoke and Haze coming off our local Mountains.


    And saddest of all, is my little Furry Friends are not making it to safety.

    ================================================== ===========================
    You Tube of interest:

    Aftermath of the collision of NS 143 and NS 25A (Please read the description)


    On 10/8/19 NS 25A was heading south through Hamilton OH at approximately 1:30 am. There was a dense fog in the area and it is unknown what signals awaited the train as it made its way south and then east on the NS New Castle District. What is known is that just beyond the second signal they came to on the NS (Mosler Holdout) sat the rear end of NS 143.
    NS 25A failed to stop and rear ended the 143 damaging both lead locomotives from 25A and the car immediately behind them and the three rear cars of the 143 derailing them. The eastern most car was a wood chip car and was re railed.
    The western pair were tankers containing Butane gas and they took the brunt of the hit. Both cars and locomotives were smashed together and could not be separated at the scene. Once the main body of the trains were pulled away from the wreckage they drug the whole pile up back west to a siding track called the Hamilton Yard Track. Here it took quiet a while to separate. This video shows the rest of 25A being taken back North to a siding in Camden, the locomotives being pulled to the siding, and the separation of the cars and locomotives. The crew is ok from both trains with one member of 25A going to the hospital with minor injuries.

    This is what Engineers fear the worst when they go to work:

    Train DERAILS Near Railway Museum

    This is the scene after a train collided with a truck in Duluth, Georgia. Locomotives were on the ground and debris was everywhere. It’s amazing and fortunate the people involved in this accident only suffered minor injuries. The locomotive at the head-end of the train, a Norfolk Southern SD70ACC, had been rebuilt several months before this accident.


    Peebles-East End Action On Short Line Railroad Cincinnati Eastern Railroad, N&W Branch, Part 1


    Short line railroad action on the east end of Cincinnati Eastern Railroad! More storage cars were taken near the end of line past Peebles, Ohio. This old Norfolk & Western Railway branch line is owned by Norfolk Southern and leased to CCET. The train has 2 General Electric B36-7 locomotives that came from TTI which is owned by CSX. 3 days prior to this video the train came to Peebles and shut down on the main line for the weekend. The flat cars were being taken east to the Peebles passing siding where all but 3 of them were spotted for storage. The 3 that didn't fit there were taken back west toward Afton Yard. The boxcars came from Huhtamaki and the covered hopper came from Mount Carmel Group behind Huhtamaki. I filmed the train on Monday, September 14, 2020. First we see the train eastbound going under Nixon Ave on the east side of Peebles, Ohio. The train went a short distance past this spot and reversed into the passing siding to spot all but 3 of the flat cars. After that the train headed back westbound with a locomotive on each end. The 2nd shot is crossing Main Street in downtown Peebles.

    Over at UMR2020, (Ultra Mega Route) we are pulling a coal load with BNS and DR&G Heritage Style......

    If I recall correctly, we are backing into the other side of Branch-line off the Main. Signals on this Route work very well.

    Nothing like riding along River front I say.......If we didn't need to be somewhere on time, we b fishing.

    Wave to the folks at the passenger station.

    Coming thru the Industrial area.

    And here is the Ship thats' going to load of Coal we are dragging in.

    Spur line coming up for the Port area.....

    Cloaked or unmarked unit working our line today. Who knows we might kidnap this unit and pain it as one of ours? Stranger things have happened.

    Looks like we have another Rogue Unit working the Gig today, how's it said, "Does anybody know, what everybody is doing today".....Hell, I'm just the engineer, keep the train running, pull the whistle cord, by duffy, don't derail or I will get fired.....But who sent out the Rogue Units for us to work with today.....Well, guess we better be happy to have some power......We got lots of Empties to shove out of here......

    Tomorrow is another day, will see how the air looks, in the mean time thanks for coming by....

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    Good morning from Madrid my friend. Today (small) storms and a little rain.
    I'm sorry about the fires and the birds, I also appreciate the videos you show us.
    I hope you are doing well and regards to Mrs Blue.

    Hugs, Javier

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