Happy Labor day to all,

Wow was that a fast weekend for us, been running around doing the honey do's and other Fix it jobs, now it's time to play with some Trainz. Because it is to hot outside to work....Besides it is a holiday.

Been busy late at night working on Fairview E/W Route section merged to Wilson's Mills & Mount Olive main Route.

I got the Passenger Station where I want it now, needed lots of line adjustments and approach to Station changes with Tracks etc. Part of the issues stemmed from how I had changed some tracks in the Main Rail Yard and other parts were due to a Track I had put into an old Industrial Center, which upset the approach clearance for Passenger Trains in/out of the Station.

Needed to cut out some crossovers and due some redesigns for the Track Directions, too get it where Trains would flow into the station unimpeded by other Trains working the Crossover line into the old industrial area.....And I added an inside Stub track to have more shunting room to keep the consist clear of nearby Passenger Station Approaches. I sure this is very convoluted until I show the pictures later on and then it will make more sense.

Pretty much took the weekend to work it all out. And I needed to run a lot of Trains thru the yards and Industrial areas to see what was working and what didn't. It's one thing to look at Track Plans, it becomes totally another when you actually run the trains, then you see the bottle necks you've created.

Over in the Wilson Branch, we pass by another Chemical Train here on our way out to Fairview.

We are in the Industrial leads here, picking up the last of our Consist headed for Fairview Branch. We used a local Yard Switcher and Road Engine here for power, since we are taking just a few cars today. Later on, the Consists will be much more heavier and longer, since we have many industries to serve on the different branch lines.

Got our on Consist, loaded, Fueled, and ready to head down Wilson Mainline and make several crossovers to line us up with Fairview Branch, one of the reasons for all the switch, we junctions ahead, with Double main lines connecting Fairview, in the crossover area, lots of Passenger Trains come and go on both sides. So we have to thread the needle so to speak, not holding or delaying those Passenger Trains, else we pay a penalty fee to Amtrak. Plus the Ridership depends/wants on-time Scheduling to Work and Vacation connection points, where as us, a lowly Freight have what is called Dwell Time, and Priority Deliveries depending on what we are carrying, so this little Teeter Totter of Time Handling is delicate balance.

Both types of Trains are important to the Rail Road in terms of Money and Customer Care. IF you lose business, you lose Crews an you lose money allocated to MOW projects, a real killer when you think what could happen if MOW is deferred to long. All very important things to consider when running a Railroad.

Remember too, lots of Railroads went bankrupt over the centuries for one reason or another, but mismanagement was a big reason, economy another, greed another, you get the picture, so it is team work, not individualism that gets the job done. Of course I am broad stroking the causes here, it's complicated and many things can cause the Bankruptcy, but you get the picture I am painting.

We head out from the center of Wilson Branch Lines towards Fairview Branch, which also reminds me, I need to put signs for Branch Division Points so I know where I am. I have for Merges going on here. We need to get our Switches and Route directions setup by local dispatch, so we don't interfere with Passenger Trains who have priority over us.

So we start our test consist coming out of Wilson Mills & Mount Olive / Fairview E/W merge point. A lot of this area I did copy and paste of different types of trees. It went fast, the only mistake I made is having trees smack dab in the middle of the Tracks in some spots, LOL, so I need to go back and delete those guys or move them clear of the lines.....

As we continue in the Fairview City area, a distant shot here, you can see the Row of Sky Scrapers I added. You'll see them a lot better in other Shots, because our Tiles our not too wide, I just ran one row of Sky Scrapers and I think it works very well, not over dominating other items in the City Scape. As you can see, I have lots of Grass, and Shrub to get planted, but my main vision is to get the Tracks, Signals, and Buildings where I want them staged first. Then more details later.

We take our our last curve here as we get ready to drive into the City of Fairview.

Now we come into what I believe is the East end of Fairview City here, I have to learn, well, establish the proper Tracks to take, since I have changed a lot of things in this area. On the left, we have lots of Silos Co Ops to service.

I forgot to mention, one of the issues you face here is one of the Bridges used had Piers that got in the way several of Rail Yard Trackage, a real pain if you will. Problem is of course, I like the Bridge, so I had to work around with one of the Tracks, because the Piers are fixed to the Bridge, so when you stretch or put expansion Splines it just ends up crossing over other parts of the yard, so you end up with fixing one Track to go around the pier and leave the others well enough alone....Now the other Traffic Bridge is not problem....Another thing, I can use one of those long expansion bridges as this area is to small for them.....So we make do, and get it working.

As we enter the yard, there is a lone Amtrak Engine awaiting orders, which leads me to another thought, I need Engine Yard and/or Round House. So will need to scope out the area to see where a good fit will be?

I bid you all a great day/evening etc, see you in few days, to show more of the changes.

And thanks for dropping by. If there is a question, please, don't hesitate to ask.