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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb SSD Crash and Burn from overheating discussion

    I don't think I ever got around to really discussing my Burned up SSD in ASUS Laptop, 17" model bought in 2018, which as of now qualifies it as Dinosaur rated, ancient. But it has been upgraded to 16 to 32 Gigs of Ram, SSD 1 to 2 Tera, second drive Platter 500 Gig to 2 Tera. GPU is hardwired so I am stuck with NVIDIA 10 GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. (Don't laugh its paid for, about 1300$ back in the day!)


    Alright so here's the deal, like anything else, my Laptop has the power to work, Graphics rendering Etc, but when you use it at 100%, without a Chiller Pad Fan, it gets really hot. Add SSD's working hard, you have one hot Laptop Cooking.

    Heat induced environments lend themselves to so baking and killing Electronic Devices, cumulative destruction, which if your not paying attention, you'll miss it subtly until it hits one day!

    For me, I noticed my drive would have small issues not finishing Write to Disk Files, I just thought it was Windows acting up. This went on for about 2 months, till one day, my computer didn't boot up, the SSD had burned out. Fortunately, I had several backups. But I still needed to do a Fresh install of Trainz and other Programs to have the latest Software added.

    Now if I had a recent Image Drive File, it would have been a no Brain-er, but all I had was Portable Hard Drive and Cloud, which in hindsight is far better than no backup!

    One thing to understand, when you have a Desktop Computer then shrink things to Laptop size there is absolutely and greatly increased loss of open air space. Fans for Laptops are only going to do what they can, until they get full of Dust and Grit. In the beginning I didn't ever use a Chiller Cooling tray with 1-5 Fans. Never thought about it, till Summer came around, better late than never, HMMM? Well that delay cost me my SSD drive from Overheating!

    Another thing I found out, just like you CPU has a thin Cooling Strip to pull heat out between it and Fan, SSD's do not come with Cooling strip, Laptop Makers do not bother to add it.

    And lots of Laptops do not have Physical space for cooling strip. (Your mileage will vary)

    The gist of this message, one needs to observe the heat factor, apply the appropriate cooling efforts, Chilling Pad, Reduction of Max CPU cycles, I reduced mine to 96%. If your not sure about these type changes, you should contact someone technical that can advise what are the best options. Like anything else in the general sense, tread carefully, one step at a time. Simple Changes, note-taking like a Scientist on R&D projects too see if these incremental changes yield the expected results. Computers are fussy animals.

    Listed below are some relief notes and links to Heat reduction.


    Will Under clocking CPU reduce heat?
    Under clocking is used to reduce a computer's power consumption, increase battery life, reduce heat emission, and it may also increase the system's stability, lifespan/reliability and compatibility.



    Oct 1, 2021 — Do NVMe M.2 SSDs need heat sinks? Our answer would be a resounding YES. While it is easy to install and forget about your NVMe SSD, these drives ...



    Solid-state drive
    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    A 2.5-inch Serial ATA solid-state drive
    Samsung 250GB mSATA SSD with mSATA to USB 3.0 enclosure

    A solid-state drive (SSD) is a data storage device, typically used in a computer. It uses flash memory to store data even after power is turned off. SSDs are designed to access data in the same way as traditional hard disk drives (HDD's). A HDD can usually be directly replaced with an SSD.

    The best thing about solid state drives is that they have a much faster read/write speed than hard disk drives.[1] They also have no moving parts, which means they don't make noise or break as easily. However, SSDs are can be more expensive than a hard drive. This also means that for the same price, someone can get much more capacity if they select a HDD instead.

    A hybrid drive combines the features of an HDD and an SSD into one unit. It contains a large HDD and a smaller SSD cache to improve performance of frequently accessed files. A hybrid drive can offer almost the same performance as an SSD and it can contain more capacity. The price is also lower than of an SSD. The main market for this drive are the laptop users as these devices can accommodate no more than one drive.[2]

    The solid state drive technology is improving quickly and new SSD models are being introduced often. However, they have not gained popularity among many users. We still find that HDD's are still dominating the market. Sales of SSDs are expected to escalate and overturn that of HDD's after 2020. The biggest draw back to SSDs over hard disk drives is that SSDs have a limited amount of read and writes it can take before the sector fails as is not a large issue with traditional hard disk drives. [3]
    SSD form factors
    An M.2 (2242) solid-state-drive (SSD) connected into USB 3.0 adapter and connected to computer.

    When SSDs were first introduced into the market, manufacturers' made sure that they fit into the slots and bays initially used by the HDD's. As such they had the 3.5 and 2.5 inch form factors. However, as technology advances, more form factors emerged. Smaller form factors that directly interfaces with PCIe and NVMe slots emerged. These included the mSATA, PCIe and M.2, form factors.[4] [5] [6]
    NVMe SSDs
    NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a communications interface and driver for PCIe SSDs and NVMe SSDs have higher transfer rates than traditional SATA SSDs up to 32,0000MB/s. Also has a new mechanism called “Submission and Completion Queue” that manages and controls data flow into queues. Like a computer with 6 cores might have 6 queues and are kept in the cores cache. The traditional form factors 2.5 inch and M.2 as well as being able to slot into a PCIe x16 with an expansion card. Also pushing the max capacity of a consumer NVMe SSD to 8TB as of 2022.

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    Lightbulb Hurricane Kay Rains Yay! / Coastal Rte Pics/Y Tube Pics

    Good Rainy Day to all,

    Yup that's right, finally the tip end of Southern Hurricane is making its way to California.

    Off course they worry about flooding, LOL, We need this Rain badly, I'll take with some Flooding, by the way, Flooding is normal for Rainstorms.....!

    I continue my work on Coastal merge, with a dash of Day in the Woods Route merged with something else. I worked so much on Coastal, I needed some fresh perspective, so changing to another Route was just what the Doctor ordered. Now I having fun changing a whole lot of things. Will see how this turns out in month or so.

    Filled the land for 50% more room picked up a Corn Silo I think, whatever it is, will move a lot Farm Product. Lots more high capacity Silos. Going to take a while to move and populate our new expanded area. One of the reasons I expanded I need to re orient a lot of Track puzzles that looked good but clearance and functionality just wasn't happening.

    Map over view of what it looks like couple of weeks ago, tracks are more fluid now, the kinks are getting less.

    More current new area has new tracks laid out, my curve was a bit off in the back, so had to tear out some buildings and put in some that fit the area better, allowing a proper return loop curve.

    Working in Wire Grid Mode, my favorite setup, helps me get things lined up and Squared off properly. Plus I use my builtin Ruler too. Really helps me to align my curved track.

    During our expansion phase I had to put several Consist out Cold Storage. Lots of Snow here, little Sunshine,,and hits below freezing every night.....Important thing, keep the Diesels running and don't let the Fuel lines freeze up. Cold Snowy area looking across, I'm slowly making massive mountains to match up with front side view.
    We even have a consists sitting in the Tunnel too, all tunnels have good ventilation Tubes.

    Beautiful deep inviting Crisp air and Blue Skies await us a we take a peek outside the Tunnel opening.

    Repositioning new Spur tracks for industry.

    Using a couple of Ruled out Tape lines I can get fairly good looking half circle too lay in my Loop Line return track.

    Laying in some new Buildings and Rail Lines in the new Harbor area.

    Blues Y Tube Pics of the week:

    Long Leaf Historical Series: Episode VIII - The Clyde Double Drum/Re-Haul Skidder.


    Nov 18, 2020 Hosted by Everett Lueck, this short documentary focuses on the history of the Clyde Double Drum/Re-Haul Skidder at Long Leaf, Louisiana - Southern Forest Heritage Museum.
    The Day The Gauge Changed


    The completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 was not the only amazing feat of American railroad engineering in history. In 1886, railways in the south managed to convert the gauge on an estimated 11,500 miles of track in a period of just 36 hours. The History Guy remembers the 1886 Southern Railroad Gauge Change, an important moment in railroad history.

    Abandoned railroad station & track being restored - Fall River, MA - 1/2022


    Jan 26, 2022 As part of the South Coast Rail Project the former passenger station site in Fall River, MA formerly known as "Bowenville" or "Fall River" is being restored. The station building itself was demolished in 1954 but the station platform stayed in service until 1958 when passenger service was cut. In 2022 construction progress on the South Coast Rail project is approaching the half way point meaning the Fall River station is taking shape for the late 2023 start up of service. To build the station a new elevated platform is being built where one of the old platforms was historically. In addition to the platform, a second track is being built as the "station track" alongside the current single track mainline. To do this four additional bridges over roadways have to be rebuilt to add this second track. Two of the four bridges were built in 2016 and may be seen in a different video.
    The Jackson & Lansing Railroad: Antique Locomotives of Michigan


    The Adrian & Blissfield Railroad is a Class III short-line company that operates five different railroads in the southern lower peninsula of Michigan. One of the shorelines the company operates is called the Jackson & Lansing Railroad (reporting mark JAIL), which operates between the two namesake cities in Jackson and Ingham Counties. The JAIL has become one of the more successful short lines in the State of Michigan and is a rail fan favorite for their roster of classic EMD GP9s.
    Steel Industry Railroading in the CLE


    Sep 3, 2022 The dawn of the 2022's long Labor Day weekend saw me taking a long overdue and impromptu day trip to the banks of the Cuyahoga River in the heart of Cleveland's steel district! With a fleet of EMD SW1001s and SW1500s, the Cleveland Works Railway, better known as The Crow, works the massive steel industry non-stop while moving materials such as molten steel, coke, steel coils, and steel slabs fresh out of the oven, from one section to another!
    Last Trains To Pass Abandoned Depot, Railroad Diamonds & Fast Trains In Deshler, Ohio, CSX Trains!


    The Abandoned Railroad Station Sees Its Last Trains! Fast CSX Freight Trains Pound The Diamonds! Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and Canadian National Railway are seen. These trains are in Deshler, Ohio on the CSX main lines that cross next to the old railroad buildings. The old train station was torn down just a few days after I filmed this. CSX wanted it moved but nobody had the funds to do it. We also see a 3 track railroad crossing in town with a westbound train. We get a close look at the rail at the crossing and a close look at the rail on an abandoned railroad siding next to a building. Look how old that rail is! 1915. Deshler also still has some old Baltimore And Ohio Railroad signals that are still in use. These signals are on the Toledo Sub and there are some more of them that I filmed in Troy and Tipp City, Ohio. I rode up to Deshler with 1960gambit and we hung out with rail fans at the Deshler Crossroads Park. What did you think about all the foreign power that I caught? What did you think about the poor train station being torn down?
    Garden Railroad Update Sept 1, 2022 - The Garagemahal Railroad


    The garden railroad continues to develop! We now have the connection to the inside finished and working well. The hill to the garage opening is completed, all waterproofing in place, track laid, and working from the "kitchen" through the bathroom and onto outside.

    ALSO, the wiring from one end to the other is finished and working, with DCC and Loco Link, so the Connie's are now operating outside in the weather. Fears of DCC not working well in the harsh environment are baseless, everything works great, EVEN IN THE RAIN! Our system is overkill, we have a 10 gauge bus running under all tracks, and 14 or 16-gauge "drops" to EVERY RAIL. Soldered so that no rail joints are required to carry power, even though they do, a redundant power system! AND it has never failed us.

    The Digitrax wireless is working fine. I had assumed we would need a range extender, but no. The throttle works well all the way to the west end about 75 feet from the controller, outside, and through two walls. One cinder block.
    CABOOSE On Norfolk Southern, Coal Train Passes 10 Locomotives, Train Crosses Big Trestle, Kenova W.Va


    I Didn't Expect To See This In West Virginia! First A Red Caboose Passes Me On Norfolk Southern. Then A Gigantic Railroad Trestle Over Kenova, West Virginia & The Ohio River Sees A Train Booking Over It & Then A Huge Loaded Coal Train Passes Me & 10 Locomotives Stored In The Railroad Yard. These trains are in Kenova, West Virginia on the CSX and Norfolk Southern mainlines.
    OK Folks, I got to get going outside with Weed Pulling in Yard, we have more Rain coming today thru Monday? No complaints here, take as much as we can get, all the Dams and Lakes in our 11 States of Drought are way done.......Historic and Sad......

    Prayers to those who are Ill, and Blessed Sunday to my friends.

    Thank you for dropping in......

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    Lightbulb A Day in the Woods/Y Tube Pics

    Good Evening all,

    Finally Summer got the boot, now instead of 108 Temps, we have 82-85 and going down slowly as our days get shorter. You couldn't imagine how well Weeds, Flowers, and Ultra Large Crab Grass can grow when its this hot! Enjoying this time when Fall drifts in.

    As per the Trainz scene, when I come after weeding, I go to work on A Day in the Woods, Route, I deconstructed and rearranged the whole Route for my needs. And it coming along nicely. Of course I merged another Route with it too increase the Driving Range.

    Tonight's Pics will be Stuart Mesa Yard to San Diego Border, about 15 Miles long.

    Route Information, very well done

    These Tracks to Building need to redone, this as it is, does not make sense......Not sure what Author had in mind?

    I might just remove this whole Train Bridge to building if I can't figure a better way too fix this....

    So type of Gas or Oil Lines here, I think I will rearrange them differently......

    Route has high density amount of Homes and Condos, I had to thin it out, was too much Graphic overload on my GPU, reduced by 50% over all, including Trees too......

    Foot Plate Phils Weddin Route, such a cool route to run on.

    Lots of Shunting and long runs too.

    I pushed the Tankers thru the building Walls, and overshot the Tracks.....Egads........

    Lots of Rolling Stock brought in, now I need to get them moved to different points of the Route......Love this Route....

    AS&M RXR CAO Fish Harbor Look what you can make on single Tile,,,,,,,Very Cool.

    Blue's Y Tube Picks of the week:

    Drivers eye view from Bolton Abbey to Embsay Station on board the NER Autocar - Full Line Run!


    Sep 15, 2022 Hello everyone,
    Join Lawrie today for a trip along the length of the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway from the cab of the unique NER Auto car.

    A massive thank you to both the owning group and the Embassy and Bolton Abbey Railway for letting us take out the Auto car, for more information on the railway have a look at their website here: https://www.embsayboltonabbeyrailway....
    Ex-Abandoned Railroad Siding back in use - New Bedford, MA -


    Sep 15, 2022 On the night of September 14, 2022 Mass Coastal MC-4 ran to the once abandoned Revere, Copper, & Brass railroad siding in New Bedford, MA. The track, now used by Shoreline Resources, had it's first use last month. The first two loads were emptied as three more came in so they swapped out cars on this track for the first time in 30 or so years. The steel pile loads will be used on the new pier for Shoreline Resources.
    Back in use: Providence & Worcester Railroad's new customer in Provport - Part 2


    Sep 14, 2022 About 4-5 years ago the last limestone train left Providence, RI and the spur to Provport sat silent and unused. In very late 2021 the limestone traffic returned and the spur was put back to use. The spur to my knowledge was never out of service, just simply unused because no rail customers were in Provport at the time. Unfortunately I missed the limestone traffic but interestingly enough a new customer started to use the spur in the Spring of 2022. This customer is actually moving lumber from Germany to Connecticut (and beyond) using ship and rail. The ship from Germany comes into Provport and the lumber is then transferred onto center beams for a trip to Perma Treat in Durham, CT. From there the lumber is sent out after presumed treatment although I do not know their final destination.
    New build roundhouse on the Wiscasset, Waterville, and Farmington - 8/2022


    This video as of mid-August 2022 shows the progress of the new build roundhouse on the WWF at Alna, ME. WWF will use this building to store and maintain their multiple steam locomotives.
    Rare CSX SD40-2 on the BNSF with two C40-8Ws


    Sep 12, 2022 Its been many years since a CSXT SD40-2 was seen leading a mainline train in Minnesota, and down the line to Wisconsin. That changed this past week when a SD40-2, and two reactivated C40-8Ws, were on a grain train. Having a locomotive like this lead has become quite rare in the past few years.

    We'll chase this train from Dayton's Bluff in Saint Paul, all the way to Alma, WI on a beautiful September morning. The first scenes feature the train as it snakes past Diamond Bluff, Oakland, and Cottage Grove. The mix of older power was a welcomed sight, and the lead unit had a fantastic horn. With ditch lights flashing, and its horn sounding, it is seen again rounding the curve at Prescott. After crossing the Mississippi River, the train races at speed past Diamond Bluff, and Maiden Rock. After this, we see it a few more times before calling it a day at Alma. See this power, and these locomotives was a welcomed sight.
    Look What I Found At The Railroad Crossing After A Big Rock Train Passed! What Would You Do With It?


    Sep 15, 2022 Right After A Big Rock Train Passed A Level Railroad Crossing I Found This In The Ditch! Have You Ever Had Something Like This Happen? I Didn't Know What To Do But It Was Handled. This is the short line railroad Cincinnati Eastern Railroad, CCET. 1st we see the train in Mount Orab, Ohio at the High Street railroad crossing. One of the gates malfunctioned. Then we see the train passing over Sicily Road. Next we see the other side of the train. This is Matthews Road where I found the little fella. Then we see the train at the Sardinia Wye sanding the locomotives. Then they backed onto their train and continued on to the quarry for loading at Plum Run, Ohio. This is the rock shuttle train that takes loads to Round bottom Road in Milford, Ohio.
    SD40-2s for five days on the BNSF


    May 22, 2018 With the economy picking up again, the freight railroads have seen a spike in traffic. Due to this, classic EMDs like the SD40-2, are once again roaming the mainline out of North town Yard. In this clip, we'll see five days of SD40-2 action on the BNSF mainline. There is even an all green SD40-2 trio that'll we'll chase on the Staples Sub. This is truly a neat time to be track-side on the BNSF, and see the classic SD40-2 leading out on the mainline as it was meant to be.
    Switching Action on The Minnesota Commercial with Old GE's working hard!


    May 23, 2022 The Minnesota Commercial Railway has unique roster of old GE and ALCo locomotives that are in daily service. One of the best places to see them hard at work, is on The Hump, switching out countless numbers of cars. In this case, two former Conrail B23-7s are HARD at work pounding the yard leads, and making switch moves. The classic GE chugging sounded wonderful.

    Starting off, we'll get an overhead view of the Minnesota Commercials yard from Transfer Road, in Saint Paul, MN. It was a busy place as the Hugo Job was getting back, and the BNCP was delivering a cut of cars. As this was taking the place, MNNR 2002 and 1983 were getting a workout as they switched out some large cuts of cars. With each pull, and shove, they units made some great noise as they went to run 8. While the Hump was working, we'll see the Hugo's power working around the yard, grabbing others cars a long the way. Tucked away are some the railways unique power, and ALCo RS27, and EMD switcher; neither of which have seen service for years.

    And that's a Wrap for tonight, Thanks for dropping by....

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    Lightbulb Daylight Savings time/TR2022 Thoughts/ UMR 2020 Shots/ Y Tube Picks

    A Blessed Sunday to all,

    Well soon our time will change again, I hope one day, will drop Daylight Savings time and go to one universal Time. It doesn't serve us well, and cause lots of Accidents when it comes around twice a year, Spring Forward and Fall behind....

    Looking at TRS2022, I think for my older Computers, I am going to stay with TRS2019 Platinum, it works nice for me, and since I have only 1050 NVIDIA, which is old for even TRS2019, hard wired, no upgrade possible, it would not serve me well to Advance to 2022 version. Especially with the Tile Density.

    When my old ASUS Laptop gives up the Ghost, it is 4yrs old now, Dinosaur, (but works great and I can increase SSD size to 4TB's for Storage etc, I have 2 Drives) then I'll consider getting 2022 Version. I of the older Generation "If it's not broken, don't try and fix it" LOL. As per my Leno, 540 Travel Laptop, 12" wide screen with Base UHD GPS hardwired, that will never be a Candidate, and that is fine, it does fairly well with 2019, but cannot handle large Routes, GPU can not keep up, but for Travel and light weight, love it......Fits in my Luggage perfectly min space required, 1.5 lbs too.....How can you beat that......Besides, it is paid for.

    Switching some special Liquid Tankers on UMR 2020 Route.

    Looks really Dark out, nasty storm brewing....

    Servicing a large customer.

    Oil Can rolls thru the back country.

    Lot of loads to move today, but some bad Winter Storms are approaching, so will see how it goes.

    Our old Gray Ghost is working this Factory.

    Filled up our Diesel Tanks, crew is getting their Work Orders for all the loads coming in this afternoon. Cold Frosty day today, Winter is approaching.......

    Lots of Boxcar deliveries here. Many, many large Cold Storage Buildings here.

    Specialized Farm Tractor working the fields today.....Work is never done if your a Farmer, Early to bed, Early to rise, just ask your favorite Rooster!

    UMR Routes, there are several, always lots of fun, plenty to do, large Route........Check them out.

    Abandoned rail spur to be restored - New Bedford, MA State Pier


    Sep 25, 2022 Last month a bill for various transportation/infrastructure projects was being authorized which included $125,000 for the restoration of the New Bedford State Pier Rail Spur Track. This track is about 500 feet in length and splits into two shorts spurs once in front of the state pier building. Last used around 1976 the track could see use again but without enough information we will have to wait and see. Either way with the project getting money allocated for it let's look at the current conditions of the rail before it is restored.
    0:10 / 6:23
    Tragedy of the Hoosac Tunnel

    Feb 3, 2022 https://youtu.be/doXusU69EEM

    0:00-0:20 Sneak Preview
    0:21-1:04 Intro
    1:05-2:50 Backstory
    2:51-3:36 Deaths
    3:37-4:47 Boring Machine
    4:48-6:00 Conclusion
    6:01-6:24 Next time
    Loram Ballast Cleaner at Ladysmith on 9-20-22


    Welcome back to the channel folks! So glad you're here. Have I got a video lined up for you. Had an interesting surprise and it was none other than the Loram Ballast Cleaner train while the "Thunder Cab" of SD70M-2 8023 led as power sporting the Nathan P5 horns. I have never seen or caught one of those cleaners before but that is a first.
    Listen and watch how dispatch fits a local trains around an extra long Inter-modal trains
    Sep 25, 2022 Listen and watch how dispatch fits a local trains around an extra long Inter modal trains in Logan sport, Indiana

    GREEN GIANTS: 2 All green trains on the Eastern Maine Railway!


    Sep 1, 2022 A very long day of chasing in eastern Maine gave us the EMRY's westbound manifest 207, which we chased all the way from Vanceboro to Lambert Lake. Then only to find out the 907 was on the way with an SD40-2 duo on the front, and another SD40-2 on the rear... So we raced back over to Vanceboro to see the second and last westbound of the day roll through during golden hour!


    Mid coast Rail service into Brunswick & CSX RUPO Rumford Jct. to Falmouth Maine
    848 views Aug 22, 2022 Cement from Dragon Into Brunswick and CSX RUPO 8/16/2022


    *45 Subscriber Special!* That's a Big Boy Alright! Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 # 4014 In Wyoming!
    32 views Sep 24, 2022 He Was Incredible!!
    A CSX coal train zooms past me and my grandpa! (A fast CSX coal train at Brunswick!


    17 views Sep 24, 2022 This fast CSX coal train gives a horn show next to me and my grandpa! Make sure to comment and tell me what you think of the video, and I’ll see ya on the rails!
    Rail Car on Fire! - BNSF Local Train in Vancouver, WA


    Oct 16, 2018 (10/14/18) Was out and abound in Vancouver this past Sunday, had a blast time rail fanning with great amount of action. I wasn't expecting to witness something that I've never seen before, a train fire. One of the locals with 2 cars loaded full of metal scrap happen to catch fire while in the yard. From what I heard, they were planning to evacuate the area, but thankfully that didn't happen, instead decided moved the train into more open area where the firefighters could easily put it out. Not sure how it all started, but it was quite the experience to see first hand.
    Blues Comments: This is one interesting Video to watch, Bridge Fires are super dangerous, could start a Forest Fire if not quickly controlled.........!

    CNR Cisco bridge repairs after tie fire Jul 2013smokeywoodstover
    Fire fighting Helicopter with Bambi baskettherealbigfoot18
    Freewing L-39 Albatros with Kingtech K30 G3RC Aviator • 285 views4:44
    Fire Train - Delta Fire All aboard the Union Pacific fire work traindan
    Oversize Load rail crossing Scooby's Scoop
    Kaoham Shuttle - Lillooet to Seton PortageTravelTalesVideos
    CNR Cisco railway bridge Putting out fire
    4,341,256 views Jun 1, 2013 June 30, 2011


    Valley Helicopters from Chilliwack was hired to scoop water from Fraser river and extinguish fire. CN employees also sprayed water from west end of bridge.
    Fire Train - Delta Fire All aboard the Union Pacific fire work train


    Sep 11, 2018 I first caught footage of this train while it was fighting the Delta fire in Shasta County, CA. I made contact with the crew, two days later, I was invited aboard for a short journey and was given the opportunity to help fight the fire as part of the trip.
    Avalanche! | Union Pacific Rotary Snow Plow on Donner Pass


    ov 25, 2020 ** Get a FREE DVD: https://Railfan.Video
    ** This show: 1 Hour, "Rotaries, Avalanche on the Mountain", https://rfd.video/SnowRotary
    ** About this video: One of the railroad’s most important tools for battling the snows during unusually heavy Winter seasons just got re-enlisted: The Rotary Snow Plow!. Get it here: https://rfd.video/SnowRotary

    Ok, That's a Wrap for today, hot week ahead, Summer reared her ugly head again, 97 Degrees, not much breeze, hope this week is the last of this Heat Wave, time will only tell....

    Special thanks to Sir Dave Snow for his latest Grand Locomotives he made, 5 I think....Superb work.....

    Thank you for dropping by......

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    Very interesting as always dear friend.

    Hugs, Javier

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    Lightbulb Asset Version Upgrades / New England with Alcos / Y Tube Pics /

    Good Monday Morning to all,

    Hard to believe it's October already and soon Fall will move in, hopefully our high heat days will receded away for a while. I've been busy remodeling of old Gates around the house, amazing what a little TLZ and Paint can do.

    Over to trainz, reading in the forums and observing lots of Asset Version upgrades due to the advent of Trainz 22 needs. I noticed a lot of New Versions showing up on DSL. All told, I think I probably had about 1000 or more New Version updates, could even be 2K. Took several hours to do, now I have all my older version assets updated. Did about 4 DBR's so far so good.

    I think I'll give Coastal Route a rest for now, and switch over to NG Route I have had for several years, still in WIP on changes I made to it.

    One of my many Favorites are these Alco Units, their Livery Colors are very appealing to me, along with good Smoke and Sound Production.

    Triple Grey Ghosts lineup is in for some heavy Mining Ore Car Shunting today. I can assure you they are more than up to tasks in this Hilly area!

    Getting this loading Ore Station to match the ground level properly was a real challenge for me.

    In order to move the amount of heavy Ore Cars on this 3.5% grade, I had to balance with available Power Units, there not going to give me 4, so I need to make it with 3, took a few times to smooth out Grade Changes, but I finally got it after 5-6 times of changing elevation......

    Lots of heavy loads to move and around.

    A side shot of my Loading Platform.

    Weather is getting ugly hard freeze possible tonight. and we could end up with icy sitch points.

    Going down this hill, speed control is important in the event passing trains have a switch set against us. Runaway and head on collisions is not a good place to end up.

    This is the switch point I was previously alluding to, I blew threw this switch a couple of times, fortunately for me, no inbound trains, but it could have ended up in derailment by hitting the cure ahead at above the rated safe speed.

    Needed a helper on the end to get up over the heavy grade.

    Blues Y Tube Pics of the week.

    Out of use Watuppa Branch Current Conditions - 8/2022


    Oct 1, 2022 Note: Thumbnail is not in the video but is of the Watuppa Branch at the beginning of the rail trail 1/2021

    Here's a brief look at the west end of the Watuppa Branch from Davis Rd. Westport to the beginning of the rail trail in Fall River, MA. This is only covering the short section of unused in place track past Route 88 to Fall River and not the whole west end that is now a trail.

    This section of track is owned by Mass Dot and Mass Coastal holds the freight rights. Due to the the Bay Colony owning the track from New Bedford to MP6 in Dartmouth the rest of the active branch is sub leased to BCLR.

    This is a short video but it is possible a more in depth video may follow down the road. There is also no plan of restoration of this track although a section to Mid-City Steel was briefly talked about about 20 years ago. The steel distributor trans loaded a few bulkhead flats of steel at Mid City Scrap but then stopped not long after.

    I should also note the tracks are not visible at all throughout this video! At Sanford Rd. they are paved over and buried under vegetation on both sides. The track outside the hotel is buried but intact. Lastly the section at the rail trail is removed where the pavement is. I'm considering going back in the winter to photograph the ROW/track again to show rail is still there underneath everything.
    The Signal Engineers - 1962 - Electrical Engineering on the Railway

    Chasing America's Train


    Jun 19, 2022 The time drew near for my much-anticipated chase of Reading & Northern's Fast Freight: NRFF! After basking in the hot June sun for over an hour in Port Clinton, the northbound manifest finally appeared from around the corner, surprisingly on time down to the minute, being led by an SD50M and two SD40-2s (including a snoot nose)! From there I gave chase to Mountain Top, stopping along the way at scenic locations along the R&N mains!
    TRRS 504: Rail car Wheel Replacement


    May 25, 2017 31 March 2017 - Janesville, Wisconsin
    Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Wheel Changeout

    Steel wheels on steel rails is a great way to move a lot of freight, but those wheels better be circular! From time to time, wheels must be changed out due to defects, particularity for flat spots. Usually the result of the car being dragged with the brakes still applied, the spots are cause for concern as they can do damage to track and lead to wheel failures.

    For this two-bay covered hopper, a wheel impact detector, a high-tech piece of wayside defect detection, caught it leaving Chicago thumping along. So when the car arrived at the Wisconsin & Southern's Janesville yard, it was kicked to the repair track for a new set of wheels.

    Watch as the carmen show off the wheel replacement process to the next generation of railroaders from Michigan Technological University's Railroad Engineering and Activities Club (REAC).

    How are railcar trucks connected to the cars? What parts make up a truck? How do they swap out wheels? All of those questions and more in this 504th episode of the Thornapple River Rail Series.
    SD70MAC led coal train climbs Mullan Pass


    Jun 10, 2013 Greenhorn Trestle is graced with the elegance of an Executive SD70MAC-led 125 car coal train. Oh and some other locomotives too.
    Crank Up the Speakers! 20 Cylinders in Montana!
    Jul 17, 2014 BNSF has leased a dozen Montana Rail Link SD45's for use on locals in Havre, Mont. and freight service between Laurel, Mont. and Spokane, Wash.

    These SD45's still have their amazing sounding EMD 20-645's under the long-hood, making them rather rare beasts.

    I set out to the land of the MRL for over a week recently, and came away with a few clips. July 4th and 5th, MRL hustled a H-KCKSPO1-29A out of Laurel and Missoula respectively, allowing for some chasing and decent shots.
    "Boeing Train Shuffle" - BNSF Mukilteo Train action 2006


    Mar 6, 2014 Mukilteo,WA June 2006 - The "Boeing Shuffle in progress on this day, filmed in Hi-8mm- uploaded 1st time today(3-5-2014) This 20 min video shows how the Boeing Shuffle moves aircraft freight cars on the main line through Mukilteo. The Boeing Everett Consist was waiting for the Boeing Renton consist to arrive at MUK. BN 2080 and BN 2081 (EMD GP38-2 7369-3 and EMD GP38-2 7369-4 respectively) wait on the siding. As BN 3014 BN 2910 NREX 8865 arriving from the north, with the Everett/Renton consist - they slow to a stop on the main to 'shuffle the load" BN 3014 uncouples the Boeing heavy cars for the siding and then re positions back to the main to re-couple the Boeing Renton fuselage cars. The 2 Boeing 737-800 series fuselage cars are Boeing serial 34418/ln 2012 destined to become a 737-8F2(WL) registered as TC-JGU and amazingly delivered to Turkish Airlines on Aug 15th, 2006, a mere 5 months later. The 2nd Boeing 737-8FE(WL) is serial 34441/ln 2015 to be registered as VH-VUI but shows not delivered to Virgin Australia Airlines until April 5th, 2011,,5 years later. As the Boeing Renton train leaves south, the Boeing Everett train re positions for the uphill push with an Amtrak Cascades blasts through Mukilteo. The Boeing Everett train starts the uphill push as fading sunlight settles over the Puget
    MP Transfer Caboose - Port of Salt Lake, UT 8/22


    Thank you for dropping by......

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    You got me with this one Blue! But no link! Do you still have the link for this?

    Crank Up the Speakers! 20 Cylinders in Montana!
    Jul 17, 2014 BNSF has leased a dozen Montana Rail Link SD45's for use on locals in Havre, Mont. and freight service between Laurel, Mont. and Spokane, Wash.

    These SD45's still have their amazing sounding EMD 20-645's under the long-hood, making them rather rare beasts.

    I set out to the land of the MRL for over a week recently, and came away with a few clips. July 4th and 5th, MRL hustled a H-KCKSPO1-29A out of Laurel and Missoula respectively, allowing for some chasing and decent shots.
    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power then the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forester1 View Post
    You got me with this one Blue! But no link! Do you still have the link for this?

    Crank Up the Speakers! 20 Cylinders in Montana!
    Jul 17, 2014 BNSF has leased a dozen Montana Rail Link SD45's for use on locals in Havre, Mont. and freight service between Laurel, Mont. and Spokane, Wash.

    These SD45's still have their amazing sounding EMD 20-645's under the long-hood, making them rather rare beasts.

    I set out to the land of the MRL for over a week recently, and came away with a few clips. July 4th and 5th, MRL hustled a H-KCKSPO1-29A out of Laurel and Missoula respectively, allowing for some chasing and decent shots.
    Sorry Forester1,

    Was having a little problem with links last night. I owe you a Virtual Cup of Joe...........Coffee.........

    Here you go Sir.....


    Jul 17, 2014 BNSF has leased a dozen Montana Rail Link SD45's for use on locals in Havre, Mont. and freight service between Laurel, Mont. and Spokane, Wash. These SD45's still have their amazing sounding EMD 20-645's under the long-hood, making them rather rare beasts. I set out to the land of the MRL for over a week recently, and came away with a few clips. July 4th and 5th, MRL hustled a H-KCKSPO1-29A out of Laurel and Missoula respectively, allowing for some chasing and decent shots. Hope you enjoy, crank up the speakers!

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    Ahhhh. Thank you sir! Music to my ears (especially with the subwoofer!), and a sight for sore eyes. MRL under the wide Montana skies! I would have loved to hear it idling in the yard or starting from a dead stop. That would have been a rumble!
    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power then the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix

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    Lightbulb Water Damage? Coastal Rte, Wire Mode, Old Trolley Cars

    A Blessed Sunday all,

    Ole Blue decided it was time for a little break, for the last month have been busy catching up on all the Honey Do and past Maintenance time tasks around the house, Roofing and Fence and Paint repair. Unfortunately I found some more issues on my Roof from Roofer's not doing their job correctly. I guess the good note is, I didn't have any leaks, but have a significant amount of Roof Rot and Water Damage, upside better to find now, than in the middle of Rain Storm with leaking Roof. Yes you think lot of Roofing isn't happening in Cold Wet Winter.

    Looks to me like I need to replace at minimum, a few sticks of Fascia Board, at least one one Plywood Board, and possibly a Sister Raftering. Don't feed like crawling thru two different Attics to view the problem. So I will do a partial Roof tear off. I will say, I thank Roof Gods, for allowing close to 30 years of good Roof cover, with only 3 minor leaks in various parts.

    We decided to spend a 3 day weekend up Frazier Park, Ca, we pass this area on Grapevine when heading up only one of 2 Routes connecting, Central Ca to Southern Portion. You can really tell the effects of Drought, burned out areas, dying Trees, extremely dry ground.

    Lots of Bears up here, been to warm, so they haven't hibernated yet. We saw several the last couple of nights out foraging for Food.......

    Over Trainz, I did Win11 Feature update on my Asus, no issues or slowing noticed, I am pausing for 2 weeks on my Travel Laptop, S540 Lenovo, just to make sure I don't run into a problem. Some folks say, this latest feature update has caused file transfer degrade!

    Today's Pics, Coastal Rte, Wire Mode, Old Trolley Cars.

    I did lot of Elevation Changes, Bridge needed to have better height clearance.

    Take a close look at Grid Structure lines, this is probably do to me merging different Routes, solution Figure out which Grid is dominant, replace with Grid Selection. Doesn't mean you have too, but I can't stand looking at out of order Grid lines. I need order in that respect to link up my Ground Assets, Rail lines etc.

    I think this is my San Diego Lossan Route for Sprinter/ Amtrak 14 mile section, I added an Inland Valley Branch, in this area, the Curve was way to tight, so I need to decrease the Tight Radius too allow for 3Axle Locomotives and long profile Steam Engines.

    I messed around with the Water area several times, eventualy removing the large Pond and filling it in with Several Farmland Buildings and some Tree Orchards. I have plenty of surrounding Water areas, giving me lots flexibility. A long Steamer is doing first run down Track, -3.5% in some spots, find any rogue Elevation Changes.

    I don't think I ever mentioned this, In the first 2 years of working in Surveyor Mode never used Wired or Frame Mode where all items on Tile Board are visible both above and below Grid lines? So why would Wire Mode be important? Well you'd be surprised just like an emptied Dam or Pond what items are lost, unknown below. I have found Forests, Homes People Tracks, Water Areas that are not doing anything Etc......When playing in Trainz, every Asset has a GPU Cost. More items, more GPU works, potential for Frame issues. It becomes more significant with us with older, slower, smaller size GPU's.

    The other reason I like Wire Mode, it removes all Textures and I can have a clearer uncluttered view to line up my items. If you've never worked in Wire Mode, it seems very strange at first, but you'll get used to it over time.

    Over in this one, I found a couple of Bridge Piers that had were forgotten about. Another I forgot about, sometimes you find Asset Objects that may have inadvertently been sunk below grid-line, looked OK. but missing first floor level of building.

    Old Pics of Whittier Ca Pacific Electric Cars, if I recall part of Grand Trolley 350 Mile Network from San Bernardino to Santa Monica, from the San Gabriel Mountains to Sea. And will leave it at that.

    ================================================== =====================================
    Smokin' EMDs Climb The Hill https://youtu.be/h8AdJrU8Exc

    Oct 9, 2022 After completing work at Olin Chemicals, CSX Niagara Falls local Y123 sets out to head back to Niagara Yard and end their Saturday work shift. With a pair of MP15s and a GP40-2 providing the muscle, and with smoke billowing from the engines' exhausts, the lengthy local charges up the hill over Buffalo Avenue and north up the Niagara Junction Line!
    Listen & watch the crew break down an empty Soybean train at the grain elevator rail


    Listen & watch the crew break down an empty Soybean train at the grain elevator in Kokomo, Indiana on 2022-10-04
    Narrow Gauge Around the World Part1


    Jun 28, 2021 Part 1 of a series of 7 on narrow gauge railways around the world. South Africa (Some preserved steam and SAR) and Australia (Queensland Rail).
    Narrow Gauge Around the World Part 2 https://youtu.be/3j8ckPw-VA8

    Aug 28, 2021 Indian narrow gauge railways, The Nepal railway, Tipong Colliery, Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway, Riga Sugar Mill.
    China's delightful Jiayang narrow gauge railway. https://youtu.be/z4tqcprQAXg

    Feb 25, 2021 This delightful little railway, in China's Sichuan Province, runs from the shops at Shibanxi to the mine at Huancunjing. Electrics serve the lower portion of the line from the washer to Shibanxi. Steam powers the coal trains, and passenger trains to the villages along the line. Sadly the mine closed, passenger trains were discontinued, and only the odd tourist train now runs.
    China's Mighty QJ 2-10-2's https://youtu.be/rujnXQ8sJWw

    Dec 11, 2021 QJ steam locomotives working hard on Jingpeng Pass when steam rules. 2003.
    QJ 7040 overhaul and shipment https://youtu.be/0au4x8amSnQ

    Jul 24, 2018 In 2007, R.J. Corman Railroad Company purchased QJ 7040 from China Railways. The purchase included an overhaul of the locomotive which was carried out at the underground workshops near Jinzhou in NE China. This was the last CR workshop capable of overhauling a QJ, and 7040 must have been one of the last of its class to receive an overhaul there.

    The overhaul was supervised by Dennis Daugherty, then Chief Engineer of the California State Railroad Museum who in 2006 had been engaged by Henry Posner III to supervise the overhaul of his two QJs, 6988 and 7081, at the same workshops. The overhaul began in began around May 2007 and was completed in early August 2007 after which the locomotive was moved (with great difficulty because of tight restrictions on the movement of steam locomotives over CR metals) to the port of Dalian for shipment.

    This combination of still photos and video include the loco's first test run in Jinzhou and its loading in Dalian.
    Newport Secondary South End Update - 10/7/2022 https://youtu.be/syjUFak-KPk

    Oct 9, 2022 In this video we take a look at the Admiral Kalbfus crossing in Newport, RI that is being rebuilt. The crossing signals have started to go in as well as the signal bungalow. The line here was last used regularly until 2016 but since then only a few charters and work trains have traversed the track until 2021. With construction starting on the south end last year nothing has run south of the crossing since but regularly scheduled trains are expected to run again sometime next year.
    New track: Newport Secondary South End Update - 5/13/2022 https://youtu.be/goIfA2-SQu0

    May 21, 2022 Since the last update more track work on both sides of the crossing have been started to be built. This project is rebuilding the Admiral Kalfbus railroad crossing on the currently rarely used south section of the Newport Secondary in conjunction with the Pell Bridge ramp project.
    Longleat Safari Park Railway Jungle Express Narrow Gauge Steam & Diesel Trains, August 2011


    Aug 28, 2011 A compilation of footage of the 15 inch gauge railway at Longleat Safari Park featuring both Steam and Diesel locos, Longleat Safari Park call it the 'Jungle Express'

    Longleat Safari Park & Old Stately Home are near a place called Warminster, in the county of Wiltshire in the uk, it's approx 100 miles west of London

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    Thanks my friend, very interesting as always.


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    Good Thursday Night all,

    Been an interesting week, found some more shoddy Roofing on the house, it just defies logic how people I trusted either are lazy, uncaring, or like to take Short cuts to finish a job. Fortunately for me, other than being older and slower these days, I can effect the appropriate remediation repairs.

    Tonight Pics will be a little of this n that.

    Windows performed another update after the Features update 2 weeks ago. Look on my Programs here, what occurred on Updates is shown by 10-12-22 changes.

    This Route if I recall is Freelance NG30, it has beautiful colors, I really like how they are colored.

    This one has bit of a Steeple pointy peak. just need to round it off a little for my tastes.

    One issue here, Bridge is not tall enough for deep Canon here, solution? Raise the bottom enough to touch the Bridge...And all is better visually.

    Beautiful lat afternoon Sunset.

    Long string of cars headed up the Gorge, with 2 Helpers on rear. Look across the back mountain, you can see the Smoke Trail in back.

    It's a long way down from up here, Hope we never derail.

    Pretty grade here, I think 5% maybe. maybe later will have MOW have a look and see if we change some elevations here and there? Or just leave things as they are.....Diesel Locomotives are on the horizon.

    Another long distance shot Sunset approaching.

    Nice looking Bridges, in good shape, solidly built. Speed about 25 MPH.
    Feeding Our Furnaces: D&RGW Narrow Gauge Gondolas - Big Train Tours - Colorado Railroad Museum!


    Apr 4, 2022 Welcome to another Big Train Tour at the Colorado Railroad Museum! This month, we’ll be taking a look at a freight car type known as a gondola. Built to transport heavy, bulk commodities such as mineral ores and coal, gondolas served on the Denver & Rio Grande Western’s narrow gauge system pretty much from its late 19th century beginnings until the very end in the 1960s.

    Today, these early 20th century artifacts are proudly displayed at the Museum, representing the railroad’s role in helping to transport Colorado’s coal, feed its steel blast furnaces, and build early natural gas pipelines serving the Southwest.
    MP15s, Chemical Tankers, and the Legend Two


    Oct 1, 2022 The Legend Two, Rodney Kantorski's Niagara Falls rival, takes the helm of CSX Niagara's MP15s as Niagara Falls local Y123 works the massive Olin Chemicals complex near downtown! Also making an appearance is Olin's track mobile, which moved cars around different sections of the plant, and Winter's Rigging, which I'm assuming dealt with a derailed car or cars.
    South Buffalo Railway: Past and Present


    Oct 7, 2022 Still retaining its original, pre-Genesee & Wyoming paint scheme, South Buffalo Railway's SW1200 #30 sits as a permanent fixture near the old engine shops, while in the nearby yard a crew uses Buffalo & Pittsburgh and Illinois & Midland SW1500s to build their train before heading north to Buffalo Creek Yard to interchange with the B&P!
    NS 058 H/W with Export Units - CAT & Farm Equipment


    Dec 7, 2013 NS 058 with NS 2773 & 2714 lead this H/W headed into Enola Yard off the NS Pittsburgh Line with Brazilian VL units, some CAT Equipment and Case/New Holland farm tractors.
    A World War One Motor Rail Simplex (probably) - Lawrie Goes Loco Episode 12


    Dec 19, 2019 Today I'm visiting the Apedale Railway to drive this originally 20hp, now 30hp Motor Rail Simplex, which could have been used to supply troops at the front during the War.
    White Pass & Yukon Route, a Journey through the Alaska Mountains Skagway Alaska - B.C & Return.


    Jun 23, 2022 Last week I went on a week long trip to Alaska and one of the stops was Skagway Alaska, and we rode on the famous WP&YR (White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad), this is one of a few scenic railroads I have ever seen in person and so far the WP&YR is my favorite so far and I hope you enjoy the video. Like, Share, and Subscribe if you want to help support my channel.
    Pikes Peak Route (Colorado Midland, Midland Terminal Railways)


    Jul 10, 2020 The Colorado Midland was the first standard-gauge railroad to penetrate the Colorado Rockies. It connected with the Midland Terminal which served the legendary Cripple Creek mining district. Hundreds of historic photos enliven the history of both railroads. The video climaxes with motion pictures of the Midland Terminal—about 3 minutes of a 1930's passenger train, and 13 full-color minutes of ore and passenger trains in 1948-49. Listen to interviews with the crew on the very last train run by the railroad. Sadly, watch motion pictures of the scrapper lifting the rails.
    All Aboard for Eureka (Eureka Springs Railroad & Community History)


    Sep 15, 2020 Enjoy the history of Eureka Springs, Arkansas and its railroad illustrated with numerous still photos. A heritage railway eventually replaced the original line so ride this scenic route or feast on a delicious meal in the dining car. Produced in 1992 when the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas was running both steam and diesel locomotives. 30 minutes.
    3:21 / 8:54
    Found Something Unbelievable While Following Some Abandoned Ore Cart Tracks In The Middle Of Nowhere


    Jul 8, 2019 Today I explore a remote abandoned mining operation in the mountains

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    Good Thursday Night All,

    My gosh it has been a busy week for us, we are having our Pool, over 50 yr old pipes, equipment and new plaster installed. Waited a 15 years to do this. I can say one thing it isn't Cheap, and with rising prices for Construction and everything else, we had to get this done.

    Only hard thing, is all the new building codes, like Pool Alarms everywhere including Floating/or attached Pool Side Alarm if Small Child or Baby were to fall in. Of course we'll not complain, it is a good security net to keep little ones safe from potential drowning. As well, we had to put Smoke and CO2 Alarms all over the house too.

    Hopefully in another Month, our house will be back to normal, after hosing down all the Construction Dust, the very good thing, we have excellent contractors doing the Job.

    Over to trainz, been working on Freelance NG Route. Been working on fixing the Ground under too short Trestle Bridges Etc.

    Picture of Route as it looks now, I have two other NG Routes below that will be added with connecting tiles once I finish the Main Route on Top.

    Picture of one of many bridges in the high Canyons, I had to adjust bottom level of Ground to mate with Feet of Bridge Poles. The Mtn Coloring is really nice.

    Two Consists passing each other on long Siding way up high in the steep Canyons.

    Returning Empty Ore Cars back to Work location

    Something when your Train is so long, you can see the end of it! Mind our Speed and Braking, don't won't a runaway on these Steep Gorges.

    Our destination is Gravel and Cement Yards here for fill up. Then things get interesting, and we take it slow and careful downhill with Ore/Gravel/Sand Loads.All these areas are far from complete, WIP.

    Looking across the empty space here, I putting up some Background Boards to hide the open Tile less area. And with the right style Boards it gives a great finishing touch. I have several laid out, so I can view them at a distance to see which looks the best.

    I need to add some more Cactus and other high desert Flora in all over the place. But that is for another day. Am also thinking of adding some Semaphore Signals spaced out for basic traffic control where there is Single Mainline operations. No Cornfield Meets, it could be Deadly in these areas. At the moment we are using Paper Schedules and Times. Shoot, I just thought about it, we don't even have Telegraph Poles anywhere....I think we are in big trouble.

    Blues Y Tube Pics of the week.

    St. Paul & Pacific in Watsonville, CA (March 2021) https://youtu.be/9I__DabKCPM

    Oct 19, 2022
    In mid-2018, Progressive Rail Inc. reached an agreement with the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission to serve as the freight carrier on the Santa Cruz Branch Line. PGR formed the St. Paul & Pacific. The new entity was confined to switching in Watsonville. Citing losses, PGR handed daily operations over to the Santa Cruz, Big Trees & Pacific Railway in spring 2021.

    The following video clips were filmed in March 2021, featuring the St. Paul & Pacific bringing an empty center beam from Big Creek Lumber to the Union Pacific interchange at Watsonville Jct.

    ================================================== =====================================
    Lone SD40 FAILS TO CLIMB Steep Grade Twice, Making Freight Train Back Up!


    Maybe those 2 cars that sped out in front of the Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad freight train made this SD40 (ELS 503) slow down and fail the first time, the second time they just couldn't get the speed up to climb that steep grade here in northern Wisconsin. They had to disconnect from the train and go ahead sanding the rails before trying again.
    ================================================== =====================================
    CSX Train With 2 Loud DPU's & Heritage Unit On Norfolk Southern Steel Coils Train! Kentucky


    Oct 20, 2022
    2 Loud Mid Train Locomotives Shoving Steel Coil Cars & Green Heritage Unit Roars By On Fast Freight! CSX and Norfolk Southern trains in the sun. Trains with DPU's and maintenance of way equipment on the CSX & Norfolk Southern main lines in Walton, Kentucky. One railroad crossing has gates, bells and flashing lights while the other crossing on the same road only has cross bucks. The Norfolk Southern track gets about twice as many trains as the CSX track and that is probably why it has the electrical units. I was between both crossings and got two CSX trains and one NS train in a little over 3 hours. That includes my stop at the last railroad crossing in Florence, Kentucky where a high rail truck and a couple of maintenance of way equipment units passed by.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Autumn Colors Along the Arcade & Attica


    The days are getting shorter, the temps are getting colder, and with winter around the corner fall colors are slowly giving way to bare trees. On this overcast and cold mid-October morning, the Arcade & Attica Railroad pulled out two of their GE center cabs for the revenue freight run from Arcade, NY to North Java, where they would drop the five hoppers and two tankers at the Reisdorf Brothers feed mill located at the end of the line!
    ================================================== =====================================
    Arcade & Attica Railroad: Cab ride in A&A #18 https://youtu.be/o-YaqgMs6og

    Jul 28, 2017
    On July 16th, 2017 my Dad and I took a cab ride in the only operating steam locomotive in New York State. The Arcade & Attica RR #18. Engine #18 is a 2-8-0 built in 1920 by the American Locomotive Works. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful machine as we travel through the hills of Western New York. It was truly an experience I will always remember with my Father. Thanks to everyone who made it a possibility for us to do this!
    ================================================== =====================================
    Steam Locomotive - 2.5 Scale 7.5 gauge 2-4-0 Narrow Gauge Locomotive Assembly Part 1


    I enjoy creating 5”, 4-3/4”, 7-1/4”, 7-1/2” gauge live steam equipment. I don’t replica my models to exact specs, but rather fancy the construction of replicating narrow gauge locomotives, wagons and track to my own pattern and or design. A few different Railroads and Railways that inspire my builds are LGB, Rio Grande, Kowie Railway (South Africa), Welshpool And Llanfair Light Railway Equipment, SR Railway, Thomas And Friends, Sugar Pine and West Side Lumber Co.
    ================================================== =====================================
    4-8-4 Northern Plowing Snow at ILS https://youtu.be/y4o_urComAQ

    Dec 21, 2013
    Merry Christmas all! Sit back and relax as Northern #4120 is pressed into service to clear snow from the railroad at the Illinois Live Steamers. We braved the cold so you wouldn't have to! Thanks for watching The Steam Channel!
    ================================================== =====================================
    The Rail's on Fire! plus a Crank shafted Track Bolt https://youtu.be/oFa7bUzNCxE

    We gonna light the rail on fire today with Fire Snake and you can help me fix this rail
    joint pull apart. And near the end of the video you will see what a Crank shafted Track Bolt looks like.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Major Derailment: Locomotive Derailed & 2 Cars plus1400 Feet Track Tore Up!


    Jun 2, 2021 I will post the next video showing why this derailment happened along
    with a second video to follow of the damage the locomotive sustained, so watch those 2 upcoming videos to get your questions answered as to why this happened and how the locomotive fared, will in that latter video also share how Hulcher re railed the locomotive.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Union Pacific Railroad detour on the normally out-of-service ex-M&I Mosher Branch in Missouri, 2017 https://youtu.be/WyD1lPC6ST0

    In May 2017, major flooding in Missouri caused BNSF Railway to shut down its River Subdivision between St. Louis and Memphis. Normally, at Ste. Genevieve, MO, Union Pacific's local moves traffic for its customer, Mississippi Lime, using trackage rights over the BNSF River Sub from here on north for approximately 10 miles to access its own line in Crystal City, MO. At Crystal City, the lime cars are then forwarded on to another UP local (LSE-57) which takes them to St. Louis over UP's De Soto Sub.

    However, when the BN River Sub closes due to flooding, derailments, or other calamities, Union Pacific has to re-open the normally out-of-service Mosher Branch of the former Missouri & Illinois (M&I) Railway between Ste. Genevieve and Derby Jct. in Park Hills, MO, in order for Mississippi Lime's traffic to access the De Soto Sub. At Derby, the line joins in with a regularly-used UP branch to reach the De Soto Sub main line at Bismarck.

    OK Folks, another several days of Construction going on, early day tomorrow.

    Thanks for Dropping by.

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    Good Weds Evening,

    Another Week has passed so quickly for me, with all this construction going on.

    I picked up a couple of really nice little Routes to play with.

    <kuid:455032:102683> ADLR6 L&B UK Narrow Gauge V1.15

    <kuid:455032:102671> ADL R5 NORTHERN COASTAL V2.1 Del - Default

    http://www.009.cd2.com/ (Website has excellent additional info!


    Authors Notes:This route is based on the UK narrow gauge Lynton & Barnstaple railway. The actual railway closed in 1935, although a small section was reopened in the early 2000's.

    Whilst there may be some scenes on this railway that represent some of the original route, I have deliberately used alternative names to avoid making it an exact copy.

    This railway is based in the late 1960's, there is a main line connection at Barnstaple North (AI trains run in addition to a couple kept off scene), but other than that the railway is self contained.

    It is assumed that the railway kept operating after 1935 and in recent years BR has repainted all the stock in heritage livery. Part of the original line in 1935 ended up covered by a reservoir, hence the very large lake mid-way-ish with the railway this time running on viaducts and a series of islets.

    Trains over four coaches require two locomotives (unless using the Garret).

    Garrat! Well, the railway uses visiting locos from other UK routes.

    I hope you enjoy the route, and of course feel free to make your own edits.

    Thank you to those who helped test the route and offered suggestions, in addition to those who did all the hard work creating the trains, track and objects that make this route.

    End of Notes

    I think I will have lots of fun with these two Routes. Well done Sir. ( Lew188 )


    Mighty Hot day in the Desert with a heavy Load of Black Crude Oil to parts unknown.

    High up on the Ridge keeping a close watch on our Speed and Air Reserves.

    Looks very Hot and Dusty as we cruise on by ..

    Mighty good Steam Engine here, excellent Tractive effort going through 5% Grades in some places.

    No Sun Kinks so far....But we have our eyes alert. Doesn't mean we could stop in time......!

    Ok Boys, I see the Saloon from here, bout time to get some good Drink and then continue on Coyote Gulch. Watch out for side winder Snakes.

    Up Boss said no time to stop, they need this shipment in Today........

    Nice Rail we have here too.

    Engine light is on, and someone is definitely home and on the High Ball!

    Nice Scrub Brush here......

    Blues Y Tube Pics of the Week:

    Abandoned railroad track to be restored - Myles Standish, Taunton, MA - 10/26/2022


    Last update was in July but finally we're seeing some action on the track in Myles Standish, Taunton, MA. Since last update some ties and rails showed up on property. This video shows some ties and a crew working as well as the stock pilled rails.
    ================================================== ==============================================
    Comments:This Gent is so well schooled and interesting too listen too......Sentinel on guard -


    The National Coal Board Locomotive, preserved where it worked! LGL Ep.24
    ================================================== ==============================================
    Collecting my Full Size Ruston Locomotive!


    It was bound to happen sooner or later.
    Here begins my adventure as a locomotive owner - going down to meet the Late Sir William McAlpine and to purchase Ruston 48 294266.
    ================================================== ==============================================
    New Nathan M3 for DLWR's Alco S6 https://youtu.be/u_Z8yqGR07k

    Oct 26, 2022
    With Indian Summer sweeping across the Western New York region for the past few days, the crew of Depew, Lancaster & Western Railroad's BT-1 spends a typical morning sorting cars at the CSX interchange before heading towards downtown Batavia, NY to work customers around town! Along with the usual sights and sounds of Delaware-Lackawanna Alco S6 #1044 comes a new sound from its new Nathan M3 horn, which recently replaced the (I think) Nathan P3 which was previously installed on the old Alco switcher!
    ================================================== ==============================================
    ECO Geeps Lead a Pittsburgh Division Local https://youtu.be/0F3DNkcsNzA

    Oct 23, 2022
    While making its way west to Hamburg NY, Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Division local C87 makes a stop at SK Yard for a pick-up with the ECO slug set providing the power!
    ================================================== ==============================================
    Over the Hill and into Buffalo Creek with an I&M Switcher https://youtu.be/VHDDtFXHuwg

    Jul 9, 2022
    A crew from the South Buffalo Railroad comes down the hill off their main line and into Buffalo & Pittsburgh's Buffalo Creek Yard to interchange cars with a trio of end cab EMDs, including an SW1500 from the Illinois & Midland Railroad!
    ================================================== ==============================================
    Schoma CHL-30G, German air cooled goodness - Lawrie Goes Loco Episode 10


    Oct 17, 2019
    Hello people,
    Today we have traveled down to the Bredgar and Worms hill railway to have a look at the most modern loco that I've ever driven - a little Schöma CHL 30G.

    If you like what you see in the video and fancy visiting this very pretty little line, then the opening dates can be found on their website:
    ================================================== ==============================================
    The locomotives of Fairbanks Morse https://youtu.be/UxEoJYQX6ow

    TVA Fairbanks-Morse H-16-66 "Baby" Train Master Volume 1 of 5 Jay Winn
    ================================================== ==============================================
    The Shark noses of the Baldwin Locomotive Works

    ================================================== ==============================================
    Krauss Maffei: America's Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives https://youtu.be/HpYNkHXu53k

    Sep 23, 2020
    Yes, yes, I know I got the thing about traction motors wrong...

    In the 1960s, the Southern Pacific Railroad was shopping for the most powerful locomotives it could find, with no domestic offerings suiting their wants. One company over in Germany offered a solution with some unconventional means, which lead to some interesting results.
    ================================================== ==============================================
    TRRS 547: Railroad Rail Replacement https://youtu.be/MNpUD6iLWNY

    GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - 23 Jul 2020

    Just like any other kind of infrastructure, railroad track is ultimately an expendable resource, requiring periodic reconstruction or rehabilitation to remain in top operational form.

    While the large steel rails of today’s railroads are hardy and can last for decades, over time they are surface worn by passing trains, and are subjected to stress and strain which precipitates in the formation of metal fatigue and internal cracking. While rail grinding does extend the life of the rail, eventually it becomes more cost effective to swap it out for new steel.

    Special thanks to this crew for graciously allowing me to film their work and be good sports about it. It isn’t always easy working in front of an unknown camera lens, but I think this process is so neat and worth sharing with others. I hope that after watching this video you have also come to appreciate the process and honest work these guys do to keep trains rolling.

    CSX Curve Rail Gang at Seymour
    - CSX LRC 200803 Sperling Railway Services Large Rail Saw
    - CSX SP 200703 Nordco Single-Side Spike Puller
    - CSX SP 200714 Nordco Single-Side Spike Puller
    - CSX EX 201005 RCE Equipment Solutions/John Deere 225D Railavator
    - CSX SC 200803 Sperling Railway Services Rail Scrap Retriever
    - CSX TPM 200702 Sperling Railway Services Tie Plugging Machine
    - CSX CA 201902 Knox Kershaw KKA Kribber Adzer
    - CSX EX 201106 RCE Equipment Solutions/John Deere 225D Railavator
    - CSX PC 200713 Rail Saw Cart
    - Progress Rail Chemetron CMW33 In-Track Rail Welding Truck
    - CSX SD 20172L Nordco Production Spike Driver
    - CSX RH 200401 Teleweld Rail Heater
    - CSX RHC 201001 Teleweld Rail Heater Cart
    - CSX AA 200602 Nordco Anchor Applicator
    - CSX AA 200202 Nordco Anchor Applicator
    - CSX SD 20171L Nordco Production Spike Driver
    - CSX SD 20173L Nordco Production Spike Driver
    - CSX RAC 201903 Nordco Rail Anchor Cart
    - CSX Grand Rapids Terminal Sub, Grand Rapids, MI, Kalamazoo Ave xing/Seymour

    Ok Folks that is wrap for tonight, hope you enjoyed the Trip and thanks for dropping in.

  15. #1665


    Good Sunday Evening all,

    Hard to believe Oct is here and gone tomorrow, where did time fly?

    This week I found an adorable little 3 tile Route, very well done, and has historical background!


    The S&NY was a short-line railroad connecting the Lehigh Valley Railroad at Towanda, Pennsylvania with the Pennsylvania Railroad at Marsh Hill Junction. The railroad carried freight and passengers between Williamsport and Towanda.

    This three baseboard route is based on a train layout by Michael Hauk. Route created by Nick Ozorak.

    Learn more about the real railroad at snyrr.com

    Being busy with Pool Renovations and other stuff, just had time to download, look it over, my immediate reaction, it's a Keeper.

    <kuid:87135:100997> Susquehanna & New York Railroad TRS19
    Being busy with Pool Renovations and other stuff, just had time to download, look it over, my imidiate reaction, it is a Keeper.


    <kuid2:56603:100809:1> NSW Cootamundra-Bethungra by Footplate Phil, who makes excellent NSW Routes, several that are merge-able.....!

    Cootamundra to Bethungra on the NSW Main South line.

    Use this module to join route 'WeddinNSW V5' to route 'ARTC Main South'. The resulting route is over 1000 kms in length.

    Original model 'Bethungra' by PGibbons (2004). Scenery updates by FootplatePhil (2022).
    Tonight a Little bit of Denmark Route: It is large and has plenty of run area......Danske jernbaner / Danish railways
    (Work In Progress)

    Sjaelland + Lolland-Falster + Fyn + del of Jylland
    Zealand + Lolland-Falster + Funen + part of Jutland
    The routes is....

    S J AE L L A N D / Z E A L A N D :

    Lokal, Hilleroed- Gilleleje- Helsingoer
    Lokal, Hilleroed- Tisvildeleje (GDS)
    Lokal, Hilleroed- Hundested (HFHJ)
    Lokal, Hilleroed- Helsingoer (Lille Nord)
    Lokal, Jaegersborg- Naerum (Naerum banen LNJ)
    Lokal, Holbaek- Nykoebing Sj (OHJ)
    Lokal, Toelloese- Slagelse (Toelloesebanen)
    Lokal, Roskilde- Koege- Naestved (Lille Syd)
    Lokal, Koege- Faxe Koege- Roedvig (Oestbanen)
    Kystbanen, Helsingoer-Kbh-Sverige (Oeresundstog)
    S-tog, Hilleroed- Kbh- Koege
    S-tog, Kbh- Hoeje Taastrup
    S-tog, Kbh- Klampenborg
    S-tog, Kbh- Farum
    S-tog, Kbh- Frederikssund
    Regional, Kbh- Roskilde- Holbaek- Kalundborg
    Regional, Kbh- Roskilde- Ringsted- Vordingborg
    Regional, Kbh- Roskilde- Ringsted- Korsoer (- Fyn)
    Regional, Kbh- Koege Nord- Ringsted (Superlyn)

    F Y N / F U N E N :

    Nyborg- Odense- Middelfart (- Jylland)
    Odense- Svendborg

    J Y L L A N D / J U T L A N D :

    Aarhus H- Viby J- Hoerning-
    Skanderborg- Horsens- Hedensted-
    Vejle- Brejning- Boerkop- Fredericia-
    Taulov- Kolding- Lunderskov

    Lunderskov- Vejen- Broerup-
    Holsted- Goerding- Bramming-
    Tjaereborg- Jerne- Esbjerg

    Lunderskov- Vamdrup- Vojens-
    Roedekro- Tinglev

    Tinglev- Kliplev- Graasten- Soenderborg

    Tinglev- Padborg

    Esbjerg- Jerne- Tjaereborg- Bramming-
    Sejstrup- Gredstedbro- Ribe Noerremark-
    Ribe- Hviding- Rejsby- Broens-
    Skaerbaek- Doestrup- Bredebro-
    Visby- Toender Nord- Toender

    Esbjerg- Spangsbjerg- Gjesing- Guldager-
    Varde Kaserne- Varde- Varde Nord

    Varde- Frisvadvej-
    Varde Vest- Boulevarden

    F A L S T E R :

    Noerre Alslev- Eskilstrup- Nykoebing F

    L O L L A N D :

    (Nykoebing F-)
    Oester Toreby- Graenge-
    Sakskoebing- Maribo- Ryde-
    Soellested- Avnede- Nakskov

    (Nykoebing F-)
    Lolland Syd- Roedby

    S V E R I G E / S W E D E N :

    (Koebenhavn / Copenhagen-)

    Route pictures - Download from here:
    Most of 'Naerum-Banen'
    made by lha kuid:63566

    Some of the 'Helsingor-citypart (beta)'
    made by Captain_Scarlet kuid:61109

    'Oresund Bridge'
    made by oknotsen kuid:645812

    Some of the route and some special parts
    made by larssersoft kuid:269752
    Dansk / Danish Forum:

    I had to split this Huge Route into 2 Pieces if I recall, it is over 100 some miles or more long.......

    Just looking down from here, one can see this is lengthy Route. Very enjoyable.

    Tracks and Signaling are superb.

    Well Dressed Business travelers too.

    Switching Routes from one city to another as I learn this Route.

    End of one of 5 Points.......We switch train direction very easily, no Round Table needed......

    Nicely Textured and Plants, Trees etc very well done through out.

    Station Stop for Travelers.

    Have to learn these Danish Names and what Part of Denmark I am in,,,,Could get lost easily.........

    ================================================== =============================
    Extra Power Needed to Climb the Hill https://youtu.be/LopwQCwtEUg

    Two movements of the South Buffalo Railway on two days are featured, including first a light power move of a pair of SW1500s after a crew delivered loaded gondolas to South Side Precast Products in the Port of Buffalo, the former Bethlehem Steel site! Two days later, the transfer train with the Buffalo & Pittsburgh departs Buffalo Creek Yard and heads back to PS Yard with an unexpected sight: B&P's GP18 providing extra power for the long and heavy train to get up the hill and over Long Bridge!
    ================================================== =============================
    Emergency Railway Track Repair https://youtu.be/rVNTXYD-HjA

    Sep 29, 2021
    This is a film showing an emergency track repair to restore Canadian National Railway's mainline service following a collision of two freight trains.
    ================================================== ==============================
    Why CSX is Buying Pan Am Railways https://youtu.be/fik2U-MVttc

    CSX is acquiring Pan Am Railways, as announced on April 14th by the Surface Transportation Board. In this video I explain how this will effect railroading in New England (and New York!) in the coming years.
    ================================================== ==============================
    LMM does the Statfold Barn Enthusiast Day - to show Ash the K1! Chasing Dinosaurs Ep.3


    Today Lawrie ticks a big one off his bucket list and finally visits the Statfold Barn Railway - with the intention of showing Ash his first Garrett!

    ================================================== ===============================
    Styx harvesting.avi https://youtu.be/SW4kcuUvsJk

    Tasmania's forests Timber harvesting in the Styx Valley in the 1940's part one.

    The Styx valley has been subject to industrial logging for over 70 years, and is the birthplace of clear fell burn and sow silviculture from the 1960's.

    And that's a Rap for this evening.......Thank you for dropping by. Peace and Health to all.

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