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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb Amsterdam Pics/ Win11 Upgrade/ YTube Pics

    A Blessed Sunday to all,

    Christmas Day was nice spending it with our extended Family members, even better yet, we got another good round of Rain last night, and today the Sun is out, and Sky is a Royal Blue. Hope all of you had a wonderful Xmas as well....

    During my spare time, I put my Traveling Lenovo S540 away for now, and back on the Asus ROG Strix 17" Screen, with 32RAM, and duel 2 Terabyte SSD's, one for Programs, and Drive second for Trainz only, nothing else, dedicated SSD.

    Now just Asus for an hour, Windows 11 Announcement pops up, what do I do? Since I already did a few weeks ago on Lenovo and got a feel for the upgrade, I figured why not. So now both Computers are upgraded and no issues, other than I don't like my Taskbar set for bottom of the Screen. I need to use this to correct/override Win11's hard setting for Taskbar located only at bottom of Screen, prefer mine on left corner down edge, looks and feels more natural to me.


    Note that, because Microsoft doesn't support this taskbar move, there are some bugs associated with it. When you move the taskbar to the top, the Start menu shifts upward but aligns to the upper-left corner, even if the taskbar icons remain centered. The system tray is in the upper right where it belongs, but if you click on the clock, the speaker or on notifications, the pop-up menus for them appear in the lower right corner. The search menu, however, is still aligned to the center.

    Today's Pic's a few more from our Amsterdam Trip earlier this year.....

    Tried to get some night shots here as we took 2 hour River Cruise....It was terrific, and the waters were very calm.

    I got to see this plane and see the amazing and intricate ingenuity it took to make it fly worthy in that time period.

    Take a look at the all wooden propeller on this Baby, more unbelievable has sculptured it is to bight into the Wind and make this Plane fast for it's time Period..

    Out of 10 days, 7 were rain events, some heavy rains, but even with that, we got to see a lot of Amsterdam and surrounding Cities.

    Local Map of the area, shows the many Canals that are symmetrical, and you can bet, there is one heck of lot of Shipping all over the place......We saw many different type ships in these canals. And plenty of what I think is called LONG BOATS too.

    Ever thought about flavors such as Liqueur, these folks are the experts back into the day! This Museum and actual tasting was really interesting, we bought some drinks and brought them back home to enjoy. Check it out, I think you'll really enjoy the experience.
    ================================================== ===============================================
    Blue's YouTube's picks.
    Vandenberg Air Force Base/ Concepcion, CA Along UP’s Southern Pacific Route Seen From Tioga Pass


    Spectacular vistas ~ ocean, mountains, sky, and steel rails.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Why We See Foreign Locomotives


    Why we see engines from other railroads on our home road. Is there an exchange program? How do railroads keep track of this? Plus a day trip to CSX big yard at Baldwin, FL...and a seafood platter for dinner.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Cumbres and Toltec Rotary steam powered snowplow gets to work 2020 Part 1.


    It's been over twenty long years. But now the rotary snow plow comes back to life to do what it was built to do. Clear snow and a lot of it. The nearly 100 year old rotary was brought back to life earlier this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad.

    With the exception of a fall stalls, everything went well. No mechanical problems were encountered along the way. On this day the train traveled from Chama, New Mexico to the Colorado state line. Tomorrow the train would travel up to the top of Cumbres Pass (in part 2 of my video). Filmed on February 29th, 2020.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Weird Railroad Crossing, Train Knocks Down Signal, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station & Signals N Use


    Weird level railway crossing with signals in the middle of the street, abandoned Baltimore And Ohio Railroad station, train drops the signal ( green to red ) and B&O signals still in use! This is the CSX main line between Toledo and Cincinnati, Ohio. A Huron And Eastern Railway ( HESR ) locomotive is featured in this video being moved across this CSX railroad in Troy, Ohio. The old train station is no longer in use and is on property at a railroad wye that CSX uses for maintenance of way. This video shows 3 CSX freight trains including one that can be seen knocking down the signal at 13:00 with a fast train northbound. We get a good look at these rare signals. There are not many of these signals surviving so I am trying to film as many as possible while they are still in use. I like this railroad crossing also. Its cool how it has the signals and gates in the middle of the road and there are several roads that all come together at the railroad crossing.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments: Another reason, we are lucky to have great Route and Asset Creators. Just look at this cool Route....
    Trainz TRS19 - DSPP 'Mason Bogie' 2-8-6


    Trainz TRS19. A Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad Mason Bogie 2-8-6 locomotive drifts through the yard with a string of freight cars.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Scotsman fights a howling Storm Arwen over Shap 27/11/21


    LNER A3 class 60103 Flying Scotsman was the motive power for today's rail-tour named The Flying Scotsman from Carnforth to Carlisle and return seen running head on into Storm Arwen near Shap Summit with thirteen on and 47815 coughing at the rear, the rail-tour originated out of Manchester Victoria and was due to travel the Settle Carlisle line but due to the line being closed it was diverted over Shap, most roads around Kendal were blocked today with fallen trees so we had a bit of a challenge trying to get going but we managed!
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments:Have been following this small Short-line from day one......Quite a Story, hoping to see them open up for business next year.
    Locomotive and Rail car Brakes


    Some history on railcar brakes, and repairs to the 2021.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments:I saw the magic word noted, SLUG, I need to pull all my Slugs out and put them to work, before they give them away to the Metal Scrapers, and think the Railroads won't do it, when Rolling Stock, or Locomotives are past their time, or not enough Horsepower, they end up on the Dead Line, the last place before a decision is made for the Scraper.
    Lake State Railway Train 326 with LSRC 301 and LSRC 4301 - Alpena Mi


    Lake State Railway Company train 326 heads south over 3rd and Franklin St in Alpena Michigan with slug set 301 and 4301 leading.
    ================================================== =====================================
    The Amazing Invisible Railroad Crossing! Train Car Wobbling A Lot at 50 MPH! Triple Train Meet! DPU!


    The Amazing Invisible Railroad Crossing! Train Car Wobbling A Lot at 50 MPH! Triple Train Meet! DPU! 5 Trains in all in this action packed train video filmed in and around Dun Kirk NY on December 19th 2021.
    ================================================== =====================================

    Thanks for dropping by, and Happy New Year to all, it's on schedule and just a few days away......

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    Spain, Madrid


    I wish you a happy night with yours, my friend.

    Happy New Year from this side of the pond.

    A big hug, Javier

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    Default New Year Spring cleaning Misc Pics/Ytube Picks

    Good Friday evening All,

    Blue has been busy thinking about New Years Resolutions, and you Know Trainz was part of it.......In review, both my Asus & Lenovo Laptops are working great, and they have SSD Drives and fairly good Video Cards too, not state of the art, but they work pretty good.

    A little off topic here, but there are lots of Security Glitches followed cyber intrusions in these last several years. Like Ransomware attacks! All of us have put lots of time and effort to get our Routes just the way we like them. keeping viable copies, just in case we experience Computer Crashes, Storm Damage, Earth Quake etc.

    It's paramount now more than ever to have all your Files Safely backed up, both locally and Off Site, IE Cloud Storage, and or someone you trust to keep a Hard Drive Copy of your Files, just in case something, Lord Forbid happens.

    A wise person told me, you realize sometimes how valuable something is, till you lose it.

    Cloud and Hard Drive Storage used to be very, very expensive, now it is quite affordable. There are many types of Cloud Storage Available. Recently I just signed up for Asus Cloud Storage 1 Terabyte less than 2$ a month.. That will work nicely for my Trainz external backup, currently I have about 810 Gigs used on D: Drive, once I start cleaning out old version Assets below Vers 3.5 I should have less Storage for now.

    January will be Spring (yes I know it is still Winter) cleanup an reorganization. One of the things I need to do, is keep a Spreadsheet of all my Cloud Storage. Hard to believe, years ago, I started out with Drop Box, and then Google and Apple had their Cloud Storage for Email and whatever else, you wanted to Safeguard. And I recall making 60-80 Floppy Disk Drive Bk-ups on computer, using took about 2 hours, back in the day, also used Tape Drives, and they were really Slow, but that was all we had back then.......

    You think about how much our Computers, IOT's, Smart Phones, Alexa, has changed, and in some cases, made our life more complicated too.......

    I plan on keeping my Drop Box for now.......The thing I most need to safeguard is Family Photo's, since there Electronic, and we don't print everything out, we more or less Share with each other. It is very important to have several backups, for a myriad of reasons........One you lose one, there is not much chance of recreating it, unless you have Software that is good enough to retrieve off damaged Drives. With SSD's I pretty sure, when they fail, unlike Platter Drives, your out of luck......Just something to think about for the new year.

    And the other thing, is having enough Hard Drive Space, For me, 2 Terabytes for now is comfortable, 1 Terabyte doesn't cut it anymore. If you like at the relative size of your Assets now, version older ones, there is remarkable difference in File Size. I think because our Graphics is soo much better now than when Trainz started, File size is increasing exponentially.

    Tonight's Pictures are Random items.

    Using Trainz Platinum, this is my current settings for NVIDIA 1080GTI GPU, 32 Gigs of Ram, 2SSD's, 2Tera each,

    If we keep getting the Heavy Rain and Snow, our Mountains will look very close to this, it's been a few years since we have a good Snow Base like this.

    I don't know if we have any Mining Asset like this one, I think this is so Cool.

    BNSF Local Power dropping off some Wood Chip Product for Hyde Pulp Mill.

    A Horse Drawn Trolley car, East Coast, or maybe somewhere in the UK?

    BNSF MOW Work Train I believe this is Geep9 or there abouts.

    Pulling some Loads thru on New England Route

    A Lone Steam Train coming thru, probably a Special Run, they are starting to disappear with the Advent of Diesel Service now. We need to hang onto these old Rellicks..They take more maintenance than a Diesel due to Water Corrision and extra Oilings for unsealed bearings. Still, these are a Crowd Favorite, I think for a long time to come......
    ================================================== =====================================
    Blues Y Tube Picks of the week:
    Cranes lift up caboose and put it on the tracks


    During the move of privately owned BM 456 the car had to be lifted off the trailer and put back on the tracks. This video shows two cranes lifting up the car and putting it back on it's trucks. Filmed at Wharf Yard in Fall River, MA.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comment: Sometimes it takes a bad accident to teach a good lesson? Maybe this one was the one.
    The Bryn Athyn Train Wreck of 1921


    A nearly forgotten wreck, but this disaster had quite an impact on the American Railroading industry. On a now abandoned line branching off of Philadelphia, one of the worst crashes in the Philadelphia and Reading Company's history. Let's go in-depth and uncover the full story, like never before told in video.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comment:Hoping maybe some of them could be salvaged. Don't think they're making any more of these legends?
    12 Most Amazing And Incredible Abandoned Trains


    A well-built train can last for decades. So long as its parts can be maintained and the fuel that powers it doesn't get banned or go out of fashion, a train that was built in 1970 can still work in the 2020s. Trains have extremely long service lives, but when they get to the end of those lives, they're generally scrapped and recycled. That doesn't happen to every train, though - some of them manage to get themselves lost and abandoned, as you're about to see!
    ================================================== =====================================
    Re-spiking a curve in a snow storm


    Work gets done when it needs to get done. Sometimes it's in the least favorable of weather conditions. Today, we fix a spot where the gauge has gone wide. This would have been more difficult after the snow storm, so we fixed it while it was snowing.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Weird Railroad Crossing, Train Knocks Down Signal, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station & Signals N Use


    Weird level railway crossing with signals in the middle of the street, abandoned Baltimore And Ohio Railroad station, train drops the signal ( green to red ) and B&O signals still in use! This is the CSX main line between Toledo and Cincinnati, Ohio. A Huron And Eastern Railway ( HESR ) locomotive is featured in this video being moved across this CSX railroad in Troy, Ohio. The old train station is no longer in use and is on property at a railroad Wye that CSX uses for maintenance of way. This video shows 3 CSX freight trains including one that can be seen knocking down the signal at 13:00 with a fast train northbound. We get a good look at these rare signals. There are not many of these signals surviving so I am trying to film as many as possible while they are still in use. I like this railroad crossing also. Its cool how it has the signals and gates in the middle of the road and there are several roads that all come together at the railroad crossing.
    ================================================== =====================================
    CN FP9A #6520 December workout in Squamish 2020 12 06


    CN #6520 heads up 2 siblings, CP #4069 and PGE #561 with a tow of workbench cars in an engine test on Sunday in Squamish at the Railway Museum of BC ( West Coast Railway Park).

    Well it is 9PM here in California, and Blue family is having a drink and TV time watching New Years Celebration for the East Coast........

    Peace to you all........And a better 2022

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    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    I wish you a happy night with yours, my friend.

    Happy New Year from this side of the pond.

    A big hug, Javier
    Good Evening my friend! Been thinking about you, wondering how your getting along, you beat me to it!

    Hugs from this side of the Pond Ole Friend to you and yours.........

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    Good Wednesday Morning All,

    Well our Family Guests are a leaving to go back home today, and wonderful time was had by all. The Rains have gone now for about 2 Weeks. So give some time to do work outside. In the mean time, I have been busy cleaning up my Asus Trainz on Laptop. Got rid of few old Routes and picked some new ones and a few Module 1-4 Tiles for adding to my other Routes I am merging, such as Harbor, and Logging Routes Etc.

    These are the names of the Routes I selected for the projects I am working on......

    <kuid:455032:103977> AransasPassTerminalRwy

    <kuid2:134612:100078:4> CNR Abandon Valley Branch V5.0--------------}CNR Abandoned Branches nicely done.
    <kuid:455032:103955> CNR Abandon Valley Branch Winter map-----------}

    <kuid:187625:100788> Sierra Railway v1.0-------Angels Branch Sierra RR (Tane)----------}These are merged
    Sierra RR was built in late 1890's and is still in operation today. This standard gauge California shortline that runs from Oakdale to Tuolumne about 57 miles. The primary industry is still wood products. In bygone days it it also supported gold and silver mining. Today sees Dinner Trains at Oakdale and the 1897 Rail town NP at Jamestown.
    Thanks to Ben Dorsey for creating many of the structures at Jamestown, Oakdale, and Tuolumne. Many third party freeware items came from Jointedrail.com who also reskinned Sierra GP9 and S12's also available on their site as payware.

    <kuid:187625:100098> Angels Branch Sierra RR (Tane)------}
    This 19-mile long branch line of the Sierra Railway ran from the Sierra's main yard at Jamestown, CA to the mining community of Angels Camp. Completed in September of 1902, the line includes multiple switchbacks, curves of nearly 30 degrees, and gradients that hit 4.26 percent in some locations. Abandoned in the 1930s, many sections remain visible today. Additionally, the Jamestown rail yard has been transformed into the Rail town 1897 State Historic Park and is open to visitors year-round.I want to especially thank the following creators for lending their talents:
    Ben Dorsey (aka: bendorsey) for all of the Rail town 1897 buildings at Jamestown and the Sierra coach and combine

    <kuid:202442:100935> BDS Shoo-Fly E-W (T-03)-------] These are small 2-3 Tile Modules to add into Routes
    <kuid:202442:101120> BDS Generic Yard 01 NS--------]
    <kuid:202442:101117> BDS Generic Yard 01 EW--------]

    I drove this little fishing Troller.

    <kuid:455032:103974> WVRR Mainline Ca. 1933 Phase 1 Salt Wells - Monte Cristo

    "Nearly 100 miles of remote through railroad in central Nevada, from the SP junction at Parran to the edge of the Mammoth mining district."

    <kuid:455032:103895> BRETAGNE de LANNEVEZ a PORDI----} Amazing Route you must see........Recreation of Bretagne France

    <kuid2:61119:9092751:1> Wadalbavale Line------------} redone for TRS2019

    You all know I am big Fan on Lighthouses for a Route when they have a good amount of Water showing, I happened to run across this fine Lighthouse as I was reading about some things in Bretagne France.....

    If you look here on Faulty List, which I have been working on to clean up. One group is PGuy's and come to find out, I didn't have the latest downloads, nor did Content mgr show them? But I did check and found them, I was then able to clear up PGuy's group.....

    I explained in an earlier msg last month, that I upgraded to Win11 from Win10, so if you look here straight above, you'll see Windows.old, which is my old Win10 installation, you can reverse it back to Windows 10 if 11 is not to your suiting........


    Got an early trip to the airport at O Dark Thirty in the morning, taking our Family back to fly home in Midwest.....

    So I say good night now......I try and post some Y Tube Pics later in the day....

    Blue's YouTube Picks of the week:

    Yosemite Lumber Company Logging Inclines With Jack Burgess


    The Logging inclines of the Yosemite Lumber Company were dramatic tracked inclines that carried felled trees on rail cars down or up very steep grades to the mainline where they could be transported by the Yosemite Valley Railroad (YVRR) to the lumber mill at Merced Falls for further processing.

    This extraordinary presentation contains hundreds of rare photos and film clips of these amazing engineering feats in action, and is narrated by Historian and Author, Jack Burgess.
    ================================================== =====================================
    154 with a Dirty Illinois Terminal, a Very Late Amtrak, and 264 Passes 265 at Ray


    The IT wins the Dirtiest Heritage Unit this week. Amtrak 19 was 7 hours late. And some other trains.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Freight Train (1954)


    Shows how the cars in a freight train are scheduled, inspected and assembled. Follows the fast freight number 40 on its journey from Kansas City to Chicago. Examines the specific duties of train personnel and the operation of safety devices. The conductor, yard master, engineer, fireman, brakemen positions are highlighted. The cars are separated into groups that are going on to the same train. They pass over an inspection pit and are marked for repairs if necessary. Switching of the tracks during train assembly and departure from the stockyard is managed from a large tower. Cars are sent down the tracks to join the train with which they will travel. Ice is put into refrigerator cars. In an hour and a half, a mile of freight cars is loaded, inspected and coupled. During the trip, the front brakeman watches the train to make sure everything runs smoothly. The conductor sits in his office, reads orders and completes paperwork. The rear brakeman alerts the engineer when the last car is clear of turn and bridges, so the train can pick up speed. Explains why freight trains are important to many people.
    ================================================== =====================================
    A Crazy Unsafe Thing Called Poling


    Have you ever seen the dimples in train cars and locomotives? You'll always notice them now... They were used for a practice called "poling" - which was once a norm in railroading, it was never officially ruled against, however it fell out of practice. For good reason too.
    ================================================== =====================================
    First Freight Train Of 2022 Rolling North, Plus Street Running Too! | Jason Asselin


    The first freight train of 2022 was ESL 502 of the Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad heading north past this frozen crossing and then street running in Iron Mountain, MI. Plus a quick look at the snow making at giant pine mountain ski jump.. The ski jumps are one month away!
    ================================================== =====================================
    VERY bad track I Vyhoda narrow gauge railway: train driver's view


    It's time to open new horizons! In addition to "big" railways, there are also their younger brothers - narrow gauge railways. Vyhoda narrow gauge railway, better known as the "Carpathian Tram", is one of them. Track gauge here is only 750 mm, which is twice less than the standard track width (1520 mm). Vyhoda narrow gauge railway was built in the 19th century to export timber from the mountains, and even still works for its original purpose. At the same time, there are special regular tourist trains, which gives hope that everything will be fine with this small railway. Estimate the contrasts of narrow gauge railways compared to large railways. Enjoy!
    ================================================== =====================================
    Train Coupler Slack Compilation : Booms, Bangs, Thuds, and Earthquakes!


    Something different.
    ================================================== =====================================
    SHUNTING and DOCKING The Albury Locomotive hauled Passenger Train and 40 Year Old Passenger Cars.

    ================================================== =====================================

    Thanks for dropping by.
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    Hi Blue!

    Hope you and Mrs. Blue had a good Christmas last year and a good transition into 2022.
    Its been awhile since I last posted here but I always made sure to come here and see the content you shared.
    In your recent post about the lighthouse.. I also like lighthouses but I'm never in the area that has any lol. Personally I find them pretty and unique. The picture with the sunset is relly beautiful.
    Once again thanks for taking your time and sharing your content with us


    Here is what I've been up to. Been working on a commuter route that's about 85 miles from end to end. Been using TRS22 and with the help of surveyor 2.0 it has really helped to reduce time on moving things around
    I'm also making it seasonal so you can play in the snow if you wish

    And a bonus screenshot


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    Hi Blue!

    Hope you and Mrs. Blue had a good Christmas last year and a good transition into 2022.
    Its been awhile since I last posted here but I always made sure to come here and see the content you shared.
    In your recent post about the lighthouse.. I also like lighthouses but I'm never in the area that has any lol. Personally I find them pretty and unique. The picture with the sunset is really beautiful.
    Once again thanks for taking your time and sharing your content with us


    Here is what I've been up to. Been working on a commuter route that's about 85 miles from end to end. Been using TRS22 and with the help of surveyor 2.0 it has really helped to reduce time on moving things around
    I'm also making it seasonal so you can play in the snow if you wish

    And a bonus screenshot

    And a good day to you Sir,

    We made it thru Xmas, except for a few Family members were sick, possibly Covid, they are recovering now which is the best Blessing of all.

    Thank you for great looking Photo's, and since at my elevation, rain only,, I see Snow in the Mountains at 3000 feet or higher when it gets cold enough, looking forward to seeing your Route once it finished.....

    As per the Lighthouse, they rarity and there not making anymore, below is a link to one that is about 45 miles away from me. I think this one pretty cool.


    Thank you for kind words and sharing your new route with us......

    Peace and good health to you and yours.......

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    Hey Blue,
    Great to hear that you made it through Christmas and sorry to hear that a few of your family memebers got sick from the Covid. Hope the stupid thing will end soon.
    For weather wise we had no snow until the new years then we got dumped with 5 inches of snow. Talk about timing being late lol.

    Thanks for the link. The website looks interesting. Yes lighthouses aren't being built these days but at least they're still being used and preserved. I still find them fascinating.

    I've got 2 more screenshots for you to enjoy from the area I've just finished today.


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you hiawathamr,

    Love the Seasonal Pictures, your Route is sure looking like a Barn Buster in process............

    Me and Mr's Blue are doing OK, I finally clearing out all the congestion in my lungs, all from Sinusitis plus Post Nasal Drip, not a Cold either, just something in the Air got to my Sinuses and dry cough for several days, then wheezing for a couple of days more, finally, things turned around for me........My family members, 2 are better, one is not doing that great for now. So will see how it goes.....

    Take care and have a great weekend....

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    Lightbulb Learning TurFX /Bridge Issues//Water Color Choices/ YTube Pics

    Good Day all,

    Well Blue has been playing and a studying the TurFX layering etc. Took about a day to get it down and understand the quirks. Now I can use it sparingly where I need make Texture layer issues better looking.

    In the mean time I found some more very small, like Module type French Routes, 1-8 tiles or less they are well made and peaked my interest, and next plans are to merge with each of these, will see how it comes out.

    <kuid:410079:101100> rue de la gare HO
    <kuid:410079:100756> Gare , Ville , Depot 2
    <kuid:410079:100660> chemin terre sans trafic
    <kuid:410079:102387> Gare terminus
    <kuid:410079:100219> peice tour in HO
    <kuid:410079:100747> French secondary network HO
    <kuid:410079:100022> gare depot ville
    <kuid:410079:102752> Le port et plage

    Was looking at the Beach Sand and then how cool the deep water Colors were made on this Route, I had often wondered how it was certain Route Water Scenes were so natural looking, and others not so much. Well, it really comes to the contrast of at least 2-4 textures overlaid with each other. And it is not just the colors seen here, it can be many different types. It just needs to blend up with the Land colors above.

    Where I come up short is getting the appropriate water colors with the Sun's, that is the paradox. I wished the Colored Dials in the environment settings, had numbers on them so it would be easier to set a particular color........The only way I think I can get more of the colors I am looking for, is to save some screen shots like this one, that shows what position the dials are set at for the colors I like.

    This is an over view of one the Routes that has quite a good Yard Puzzle going on.

    This Route has so much Turf Grass on it, you can't see the Grids, or the colors below....Had a lot of fun reducing the intensity and height. Good lesson for Blue to learn about how TurFX Grass works.

    Now I got the Grass adjusted I can see all the Tracks much better LOL.......Step 2, tracks are going to moved and reconfigured.

    Every so often, I come across a picture, that gives me an inspiration to make a Set of Railroad tracks running through and across the River-ways here and there. Pie in the Sky for now, but like some Mountainous scenes I shared in the past, it will go into Picture Directory for later reference....A picture is worth a 1000 Words and comes in handy when your trying to create a particular look on Route......

    Whenever I play with a Route,,I will look thru it to getting a feeling of the theme, form and function. Sometimes I get lost in Route and can't figure the rhyme or reason. I find out, over time, that there is much to learn and appreciate how Routes are put together.

    In this particular scene, around the corner on the Right is a large Dock facility with huge Boat unloading Container or Ore Loads, at that point, I followed the shipping lane, into a Bascule Bridge? which was fine for clearance, except the next bridge across, ah, not going to work.....!

    So I looked for another Bridge to work, and had to moved the location further North, for clearance and elevation needs.

    Yup, that bridge is not going to work with this size Boat........

    Solution found, problem solved.
    Blues You Tube Picks of the week.

    Comments: The little Short Line that could, would be the Phrase, this Father has a Dream, and with his Son helping, that Dream is possibility.

    Rounding the "Bakery Curve" in the 2021!

    In this episode Graham and I remove trees on the East Terminal Railway. The ETR is a very short line and is a long shot! Watch as we hack and chop our way to railroading success!
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comment:Blue knows why the Tracks are icing up, do you, and if you did, what would the Solution be?
    Pellets Roll Again


    Here's the first WP-2 after reopening the line from this year's first ice out.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments:This Short Line has some problems due to deferred maintenance, before the current owners took over. Things are being improved, it isn't going to happen in a day. There is hope, just takes time and money.

    When ICE Stops A Train Dead On Its Tracks? Call The Rescue Crew.. | Jason Asselin


    As ELS 402 tries to go across this crossing, you can see the front lift up on ICE at the crossing and it stops them dead on the tracks! The conductor tried using a broom handle to loosen the ice, but it was no use. They were stuck. In less than an hour the rescue crew from the Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad came by, they used shovels and an ice pick until they were able to chip away all the ice blocking their way.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments: We complain about having to fix our problem Tracks in Trainz, well here is how it works on the Railroad! I thought you might enjoy this overview.

    Shooting a Thermite Weld on the Railroad from Start to Finish


    See how Thermite Field Welding is done on a railroad from start to finish.
    Today's work is called a field weld (because it's being done in the field) and
    when they set the weld off that is called shooting the weld.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments: Blue has been watching this little Short line for a while, all it had was U-Boat and Old Switcher, they now have more traffic and two new rebuilt EMD MP15DC, Black and Red Livery.
    2 Trains In A Row! Back To Back In Under 1 Minute! Cincinnati Eastern Railroad


    Trains passing by in Milford, Ohio on the Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET. The second train had just pulled up behind the first train and stopped to wait for it. The first train led by an EMD MP15DC was dead in the water for a short time. The locomotive wouldn't load. They finally got it going but it got dark. The first train just finished unloading rock on the mainline. This is where the rock shuttle unloads hopper cars. The rock shuttle runs from Hanson quarry at Plum Run, Ohio to the Roundbottom Rd, Milford, Ohio unload area.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Top 10 Extinct American Diesel Locomotives


    Since there are almost endless videos about extinct steam locomotives, I decided to respect the diesel locomotive fans who are longing for the same recognition. I chose this topic in particular since my first official narrated video was a Top 15 list for EMD DE/DM30ACs, and the channel has grown tremendously since then.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments: I grew around SP territory, got to see quite few F-7's with there very distinctive horns.Hope you enjoy this Video as much I do?
    History of American Trains: EMD F-7


    Welcome to the first episode of History of American Trains! This episode we are taking a look at the very popular EMD F-7.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments:For our Steam enthusiasts, This is recently made 2022 Video.

    The Largest Steam Train to Ever Blow Up 🚂 The Explosion of C&O 1642 🚂 History in the Dark


    C&O 3020 was an H8 Allegheny Mallet-type locomotive that suffered a cataclysmic boiler explosion in 1953. Let's discuss the incident and how it occurred!
    ================================================== ======================================
    That'll do for today. Thanks for dropping by.

  11. #1571


    Good Day all,

    The weekend is upon us, and Blue has been outside repairing a Roof Leak, that has been over due to be done, I had others in the front of of house that needed attention first......LOL

    Now bear in mind, I had a new Roof put on about 30 yrs ago, and since it gets both very hot, and can be Cold here too, down in the 30 F, it stresses the Tar Embedded Felt Paper to the point it cracks and breaks from expansion and contraction issues......Just part of the process......That is given, but what I found in the leak area, blew me away figuratively speaking......

    The Roofers who had re-sheathed my Roof, did a relatively good job, except where the Wood came next to my Tongue and Grove Wood Planks on the Roof overhang.....They didn't mate up, or level off the Roof correctly, the plywood sits almost 1/4 to 1/3 inch lower. So the Tar paper sank, and created a hollow area where the water didn't completely drain.......

    Been quite a job, and I also found they didn't flash (metal corner sheet the edges of my Roof either. Fortunately there is no Water damage on that side, but on a wind driven rain event, it can happen when Rain Drops go sideways rather than downward.....There are some places on the Sun-side of my house, that are not flashed either and they did get some Dry Rot from moisture and Rain get into those Eves. Maybe the Roofers only do the leading edges of the Roof, Downward sections. But I would think all the Roof Edging should be flashed to keep Rain or moisture off Sheathing edges....
    We have some rain coming in about 2 days, so I have to get these repairs done quickly, accurately, otherwise it is the old Plastic Tarp in place deal, which isn't always a 100% sure for no water leaks.
    ================================================== ================================================== ======================
    Ok, Enough about roofing, over to fun stuff........

    Got all my Faulty Stuff fixed or deleted, and been downloading some newer Version Assets, 4.5 -4.8 stuff from:

    MSGSapper........Industrial Assets.....Wow are they cool and unusual.....Thank you Bob for a bang up job.....

    Downloaded couple of Routes, from Approach Medium.........The keywords here with Approach medium's many Talents, Attention to Detail, Form and Function is excellent. When you look at his Routes, there is much to see and do, everything has a purpose.

    He really goes into overdrive when he does his Trees and Bushes, they look so natural and inviting, just take a walk along the Pier or Boardwalks, or down one of the Business Districts, everything has it's place, and one may ask, OK, sounds good, but is there something else notable....?

    My answer is yes, Approach Medium is an true Artist with Kit Bashing, if he can't find what he is looking for, he theorize what other possible solutions could be done, whoooo ya, he takes several assets and surgically places them just so, and voila. solution achieved.

    <kuid:109664:100068> 59th Street Industrial
    <kuid2:109664:600004:1> Appalachian Central
    <kuid2:109664:600017:1> Hudson & Western Trainz 2019
    <kuid:109664:800001> Santa Fe, Needles District TMR
    <kuid:109664:600003> Union Terminal
    <kuid:109664:800002> Mid Atlantic & Western
    <kuid2:109664:600015:3> Hudson & Western

    And if interested, after seeing how good his Route Making capabilities are, check out his You Tube Channel......He is one gifted individual and is great teacher for Trainz Route Making......

    Here is the link to one of his many Videos.......


    By all means, check out his Subscriber comments......Hope you enjoy as much as I have.......
    ================================================== ==========================================
    And the final Route for this week, was:

    And some nice Assets from shebashetan7, he really knows his stuff on several types of Assets, I like his Locomotive Work, I think it looks outstanding. And these two recent ones were perfect for me......Whenever I need a particular Horn or Bell sound, shebashetan7 is the one I goto for correct type.......Thank you shebashetan7 for your awesome Locomotive and other ancillary items......

    <kuid:442211:101865> CB&Q G5a 0-6-0 #515
    <kuid:442211:102640> PRR B28s 0-6-0 #2402

    And here is one of the Forum links from https://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...-New-Switchers as an example of the quality items he puts together for us.......Please read first Msg referring to this model indicated in thread "USRA 0-6-0 switcher reskins"
    ================================================== ======================================
    Blue's You Tube Picks of the week:
    Comments: This particular Derailment has 3 parts to it, one below is first, run his name, and you should see the other too.
    Derailment at the Cable Crossover near Tehachapi. 1/13/22


    I caught some footage of the aftermath of a derailment at the Cable Crossover just west of Tehachapi this morning. Lots of damage but no injuries.
    The #1 track looks to be in pretty good shape so I imagine they'll be flagging trains by late this afternoon. I'll try to get back up there tomorrow.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Comments: Probably mixed emotions when it is your last day on the Job
    Bay Colony 1706 on engineer's last day - 1/5/2022


    Here we see Bay Colony 1706 on the Watuppa Job on the engineer's last day before retirement. Mt. Pleasant St. New Bedford, MA
    ================================================== ======================================
    Comments: for our Canadian National Friends
    Standard Cab, and Old School Power on the Canadian National - C40-8s, and a GTW SD40-2 -


    The year 2021 is closing on an interesting note, rail-fan wise with the CN! A rare C40-8 escaped the Iron Range, and has made its way to the Twin Cities a number of times. To top this off, even a GTW SD40-2 made a run across the Minneapolis Sub.

    Starting off we'll see BNSF 292 leading CN 2010 at Cardigan Jct, in Shore-view, MN. After meeting CP HH16, running with its leader long hood forward, the CN takes off towards New Brighton. Later the same day, an extra L517, X517, ran with an SD40-2 leading. To top it off, it was a Grand Trunk Western 40, GTW 5931! This was caught in New Richmond as it it lead a solid train of autoracks bound for New Richmond. After this, the following clips highlight CN 2010 leading, and working in the Twin Cities. It is seen departing North town Yard, working New Brighton, and heading back east towards Wisconsin. It has been years since a C40=8 has worked this job; they tend to stick on the Iron Range. With CN retiring, and sidelining most of their dash 8s, this was a very welcomed sight!
    ================================================== ======================================
    Comments: OK, now this is Real Estate, subterranean Style, someone owns it, and they can't make a qualified decision what to do with it.....Scary, Who's in charge, oh, I don't know,,,,?
    Abandoned Cincinnati Subway Documentary - Is There Hope For Resurrecting the Subway?


    An abandoned network of subway tunnels lay hidden underneath Cincinnati. Closed off and mostly hidden, many residents aren't aware that they even exist. But city engineers and planners say that there may still be hope to bring this 100-year-old project back to life.
    ================================================== ======================================
    10 Year Special: Trains You Can't See Anymore


    Lots of Amtrak action in this one......
    ================================================== ======================================
    Comments:This one is for my UK Friends, think your going to enjoy this one,,,,And the Winner is, you decide the outcome!

    Train race: Modern Vs Old

    Class 66 & LMS Duchess of Sutherland racing through Wellingborough Station 27-11-21.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Comments:In the area I live in, nearby, we had 6 Houses slide down a Hill from underground Spring, took 15 Yrs to settle the case. Wonder how this mess up will end.....4$$$

    That time the ground opened and swallowed a train - Lindal Railway Incident


    In this video, we take a look at how an entire locomotive vanished into a hole that opened up seemingly out of nowhere
    ================================================== ======================================
    Comments:And when it Rains it pours, ehhh, up here it Snows really hard........Lets see how the RR handles the problem....

    Rotaries and Flangers on Donner Pass!


    "Winter on Donner Pass," watch rotary snow plows clearing snow from the railroad tracks in the dead of winter. Visit the summit of Donner Pass in winter's fury as both rotaries and flangers work to keep trains moving in arctic conditions.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Comments High Speed for Florida I am happy for them......Our high speed from Somewhere to Nowhere, well, I think I summed it up, we just aren't there yet!

    Brightline ready to test trains in Central Florida


    Brightline is nearly ready to put trains on tracks in Central Florida. The high-speed rail agency will begin testing its commuter trains in Brevard County. It's part of the multi-million dollar expansion of the rail line from West Palm Beach to Orlando, slated to open later this year.
    ================================================== ========================================
    I have to get up early to finish my Roof Job before the Rain Storm comes tomorrow night, I try and Post some Picks in a day or two.

    Thank you all for coming buy. Peace and Good Health to all during these difficult times.

  12. #1572

    Lightbulb Updates and GPU issues / Misc Route Pics / my thoughts and suggestions New Folks here

    Good Day all,

    Well Mother Nature brought us some more rain, so Roof repairs need to wait a day or two till things dry out.....Which is fine, I already got all my Roofing Tiles pulled up. And found out my Roof is sagging a bit in one section, looks like about 1" in one section of the Roof, What I see now after doing some of the Repair work. My Roof Structure is lagging in Support Timbers, and it also could be, there needs to more Cross member supports in section of the Attic.....Yup, you guessed it, Blue has to go into the Attic and see what's going on up there.....I also want to find out why some of Plywood edges sink in below the Rafters. Something ain't right. But Blue has been going to Framing School in the College of You Tube Videos.......Amazing what you can learn by watching Videos on You Tube.

    One Sad thing on my Roof, I found a lot of Sections where Nails were punched thru the Plywood into nothing, no Wood Framing there to hold the Plywood, means someone did not mark where the Rafters were to Nail thru......Sloppy Work......And I paid lots of money for the Roofing Job.......
    ================================================== ======================================
    Over to Trainz, Remember I mentioned in my last Post Approach Medium Routes and YouTube Videos, well I have only watched just a few of his Route Building Videos, tonight I watching his Review of Trainz2019, and he is having some problems with TurFX, previews, and just general issues trying to get TurFX running.....This is when Trainz2019 first came out about 3 yrs I think. And now 2022 is on the Horizon. My general practice like new Windows editions, I like wait 6-12 months till the Bugs get worked out, and by then, I have done a lot of studying to really get to know what issues are in the Software. I'm very comfortable with 2019 Trainz, I have gotten to learn how this Animal Hunts and when it doesn't. My version BUILD 114800 works real good, I know there are some Betas in 11600 Range or so, I'll update after they address some of the lagging issues the Beta Testers have mentioned.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Over to Railroad Mags I subscribe too. Railway Age is professional publication that distills what is new, changes, snapshot of All RR operations including Short-lines etc,,,,,This caught my eye tonight while typing this message.

    January 13, 2022 Class I, Freight, Inter-modal, M/W, News, Regulatory, Short Lines & Regional, Switching & Terminal

    CN to STB: We Want the Springfield Line (UPDATED WITH CP RESPONSE)


    Have been following this Merger Process with CN buying KCS line and Logistic in divesting certain parallel lines to pass STB concerns.
    use my link above here, I think you enjoy the back story here as CN has to get things in proper order for STB to sign-off the Merger approval.

    On another Note, you know I revel in Cabooses, every train should have a Caboose in my World, unfortunately, innovation has taken them away.....and replaced by Fred, but there are some trains that still do require a Caboose, Nuclear Materials Waste Etc applies to this need.

    January 14, 2022 Class I, Freight, Freight Cars, Mechanical, News, Regulatory, Safety, Short Lines & Regional, Switching & Terminal

    ‘No Ordinary Caboose’

    Check out this new Specialized Caboose for the Nuclear Crowd.....Oh no, I'm radiating light......Just kidding,,,,,Nuclear stuff is no joke! And glad they have good Caboose / Personnel work this consist, it would be major hazmat and threaten folks health if they had a spill or derailment.

    The U.S. Navy and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have developed a new Rail Escort Vehicle to transport security personnel during the shipment of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste; it is on its way to the Transportation Technology Center, Inc., (TTCI) for the final phase of testing.
    ================================================== ========================================
    Tonight's Pics, little of this, little of that.

    Picture above is NVIDIA EXPERIENCE MODULE interface I use on all my laptops.

    Just for the New Folks into Trainz, one of the important things is keeping all your Drivers up to date, for a couple of reasons, the easy one, is Performance, Trainz and pretty much any latest Software that is Graphic, or GUI( Graphics user environment) driven? We all pay good hard earned monies for using Software, so we are cheating ourselves when we don't keep the latest Drivers installed/ up to date for our Computer Systems, doesn't matter if it is new or is older?

    Number 2, I sure your aware, lots of bad Actors out their trying to break into your Computer, steal personal information, Ransoming you, or just taking over your machine and using as mule to make Digital Coin by mining for them! Think of it as someone tapping into your Electrical System, Water Lines, etc to your House, and using your Commodity that you pay for and you don't know it unless you had increased usage bills to pay?

    You need to make sure you have NVIDIA EXPERIENCE Module downloaded and installed to have your card properly configured. GPU's are outrageous expensive, so again, it important you get all the bang for your Buck. This is just my take, and personal opinion, your mileage will vary. (If you have questions, you need only post here on my thread, and I will answer, if I can't I direct you to best answer, or another Member who is more knowledgeable than me might, and is welcome here too anytime, Chime in.......Collaborative effort keeps our Forum Strong for all members.

    Did you Know? I didn't till a year or so ago. I tripped over looking for new DLC's I had recently purchased!

    So here is the Deal, Opening this module up on your main Trainz (only TRS2019 and above) last tab in bottom, says "CONTENT STORE" when you bring it up, main group of tabe upper right hand corner " STORE" PURCHASED" "UPDATES" appears, so say for instance, you might see a thread here in Forum indicating an Author/Asset Builder has made an update for DLC, ROUTE, etc, there is a good chance that update will show up here under updates, the other two tabs will help see what is installed or not, etc on your TRAINZ program, for example, it is really helpful for me, I have a small Lenovo Travel Laptop, S540, with 1 Terabyte SSD, and less powerful GPU installed, and it is not NVIDIA, so on my ASUS ROG, I have all my TRAINZ DLC, large Routes installed on ROG because it can handle it, and I have dedicated drive SSD "D" with 2 Tera size, on Lenovo, I run a scailed down version, medium and smaller Routes, to conserve SSD space, it has only one SSD, but the Laptop is small, 12.5" and very lightweight, easy to hand carry, or pack in my luggage for Travel Planes, Trainz and Ships. So you would deduce that this Trainz Content Store Module is a Godsend for me. It is just as important as my CONTENT MANAGER Module is, keeping things the way I need them to be, in orderly, appropriated configuration base on the items I just outlined here.

    I took these picture's a while back, I think it is Maria's Pass Route.

    Want to take a flight over your Route, you can, just need Invisible Track, and you can have Switch-points, in fact, you could set these Tracks to come out of one of your Airports too......One thing, if these are setup up on Large Routes, and I know some that have 2-3 independent Flight lines in the Sky, it can be to Taxing on your GPU, at least for 1080 GTI 4 years old now on my ROG, with a large Route, mine has trouble rendering it well, loss of Frames performance wise, so what I do, is edit the Route and remove a portion, or all depending on the severity of Frame Drop, Invisible Rails, to cut down the on GPU usage. I'll keep the original Route, but have a second copy edited for better performance, that way, I can still do some Airplane Flights with original Route.

    And one last thing, I do, a fair number of Routes will have too high density amount of Trees on them, I will also delete with "BULK ASSET AND REPLACEMENT" tool, anywhere from 25% to 60% of the Forest density, the trick here, is taking a drive with your mouse, too see how much is visible or dense in growth along your Rail Corridor, you'd be surprised at what you can see and can't depending on your location, of course your mileage will vary by personal taste and GPU power. I have too be mildly conservative, my GPU is not bad, but
    it's not a spring chicken either. Unfortunately, it will only become up-gradable when I buy a new Laptop, as the GPU is Soldered onto the MOB (Mother Board).

    Again, this is just for larger Routes, with lots of Assets and Rail Lines being rendered when you play with the Route.

    OK Folks, time for old Blue to get on the Roof and get the repairs finished out, before another set of Rains comes my way. I hope what I have written here is of some help to the new folks.

    Thanks for dropping by, Peace and Good Health to all.

  13. #1573

    Lightbulb Roof Repairs / You Tube / UMR

    Good Day all,

    It's been a very busy week, as I go thru the repairs on the Roof, I discovered a lot of problems with the Construction when they built my addition some 30 yrs ago. The good news will be when I am finished with the repairs, my Roof should be ship Shape so to speak......And the Rafters will have the proper Truss like support they should have had to start with.......It was hilarious today when I was inside the Attic getting ready to repair the Sagging Plywood substructure, come to find out, I thought the Rafters should more or less be evenly spaced, ah no, I did not find that, it looks like some of them are 25 inches on center, and others are 23 1/2......Hmmmmm! Ironically one of the Rafters 2x6 has a 2x4 nailed along side of it.....Bet that was done by the request of the Building inspector.

    Over to Trainz, I have some bad news, that little nagging error, of Windows File Association Error, is not going to go away. I messed up and didn't make some restore Points on my hard drive. Well I do have one that windows made, but it doesn't go back far enough before I removed some Windows Legacy Files.....

    So I did add another new installation of Trainz TRS19 to see if the Error would resolve itself, unfortunately for me, it didn't. So the only option is, because this is not a Trainz problem, it is a Windows File Association Error issue. I will have to do a Reset on my Laptop.......And do a fresh install of Windows.....Thankfully, all my User Files are copied to external hard drive backup, and also on the Cloud.

    Other than that, things will be OK.

    Blues You Tube picks of the week.
    ================================================== ========================================
    Winter on Union Pacific's Donner Pass


    Take a visit to one of the most legendary railroads ever built, the transcontinental mainline across the High Sierras on Union Pacific's Donner Pass. Witness snowplows in action keeping the mainline clear during the winter, plus numerous freight trains, as well as Amtrak's California
    ================================================== ========================================
    For the Alco enthusiasts'
    Alco road switchers, part 4: the others


    The 3rd part in my Alco road switcher documentary. Covering the low production Alco road switchers form 1956 to 1962
    ================================================== ========================================
    Eli H Janney and the Semi-Automatic Coupler


    Link and pin coupler, Virginia inventors, railroad inventions, freight car couplers, railroad safety, McConway and Torley, knuckle coupler, semi-automatic coupler, railroad technology, famous inventors, Eli Janney, Alexandria VA, Orange and Alexandria Railroad, railroad innovation
    ================================================== ========================================
    The Cable Car and how it works


    The Cable Car And How It Works, produced in 1984 shortly after the San Francisco cable car system reopened, captures the history of the city's cable car system, explains in detail about how the cable cars work, and includes some footage of the reopened cable car system.
    ================================================== ========================================
    Auscision's CLP9 Heads North! (SSR's 5MC5 to Coolamon) | CLP12, CLP9, CLF3, S311, C501, GM27


    Rare to see five Stream liners on one train. Great catch
    ================================================== ========================================
    Giant Railway Underpass in 5 Hours! | Giant Pop-Up Constructions - India | Free Documentary


    The location: somewhere in India. The weather: steaming hot. Not your ideal preconditions for an outdoor project of impossible proportions: constructing a railway underpass in five hours. Is it even possible to build a complete railway underpass in that short amount of time? Provided 150 workers, six excavators, and two heavy-duty cranes, all work in perfect coordination and planning, it is.
    ================================================== ========================================
    Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway (Defunct 2018)


    Drayton, thank you for reloading this video and allowing us to view it again. You must have added or corrected some information in this video. It was nice to be reminded of the street running in Watsonville, California that the Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railroad used to do before its demise/
    ================================================== ========================================
    Rock Island Rail


    A Rock Island Rail Freight heads south through Sumner, MS, with RI 2127 on the point.
    ================================================== ========================================
    Youngstown and Southeastern Railroad at Mill Rock, OH. 2nd time

    ================================================== ========================================
    "New Sheriff In Town" NYS&W Utica NY Branch


    New York, Susquehanna & Western No. 3040, long the primary power on the railroad's Utica NY line, experienced several breakdowns in January 2022, the last occurring in Sanger field on Jan 20th. On Jan 25th, help arrived in the form of CSX 2651, a GP38-2. This engine came up from New Jersey on the Susquehanna's SU99, then came east from Syracuse on CSX.
    ================================================== ========================================

    Some Pics from one of my Favorite Routes, UMR or AKA Ultra Mega Route.......with lots to do......

    Testing some Demo units Undecorated Livery, factory drab Gray.

    One of things I would like do, if I could ever pull it off, would be to create this in Trainz.....One has to Dream

    This is real. what amazing pictures Mother Nature makes.......

    This has to be an old Picture, from Tane? I think I was experimenting with Steam Loco on UK Route?

    This was a fun experience once I learned how to regulate the Steam Pressure........

    And this is the latest Caboose, if I recall correctly, it is all Steel, and is used on high security Shipments, like spent Nuclear materials in transit to final storage.

    From the looks of the metal and length, this is one very heavy Caboose........ And maybe the longest ever made, I let you be the judge......

    That'll do for tonight...........A prayer is said for all of those affected by Covid.

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    Lightbulb I have reset my PC too ellimate File Association and other error issues.

    Hi Folks,

    Just dropped in for a moment!

    Have been quite busy, repairing my Roof, broken Refrigerator, Leaking Faucet that needed replacement......

    And while doing all these things, I found a couple of minutes to take the leap, with all my File Association issues........And do a complete PC Reset, in my case, Physical Drive C:\ and Phys Drive D:\ remains untouched, because my Local Data for Trainz is held only on that drive......Startup Files for Trainz always reside on C:\ ......

    I will add to this message later in the week with additional details........!

    Have a great week all.....

  15. #1575

    Lightbulb Resetting PC / Driver Updates Prg's / You Tube Picks

    Good Day all,

    It's been a fix up repairs week, My Laptop Reset, Ice up Refrigerator, Roof and Attic Re-roof project in Full Swing. Replace broken Sink Faucet. Mercy, I need two more hands to catch up with all this stuff?

    And of course the Winter Olympics has started in Beijing, I have to watch this, the World Olympics is one of my most favorite programs to watch, it has so much to offer.....!

    On a high note, My Asus ROG Laptop has come thru a full Reset Procedure to correct my Error from letting a Software program clean out Windows Old Legacy files, bad mistake, it messed up a couple of programs after deleting them......Ouch....I didn't have an older Restore Point setup, so I couldn't completely undo, what Files I had deleted.......In other words, I let myself down, by not following good practices for catastrophic situations just like this one.....

    Only costs me about 2 weeks of restoring all my Software and other things...Like restoring my Pick Lists,, and other items......The one grace saving measure, all my Routes were preserved on Drive D:\. And all my Assets, totaling approximately 608,000, Guess I need to start cleaning out everying below Version 3.5. Hmmm? where do I start.....LOL What do they call it, time for some good ole Spring Cleaning needed......

    I've found that I can bring in the Intel Update Utility for Graphics Blue Tooth, and other Drivers for Chip-set needs.....Works very well, and fairly quick to update your Drivers, NVIDIA has it's own NVIDIA Experience Utility for updates.

    I may have mentioned this before, but I ran into another Picture of Zona Routes, Keyword is "2021 Zona" and these are small, highly detailed Modules if you will, that can pack a Punch.

    Name: 2021 Zona C CLASIFICACION

    Railway track clasification marshalling yard
    Large beach of railway tracks with sectors, 3 passing stations, 2 maintenance areas, container station, dock for goods and civil infrastructure.
    contact-email: jgstrs@gmail.com
    leeme-readme-lissmich-lis moi.txt file
    MAP File
    MAP File with sectors
    author: Jorgegs
    contact-email: jgstrs@gmail.com

    Had some fun making some Mountain images in Topology Center. I need to play around with this more, so I can make some Mountain and other type shapes that would be time saving when I alter or make a scratch Route Module.....Just fun things to do.....

    Bulk Asset Update, replace, Thin out Foliage, Trees, it can't do everything, but it can under certain circumstances. One of the things that really works well for me? Say for example you have the classic Route issue where there is missing patches of Missing Texture and all you see is Plain Grid lines, you can do switch to new texture exchange globally or in areas depending if there is more than one Texture missing, and Select a new Texture Candidate to replace the Grid-lines.....And this could take just a few seconds, maybe min, depending on how many Grid Patches need covering, and it is whole lot quicker to do, than by doing by hand, trust me, I spent countless hours/days fixing missing Texture issues.

    This is Spain Route from Javier, Route Builder, and we expanded this Route to give some longer Rail Miles through some added Mountainous terrain.....It is still WIP.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Cedar Rapids & Iowa City SW8 SW900 GP9, Keokuk Jct. NW2, BN, C&IM SD38-2 SD18 1992 (Part 15.3 of 4)


    Cedar Rapids & Iowa City SW8 SW900 GP9, Keokuk Jct. NW2, BN, C&IM SD38-2 SD18 1992! Trains from Wac to Crandic 1992 features mainline fast freights and Midwestern Granger lines, from Wac, Nebraska, on Burlington Northern's Chicago-Denver Route, to the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City
    ================================================== =====================================
    Locomotive. Decommissioning of an industrial locomotive.


    Weather related Delay, 2 hour delay for ETR Track Crew. Meet in the caboose, Information on the decommissioning of a G.E. locomotive. www.railroadmerch.com
    ================================================== =====================================
    Chasing ELS 501 North Thru Iron Mountain, Watch Out For Hanging Equipment! | Jason Asselin


    I gave this short chase to Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad locomotive ELS 501 as they rolled north this February 1st after a week of no train action.. Where have all the trains been lately?
    ================================================== =====================================
    Rocky Mountain Railroad | Episode 6: Record Breaking Haul | FD Real Show


    Dockworkers in Thunder Bay struggle to unload a 210-ton steel cylinder that will test Canadian Pacific’s railroad crews to the limit. The massive urea reactor must be welded to a pair of custom-made flatbed rail cars and then hauled across the country as track teams scramble to keep the tracks ahead clear.

    A trackside sensor triggers an emergency inspection. A major miscalculation causes a 24-hour delay. Train crew Conrad and Steve deliver 75 empty potash cars before finally rolling into Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Meanwhile, rookie Jesse and the maintenance crew are under pressure to level the tracks. Jimmy is put to the test as he settles into his new job on the steel gang. And in Ontario, a red-hot wheel threatens the delivery of a critical shipment of building materials to a remote off-grid camp.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Final Era of Southern Pacific on Colorado Joint Line 1994-1996


    Final Era of Southern Pacific on Colorado Joint Line 1994-1996! The Southern Pacific Railroad operated a variety of freight trains, over the Santa Fe Railway and former Denver & Rio Grande Western Joint Line, along Colorado's Front Range. Coal trains, mixed freights and inter-modal trains climbed the mountainous Joint Line between Denver and Pueblo, over the Palmer Divide. Classic locomotive types included former Rio Grande SD40T-2 tunnel motors, SP SD40T-2 and SD45T-2 tunnel motors, GP40, GP40-2 and SD45 class units. This was the final era of the Southern Pacific before it's September 1996 absorption into the massive Union Pacific system.
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    Steam Powered Rotary Snow Plow!


    The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad demonstrates how the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge cleared snow from their tracks during the winter months. In early 2020 BC (Before COVID) the Cumbres and Toltec ran Rotary OY on a photographer's special from Chama, New Mexico, to the 10,000 foot
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    Ok....Back to watching the Winter Olympics...

    Have a blessed Sunday All.....And thank you for coming by........

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