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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb Spacing of House Splines, Merge Issues, Deleting Trainz

    Good Morning all,

    Been very busy painting the house and other much needed repairs. Probably been 25yrs since last painting was done, and California Sun is Hell on the Wood, all cracked and peeled, fortunately only needed to replace about 15 feet of fascia board this round.....

    So Blue did a Bozo no no, this week,

    I had noticed that in windows, I have 4 different entries in Programs installed for Trainz, but I only use one version, that is Trainz Platinum, so I removed/uninstalled one of the older dated ones, and guess what, my Trainz working directory was capootz, gone, missing. Only my working directory was left, thank goodness, all my backups, Routes and Assets were still there. So I had to re-download the installer, about 9'6 Gigs, and and my computer would goto sleep, stopping the download, if I wasn't there to watch it, after 6 failed attempts, I literally had to sit with the computer while it downloaded, reading my mail and other stuff, till the file completed. I made sure this time, I keep a copy of said Installer file for later use if needed in the future.....

    Proceeded to reinstall, then do three Version upgrades, when all was said and done, about 12 or so hours later, with DBR rebuilds after error checking routines, I got my Trainz Platinum restored back to original, no Routes or Assets were hurt or corrupted during this operation.

    I think from this point, I will leave things well enough alone..........LOL

    From what I can see on merges, it appears that both my computers face the same issues on moderate to larger Merges, it will never finish the merge, I have to close Trainz, reopen, then commit the changes, and manually add the old style non PBR Grid Tiles to make the merge finish, however, all elevation is lost, so one has to go back and re sculpt the hills, mountains and/or valleys to match the original elevation height, as well, re texture. So from what I can gather at this point, Trainz does not like merging anything larger than small Routes with default PBR Tiles. At least for now......

    Here is what the completed/restored elevation corrections look like on merged Route with Grid tile, NO PBR, and Signals here need adjustment, one behind the other needs to be on other side of Switch, with another added to mainline for them to trigger appropriately for all traffic control.

    This is what the Default Elevation Merge looks like, you can see I need to restore the Mountain Scape here to what the Track height shows.....Yes it is a lot of work, but for me, I like the challenge too just see if I can pull it off.......Good exercise for the Brain ya know, Old Blue needs the Brain workout?

    This is what the Route looks like on shutting down Trainz and restarting the program, no tiles here, only Tracks, Trees, Houses, Cars etc. So I go down to grid line, zero elevation, and manually throw the tiles in underneath the Tracks....Crazy....huh? Feel like the mad Scientist, no one would ever believe this.....! Unless I showed them first...EEK!

    Here is another merge of moderate size Route that would not complete that I am adding to about 100-150 tile Route below.......

    This is the larger Route I am adding the smaller Route too, I using it as a Branch Line

    If you take a look at these houses, it appears on tight curves it doesn't look right the Asset can't figure how to space the houses within spec properly, so I just stop it before the Curb and insert single houses to fill the Curve appropriately.....

    Another issue with trying to crunch the house Spline Asset item, this Asset should not be set in this length, when you use the asset, you have to stretch it to the point, where the Houses expand to correct size. When I started to play with the Assets, I found this out by mistake. I think it has to due with Rendering and when it is stretched to different lengths, and/or curves......So here, the Asset should not be used in this confined space, or change the Road spacing's between the homes......It is not easy.

    I seen this in a lot of Routes, when you run a lot of them Parallel, it seems to eat into the Graphics Card and Frame Rates, more so with the PBR stuff...... For me, I usually take out every other Spline on this one, and it gets thru the Graphic Crush for Memory and Render usage. Of course my Video Card, NVIDIA is 4 yrs old, and it is not a high end card.....6 Gig Ram Card is in my future, but will see, Prices of Graphic Cards are still high these days......Don't want to break the Piggy Bank.....LOL

    Thought this was a cool Yard and Round House setup........

    OK....This is all for now, I will post some Y Tube Links later tonight, Mrs Blue is waiting for me to get our house projects going today,,,,,My work is never finished.....Happy Life Happy ? And you know the rest of that one....

    Peace and Good Health all......

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    Lightbulb As promised, my picks of the week.......

    Psst.....I had to sneak in here for minute, and then back to work, hanging new outdoor lights.....Mr's Blue is going to come looking for me soon,,,,,

    Got to run,,,,,Enjoy....

    Blues Y Tube Pics of the week:

    Mass Coastal Ballast Trains - 2/2022

    These scenes were filmed on the New Bedford Sub as well as the Middleboro Secondary line when Mass Coastal ran ballast train there during 2/2022. Scenes filmed in Taunton, New Bedford, Freetown, and Berkley, MA.
    ================================================== ===========================

    Push/Pull Operation on the DLWR


    In an odd twist, GVT's Depew, Lancaster & Western Railroad's DL-1 heads east through Lancaster, NY back to their engine house with SW9 #13 pushing and pulling a handful of cars!
    Filmed 5/3/2022
    ================================================== ===========================
    Unloading MOW Equipment off a Tractor Trailer Truck


    Have you ever seen a piece of MOW equipment being unloaded off
    a tractor trailer truck? Today you gonna see a spiker and a ballast regulator
    being unloaded off a truck trailer. Plus:

    First part of the video is devoted to a discussion of how we here at
    the Cumberland Mine RR have gotten all our rolling stock in over the
    years since we do not interchange with any other RR. Also we will
    tell you about how all MOW equipment is brought in and how
    RR contractors move their MOW equipment from job to job. For those
    who may not know, MOW = Maintenance of Way.
    ================================================== ===========================
    Comments for my Steam Enthusiasts:
    Rare Mileage: Ride on the Edaville "Old Main Line"


    Filmed on the Edaville Railroad's "Old Main Line", once part of the 5.5 mile loop built in 1947 and removed in 2005. The old main is now the remaining portion of the original loop used at Christmas time and for rare special events. The double headed steam train traveled up the old line to the end of used track at Rattlesnake Curve for some photos. The line continues past this point but needs more repair work for it to be in service. The section we rode on was recently repaired with new ties and we were lucky enough to get this far as it is past the Christmas display where trains usually go in November and December. This footage was filmed on April 23, 2022 as part of the Edaville 75th Anniversary event.

    4/23/2022 Edaville Railroad Carver, MA
    ================================================== ===========================
    Unexpected Providence and Worcester Northbound Train

    ================================================== ===========================
    CP Derailment - 4K - Pewaukee, WI with Radio Audio


    Canadian Pacific derailed in Pewaukee Wisconsin this morning. Radio traffic between crew and dispatcher was from time of incident and video is from a few hours later.
    Note: date in the video is incorrect and should be March 19th, 2022.
    ================================================== ===========================
    Y90's Altoona Derailment [Dispatcher Display Animation and Audio Recordings]


    Derailments happen, they are a part of railroading'. And while it is sometimes nice to look at and analysis the actual wreck, I argue that there is value in watching the sequence of events from an unconventional point of view. Here we a look of the derailment events from the train dispatcher's point of view. Key framed animation of the trains have been color coded with their radio recording's text on screen.

    While this is not a copy of exactly the NS dispatcher sees, this is an interpretation of it from the fine folks with ATCS monitoring group. A brief explanation of what one sees in a dispatcher point of view:

    White lines -- the tracks
    Colored blocks (not a part of normal ATCS displays) -- trains, colored to match with the transcribed radio text
    Colored circles (not a part of normal ATCS displays) -- people on the ground (conductors, maintenance of way, train master, etc.)

    This may be the first time you are seeing these types of images, displays, and graphs, and yes, there is a lot going on. I have tried to simplify it to the best of my ability but if something doesn't make sense to you, always feel free to ask in the comment section. I, or someone that knows a lot more than me in this field, would be more than willing to try and develop an answer for you.

    Audio recordings from broadcastify's "Altoona Area Rail" feed.
    Background graphics of train dispatching display courtesy of ATCS mon groups
    Thumbnail from WTAJ's news report on said derailment
    Key-framed animations of trains and transcribed radio transmissions texts all done by yours truly
    ================================================== ===========================
    Comments: I know what a Roadrailer was/is, do you?
    NS Triple Crown Roadrailer over Mississippi River Hannibal, MO Bridge


    Norfolk Southern runs its Triple Crown service using Roadrailer trailers between Kansas City, Missouri and Detroit, Michigan. This is a unique train where the trailers are the train - there are no flatcars or well cars as with traditional inter-modal.

    On March 21, 2022 BNSF power leads this eastbound train north through town and then curves east through the tunnel and over the Hannibal, Missouri lift bridge over the Mississippi River.

    Bonus photos of this service at other locations are included.
    ================================================== ===========================
    Comments: This one is considered an Oldie but a Goody, hope u enjoy it, I remember these Trains, long ago!

    124 - M&NB Railroad - Santa Fe RR in New Mexico 1996 Part 3 - by Karl Rasmussen


    The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway was chartered in February, 1859 to serve the cities of Atchison and Topeka, Kansas, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. The railroad reached the Kansas–Colorado border in 1873 and Pueblo, Colorado in 1876.
    The railroad built west from Atchison, Kansas across to Pueblo, Colorado. The AT&SF then tried to build further West through the Royal Gorge, however the Denver Rio and Grande was also building along the Arkansas River. A railroad war began that was finally settled by the government. The D&RG won the right to build along the Arkansas River, while the AT&SF had the right to build South into New Mexico over the Raton and Glorieta Passes. The AT&SF then continued West into Arizona and California to the West Coast.
    The AT&SF used this line via Colorado as the mainline until the early 1900s, when the freight trains became too long and heavy to economically cross the steep grades on the Raton and Glorieta Passes. The railroad then upgraded a number of secondary lines that ran South from Topeka, Kansas to Amarillo, Texas and ,met the original mainline in New Mexico near Belen. This became the Freight Mainline and is today’s Trans-con.
    The Santa Fe Trans-con Line is the busiest mainline track in the Western United States with 80 to 100 trains a day.
    In 1996, The Santa Fe merged with the Burlington Northern to become the Burlington Northern Santa Fe or BNSF. The BNSF has since double tracked the remaining single tracked sections on the line.

    That's a rap for today, thanks for dropping bay, stay Healthy Folks.

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    When I delete part of a route to leave only some sections to merge, there are "ghost" things that I can't delete, a problem.
    Thanks for the videos this week.

    Hugs to you and regards to Mrs Blue.


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    Lightbulb Leftover Asset Artifacts in Tile Deletion Processes

    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    When I delete part of a route to leave only some sections to merge, there are "ghost" things that I can't delete, a problem.
    Thanks for the videos this week.

    Hugs to you and regards to Mrs Blue.



    Hello from afar the big Ocean.......What I and others call it is "artifacts" So here is what I think is going on when you delete sections of the Route, or Trimming the Tiles out you don't need Etc......What I think is happening is the Hard Drive or SSD cannot keep up with the Deletion process when you cut out the Tiles, I notice it will leave Trees and Trackage, and more often lots of it, when Assets are set at the very edges of your Tiles.

    So when you see this happen, what I do, is re add a blank tile or two, then go into the tile and delete those Assets off the Tile Plate, then delete the Tile again. Usually that will do the trick, another thing, too, if you try to delete Tiles with tons of Assets on them, it is Hard on Trainz to completely clear all the Assets and Tile at the same time.....Sometimes what I will do, is delete all the Tracks in the Tile, and that works well....

    My thoughts are too, Trainz just like Windows, has a lot of stuff going on in the Back Ground Processes, and it just gets Clogged up sometimes, Another thing I find out, when I close a Route that I have done a lot of editing in, it is good to wait a min or 2 before you go on to another Route, since it appears there are Delayed File changes to the Drive. And I also think that is one of the problems that occurs when your doing Asset Edits and Route Name Saves too...Maybe that is why, when you do Missing Asset Deletion in a Route, it takes a couple of Mins for the Missing Assets Icon to Clear out of your Trainz Program when your waiting to see if it worked or not.

    I also notice when I do Missing Asset Deletion on Routes, several times, it will not get all the Assets Deleted, and might leave 1-4 more still left behind. YOU have to go back into Surveyor again and do the Process, 1-2 more to complete 100% deletion of missing Assets. Crazy I know. And in some rare instances, I have to manually go into Config File of Route, track down the Rogue Missing and Faulty Asset and delete it.....What a pain sometimes........

    Have a great weekend and I told Mr's Blue you said Hello.......Big Smile for you,,,,,,,,,
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    Lightbulb Microsoft had their Patch Tuesday yesterday

    Good Day Folks,

    I caught some Food Poisoning yesterday and couldn't post this till now, I doing much better, after having unscheduled meetings with Montezuma Revenge, fortunately it was not Covid this time, I tested and got negative results with Home Kit.......That was a big relief......!

    All Symptoms have disappeared now.......!

    ================================================== ================================

    It looks like Microsoft had their Patch Tuesday yesterday, here is the link for info on what it contains etc......."Bleepcomputer" is a pretty good site and keeps up with Computer Trends and Issues.


    This article had some additional information, revealing possible problems with the installed Patches, nothing new on this, it happens.

    Here is the notes from user with problems they experienced:

    Perhaps these patches were necessary and perhaps not. All I know is that after I installed the patches on Patch Tuesday (May 10, 2022), I was unable to connect to my credit union to do online banking. I tried it using 5 different web browsers. I disabled all extensions and add-ons and my antivirus program, and I was still unable to connect until I eventually uninstalled the patches. I spent over an hour online with second-level tech support at my credit union and together we determined that the only thing that changed since I accessed their secure website yesterday was these patches. As an afterthought, I tried accessing their online banking website using my Linux Mint computer and my Mac Book Air and both attempts were immediately successful. That left me with only one conclusion: the latest Windows 10 Home patches had destroyed my ability to make a secure connection to their online banking website regardless of which web browser I used on Windows 10 Home. After I uninstalled as many of the patches as I could, I was able to resume online baking again on my Windows computer. Since then, I have paused Windows Updates for the next 7 days. I will not enable them again until I know for certain that these patches are actually safe to use.

    Have a great week all, and I hope this information is helpful........

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueodessey View Post
    I caught some Food Poisoning yesterday and couldn't post this till now, I doing much better, after having unscheduled meetings with Montezuma Revenge, -snip-
    Speaking of Montezuma's Revenge, I wanted to post this as one of my other interests is roller coasters. Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, has a roller coaster named, ironically, Montezooma's Revenge. What makes it interesting is that it is the only one of eight of it's roller coaster model built to have it's original flywheel launch. It's also the first roller coaster to be built with a flywheel launch, all the way back in 1978. Here's how it works:
    A flywheel is spun up to very high speeds by a motor; once it reaches a certain RPM, in the thousands of RPM, a clutch is enabled. The clutch connects the flywheel to a drum, which has a cable wrapped around it. The cable it attached to a 'catch car', which runs along the center of the roller coaster track and the roller coaster train is attached to. When the clutch is engaged, the flywheel begins to spin the drum, which spools up the cable, which pulls the catch car, which accelerate the roller coaster train along the track to speeds of 55 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds, before disengaging from the catch car and continuing along the roller coaster track. Enjoy this POV (Point-Of-View) of a ride on Montezooma's Revenge. You'll see the catch car a few times in the middle of the track throughout the video:
    Owner of Freeman Locomotive Works.

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    Smile The Ride I never had the courage to Ride?

    Quote Originally Posted by jordon412 View Post
    Speaking of Montezuma's Revenge, I wanted to post this as one of my other interests is roller coasters. Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, has a roller coaster named, ironically, Montezooma's Revenge. What makes it interesting is that it is the only one of eight of it's roller coaster model built to have it's original flywheel launch. It's also the first roller coaster to be built with a flywheel launch, all the way back in 1978. Here's how it works:
    A flywheel is spun up to very high speeds by a motor; once it reaches a certain RPM, in the thousands of RPM, a clutch is enabled. The clutch connects the flywheel to a drum, which has a cable wrapped around it. The cable it attached to a 'catch car', which runs along the center of the roller coaster track and the roller coaster train is attached to. When the clutch is engaged, the flywheel begins to spin the drum, which spools up the cable, which pulls the catch car, which accelerate the roller coaster train along the track to speeds of 55 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds, before disengaging from the catch car and continuing along the roller coaster track. Enjoy this POV (Point-Of-View) of a ride on Montezooma's Revenge. You'll see the catch car a few times in the middle of the track throughout the video:
    I had spent a lot of Time here in this magical place, eating great Chicken and Pies, riding all the great rides as a Kid some 60 yrs ago, and this was the one Ride I could not bring myself to ever ride.

    Rode all the rest of them and had lots of Family fun back then.........

    Thank you for sharing it here, brings back a lot of Good Memories for sure........

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    Lightbulb Laguna Niguel Fires/Misc Pics/You Tube Pics

    Good Day all,

    Miss my 75 Degree days, today it popped up to 92, you'd think it was Summer, and unfortunately for us, our Beach areas in Laguna Niguel lost 20 high value homes burned to the ground in the last few days, from a bad Brush Fire!



    More than 130 Orange County, California, homes are still under evacuation orders as Coastal Fire still burns. Not a good way to start with this type of Weather and High Winds that's for sure........

    Back to Trainz: Been busy with my little Lenovo Laptop, cleaning out Routes that are to big or complex to run with the under powered GPU.

    In the news I was reading thru, I found this interesting Tidbit of another type of Special Purpose Train Consist, called a Land Train. Never remember hearing anything about this particular piece of Operating Equip in Remote areas:



    Tonight Pics little of this n that:

    This is for the New Folks: Whenever downloading a Route from DLS, generally, the Signals are not setup for operation, make sure you open the Signal Properties using "?" and set your Signal the way you want it to operate, and I would strongly encourage you to read how the Signals are to work. As well, you can test different settings and try your Trains too see the Signal Aspects slow.

    Additionally be aware not all Signals will be found Prototypical set for intended or wanted operation. Also, Invisible signals can be added to aid particular Signal control of complicated Junctions. Let your imagination go, but remember in some Terse situations, your going to need Tenacity a lot of dry runs.

    Finally I am no expert, I just try to make things work the best I can....And for me, Joy when see Signals do what they do best, control traffic, and not have Cornfield Meets Etc.

    This Spanish or Italian Route? Small Motor Car amking Scheduled stops today.

    This is a cool Tram Route, with working Traffic Signal Lights, quite complicated but they work perfectly. Quite a ways above my technical proficiency.

    Something I came across, this is ASB Crossover Corrector Tane SP3/TRS. Below is part of information, complete info is on Boatz's site.

    UPDATE for TRS19 Streaming. Requires Tane SP3/TRS19 Controller!

    This is a specialized optional trigger as part of the Active Signal Box kit, (ASB). It allows trains to
    be within ASB Crossover Triggers at Session Start-Up and not get stuck! See instructions in dialogue box or a full tutorial at www.boatztrainz.co.uk

    This type of in the air Track can be one of 4 Colors, which is very helpful, however, I generally have to remove these Flight Paths for Lenovo, it can keep up with the Graphics of Rendering above Ground as well doing Tracks on Ground. So I will scale it down or remove completely.

    Using Bulk Asset Module, to replace PBR Grid with PBR Grass Texture for several small areas.

    Tight curves like this will work for very slow moving Trains, in size too. But if your running longer length Rolling Stock Loco's it might cause extreme overhangs going thru the Curve. I usually ease the tightness of these type curves. Again this is just my taste, everyone has there Style and reason for particular Curve Radius? Your mileage will vary.

    This is either a Russian or Czechoslovakian Route, I had to cobble up some Czech? Rolling Stocks and Locos for Test Runs.
    ================================================== =============================
    Blues Y Tubes Picks of the Week:

    1911 Locomotive Found in a Scrap Yard!

    ghost locomotive attacks again - Argentina - locomotora fantasma sin conductor -


    1,544 views Jun 20, 2020 Año 2007, #Mendoza - #Argentina, General Motors GA8 #locomotive got away from the yard without conductor and ran more than 90 miles reaching 50 Mph crossing three cities finally was stopped using another Alco RSD16 locomotive at its front
    Comments:Old axiom Size Matters, well? In this case, historically, it does, and still will, this Big Baby can hold her own, straight out!
    The Largest Steam Locomotive on Earth!


    Follow Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 and the 844 on a special double-header between Cheyenne, Wyoming and Ogden, Utah. The event coincided with Union Pacific's Spike 150 Celebration commemorating the driving of the golden spike at Promontory Summit, Utah in 1869. This is the 4014's first excursion run after being restored to operating condition. Scenes along Sherman Hill and the Wasatch Mountains show Big Boy working over the mountain grades it was originally designed for.
    Minneapolis Water Works Plant - BNSF Grove Job with a funky horn


    Next to BNSF Railways massive North town Yard sits the Minneapolis Water Works. The Grove Job provides it with regular service, but its hard to catch them working this location.

    We start off at 44th Ave, and see the Grove Job pulling two former CNW hoppers out of the Water Works. After sounding its funky horn, and crossing East River Road, the crew put their train back together - complete with a caboose! After shoving back on former Minneapolis, Anoka & Cuyuna Range rails, the Grove Job made its way back towards 35th Ave. All the while we'll get a quick view of the Hump working in the background.
    Cab Ride to Camden Yards | MARC / Burlington Northern E9


    This is a MARC visit like none-other! Great shots track side and 2 Cab Rides: Into Washington, DC and then into Camden Yards Station in Baltimore. Plus a visit to the MARC shops!
    ================================================== ==


    And that folks is it for tonight, thanks for coming by. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Peace and Good Health to you and Family
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    Lightbulb TransDEM/Jointed Rail/YTube Pics

    Good Monday Morning,

    Interesting week, We just had a Funeral for a Family member this weekend, that passed from Cancer. It has been a rough couple of Months, at least now they are not suffering in pain, and in a better place.

    On a lighter note, I contacted Geo Phil, for TransDEM, and purchased the Program this week.

    I got it installed, but there is Steep Learning Curve and I need to add GDAL which is a Translator for other things to due with the Mapping Process. Blue is going to TransDEM school, there is much to learn.

    GDAL Tutorial #1: Introduction + Installation

    The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) is a collection of tools that allow you to read, manipulate and write both raster and vector data using GDAL and the Simple Feature Library (OGR). This tutorial video is an introduction to the GDAL library, showing examples for more efficient processing of geospatial data using GDAL and also providing help for installing the library on Windows and other operation system

    Shout out to Geo Phil for all his assistance with helping me get setup for TransDEM Process.

    Also went by Jointed Rail today and purchased a few Locomotives.

    EMD SD35 - PRR NS Heritage - PC EMD SD35 - PC

    Little bit of Night Running on New England Route

    Taking a little trip thru the backwoods on into the High Desert with lots of twists and turns!

    ================================================== ============================
    HEAVY Grain train CREAKS over 97 year old track


    NS 55G CREAKS over 97 year old track in Greentown, Indiana on 2022-05-07
    ================================================== ============================
    The Abandoned and Forgotten BNSF

    ================================================== ============================
    BNSF Railway SD70MACs in Montana


    When these SD70 Mac's were new, who would have thought they'd end up doing back road work as these 3 workhorses were doing today? They truly were some of the best engines ever made by EMD and brought in the new age of AC traction power. Drayton, your shot locations and set up are as usual, the best in the business
    ================================================== ============================
    Trainz Theory: Route Building


    Welcome to a new mini-series called "Trainz Theory". In this series, I'll be going over my general thought processes and theories behind creating things in Trainz Simulator. In this first episode, I focus on route building from scratch from the initial idea, to final testing stage. I showcase a look into my workflow in Trainz along with giving some general tips along the way. Route building can be a daunting task sometimes so hopefully this video will help give you some new ideas, or a new way to look at Trainz route building!
    ================================================== ============================
    Almost done with clean-up of grain train derailment in Herbst, Indiana


    Good to see the line getting repairs. Pity it took a derailment and the waste of good grain cars and their contents to get those repairs done. A bit of regular maintenance.
    ================================================== ============================
    Putting a derailed train back on track


    Filmed 5/17/2022 after Mass Coastal MC-4 derailed near Winslow St. in Fall River, MA on 5/16/2022. There were no injuries but diesel fuel was spilled. This video shows the equipment being moved around as well as some of the re-railing process.
    ================================================== ===========================
    May 18, 2022 Update The latest from the J&LNG


    Wow! What a great and informative update! I'm worn out just watching. You have way more energy than I. Your vision and forward thinking is amazing. Thanks for another great video! I can hardly wait for the next one!
    ================================================== ===========================
    BCR Tumbler Sub


    SD60F's pulling coal gondolas with a caboose. (Blue is Caboose Happy, looks like a real Train for now)

    And ck out this Forum Link on Tumbler action, yes we have a Route in WIP......


    Have a great week all, and thanks for dropping in.
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    Good Day All,

    A Blessing to all the Troops away protecting us from harm, and Salute to those who gave their lives, for the price of Freedom we have.

    I've been attending TransDEM Video School via YouTube, from what I gathering so far, it renders to an integrated Layers different types of Cartographic images, say like Rivers, Highways, Buildings Etc, depending on what pieces of graphical information you require.

    What is helping me, seeing the multitude of DEM Routes in various pictorial renderings of Complexity.

    What I need to do when I get some time, is get the rest of Ancillary components installed. But before that, I had a Faulty Asset problem that got out of control!

    Trainz out of the Blue, decided to have a fit with Auran aged Ver2.0 Commodities and make them Faulty all of sudden, for who knows why, unfortunately for me, about 30 some Routes, including Payware Routes showed the Vicious Red Exclamation Mark in my Game Window. And since you can't repair original Payware and remove the offensive Faulty Items, or update them either. I had to remove all my Payware Routes to clear up the problem, I initially disabled the Faulty Commodities, but just made things worse with more errors........

    Thank goodness, I didn't have to do a complete reinstall. That would have been a weeks worth of work, when you consider.

    Tonight's Pic's

    I like Harbors and Sea Coast Pictures, maybe I can make something similar in Trainz sometime. And this is why I try to extend my Water out from the Route.......The View can be amazing sometimes,,3-4 Tiles does pretty good with some conservative moves on total tiles used in Route Building. Your mileage will vary of course, due to strength of GPU and Distance restrictions, you get the Picture........

    When things go wrong with a Merge.....EEEK!

    This route depicts the Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad in Stockton, California, USA, circa 2020. Founded in 1908, the STE serves Stockton and the surrounding area - a mix of rural, suburban, and urban environments. The route includes two small yards, numerous spurs and sidings, and a bit of street running.

    Commodities handled include liquid bulk, dry bulk, cement, petroleum products, fertilizer, paper products, building materials, metal products, food products, temperature controlled products, waste, and recyclables.

    The STE interchanges with the Union Pacific RR, the Central California Traction RR, and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR (via CCT). The route is equipped with portals to help simulate traffic to/from the UP and CCT.

    Many thanks to my friend 'matruck' for testing the route before its release, and to 'jcitron' for signalling advice. Many thanks, also, to all you freeware creators out there. Without your talent and generosity, none of this would be possible.

    Have fun!


    Trainz had stopped or so I thought, but after waiting several mins, I gave it the Ctrl Alt Delete Command, and that cleared things up........

    30 Routes including Payware had the ominous RED EXCLAMATION signage, and I couldn't clear it. So it was remove all Payware Routes, fortunately not Rolling Stock issue, over Auran built-in Version 2.0 assets.

    After removing about 56 Gigs of Routes and Assets, and adding about 11,000 files slowly back in to fix all the missing files I accumulated when deleting Payware Routes. I decided to check Updates and there was one, this one, is 12 Gigs, and about 2 Hours or more to download, so I did it late at night, and then followed up with DBR repair.......Going to take some time to reload all the missing files. But will get there......I have no Faulty Red Icons on the Control Panel, and that is a relief..........

    Gen-set Switcher working on Stockton and Eastern Session setting out Boxcars at various Rail Served Industrial Sites.

    I found lots of CNR Abandoned and regular Routes in Nova Scotia and other parts of CNR lines, some of the Routes where simply just to large for my Computer and NVIDIA to handle, so I decided to keep these. They are quite nice and lot of work went into them, I believe they are Dem construction, some are not finished. But that is the fun of it is adding what you like to finish it out....

    And I decided I had collected a few to many Routes and needed to clean out my Trainz list of Routes, nothing like the present, and got rid of probably a dozen more small ones that weren't quite to my liking.......

    Still have plenty to play with.....I just want get all those Problem Assets out or disabled if I can......

    And in fairness to Trainz, I might have done something incorrect and caused the problem with all of sudden a bunch of Faulty items, who knows. Just the lay of the land.....

    I post You Tube later tonight or tomorrow, we have Family coming in to visit this coming weekend, so we have to finish our Spring Clean up and Painting projects before they get here......

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend........

    Thanks for coming by.......
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    As promised from prior msg below this one,

    Blues Y Tube Pics of the week.

    Welding Switches on the Shady Pines Railroad


    Today, we're welding guard rails on a couple switches on the Shady Pines Railroad.
    ================================================== ====================================
    Comments:Think about how our Route Creators have made similar things for Trainz, pretty amazing when you take time and pause to see this, and what we have.......Take care of our Route and Asset Creators.

    Dave's Garden Railroad

    Video is of a Garden Railroad created by Dave who lives near Picton Ontario. It has taken 10 years to get to this stage.

    ================================================== ====================================
    Blues Comments:I have never seen this one, but I had the Chance to do it, boy would I run to this......Off the Charts Route.....Talk about Talent and creativity!

    Barry Bogs Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad


    Absolutely gorgeous layout! I must admit that I was surprised to see the F units, the Alco S Series and the 2-8-8-2 Mallet on the layout. But despite the tight curves, they looked right at home! You have given me the inspiration to go ahead with my railroad now and go with right curves but big engines like F units, other 4 axle diesels and even a steam engine or two.
    ================================================== ====================================
    !HIGH SPEED! 51 Cardinal Amtrak and CSX 725 hooking up the Coal Hoppers at Handley, WV


    Interesting to see a part of a railway crew's working life. That AMTRAK sure seemed like the engineer was in a hurry as it flew past the freight train. I noticed all the trees are now lovely and green.
    ================================================== ====================================
    Not everyone realizes what it takes to be an Engineer.

    Locomotive Engineer Mike Barnett (Multiple Grade Crossings) as prescribed by law and operating rule.

    Sounding the horn as required by the operating rules of the company and regulating laws that cover road crossings. I don't expect everyone to know the laws but watch or don't watch mute or don't mute. There are 5 road crossings in close proximity in that town and they each require 2 long sounds 1 short followed by 1 long there are several ways to accomplish this but there is only one prescribed way according to rules and that is what I did
    ================================================== ====================================
    CSX Q410-23 chase from Woodburne to Yardley with CSX 3194 ES44AH leading on 3/25/22!


    Welcome to Tristan Railfans: here I post Amtrak, CSX, NS & other Freight lines that I travel to. I live in Pennsylvania and railfan along the CSX Trenton Sub most of my time but do make it to other lines nearby for good power/trains that happen to roll by. Don't forget to click that Subscribe button, have your push bell notifications on so you don't miss any new videos or live streams!
    ================================================== ====================================
    Train Derailment Next To House At Railroad Crossing In Hamilton Ohio, CSX Train Wreck /Accident B&O


    26,921 views May 29, 2022 Train Derailment In Hamilton Ohio! Train Derails In The City Next To House And Railroad Crossing That Is One Of My Favorites. CSX loaded auto racks and a couple of boxcars derailed between the train station and houses. CSX, Norfolk Southern and Amtrak use these tracks. The train derailed on its way from Indianapolis to Queensgate Yard in Cincinnati at 8:05am. The train was southbound on the CSX, ex Baltimore & Ohio Railroad mainline. It was crossing over from one track to the other and derailed 4 cars. Since it happened at one of my favorite railroad crossings it was easy to film. Luckily there was an empty lot where one of the auto racks wound up and there was an empty lot across the road. The city leased the property to CSX to use for the cleanup with the agreement that it would be restored and reseeded. There were no injuries.
    RJ Corman showed up after I filmed the derailment and filled the lot with all kinds of equipment to clean the mess up. I left to film a huge CSX mixed freight just north of the accident site. That train must have emptied the yard son, it was loonnngg!! That train was routed over the Norfolk Southern line that parallels CSX. Both railroads use each others tracks for directional running. After I filmed that train and a couple other ones I returned to the derailment and noticed that RJ Corman was on the scene. You can see their equipment that I filmed after I came back. Crews were trying to get the tracks back into operation before the early morning Amtrak train was due. This video shows both sides of the derailment. The train was still here blocking Martin Luther Kind Drive when I arrived. Power came from Connersville, Indiana to pull the back end of the train back out of the way. The tank car in this video did not derail. It was left coupled to the auto rack car to help support it so that it wouldn't fall over. Once the auto rack car was stabilized the tank car was pulled out of the way. I couldn't see what was pulling it but it was probably a trackhoe. People next to me thought that people were pulling it with a cable. LoL. I was told that the vacant lot used by RJ Corman for their equipment is the future location of the Hamilton Police Department. The old brick train station is just a few hundred feet north of here. It is going to be moved across the tracks and restored soon. Its hard to believe that the old building is strong enough to make the move. The city is talking about the possibility of using it as an Amtrak stop. See my videos about the station.
    When I was filming it was raining off and on. At one point in the video my camera was soaked and I couldn't get it to zoom in and it wouldn't shut off. That explains the part where you see the side walk. Filmed May 27, 2022
    ================================================== ====================================
    Check out this crazy train car derailment. The cars are filled with highly flammable ethanol.


    Don't know those tanker cars are strong enough to hold whatever flammable liquids/gas it can hold... unless of course its on a direct collision course
    ================================================== ====================================
    Funniest Trains Moving Through Snow Compilation


    That's all for tonight Folks........

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    Lightbulb Rebuild of Platinum Install /Modern European Rt/YTube Pics

    Good Sunday Evening all,

    So as noted before, I had to redo my Platinum Trainz due to Faulty Assets I couldn't clear out, because it ended up into Payware Routes only way to fix was delete and reinstall all my Payware Routes.

    Why it happened? Who knows. At the moment, I'm about little over 1/2 thru with reinstalling the Payware and fixing all my missing Assets. And I had to put TransDEM on hold for bit, till I get this mess cleaned up. I can say the good thing is, I have proper backups of all my Routes and Assets, so if push came to shove I could have done a whole fresh install.

    On the lighter side one of Grand Kids is Graduating this week, we are so proud, especially with riggers Covid has put on the Schools and everything else.

    Tonight's Pics will be with part of "Modern European" enjoy.

    I made some adjustments here, the Ship has a loading section and the Author made it possible to push Rail Cars inside the ship.

    Taking the Ship Object and moving it back you can see the Static Vehicles here.

    These Ramps needed some adjustment because one end of the Ramp is open, so you see inside of the Ramp.

    Extending it back and lowering it just below the Dock Deck did the trick.

    Now looking from this side, I think it looks more natural.

    Just another view of how everything looks from this side with Ship pushed away.

    Couple of issues here, missing Carport, so I have to find a substitute Asset, and I couldn't understand why so many track joints. There was no tight curves. But the answer laid underneath the Tracks.

    Further up the line I saw this Switch looking at the Tracks, I figured out an extra Track was dropped in with short ?

    In this spot, We have a Stub Spur, no signal on it. And Red circle plus strange layout of tracks tipped me off, there was more.

    More Spurs stubs here, maybe this was unfinished work? But for my needs, I'll go thru and delete out the excess Tracks.

    For your viewing Pleasure, Blues You Tube Pics of the week.

    Riding the Rails MP 0.0 to MP 4 on the Cumberland Mine Railroad


    You can take a track ride with me (ccrv 6700) as I give you a tour of our
    track here at the Cumberland Mine Railroad. This will be a 4 part mini
    series. Today we start out at the prep plant and travel to
    mile post 4. In the 3 follow up videos you will see the entire
    line from start to finish, 16.8 miles on this very unique short line railroad.

    So many folks have asked me to see the entire track so hope you
    enjoy these videos and get a better understanding of what all our
    railroad here is about.

    We haul exclusively coal from the mine and prep plant located at Kirby Pa.
    to a river barge loading facility at Alicia Pa. on the Monongahela River.
    Almost all of our coal is for domestic steam power plant generation.

    We do sell some coal to a concrete plant that is taken by barge to LaBelle Pa.
    where it is off loaded and put on CSX trains. We currently also sell
    some coal to Hyundai located in Korea and S. America and
    that coal is sent via CSX from LaBelle to Baltimore Md. for overseas shipment.

    We have 3 locomotives, 2 of which are EMD SD 38-2. #1 was built in
    1975 just for this mine, #22 was built in 1978 for Yankee town Docks
    and #3098 is an EMD SD 40-2 built in 1966 for Southern Pacific.
    (built as an SD 40, converted to a dash 2 by Boise Locomotive Works
    after the SP/UP merger upon which it was retired and sold to Boise).
    ================================================== ===========================
    Derailment Intentional !! The East Terminal Railway shows how to derail and Re Rail a Rail Road Car.


    Why would the East Terminal Railway derail its own Car? Descarrilamiento ?? To keep you Safe! A derail is a violent event but could save lives. Join Brian for some track side continuing education toward your "Terminal Railway" degree! Derailment, locomotive, rail car, railroad safety, Caliente!
    ================================================== ===========================
    Prototype Video 1 Freight Car Stenciling


    Want to know what all that stenciling on freight cars means? Would you like to learn how to stencil freight cars more accurately? This video will share information on prototype freight car stenciling and how to ensure accurate stenciling for your models.
    ================================================== ===========================
    Comments:When you watch how different Trades come together to move this engine to it's final resting place, it amazing.
    Documentary - OTC Locomotive move 7 1 31

    ================================================== ===========================
    Unused/Abandoned Portions of the Former Monon Railroad in Delphi, Indiana


    47,728 views Dec 28, 2016 Remnants and times are listed below. In this video, I explore the former Monon Railroad right-of-way through Delphi, Indiana. Most of the line was abandoned by CSX (the last owner) in the late 1980s and removed in the early 1990s. Part of the line was kept and acquired by Norfolk Southern to serve the limestone quarry on the west side of Delphi. Track still remains but hasn't been used since about 2009. This video shows footage from Pittsburgh just west of Delphi, to the Deer Creek trestle that is still owned by CSX. Different parts of this video were filmed at different times of the year. This was filmed mostly in 2016 with very few 2015 shots.
    ================================================== ===========================
    Work Along the Wonalancet


    CSX Kenmore local L036 swaps boxcars at the huge Speed Global warehouse on a short and steep spur off the Wonalancet Runner in Kenmore, NY!
    ================================================== =========================================

    Fully Loaded Tank Car Recovery


    Jan 10, 2021 Cranemasters recovers fully loaded tank cars following a mountain derailment.

    ================================================== ==========================================
    Erie Railroad Wreck Crane Startup and Demo


    ================================================== ==========================================
    GE 50 ton diesel


    Filmed during the 64th old car fest at greenfield village. The location is Service road near the Firestone farm . Also a little fact about the Locomotive. Its a GE 50 ton Center cab Locomotive was built in 1942 by General Electric In Eire Penn. The locomotive went to Charleston, S.C. to shuttle Ammunition for world war 2. Then later on she then went to work for Luria Brothers & Co in Ecorse, Mich. Then her last and final stop was here to The Henry Ford where she is used to shuttle rolling stock or in this case to fill in for a Steam Locomotive. Also Before u ask why was torch lake or #7 not running. well Torch lake was being worked on and #7 was down for a boiler wash.

    ================================================== ============================
    Thank you for dropping by, Peace and Good Health to all.
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    Lightbulb Misc Pictures / YTube

    Good Thurs all,

    Well from here thru the weekend, Blue and family will see one of Grand Children graduate this week. Waited over 4 yrs and Covid played a large part in the delay, but now after lots of work, our Grand Child is getting ready to enter life as an Adult, and hopefully a great Career ahead.. Like anything else time and patience will see what is ahead for them. We are so excited and proud.

    I believe this might be Coal Country, pulling freight thru the back Country.

    Was trolling the Web the thee other day, and saw this picture, gave me some ideas for doing some specialized Docking Plumbing for Trans-loading of Liquids....Pretty cool I think......I know have some similar Assets for Silos or something that would look and work ok for this type operation.

    This is from the other Route in previous Message.

    Speaking of Bulk Delete or Replacement, on this Route, there was one older TANE and/or Payware Texture missing on the Route, so in this Snowy Mountain seen with Granite or Darker colored Rocks, I had lots of little Plain Grid patterns. Since it was just one Texture, I went ahead and grabbed something I liked. And did Grid Pattern replace and Voila, easy peasy, all the Grid spots were filled with new Texture. Took about 1 Min to select, and 10 Seconds for operation to update it.....Can't beat that......Think about going around with the Mouse trying to get the Pattern to match,, not on your life, near impossible! Your mileage will vary.

    In this Picture, the lighting is sitting way to high, as you can see no Train Wheels showing here, so I went and adjusted the light height till it just touched the Ground, if you go to far, it disappears completely.....Takes a couple of rotations with Mouse, or you can due a set height to make it easier.

    This a picture of WIP progress I merged three different Harbor type Rte's and fill in the Tiles to make it connected for a large Ship Harbor operation.

    This Route is interesting in the fact, it covers a lot of area but is built as condensed form. The reason I mention this, I have downloaded several large Routes, that are basically long rulers with some left and Right tiling. Problem I see, well just an observation, I think it inhibits the GPU when it tries to render a extremely long straight Route. I could be totally off on this, but it seems like a Large Dem Route that is huge Block of Tiles renders a little better. Just food for thought....I would enjoy your thoughts on this one.

    Check out the Name Plate on this Ship........?

    I think it is nice when I find Routes with an Artist Paint Tile selection, Very handy!

    Who says you can't have a lot of Track in a small area, this one is maybe 3 tiles or less....Very Cool.
    ================================================== =============================================
    Unused/Abandoned Portions (Former Nickel Plate IMC. Sub.) - South Kokomo, Indiana


    All remnants are listed down in the description. This video shows the remains of the Indianapolis-Michigan City Nickel Plate Railroad Subdivision in the southern portion of Kokomo, Indiana starting from Markland Avenue and Main Street down to County Road 300 South (Center Street). Today the line is owned by the Central Railroad of Indianapolis between Gano Street and south of Jackson Street, by Kokomo Grain from south of Jackson Street down towards Lincoln Road, and by NS from north of Lincoln Road down to Tipton, Indiana.
    ================================================== =============================================
    TP&W 5010 in Kokomo, Indiana - Crossings, a Diamond, and a Tilting Target Signal


    TP&W engine 5010 (GP50) pulls this line of cars down the Winamac Southern Railway Logansport-Kokomo line in Kokomo, Indiana. The train is heading southeast and will merge onto the Central Railroad of Indianapolis down the line and head east to Marion, Indiana. The diamond crossing is still equipped with a tilting target signal from the days of the Nickel Plate Railroad (Indianapolis-Michigan City Subdivision) and the Pennsylvania Railroad. The signal no longer works, but still stands. Today, the intersecting track is owned by the Central Railroad of Indianapolis and it is out-of-service. The Illinois and Midland (I&M) caboose 273 is just resting on this connecting track for now. In the near future, a monument track will be built near hear and the caboose will be moved to that track.
    ================================================== =============================================
    Isle of Man Railway Cavalcade


    Hosted by Charles Guard; a brilliant overview of the unique railways of the Isle of Man featuring the world famous horse tramway, the oldest surviving electric tramway and mountain railway and three unique steam railways.
    ================================================== =============================================
    Comments:Now this is a very narrow and compact MOW.....But it works.

    Visit To The Seaton Tramway


    On the 17/08/2019, Friends paid a visit to the unique Seaton Heritage Tramway in East Devon. It runs for 3 miles from the village of Colyton to the seaside town of Seaton with 1 intermediate stop at the village of Colyford. This video features some line-side shots of trams departing as well as a forward facing view of the journey over the tramway, from point to point, in both directions, taken from the front of a double Decker tram’s top deck
    ================================================== =============================================
    Comments: I have a lot of Respect for the specialized Crews that can do this remote retrieval!

    Re-railing 37273 Canton and Old Oak common breakdown gangs recover the loco


    Re-railing a class 37 locomotive that went through catch points.Rescued by Canton Cardiff breakdown gang and Old Oak common breakdown gang April 1991. I dedicate this video to my good friend Glyn Attley who passed away last year. Was a part of this breakdown gang featured and a try B R Canton guy.
    ================================================== =============================================
    One way to re-rail a 100 ton loaded coal car from derailment 40' from tracks!


    After 7 cars or so went on the ground in Nashua NH with the Wabash NS 1070 leading, crews show how you can re-rail loaded cars with the track 40' or so away and the rail-bed absolute junk with rotten ties and mangled metal all over. The side boom dozers earn their keep with their ability to lift and maneuver heavy loads all the time. The derailment happened on March 7, 2013 and the cleanup started on March 9.
    ================================================== =============================================
    CRANE MASTERS COMP REEL v1 converted

    ================================================== =============================================


    ================================================== =============================================
    ALPINE Narrow Gauge Railroad - Private Tour - Railroad


    Come with us and take the last private guided tour of a narrow gauge railroad called the Descanso, Alpine & Pacific Railway. Shortly after our visit the railroad was dismantled, moved and re-assembled at the Campo Railroad Museum in early 2018 for everyone else to enjoy.
    ================================================== =============================================
    Union Pacific Derailment Cleanup at Butler Yard 8/21/18 With UP Work Train


    Filming the cleanup of a 13 car sand train derailment at the south end of Butler yard. Also UP equipment taking track plates off of the work train and the electrical company rebuilding the power lines. One of the trains going by the derailment area had UP 6706 (Ex CNW 8804).
    ================================================== =============================================
    TRAIN DRIVER´S VIEW: Riksgränsen - Narvik (One of the most spectacular railways in the world!)


    Feb 14, 2020 A trip between Riksgränsen (Sweden) and Narvik (Norway) with the Swedish night train! The Swedish night trains goes from Gothenburg and Stockholm in the south to Narvik in the north so this is the last and most spectacular part.
    Yet I´m not a driver but I´m a student and a driver to be, I filmed this under one of my practical periods. This time at SJ in Luleå.

    OK...Tomorrow is long day on the Road with lots of Traffic and Summer Heat. Enjoy your upcoming Weekend and thanks for dropping by.

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    Lightbulb Back from trip/Misc Pics / YTube

    Good Sat Morning all,

    We had a terrific Trip to visit with extended family and watch our oldest Grandchild Graduate College with Honors after 4 yrs, 2 of them with the Covid Situation, quite amazing when you think about it.

    I noticed Dave Snow and Vulcan have made some very nice Assets for us, they been with Trainz for a long time and are very good at what they do. So have a look. I think you'll really aappreciate what these distinguished Creators make. We are lucky to have Asset and Route Creators, it adds a lot to the game.

    This week, I looked at couple of my smaller Routes, and decided it might be cool if I could do a Merge and see how I could string them together. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the Route modifications just yet. When I do, I'll post them up maybe on my next msg?

    Tonight's Pictures will be from New England, and NSWales NG and couple of other Miscellanios Items.

    New England Route Switching

    Busy Day in East Coast Docks

    Just a note on this one, it is very large Route, and sometimes Trainz takes minute even after Pre Caching Process to complete the whole Render. It is good idea to wait if your in Surveyor Mode till all the Tiles show proper Render,,,,From plain white Tiles. Other wise you might get the surprise of Trainz locking up as it hasn't had time to load the Graphics into RAM Memory.

    Notice that some Rail Tunnels have no electrical hookups for Traction Operation.

    I thought this was cool picture.

    A large Canadian Rte I had to cut into 2 pieces, so it would work on my smaller Travel Computer.

    Weddington NG Route with Red Hen in operation.....

    I needed to download more Rolling Stock to have some more variety.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Blue's YouTube Pics for the week.

    Visiting the Brick Mountain Railroad


    2,433 views Jun 17, 2022 Today, we take a ride around the Brick Mountain Railroad in Connecticut. There's not much I'm at liberty to say about this railroad except that it's steep, winding, looks like a roller coaster, has some interesting signals and is a challenge to run on.
    ================================================== ======================================
    RAILROAD YARD EXPLAINED by ENGINEER (Look at this nonsense, lol)


    🕺🏻ABOUT DJ: DJ is a locomotive engineer for CSX Railroad since 1999. He has built dozens of layouts, gave presentations for model railroaders, is a You Tuber, licensed drone pilot, and a great father.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Car Stopped On Railroad Crossing, Train Coming With DPU, HOBO TAGS ON BOXCARS, Kentucky Trains, NS


    0:59 / 14:25
    Car Stopped On Railroad Crossing, Train Coming With DPU, HOBO TAGS ON BOXCARS, Kentucky Trains, NS
    20,747 views Jun 17, 2022 Car Stopped On Railroad Crossing & A Train Was Coming. Fast Train With DPU Shoving The Rear Working Hard On Norfolk Southern Main Line. Hobo Tags & Hobo Graffiti Up Close On Boxcars In A Railroad Yard. These trains are in Erlanger, Kentucky. The first train has a rear DPU working hard at a railroad crossing just south of the yard and Erlanger Station. I was going over the railroad crossing in Erlanger, Ky and a car stopped right on the tracks. These tracks are very busy and it is always a bad idea to stop on railroad tracks anywhere. The light went green and the cars pulled up so I drove over the tracks and looked to the north and saw a train approaching. I pulled off to the side and filmed it. The gates started coming down just as I was getting my camera ready. The train came by about a minute after the car in front of me crossed the tracks. I wonder what they would have done if the gates started coming down while they were on them. I could have backed up for them since nobody was behind me. Next we see a northbound train going through the small yard in Erlanger. See the Google Maps in the video. After the train goes by we look at the markings on the rail and we take a look at various hobo tags on the boxcars that are stored there. I found all kinds of markings. Do you recognize any of these tags? What do you think about the hobo tags and what do you think about the car that stopped on the track?
    ================================================== ======================================
    Beer Heights Light Railway - Driver's Eye Footage


    The Beer Heights Light Railway is one of the longest 7 1/4 inch miniature railways in England and has been running since 1976. We take a ride through the Pecorama tourism site, owned by model company PECO, in this exclusive footage from the front of 'Jimmy', a Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive built in 1986 and fitted with a Kubota 2-cylinder engine.
    ================================================== =======================================
    Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives Fill in a Quarter Mile Long CN Rail Trestle Located Near Avola, BC.


    Taken during the warm months of 1926/27, the video shows the complete process of turning a wooden trestle into an earthen fill. Using steam locomotives, steam shovels and draft horses the 100 foot tall, quarter mile long trestle disappears under millions of yards of dirt. All while the trestle continues to see regular Canadian National Railway freight and passenger trains. Located north of Avola, British Columbia, on CN's Clear water Sub. To this day dozens of trains still pass over it everyday.
    ================================================== =======================================
    Two-Foot Trains & Tall Trees - Bucksgahuda & Western Railroaders Day 2014


    Tucked away in the back woods somewhere between St. Marys and Kersey Pennsylvania is a little railroad known as "The Land where the Geese Wear Pants." This little railroad, running with the rails two feet apart, is the result of nearly 50 years of a family's dedication. Twice a year this slim-gauge gem is opened up for the public to see. On these days the steam engines are brought out and fired up, The first of the two annual open houses is called Railroader's Day. In this video we take a look at the operations on railroader's day from sunrise to sunset, from firing the engines up to the final run of the day.
    ================================================== =======================================
    Two Foot Narrow Gauge in East Germany


    Short sequences from this Ton Pruissen which features the last few years operation from 1966 to 1967 of the last segment of the 'Mecklenburg Pommersche Schmalspurbahn'.
    ================================================== =======================================
    A First Look at the 57 and 60


    Lets take a walk around the 57 and 60 and assess their conditions now that they are finally home on the J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Power Switch Machine and the First Weekend of Operations


    I managed to rig up the power switch machine at Laughlin Junction to work off a push button, just in time for our first weekend of public operations for 2022. Train and crew worked well with no problems.
    We are the J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad at 2261 Hubbard Road in Youngstown, OH. www.youngstownsteel.org
    ================================================== ======================================
    Can't close and lock the car door.


    Go with the East Terminal Railway Crew on a repair job! I bought an Abandoned Railroad. Short line, Railroad work, RR car repair, mobile rail car repair. Bring in the WAM!
    ================================================== =======================================
    I Was Filming A Train In The Snow And This Happened! CSX and CP Trains In A Buffalo Blizzard DPU Too


    Was Filming A Train In The Snow And This Happened! CSX and CP Trains In A Buffalo Blizzard! Some DPU Alright's Too! 7 Trains in all in this action packed train video filmed in and around Dun Kirk NY on February 3rd 2022.
    ================================================== =======================================
    CSX MOW Fayetteville, NC


    This video is North and South and in front of the train station here in Fayetteville, N
    ================================================== =======================================
    Shady Pines Construction Update


    Today, Tony Road knight gives us a tour of his Shady Pines Railroad, including new construction under the drawbridge and new construction up the switchback on the logging branch and a tour of the indoor rail yard.
    ================================================== =======================================

    That's a wrap, thanks for dropping in tonight.

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    Lightbulb Merging is fun! /Coastal Rte /YTube Picks

    Good Evening all,

    This week was somewhat unusual for us, we actually got some Rain from the Monsoonal Flow from Mexico, and wasn't a lot, but at this time of the year, with 90-105 Degree temps, Fires breaking out from the heat and extreme drought, it was a welcome to relief for at least one day, to collect some much needed Moisture.

    So I am happy to say, my TRS19 Platinum is completely restored now, no Errors, No Faulty junk. And my Routes are cleaned up and I'm having fun with 4 way merge of Coastal and Canadian Routes, not large, they are small, in one case, one of them was 2 Tiles..

    For the Newbies, if you are going to merge one Route, several Routes, it doesn't make a difference, for optimum results:

    Remove all the Train Consists, Make sure each Route has one Route Layer, One Session, only, if a Route you are going to merge, has multiple Layers, you stand the chance of having Objects, where the Parent to Child is broken during a merge.

    Also one of the 2 Routes being merged has to have a Unique name for the merge to work.

    Simple way, Route Layer is normal, just put RouteA Layer for the other one, actually put a Descriptive name if you like.

    One other important thing, check each Routes Elevation. If they are say 50 Feet difference, you need to consider add space between the two Routes to allow for blank Tiles for Elevation translation. Depending on how much the difference is in actual height, you might need lots of Tiles, and consider doing a lot of Curves to make up for the difference in height. Now some routes, might be several hundreds of feet in height difference, then the consideration is, well, it probably can't be merged, too many tiles have to be added. I have done about 200-300 feet difference, but it took a lot of work, and lets just say, I made a lot of Mountains with 3-4% or more Grades to make the difference.

    Lastly any Routes you are going to merge, make sure you have backup copies of each Route to be Merged, just in case something goes wrong, or you delete the wrong Route. Take it from me I did delete some Routes by not paying attention, or it being to late in the evening, you know the drill.....

    Tonight's Pictures will detail a 4 way Route Merge,

    This Derailment is what happens when you miss a Switch that was leftover from changing Tracks around.

    I rebuilt the Seaport here and added some more Tiles..

    I made some runs down the mountain and to get my Signals in sync. Looks like this one needs some help.

    During rebuilding adding Tiles Etc, I use descriptive names as I go thru the Route glue the tiles together.

    First Freight getting ready to head down to the Port and pickup materials when our Ships dock.

    When I started working on the Port, I found the Freight lines had 5%-17% grades, this meant I would need to add several Tiles and extend the mountains to reduce the Grade to a more normal 3% max 3.5%.

    SD45-SD40 taking a string of empties down the newly Graded Track.

    The Grade is working well, still have a lot of re Texturing, leveling between merge points.

    One of things I need to do later on, is replace a lot of trees that show see thru leafs. it is an Alpha Mask problem.

    Using Wire Mode is great to see how things are laid out. The more you use Wire Mode, the more I think you'll like it. Plus you might find Assets that fell or pushed below the Grid lines, including Excess Water used.

    For your viewing Pleasure, some of Blues You Tube Picks of the Week, enjoy.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Runaway: Stopping a Stolen Locomotive.


    A train dispatcher must be ready for anything at any time. A good day, the most boring of days, can go bad in an instant. A bad day can go industrial strength ugly.

    As has been said about "Sully" Sullenberger gliding to a landing in the Hudson and Al Haynes and his colleagues landing a badly damaged DC-10 in Sioux City IA in 1989, these are things you can't practice for. All of such situations are unique and depend upon knowledge and instinct for resolution.

    This is one such day.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Train hits bush on tracks


    Train hits bush on line that doesn't get much use. The brush will be cut back in the future when the line reenters regular service.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Zanetti Ghost Train 1911 , Thee True Story Of A Train Lost in a Tunnel in Italy, No One Can Find It

    ================================================== =====================================
    Steam engines after boiler explosions


    In This Video You Will See Bizarre Vintage Photos Of Steam Engines After A Boiler Explosion. Dated From The Late 19th And Early 20th Centuries.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Rebuilding a Duplex Pump Part 1


    We need a better method of injecting water into 58's boiler so that we can increase our operating pressure to 200 psi from 180. This Gardner Denver 3x2x3 duplex pump has been in our collection for a while and has been chosen to be rebuilt and installed on the 58 to inject water up to 200 psi. This video explains why we are doing this project and also what we need to do to get this pump back in service on the J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad.
    ================================================== =====================================
    White Creek Railroad fall 2021


    Just as a note we ran with no safety chains between locomotive and the engineer rider car because the hooks had previously snapped while holding down the locomotive in our trailer on the way home. we could only get closed ones to transport it safely to the WCRR.https://youtu.be/pdTRi3O9_zk
    ================================================== =====================================
    Bay Colony Millis Line back in action - 1701 cuts through weeds


    On 6/21/2022 the Bay Colony Railroad operated BCLR GP8 (Rebuilt GP7) on the overgrown Millis, MA Line to spot 7 loaded cement cars for Tresca Broths Sand & Gravel. These are the first loads to arrive on the line since January and the last move (empties out) was in March. This video shows 1701's whole operation running down to the interchange, running around, then shoving to Island Rd all meanwhile knocking down the 3-foot weeds and other brush along the tracks.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Roaring DPU! 3 Cool Railroad Crossings! 1st Crossing Is My Favorite! CSX & NS Trains In Ohio


    MIAMISBURG Roaring DPU! 3 Cool Railroad Crossings! 1st Crossing Is My Favorite! CSX & NS Trains In Ohio
    15,466 views Jun 21, 2022 CSX Train Books With Roaring Locomotive Shoving The Rear! 3 Awesome Railroad Crossing In Miamisburg, Ohio. Norfolk Southern Local Freight Passes Beautiful House Next To The Tracks. 1st train is a CSX inter modal train with a hard working DPU shoving the rear at my favorite railroad crossing just outside the city of Miamisburg, Ohio. Next train is passing a railroad crossing where they book since there are few crossings in this area. I like that one since they hi ball here and its in a country setting just outside of Miamisburg. There is a pull off near it with a trestle nearby and the land is open to the public. The 3rd crossing is in downtown Miamisburg on the Norfolk Southern line that goes from Cincinnati to Dayton, Ohio. I like this crossing because it is near a park and the house is really beautiful and has a sign on the side of it warning of trains. It is right next to the tracks. The train passing it was an NS local that just finished working the Franklin Industrial Spur and was returning to Dayton. Both of the CSX trains in this video were heading southbound toward Queens-gate Yard in Cincinnati.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Thanks for dropping by.
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