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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb Amsterdam Trip Pic/ You Tube Selections /

    Good Monday all,

    Just returned from our 11 Day Trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands over the Weekend. Took several pictures of different items and places. Hope you enjoy..Our Plane Trip over and back was with KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines, and it was terrific. A little bit of Air Turbulence,,which is expected. Fortunately, no bad Storms along the way.

    We had left about about 2PM PST time from California, our flight goes from LAX, Los Angeles international Airport, we fly over Canada, Greenland, then into Europe, finally landing the Next morning about around 8:00AM to a beautiful Sunny day.

    Here we are on our way riding the Trains to our Air B&B in Amsterdam. Look at the Sun Location, and the Sun does not get much higher in the Sky in this Latitude. Temp is about 45 Degrees. We were in 80 Degrees California, a little Nippy, but the air is clean. Take a look at the Tall Sky Scraper here notice how it is not straight sided on one edge.....

    Looking at from Rail Station here, Sky Scrapers have some futuristic Shapes.

    Sun is quite Bright hear, but if you look carefully this Building is overhanging Walls jutting out one edge.....Interesting Architecture

    This is a view from the main city area, we just Rode this Tram and Construction Crews have the Street all torn up doing improvements for Tram Rails etc. They work 24 hours, M-F, Weekends off. Only thing is, our walk from Tram was twice the distance as we had to get around all the Construction Boards put in place along the Sidewalks. Now imagine this, Netherlands has lots, I mean a lot, of Folks riding their Bicycles to School, Work, etc, Rain or Shine, so Pedestrians and Bicyclists are walking thru the narrow Sidewalks each way with Bicycles.

    Blue and Family had a fun time riding these cool Trams, our longest wait time was maybe 20 mins, most times, it was 10-15 mins during peak times, approx. Trains were quick, clean and Dutch people are very polite.

    It's 2:00AM in the morning, and these Workers are hard at work, doing Utilities, and Asphalt improvements, we were told this and other areas is a huge Construction Project, they should finish if all goes well about Dec 18th, just a few days before Xmas!

    Even cooler yet, there are Brick lined Sidewalks and some Streets, what they do is pull up the Bricks, which sit on about 1 Foot too 1.5 Sand Bed, and make improvements, then put Sand and Bricks, Pavers etc back in place. You'd never know the Road and or Sidewalks had been taken apart....Asphalt of course is Ground down to dirt with huge Rotary Grinders and then re Asphalted as needed.

    What is keen interest here, look at the Traffic Signals, they use same signals for Railroad Trams for Traffic Signal lighting. What a novel idea.

    It's next morning now, We are looking out from small Back Yard view, you can see how the high Density Buildings are all together here. Our first 3 days are nice, but we have Rainy Days coming for whole week ahead.....

    It's another day, Sun is out, about 40 Degrees now, as I have a cup of good Coffee, I watch with interest on what they are working on. They have run new Electrical Cables and Signal Communication Lines etc. I really enjoy watching Construction and learning how things are repaired, replaced. It is one good education that has served me well, in doing upgrades and repairs to our House. You watch the Pro's and learn from them.

    Netherlands has all 4 Seasons, unlike California, that seems to miss Fall, and go to Winter, this Flower is not doing too bad, considering the Temps will dip down into low 30 Degree weather on some nights.

    This is looking out into the Garden, BBQ area from our Air B&B house. Unfortunately everything was wet and soaked from the previous several days of Rain, prior our arrival, but that is OK, they're are so many little Restaurants literately around the Corner, and Great little Quaint Bars. Takes just mins to walk there, of course, you want to have Umbrella, or Rain Jacket, etc.

    It's 9:00 AM and we are headed out to meet one of our Trams, lots of places, Museums to go see.
    ================================================== =====================================

    Blues You Tube Pics of the week:
    The Most Unexciting Train Derailment You'll See


    I set out for an afternoon of chasing the ND&W's former Santa Fe GP20s. We got to Defiance a little later than I had planned due to Class 1 interference and ended up having to go towards Napoleon to catch up with them. We spotted a handful of boxcars sitting in a random location and thought the day was going to be a bust until we spotted the single engine walking east with 2 cars. He didn't make it far as the rail spread and both boxcars dropped wheels to the ties. Didn't take much to figure out that the handful of boxcars further west were the result of them going on the ground earlier and cutting away what was still on the rail.

    ================================================== ======================================
    CSX manifest goes in emergency right in front of me!


    ================================================== =======================================
    Comments: Fireworks anyone, sure hope they didn't Ruin these Rails......

    And I bet someone under waited this Train....They don't have enough Traction/Horsepower to Weight ratio is definitely not in line here....No excuse for this period!!!!

    Need some Helpers from rear for sure.....Blue is not impressed......

    P80 with Extreme Wheel Slip Grinds the Rails While 212 with Interstate Waits to Pass

    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments: This Engineer is in Big Trouble? Or are they?

    Nope, not this time, these poor old 50 Yr Old cars are headed to the Scraper here, it truly is the end of the line! Railroad doesn't want to see Metal Fatigue cause a Derailment or worse.....Time to Retire these little guys.

    Rolling Rail cars Off the Tracks at Duagh


    Pushing railroad cars off the end of the track to their final destination. All rail cars in North America have a 50 year lifespan from date built. No exceptions. Cars can be used in 'captive service' in rail yards. But they are banned from 'online' use.

    The cars roll off the rails onto sheet metal that was once the skin of a grain car.

    All Right Folks, that's a RAP for tonight, Blue and Mr's Blue are going thru that nice Jet Lag, Amsterdam had there time change last Week, and this Week, We had our Fall Behind time Change, so that couple with 2 time Changes, we are waking up at different times. Think it going to take a few more days to get that Circadian Rhythms back in order......So far no Covid issues, we are awaiting our Results from today's test, in about 2-3 days. Feel fine. So hopefully we pass with flying colors.

    Have a great week, and in my next message, I'll share what I didn't take on our Trip, and what went wrong....Just those little Details that one misses.....LOL

    Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy.........

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    Lightbulb Amsterdam Trip Pic II/ You Tube Selections

    Good Evening all,

    Well we are Slowly getting over our Jet Lag, now just waking up at 3 or 4AM in the morning, hopefully in another few Days, will get to 7AM which is about the norm for us to awake......

    Tonight here are some more Pics from Amsterdam Trip:

    Architecturally the Netherlands has some very interesting looking Buildings.

    I would never thought I would see this type of Building, But they made it, and I'm sure people look twice to believe what they're are seeing! I couldn't be up in this type building, I'm sure it is safe, but I would feel strange looking out these side windows, like looking out a Ledge high above the ground.

    Passing buy on our way to Utrecht, we see several maintenance and Storage Yards. Sorry the pictures are not a bit better, we probably doing 50-75MPH.

    We road a lot of different trains daily to Tour Amsterdam and surrounding areas......There are Local, and Express Trains, Trams on City streets, depending on where your going.

    Lots of Rail and Snap Track Sections are stored and ready to go for whatever Construction, Maintenance Jobs. We saw several sections of Track under Repair.

    You all know how found I am of Cabooses, well, I had mure second to shoot this Photo as we passed by, I really don't know how I caught this one......

    Ready to go Train sets stand ready for Service, over to the left is Yellow MOW Vehicle.

    Way in the back is some type of Modified Loco for MOW.

    Blue Caboose and some Freight Wagons sitting in the Yard.

    Blues You Tube Pic's of week:
    Comments: Check out how think this Rail is......?
    Carriage wagon on 7 1/4" garden railway / ZDK

    Riding on 7 1/4" gauge garden railway in Prague. Headquarters ZDK
    ================================================== =====================================
    F&WHR Moving Pictures Number Fifty Seven - 8/11/21


    The latest edition of F&WHR Moving Pictures is a Boston Lodge Works round up with CME Jon Whalley and then a quick look at the lighting in the new carriage shed.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments:Have you wondered what a Prime Mover looks like?
    Exceptional Engineering | Mega Diesel Engine | Free Documentary


    Mega Diesel Engine made in Germany. MTU (Engine and Turbine Union Friedrichshafen) is a brand of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. Their propulsion systems and large diesel engines, for example, neatly heat ships, heavy and military vehicles or railways. Not infrequently bring such drives namely achievements of up to 12,000 hp. The mega diesel engines are manufactured in the idyllic Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, but the engines "Made in Germany" have long been used worldwide.
    ================================================== =====================================
    Comments: I am a firm believer in the Theory, the Right Tools for the Right Job should work. In this case, you decide.....?
    Worlds largest track layer - Plasser & Theurer SVM1000 Infranord at Haparandabanan, Sweden


    In Kalix, Sweden they have build a new railroad between Kalix and Haparanda (Haparandabanan) 42km new railway
    I was with a friend there last week in September 2011 and filmed the machine that lay down the track. A SVM 1000 from Plasser & Theurer.
    There is two machine of this model in the world and this is the only one in Europe!
    And at least in 2011 it was worlds largest track layer.
    ================================================== =====================================
    A Snowy Day on the NS Fairport Branch


    Hello and welcome to B&LE 902! It is Monday, January 20th and we are following the NS "Fairport Local" from Conneaut to Fairport harbor. This train utilizes a branch line starting in Perry, Ohio to access the Fairport harbor in Painseville, Ohio. This Branch line hosts many unique shots, which are seen in this video as we follow the local up the line.
    ================================================== =====================================
    IDIOT TRUCK & BUS VS TRAIN | TRAIN CRASHES - Awesome Powerful Snow Plow Train Removal Compilation


    Crazy Bus VS Dangerous Roads | Bus Nearly Falls off Cliff
    Extremely Dangerous Heavy Equipment Fails |Huge Cranes Collapse & Demolition Excavators Gone Wrong
    Amateur Huge Tree Felling Fails | Big Tree Falls into Trucks & Houses
    Crazy Bus VS Dangerous Road | Bus Crossing River Fails, Dangerous Bus Driving Skills
    Extreme Dangerous Dump Truck Fails |Truck climbing Steep Hills, Falls to Water & Crossing Muddy Road
    ================================================== ======================================
    And that's a Rap for now, have a Blessed Weekend, thanks for dropping by....

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    Good Sunday Evening,

    Recently had a Family Member who has Rhumatoid Arthritus, had one severe Heart Attack, which ended up with them requiring 3 Heart Stents, and ironically, it was found out, they had been misdiagnosed 15 some years ago, they Have rarer Arthritus issue, that only affects about 1% or so of the population, the brighter side if you will, is they are now on the correct medication, maybe there will be a Ray of Sunshine in this difficult and serious complication they face now, with Heart Rehab. At least they are still with us, it could have ended up as Fatal........
    ================================================== =======================================

    <kuid:44878:101671> Timber Ridge line std gauge 2021 june 8th version 3 on DLS, by Sir Dan Gavel:

    When I hit the Download key, it took close to 10 mins for the File to be found, but I think it wasn't that, it was all the Assets mentioned required for the Route. In my case it showed 4063 needed, and so it downloaded and in about 2.46 Hours.....Just requires patience, all things good, come in due time.........Average download speed was just under a Meg per second.

    After download completed, I did a DBR, which took maybe 5 mins, excellent for Trainz......His Route and attention to details is outstanding! It looks as real as you can imagine........Thank you Dan.....

    Picture here is amount of Assets shown for download.
    ================================================== =====================================
    More Pictures from our Texas trip.

    These old Time Tracks are from the an very old Railroad, that passed thru the city. Pretty Cool they kept these Tracks from long, long ago.....

    <a href="https://imgur.com/sZ6WO0y"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/sZ6WO0y.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>

    I used to enjoy drinking Dr Pepper, and here is the original Plant in WACO, we went thru Museum Tour and had a grand time. Lots of fun amazing how they bottled and made this tasty Soda.

    For those Old Brick building enthusiast, these are the original Bricks showing inside part of the Building, take a good look at how these particular Bricks and the time period they were laid in, I'm thinking late 1800's ?


    Unfortunately we came to WACO on Sunday, and the Gaines Store was closed, so we could only see the Silos and surrounding Buildings. It's been a while since I have seen their Demo Day Shows, it's a kick and a half.

    U.P.R.R. Branch Line, I believe, don't think it was mainline. Didn't see any trains passing thru in the 4 hours we were touring the Museums and such.

    That'll do for tonight, thanks for stopping by.

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    Smile Happy Thanksgiving to all our Forum Friends

    Good Evening all,

    In less than 10 hours we'll be dropping in Mr Turkey in the Oven, and making a few fix-ins as we get ready to visit some of extended Family Members.

    With that, and during this tough year of Covid issues that we face, wanted to wish all of you, a Blessed Thanksgiving, and for those not feeling well, a prayer to you too heal.

    From me and Mr's Blue to you and yours......Peace

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    Lovely pictures Blue, thanks for sharing them and giving the description about each one

    You and Mrs. Blue have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving as well.


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Lightbulb Payware purchases /Harbor Style Routes / Misc ideas & YTube Picks

    Good Monday all,

    @hiawathamr Thank you Sir, and all the cool things you make for us..........
    "Lovely pictures Blue, thanks for sharing them and giving the description about each one

    You and Mrs. Blue have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving as well.


    ================================================== ===========
    Hard to believe Thanksgiving has come and gone so fast, my head is a spinning, now it Only a few weeks away from Xmas. And of course all those Black Friday (Weekends included) coming left and write.....Hard to miss!

    So below, I did a little shopping at the Trainz Store, and picked up some Locos and Rolling Stock I still needed to fill some Voids on my European Routes......

    <kuid2:45324:100273:1> CNW Dash 9-44CW
    <kuid2:45324:100227:2> CSX B30-7
    <kuid:861596:1640> PREG B16mnopux 26-08 066-0
    <kuid2:935657:2000005:1> PT Class 68 Chiltern Railways
    <kuid:861596:1662> PolRegio B16mnopux 26-08 035-5
    <kuid:861596:1638> PREG B16mnopux 26-08 039-7
    <kuid:935657:2000014> PT Class 68 TPN

    Routes acquired this week:

    <kuid:347277:100053> The 3ft RR Time forgot ver 1c

    <kuid2:63479:101163:2> OZ SGR Railway NSW North Coast Oakhampton to Wingham V3.0
    OZ Standard Gauge Railway NSW North Coast Taree to Coffs Harbour Version 3
    OZ <kuid:63479:101680> OZ SGR NSW North V4.0

    <kuid:455032:101735> Corpus Christi Terminal RR (MAXWERKS)

    Dalton Harbour Branchline (These 3 to 4 Routes will be merged together as one larger Harbor Port Route)
    Hamilton Harbor
    Harbor Town
    Los Angeles Harbor Belt Line

    BR (WR) Branch line to Thornbury
    <kuid2:63479:100527:1> FESGR -SA - Mt Lofty to Victor Harbour & Border
    <kuid:63479:101171> OZ Standard Gauge Railway NSW North Coast Taree to Coffs Harbour Version 3.0

    Rail_1000mm Routes:
    <kuid:82884:100167> Kleine Platte 1000mm

    I to see how different Harbor Routes were made to and play/merge with....

    1000mm size was some Routes I came across as I did a 1000mm Keyword search in my Content Manager on DLS, what catches my Eye when I see different Threads on Forum, are the pictures of how the Author's/ Route Creates have laid out certain things in Route building.....

    Again, one of the strongest tools if you will, in your Arsenal, a great Resource, is Content Manager and the way you use Searches, with Keywords especially, "AND, OR, NOT, in or without conjunction of CATEGORY, as well, I save several of the individual AUTHORS name in a list such "-Togog" using the Author's name, make sure you add symbol - with first letter of name Capitalized........This keep alll the Author's name separate from all your other items.....

    That would probably allow another second roster above or below this list? I have to play with that.....

    I know you can do a naming convention in Surveyor of say, Train sets, or Signals, Switches etc by using similar symbols too......
    ================================================== ===========
    Blues Y Tube Picks of the week:
    Nevada Northern pulling freight train Ely, Nevada 2021


    The Nevada Northern Railway pulls the annual freight train special through the mountains of Ely, Nevada. This railroad is one of the best preserved in the World with yards, shops, rolling stock, and locomotives appearing just like they did in the 1930's. This railroad does offer public excursion trains. More information can be found here https://www.nnry.com
    ================================================== ============
    Return to running -Bredgar and Wormshill Railway's First open day of 2021 - Chasing Dinosaurs Ep.5


    This is a long one, so I suggest sitting down, making yourself comfy and getting ready for some good old train spotting fun, and join me and James as we wonder round and just enjoy being back at a railway - as the Bredgar and Wormshill Railway put on quite the show with their freight only event.
    ================================================== ============
    Trainz - TRS19 - Time lapse construction - Le Quesnay 1/2


    When you start from Ormesnil station and go west, you notice a track that turns and goes north. This track goes to the Quesnay station, which is a terminus. This station and its line, which will be the subject of major works ...
    Music : Smooth and Cool by Nico Staf, Come with us by Nat Keefe, Fri
    ================================================== =============
    A 21st century Steam Engine - Corris Number 7 - Lawrie Goes Loco Episode 25


    In today's video we have a real treat for you - a brand new steam locomotive!
    The Corris Railway's number 7, a new build engine which bares a striking resemblance to No.4 on the Talyllyn...
    ================================================== ==============
    First train in 2 years - Mass Coastal switches Maritime Terminal in New Bedford, MA


    For the first time since 2019 Mass Coastal Railroad picked up a car from the Maritime Terminal siding in New Bedford, MA. It was dropped off here on Wednesday which was the first time a train went down the siding in almost two years. This video shows the car going out and on train MC-4 in New Bedford, Freetown, and Lakeville.
    ================================================== ===============
    "Cold Winds & Cold Steel" NYS&W Utica NY Branch


    Views of New York, Susquehanna & Western activity on its Utica NY branch on November 23, 2021 are presented here.

    The video opens with the reading of a short passage from Jay Winn's excellent book, "Utica Railroads 1950-2010: A Look Back Over Six Decades." The book includes stories about the New York Central, New York, Ontario & Western, West Shore, Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, Erie-Lackawanna, Conrail and the NYS&W.
    ================================================== ================
    "Chaos on Schuyler Street!" NYS&W Utica NY


    New York, Susquehanna & Western No. 3040 creates a bit of chaos as it leads its eight-car train northbound on Utica, NY's Schuyler Street the late afternoon of Feb 4, 2020.
    ================================================== ================
    Trains Don't Run Here Until Now! Rare Train On Saturday! Short Line Train On A Weekend! #shorts


    Rare train on a Saturday for short line railroad Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET. Trains don't run on this railroad on the weekends, until now! These awesome locomotives are EMD GP15-1 and we see the train in Mount Orab, Ohio crossing the trestle that goes over White Oak Creek and Sicily Road. This is between Mt Orab and Sardinia.
    ================================================== =================
    Moving Rails And Improving Points (Switch) On The Narrow-Gauge Railway.


    Oh, the plans I have for this little railway! But I want to get them right, so I went back to the points I'd made earlier to improve them..
    ================================================== =================
    Rocky Mountain Railroad | Episode 1: Avalanche | FD Real Show


    Watch 'Rocky Mountain Railroad - Episode 2' here: https://youtu.be/RaZI74h0RRg

    Hauling $50 million of freight from Vancouver, a massive train heads straight into the avalanche zone after a major snowstorm.

    After a massive overnight blizzard, Jim and Jordy’s freight train heads straight into the heart of the avalanche zone. Avalanche technician Derek prepares to detonate a man-made snow slide. The snow-removal crew tackles giant ice columns that could spell disaster. And in Ontario, off-gridder George delivers firewood to a remote Northern community.

    Original Train Depot in Lubbock, Texas

    I believe Freight Cars used to unload at these 2 Doors back in the day.....

    A Picture is worth at least 1000 Words, I think this one fits the bill.......

    We went to I believe is the only Wind Mill Museum in the US?


    Husband and Wife and great Artist who drew huge Art Murals here, made an idea come true......

    And this Huge Layout is amazing to watch a bunch of Trains running the inside of this building.

    Tons of work, and lots of Volunteers to make this Railroad.....

    Look at how well everything is made and kept up.....

    Good wood work and proper support, nothing was left for chance, details....

    Santa Fe all the way Folks.......And the Marines are in this layout too.....

    OK Folks, one more day, and we turn December before you know it......!

    Thank you for coming buy today,
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    Most of my experiences recently have been with "N" gauge railways in tighter quarters. It is great to see there are still some places with room for larger scales. Thanks for the pics blue!
    “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” - R.L.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forester1 View Post
    Most of my experiences recently have been with "N" gauge railways in tighter quarters. It is great to see there are still some places with room for larger scales. Thanks for the pics blue!
    You made my day Sir, we spent several hours in the Wind Mill Museum, and I was snapping Pics like crazy, since I didn't know if I would get them to come out OK with Glass reflections and lighting....Plus this place is only 1439 miles away from my house in So California.......

    Also I am a fan of Windmills and Lighthouses, I think they quite unique, and over time they are disappearing as I age. So when I can find a place like this, I just have a bang up time, besides it very interesting to visit with couple who did a lot of hard labor for many years, trying to make this Museum a fun family place to visit, and interesting to Art enthusiasts to see how some of Murals came out that are 35 feet tall, by I don't know how wide.

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    Good morning from France, mister Blue.
    It seems that the link in your signature,
    Snow High Valley Distr New (High Resolution)

    does not works.
    But I have found (google is my friend) that thread.
    Wow. huge work ! ! ! I like how you precisely put the tracks and the levers.
    To answer to your question about the read lines in Moscow, it seems to be attachment points for the high intensity electric wires : you can find them also for the high voltage power lines, in Ural mountains route.


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    [QUOTE=Jean54;1900636]Good morning from France, mister Blue.
    It seems that the link in your signature,
    Snow High Valley Distr New (High Resolution)

    does not works.
    But I have found (google is my friend) that thread.
    Wow. huge work ! ! ! I like how you precisely put the tracks and the levers.
    To answer to your question about the read lines in Moscow, it seems to be attachment points for the high intensity electric wires : you can find them also for the high voltage power lines, in Ural mountains route.



    Good Morning to you from across the Pond,

    Thank you for the response, and sorry you had problems with Link Signature, I need to check that out and see what is going on......

    Have a wonderful holiday and please come by my Thread here anytime.....

    Merci beaucoup.........

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