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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb Blue got in trouble this week.........

    Good Monday day to all,

    I have been quite busy with trying to finish the installation and error checking of Platinum upgrade.
    Everything was going well till I tried to hurry up the "Open For Edit" submissions.......By opening adding File Submit Windows, I had 4 of them open, usually works for me.....But this time I got bit with a Crash to Desktop with Trainz!!! Didn't think too much of it, had it happen times before.......

    What I didn't know, I had much larger Problems caused by my trying to hurry things up......

    A day later, when looking at the My Content for Routes, I found couple of my Routes were not in the Trainz, they had vanished, My Alaska Merge and several others........

    When I went to my old Data Directory and did a re install of Data files, no Route was there in Backup Directory, reason why, I had not worked on Alaska Route in the last two weeks......

    OK now I would next go back to my CDP Export files and do the reinstall. Oh but wait, I deleted those files 2 days earlier, and I had turned off my Carbonite Backup to speed things up while making the Installation of 89000 Files......

    So I messed myself up 3 ways from Sunday, bummed out, kicking myself for making dumb mistakes, things I know better than to do!

    One last place to hopefully find a copy of Alaska Merge was go back thru 2 weeks of Carbonite Backups on Cloud and hopefully find a copy?

    Results: I found one that was from Late November, and it is Viable. But I have lost 2 months worth of work.....Yes it saddens me, and yes I messed up pretty bad.....

    On the upside, at least I didn't lose the whole route!

    Ok so distilling my errors here:

    Dont try hurry up Trainz when your downloading Assets to install, in my case 40000..

    Don't delete your CDP backup files from old installation to new one, until, you make sure your stuff is backed up.........

    Now there is a Ray of Sunshine in this.....I do keep 2 Backups of all the Payware items,, and other Asset Builders Files I have downloaded over the years plus several CDP from Content Manager Route Backups.....I didn't make one for my Alaska Route.......And a few others, so it needs to be updated......

    So you could say, your Backups are only as good as they are up to date.......Like anyone else, I got behind a bit.....I need to bring backups to more current......

    Understand, I am not complaining here, just sharing, I have no one to blame but myself for not doing things the way I should done them......I take full responsibility for my actions......

    Ok lets move one here: Blues You Tube picks for this week.

    Artesia Manifests Meet in Simsboro!


    Just a quick video this evening. Stay tuned for the weekend! A rare snowfall showed up in North

    481 Turntable


    Durango & Silverton NG Railroad K-36 number 481 turns on the Durango turntable. January 15, 2021


    Short Line Railroad Switching, Classic Locomotives Work Grain Spur, Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET


    Classic locomotives setting off cars at the grain elevator spur. Short line railroad Cincinnati Eastern Railroad has started using the grain spur again on a fairly regular basis. In the past year the grain spur has only been used a handful of times but recently I filmed an 8 car train come from there and now we see them set off a couple more cars to be loaded. The train is seen setting off the cars for the grain elevator SW9 to pick them up. This was filmed in Winchester, Ohio on January 11, 2021. I also include an awesome shot of the train crossing the huge trestle east of Winchester, Ohio over Elk Run. The train picked up 68 more cars at Mount Zion just east of that trestle! That video will be out soon. The train was taking those cars to Peebles for storage.

    Rare Snowfall on the KCS Meridian Speedway!


    Fingers crossed that we get another snow day this winter!


    D&S Doubleheader 1 17 2021


    Durango & Silverton narrow gauge railroad double header with engines 481 and 482.

    UP 8444 in Film


    A recent viewer request prompted this effort, a compilation of Red Moser's footage and scenes from the Ebay vault, taken between 1976 and 1980, covering a number of Denver-Laramie trips with UP 8444. Included are several light engine moves which were routine at the time, shuffling the engine between Cheyenne and Denver. Also included is a brief cameo of Amtrak's San Francisco Zephyr making its stop at Laramie WY. Sounds are from contemporary recordings as well as more recent runs of the 844. Enjoy!

    ================================================== ===========================
    (Blues Notes) This operation has to be tough when you look to read the whole Story, and what they are trying to do, to get his line open.......I hope they are successful in this quest, the determination and drive is surely demonstrated here!

    We bought an abandoned railroad part 13. Track-mobile


    Letting the machines do the work.

    ================================================== ==========================
    These are the latest Pics of the Alaska Merge

    I have to rebuild a lot of this, going to take some time for sure, these pictures will be used as reference while I rebuild the Route.....At least I have for now......In my Screen Shot Directory.

    Lots of Texture to redo......Won't be bored, LOL ......

    Grace saving Pictures here, as one of merge route piece wasn't in with the older Route Copy I found. I keep a Photo history Directory if I remember too, for most of my Routes.......Especially this Route, where there are 5-7 merge pieces involved........It helps a lot for reference on things that go horribly wrong like this week........

    Time to get back to Trainz and get things straightened up......Have a good day, and God Bless, for those ill with Covid, I pray for your recovery.......Peace

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    Very ambitious, Blue, it will be fun to watch your efforts. Looks like you are off to a great start!
    “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” - R.L.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forester1 View Post
    Very ambitious, Blue, it will be fun to watch your efforts. Looks like you are off to a great start!

    Hi Forester1,

    Appreciate that..........

    Despite my missteps, I am really happy that I got Platinum Edition.

    Did figure out one other thing. Which I don't think I can fix at this point....All my Pick Lists don't come across to the new Installation........ Should have made a backup copy of them.........I had about 20-25 of them.......Got to look thru my back up Drives and see if I have any old copies of CDP' laying around.......

    Thanks for dropping in Sir.......

    Update Edit: Was thinking about the Pick List issue while I was fixing some more things in Trainz, and the thought came to mind, it's probably almost 2 years ago, I had forgotten, that I took a few of my Pick Lists and transferred them to Notepad to fool around around and make some changes......I remember doing that and installing back into Trainz TANE, only issue was, I guess I deleted the 2-3 Notepad Files I made back then......


    GRRRR....But it probably works out OK, those Assets would be really Old and the List way outdated...........


    Again considering where I am now,

    I'll make my lists over time. And take the time to save them to a Notepad File, that way, if I do another Transition like this one, I'll have a reliable backup in Notepad...It would just take a little time to make new ones, but I would have my asset Groups to copy over into Content Manager and save to new Lists.......

    In thinking more about this original Files in Notepad, I recall I was going to do just that.....I never got back to follow through what I had planned later on.......

    So at least now I have solved the mystery..........Of no Pick List Files.
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    An ambitious project with a lot of work ahead.
    One question, will you put Alaska Narrow Gauge on the route? ......

    Take care dear Blue and hugs.


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    Lightbulb Alaska and Narrow Gauge Routes

    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    An ambitious project with a lot of work ahead.
    One question, will you put Alaska Narrow Gauge on the route? ......

    Take care dear Blue and hugs.

    Good morning my friend,

    I already have Whitepass (WPYR) NG as separate Route so simple answer here is no.

    Now I would be fibbing a little lie if I said I wouldn't ever put any NG Railroad on the Alaska Route. But for now, I have so much stuff to fix, weed out, Sort etc, and the time it'll take I just want to get this Route put back together.......So it will be Standard Gauge Railroad.........

    I looked up to see what NG's Railroads where noted for Alaska besides Whitepass, I put some links below for anyone interested to learn more about them......


    About White Pass & Yukon Route Railway
    Built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush, this narrow gauge railroad is an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Experience the breathtaking panorama of mountains, glaciers, trestles & tunnels from the comfort of vintage train cars. Rail service between Skagway, Alaska, Fraser, BC, Carcross, Yukon, and Whitehorse, Yukon.


    Stay safe my friend an Hugs to you from across the Pond

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    I understand my friend, I was just curious.
    A big hug from Madrid.


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    Lightbulb Reinstallation of Platinum Edition Notes Part III / YTube / New Eng Merge Photos

    Good Friday Day to all,

    First and foremost, I send all of you afflicted by this Pandemic, for those who are Sick, I pray for your swift recovery and better days ahead........For my Family, we are OK at the minute, some of our In-laws are on East Coast, about 4, are in the process of recovering from Covid......

    Now lets switch to Trainz:

    As most of you know, I switched from Standard to Platinum Version, Build 11091 and it is a brand new installation.

    Problems I experienced: I didn't keep my backup files on Computer long enough, and had to resort to other backups to fill the issues.....

    My NVidia Graphics Card was misconfigured by yours truly and was actually off line, and system was using Intel Graphics Driver ( I hold my head in shame, I made a change in NVidia Control panel and didn't fully understand what I had done, till a 2 months later )

    That is corrected, latest NVidia Driver is in place.

    Because this is a fresh install. There was a ton of Assets to re install......Closer to 100,000 now.

    There are several Routes that need to be re installed. But at the same time, I need to make sure it is Routes I will really use and/or need. (This is often referred to as Spring Cleaning)

    Need to read up on what Platinum does, what things are changed.....

    One problem that has occurred, with using Platinum, and I think it occurred sometimes in Standard too.

    Say I have a Route with missing Assets, if I open in Surveyor, delete the missing assets, Save, and Close.....It works perfectly....

    However if I have a merged Route with Missing Assets,, I run the delete missing Assets, it deletes them, I save the Merged Route, and looking at in Driver/Surveyor Mode where you select the Route you wish to Edit........It either hasn't deleted the missing Assets. So I will go into the Config.Txt file and do it manually. Save it, and Voila the Route has no missing Assets....

    Great....but here is the Kicker....If I open this Route, edit something, move a Tree, save. The Route comes back up with the same missing Assets

    I should add, I did do a DBR (rebuild database) function too..........

    Other than that. Everything is OK, I like Platinum, works faster, and DBR is faster too........

    ================================================== =====================
    Blues You Tube Pics of the week:

    (Blues Notes: I have seen somewhat similar incident occur here with deadly results)

    Vancouver bound commuter train collision.....West Coast Express hits loader


    West Coast Express along the Fraser River in BC hits a piece of railway equipment in Maple Ridge. What on earth was the RAILWAY crew doing there? They know better.


    Train Derailment, Norfolk Southern Main Line Derailment Hamilton Ohio Area + 1st Train Passes Site!


    Train derailment in Ohio on Norfolk Southern main line between Cincinnati and Ft Wayne, Indiana. This train derailed just north of Hamilton Ohio near the town of Seven Mile. The train derailed about 4am and the train wreck was moved off the main line and the tracks were put back into service by 3:44pm! This video shows the derailed freight cars and the first 2 trains to pass the wreck site. The news media reported there were 40 derailed freight cars but I only counted about 12 after I got home and reviewed my videos. There was also an empty auto rack set off on a siding but I don't know if it derailed or not. This train crash happened near MP 30 right at the Hwy 127 railroad crossing. The rear of the train that didn't derail was taken a short distance south of the derailment and left on the passing siding. The front of the train was taken north past Camden somewhere but I was unable to locate it. RJ Corman was also on the scene

    (Blues Notes: This Video was done in 4k mode....See what you think about how this looks)

    CSX Bay Window Caboose On Local Freight & Insulator Discovery, Jackpot Insulator Find, Cincinnati Oh


    Operation Redblock CSX caboose on a freight train in Cincinnati, Ohio. Also, a jack pot find of B&O insulators abandoned along the old Baltimore & Ohio Railroad main line to Cincinnati. Central Railroad Of Indiana also runs next to the BORR main. The train with the caboose also has a remote control locomotive that you will see more of in a railroad switching video that I am working on. I was hoping to film a Central Railroad Of Indiana train when the CSX train with the caboose came by. After I filmed it I found a bunch of insulators laying in a wooded area of a Cincinnati park. The park had just built a concrete sidewalk through the woods by the tracks. I left behind a bunch of insulators and it is almost guaranteed that there are more insulators in the area. Wires from the pole line are stretched through the woods and there are poles and insulator boards laying around where they were cut down and left. I saw green and clear glass insulators that are in perfect condition.
    (Blues Notes: Steam Loco's are so awesome, this is Steam Engine, I think it amazing how this works, and how they start it.......The Power of Water and Heat when they get together.....Marvel Engineering......I hope you enjoy)

    Kempton Park Big Triple Steam Engine Starting


    The Kempton Park Steam Engines (also known as the Kempton Great Engines) are two large triple-expansion steam engines, dating from 1926--1929, at the Kempton Park waterworks, Middlesex, London. The were manufactured by Worthington-Simpson. Each engine is of a similar size to that used in RMS Titanic and rated at about 1008 hp. They each pumped 19 million gallons of water a day, to supply north London with drinking water taken from the River Thames. These are the largest triple expansion engines still running in the world!
    They were the last working survivors when they were finally retired from service in 1980. Here is one of the engineers engaging the barring engine, into the fly wheel in order to line the pistons of the main engine in the correct position for the admission of steam, to start. A truly remarkable sight, showing the years of dedicated restoration work to get the engine running again. Well worth a visit, check their web site for live steaming weekends.

    (Blues Notes: I do believe we are still in Winter, 3 much needed storms coming to West Coast this next week, so how do the Railroads deal with Snow on the Rails?)

    Train Snow Plowing Action in Minnesota


    February of 2019 was one of the snowiest months on record for the State of Minnesota, and the railroads are certainly feeling it. In order to keep the tracks and ROW clear for trains, railroads across the state have been putting their plows to good use.

    In this video, we'll follow a DM&E plow working its way over the Waseca Sub. It'll do some flange work, and widen the ROW in many places. In the end of the video, we'll also get a shot of UP running a former CNW plow down the Spine Line. Best part? These might run even more since larger storms are still in the forecast.

    Was filming a CSX Train w 5 engines Then Surprise Surprise


    5 Trains in all in this action packed train video filmed in and around Dun Kirk NY the week of

    ================================================== =============================================
    And for today's selection, we have some New England Merged Rt Photos

    Load of Limestone headed out......

    This is Beer Run part of my New England Rte, out here testing the Switches and Signal indications etc.....WIP........

    Etc Pusher power here is being added to get up the 2.5% Grade ahead a few miles out of Town.......Then he'll return to Shunting duties here......

    He has orders out of the Rail Yard to help push a heavy Limestone Train headed up the Grade.......Train has stopped in next block ahead waiting for the Shove here......

    Anyone like some special Rum, we got it if you do, keep you warm and toasty on cold winter nights..........Ole SP Caboose here.........Love it......!

    Loads coming into to town,,,,,,,,,Empty and refill with them to Shunt out tomorrow early........

    Picking up speed, we need to get our heavy Limestone Train out of here,,,,,,Amtrak is headed this way soon...Times a wasting......

    A little Sun light over the Pond here....

    Potash Plant hard at work making Fertilizer and other things too.....

    Sun light peeking over the hills......Best part of the day, as I drink a hot cup of Joe to warm me up for the days activities......

    That'll do for today......Have a good weekend all, and thanks for dropping by.......

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    Red face

    Good evening all,

    Just dropped in for a minute, I've have quite a few issues with Platinum, and from my point of View, I am not a happy camper........Am starting to consider going back to Trainz Standard if things don't start improving.....

    Like any Software program, one has to expect there will be issues........I remain respectful of this.......Don't want to moan and groan here either.....That's not productive either......!

    Will need another week of attempting to clear up some issues caused by Platinum Version......

    IF I feel this is Futile, then I will rebuilt with Standard Version........

    Will post more information in a few days.............Stay healthy and stay safe..........

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    Sorry to hear of your issues with Platinum, Blue. As I have watched you, you have ben posting some amazing things here, with terrain building and route merging and other amazing things. I know you push the envelope well beyond what some of us do, so you are more likely to hit the limits of capability for this software. Best of luck in the next week in sorting things out, and will be following your efforts as always.

    You stay healthy and safe as well!
    “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” - R.L.S.

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    Sorry to read that from Platinum, Blue.
    I have not updated my original version of TRS 2019 and I do not think I will do so until there is a stable and tested version without problems. Of course, it is a personal decision and I do not mean that it should not be updated, it is just my way of seeing it.

    Hugs, Javier

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    Hello my friends,

    Thank you for your response, yes I do realize I push the limits on this Program.......

    I see it also with other Routes large, and/or heavily detailed with lots of Trees, Trackage Etc....And more often than not, I find myself reducing the amount because it you'll see that Staccato movement, or jerkiness, which gets under my skin.........Mr's Blue tells me I am too much of a complainer in life, don't be so negative, and I love her with all my heart, and realize, there are times, when I can get really cranky about things.....

    Then I look here? And think, am I complaining too much....Should I be more positive, I think I find myself on the middle of the fence........

    But too, in this case with Platinum over Standard, in my mind, some things, like for instance "BULK REPLACE" , Route Save Commands, and just plain Downloading an needed Asset for Missing Assets, and the program does not update for you, It kinda just sits there and looks at look, maybe 10 mins later it decides to update itself! Heck I don't know.....

    But it just seems that these kind of things should not be..........

    So will see what happens, I'm trying my hardest to be positive and not go off on a Tangent here to my Forum Family.......

    When I think back why I upgraded to Platinum,

    Now I remember, there where some nice updated Routes that showed up, Version 4.7 and the only way I would be able to take advantage of his latest Route was to upgrade to Platinum, I figured this was a no Brain-er, other than proper backup of my stuff, and reinstalling my Assets............My assumption was somewhat off the Mark......

    I have used all of Neil's Routes from several years back, and they are fantastic, he works really hard, like the rest of our Route Builders do to bring us something special too add to our entertainment playing with Trainz!

    In all fairness to NV3,

    I made some mistakes in File Management, but even so, it does not rise to other issues I experience.......

    <kuid:95512:101263> UMR2021 by neilsmith749

    "This version has about 50 new miles of mainline and branch line track, with four new towns and a railway museum. The update was mainly to provide a bunch of general fixes, as well as updating the road crossings to properly work in future versions (hopefully). Track banking (super elevation) has also been added.

    I do not use any third-party scenery assets, so all assets should be on the DLS, based on the version I have (Platinum Edition), with the exception of the free weathered container pack (kuid:334896:120007) and the TOFC pack from Jointed Rail.com.

    Special thanks to all who created content - and especially to George Fisher, James Flanders, and Andrew Cochrane, who gave their permission for the mergers to take place


    You all have a nice weekend, and I am here at the Dealer today getting some Recall Work done on our Car......Enjoying another Round of Winter Storms, that we so desperately need.....Yes , we have been in, still are, in a serious drought......And this Rain, despite some mud flows is sorely needed to recharge our Ground Water Aquifers.....

    Me and the misses took a little ride into our local mountains yesterday, and several of the Reservoirs where down, by 30-40 feet at least..........Lots of Burn areas and Dead Trees too........

    So Water Storage is low.....

    This current Rain is God's Blessing....I am grateful to Mother Nature for Atmospheric River coming to the West Coast this week and next.........The link below and the article tells it all about our Drought Situation, in fact, not only is California, but the whole West Coast and some neighboring States too, are hurting on Water needs....

    Seeing is believing when you read and see the State Map.......


    And with that, will see how this Weekend goes..........

    Take care, and thanks to all my friends who come here to visit......

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    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    Sorry to read that from Platinum, Blue.
    I have not updated my original version of TRS 2019 and I do not think I will do so until there is a stable and tested version without problems. Of course, it is a personal decision and I do not mean that it should not be updated, it is just my way of seeing it.

    Hugs, Javier

    Hello and hugs from afar.......

    Absolutely agree......Whatever it is that is causing these issues will need to be worked out..........Waiting till this is more stable.....I think you are spot on........

    One of the things, I am thinking about. I have an Older Desktop Computer that I am upgrading, tinkering with.....I thought about putting the Standard TRS19 on it......Using my old Data Save Files I have on Backup Drive to see if I am able to recapture any of my Routes I lost........That probably won't be for a bit yet....But when I do it....I'll report back here and let you know how it comes out..........

    Take car..........

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    Talking Reinstallation of Platinum Edition Notes Part IV -Reflection

    Good Morning all,

    Been quite busy, doing some Rain Gutter Cleanup, before the next Rains.....Mine were full of Dirt, Leaves......And while I was doing this, I found out I had a leaking Toilet, from a Bolt, it went thru our upper floor into the lower one....Just happened to see it in the bathroom below, coming thru Dry Wall Ceiling.
    Fortunately was able get the leak stopped....Before it caused more Floor damage.

    In the mean time I have been working on fixing my Platinum Trainz.

    Instead of loading up all my Routes and then dealing with Missing Assets, Faulty Etc. This time I decided to cleanup as I go is a better way to do things........It seems to cause less problems.......

    I did have about 200-300 maybe more of Errors, Faulty Etc........Caused by several things.......

    One being I have lots of Old Assets in Storage that belong to Routes Etc, Since we are up to 4.8 Version, it has come to light, in my mind, I need to clean these old ones out.....It simply is not worth holding or trying to fix them....Of which I am not an Asset Builder either.....Which complicates the issue more......

    So in the long Scheme, I need to clean out the older Versions, probably anything from lower than 3.5, since Trainz doesn't like it.....This is Ok ,,,,,,I believe Legacy Items, just like old Software in Windows, MAC, Linux comes to root.

    From what I can see, Trainz runs better when Legacy items are kept at a minimum?

    When you look at the adjustments made to operational speed, and balance Graphics performance, other things will be marginalized in the name of Performance....It is a slippery slope......It's not easy for Software designers to strike the balance we wish for......I accept that...

    For example one of the problems I face is using "Delete Missing Assets".

    This is Tool is great when it works, and when it doesn't you'll need to manually delete your Miissing Assets.

    Here is what I have found by continually using the Tool.

    On smaller to Mid size Routes it works very well.

    On larger Routes it is hit and miss?

    On merged Routes,,,,,more often than not, it doesn't work.

    So I think a couple of different things are play here.....Each module is has to be balanced for performance, so I think that when scale of operation, number of missing assets is huge, it chokes Delete Missing Assets Choice?

    There are times, I have used the Tool on a large Route, and deleted several 1000 missing Assets.....!

    But the main issue with Tool not working, is it doesn't like Merged Routes, and I did make sure, that all my layers where already merged into one. And this did not make a difference, so whatever it is, something in a merged Route is causing the issue. If I figure it out, thru chance, I will report here on the results......

    You all know, I am relentless when it comes to merging Routes, I love it, I get in trouble with it, but I still like doing it, because it allows me to transform several Routes I like into a one Grand Route....I know the Risks, and I accept that, as the Cost of Doing Business.

    Missing Assets: This is always going to be a an issue in Trainz, for variety of reasons, for myself, I need to make sure, I clean up my work area as I go....Not have 100's of missing assets, It seems to me, that it degrades Trainz performance, because Trainz is trying to Error Proof as it runs, keep things in order, report to us so we can fix, replace, Delete as appropriate......This Fluid, as it should be........Trainz needs to be steady at the helm when it operates.....No one likes Crash to Desktop (CTD)

    Faulty Assets:
    One thing that stands straight out, as we accumulate, retain older Assets, just like old software, sooner or later, it will cause you problems.......As I stated earlier, I need to clean out my outdated Assets.

    This I believe is positive for newer versions of Trainz.

    At the moment, from about 300-500 Missing, and Faulty Assets, I am now down to 10 Assets Total......IT took me about 1.5 weeks to clean out my problem assets........

    When you look at the Version 1 to Version 4.8, it might not appear to be much of a spread. But retrospect, the lower the Version when you do DBR operations, the much more time for Trainz to Organize your Database......

    Asset Repairs:
    Would like to add, Old Assets with Errors, not always DOA,

    I happened to read a thread today,,,, and it reminded me I should add this to my discussion on Asset issues......

    A shout out goes to a Group of Dedicated people (CRG) who try there best to revive problem Assets and make them viable again, I have used a fair number of the repaired, updated Assets they have given new life too...............


    "This asset maybe on the repair list being tackled by the Content Repair Group (CRG). When it gets updated is hard to say due to the shear number of assets needing update."

    Some Historical figures from DBR Runs:

    I also have put a qualifier in here in fairness.......I am running about 540K of Assets.......When I first did a clean install of Trainz, it took about 70Seconds to DBR repair.

    Now it takes anywhere from 600Secs to high of 34000 Seconds, divide by 60 to figure mins....

    Minutes equate to 10mins 566Mins or 9.4Hrs
    (Carbonite backup runs 24hrs, and probably affected the Running Time.......

    As of today my latest DBR came in 1800 Secs, divide by 60 = 30Mins to finish.....Acceptable for having 540K Asset Count.

    34K with 100's of Missing and Faulty Assets, to 30 mins today vs the worst 9.4 hrs is a vast difference!!!

    Plus I added probably 1/2 doz more Routes back in too.......

    Seems to me it is Win Win situation if I keep the Missing and Faulty totals low.........Your mileage will very of course.......

    I am using ROG Strix, 2 yr old Computer with all SSD, upgraded from Platter and Smaller SSD, 32 Gig Ram, NVidia 1050 GTI Video Card.........

    From what I see now, I plan on keeping Platinum.......I think I understand it better, and can work with the parameters of the latest upgrade.......I know there are some other issues with it.......That is just one of those things we have deal with in Software.....I can say, it runs faster than any of the Trainz Versions I have used before....

    That's it for now, I need to get busy and fix my leaky toilet..........

    Stay safe and healthy.........God Bless........
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    Lightbulb New England Photos / You Tube / Misc

    Good Day all,

    Been busy adding the last of my Bk-up Files to Trainz, took another 6 hours of work, and DBR updates too keep Trainz happy and me too.......

    Sorry I haven't posted pics lately........Was looking at my Thread here, got Sad, I need some Pictures in here for you all.......

    Good thing, I have about 700 of them ready to go, and this will work nicely, while I continue my re-modification.

    ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== =======
    Remember how I speak about taking care of Assets Creator's I would like to direct your attention to my friend MSGSapper's Thread.........Please read up on the situation that is unfolding..........Bob is asking for Forum help with DLC update issue........Thank you,,,,,,,


    ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ========
    Blue's You Tube Picks of the week:

    Model Railroad Yards--Design for Operations


    In this video we talk about model railroad yards--design for operations. Yard operations can be one of the most challenging and fun aspects of operations on your #model#railroad#layout​. If you design for #operations​ before building your model railroad #yard​ it will operate more efficiently and cause less frustration.

    1971 Walter Snow Fighter


    Walter plow opening road in upstate NY after the St. Valentines Day Storm of 2007. When you see the snow come over the center of the "V", it's 6' deep at that point. The truck is a 1971 Walter with a Frink V and 14' wings. 300HP Cummins & Allison Automatic.

    Huge Norfolk Southern Train Derailment Aftermath From Above!


    On January 25th, 2021, Norfolk Southern mixed freight train 16T came off the rails between Charles Town, WV and Berryville, VA on the Norfolk Southern H line between Hagerstown, MD and Front Royal, VA. Also, I forgot to mention that Cranemasters was also on the scene. Props to all of them for keeping America's freight moving.

    Heavy Train Has To Double Steep Hill, Switch Engine Pulling, 2 Trips To Move Train Over Hill In Ohio


    Small switcher locomotive, MP15DC, pulling heavy loaded train up a steep grade has to double the hill. American Short Line Railroading at its best! This is a Cincinnati Ohio railroad line on the old Norfolk & Western Railway. This branch line is leased from Norfolk Southern and operated by the Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET. This line is so curvy and hilly that it is called The Peavine Line. See my playlists for this railroad. I filmed this on January 4, 2020. This was the first train of the year for this line. The train started the day by picking up 18 cars from the Norfolk Southern interchange at Clare Yard ( see my video ). After leaving 7 cars near their office on Broadwell Road near Newtown, Ohio, the train took 11 loaded cars to Batavia, Ohio. The boxcars have rolls of paper and the covered hopper cars have a gritty material. First we see the whole train at a crossing near Batavia. Next we see the locomotive take the first cut of 5 cars over a bridge crossing Main Street in Batavia. Then we see the train go under us as it crests the top of the grade near the customer destination of Huhtamaki and Mount Carmel Group at the old Batavia Ford Plant. Then we see the locomotive running lite down the hill across Main Street to get the next cut. Next we see the last cut of 6 cars crossing the bridge over Main street again. After that I filmed the train approaching the top of the grade at Summit Road in Batavia. The final shots show the train reversing into the Huhtamaki compound and the outro has scenes of the train approaching Batavia and the typical slide show that I make. There are also before and after shots of the rail. After the crew got the 11 cars up the hill, they shut the locomotive down for the day at Huhtamaki and returned the next morning to do the switching. On January 5, 2021 the switcher ran lite to Winchester Ag and picked up 8 loads of grain and shut down at Mt Zion. See my future video of this train returning with the grain loads on January 6, 2021
    ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ========

    Will move over to my New England Merge Route, which Ironically was the first Route last night and it survived, with the exception of loosing some Trees, don't know why they are missing, but suspect it is one of the many bkup files last night....

    Large view of what 5 added Merge pieces comes to look.......

    This is Beer Town add-on of the Route, a fallen flag of what it once was.....This has lots of WIP to do,,,,,,

    This small right Triangle, about 24 Tiles has some other mini Routes, that I found, liked what I saw and will integrate by copy and paste, or individual making the ideas I see in these small Routes which are 2 tiles, and the other is 4 tiles....One of the things I do when I merge Routes, is just plain plop them close to the main Route, for easy comparison.......Can't do it with all Routes, sometimes it causes too much busyness for Trainz, and it starts choking my Graphics card and other things....I know from working with Merges, when I hit the limit.....Just means I can only merge something smaller to the main Route, when that happens?

    I take the Route for Merging, edit it, clean off excess Tracks, Scenery, Tiles whatever I think needs trimming and make the merge once I satisfied......There are other factors too.....

    Smaller inset area of Right Triangle, chose this small 2 Tile Route, because I liked the backdrop and how they laid out their Buildings, will use this in the other areas of the Route. I guess this would be using a small Template so the ideas I see here will flow when I work on City areas.......I see some remarkable City areas that our Asset and Route makers create, helps me when I try to envision something........It's not one of my stronger abilities........

    This is Beer Route part of merge as it looks now.......Very rough for now......It'll be fun to play around with.

    This is in the Center of large map area, I decided I needed widen some of this area out and add more water areas.....Not finished and need to blend the texture areas........

    Making a daily run here to Pulp mill to see how it works, does it do as intended for my needs.......

    Running down the mainline here, checking recent changes in Signals, Track Alignment, Route Speed Etc.........

    Been a while since I took this Photo, I think I was checking height of surrounding area and Track Radius,,,,,using my favorite tool, Digital Ruler in Trainz, and I find using it, helps with a myriad of items.

    One thing, if nothing else, remember, the Human Eye can be tricked/deceived by what we think we see, by what is really being seen in Photos, and movement...........Especially in 3D....

    That'll do,,got to run........

    Thank for dropping by....

  15. #1455


    Good Day all,

    Feels like Winter today, as it should be, we had some warm nice days.......And gave me some time to Clean some of my Rain Gutters.......Amazing how a few Tree Leaves can clog things up so much, or was it that time of the Year Oct-Dec with Holidays and Birthdays just made time fly....And here we are......LOL

    Platinum Train: Found out I had a mess up Routes to finish and fix, do my little mistake I made trying to Submit Train Asset updates while Downloading Assets for DSL on fresh install...My little mistake caused a myriad of issues and I am paying for it, by cleanup and fix Asset Numbers.....Learned a hard lesson...Don't try and hurry up Trainz with multiple requests.....I used to be able to get away with it TANE and TS-12.....But now since TRS2019 is on scene, and I have double the Assets in Rotation, from 380K to 540K....And Trainz has been optimized for operating better performance for the user.....I think that memory allocation is reduced for that part of the Trainz Program.....There's nothing wrong with that either, Trainz is much faster on my computer than it ever was in the past......So I have to learn to work in the confines of limitations.....

    OR you can always have your Cake and Eat it too........

    What I am doing now is fixing Asset Versions in Routes that show missing Assets Etc.....I have made it from A-D in few days, and will see what it takes to get the rest of Routes finished..I just need to be vigilant and clean this part of things up.......

    I do about about 6-10 Routes, run my DBR and keep the system clean and updated with latest changes........

    This seems to work well with Platinum.....

    Blues You Tube Picks for the week:

    IF you like Short-lines, this one is trying hard......

    Grain Trains Are Finally Moving Again! Train Backs Onto Grain Elevator Spur With 2 B36-7 Locos CCET


    Big grain shipments are finally moving again from the grain elevator in Winchester, Ohio. Short line railroad Cincinnati Eastern Railroad is seen pulling a nice cut of cars to the grain spur. Then we see the grain train back down the grain spur. Both B36-7 locomotives were shut down for the night and the crew returned to their office in a company truck. Not much grain has been moving in the past year. The few movements that I have seen were only 4 to 6 cars at a time. It's been a long time since I saw 12 cars at once going to Winchester Ag. The train starts out with 2 General Electric B36-7 units purchased from TTI pulling a bakers dozen of cars eastbound. The train set off the gondola ( which was the second freight car ) at Cohen Recycling in Macon, Ohio. So after seeing the train pass through Sardinia the next scene is the train arriving in Winchester and then backing onto the grain spur. Winchester Ag owns their own SW9 so don't get it confused with the CCET MP15DC.

    End of an Era: The Tedder Green Scheme!


    Hate that I was not able to capture this paint scheme in action more. Hope y'all enjoy!

    Blues Notes: Derailments are costly, and it something when a Rail Fan sees one during filming...I know my thoughts on this one, you see what you think about the causes for this Derailment???

    DERAILMENT CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!! Railfaning Around Aylth, Calgary AB Summer 2018


    Back in the summer of 2018 Me and You tuber GhostPine Film productions and I took a trip down to Aylth to see 197 with a MP15 and Grain Elevator Switcher GP40 when something totally unexpected happened.

    Watch Closely at SSR Blue Locomotive At 1:57​ And yes me not paying attention to what was going on Lol.

    Blues Notes: (Remember what the smallest Short Line is)


    I give this Owner and his Son a lot of Credit for the Dream they are trying to achieve ......Would one of us try to doing what they have done, so much with so little.......! I hope they can realize their Dream......!!

    ETR. Rail fanning. Looking at Dump beds.

    In this video we go rail fanning, we go to Watkins Yard and Parsons yard in the south end of Columbus, then we go look at two dump beds for the rail cart.

    Come along with us as we fix and restore an abandoned railroad, East terminal railway has about a mile of track at the end of the line, meaning that we will have no bridge traffic or long trains run on our line. We plan to use this line for mainly car storage but also car repair and trans loading.
    Snow is nice sometimes, but here, on this Shortline.....Not so much......Good Recap of what went on to get the Freight thru some heavy Snow issues....!

    Destination: End Of Line"


    In the midst of a storm which dumped a foot or more of snow on the Utica NY area on Feb. 2, 2021, we watch New York, Susquehanna & Western No. 3040 take its five-boxcar train to the end of the line. In this case, the destination is the southernmost point of the former New York, Ontario & Western Utica Division main in New Hartford NY. This is considered the Susquehanna's New Hartford Industrial line.

    The O&W was abandoned in 1957, including nearly all of the "Old & Weary's" Utica Division. This portion of the old main was not scrapped, however, in order to serve customers in New Hartford, reached via a spur off the main.

    The video opens with the scenes of the short train on Utica's Schuyler Street (Delaware, Lackawanna & Western heritage). We next observe a member of NYS&W's track department clearing the switch for the spur leading to New Hartford's Oneida Warehouse.

    The crew eventually tied down the five boxcars just before NYS Rt 840; it was decided to run No. 3040 light in order to clear the tracks and crossings.

    Blues Notes:This is some Yankee Ingenuity....You look at this, and can't believe someone figured a way to make this impossible incline to work.....

    Forgotten Engineering Marvel - Now In Ruins


    The Mahanoy Incline Plane was incredible engineering marvel for it's time. It was created to haul coal cars up the mountain to Frackville, Pennsylvania. 200 tons of coal could be pulled up at a time because of massive 6,000 horsepower steam engines.

    Some picks from New England Route......Adding Tiles and re configuring lots of things Etc.....

    I liked this one tile Route from Author, so I stitched it in place.....Copy and paste items from it as a Template for other areas of my Merged Route......


    Beer Line under construction with Rake of Boxcars making a test run for Trackage and Signal compliance checks.

    Running thru the pristine Country......

    I recall here, this is tiny 2 Tile Beer Line Route.....I being using in other areas of my merge route......

    Testing a new grade with freight headed Northern.....

    Heading out into the open field......Into Beer Line area........WIP here for sure.......

    That'll do it for now......

    Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and God Bless all......Thanks for dropping in.....Peace

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