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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb A blessed Sunday to all

    Good Sunday, a blessed one to all,

    Been busy preparing for a huge 75-100 long Trenching thru concrete to the main sewer, and why are we doing this, well, my old house has cast iron 1960 type Pipes, that after 56 yrs have basically rotten out. From constant use of a Family(s) over that period. Now we have to fill the old pipe in Cement partially, and plumb in ABS Black Pipe. Then after a couple of weeks, and hopefully a clear inspection report by the City, will be back to normal......We knew this day might come, so it wasn't a surprise, and luckily it didn't occur over the Holidays, that would have been hell to pay in more ways than one......

    Alright now lets get too the fun stuff. Been working on the Desert and surrounding Quarry area, adding some more Tracks, and further connection points releveling some high Grade % points, do to my adding some stuff, and I didn't get the tracks set appropiate height relative to nearby Tracks.....It is easy to get out of alignment when you have several tracks in the area, and mountainous terrain.

    And down in the Quarry, we found a nice Rock Quarry insert Asset, that allows us to do some underground mining operation with the existing track we have already in place, it took a few minutes to set it at the proper inset and height. And adjust(make a small hill to match the Rock texture of the Asset) allowint me to blend in texture points several times till I got the look I thought would be right.

    In the small Rail Sort Yard, I added Engine and Car repair facilities including Sand and Diesel Refueling etc. So our little yard will help the crews for operational needs available when needed, including fixing Wheel and Journal problems etc, Light Engine repair, if it is more extensive, will drag the Bad Order Units out to City repair yards too......

    Bottom line, our Crews won't get stuck in the desert, we'll have alternate Power in Reserve if a change out comes up, makes it easier on the Crew, easier on us, keep that Dwell and layover dead time down to acceptable minimums. Not everyday is perfect, but if you fail to plan, you planned to Fail, it is really that simple....Of course you have your bean counters and pencil pushers, to deal with, who in Theory, do not always see the human picture, or more realistic view of operational concepts......

    So today will be another set of the latest set of pictures.

    Our first picture is in Wire Form Mode. one of reasons for Wire Mode here, I use the Gridlines extensively as this whole area is already been textured out. So in Wire Mode, I use the grids to get my tracks lined up easily, or in Square proportional when possible, otherwise, I have to pull out the Rule and Tape Method, which I do a lot, keeps what I think I am seeing more accurate and symetric in view.

    As you can see, I use an escape track or I think this might be called a Balloon Track, that allows a crew to drive in on the either side of the Yard, use the storage tracks to drop off transition cars, (cars to be resorted and shunted out to factories in this area) and they can get Loco Fuel and Sand here inside of the balloon Loop, Top right corner of the yard. It is pretty much finished less a few well placed Derelict Assets....

    Ok, so this track that you see with loaded General Container Goods, it will continue on into the underground Mine here......I will need to add additional Spur Tracks on the right here, for Freight service, they be small, but it will work fine.
    This Mining Pit is set at 40 feet below the Desert surface above, and it just works out from a lot of Trail and error.

    Over in this side, Heavy load of Construction Equipment is going in for repairs along Talcum Plant goods production going to market. Grade here is about 2.5% to Max of 3.25% grade, since at the moment we are not working with heavy long Trains, so the steeper Grade works with my 2 dedication SW1500 in Tandem, and with Geep40, or heavier as backup.......Main thing in this plant area down here, Safety and proper Train Handling, with means, we go a break check before we come down the Grade with cars. If we lose our breaks and get a runaway, it will end up in a long mining Track, and we leave it at that.....I don't want to see that,, I probably will have a derail put in at the entrance to the mine, so the train will just run into a Rock Wall, I think much better, than puttin mine workers at risk.

    Our second Train, is headed out now with Loads for other destinations. Its not too many cars, but they are carrying heavy Catapiller Grade Plates.

    Since Ore Trains will be coming out from our new Mining operation, we have good track and bed in place too handle the weight.

    Over on the other side of the mountain we have our Triple set of Alco's making another test run on the releveled Grade here, .50% or 1.00% less of Grade and it worked out like a dream come true, so happy now.

    We came down the engineered Grade, and it is right on, now I can put that part of Route to completion mode, entering into the Desert area now. And the Crew is very happy with latest MOW work.

    Here is lastest Track Map of Desert Quarry, mining and Sort yard operations......We have Cement, Brick, Distrobution Trucking, Power Plant, Bulk Gravel handling plant, lots of segrated Freight Service and support. I think I have what I needed and wanted for the area I have allocated.

    I found some Iconic Rock Statues, Im not sure what you call these, but I put 3 of them in my Desert area, just in some spots, where I thought they would look Ok......In the front area we have lots of Gravel dug and piled up. With some spare Diesel Storage Tanks. This area is going to using a fair portion Fuel, coming into, and out of the Desert area, with up to 3% grades in areas.

    Another Iconic Rock formation is positioned up on the Hill Side as our Train heads up and into Tunnel going to other points for Car Distrobution. This grade sets at 1.5-2.25% grades here....Originally, it was 3.5% in some spots, I was able to rengineer the Grades. For better performance, and hopefully less Diesel Fuel used too.? Time will tell.

    A larger view of the River and Pond areas, And Creek wash area, I blended in 4 different Water Colors and Rock textures, I think I got the visual effect of Fast Running Water from the engineered Overflow areas. It is really nice to have some Water like this in the Desert area, and I think it gives a nice Contrast to Rocky, Gravely area I made for the Desert. I see I might need to reposition the Iconic Rock structure, doesn't quite look right at this angle, have to do some more fiddling with this big fella..

    In the middle here, is our Bulk Materials handling Plant. It has 4-5 different types of materials.

    I think this will do for now.....Have a good weekend all.......

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    Lightbulb Its Halloween and the Ghosts are coming out........

    A good Wednesday all,

    Well things are moving fast with our broken Sewer Pipe issue, I had the good fortune of getting the right company, Plumber with excellent referrals to do the job I need done. Today they came out, ready to work, and so the construction retrofit is in process, Cutting Cement Trench lines, and the run is about 130 feet, so lots of digging to be done, and when all is said n done 3 days from now, will have a higher capacity line, more direct route to the Sewer, much better engineered. And Mr's Blue will be able to use the kitchen again, all good things for Mr Blue.

    So with that good news, now lets head to Trainz and see what is going on.

    Been busy finishing the Rail Sort Yard Storage and Team Tracks, things are starting to take shape now. I just need to make a few appropriate cross connections between tracks. We have some industrial Freight and transfer operations, as well, Car and Loco Maintenance and Fueling Utilities setup.......

    Last night, I brought in probably an 80 car Junk Freight mixed empties and loads, proceeded to drop off cars to Customers both in and out of the Rail Sort Yard, like Cement Plants etc, to check final Grade%, Signal tie ins, and everything else, too see how it this Complex worked. And see what Bottlenecks I had and what I could improve etc.

    The operation was a success, and this time, no missing switches, or bad signal aspects. It looks like most of it is working as intended. Will need to due more shunting, running a lot more trains, too feel the operation out. But for the moment, I think I am where I want to be.......Like anything new, as you work thru it, you see where improvements can be made to streamline your operations.

    And as now, I think I am better in control of my Route and Session files, I found out where some of naming mistakes have cost me some problems with deleting the wrong files, due to, you know who, user error........Sometimes you just need to stub your toe and or fall on your face to find out you did it wrong, or, Experience, more of it sometimes is a better teacher, by paying more attention to what I am doing when I save or rename lots of Version Files as I modify my Routes and Sessions.

    And I have been making several CDP backups that would allow me to go back in time, if the Route was Corrupted and I needed to go back to earlier versions......All good of course.....

    So let's see what we have for today's Pics?

    I don't think I ever showed the beginning pictures of the Desert Quarry and Mining Operation and Supporting Rail Sort Yard etc project, this first picture will show how I started working over too and past the North point of the Grainary Line coming from Downtown area. So we make a Branch line up in the top Hill area of Route, or edge of 3 Tile wide area. I didn't know how this area would work, nor how many supporting Tiles for my Idea.....So a simple Silo and Mining operation was started on this side of the mountains. In this first pic, take a look to left side of this open area behind the hills, as we start pushing the end of Branch out into Desert type area miles away......You can see the roughed in mainline elevated leading over into the Desert area.

    Coming from the top of around a curve from last two mining operations in Grainary Branch, we come into another Mining operation here, this area has two types of mines, Red Ore and other types of Ore. And the houses up on the hill, our the Mine Workers, who come down from the mountain top to work each day, and they have a great view of downtown City Scape below.

    Using Tipper Cars here for Bulk Ore operations. I even have a statue of mining worker in the background.....The Miners houses are built into the hillside with Brick Pilasters. I don't think I could live on the side of a Mountain, but Miners who go to work underground and face the dangerous hard work they do, I guess this is their dream, and they live it each day of their lives.

    Down at the bottom of Mining line, I made a Stub Track to store our local Alco Power here, we have the Mine Crews bring out the loads, stage them here, and then set this power up too drag them out to the Desert for processing at batch plants.

    Our Mining Loco Switcher is pulling a load of Ore cars downgrade for staging and change of Power.

    Top view of the mining area with 15x Loads of Red Iron Ore, awaiting pickup by loco Switcher. And upper left I started expanding the Terrain for height requirements I need as I plan out Desert and Country Merge areas.

    A big Storm in the mountains is coming in, and we need to get these cars pulled out and on them move before Weather becomes too bad for the safety of our Crews, we have had bad Twisters, lightning, and Tornadoes here before......
    So our Switcher is has got them and pulling them out for dispatch to Desert area.....Will see how far we get before this big Storm hits us!!

    A view from our Farm area as we see Heavy Drag of Ore Cars coming down the Main, 1.50% so we are using Full dynamics to control our downhill speed. No runaways needed today....Safety first.....

    Cars are staged and will have our Power on the Crew Stub Spur come over and drag these off, I think, will grab a few Red Iron Ore cars too. Sky looks mighty threatening, but the Rain hasn't started yet.

    Hooking up to our staged Ore Cars and getting reading to have a second rake of Cars added within 5 mins, and will get going here.
    Look at the Sky, it is almost night black with the Storm Clouds getting ready to drop some good moisture on us, less Tornadoes. Will see.

    And with that, I'll say good night all.....

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    Lightbulb <kuid:203465:100011> East Kentucky 3 v1.1 dermmy (heavy Duty Coal Route)

    Good Sunday to all,

    It has been a very busy week with all the Plumbing Repair Construction, we finally got the new Sewer Drain pipe routed into our Sewer out front, I think, but I may not said it, once all was done, 140 Feet of Run, that is one heck of long ways from extreme Southeast corner of the house to Extreme, Northwest portion of the property where I our Sewer Service comes in at 7-10 feet below ground level, normal for Sewer. And the Flow is wonderful with the way the pipe was laid in. Only two sweeping 90 degree bends, the rest was in 45 or 60 degree bends, and baby does it flow perfectly. Blue is very happy.....

    After our City inspection next week (keeping fingers crossed), hoping we have no corrective actions? Then we have fun dropping in Cement patches where we cut and trenched thru Concrete.

    The best part of this whole week, our plumbers were terrific, excellent work ethics, and they did a bang up job for us, couldn't have asked for a better contractor to due this major repair.

    Now onto Trainz, I like probably several of you, have quite a few Routes in Inventory. I decided it was time for cleanup since I started this way back in TS-12 days, and some of those older, dated acquired Routes are not going to do well in TRS2019. Painfully I deleted the ones that probably I wouldn't ever upgrade to 2019 standards. The thought is, I have plenty of fun with Merging Routes and there is only so much time in Day. So a decision needed to be made, and the higher road, or more fun way, was to continue my Merges and clean up the Routes that are just too old, too much work to upgrade, and that is if I could do it, another twist.

    At the end of the day, I think this will work the best for my work habits, and I trim the fat so to speak.......

    Tonight will be some more pics on Desert area, and then next week, will switch over to UMR 2019 Version for a while and take a much needed break from the Desert build. I really like the previous UMR 2018 Route, and now to have an upgrade for current version of Trainz will be fantastic, thank you to Author who made this available to us.

    Sorry folks, a little change up in Pics, I had forgotten about East Kentucky Ver#3 Route I recently downloaded, and took a quick Coal Run down the hill.......Eh and I didn't watch my Signals at the bottom of run.....And you know what happens after picking the switch points, we get a 4 car derailment. But tomorrow is another day.

    <kuid:203465:100011> East Kentucky 3 v1.1 dermmy

    Author's Notes:East Kentucky 3 sets out to create a Trainz route inspired by the L&N's East Kentucky line. The route provides just on 30 miles of double-track main line, with roughly the same again in single track coal branches. Four yards (Hazard, Dent, Jeff and Beech Fork) serve nearly 30 coal mines ranging in size from single-car truck dumps to 100+ car flood loaders. There is no per-defined time period for the route. Most of the coal load outs reflect the late steam/early diesel era but the signalling is modern - in my opinion the signals used are the best currently available, both in looks and functionality. Have fun!

    The Route is quite nice with lots of Session possibilities. Check it out.
    Here is a map of the Route.

    Coming down our first part of many Canyons, 13MPH keeping it below 25 max.

    Grade is steep,,looking at the Bar Graph in display, we need to keep a sharp watch on our speed and Air in reserve as we head thru ruff and Rocky cut here. We have good power under our belts, use it wisely and it will serve you well.

    Looks like we have lots of Canyon to get thru. Weather is good.

    Nice Cool swift moving water here, you fish if like Trout, Swim and you'll not live to tell about, why, there is heavy falls, with something Large and Rocky, Boulders, that will take you out, or give your Dingy and you a hell of Speer wound......Everyone in the Valley knows this a good fishing, they also know you can't take a Row Boat in here.

    If you look to the left in the Water, there are steep water falls here, and they are deadly.....Nuff said.......Oh and we have had some spelunkers, that thought they could make this River, top to bottom, only problem, when they came up missing, we never found them again.....How's that for a scary Halloween Tale, in this case, no Tale, sadly the truth....But the locals know better........

    We have our Coal/ Junk Train headed down steep, 3-4% or more grade, our power is strong enough for full dynamics and we are using it with a little Brake% applied....So far, so good. Speed is 15 max is 20MPH.

    Scenery is very well down, and Track layout is top notch. We are getting close to another hard decline ahead, cut our speed to 10MPH allows us a little spread of speed if we need it.

    Cruising at the bottom of the Canyon, our speed limit has increased up to 25 as CSX units get closer to the destination.

    A little pick thru the weeds here, as our CSX rounds the curve, we get 40 now.....We do have some cross traffic ahead of us further down the tracks.

    Thanks for dropping in and please check out East Kentucky Ver3 if your interested.

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    Lightbulb We didn't pass our inspection, but there is hope come this Thursday.

    Good evening all,

    Well today was our Plumbing inspection, out of 4 possible passes, we got 1, sadly, the Inspector had his way of setting up our particular pipe run, by intrepurtation of Code, and our Plumbers had their's.

    It really came down to the where the Testing points were supposed to be, and arch of tanget in types of Curves at some points in the new line. I can understand both sides of the fence, but I would have to side with the inspector, reason being we have in vertical drop of probably 4-5 feet above street level, so that means, that more elongated or smoother curves have to be employed for proper flow of liquid.

    So points of interest were changed out for less degrees of curve and sweep in arc, and the Test point is now installed where the City says it should be. Now I/we await hopefully for a good Thursday Test and sign off. I can relate how folks get upset with Inspectors out of frustration, but in the Long Run, they have a job to do, and we can learn a few things, if we remain Humble and respectful during a sometimes arduous period.

    Now lets talk about some Routes I have been playing with, Pics for East Kentucky Ver 1.1 has been lots fun and will show these tonight.

    As well, I have been doing some AI runs in UMR2019 Route, other than some Translucent Road Bridge overpass's the Route is absolute perfect and exciting Route to play on. I like it a lot, and I have yet to get thru the whole Route even yet......It is a large Route, and lots of innovations and places to spelunker off the main lines...Well done, there, Bravo.

    I plan on making some minor tweaks with the Route just for my personal Tastes.

    Please check out UMR 2019, I think you'll fall in love with it!

    On another Note, Google Jaw Tooth in YouTube, that guy does some very cool Railroad shots and finds some interesting Consists, and possibly little known RR operations, he is a kick, check it out?

    Lets get over to East Kentucky Ver 1.1, we start here with my first night grabbing some Coal cars, filling them, and grabbing some other Freight cars too make a run down a steep 3% or better downgrade.

    We leave our CSX caboose on the mainline and grabe our Rail Gons and load up with fresh Coal.

    Over here, you can see our Junk Consist I added, so we have a good weighted train for downhill practice. Now bare in mind, this Route's main Traffic, by far, and design, is Coal Commodity on this line!
    Please read Author's notes, 30 Coal Mining operations on this Route, that is a slew of Coal Processing......

    Author's Notes again, for clarity:

    East Kentucky 3 sets out to create a Trainz route inspired by the L&N's East Kentucky line. The route provides just on 30 miles of double-track main line, with roughly the same again in single track coal branches. Four yards (Hazard, Dent, Jeff and Beech Fork) serve nearly 30 coal mines ranging in size from single-car truck dumps to 100+ car flood loaders. There is no pre-defined time period for the route. Most of the coal load-outs reflect the late steam/early diesel era but the signalling is modern - in my opinion the signals used are the best currently available, both in looks and functionality. Have fun!

    Got our Loads and pushing back onto the line now. Cloudy sky, but no moisture for now.

    We have leveled out now, might have few more canyons to get thru, as we pass a dedicated wye here for Pushers and other Loco turnarounds as needed. There are several Wyes in key points for DPU needs on steep climbs back up or down the Mountain.

    Oops, looks like we ran into slow speed area here, and "LWood Jctn" a small passenger Station Stop, we didn't need to stop, but definately went into Full blown Dynamics to drop 9-14 miles slower, before the dispatcher writes us up for overspeed, yikes......

    How funny, we dropped speed quickly, like too low, down to 4MPH, and our speed limit, went from 20 to 40 MPH, me thinks we need to get more practice on this new Route........

    We got our speed up a little, only problem is, I think this is where we missed our Red Signal, with a Switch closed ahead of us? Blue did not have a good run here, but will tack it up to learning by experience.

    As you can see, we have another Translucent Bridge, I have to find out if I can fix this at all?

    And we have the same issue on UMR2019 Route as well......In fact, I think I have several Routes with this popular Bridge in them. And same issue.....Crazy....But will figure out a fix or replacement.

    Up way high on the Mountain Top, watching our Freight far, far away, snaking like a Slinky thru the low Canyons. What a majestic view here for sure.

    We pass thru short tunnels somewhere on the way down. Don't get claustrophobic, the tunnel with smooth concrete sides is ample clearance for a Double Stack to fit in too.

    Alright then, will have some UMR2019 Photos coming soon. Tomorrow, is lot of meetings, I have to attend, so I wanted to get this out tonight.

    Enjpy your week, as we battle more forest fires in California, Mother Nature is going to raise our temps to 90-95 degrees over the next several days, in Fall Season, and this is not good for us.......

    Crazy weather, if any of you need a stubborn, obstinate High Pressure Dome to warm up your Cold Snowy and Icy areas, your more than welcome to take this Monster off our hands, so we can cool off........And maybe get some much needed rain out here.

    Ok, night all, and thanks as always for stopping by.

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    I've been working on a large session for the EKR. Apart from areas with no paint, I've noticed several times speed zones coming up, which vanish! I' haven't had time to check but suspect 2 invisible speed limits at the same location. Anyway, looks nice although the trees are pretty dated but I have a session WIP that runs for over 7 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alikiwi View Post
    I've been working on a large session for the EKR. Apart from areas with no paint, I've noticed several times speed zones coming up, which vanish! I' haven't had time to check but suspect 2 invisible speed limits at the same location. Anyway, looks nice although the trees are pretty dated but I have a session WIP that runs for over 7 hours.

    AH....That is easy to have happen, with Speed Signs, so you'll just need to check it closely, to see if that is the case, I would suspect it is.......

    One of things I do when I get Route, and remember to do it, is go thru on Test runs for Proper Speed Zones, and I find sometimes, this is my opinion only, that too many Speed Zones are added in some areas, where just a few well placed ones can cover what is needed.......

    Thanks for coming by, I would really enjoy seeing that session when you bring it too fruition, or just as it is too.

    Believe it or not, I have never created a Session, for myself, as I do lots of other things, on the Routes, and never have enough time to learn that part of Trainz....

    My respect and appreciation is too you and others that are so adept at making Sessions for us to play with....

    Thank you for your efforts Sir. I applaud your tenacity.......

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    Lightbulb Plumbing got approved, Yeah, UMR2019 2nd mainline construction in process.

    Good Friday to all,

    And for Blue, finally got our Plumbing inspection approved. One very long productive day getting the construction area cleaned up. And the best part of all, Mr's Blue has a functional kitchen now, as we approach Thanksgiving, and all the great cooking that comes with it.....

    So I have been doing lots of Session runs on UMR2019, and so far fantastic, what a Route.....And I haven't yet covered the whole Route. Been adding a few tweaks here and there.

    Our first picture is Route Map, and you can see by how small it is, how large this Route is. I have it oriented in true North position here.Meaning that if you were going to do any Merges later on, this is how the Route would line up for Merges.

    On part of the Route new Construction for additional Mainline support. The Ties and Rail are partially set in here. Ballast Pile is ready to go into the new Track. The Author of this Route, took great pains to make this Realistic and believable, Kudos to his prowess and tenacity.......I will complete this area at a later time, and enjoy looking at how this was setup.....

    Track Gang is doing morning safety meeting.

    Another portion of new Track Ties awaiting Rail stix. I think I will add a couple pieces of Construction Equipment and MOW Rail equip cars in here too.......

    Over here I am setting Signals for Advanced operation. One thing I need to learn how to do, is tie in the Interlocking with signals further out from this point of the Inter-locker Signal.

    On another part of the line, we have more Rail Construction going.

    One thing I have seen before is this Golden Yellow Arrows, which are Invisible Permissive or Restrictive set into the Tracks near Certain Switches....

    Further down towards the Big City more sections of new Second Mainline are being readied for completion.
    MOW has a huge Capitol Project going on here. Money has to be spent before the end of year, or it will be used for other purposes.

    Out in the farmlands, MOW Crews working hard to finish our second mainline before the Winter Snow comes in.

    Wide open farmland as far as the eye can see. Crews are looking for proper Gauge and Mechanical fitness, as the High Rail Truck works it's way thru the Blocks.

    And that'll due for tonight, y'all have a great weekend.

    Thanks for dropping in.

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    Lightbulb Happy Veterans Day to our Service Members.

    Good Day all,

    A happy and respectful Veterans Day too all who have served our Country and to those who gave their lives for the freedoms we have here. Thank you.......

    What a quick week, it was, and glad to have our Plumbing in good order now. The real fun begins, as in Cleanup, repairing the Grass, where it was cut out. Needs Seeding. further Tamping the Dirt down with water, as it will take some time for it to settle back.

    And the final part, replacing all our cut out Cement from the Back yard to the Front driveway. Now the funny part of it was, the Construction folks told me, they normally put the Concrete back in at the end of the Job......And my thoughts since I am driving vehicles over the driveway that weigh in at 3000-5000 Lbs more or less, what happens when the Dirt has not settled and you have somewhat of Hollow Spots here and there, doesn't that equate to potential cracking of Cement over time..?

    Well I would think it does, but then of course I am old School. I used to watch Construction of slabs for homes, and in 3 days, I think, after they poured the Slab, the Framers were in putting up the walls, I never understood that train of thought. Since Concrete will harden 80-90% in first 20 Days, or something, and the rest of hardening, occurs over 20yrs......

    I know time is money on Projects......so you have that working against you........

    Now lets get to Trainz, enough Plumbing for one week......LOL

    Been working hard on UMR2019, changing some Tracks around, and switching Pole Signals to Gantry Style in some of 2-4 Mainline areas of the Route, and it works pretty good. I like the appearance.

    So far so good........

    Made a couple of changes on some spur's, checked the Signal Aspects, and Voila, they are working great for my needs. Did a lot of Shunting around the Route to see if I had any bottlenecks. There were a few small ones, that I reworked a little bit. In other words, I am having lots of fun with this Route, there is plenty left to play in, I have even covered 25% of the Route yet.........Tracks go all over and there is cool ways the Author made connections to certain areas of the Route. As well, made some abandoned Track areas too. Way cool, he is one gifted Author. I have great respect for all the effort he put into this Route as an upgrade to work in TRS2019......

    Ok that will do for today, have a great week, and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it...I can smell the Turkey already baking...........Best time of the year for me, love Turkey and all the great side dishes that go with it.

    UMR2019 Route is coming along nicely with my Mods to it.

    One of my Oldies but goody DR&GW is doing a light Power run up the line here from Milford area, we are checking the re-alignment into Milford. Everything is working well with the Changes made to signaling system and a few Track approach changes.

    At the outskirts of our Yard I get one of the Signal Aspects I like and want to see when conditions warrant?

    I sourced this link to get the correct interpretation:

    Here is Mike Roque's description.

    What if the high speed route at the next signal is impassable but a slower speed route is lined through OK? The engineer must still be warned of the impassable high speed route ahead so the high speed head, the top head, must be yellow. But he can also be told of the lower speed routing so he knows he only has to slow at the next signal not stop at it.

    In the signal above the yellow high speed head tells him the block beyond it is clear up to the next signal. He would have to be prepared to stop at the next signal except the middle, Medium speed, head is green. Since green means a route is clear for at least 2 blocks he knows he can proceed on the Medium speed route at the next signal. Thus this signal informs him he only needs to slow to Medium speed for the next signal, not stop.

    The signal above introduces a new twist. It appears as if two routes are passable at once, the high speed route and the medium speed route. Because of the physical nature of track switches obviously only one route can be lined at a time so what is going on here? When dealing with signals that have more than one non-red head, you may operate the train through the block that signal governs at the speed of the highest non-red head. In the case of the Approach Medium signal above, the train may continue at maximum speed through this block but must reduce to Medium speed at the following signal.

    If it is the Slow speed route that is lined at the next signal then he would be informed of that situation in a similar manner with the following signal.

    Heading into Milford on beautiful morning sky to great us as our Light power continues it's test, and we did find a broken spline a mile back, I think when I added a trailing Mainline addition to the 3 track main where it truncates from now 4 tracks into 2, I caused the Spline to break, because the track, which I almost missed, was at a weird angel at the spline point. The other thing that was a tip-off, there was a Red Signal in between a bunch of Greens, so something was broken or not switch aligned, alas, we were switch aligned, so that meant, a break somewhere......

    On the lower yard limits, our Junk Train is coming in to drop off loads and pickup empties for our Customers. This area here had 3 main track main, so I converted the bridges to allow for 2+2 bridge setup, now the 2 inner tracks are main thru lines, the outer two, feed into side by side Rail Sort and or Customer Team Tracks......

    City Buildings on the left and with a nice double bifurcated yard system.

    Looking up the 4 Mainline setup, at the top is Yards on off to side left/right of Mainlines. A nice Electrical Power Substation. The only Fly in the ointment is this darn Herring Bone reflection on my tracks, probably have to upgrade to the SAP or similar to fix this problem. Other than that bad visual focal point, no other issues at this time. Light power continues North bound testing my changes and new Signal Aspects, I modified.

    Here a long Junk Train Consist tries our new double crossover approach into the yards, and these Crossovers work well. Center two mainlines our the pass thru, so all Priority Trains coming thru and not stopping with have clearance, all Freight coming in, will only get a Clear when center mainlines are not being used. All that depends on good movement here, is Dispatch paying attention to thru traffic. Traffic crossing over should take all of ten minutes or less with proper Sort Track clearance, which we have.. And plenty of capacity in the miles. Sounds good right, the real test, is when Amtrak does there startup thru this area. So will see if my plans work? I allotted lots of long tracks with minimum crossover impediments.

    One other thing here, I made sure that these Crossovers where sufficiently long, to allow them as high speed, 30-35 mph here so any Freights with Proper Signal and Dispatch oversight, can move right along, rather than sub par speed from a narrow Crossover setup.

    In this picture, here is the new Gantry I installed with Hooded Vader Signal design, I really like them. And I like the fact they have several user Configurable Setup Modes.

    Now on the North end of Milford Yard, we head out to the open Farmland areas.

    And one last picture, this part of 4 mains into 3 was changed here, I left the switch in place, and cut in another extending Straight piece of Track, here to make it a longer 4 track main, with a switch down here if we needed to cut over closer to the Sort Yards.

    That's all we have for tonight.

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    Lightbulb Runnig some Coal Drags on UMR2019

    A Good Thursday morning to all,

    Well after major construction with anything, it is always fun to cleanup and put things back as they were, and see all the rest of the things, you need to fix, else a better word Deferred Maintenance, just like the railroads, we have lived in our house almost 34 yrs and it is hard to believe that much time has passed. So now I see things that need some attention before larger problems alay themselves and cost more money.

    Owning a home always cost more money than some may think......So out to the yard and get lots of work done today/ this week, as we here there might be some Rain on the way and Southern Moisture coming up from the Gulf combined. All you know, we have been having terrible fires in California, and I believe Australia too?



    And from the above link, look at our bordering States, if any great amount of Moisture comes in, probably lots of flooding due to loss of Plants and Trees anchoring the Soil, first we burn, then we get flooded out.

    So we welcome any much needed Moisture in our current, extremely dry and arid situation, with Fires still breaking out here and there. Think about it is already November, and now it looks like we will have round the year Fire Season, more now than ever, a very sobering thought. Ironically while the rest of our nation, looks like it is going into a Deep Artic Freeze in most of the other states. Crazy!!

    Thank you Canada for your Super Scooper Aircraft, it has really helped us here in California, and we are most grateful to our friends to the North.

    Onto Trainz and UMR2019:

    Lets see, what have I been up too now........

    Mostly setting up Signal Patterns, Adding some additional Signals, and learning about doing Enterlocking Setups Etc. And then runnning some tests on Drive, Drive too, Navigate too for proper or desired Signal Aspects Etc.....

    It is nothing short of amazing, too see how many Signals you have on a Route this Size, I am only 1/2 way thru the Route as it is now. But the Vador Hooded Signals, and a number of others for Dwarf needs, are working great. I ran a CSX Safety Train last night thru miles and miles of Newly revised Signal territory, and other than a few small blips in errors by me. It ran great.

    I will need to add lots of Trackmarks for Location specific areas that do not have them now, there is nothing wrong with this Layout it is Superb, these are just thing I want to do when I run some AI stuff..

    I probably ran my Steam Train for a couple of Hours thru the areas I changed, and I am delighted with the Results so far.

    I do need to do some Speed Limit mods, and change outs in several areas. But other than that, all is well, and I am having fun....There is a ton of Shunting, Industry areas to play in on this Route so boredom is out of the Question. There is just way plenty to due on the Route, and it is not Crammed up either, just really well organized for Spelunkering with your Trains......

    I couldn't ask for a better Route too play with and have endless hours of fun.........Please if you are not familiar with UMR Routes, check them out, take them for a test ride. I think you'll have lots of fun with UMR Routes, there are different Versions, so please use "UMR as Keyword for Search under Route Filters in your Content Manager.

    Only change it if you like to tinker with things, otherwise this Route is ready to run...Got to love that my friends.....I sure do....!!!

    Pictures tonight will show more areas of the Route as I make little changes here and there......

    Alright so we are one of the fast lanes, if you look at how this Route is designed, which is so Cool, there are pockets of heavy industrial with complex setups, then like here, beautiful Ocean and sprawling Farmland areas of which we are transversing now, with a heavy Coal Drag, SD70 in the Lead. Headed to the Ports maybe, I am not sure on this one, still learning the Route....Signals for now, at least 6-7 miles of Stacked Greens for us. Yeah for our excellent Signaling and Dispatchers.

    Look at how nice the Trees and everything is textured out here.

    Coming out of the Forest into Farmland here.

    And next we head thru a small City with some light industrial Zones here. Are speed limit is 50 here, perfect!

    I'm looking at our Engineer here to see how awake he is, and did he just blow a Red Light, and I need to put him out on 30 unpaid furlow for SPAD Violation? Well his believe it or not is proven innocent here, as I replayed the exact conditions, it was Windows, that needs to go on 30 Furlow....LOL. Seems that my Carbonite and other Software purps, were doing some background operations, and Trainz lagged for minute, not updating the Signal Status, so the Red light should have already cleared to Yellow at Minimum, or Green, since there was absolutely no opposing Train trafffic or uncleared Switch positions ahead of us. And there were no broken Tracks....He took the train into full emergency as the Signal for some reason dropped a Red on him....I have had MOW check the Signal, and all Mechanical possibilities, and it was a Software Lag.

    My Engineer was sweating bullets, and doubting himself....I counciled him and let him know he did nothing wrong, as well, he implimented all proper protocals and stopped his train. I even brought him a Cup of Joe to calm his nerves. He and crew will be ok, and able to continue.....

    End of our Coal Drag, and I see I need a FRED Device on the back, we stopped in next yard on the Route and Grabbed one, before I get written up for Safety Violation.....Imagine that? Well, the Super has to set a good example too.

    Nice looking farm fields here. I do want to put in some Orchards in Spots later on. I don't think this Route has any Orchards?

    I like the Rock Texture they used here, against a Lake area as we pass away.

    Sky is changing here, looks like Rain or Snow coming into the area.

    I just recalled something in this Picture, this is an empty Train here, we are headed to the Mine Stipple to load them up for the Port, I had to add the Coal Product to these cars here so they would accept the B-12 Track loader Commidities.

    Passing thru more Farm and small City areas here, with lots of Storage Buildings for different Companies that make Farm Equipmnet Etc.

    The last thing here, which I forgot to mention in an earlier post, I ran some older Alco's on regular controls, and a new Locomotive on DCC mode, what I didn't realize was I can't run both types together on the one or the other Modes, since the Alcos went dead on DCC Mode. They weren't made for it, and I didn't realize it, couldn't figure out why they didn't have any Smoke and wouldn't move by themselves, well Duh.......I know now. So I need to see what if anything can be done, as I Prototical Mode more rather than the Dial one touch mode.......

    That'll do it for now, got lots of yardwork to accomplish with the excellent help of Mr's Blue. See you all in a few days......Thanks for Dropping in.....

  10. Lightbulb

    Good Day all,

    Well how is everyone, I hope OK, and I believe a fair portion of you are in Deep Arctic Freeze East of me, while over here, we keep getting these doggone Fires, and 17% Humidity, however in another 3-4 days, we might get some really needed Rain out here. I hope we do......




    So Mr's Blue had me switch gears and hit the Yard cleanup, rip out old overgrown Plants, and get some organization in some areas of the yard we haven't done anything with in years......

    I must say, when you get things like this done, it always looks and feels better. And gives us an excuse to go and buy some different looking Plants and Flowers. As well, we have 2 trees that were attacked by Termites and Wood Boring Beetles a few years ago from Drought issues, so we are looking for a nice Fruit Tree and Ornamental Tree fill the empty spots where our beautiful Trees once were.

    Now just because Mr's Blue is working me hard during the day, doesn't mean I don't play Trainz in the evening, and sometimes even after the bewitching Hours too. I do take the time to play with my Hobby when I can, and some nights, just like anybody else, I run out of Gas, and head to Bed for a good nights rest.

    Alright so with UMR2019,

    I decided to delete the older 2018 Version and just keep this latest one with all the newer nice features. Besides my hard drive is starting to fill up, but I do plan on getting larger SSD's from my 250 Gig primary, and 1TB secondary, into 1TB M-2 and 2 Tera SSD's setup from Crucial Memory Co.....I have used their products, well probably 20 yrs, hard to remember, but they have always been good quaility and they just plain work.


    -Conversion some Ground Signals where they are in mass, to Gantry Style which I think gives those areas a more clean appearance, but I do try not to overdo with tons of Grantry Signal Bridges either.

    --Adjust some of Speed limits to a 5-15 miles faster in some areas, this will not compromise safety, our crews intend to keep 3-5 mph below max speed.

    ---Continue too adjust, add or move some Track alignments to my taste. I plan on showing the subtle changes later.

    Change some highways approaches to Industrial yards, and do some texture changes here and there. Purely Cosmetic for my purposes and needs.

    Took a defunct Pig Farm, and made it active with Rail Service in one area. Yup you heard right, we are going haul them WILD HOGS to market........Natural Grazed Porkers are appreciated.

    Will do another round of UMR2019 Pics next week, then switch back over to Wilson Snyder, E/W Route Merger Pics.

    Tonight is Coal Consist mixed Junk build, making a Coal Run to our Customers:

    We just got our Mixed Consist with a small load of Wood products to drop off later, as we head out to the Coal mine, load up, and head to parts unknown.

    We have arrived at our destination to load the Coal Ore, now will spots ahead, do a reverse move and load up the Gons with Coal, then pull out for our second destination. Not sure if it is Power Plant, or Ship in Port, as we do both on this Railroad.

    Over here, DR&GW are doing a mixed Tank and Coal Run with some large Geese heading overhead to the South for Winter. They have a nice V formation going on. I found with some of the elevation Changes, I needed to add Pusher in back of our consist, as I wasn't able to get up to 60 MPH with current power. I'm sure you've never had a problem with under-powered Consists, yah right. LOL

    Here is our Pusher in the back, but I think I messed up, I probably should have the Caboose in the back, because if your not careful,, you can cause a derailment, do thier lighter than average train Car weight, OOPS!!

    Over here at the Mining Camp, we are coming online with with Full Coal Loads ready to hit the power Plant, Hey, I don't even know where that is located, or maybe we are hitting the pier, and trans loading to Ship? I'm sure when we get our Train Orders in a few minutes. It only took 15 mins to load these Gons up with product, which we did at 5MPH and no hiccups either. This loader worked flawlessly.

    A look at the old Coal Loader here, now don't laugh this Mine is already paid for, this pure profit almost.I think we had about 37 to 40 cars here.

    Hitting 28MPH as we take a gradual climb up the hill, will see if we make that 60 or not??? More important is to get then safely, and no derailments or SPAD issues. I have a mini picture of our Tonnage here too.

    Our little Light Power Test here on 4 Track mainline, and things are looking real good. No signal or track issues so far. Yes I am guilty of over speed here, I was checking our Rocking Motion of the locomotive too see if I needed any adjustments.

    There is one thing I don't like in this locomotive, the windshields for some reason are not clear, I don't know if this intentional or not. If I can figure it out, I want to change it. As it looks like they have a heavy coat of dust on them?

    Full speed ahead as we hit level area for a while......We did have to stop for Red just now, as Dispatch had some opposing train Traffic needed clearance in front of our move. It was a 5 min delay, but this is built into our schedule today, so we should be fine, as our assigned crew has excellent experience to get the task ahead done.

    That's it for now folks, I wish all of you a good weekend, and a blessed Sunday, soon to arrive.

    Thanks for dropping in.........I do appreciate all of you who come buy to peek in and see what is going on in my world of Trainz.

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    Looks good Blue!
    How Tomorrow Moves

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    Very nice. I always enjoy your railroad work and your commentary.

    Termites, on the other hand, scare me. I owned a house in Louisiana years back, and somehow the termites slipped into the garage and had at my prize collection of paperback books of the Mack Bolan series. I had every one, and those damn buggers chewed through the lot of them - had a good old time. They were stored in cardboard boxes. Lesson learned - use plastic tubs. The termite guy said it was a good thing they were feasting on my books and forgot about the house. True enough. The termite work on the house was just minimal but the collection was toast. Maybe it was just a subconscious desire to "bait the field" and tempt them to eat books and not the house. Worked out better for me, even though that collection might have been worth something. Ugh!

    Will look forward to your next adventures.


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