Good Day all'

Anyone knows, when your Computer goes, or is going bad, it is Crunch time, saving those files, figuring out what Computer you can buy to replace the outgoing model Etc. For me, my Laptop was acting a little funny about 6 months ago with little circles popping up on my touchscreen. I didn't know why they were even there, except to say I knew by instinct it was probably a sensor issue of some sort, as on all the computers I have owned, I never seen such strange behavior out of Computer Screen! The one thing I was able to do, was poke at the bubbles with my fingers after a few pokes they would go away. Maybe for days, maybe even weeks. Fast forward to the last week, now when the bubbles popped up, and I tried to click them away, programs would open, and short of hard reset they wouldn't go away......I knew that with this exhibited type of behavior, it would belong before some more catastrophic occurred.

An Action plan needed implementation and fast:

Fortunately, I had already researched out a good Laptop, and for my concerns on Storage, Video strength, CPU etc, the ROG series of Computers would do the job, and in talking with Store Employees who had actually used them, I got a great range of ideas.....For me, nothing less than Tera of Storage, not more than $ gigs of Video Ram, Battery Concerns, and CPU of no less than I-7 were necessary, now the icing on the Cake, hopefully a SSD coupled with traditional Hard Drive. This one has 256 SSD. Hence I went to Costco and grabbed this Bad Boy up.

And so far I am very pleased, the next thing was, after 5 years of running Trainz, and adding all kinds of Assets in, do I do a fresh install, or do I just do a Copy of old program.......A little thinking here, I decided on Fresh install, and on a further thought, why not buy TRS19 with all the extra Locomotives they were offering for Xmas.......I think it was 130, should I wait till 2019 a month away after doing all the change overs to new computer. OH heck no, the Trainz Bug got me, do it now, don't procrastinate.

So I looked at my storage requirements for Trainz, and with 137 Megs left over on the Boot Drive, I knew it wasn't going to work for Trainz to be loaded there, but for giggles, installed TRS19 and after all was said and done, and with my other Software I needed to install, I had a whopping 37 Gigs left over.....Figuring out there needed to be a better way. I sourced out the TRS19 Wiki on how to move the Program Assets to the larger HD one Terabyte Drive. So had to do brand new re installation for TRS19. Took the rest of the day, now I have the usable space I need for it and all my Routes, which is quite sizable.

TRS19 is way different as TANE was to TS12 version, so there is much to learn.......

After driving thru a grueling Pacific Winter Storm in Northern California and Lake Tahoe Nevada at 25 degrees and almost hitting 2 cars from extreme Ice and Wind Issues, we made it to Sacramento outskirts too see some more friends.......Nice to be in a nice warm house, after thinking we might not make it off the Tahoe Lake Mountains today.

So now I have a few mins, I dropped by to put up these pictures......Still installing New Software and getting all my Short cuts etc, put into place........

So here are some kickstarter photos from the one Route that was already installed....Others are being downloaded from NV3 servers as I type this to you.

Just threw together a quick Steam Consist and went on a quick Drive to learn this Route...We are leaving from downtown and Industrial Center headed up the hill on 2% incline.

I can tell you the clarity with a NVIDIA dedicated Graphic card with almost no Frame Stutter, just slight shudder with Trees is such a welcome thing to experience........

Doing about 30MPH as we round the mountain to points unknown.....Signaling on this Route is A perfect......Love it immensely.....

We are off on a nearby Peak looking out over the valley as our New Passenger session goes into play here, the Power is coming up on the side and will hookup to the Coaches and make several Station Stops.

Looks like we have some Real Estate off to a great start with Corporate Building in process.

Coming round the Mountain, we are making a quick stop at the Lumber Mill and pick up some loads.

Coming up to our next junction we have clear signal.

Coming under the Bridge with Grand look of the River flowing into the Lake behind......

Slightly out of order, but this is where we load our Coal and Water for the Passenger Train Trip.

A view from below as we head up into the Canyons and Mountains........Full Steam ahead.

Take a look at the scenery details and how contrasting everything looks......Great work by the Authors. And just the right amount of Trees used here for effect....

I have never seen a headlight look like this for me, but I have seen in the Photos of other members..........Pretty cool ......

Have much more things to discuss, but that will come after I get some much needed rest.

That's it for today.........Thanks for coming buy.