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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    Thank you very much for your work, you are an artist with the routes.


    Thanks for the kind words Javier.....

    OH before I forget again, thank you for the accompanying Photos on the other Route you sent me, it really helps one appreciate the work and countless Field Trips you made to get that Route where it is today....I applaud your style of making Routes and Pictures to go with it....Nice package work there Javier....

    For me, I come up with good ideas in my mind, the issue is, can my Mouse and fingers due the walking, in this Case, the Mountain building to get a certain look is very hard, and tedious, not complaining here at all, just mean I see lots of folks draw mountains in the most eloquent way u can think, so natural, it looks like they took a Snapshot and reproduced in Trainz, yes I am a little jealous here, for we are the benefactors of such marvelous work.....

    But I do find over time, I have improved, it just takes me a long time to get there, LOL......

    Thanks for dropping in here my friend........I'll send u another copy of the updated WIP once I see that I have made a dent in the additions we are adding.......

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    Dear Blue, the mountain is a quiet and tedious work, you really have to know how to appreciate your work; drinking a good wine is easy, but making it and putting it in the bottle is where the soul of work resides.

    On the other route, thanks for your words, your opinion is important. About this if it seems good when we finish the blue route we could explain how to make a real route by hand, of course first you and I need to talk about it.
    The photos I send you, well, seeing the result I feel happy, a railroad more rescued from oblivion.

    A big greeting Blue.


    (Pd.- now I send you more dependencies of the blue route)

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