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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb American Mountain route has some terrific pictures! and some misc items

    Good morning all,

    Lets see if it Rains around here tomorrow, a Storm is coming in, hopefully will get some more rain......

    Now what have I been up to here......

    I am purchased Hiawathamr's American Mountains Route, it is stunning, beautifully built, very interesting in the way it is detailed out. I highly recommend you get it, has lots of Sessions, and well documented. I plan on playing with it for a while. Tonight I will show some of the opening shots from this fabulous Route.

    Next, Thank you to zsuda, for helping me with a Tree Exchange List, which I plan on using to replace the problem and/or outdated trees on a number of Routes I downloaded.

    Hats off to MSGSapper for his outstanding Bridges he has been retooling for us to use, along with many other high quality Assets.

    A prayer for Sir Dave Snow, that he will get well from his Ailment he facing..........

    And a prayer for our Aussie Friends who have had some horrible Fire Issues going on........

    Check a very unique Short RR.........

    Lets see some pics of American Mountains.......This was training session with Engine Turn off/on and run the Train with MOW to worksite.....

    Awesome landscape work here as we pass thru to our MOW worksite...

    Log view of the Route here.....Nice diversity of Trees and Shrubs.

    Headed over the large Lake via Steel Bridge.

    Looking across the Lake and nearby Hills as we drive towards our Worksite. Look at how rich the Colors are in this Route, with Dark to light, not too much of either.....?

    Our next instruction Screen (html board I believe) has popped up on the screen to give us additional instructions needed for this next part of the Trip.

    And we have arrived at our worksite now...It's been a good day here on the American Mountains Route

    That's it for American Mountains for now, I will post more later on..
    Over to some Essspeee Road Engines I downloaded from JankVis, thank you sir for nice Models you made.....Others I downloaded have some missing or Faulty items, I need to find and then I will install them...These were Error free.

    Some MOW Crane on Rail Gons also downloaded.......Never can have to much MOW equipment.....

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    You're always doing a lot of things, I'm glad.

    About the cars you told me yesterday, you still have spark plugs, carburetors and things like that on your land; I want to say that you keep cars that have traditional mechanics, besides having the most modern ones. I remember when doing the maintenance of my cars many years ago, now I open the hood of the car and I hardly know anything ........

    Hugs dear Blue.

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    Nice screenshots there Blue!
    It looks like you aer having fun, and more is about to open up

    I know I haven't posted many screenshots here, been posting them in the Canadian screenshot thread (I think you know about that lol).

    Anyway, got a few good ones that where shared over there, and will share them here

    I really like how this turned out, and if you didn't look twice, you could say a funnel clound is on the ground..


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    A Blessed Sunday to all,

    Well I slipped over to another Route that I had before, but another version update came out a few weeks ago, well, you know me, I just couldn't resist. And there you have it....<kuid:56603:100569> WeddinNSW - Young Extension along with <kuid:455032:104624> WeddinNSW V4 (TRS2019) from our friend, and creator, "footplatephil"

    Author's Notes on Young Extension:

    The Monteagle to Young WeddinNSW extension module. This module is based (with permission) on a section of the Southlines route, by tomtre. Scenery has been modified to match the Weddin V4 color and spline palette, and detailing has been updated.

    This extension module merges relatively seamlessly with WeddinV4. However, due to an issue with TRS2019 builds 100240 and 105096 the merge process results in the destruction of TurfFX in the extension module (the Weddin base retains it's TurfFX). Hopefully this issue will be/has been fixed in a subsequent TRS2019 Service Pack.

    Merge instructions for adding this extension module to Weddin and Southlines will be posted in the WeddinNSW V4 thread in the Freeware NV3 Forum.
    ================================================== ================================================== =============================================
    I attached the Young Extension to it, made a few changes with tracks added some more Semaphores to the Route, it had some already, I just decided to switch out some of the invisible ones for Semaphores. It is nice looking Route. I need to read up on it, so I understand more about the history of this one.....Etc. I don't have any pics just yet. When I get some, I'll post.......

    I think this is part of this Route,


    Additional Wikipedia for New Zealand Rail Lines.


    In the meantime, will see some pics of Kauai 2008 Route.

    Running some NH equipment over on the Island, and the Tourist and locals, like the smooth ride. Tracks are good condition.

    The Sun is setting in late afternoon, as the light hits the tranquil waters just right......

    Nothing like a bit of Steam to spice up your day, green light shining, gives our Locomotive a clear track ahead.

    We head across large open places, green fields of fresh vegetables. The soil, the temperature and abundant Rain makes growing crops no problem here.

    And this is the pride of Island, streamline Express here, very quite and impressive.

    We are out rural area now, passing by small homes.

    Sun is headed to bed now, and Stars will come out in all their Glory.

    Mighty fine looking Trees with such color and splendor A few were Translucent, and I think I have them all fixed now. Alpha Mask correction.

    Crossing the Delta area, last remaining Sun Rays for today, as we move through Green Valleys.

    Closer to the Ocean, the Rays of the Sun shine upon the waters. Reflecting thru long lines of Palm Trees in the Beach Sand.
    And that will do it for today.

    Thank you for dropping in.

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    Lightbulb Night runs Weddin Route & "Time Watcher Rule"

    Good evening all,

    Been playing with Weddin Ver4 and Young Route Extension. I really enjoy this Route, I don't know a lot about Aussie Routes, so I will need to do some reading to understand some of historical info related to same.

    Here is the direct link to Footplate Phil's Weddin Route, if your not familiar with this Route, like me, I would suggest reading the Thread from beginning to End, it really interesting and gives a good amount of information, well written as to what, why and how this Route was created.......There are some minor problems with the Route documented in the thread. But nothing earth shattering, where you cannot enjoy, and immerse yourself in this Era of timeless operation on the Weddin Route.

    I have gone thru most of the Route, and made some tweaks for myself.. I also couldn't figure out why the Semaphores didn't light in the Evening, found out checking some things, you need a Rule called "<kuid2:60723:1049:1> TimeWatcher Rule" what this Rule does, turns on the Semaphore Lights from evening to Dawn

    "Time watching rule that sends a message to switch on or off the NSW semaphore signal lamps."

    You'll need to make sure you add this to your Sessions or the ones you plan to use as Night Runs, else your Signals are dark as far as the installed Semphore Signals used are concerned......
    On/Off time is configurable."

    As far as Rolling Stock, I was looking for NSW, but really needed to look for NSWGR to show everything that is available on DSL. There is a fair amount of different Train Cars, Steam Engines and Diesel in Alco Fashion, and I think some F style units, I just downloaded several items yesterday.

    Tonight will see some nite run activities as I check for proper Signal aspects. This is basically the end of the Route on the other side of this Bridge. Running a single Trolley Motor Car. As would be expected, there is little light on this Route, due to the Rural areas we travel thru.

    We are taking a return loop here and will come into alignment for outbound tracks. I need to plant some trees over here and probably put in some other items....They're will be plenty of time to do this later on.....I need to run several Trains too see what is where and how it all works in coordination......

    Coming up to our first stop tonight, will pickup a few customers and move on.

    We are leaving Industrial Center headed into the Country. Good thing in this dark area, we have nice Head Lamp.....Can imagine how it is when it Rains thru here.....

    This is a cool Gate Setup, when no Trains, the Gates come across the Tracks, we just cleared our Crossing, Gates are closing here so waiting Car can continue.

    I added another Tile in this area, so I could do a Return Loop, when I need it, at the same time there is a simple Portal Setup already here that consumes all Trains, and I could change to emit Trains, or add a second Portal, with one Consume, and one Emit Trains......I have terrain-ed this portion yet, just got the return Loop set in.

    Wheat Crop Consist is coming in about 40MPH, correction, we are just leaving the other end of the Route from a small Rail Yard with Silos, and other small industries. As I mentioned earlier, it is pretty dark out here. I plan on finding some small Old Street Lamps to put around so we can see a little better in the starry lit nights, which reminds me, I need look up my Moon and put up somewhere on this layout.

    Trolley Car is taking last run of the night out into the Country.

    I put in a new Industrial Building here next to fair size Rail Yard. I like the night mode it has.

    Junk Train with Guard Van just arrived for the night, cars will be moved to their appropriate destinations.

    That'll do for tonight.

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    Great post Blue . Thanks for your kind comments.

    I have to confess I have not given much thought to night running. To my knowledge there was no night running on the two ("pioneer grade") branch lines, which have always been my main interest. There was night running on the cross country line. I will give some more thought to this.
    'WeddinNSW V4.1' for TRS2019 SP1 coming soon to the DLS.

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    Cool shots Blue. I love night shots - it makes for a whole different experience no matter how familiar one is with running a route in daylight.

    Who is that engineer that was speeding through many of your screen shots? The one with the glasses......The dispatcher needs to see him. Uh-Oh....

    As always, I love the storyline and the accompanying pictures. Thanks for the little journey.


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    Lightbulb More Night runs Weddin Route and misc dialogue

    Good Evening all,

    Having a great time with the Weddin and Young Route Extensions.

    Thank you all for the kind Comments. Running at night is a lot of Fun, and with the Darkness, I have to be more careful. Will probably add a just a few Lamps here and there along the Route. I want to try and maintain that Rural Country flavor that is so elegantly created by FootplatePhil.........In playing around with this Route, you can tell, the Author has spend a considerable amount of time with Detail and perseverance in creating feel of how this Route once was.

    I have been cutting out a few Switches here and there, adding some small Trunk line Tracks and additional buildings and industries I wanted to add.

    Had some problems with operation a older NG Coal Dump, I think because of my unfamiliarity with this particular Asset it might be user error. I made some small changes in the Track Elevation graduation to the Coal Platform......And I added a Vertical Coal Tipple to a nearby Track. I think it will work out nicely.

    Been fooling around, with changing up some of the Semaphores, and adding some more in specified areas.

    I brought in some NSWGR Older Diesel Locos to run on the line. Will see how they work out.

    Some more night shots for you all.

    Two Consists are loaded and ready, our first one heads out with Wheat Load.

    It's late in the evening, our 2 man crew has stoked up the fire in the belly of the beast, and she is ready to hunt, all lit up, and ready to dance......Lets go boys, we need to get this Wheat to Market......Day Trolleys are done with their scheduled runs, so our tracks are clear. Dispatch has wired us clear running.

    This one of particular interest, I want to see how far this Loco can run on the 14000 Lbs of Coal, with loaded consist of Wheat to the other end of the Route. I'm trying to learn the lay of the Land, in respect to where Water and Coal Supplies are situated. I didn't finish this run from one end of the Route to the other end of it. So I need to rehearse this run again to see how much Coal is chewed up.

    Way high up in By-plane we take a view of our Wheat Train, out in the dark Farmland area headed to Markets with his Wheat loads.

    Our Wheat Train leaves first and the Trolley Cars are in for the night on the other side, they will leave at Dusk tomorrow, to do their daily run.

    Our first crossing, and just a single car is waiting for us to pass by, Passenger Consists stored for the night as we pass thru.

    Another night view of the turnaround area I made here, All my Semaphores are lit up and lighted correctly. I should add this was and still is a Staging area and Portal in the middle as Author had constructed, I just added an outside turnaround track for the end of this mainline area. I stretched the bridge to allow the outside edge of Yard Stubs into the Turnaround line.

    A lone Switcher takes a turnaround to pick up a load of empties around the other side in our Yard. He is also checking Signal light operation too, as new signals have been installed. And Rails received final Ballast Tamping today.....
    One problem I see here, that 12 MPH needs to adjusted to like 30-40 MPH there are, at the moment, no switches in this Loop other than one at end of Looping procedure.

    I believe this is inside one of the Motorcar Trolleys..Last run of the evening to outlying areas.

    Were in the Trolley, passing some empty Yard Tracks on the left, tomorrow, quite few trains will come in with Commodities and these tracks will soon fill up, as Farmers send their Crops to Market.

    We are about 1/3 the way to our destination, we see loads of Farm Fields where our Wheat and other Vegetables and Grains will come from.....Farmers have gone to sleep, for now, but when the first Rooster Crows at 4:00-5:00AM, or the Cows start a mooing, the Farmers will arise from sleep, to yet start another days of hard toiling work in the fields. This area is one of many bread baskets that feed the area......

    With this last picture of the night, I bid all of you, a wonderful weekend. Thank you for dropping by......
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    Good Wednesday morning all,

    Well another busy week doing some more repairs on the house, Found some pesky Termites in a corner eating my Wood. They better eat there supper quick, I had the Termite guy coming to do the deed on these Fellas.......Enjoy the free Wood while they can....

    Been working around the yard a lot, cleaning out some more undesirable plants and growth, slowly but surely will get caught up.

    Over on the Forums, there is a raised concern about Sir David Snow's health, no one has heard or seen him post since Dec, or before? I hope he is doing OK...........Please check his Thread.....A lot of well wishers out there.


    The last thing here, very Sad, as you heard and will probably hear more, We lost Kobe Bryant, great Basketball Player in a horrific Helicopter Crash, about 40 miles from where I live.......There were other Families in the Copter who perished as well. Please pray for all the families involved.......Very sad week for them.


    On to Trainz agenda now.....Been working and playing with Weddin Rte alot.......As you know, I alluded too the Coal dump issues I was experiencing, after having nothing but unreliable problems, I changed out the asset to Ben Dorsey's......Here are the picks showing the new one, and additional Coal Tipple I dropped in....All work fine with consistent Load and Unloading operations.......

    This is the old one, with it dumping Coal in the wrong spot......Weird stuff it was doing, I don't TRS2019 liked the Asset....

    Figuring out the new Track Mock-ups for Ben Dorsey's Coal setup

    Testing the original Coal Dump Asset here.

    If you look past these cars, you can see the new Coal Tipple Asset in the back on another Track approach.

    Picture of cars going thru here. I didn't catch the animation shot on this one.

    Connecting to a Rake of Coal Cars to refill our Coal Drops for Steam Engine supplies.

    A switching out loads with empties here, only 3 cars at a time can go thru the Ben's Unit....

    I had to change the tracks and elevation here, so was in the middle of testing some new Track placement.

    Here is Ben Dorsey's Asset, I love to have a bit longer Tail Track on this one, but that's OK, I like the reliability with Coal Dump operations...Animation works flawlessly too........

    Late in the day still playing around with the Coal issues here.......I had placed a Crew Building over here, ended up moving things around some more.......

    Later on I got all this area the way I wanted it work, did some more Track work, ran into to some problems with Semaphores I started using, will go into the Signaling in a lot more detail later, I learned some things about Feathers and Semaphores.......

    That'll do for today.......Got to get going with my repairs, while the Sun is shining....Thanks for dropping by......

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    Lightbulb Wilson Snyder E/W Shunting

    A Blessed Sunday too all,

    Well was hoping for some more Rain to appear on Monday, apparently something changed and it is looking like a week out. Might work in my favor of fixing some Termite and Rotted Wood issues with my Roof this week. So there you have it. Never a dull moment around here.....LOL

    On another Note, our Friend Sir David Snow, has alerted us he is still around, however he is fighting a nasty Lung/Throat Infection called Histoplasmosis. So please keep the prayer Chain going.

    Today will leave Weddin Route rest for a piece and head over to Fairview E/W merge. Each of the these areas I have modified are to increase the rail traffic. I increase the Stub track around the back, and added some additional small Oil Products. Lengthened some of the other Stubs at this facility, because in this spot, we have a single mainline with lots of Traffic, both Passenger and Freight, so it is import to keep the line clear when it comes to shunting ops here. And more of that will be after 10PM till 4AM.

    Long view of operations, this Route is only 2 Tiles wide in this area. I have to still add some Desert Plants and Scrub. If you look to end here, there are 2 hills that is where the Route has Turn around loop.

    This is the center section of Route, it has Beer, Paper and Refinery Operations, with plenty of Shunting Jobs. I've added to extreme length sidings with double crossovers etc, to facilitate quick shunting. When I added the Refinery, I made sure to add a secondary Mainline with X long passing siding around the back for Tanker deliveries. Will see how it works out....

    A huge amount of Freight is being delivered for our Customers, and the way I designed this first plant access, the first rake of cars get dropped in place, with last part of train pushed into second track, will break our joint here just in front of Aqua Box Car. Pull the rake and spot, then do a quick run around those spotted cars, switch tracks, and push the rest down into the last set of Customer Spotting locations. It works like a charm, took me a while to figure out how I wanted it.....

    Cab view as heading up to next facility for shunting.

    On the right, we have 2 wood products to serve, and a 3rd one just 1 mile or less away to serve, easy access......
    We have to crews serving the 3 locations as needed. Im using my favorite Switchers. They smoke a bit, but they sure have the pulling power I need.

    Dropping the Spline cars into place for lumber loads headed points East of here. On the other side, I made a drive up ramp for heavy Farm or other vehicles to unload from Flatcar Deliveries.

    Some of our Freight is spotted under Roof Cover for weather reasons.

    My three amigos (old switchers) but extremely reliable and strong enough to pull the loads I need. I wouldn't use them in the mountains, they don't have enough horsepower.

    Picking up a rake of 40 cars, my little Switchers are going to tug, and pull their way up to waiting customers, will be shunting for while, but first we need to sort some of them in the staging tracks up ahead. the yard is small, and compact, and our seasoned crews know how to make it work.......

    I'm busy learning TC3 Sig T Feather application for Semaphores, something I needed to learn about long ago, and didn't realize the ramifications of not applying Feather add in's for better Semaphore Signal Aspects......Old story, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT DON'T KNOW" , I didn't have a clue what a Feather was by Bloodnok.......


    The open area on the right is going to be filled with new Housing, Central City, and if I recall, a good size Creamery Plant too.......

    And this will do for today......

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    Good Thursday to all,

    Been a little Chilly in California, but of course we are still mid winter, so that is OK, the Chill should set well for our Fruit Trees in the Valleys here.....Nothing like fresh fruit of the Tree during hot summer.

    I have been busy fooling around with Semaphores on Weddin Route and learning how to place them with Sig T Feathers, and other assorted items. They work quite well for now, I do need to watch what height Poles I use, found out using some short 7-10 Foot Poles on the main lines pose a clearance problem with Locomotives.

    The next thing in a Cascade of items, I trying to get caught up with, is take all my Tree Lists, and line them up Cross reference wise, so I do some Bulk substitution for Trees that don't look good, or are Faulty etc......I'm using an Excel Spreadsheet and it should work out Ok.....But this is for month or so out from now......Thanks to Zsuda and others for their help with supporting Tree Lists.......

    Have been Watching some Y Tube Videos on Oregon Pacific RR, quite an amazing story about the life long dream of it's Owner. If you subscribe or browse, they have some other Videos showing what's going on with this Little RR.......


    and this one....


    You might like "Scott Taipale" train........"Tribute to IVORY 4072:The orange plague grows"

    Pictures for today from Snyder E/W Shunting

    Working a Rake of Oil Tankers from Wilson side of the Route, we had to pull these into the Spur for few minutes, there is hot drag of Freight coming for customers up the line, so Manifest freight needs clearance, and our Dispatch, stuffed us in here for a moment. I think I am going to add a Run around Track here, with all the new loads we have coming, we need some room to move our Loads around. It will be easy to do.

    Here is Manifest popping thru as we just finished pulling in to the small Oil Storage area.

    There is one Tunnel on Right Entrance to Turnaround Loop so it helps give more room on LOOP, if you look far left, you can see the return track just coming out of the Trees.....I might, and this is Might, put a very small Mining Facility in the middle with some assess tracks....I think I have enough room in the Center of the Loop Circle to do it....Will see......Of course, I could add some extra Tiles and a small Spur line of Loop going outwards.....Will see, another day to fool around with one of my notions for ideas......My little mind is always thinking WHAT IF I DID THIS???

    At then end of this Snyder Branch Line, I did a little forested area with loop Track, to make easy turnarounds for all Rail Traffic. I don't think I have showed this part before......The Manifest is coming around the Curve here to do a Power Change and Crews. This turnaround is about a Mile I think.

    This is our relief Power on Right that will hook up to Train and take the loads for Spotting.....Our Loco's need Fueling and some minor Maintenance then off for more Work.

    And the end of your Train with Yellow Caboose.......Headed into Loop for Turnaround.

    I like different styles of Cabooses, since you rarely see them on Trains, other than Local Operations......I use them on all my Trains as much as I can.....Old Fashioned I guess you say......But that is where my Heart is......

    Coming at end of Turnaround Loop, you can see the town ahead and Oil Refinery.

    Last of the curve on turnaround Loop, a peak inside the Cab here....And I am trying to figure why the Middle front windows are obstructed view instead of see thru Glass? Hmm....have go back and see why......I don't know if I know how to fix it....But I will tinker with it in PEV's Tools.

    We are coming out of the Turnaround Loop Track, end of this Branch Line......My signal is working perfectly here.

    That will do it for today....Have a great weekend all. And thanks for visiting.....

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    Dear Blue, as always surprised with that ability of yours with routes and weeds (from your garden).
    Speaking of weeds, I have seen that in one of your screenshots reeds appear and that item always greatly increased the performance problem on my routes so I have not used them for a long time because a single item (reeds 3) has 4,000 polys and the small ones more than 1,000 polys.....

    Have a nice day my friend and hugs.


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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    Dear Blue, as always surprised with that ability of yours with routes and weeds (from your garden).
    Speaking of weeds, I have seen that in one of your screenshots reeds appear and that item always greatly increased the performance problem on my routes so I have not used them for a long time because a single item (reeds 3) has 4,000 polys and the small ones more than 1,000 polys.....

    Have a nice day my friend and hugs.


    Hello my friend,

    Thanks for info on the Reeds, this is not my Route, it was made by dinorius_redundicus, and I really like it a lot, it so eloquent in the way he designed it.........Cannot say enough good about this particular Route.......

    I'll have to see how much he used, I think very little, but as you and I both now, certain Splines have major effects on the Graphics Loads......

    Thanks for dropping in Sir.........Hugs back.......

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    A good Friday Morning to all,

    Been Busy, with Valentines day coming up with some Birthdays, and I have been a shopping at Jointed Rail and K&L Trains, got some good deals on Rolling Stock. Thank you to both companies and Owners for great Assets you make at Quality prices, and they work in TRS2019.

    Now tonight the next shout out, to a marvelous creator is PWeiser and his Rock Sled Motor Powered M97 Car, boy can this baby fly up to 185 MPH on the Track.....I love it, better not be any switches not aligned or we be Airborne and on the Ground, maybe in the Ocean, who knows, but this Dog can hunt, and very, very fast.....

    So here is some pictures showing what it can do........

    67 MPH in a flash, buckle up boys and girls, this bad boy waits for no one, you snooze or even blink wrong, this Rocket is gone....

    Catch my drift,,,,,Trespassers beware, you'll never see this Rocket coming....

    Fans further down the line see it and can't believe their eyes, is this possible, all they hear is the sound of Jet, they look into the Sky, nope, it is not a Bird, not a Plane, and certainly not Superman, it M497 coming in hot......

    Hope these Signals are correct, all other traffic is stopped and clear as we Zoom, or is fly by, can't believe we are still on the Tracks, at what is that, 185 Milllllllllllllllllllles on an hour.....Think I will need a stiff drink and make sure my insurance Policy is intact......

    Engage number one, engage, oh that's right, we are engaged, guess we better slow down soon, before we hit a curve will never make........Look at the heat and dust this puppy is kicking up......

    Night Shot while it standing for more Track Order Clearance from dispatch after a successful run....

    Thank you PWieser for a fantastic Model that works and runs down the tracks at some break neck speed.......I'm keeping this one, will put her out for special events only on select Routes......

    Night all, and thank for dropping in.......

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    Blog Entries


    Nice pictures and stories that goes along with them Blue
    Hope you (and everyone else here) had Valentine's Day.
    Some screenshots from my model RR route for TRS19

    And lets not forget this


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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