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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Good Friday Evening folks,

    Got lots more repairs to do with those doggone sprinklers and over zealous Tree that likes to grow, well it shades us well, so I really can't complain.

    So back on the Railroad, been busy making more Crossover Connections where i need them. Change some more buildings around, Kit bash some others, just can't keep my hands off Wishram Yard and the Chemical Branch. Just wasn't quite right, so it was fiddle time, tonight I'll run some more Trains to see if the changes work out better in relation to flow control.

    And the big thing I was able to do learn how to Create and edit Old and New PICK LISTS, in Content Manager, those lists are awesome tools as now, when I want to setup areas with several associated items, I have them all together easy to grab and paste.

    For example, in my Cement Industry area, I needed a several items all Cement related, Hoppers, Cement Trucks, Cement accessories, and you know that all these items don't always have the word Cement in them, nor should they! or they have strange names given by the authors, that's just the real world.

    So I made a new list called Cement Items, went grabbed all the Trucks, different Hoppers, Cement Textures, and anything else that would work with Cement Plants, or Aggregate Materials. Now I have most of what I need, and If I find some more or new things, I add it to the list, and it works great.

    Now lets talk about the pictures below, This is Bluff City Yard, with new UP 9000's and some redone Cabooses that look fantastic, well I do, everyone has there favorites of course.

    Milwaukee Consist just arrived with junk Train (mixed freight consist) don't know why they ever used that name for a consist, but it stuck for sure.

    I cleared all this yard out of Buildings, Tracks, Bridges, excess Trees that I needed moved etc, and redid it all, that's why it looks too clean, when I get back here, I need to put some more trees, shrubs, and Track Weeds etc, and some more buildings. So this area is long term WIP for now.

    Our 9000 is making it's way out of the yard fueled and watered to the hilt. As you can see there is lots of open space left, haven't got all the tracks in yet as of this picture.

    This is the grand interior of the newly redone Cabooses......Really nice job by the author.

    Dispatch has us lined up to grab our consist.

    Guess the UP RR Police Caboose is coming along for the ride, I think we given them a ride to another yard where they'll ride as enforcement.

    Looks like our Crossing protection is working perfectly for us...........However I have to tell you, we had some Drivers lose control of their cars and crash thru the gates into our Trains, and didn't end up well.

    We cleared the point, now we are doing a reverse move back on water Main Route to grab our consist.

    Looks like the crew brought our consist in for us on another lead so will grab it here.

    Bet you haven't seen these type inter model Trailers in a long time........Actually this is from a small company that uses these trailers still, and they like our fast shipment times.

    Moved all our cabooses over to wait track, we dragging back to our assigned consist, and these locomotives drive so smooth, I really like them. Powerful too.

    Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I'll see you on Sun or Mon.....Thank you for coming by........
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    Good Sunday to all,

    My day was busy, still working on leaking water pipes, my little tree has grown so much I didn't realize how much the Roots have spread out in the yard, I suppose like they say Time does fly and we don't realize it until one day, something comes up and it comes back into focus.

    So back to Wishram yard, these little Switchers and my spots of 2% grade on some of the tracks, add up to not enough weight or Traction to pull the long strings of Cars I need for my Industries. So I'm sending them back and bringing in some heavier units to give me the Muscle I need up here.

    Here we pulling some heavy Grain and Cement cars out of the yard.

    Will be staging them on one of Longer Storage Tracks on the Chemical Lead Branch and they'll go out with a whole bunch of other Steel and Pipe loads from the West Chemical Branch.

    On the left in the yard are Propane and Heavy Tanker Oil cars brought into here for the City Reserve Tanks, which are low and need fresh Supplies.

    We are testing this UP Hybrid Switcher with a Slug for extra Traction, if it works well, will go with 2 Hybrids or 3 to handle the shunting jobs, and will drop the Slug because some of the areas we serve, the Radius is to tight for the Trucks.

    Decided I need to bring some of my ALCO Units from the other yards and try them out too.......

    We are bringing in loads and empties for Ethanol on Right, Propane and Oil Co Storage behind us., Tracks are about right here. But I may have to make some more Storage Tracks for my loads, as it appears I might not have enough for the all industries I made!

    Will see how it goes to determine how much and where I need them located?

    And yup, my local goes with a caboose too, I'm old fashioned and loving it.

    Well in a few minutes I will find out that I didn't have this track far enough away from this service Platform that drops down on top of the Tanker Roof for hatch access.

    This is are turnaround Loop which we also use to serve the Ethanol Plant, due to the Tracks requiring some what of Scissor action to get the loads in. And it does work OK. This Plant got the location for good price, due to the fact on one side your buttoned up to the River, so there is not the space these plants would normally have like in other areas, but it will work the way I have the Tracks arranged. The area between the Row of Large Tanks can have a couple of Storage Tracks put in too, I just haven't decided if I need to or not, will have to see how many loads this plant generates in concerance with the Propane and Oil Co on the other side.

    A little farther away you can see more of the industrial area.

    In this side we are backing our Oil Loads for the Oil Company in the back. On the left is Grain Silo, Cement Co, Aggregate Factory, some Freight Ramps. Way in the back is our Textile Plant.

    These back 2 cars are Alcohol and headed to the building on middle left, that tank on the Left holds all there Alcohol Reserves for the Alcohol Products they make. They also sell Alcohol as fuel for other things such as Camping supplies etc. Good to see our Signal is showing correctly for Diverging Route, I'm using Safetran Signals and they work very well for me once I have the parameters I need along the Line. I occasionally get a Blinking Red Signal on the bottom Lamp of 2 headed signal, also get blinking Yellow and Green aspects......Pretty Cool.

    I extended a few of my Crossovers to allow better cut over connections on my Mains.

    As soon as I get a few more things worked out here in Wishram, I'll move on to English Highlands.

    Funny thing, I have been real busy with the Oil/Propane Tankers and Special Chemical Gas Cars, haven't even made it to the 2 Scrapyards yet to see how those track leads work out.

    The Lumber and Pulp Mill are all set and working good in the back of this Yard.

    So still a few things to conquer here on this end of the Route, but it is coming along OK. I of course am learning too as I make and or change these areas, each has it peculiar issues to deal with and learn to conquer, that's what makes doing this so interesting, challenging and sometimes a real pain in the neck! And that's OK. we would call it the Nature of the beast.

    That's it for today, you all have a good week, and I wish the best for the Hurricane Survivors, a very tough Road ahead for them as Repair and Rebuild is going to take some time.

    Night all.
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    Greetings on Tuesday, the weather is cool, cloudy and we may see some much needed rain? Unfortunately there is another bad Hurricane running around in the Bahamas......


    At one time I would have liked to live on one of these Islands, but after seeing what Hurricanes can do, well just a visit now. Our prayers go out for these folks, this is a Cat 5 Storm.

    Back over on Chemical Branch North, we've added some new Lease Power, SP 660 Horsepower, and I think they are geared fairly low, which for here is perfect, the max speed is 5-10 MPH, and I might moderate it to 7MPH depending on Safety Concerns. There is a ton of Activity now that I have finished with all the Team, Spur and Stub tracks to service the industries.

    Ever on Chemical West Branch, we have Pulp, Sulfur, and other Mineral Loads getting ready with some other Lease power "DVR" and he pulls real good too, but I may have to Double him up because these Mineral and Cement Loads can be quite heavy to move around. What I have found out on this branch, I need to add some more Invisible Signals, because I'm getting too many Red or Restricting Signal Aspects, as one Trainzser mentioned this week, it appears Trainz AI looks farther down the Tracks for Circuit occupation. The only other thing I might need to do, is cut out some of the signal, and run some of these areas Dark Unsignaled with the exception of the Escape and Turnaround Loop only? Have to play a little more with it so see which way is going to give me what I need too. Other than that, this Branch is working really good now since I extended some Stubs and made some more Cross Over Connections.

    I think I might need to Tweak the Smoke Color on this one when I have nothing better to do, which is easy to do in the Config.txt This little guy runs great, I really like him, he is a keeper.

    We have Consist coming in West Chemical Branch Lead, and we have to get these spotted behind us here, so on the Return loop, the other Loco will stop at the switch behind us here and grab these up to take them for there next destination. We get all different kinds of loads here, and we have a portable Trans-loader stashed to the side of these Silos, which works great for our customers. That gives them the flexibility of Loading onto or off Rail Cars, then we ship out/in as needed. The loads you see here are Pelleted Mineral Products going out to other Factories for use.

    Loads are ready and the empty Gons are headed for one of our Scrapyards that have ready Scrap waiting to load nearby. I have to get some more Gons ordered up for the demand. Now that we got Industries set, and Track access is pretty much complete, we have to get the ball running with Rail Car availability.

    Little better picture here, Shunting in action as we push the loads back to the Switch where they'll go out shortly.

    This particular Crossover is where I need to see if a Invisible Signal will make a difference or not, I keep getting a Red, part of the reason, is I have a String of Empties sitting on the Main, but I should get a Yellow, due to have 2 Signals between me and the empties, but apparently it doesn't work that way, but I may have to shut off the Advance Approach Aspect sitting on some of these signals? And that's OK too.

    Back over in Wishram East Yard, we have Lots of Loads to sort out and get them moved over the to Chemical Branch, I have probably 75-100 Cars to move today....Guess I better get to it, we currently are using 4 sets of Switchers to get it done......Good Business for the Railroad.

    Pulling Specialty Compressed Gas cars here with Alcohol and Boxcar Loads for the Chemical North Branch, Track just to the Right of us here. Got several Pipe Loads ready and waiting, easy access, and we have those Dedicated SP 660 Switchers in the Back to shuffle our loads for us, so we don't make a lot of unnecessary Shunting moves, this is all done over local Dispatch, and we also have our Chemical Lead Locally dispatched too, and he can talk to Harbor District Dispatch and give us the heads up on Consists movement etc,,,,,makes for fluid situation, Plus our Weather here in Elevated mountains is not the same as Sea Level Harbor below, so keep in close contact with Harbor Master Rail Operations and let them know if we get Bad Snow Storms up here or serous Freeze situations affecting Rail and Switches.

    Our Chemical North Branch Switchers have pushed out some Loaded Tankers for pickup......This works great for us, as he gets everything Sorted and Tagged for Consist movement. Our Yard local comes out and picks them up and moves them as needed.

    My Aim is good customer service and lots of Flexibility on movement and changing needs, I already added 2 long Spurs for the Ethanol and Cement industries, so we drop empties or Loads in them and then the local DVR switcher show earlier will spot the loads as needed. So on whole Chemical Lead Branch (West, East, North) sections we have 2 dedicated switchers moving stuff around. And if it gets to busy, I have switcher from the Lumber Pulp Yard on the other side, that can take a quick Tie Track lead over to the Chemical Branch and help out on any day, as his work is just moving cars for Lumber Loads going out to the Port and several other areas of the Route... And that is all picked up by heavy Road Engines, SD 40 thru SD-90 depending on the areas they travel and associated Grades %.

    That'll do it for today, I did a lot of playing on this route last night and things are shaping up quite well, just as noted, a few details I need to attend too. I'm hoping that by this weekend, I will finish for the Track part of this route and get over to the English Highlands connection to start work on Track access etc. Something I just remembered, I have some trees I need to adjust in here due to the additional Tracks I put in, there are some minor clearance issues for the Trains.........

    Have a good day all and thank you for coming by.
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    Good evening all,

    Been a busy day on Railroad, we have all our consists together out of the East Wishram Yard, were backing into the Chemical Lead Branch getting ready to drop off Tankers, Coal Gons Etc.

    We made it to diverging position, and will shunt back till we clear this point. Then head in.

    This is our small Passenger Station we have some customers for Passenger, but in this area, it's largely a Freight Route operation here. For now Passenger service is just once a day. At least we do have a station here, some areas do not. When that's the case Folks have to drive further to ride our Passenger Service, or they don't ride at all, and use some other form of Transportation, it's my wish to change that on our Railroad and do when and where it's feasible and cost appropriate.

    We got pushed back to Chemical Lead East and West Branch Line Lead. Lots of Freight Traffic is going to flow thru here, one thing I need to do is probably change the access entry if I figure out a better Track arrangement, but for now it's a bit of a see saw arrangement.

    Will have to wait to see what the Future and some more intuitiveness deals me?

    I forgot, we have a little Freight going in the Chemical Branch North Lead here, and we have lots of Tankers, Compressed Gas, Flatcars loaded with Pipes and other Cargo, all lined up on the Load Side, will push empties on the left leg here and our North Branch Dedicated Switcher will hand the finish spot shunting, all we have to do drop the empties and pick up the ready Staged loads here on the Right, goes fast and we are on our way to rest of the Chemical Branch Industrial leads.

    Here we are at the top of the North Chemical Branch lead, our SP 660 Switchers are ready to swing into action for final Shunts.

    Heavy loaded Tankers pulled in, now we just need to cut and drop, our local "DVR"switcher for this Side of the Chemical Lead will finish the rest.

    Oh good night, what the heck is this going on, I wasn't told we were having ALCO convention in the North Forty Acres, and I sure wasn't told why we had our Track extended another Mile out to hold all these new (slightly used) models shipped out by our Director of Locomotives Road Super!

    Well come to find out, these AlCO's have been reconditioned and our Directors want them tested to see how they'll fit in where in this altitude and Grade, Traction and all the horsepower mustered is key to get these loads moved timely and expeditiously.

    Now the question is, can these Smokey Joes do the job, that no one else wants. Testing starts tomorrow.

    We have so many, I can't even see the end of this long line of LOCOS!

    The first one here, well I think he is a bit of an Ugly Duckling, however looks along don't do the job, will see if his Horsepower is up the Job I plan on giving the Crew and him tomorrow.

    Beyond this, I got some invisible Signals placed and I think I have enough Storage tracks in place.

    Been working Pick Lists like crazy from the Content Mgr and it really works out well for me........There is an immense power when you set these pick lists right helps me find the assets I need a whole lot easier and place them on the Route in 1/4 of the time. Sorry to say I was late to the Party for starting these Pick Lists, they are worth the effort.

    Enjoy your Friday and I'll see you in a couple of days. Night all.
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    Good Sunday Eve folks,

    Had nice trip to Santa Barbara for 10K event for my Spouse and great for my bicycling for me, perfect weather..

    So of course while there for a few days, I did some more work on my Route!

    Below we have Oil Tankers brought in for Oil Company and Ethanol Plants. So we have 3 Switch Crews on duty for all the Shunting scheduled.

    Our DVR Crew is pulling some full Pulpwood, and Sulphor Pellet loads.

    We going to do a lot of in and out moves to get everything sorted out to the correct Industry..

    This UP Switcher is headed back to grab some more loads.

    Looks like we have some more Tank loads to spot to.

    This is around the Corner Spur of East Chemical Branch in the Forest area, We have Coal Tipple and Goods Storage Building and at the end of the spur is Old Time Soap Factory, and everyone needs some soap to clean with.......

    OK we are out on our Escape turnaround Loop on the back 100 Acres here, we have a load of Flatcars and Gons we need to Drag over to the Scrap and Metal yards.

    We are coming around the outside Loop into inside the Ethanol and Cement Spurs. It's not shown here but I found out that with all the Tankers and other Junk Trains I run, I more room to get things shunted in a timely manner, so I had to double this Track here, a single is not enough capacity to handle the loads we are bringing in.

    DVR Switcher is done for now, so he ties up next to the old Dispatcher Building.

    Here is a broad view of East Chemical Branch, there's quite a bit packed in here, and neatly placed and all the tracks are connected. Unfortunately one of my Silos has to be removed due to it being to over crowded near the Ethanol Plant.

    I re did some more signals on new double track Loop return line in the back. Now I just need to test to and see that my aspects and coverage is correct. I also need to extend my hill top on the west side of this yard, and re orient the River on the other side....What is that they say, Growing pains hurt sometimes......LOL.....

    That's it for tonight. I bid you all good week ahead.
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    Good Weds afternoon all,

    Been busy working on busted water pipes and Tree Roots getting into my outside Drain Pipes, lucky for me, no rain in sight for now, but lots more digging to due to effect more repairs.....

    And I have been doing more remodeling and changing things, between the yard Ethanol Tanks below, I put in some much needed Storage Tracks for the excess cars will be carrying here.

    Now I have to spank myself good here, somehow on the Cement Building to the left here, I faced the Concrete Chute facing the Tracks, and I guess the ground was not level, so when I leveled for the tracks, somehow this building was left up in the air, I have corrected all that now...

    UP Switcher us bringing in Chemical Cars for the East Branch Oil and Propane Comapny's Etc. If you look over to the Far right, I have a new Microwave Tower and Dispatcher's building installed. It will help improve our operations.

    Compressed Gases being delivered to our Customers. This old 2story dispatch building will be removed from service and donated to somebody to use. We

    We continue our shunt to the other end of this Branch and will see saw over to another Track on our Left.

    On the right will also pick up the empty Oil Tankers from Oil Company.

    Old reliable Southern Pacific #1001 and #1000, 660 Models, are shunting out the Pipe and Steel Loads for a waiting Train Consist passing thru to pick our loads.....And drop off some more empty's for us too.

    North Western Chem Tankers staged and headed over to East Chemical Branch.......Our Little SP Switcher's are standing over at the Alcohol Co Siding, as I have a ton of new leased Alco's coming in from the end of the North Chemical Spur in the back corner her, they'll be moved out to some of other yards for testing.

    Back in Mountain Country, our Silver Meteor Express is headed uphill on his scheduled run as Manifest with some very happy customers.

    inside the Cab we are lined up for a Scheduled Stop into the new passenger Station in town after I redid all these Tracks and Crossings.....I think everything is flowing OK now here. Just need a few more runs and meets to see how the Safetran Signal aspects are working.

    I think that is it for now, if I remember anything else, then I add to this summary....

    Thank you all for coming and visiting my Thread., I hope the pictures and overview help to get out the message about how much Trainz can be to play with from someone who has been around Trains most of there life, and I think they are fantastic Mode of Travel..........Like all other things in life, nothing is or will be perfect, so what you put in, is what you get out of it.

    Take care and have a good week.
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    Thumbs up Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

    Good morning all,

    Been busy fixing those leaky water pipes, and removing some tree roots.

    So I thought we would take a brake from Mega Merger Route and pop over to Himalaya for a bit. I downloaded this route about 6 months back or so, and it fascinating to ride up narrow gauge such as this route does. The route does what it needs to, by moving a fair amount of people from the lowlands to the high mountains and a little bit of Freight as a bonus.

    I here some folks are going to retool this route for T:ANE that'll be really nice when it comes about. Someday when I get a chance, I might change a few things on it for my own interests?

    Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

    The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, also known as the DHR or "Toy Train", is a 2 ft (610 mm) narrow-gauge railway that runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in the Indian state of West Bengal, India. Built between 1879 and 1881, the railway is about 88 km (55 mi) long. Its elevation level varies from about 100 m (328 ft) at New Jalpaiguri to about 2,200 m (7,218 ft) at Darjeeling. Four modern diesel locomotives handle most of the scheduled services; however, the daily Kurseong–Darjeeling return service and the daily tourist trains from Darjeeling to Ghum (India's highest railway station) are handled by the vintage British-built B Class steam locomotives. The headquarters of the railway is located in Kurseong.
    On 2 December 1999, UNESCO declared DHR as a World Heritage site.[1] Later two more railway lines were added and the site then became to be known as Mountain railways of India.

    The drive up the Canyon is really nice with all the cool Foliage on both sides of the Tracks. We can only pull about 3-4 cars as the Grades are very steep, If I recall up to 8-9% in some spots.

    Coming around the mountain about 15 MPH as we head up 5% grade or more here. The foliage is perfectly placed by the Authors.

    Deep and inviting Canyons below as we lumber our way up ever higher and higher.

    Now you really can see how tight these grades and curves come together, thru potentially treacherous canyons, took a lot of work to put in these rail lines, probably with sweat, blood, picks and shovels, with a pinch of Dynamite? Lord only knows how long it took to complete this job, I would suspect over years, not months.

    We come into a small clearing here and If I recall this spot is one of our steepest grades, 11 1/2%...

    This is our 2nd Passenger Station very simple design but works as intended. Will drop off some passengers and head on upward in the next canyons. You can see some folks bringing there products to sell while the train is here for a few minutes.

    As you can see, the road has just enough room for traffic to pass each other, and not run into a very slow moving train. Looks like we have a tasty Fruit and Vegetable stand across the Street too.

    Some nice bananas here and passion fruit, I think will stop for minute and get some fresh fruit. This is called RONGTONG...

    Gots some refreshment and nice fruit, passengers all loaded up we prepare to head up the grade before night fall sets in.

    Few houses set on the side of the canyon, looks like one is setup on Stilts to handle the Rain Runoff.

    I think this will do for today, have good weekend and thanks for dropping in.....

    Night all.
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    Lightbulb Riverside area Bluff City Yard

    Good Morning all,

    Been a quick weekend, did some Shunting in Wishram area, where I have been rebuilding the Yards and Utilities Etc, made some more subtle changes, which I show later. I think I finally have the tracks and everything the way I want them situated now.

    Below this is Riverside area and we have a Train just out of eye shot approaching, the Signals have activated to let us know he is just around the curve on approach.

    And here he is our Silver Meteor Express no scheduled stop here, he is hot shot, fully loaded with customers. I re-spaced all the tracks and crossings in this area, now things flow thru perfectly for me. Bridges too had to be reset, and I changed some of the City Streets as well. The one thing I have to come back to do is re change the plants on the River's edge, they hang to far into the water and don't look right to me, simply because these type plants wouldn't be found this way in Nature, it would be Water Lillie's and other types. It'll take some time to redo, but that is for another day.

    We are headed up to the higher altitudes here with our passengers, you can see the Snow Capped Mountains in the back.

    Heading up 2.5% grade here, with A+B+B+A power arrangement, these passenger cars are heavy, and some of our grades are at 3% so I don't want to have any power per axle issues going up a Mountain Grade, I've been thinking like in the Sierra Mountains and other high mountain ranges, I need to have some dedicated Pushers setup and ready in spots on short Stub Tracks when needed, I already had a problem coming out of the Port City with very heavy Pipe and Boxcar consist! I didn't have enough DMU's on the back of the Train, and had to have some pushers come up to get us over the rise, lost precious time on arrival in the next city, cost me money too.....All not good when customers are expecting on time delivery, except for Weather issues, which we had a sunny day....... It goes directly to the Yard Manager for under powering! 2 More 6 axle units made the difference on weight and Grade issue. Lesson learned the hard way.

    Crossing the river into a 2 Mile Tunnel here to get over a tall range of Mountains. This is just one of several Tunnels we use to get thru.

    Guess we have had a few Trains going thru this tunnel, pitch black and Smoky walls, but I see the exit light coming soon, wouldn't ever want to walk in this tunnel, there's no room between you and the Train, guess what, some folks do it for the dare! Crazy, and sometimes they don't make it thru the tunnel! Trains only in these tunnels.

    Alright we made it thru the Smoky dark Tunnel, now we are out coming thru newly raised Snow Sheds, for some reason, they were set 3 feet to short, why I don't know, but some of my Locos etc where almost scraping the ceiling, so we dropped the Road bed down, now are clearance is spot on. Realigned the Tracks center wise, which is normal on the Railroad, snow and ice with expansion and contraction from Freeze Thaw cycles will have that effect on things over time......That nasty word called Maintenance comes in to play every year, and cumulatively if you ignore Mr Maintenance, he has a habit of catching up at the most in opportune times and extra cost, called unexpected derailments. I don't want any of that if I can help it. So we really try around here to keep things up according to pre defined maintenance schedule.

    Which reminds me, we have changed a lot of Tracks in Wishram area, I need to get MOW Track leveler Machines out to do some Tamping and level specs and make sure we have everything on par.......

    Going thru a lot of Rail overpasses in the deep canyon, I believe will be going over one of them when we round the next mountain grade.

    Here's a higher view to give more perspective of the altitude changes we experience, and why it's so important to have enough horses pulling your consists up a stiff grade. As you can see, they moved a lot of Hill in here to get these Rails in place, they did a darn fine job of doing it........

    And this one of our Yards I rebuilt, I thought I show one of the pictures, an older one, because there has been lots more changes to it. But this one specifically, because I used the Tape measure utility in T:ANE to get my very outside track curve right. I didn't want any kinks in the Curve, and with the hills and pulling long consists thru here at times when the yard is busy, I wanted the best curve I could get, so I started in the Corner first then worked my way into the center of the yard, so with the corner set right, all the inner tracks as I build them don't get squished and out of ARC, allows me to run the Big Boy and other large articulated Locos ans special Freight Cars with no clearance issues. On left side of yard, those 2 tracks are the Mainline bypass for thru Freight and Passenger Trains just going to next city, so we have 2 avenues of coming in/out of this yard and a large turn thru curve.

    Not seen here, but upper middle left area, by that tree patch, a large Round Table for Loco Storage is added later.

    That'll do it for today, thanks for coming by today..........
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    Wink Psgr Service in Dark Mountain passes of Alps

    Good Day all,

    Been so buy with Meetings and leaking pipe repairs around the house, I didn't realize 3 days had passed, and I haven't been here to post some new stuff. Time flies by and you don't realize still get off the merry go round and and check status.......

    Below is information about this Route:

    "Flaamsbana (The Flåm railway) was started in 1924 after plans for the line being drawn up back to 1871. The line climbs from Flåm at sea level to Myrdal station at 867 meters above sea level. The climb has an average gradient of 1 in 18 over 20 kilometers.

    This is version 2 (final) following the Beta version in March 2007. I have made some improvements to the track laying, alignment and gradients and added some fences and signals.

    TransDEM generated map. I took some years to get this far but you are welcome to edit it for your own pleasure providing you give credit All assets should be on DLS. Details of Flåm at hhttps://www.visitflam.com/en/se-og-gjore1/aktiviteter/flamsbana/ . "

    So we are up on the ("The Flåm railway") where we pick up our train headed up the huge Canyon walls light in the evening and other than the stars it's pitch black out here.

    We have as you can see some pretty steep curves and Grades, which I plan on adjusting just a bit less, when I get around to it. Fortunately for us we have get Train Headlamps.

    We are just entering into Farm area here and it looks like Daylight is starting to approach as we continue our overnight Trip in the Alps.....When there is a Snow Storm, you have complete white out conditions as the Clouds get socked in here with huge Altitude of the Alps.....Amazing, beautiful and deadly if you out in it and don't know what your doing in that type of Winter conditions, the locals are well versed, but Travelers from other areas, will get a rude awakening if not prepared for quick weather changes!

    Should be coming up to a small passenger Station soon to drop off a few passengers.

    looks like it says Blomheller, or something similar.......

    Dropped off a few passengers and we are on are way into a very dark tunnel, but not too long one.

    Picking up speed fairly well, this locomotive I believe is 3000HP and does well pulling our consist up medium upgrade.

    We just came out of the tunnel on the other side and will have several curves along the mountain side as we gain elevation, as you can see this mountain is quite tall on the left.

    Looks like we hit another Tunnel and our outlet brings us into Snow Shed protection due to Avalanches in the Winter and heavy Snow Fall.

    Here is a really good look at the Canyon, and probably one of the highest Dams in the world, this Water comes from Snow melt and Rain Storms and keeps the lower Valleys from being flooded out! Excellent planning and execution when it comes to erosion and flood control issues..

    Look carefully in the lower middle of the picture and you can barely see our train against the huge mountain area, gives some pause of the enormous Mountain Ranges known as the Alps.

    I have to reiterate the Author that made this route did a terrific job, and it's so cool to run trains in this route.

    Thank you for coming by for peek here.

    I bid you all a Blessed Friday, and our prayers continue for the Las Vegas situation that occurred this week......Very sad situation and life altering for the survivors.
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    Talking Wishram and Bluff City Yard Operations Etc

    Good evening all, Writing from Jacksonhole, Wyoming, and having a great time with some cool Snow Flurries added to the majestic looking TETON Mountain Range!
    Tomorrow will be a cools 20 Degrees in the morning as we eat some great tasting Western Breakfast on the Prairies.

    So I'm still in Wishram East Yard and Chemical Branch testing out Curves, so far so good, had to add a crossover connection for Grain and Cement plant linkups, was short and easy, now when I bring in Junk Trains, I can separate the loads more easy and stop long pull outs from the industry.

    Below is the bluff City Yard, and we are doing our first mixed Freight in here, and more tracks have to built for different Maintenance items. We are playing with UP9000's Steam Locomotives, Strong and very reliable Engines.

    Backing in here to grab our consist and put it together with the other consist on the Right.

    Meanwhile in the nearby mountains, our Milwaukee Freight is coming thru high Bridge overpasses to the next Mountain Ridge

    Pretty Strong bridge here, and certainly lives up to its duty for getting our heavy Trains across safely, however every so often we find someone trying to fish off this bridge, unfortunately for some they don't walk home and we have Train Delays, while we wait for Police and Coroner to handle the aftermath..........

    Lost of open area to see here as we take a high view to watch our Trains passing from afar. My Signals and Track curves are good here, no changes at the moment. One thing I do plan to do later due to my weak GPU is too thin out some of the Tree Foliage, as my GPU has frame stutter in some areas.

    East side of Bluff City, this our southern entry points to the yard. Lots of Dirt Roads for access.

    If you look up the left side you can see our UP 9000 pulling part of it's of consist out the yard.

    Our Milwaukee Train has made it to the Yard, and will maintenance the engines and parse out the Freight Consist for their next destinations. Crossing protection is working OK so far.

    Will divert to the left main entrance branch as shown by one Green on the signals.

    And our UP9000 is pulling out the southern Route headed to English Highlands Route with Construction Pipes for upcoming changes on that route. We are lined up for several Green lights ahead, looks like some clouds coming in, so we might have some weather to contend with, will see?

    X9000 is pulling along showing some lively Steam as she pulls up the Grade.

    That's about it for now, I bid you all a good week ahead.

    Night now.
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    Wink Crossing Canyon Gorges

    Good Evening all,

    Still out in the Prairies on our Trip see a much different part of our country, and eating some real down home cooking.So below we follow our UP 9000 as she continues thru the Mountain country headed to the ports with lots of different items. Grade is 1.50% thru 2.5% as we head up the hill.

    Another view from way above as you see our consist snake thru the canyons.

    We are headed thru Snow Sheds and some great looking River falls rapids coming down from higher elevation.

    Back thru the tunnel we have a bit of Steam pushing thru so our headlight is bit obscured. Slow and careful is the name of the game along this path.

    Here is a look inside of our UP 9000 Steam Engine, very impressive I think! The author spent a lot of time making this.

    out the tunnel and we cross another River on the other side of this mountain range as we head thru Riverside area.

    Cross another bridge as cut thru valleys and gorges. Below we pass a tranquil part of the river here.

    Round the mountain we go as we head down in elevation here. Rails, Curves and Signal aspects are working very well now, since I got the Tracks and Switches all reworked.

    Lots of bridges hold intersecting and connecting lines as we see UP 9000 running by.

    Looking form above you see lots of heavy Tree Foliage here, and the many main lines that come together on this busy railroad mountain pass.

    That's about it for tonight folks....I didn't have any time to work on my route today as we had lots of interesting places to see, however I did see over 100 CAR BNSF Trains passing by on some of the highways we traveled.

    I won't be home for another 3 days, so I don't expect to do much of anything on the route. But I do have more pictures to share. If internet is stable I post some more in a couple of days.

    Good nite all and have a good day tomorrow.

    Thank you for coming by.
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    Lightbulb UP n SP Steam on the move today

    Good morning all from the Badlands of South Dakota,

    We had a wonderful Trip and got to see a lot of interesting things from Wyoming to South Dakota, much different than California, we had Rain, Snow and winds, the Country is nice here and the people our very hospitable. On our way to the airport, so I thought I would drop some pics in before I we go.

    Looks like we've had some very bad fires in Wine Country! will pray for those missing folks.......

    Below our UP 9000 continues thru back country here over tall bridges.

    We are descending down a 2% or more grade here at 50MPH......

    Back at Bluff City Yard, we are Fueling and watering SP Steamer here for Freight Service this morning, clouds are dark, and we may have some moisture in the day?

    She is taking out Bunker Oil here.

    We have our consist, with SP Caboose if I recall correctly. Backing our way out the yards.

    It's fall, as you can see the weather is getting colder each day, soon Snow will come upon us and frozen switches too., lots of preparatory work for MOW. Want to keep the switches warm enough so they don't freeze shut on us....Got to run, I might post more pictures on my layover today.

    Thanks for visiting..........
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    Lightbulb Shunting Moves on the Chemical Branch

    Good Sunday evening,

    A blessing is called for the people in Fire areas of Central and Northern Ca, as this has been a ruff year for many parts of the US. There are still people missing and the hope is some will be founded.


    So let's see what is going on here on the Wishram District, Chemical Branch, looks like we have lots of Empties brought in for the Ethanol Plant. Our Plant Switcher is dropping them into place now for Filling.

    All the tracks leads and crossovers look about right, so now we can get on with necessary Shunting and deliveries now.

    LP and special Compressed Industrial Gas containers are being set out to the various industries for customer needs.

    Our Concrete and other Masonry loads are being hauled into the next team tracks. One of the things I need to do now, is schedule better delivery times so we don't get so clogged up on the East side of Chemical Branch, one of the issues we had, which is on me, I should have pulled the 20 car empty Flat cars n Gons consist over to the Steel and Scrap yard terminal leads. That was a big mistake and clogged my turnaround loop, slowing the pull out Ethanol consist and this one you see. I had to make several smaller moves, and it took twice the allocated time for shunting, I also fouled one of them main lines coming thru with a consist that could cross switches due to 61 car consist I pulled in and stopped several times here.

    Bottom line I need to learn my new yard and allocate my storage points and keep the main better cleared for other freight and passenger traffic that passes thru.

    Luckily for me, this out in the corner, so not all route Traffic comes thru here or I would be in even more trouble than I am now!

    I have to say, playing this Rail Simulator and the way you make your route learn how to not do it wrong, but think ahead like a chess game, so you know several moves ahead what your going to do, and have a "B" plan in place.

    Concrete Powder, very heavy cars, are coming into the Batch load Cement Mixer Plant. These Switchers work so good for me, I really like there performance, only thing I want to do is tweak the Smoke output a little, that'll come later when I don't have so much route build changes.

    High view here for Track layout, we have better than 12 different leads here for many compact industrial companies we serve here. The biggest concern is getting thing in organized and not haphazard, so i have to learn the lay of the land.

    Cement Powder is provided by different suppliers, as you see not containers are the same, depending on Specs needed.

    Things are starting to look much better as get the loads sorted.

    Over here we get Wood Chips and Mineral Loads to go out. I think I mentioned we use a portable Trans loader for different Trucked in loads, we can also offload from Rail Cars to Trucks, so it goes both ways, we anticipate getting a second Trans loader, for more capacity and to backup in case one goes out of order.

    Oh and I for got to mention, if you need a cheap room to sleep over, while in town, Motel 8 is here to serve your needs. Everyone has gone to work, but wait till later tonight, all the spots will be filled up.

    That'll do for now. I bid you all a good week ahead, and hopefully cooler days here, it was 96 degrees today in So Cal, in the middle of Fall, Yuck, and they wonder why we have such bad fires.

    Night all........
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    Cool New CN 7700 Switcher and more Train Quakes on Montana Merge Rte Detected.

    Good Tuesday all,

    It is a very Tough Fire Season in Central and Northern California


    Our prayers continue out as they do for other parts of the Country and world, Hurricane damage. Locally where I live, I was watching the news, and they had finally put out the Anaheim Hills, not to far from my area, after 2 weeks of effort by the brave Firefighters. We are hoping for much needed rain this week, after a very hot several days, my thermometer showed 102 degrees when I was out getting some pipe supplies for my sprinkler repairs, I couldn't believe this was Fall and we are still having Summer Heat......

    OK, let's get back to Trainz stuff, I digress, Mr Whitepass made a fine looking CN 7700 from the early 1900's, just downloaded this model, and it runs fantastic,

    Specs from Mr Whitepass,
    400hp, 70ton, and 40mph

    Doesn't get any better than that. So we are out for a spin on the Mainline headed for some yards to try out Shunting Talents in tight Radius situations.

    While going thru my Montana Route, I found some Trainz Quakes, leading down to 50-100 feet, several miles, and some broken Tracks in other areas, must have added a small merge somewhere last year, since that is the last time I looked and checked this Merger Route over? So it's time to repair and re-texture the affected areas. It's not hard just takes some time and patience.

    You take a small section at a time and set your height to this area and the use the leveling tool in your fly out, and get it more or less level for now, you touch up more later on, because there are small rolling hills or mountain cliffs affected in some areas too.

    I also had to replace a tunnel and do a Dig hole installation, then cover with Plants and Boulders, this is not quite finished, I have more to do.

    This is what it looked liked when I put in double Dig Hole to get tunnel tracks clear. Weird looking when you start, but several adjustments are needed to make this work....

    I'm positioning boulders in here to cover the wall up and hide the hole.

    Back at Bluff Yard, I am trying out this SP Bay Window Caboose #1644, and no errors or any other issues. SP Steam is pulling the consist out of Yard Tracks headed to Points West.

    Cool Winter Morning as we pull out Loaded Oil Products in Tankers. Believe or not, I haven't finished this yard yet as far as other Tracks needed, and additional Trees and Shrubbery. I don't won't to put in Plants and detail ahead and then need to move them out or around again when I add Tracks for additional services in Bluff yards.

    Here's the beautiful Lady all dressed to the Hilt, SP 9000, and she runs perfectly, I recall this is Cowboys work! She is a keeper for sure. She purrs and runs smooth as silk, just need to Oil, and Fuel as needed.

    Front view of our consist as she powers up. Now this is not heavy load for the Lady, will most likely pick up more as we head out to points West.

    Currently I'm working on my Montana Rail/Harbor Master (Philskene) taking a break from Snow Country merger.

    That's it for now.
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    Good Weds Eve all,

    Tomorrow is a busy day for me, so I figured I would post some thoughts and pictures tonight.

    When I started in Trainz a few years ago, I decided that I would like to merge some routes together to enjoy a route that encompassed different areas of the world. The Route below which has been upgraded to T:ANE standards, was originally built for TS-12 which was what I ran when after starting with Trains Driver 2 for IPAD.

    This route is larger than the original, and I wouldn't have been able to run it in TS-12, as it wouldn't handle large routes on this Laptop.

    Now with T:ANE all be it, I don't have a strong GPU for now, eventually when I shift to a Desktop with some serious GPU power, things will be much better.

    Here is the information on this route:

    The route 'Rocky Mountains Montana Track' imagines the landscapes 'Glacier Park' in the state Montana of the US. The map is mostly single tracked like the origin.

    The track design and the layout are based on the use of main track-paths in the execution of the defined business-plans.
    The workplaces, the industries and the yards are accessed trough the use of portals and are delimited with shunt track-marks.

    Turntable activity in the yards is monitored by the use of an HTML-asset.

    Perform shunting operations in yards, workplaces and industries with the command 'Drive to …'
    The navigation commands to the different workplaces, yard-portals, industry-portals must be done with the command 'Drive to …' to obtain the best performance.

    Bring your train across the wild mountainous regions or work on a busy yard to have the economic cycle running. Deliver goods to the various customers and industries along the route.

    Two demo sessions are available demonstrating the performance of the route.

    All will run automatically as long as there are no more than two consists which are accessing simultaneous.

    Now this picture is the TS-12 Route annotated with several Route Mergers, Aurora, Loops, Harbor Masters and some other Routes I added. I always find it interesting how an original Route Changes over time as different Folks make changes. The picture above shows the Route has been lengthened on both ends of the original Route which looks to me like a 50% area of increase.

    As well I found some more information on the WEB pertaining to the expanse this route is a part of (relating to the Montana portion only)


    Some day part of my Bucket list includes riding thru the Rocky Mountains on a Scenic Route like this one.

    What started all of this was the fact I keep a copy of all the routes I download in a bk up Folder, and on USB drive, and using Carbonite, so Lord forbid, my Laptop suddenly dies, I have a good backup to restore my work!

    When I checked my Route backups, I thought I had a backup of the original Montana Route, come to find out, I only had a different Canadian Route copy not this one. Then going onto the DSL I found out this Route had been updated to T:ANE, so to my surprise it was even better to get a newer copy, all works out in the end mysteriously.

    Please make sure you have multiple backups of your Routes, so you don't lose valuable work, I've read the heart retching stories in this forum of members losing years of irreplaceable work and Routes, Personal Trainz Assets created etc. We live in the electronic age, and it does come along with hefty responsibilities that sometimes we forget about.

    I bid you a good week and thanks for coming to visit here.

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