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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Cool Traveling back from Colorado

    Evening all,

    Just got back from seeing some Family members in Denver and Pagosa Springs, Colorado. About 2500 Miles Round trip, also toured thru parts of Utah, Arizona and Las Vegas, and got to see the really cool Zion Park in Utah, amazing is all I can say, breathtaking Mountain Scape there. I think Sir Dan Gavel would really enjoy the View.

    Zion National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

    www.nps.gov › zion


    And while I was in Gypsum Colorado, I happened to come across some Rail Banked Union Pacific trackage, of which I hope ends up selling to a Grain Producer, as you know, I believe in our RR lines, and hate to see them sold off, or torn up, which can cost us a lot of rebuild later on, or possibly never......In this case, I see a good chance maybe if the parties can agree, for new owner of this Route, which I think would benefit all in the end scheme of things. Below is a litany of articles in relation to my thoughts on this line.......


    On other news, I had flat tire issue with a RV trailer I was pulling, and it was out in the Boon docks of Colorado, luckily I was able to get some much needed help. And after 2,5 hours on the side of the highway, we got our blown out tire changed.........I made a horrible mistake of having some original Tires from past owner of my trailer, and didn't realize they were coming up on 7 yrs of age, your supposed to change your trailer tires after they reach 5 yrs old......OOPS!!!

    Could have been a horrible accident, if not for my quick action of seeing smoke coming off my tire and the Trailer all of sudden weaving.......

    I give you this link for an in depth discussion of Tire Sense ....Well written, easy to read, good plan for avoiding the biggest mistake I made, too old to travel, wear and stability wise.....


    I was lucky to find a great little shop in the next town down the Road, and replace 3 beyond age tires...........

    Also I have some Train pic, to share, but I need to get them off my phone here..........Try to do that soon.......

    Hope you all are well, doing OK in this hot end of the Summer heat.. Think it was 100-102 today........I'm looking for Rain anytime? Colorado and all the other States I traveled thru here are in Drought now.........

    Time to goto bed now.......Peace

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    Lightbulb Colorado and Zion Park/ Misc train Photos

    Good evening all,

    Another 101 degree day, I think I am getting used to the heat. But would prefer 80's if I could get it.....LOL Our air has cleaned up quite abit now, at least we don't have Ash coming down, and Smell of thick Smoke......

    Tonight I am posting a few pics from our Colorado and Utah areas......

    This little Guy is ready to move some cars, any cars? Who knows when this will happen, for now he is the lonely Sentry hooked up to an old Passenger Car.....

    While driving out of Colorado, we spotted this Train headed up the Grade, it looked like SP and something else Livery of possible merger that never occurred, at the moment it eludes me. I have seen this before........Sorry it is not clearer, it was too far away, and we were driving about 75 MPH on the highway....Our exposure apparently was not fast enough......And we forgot to bring our Camera, and little Cell Phone does not compete as well as our Regular Camera we use.........

    Our first night Camping out on our return trip, I think this was a nice shot of someone high above, watching over us that night......

    And this little Billy Goat was so cute, he wanted to play, but couldn't because he was on a long lease........At one time he was standing on the Rock next to him, posing for us. But we couldn't get the shot quick enough............You snooze u lose sometimes.......

    We saw all kinds of cars set out on the sidings, not a good thing to see, but with the Pandemic and things, not surprized....

    Our last place to stop, since we had never been here was Zion Park, absolutely stunning, wont go back some day and see more of this amazing park.....

    The natural color of these Rocks is so cool to see.........There is one heck of Crack length wize on the face of this Sheer Steep Wall........

    It is Sunday morning here about 8:00 AM and the first sunlight is coming over the Cliff walls behind us, and shinging the rays on North side of the Canyon here.......We have to check out by Noon, and we wanted to stay another day, but the park was sold out........

    And with that, I say good night to all of you.......WE head out yet another short Camping Trip, just over the weekend to celebrate some Family Birthdays this month.......

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    Good Morning Blue! Thanks for the vacation shots! Nice to hear you made it home safe and sound and it looks like you saw some great scenery, including trains! If you get back down towards Zion, I also recommend Bryce National Park. We were there when it was 17 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing and it was still beautiful, but half the park was closed for winter.
    “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” - R.L.S.

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    Hello Blue, thank you very much for the photos and for the chronicle of the trip as well.
    Here in Spain we no longer see those "old railway dinosaurs" next to the roads.

    Take care and send you a hug across the Atlantic.


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    Good Evening all,

    It is Sunday eve here, just got home from our last short camping this last week, in the beautiful Santa Barbara Mountains......Coming home down the 101 Fwy, I spotted a lone Amtrak on our Coast Route today, but seeing how I was going 65 MPH and couldn't stop to snap a pic safely.

    Watched the Dodgers edge out the Braves, now onto the World Series.......I wish them good luck..........

    @Javier and Forester1, thank you for comments and related Zion Stories, I truly feel one with Nature when we visited the Park.

    I will post more later.....Peace and blessings be with all on this Sunday.
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    Lightbulb The Rock Island: A Legend Reborn! in You Tube/ Weddin / New England Pics......

    Good Friday all,

    Coming back after a couple of Camping Trips I found out how much things needed fixing, a dead battery in one Vehicle and overdue scheduled maintenance on the other, rightfully so, after a lengthy 2500 Mile or more round trip........It was wonderful to spend some quality time with Family members not seen in a quite a while.

    I didn't get much time to do anything of consequence with Trainz, I did however watch some interesting Videos on You Tube. Amazing how educational and enjoyable it is.

    You Tube items I watched:

    Semaphores and Boxes on the Harrogate line


    There are some unusual signaling features on this line. There is a level crossing lever frame protected by a bus shelter type structure. At Knaresborough, the signal box is built onto the end of a block of row homes. There is a double track passing section between Hammerton and Cattal. The single line on both sides of that is single track with token working. At Cattal, there is a co-acting distant on the section signal that works with a manned level crossing box further west at Skate Moor Lane. At Hammerton, the signal box and token machine are inside the station, while the lever frame is in a cupboard on the station platform. While the only traffic on the line is DMU's, it is an interesting window into 19th Century operating practices.

    The Way It Was: Juice Train 1997


    The Tropicana Juice Train was a famous operation for decades. Running from Bradenton, Florida to Tropicana's distribution facility in Kearney, New Jersey, the "Streak Of Orange" was a highly sought out train by railfans. I produced this "mini-documentary" on the Juice Train in 1997 and 1998. It includes a cab ride from Tampa to Baldwin, Fl. The first leg of the Juice Train's route to New Jersey. All folded into regular freight service now, the Juice Train is but a memory. But when it was running, it was always an exciting catch.

    (Everyone probably has remnants of old, closed, non used, partially removed tracks. Those times have changed as has the Railroads, except for some exceptional few, more probably Short Line Operations.)
    Switching Small Customers


    Here's a little story on small customer switching. At one time it was the heart and soul of railroading... and in thousands of places it still is.

    For the Rock Fans here, hope you enjoy.

    Rock Island Rail: Mississippi Delta Railroad


    Sumner, Mississippi - After years of neglect, the Mississippi Delta Railroad has a new operator that plans to bring this once prosperous branch line back to life. The new operator is Rock Island Rail and the management team at this unique short-line couldn’t be more optimistic about the future.

    The Rock Island: A Legend Reborn!


    Sit back and enjoy a video production on the recently revived Rock Island Railroad in Mississippi! Credits to Generic Railfan for the photo of 4310 back in its leaser days!
    ================================================== =============
    (And I just found a California Museum, I wasn't aware of, need check this one out on one our Road Trips......)

    Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum Part 1


    Visit to the Pacific Southwest Railroad museum. This Museum is located in Campo, California. This is the first past of my series. It has some unique items in this video. A Union Pacific Fairbanks Morse Locomotive a Santa Fe Alco.

    ================================================== ==========================
    I don't recall if I mentioned this, but this Magazine has very interesting, and good technical information on Railroads...........




    ================================================== ===========================
    And pics for tonight will be Little bit this and some of that.....

    From the Weddin Route it's been a while since I have played on it. Added some tracks, couple of directional Semaphores and we are set for afternoon/evening runs to the next Cities.

    Enter Urban 2car ( some are called Red Hens) anyway fun to drive...

    Nice clear evening and all green's ahead.

    Water level is a little high from a recent strong storm, but we have been here before.........Our Bridge may be old, but was well built in it's day, all that count's for now......

    This slew of cars on our left, will be picked up by your's truly,, Got plenty of power tonight, we can handle the extra Loads..Will pull up to the front of this rake,, detach our power, switch over one, make a joint.

    End of our Rake here, reverse move after we have Dispatch realign us.......Back up about 200feet. Brake check, then we are on our way North to several drop off destinations.......

    Were running DPU's on the back, since will have some Grades to get over.......

    Powered up, we're ready to go.........

    This is overhead map of the areas were driving thru tonight...........Originally had a V Track separation. Decided I better make it triangle so no matter which way we enter the from, there is 2 ways to go, and no reverse movements or Power Runarounds needed for a very busy area........

    That'll do for tonight.......Thank you for dropping in.....

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    Lightbulb Ca Wildfires back again/YTube picks / Shortline Railroad by Hiawathamr

    Good Tuesday evening all,

    Tueday night in Southern California, and did we get some very bad fires started by high winds in the neigbrhood of 40-140 Miles per hour, depending on where you live.....And the 140 Mph winds were non rain, but hurricane speed........Lots of Trees were uprooted or broken.........

    Fires in LA and Orange County areas pretty bad......Air Quality, well, lets just say, we couldn't see our local mountains for almost 2 days, and everything smelled of Smoke.....Plus I could feel the effects of particulants in my lungs.......Not GOOD.




    A fast-moving, wind-whipped wildfire left two firefighters critically injured and forced more than 90,000 residents in Southern California to evacuate Monday, while huge swaths of the Golden State went without power in an effort to prevent more flames, officials said.

    Please say a prayer for all here......As they try to recover.......

    ================================================== ==================
    You Tube View this week:

    Short Line Railroad Switching! Louisville & Indiana Railroad, Columbus Industrial Lead, Teaser Video


    Railroad switching on the Columbus Industrial Track. Louisville & Indiana Railroad short line switching teaser. These are Columbus Indiana trains. Ex Pennsylvania Railroad owned by L&I. I caught rock trains on the spur and a local switching the last customer at the very end of the industrial lead. This video shows a couple cool shots that come from the longer videos that I am working on from Columbus, Indiana. I spent 24 hours here and I also filmed a couple CSX trains using trackage rights. Don't miss the longer videos out soon! Trains operate on 160.725. I filmed this on October 22, 2020. Thanks for watching!
    ================================================== =======
    Sugar & Steam In South Florida


    U.S. Sugar Corporation embarked on a plan to bring one of their old steam locomotives back to the property, restore it and use it for pulling tours of the vast sugarcane fields they own. They debuted the old Pacific at a ceremony at the company HQ in Clewiston on October 1. Here are the highlights.
    ================================================== =======
    (I would think someone is going to get written up, or fired etc, behind this fiasco!!!!)

    High & Wide Load Hits Low Clearance Bridge! (Aftermath)


    On the hot morning of July 12, 2020, a friend and I went up to the Enola, PA area to see what we could catch. While driving back and forth between spots, we saw this car sitting stuck under the bridge coming out of Enola yard. We got to it just two minutes after it happened, so unfortunately there is no footage of the accident occurring. Although we did get quite a bit of aftermath shots.
    ================================================== =========
    Now over to trainz, I needed a little rest from merge Route, so will visit a small railroad, called
    "<kuid2:605579:100022:8> Shortline Railroad" from my Friend, Hiawathamr (Payware)

    Authors Notes: A fictional route based somewhere in the United States of America where the Burlington Northern railroad uses GP38-2 locomotives to help serve the industries that rely on the railroad for their main source of transportation and to do local runs on the main line. The main line uses BN SD40-2 locomotives, along with MRL SD40-2 locomotives for trains that enter and leave the area. With so many things this route can offer, this is something to add to your Trainz collection. Welcome to the Shortline Railroad!

    Content Creators:
    I want to give out a huge special thank you to the content creators for their content that is used in the route. Without you, this route won't had been possible.

    Beta testers:
    I want to give out a huge thanks to my first beta testers at NARM for their time and for their reports. Be sure to check them out at http://narailm.wixsite.com/narm
    I also want to thank my additional beta testers from the Trainz community and N3V for their help.

    If you want more from me, be sure to check out my website for more great Trainz add-ons: http://hiawathamr.weebly.com/
    Now for your viewing pleasure......First thing, I needed to do, fill the large rail yard up with freight, along with Power Pool of BN, MRL etc and little bit of Steam, and 44 Tonners here and there. Now that our Freight Pool is ready, time to clean up the yard.

    But first lets take a pick at the overhead map......This Route is very well done, compact, lots of Switching and hidden areas to play in.......Well done sir and money well spent in my humble opinion.

    Beautiful Skyscraper big City Aesthetics here, our MRL's our ready to head out to do the heavy shunting schedule for today......

    At the other end of the yard, our yard switcher is awaiting an Order updates from Yard Mgr, in regards to specific Car Priorities for today.

    Want to hear a little Secret, see the Donkin Donuts, and Subway Sign to the right, I have it on reliable authority, the Crew took a brisk walk over to the shop, and got some food picked up....Going to a be a long night of pushing, n a shoving cars around for Consist line up......Who doesn't like Dunkin Donuts with a great cup of Joe?

    We had to have our Signal Dept Flag this one for us. Lights are not working, nor the Gates, have to investigate here and see what happened.....Will have it fixed up soon....We are working with C&O #2765, nice strong Steam Engine........All our power is being used to get the Yards cleared and out to Shippers tonight.....

    Little 44 Tonner is up in Switch tower picking up more Car Orders....With the exception of 2 Tracks here, our yard is nice and full, now we need to move the loads out in a timely fashion.

    That time of day now, Sun has set, and night shift has started.....Will see how thinks look at our next sunrise........

    Over here at back of yard in Engine Station, Gp38's UBC7's etc are fueled up and ready to run, in fact one of the Locomotive Engineer's is already doing Brake Test in BN #5628. Should be ready to roll in about 15 mins.......They even slapped a Caboose on the end of one our Loco's here, so we don't have to look for one later when it's dark.

    We got our Coal and Water, headed out of the yard.......And guess who is running the Steam Engine, here, bless her Soul, its Singer Amy Winehouse.........Oh ya, Oh ya.............https://www.google.com/search?client...se+documentary

    One of 44 Tonner's has pulled a Rake of Cars out for us to take for delivery ahead in a Siding nearby. We'll pull out about mile from the yard, switch tracks into a siding, make a Joint.

    This Route is going to be lots of fun to play with. Thank you Hiawathamr for another Grand and Fun Route to play with. U never disappoint Sir.........

    Hope you like the pics........Oh one last thing, LA Dodgers just beat the Tampa Rays in 6th game. They our now World Champs, it has been 32yrs since there last win........Congratulations........

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    Thanks for the videos and screenshots my friend.

    Hugs, Javier

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    Great Screenshots Blue! And great to see Amy is back and driving Trains!
    “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” - R.L.S.

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    Hey Blue!

    Lovely screenshots you posted, and thanks for the descriptions for each one, as it helps us to know what's going on in each picture

    Glad to see you are enjoying the Shortline Railroad (fun fact, that was my very first payware DLC that I made for the Trainz series from all of my years of Trainzing lol).

    I see N3V used the updated version, whcih was for TANE and not TRS19.. I've been running the TRS19 version through the beta testing system using the new TCCP system, and it looks like its ready for release (just need SP2 to get released now, then its off to N3V). One of the features I decided to add was seasonal support, so now it can be enjoyed in any season

    Here are some sneak peaks of the route:

    Cheers - take care

    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Thumbs up

    To hiawathamr, forester1, & Javier my Friend across the Pond,

    I appreciate all the kind comments for Shortline Railroad pictures.

    @Hiawathamer.....Your upgraded Route looks so clear and vibrant with Flowering Colors.... Thank you for preview Shots.

    Looking forward to your Seasonal Change too.

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    Your welcome Blue

    And thank you for your feedback about the upgraded route. What I just noticed is, those are from the very early verion when I just upgraded it lol
    I'll try to get some later versions uploaded ASAP.


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Good Monday morning,

    Been a busy couple of weeks, one our family members has a very bad knee from Sports injuries, unfortunately it has come to the point virtually no mobility. So a complete knee replacement was in order. That is one tough surgery, an full recovery is about 3.5 months and lots physical therapy.

    So now we go over and help out as they go thru Post Surgery recovery. Knee or Hip Surgery is not for the faint of heart, but when you can't walk or worse yet, immobilized. Things come into perspective really fast as you make some life changing decisions.

    Now as for Halloween, we had a rare third event full Moon, it was pretty cool to see on Trick or Treat night. And I had lots of Candy Treats......

    ================================================== ===========================
    You Tube Delights for this week:

    Chasing KCS down Rich Mountain!

    No narration for this one chase, but we will be returning in November hopefully to film more action and make a much larger video with narration and all the fancy bells in whistles.

    Car Almost Hit By Train! Car Ignores Train Horn And Flies Over Crossing

    Train near miss. Train was blowing the train horn for the level railroad crossing when a car ignores the train horn and hurries over the crossing. The train was doing railroad switching at a customer in Batavia, Ohio. I see this a lot, mostly in Hamilton Ohio for some reason. I will have a longer video showing the train going back and forth across Curliss Road. I had too much video for one video so I made it into two videos. I chased the train from Sardinia, Ohio to the Milford area on Round bottom Road up to the point of where the road is closed for construction. This is the Cincinnati Eastern Railroad, CCET. The track is the Norfolk Southern Peavine Line. If you want more information on this shortline railroad just check out my playlists for them.

    RCPE 3481 windmill blades on the CF&E Railroad Van Wert Terminal trans-load


    RCPE 3481 SD40-2 leads a wind turbine blade train on the Chicago Ft Wayne and Eastern Railroad in Van Wert Ohio. First we see the train crossing Estry diamond, where the former Cincinnati Northern crosses the former Pennsylvania (train is Eastbound on the PRR). I also filmed them crossing Towne creek and through downtown Van Wert. Later after grabbing dinner we found them at Van Wert Terminal LLC. The 3481 had been put on the rear of a cut of blades to shove them into 2 tracks at the trans-load. Once completed their spot, they paired the power up, coupled to the remaining cars and notched out of there. We caught up at Lima where they would store the rest of the cars. The road is Cable Rd and the mill is Cargill, a customer of the CF&E. I have filmed the re-powered Alco working and added that video to the end screen.

    Guy almost hit by steam train 425


    As the Reading and Northern 425 was backing into Jim Thorpe, this idiot walks right in front of the train. You can hear me in the video screaming, and I was pointing at the train like crazy. He noticed 425 coming at him and he ran across the tracks. I still don't understand how he didn't hear the train. This could have ended very badly, this man could have tripped or not have noticed the train at all and could have been hit or even killed. Please do not be like this guy. Be aware and be careful when being around trains.

    Some areas I have been working on.

    I took this area and added several tiles to expand the Water

    Part of the mainline comes through here, now it crosses thru the Lake.

    A tranquil afternoon has some sunset lighting.

    Overhead Map of this area, shows the original, waterways before I added the lake areas.

    In the center there is Coaling operation too...

    Lots of work to do here, this area goes into the Beer Train Route.

    Part of the Beer Railroad area here, lots to do later.......They used to move tons of Beer Carloads too.

    That'll do for today.

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    Nice work Blue and love the videos !!!!
    Head RailHead 001 Licence to Detail

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Railhead001 View Post
    Nice work Blue and love the videos !!!!
    You got it Brother,,,,,,!

    I just snooped on your Thread " https://forums.auran.com/trainz/showthread.php?160196-Coal-Country-2019-Updated"

    Peabody and town of Richmond looking good.....

    Will be watching the "The CAT team" emphasis on the Heavy lift team development......The Right Tool/Equipment for the right Job....

    Looks like everything needed to make a Safe Transfer from Rail to Truck in your setup there........

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