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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb Phil Skenes Rte Pics/ Sacramento Shortlines/ Switchers on Hwy 99/YTube..

    Good Friday Morning,

    I thought of something I didn't mention on my last post, coming down Hwy 99, I saw a lot of switching services for Milk, Grain, and Ethanol services with some interesting looking Switcher names, not UP, SP, or BNSF, but other names. If I can find some pictures of them, I will post them here. I couldn't take pictures and drive. Need to be on safe side.

    During the week, it was lots of catch up after a week of play n Camping. I did do a lot of Building on the Coast Merger Rte. Working in Cement, Steel and Oil Refinery areas. Had problems with Switch machines getting corrupted, it seems when I do to much adjustment of the Rail alignment for curves and stuff, it causes the Switch to turn all red....Why I do not know, but I delete and hit replace to put in new Switch and that cures the issues. Doesn't happen all the time, it appears intermittent? The other thing that bugs me, is the Red Circle on Junctions, meaning something is out of alignment, it also occurs when I have to different types of Track transition. Seems like I have to put a stick extension of same mainline track, then transition with say Dock Rails or whatever other different track I am using. Seems to me, it probably its how the dissimilar tracks meet on junction and trainz has a hissy fit.....But I find the workarounds eventually.

    Pictures from one of PhilSkenes Routes, what a talented creator he is....Love his work.

    Sacramento Route, checking out Signals an Stops on the Route.

    Running light here with Switchers too see what ones I like and there Gear Strength.

    Ckg Crossings to see if one, lights are working, and 2, r cars stopping.

    Out in Rural Farm Country here, what a well detailed Route to play on, with lots of industrial switching areas.

    This is what happens when you don't pay attention to end of line Rail Bumper.....Oops, and it was such a Cool Caboose, cabese? LOL Yah I know, 30 days off for bad train handling, I'll do the time for the Crime! Thank heavens the Conductor was in the head end with me....

    Sitting here waiting for Pipe Dozer Tractors to come and pull apart the mess I just made, Caboose is a total loss...... They might just did a hole here and bury the little fella? Don't think the Farmer cares one way or the other, it didn't affect his crops....Sure made a lot of noise though!

    I see my ole Friend Sir Dave Snow is back at it making those cool assets, check out the latest ones, Bridge Etc. Dave is a master Asset maker, look at all the prior Assets he has made. Nothing short of amazing, he has my highest respect. He may be Cranky, he may be old, I'm getting older too, but what he does is pure genius and creativity, so take care of him!

    Blues You Tube Picks of the week:

    The Rarest Amtrak Train Ever .. You Wont Believe This One!
    204,263 views Jan 10, 2015 The Rarest Amtrak Train Ever .. You Wont Believe This One!
    This is a pretty rare sight to see. Here we have a Norfolk Southern Locomotive that had to rescue a disabled Amtrak train in the middle of winter! Here you can see the Norfolk Southern Locomotive leading the Amtrak train as it goes through Sheridan and Dunkirk New York. Filmed on January 10th 2015.This is very interesting to see a Norfolk Southern unit leading a rescued Amtrak train #48, the Lake Shore Limited, on CSX trackage. This rescue must have taken place while the eastbound Lake Shore Limited was still running on Norfolk Southern trackage. I know that the Lake Shore Limited runs through Chesterton, Indiana on Norfolk Southern trackage but I do not know at what point the Lake Shore Limited transfers from Norfolk Southern trackage to CSX trackage so that the Lake Shore Limited can run on the former New York Central "Water Level Route" to New York City. You were at the Harrington Road crossing in Sheridan, New York when you captured this train on 10 January 2015.

    ================================================== =========================================
    For those thinkn about living on small island?

    This tiny railroad across the sea has an important job
    Nov 15, 2021 The Lorenbahn, the Lüttmoorsiel-Nordstrandischmoor island railway, is famous for the tiny, private trains that take residents to and from the mainland. But that's not why it was built: and it's got a more useful purpose as well.

    Thanks to everyone from Landesbetrieb für Küstenschutz, National park und Meeresschutz Schleswig-Holstein, and to the islanders, for all your time and patience!

    ================================================== =========================================
    Broken Compromise Joint Bar and we Gonna Replace it Today

    ================================================== =========================================
    7 Locomotives Pull Extra Long Train! 2 Trains In One! Mid Train DPU Working Hard, Stearns

    Kentucky Aug 5, 2022 Train With 7 Locomotives Flying Around Sharp Curve In Railroad Yard Interchange. Then a train with a mid train DPU books through the interchange yard of Norfolk Southern and Big South Fork Scenic Railway. These trains are in Stearns, Kentucky on the NS Rat Hole Line. This line runs between Chattanooga, Tennessee and Cincinnati, Ohio and is owned by the city of Cincinnati. It is called the Rat Hole line because at one time it had numerous tunnels. Most of the tunnels were day-lighted in the 1950s. The first train with 7 locomotives was northbound. It was an inter modal train and auto racks train combined. Notice that 3 of the 7 locomotives say "Do Not Fuel" on the fuel tanks. Probably 4 of the units were being transported to a maintenance facility. Have you ever seen that painted on a fuel tank? Before that train came the signal was showing yellow over red on my side. Right while I was looking at it, it changed to red over red. I was listening to the dispatcher talking to the crew on 160.515 when the train was approaching Robbins, Tennessee which is 25 miles south of where I filmed them. Mrs Tooth was about 500 feet north of me and she filmed it also although she dropped the camera while filming the train. I might use the video but not sure. Should I?
    The next train was a southbound train with a mid train DPU working hard. It was 2 trains in one also with the first half being a manifest and the second half being auto racks. We see it crossing an abandoned railroad crossing. The road was closed years ago at the north end of the railroad yard. This small yard has a very historic scale house. We see the scale house, the scale track and a close look at the rail. This video also includes a short look at a Big South Fork Scenic Railway train going under me on its return trip to the station. We took the kids for a ride on it and I will post that video soon. They are only running a little over 3 miles of track due to track washouts.

    ================================================== =========================================
    This is Really Ugly! 7 1/2 Inches of the Rail Head Blew Out!

    May 11, 2022 Here's something no one ever gets to see! Rail head is blown out for 7 1/2
    inches and to make it worse, it's in a crossing. Action today shows how
    the repair was made. Defect is called a split web. The web is the part
    of the rail that is from the rail base to the rail head.

    Split webs have been attributed to a seam in the web or damage on the web where
    numbers are heat stamped into the rail, which was not the case in
    this situation. Most likely this was originally initiated by the roller
    straightening process during manufacture of the rail, or possibly
    hydrogen flakes occurring in the web from the original rail, that
    we will never know. Whatever the initial cause, then over the constant dynamic
    forces of the train passing over it through the years caused the web to finally
    split with the resulting end of the head and web separation.

    The discolored portion of the rail web was caused by oxidation from
    it having been broken at some point in the not too distant past.

    ================================================== =========================================
    Blues Comment: I met this Gentleman on his West Coast, and East Coast tour, he is a real stand up persons, who is trying to start a Short line. I wish him well.....

    Railroad Tie removal, the hard way! Lessons learned. East terminal Railway/Conrail

    Apr 2, 2022 Tie removal is speeding up BUT we identify how this isn't the correct way to go about this! We have bought a tie remover, but lets finish what we have begun.


    Going to be a busy weekend for Ole Blue, need to help some friends out with some festivities setup........Thanks for stopping by, stay healthy too...Peace and Prayers.

    FYI, you can always comment, or post your pictures here if you like.....My house is your house.

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    Hello Blue, as I already told you, I am glad that your grandson got over the problem; Also thank you for your good wishes.

    About the red circles on the switchers..........
    they have 3 spline points and must be at the same height, even if the curved deviation is of a very closed radius.
    Modifying those parameters I have solved that problem.

    Regarding the "dead" caboose, if you are very interested I can try to fix it, a little magic here and there...
    Well, more tomorrow my friend.



    (I forgot, very good videos)

  3. Lightbulb The Shortz & Kerliez Railroad/YTube Pics Etc

    Good Day All,

    A day on "The Shortz & Kerliez Railroad"

    A fictitious model railroad in Smoke-stack USA. Rust. Dirt. Grime. Decay.

    The Shortz & Kerliez Railroad was an electrified short line that began freight services in the early part of the Twentieth Century, linking Port Shortz with the Kerl Iron Works.

    The railroad expanded and prospered over several decades as numerous industries established themselves around the port and the iron works. Like many other traction lines in North America, the railroad closed in the late 1960s.

    This model Trainz layout represents the Shortz & Kerl in its hay-day. On the layout there are many interactive industries. Many of these industries are interdependent. For example, logs arriving at the Port are sorted at the Dry Sort Yard, which then supplies logs to a timber mill that supplies lumber to a crate manufacturer that, in turn, supplies wooden crates to several industries. The Farmall Tractor Company requires steel from the Kerl works and components from local industries.

    In addition, a Class 1 railroad drops off and picks up freight cars in the Transfer Track.

    There is also a small locomotive depot and a Mow yard.

    Lighting is provided for night time operations.

    This route should appeal to those who like driving locomotives in either Cab / Advanced or DCC / Simple mode, those who enjoy switching operations in a relatively confined but realistically portrayed environment, those who like interactive industries and freight cars, those who just want to try a new item of rolling stock and those who enjoy model trains.

    Philskene makes amazing Routes, Creativity is off the scale for sure.

    Below is one of the Sessions he makes, included with the Route.

    On to my Y Tube Pics:
    ================================================== =========================================
    My Mechanical Railroad Crossing Bells

    ================================================== =========================================
    BNSF 334 "cabless" engine...Showing off the cabless engine in my consist of BNSF locomotives.

    ================================================== =========================================
    Railroad SLUGS

    You've probably seen one before, but what does the railroad use slugs for and how did they get that name?

    ================================================== =========================================
    A Need For Speed In Wisconsin, Trains Go Faster Here!

    At first I thought ELS 503 (SD 40) was meeting up to swap loads in Pembine, Wisconsin but soon learned this Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad freight train was going straight through to Crivitz. I caught it first in Beecher, then once along Highway 141, Amberg and finally Wausaukee in the downtown area.

    ================================================== =========================================
    Cleveland's Abandoned Railroad Bascule Bridges

    Mar 19, 2022 Cleveland's abandoned railroad bascule bridges number 464 and 463 are considered icons by many people. Some people simply call them "bridges 1 and 2" or "jackknife bridges." They can be seen while driving along the shore-way, in advertisements, and, in the flats. They've always piqued my interest when I've been downtown, and I've always wanted to learn more about their history and why they were abandoned. Come join me as I cover these topics.

    ================================================== =========================================Anyone Can Make Their Own Railway Points! New super smooth switch for the 15" field railway.

    Dec 23, 2021 Here are some new improved points! They're for the narrow gauge railway that I'm building to help make charcoal. There's a whole playlist of other parts of this railway - go and take a look..

    ================================================== =========================================
    The Abandoned Tracks of the Nevada Northern - McGill and Ely
    57,795 views Feb 16, 2020 The Nevada Northern was abandoned in 1978 but the 100 plus miles of track were never torn up. In 1986 the shops and a small bit of track became a museum.

    But most of the track is still there, unused. We start by heading north to Mc Gill to see what's left there.


    The Nevada Northern owes its beginnings to the discovery and development of large porphyry copper deposits near Ely early in the 20th century. Two of the region's largest mines (including the Robinson Mine) were purchased in 1902 by Mark Requa, president of the Eureka and Palisade Railroad in central Nevada.

    Requa then organized the White Pine Copper Company to develop his new properties, and it soon became evident that rail access to the isolated region would be essential to fully exploit the potential of the mines. Subsequent surveys indicated that the most practical route for such a railroad was northward from Ely, connecting with the Southern Pacific somewhere in the vicinity of Wells.

    The Ely-area copper properties were further merged in 1904, forming the Nevada Consolidated Copper Company, and the Nevada Northern Railway was incorporated on June 1, 1905, to build a line connecting the Nevada Consolidated mines and smelter to the national rail network] The task of building the new railroad was contracted to the Utah Construction Company, which began work on September 11, 1905. Construction began at Cobre, where the Nevada Northern connected with the Southern Pacific, and proceeded southward. The line was finished a year later, its completion marked by a two-day celebration in Ely. The railroad's symbolic final spike—made of local copper—was driven by Requa in Ely on September 29, 1906, which was designated as Railroad Day. To celebrate the new railway, a ball was held inside the Northern building, which was still under construction at the time.

    Additional Ely-area trackage was constructed in 1907-1908 to serve the local mining industry. This trackage, known as the "Ore Line," included a route bypassing Ely to the north and continuing west up Robinson Canyon to the copper mines at Ruth. East of Ely, the Ore Line project saw the construction of the "Hi-line," a branch leading to Nevada Consolidated's new copper smelter and concentrator at McGill. The Ore Line immediately became the busiest segment of the Nevada Northern by far, hosting dozens of loaded and empty ore trains daily.

    As a subsidiary of Nevada Consolidated, the primary purpose of the Nevada Northern throughout its history was the haulage of copper ores and products. Other freight traffic was also carried, and the railroad operated a daily passenger train between East Ely and Cobre until 1941. Local trains were also operated from Ely to Ruth and McGill for the benefit of mine employees and others until the 1930s, and special school trains carried students to White Pine High School in central Ely.

    Thanks for stopping by, stay healthy too...Peace and Prayers.

    FYI, you can always comment, or post your pictures here if you like.....My house is your house.

    ================================================== =========================================
    Thanks for dropping in.......Stay Healthy.

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