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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Thanks for more great posts Blue! Looking at engines #654 and #1155, i have yet to figure out how anybody with enough time to do those paint jobs has enough money to afford that much paint!
    “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” - R.L.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forester1 View Post
    Thanks for more great posts Blue! Looking at engines #654 and #1155, i have yet to figure out how anybody with enough time to do those paint jobs has enough money to afford that much paint!

    Thank you Sir,,for the kind words...

    I know, what you mean about all the Colors and Costs to do it....We definitely have a long time involvement of Graffiti Art here, when I first saw these two, I did a double take, had I been drinking while driving and seeing a Colonoscope.

    Then I blinked again, no, I haven't been drinking, these are real live, hours long Paint layups in the dead of night in some Rail Yard.......

    I think there is another set of Painted Engines, and have keep an eye.....Oh I know what, I'll look at my Older Posts, I remember putting them here a while back. I'll check the engine numbers to see if it is same or different........

    Take care Sir Forester and thanks for dropping by Sir........

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    Good Day all,

    Blue was being good and working on Honey Due list this week, top of the list, we have too much accumulated junk in our Garage after 40 some years.....LOL.....So I have been reorging, donating to Charity Etc, and building some storage shelves for misc Wood n Pipe Pieces/Parts, while attaching a Shelf to the Plywood Wall, I screwed a nice new fangled Nail and unbeknownst to me, it hit dead center on Steel Electrical Conduit......All of sudden, puff and Breaker got tripped in Garage....Oh NOOOOO!, now Blue has really done it....But which Circuit? Do pray tell, I had wired this up 20yrs ago, do I really remember what Wires go where and down which Electrical Chase.....Hmmmmm....Fortunately for me it was just an outside Circuit and isolated from inside home circuits.

    Had to pull new Power Wire, which was no big deal, pulling out Plywood to get into wall, checking to see which side of the Circuit needed replacement ended up well for me, I had 15 foot chase to Sub Panel. Cost me a days delay for Repair n Replace........Now that it is all fixed and back in good order.
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Over to Trainz......Blue went was working on Idea Pad, S540, and just like my Larger Laptop, ASUS ROG 17", it gets warm from playing n working with Trainz, my little one gets warm too. One of the things I realized was I hadn't adjusted my Battery and CPU Power settings....One of the members here gave me some excellent information on how they had adjusted their Power n specifically CPU limitations, to help keep the Laptop cooler, I found 1-2 Chill Pads for 12.5-13" Laptops, so I plan on ordering one too see how it works out with my Lenovo Idea Pad? Like anything else you order online, it is a good idea to read Reviews and see how customers like their Product....One of the Chiller Pads had rough edges, cheaply built so the Customer, actually more than one, kept getting Finger, or Paper like Cuts when they adjust or move their Pad......Other manufacturers products didn't have good Air Movement Performance. So it takes a bit to go thru and find one that works for you...Also, since this is Mini Laptop, the size 12.5" is a bit of odd duck for finding one that small. Most are 14" wide and on up.......

    Setting the Max Power Plan to 95% capacity was a test to see how it worked, that was too low, and I knew it would take some upward adjustments towards 100% CPU and Battery. Lower %'s made a huge difference in heat buildup from very hot, to Cooler only warm to touch.

    I decided to go Island Hopping on DSL for a Route, using Route Category plus "Island" search field of Content Manager (CM) there was good selection of Routes out there, and I downloaded probably 8-10 out of a list of 128 possible Routes.

    3 of those had 9, 12, 14 different saved Versions respectfully, approx 35 entry's or 30% of the whole listing for Search Phrase Island.

    When I go thru my inventory to look at smaller Routes to Merge, this streamlines my process. I also make a Route Map Picture from Screen Shot, which shows me Map Details, this really helps me out, too figure what Routes can be jigsawed together.

    Like anything, sometimes a little extra work pays off when your doing modifications in Routes Etc.

    I do have a an Excel Spreadsheet that has lots of Route information on them, but unfortunately, they are dated, and I need to add the rest of my inventory that I have no.....Never a dull moment........But it works for me, and that is what counts in long scheme of things.

    These are the Routes out of 12 I decided to keep........

    <kuid:427334:100224> Railway Island Pre-BETA V1.0
    <kuid:186372:100024> Island Railways
    <kuid:455032:100373> Long Island Western (TRS19)
    <kuid:455032:100414> Rock Island Sub Iowa./Minn 01
    <kuid:455032:100367> Thailand..Phi Phi Don, Bamboo and Mosquito Islands 01

    This Route below is WIP, and incomplete, no big deal, because I really like the Detail this Author has done, and I'll watch to see if a newer Version comes out, actually I'll see it in CM. What I'll do as just fill in the unfinished areas to my taste. I think it looks really nice and I like the theme he used....Bravo........

    <kuid:393563:1257> Hayling Island Railway Association

    The Hayling Island Railway Association (HIRA) Is a small but dedicated preserved railway that runs from Hayling Island Station to North Hayling halt. Our aim is to show how a typical southern branch line used to be like when the pace of life used to be more relaxed. We run during the summer from April to October.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Blues You Tube Pics of the Week:

    Comments: This is nothing Short of amazing........
    Using A Box Car Mover To Move A Tender And Caboose


    On July 7, 2015, in White River Jct., VT, Bill Steinman with his box car mover aided Tad Nunez and Jerry Bergen move the tender and caboose to close the gap with locomotive "494". The locomotive, tender and caboose are on display at the Amtrak station in downtown White River Jct.
    ================================================== ================================
    Comments This could have ended up a whole lot different!
    #SafetyFirst #BufferStop #Track Friction Buffer Stops


    Goods train traveling at 30 kph being arrested by a Hydraulic Friction Buffer Stop.
    ================================================== ===============================
    Comments:Now over to more new types of Safety Bumpers
    Oleo End stop test

    ================================================== =================================
    Comments: This is the 1st Drone flyover across a Derailment scene....Very interesting Visually!
    Train Derailment - Green Twp Indiana County PA - 11/25/2020


    Drone video from a trail derailment on Wandin Rd, near Starford Rd in Green Township, Indiana County PA. No injuries were reported.
    ================================================== ================================
    Comments: I have been watching this little Railroad for quite some time....
    Locomotive Inspection with Influencer/Subscriber Dustin Gray!


    This is the "will it run" per-inspection. Next week is the start up!!

    ================================================== ================================
    Weird Remote Control Locomotives Switching Railroad Yard, Amtrak Fly Over, Galesburg Illinois Trains


    Remote controlled locomotives pull a huge train out of the railroad yard and over the 3 track railroad crossing. king election========================================== =============================
    Tonight is some Misc Pics I took during the week:

    Come on board! 3DZUG is taking you back to the golden ages of the American railroads and brings you one of the most famous US trains, Pennsylvania Railroad’s “Broadway Limited”.

    One of things I see a lot of when I download Routes, is Creator installing a Short legged Bridge to go across a Canyon...When your making a Route, it would look more Realistic if you find another Bridge with long enough Pilings to reach the Floor level of what your trying to cross over. A lot of times if you like that particular bridge and want to use, then I suggest locating some longer Pier Supports and putting them in manually over the existing ones. Takes some extra work, but can be done......

    I had to uninstall Short line and Re Install it to get my updated Sessions that Hiawathamr had made last month. That did the Trick? Thank you sir for awesome Sessions to play with on Short Lines Route.

    I wasn't aware this color of Grid line was available in Route Building, I had downloaded a Route that had this color over the normal Grey with Yellow Stripes, and I like the Contrast it has for working with some of the Routes where I increase the Tiles.....I have seen several other stiles of Grid Color variations. But not this one till recently........Pretty Cool......

    These Pics are from the Flying Scotsman Session in ECML to Edinburgh Route......This Route is hard to run in my Idea Pad, due Graphic's Load, so I might end up removing it, and just playing it on my ASUS ROG with dedicated NVIDIA Card, that has 4 Megs of V Ram.......

    The East Coast Main Line from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley a total of 393 miles. Based around the year of 1976 when passenger trains still used the ‘Widen Line’ from Kings Cross to Moorgate on the underground Metropolitan Railway which is modeled here. With only ten years since the end of steam track side vegetation is still sparse. The route is in the process of a major rebuild preparing for the introduction of the High Speed Trains and 125 MPH running. Secondary routes includes the 'Joint Line' from Peterborough via Lincoln to Doncaster. Routes from Grantham to Skegness, Newark to Cleethorpes and Doncaster to Hull are also included

    And that'll be a rap for today......Have a great weekend all,

    Thanks for coming by.........

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    Good Day all,

    Well Ole Blue been messing around with his Idea Pad, trying to find the Right Size Chiller Pad, I have 3 places in the Running, Amazon, Target and Micro Computer in Orange County.

    While playing Trainz, I notice my Computer was getting a bit on the Warm side, so I decided to find some Fan Temp Software to see where I was at. 1st one had junk Ad's and Malware on the Website, fortunately my Virus protector ESET NOD32 alerted when I tried to download a File. The 2nd try I came across Gigabyte and their Software installed for Trial Basis, showing my Computer running 84-91F all the way up to limit of 141F. That got my attention, however what was weird, was, my Computer had felt hotter a week ago, and I know the smell of over heated Electronics, there was none. But I had got a small fan to move the air around. And within 15-20 mins or less, my Computer case cooled right off to acceptable op Temps!

    Having an euphony, my thought was, maybe the Gigabyte Temps were erroneous, incorrect. So what do I have to lose, in trying a 3rd time for some Software to validate my suspicions?

    Temps below might have been off some too.......As this was done with no Trainz operating.......

    In looking around and reading up more, I came across "Speed Fan" Software,rated as the number 1 out there. Downloaded it, and Temps were warm but remarkably cooler than the Crazy Readings of Gigabyte's, and no slur against Gigabyte, it just isn't compatible with Lenovo, and that is OK.......I took a screenshot of current readings as I type this Blog Post.

    Another Fun Fact came to light, apparently, and I didn't know this, and that explains why this computer is so quiet, it has PASSIVE FAN setup, heat pipes with 2 Vents spanning the width of computer 12", which is fine if your not running Game Software, like Trainz, Steam or other like Games that'll push your GPU......What is more interesting here, and I saw this in my new SSD on ASUS ROG, it runs 91 degrees on the low end, so it is hotter than the Intel CPU by almost 15-20 degrees, and that I suspect is where the bulk of heating comes from during Game Play...There simply not enough air moving around the SSD, which is same issue I have with my ASUS ROG. Supposedly they make heat strips that you can stick on one or both sides of SSD Chip, and they'll weep away heat buildup, I have to see if I can do that with my Idea

    But for quick and Dirty, a Chiller Pad will be the best for now, if I can find one small enough, 21.5"-13.00" and thin.......Think I'll venture a trip out today and see what I find?

    I only found out, during watching Y Tube and reading Speed Fan comments, that my cooling might be Fan-less for this model.......One reason they probably did this, for small compact computer, I would think, is Battery Life, as this one has very good battery life.......

    Why reading your Eula's before installing Software is a good idea sometimes?

    I have been told that as I age, I tend to be more impatient, and Cranky, unfortunately, that is quite true. Also I am a MAJOR GEEK in a lot of things, especially Computer's, Tools, Repairs, and when I am thinking about a project, my mind goes into Warp Speed, add a little OCD, my mind wonders, thinking about more several things at once.......?

    With that said, I don't read all the Eula's, who does, most of Click and get on with it, ,but there is an Very OLD Saying, " THE DEVIL IS THE DETAILS" or you might have heard this one " IT NOT THE BIG THINGS THAT WILL GET YOU TROUBLE, IT IS ALL THOSE LITTLE THINGS, THAT YOU FEEL ARE UNIMPORTANT"

    General for me, I quick scan when I read things, if I read them, check it off and away we go.......DON'T CONFUSE ME WITH THE DETAILS, LOL.....Have I gotten myself in a fix, sure I have, we all have....

    So yesterday, I happened to read this EULA, and guess what, when you buy it, you don't get a refund.....This is more true now than ever, because the public will buy and try, and good possibility, need to return items, now Stores, put in a time limit for returns, and/or restocking fees, up to 30%.....It's written nicely on that long Receipt you get, in today's world, that is changing even more to safe paper waste, and trees. Option is for Email, or no receipt at all....I option for NO RECEIPT occasionally. But being old fashioned, I still like having a receipt in hand, just in case....

    I should say too, in fairness to CPUID HARDWARE MONITOR PRO they lay it out, that you need to make your decision on Trial Version if it is going to work for you before buying the Pro.......

    Now look below with Speed Fan what a difference with Temps on CPU, however that SSD is running too hot....So I need to take off back cover too see what I can do with Cooling Strips for SSD Drive, I don't like 95 Degrees for this guy.......'

    Of course a Cooler Fan will make quite a difference too.

    Dependent on how much you are spending, the little fact that your maybe not refundable, this might have a higher importance to one.....Just a thought....

    When I get my Chill Pad / Cooling Pad ? I'll post up with results......

    Have a Blessed Day all, and stay healthy too.......

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    Lightbulb GFisher Routes/YTube Pics/ Island Cove/Coal Run in Golden Colorado Mountains

    Good Evening all,

    It's a Friday, another week has passed by.....Lets see what have I been doing, well I decided to download all of GFisher's Routes to my Idea Pad, it so nice to look at them, and see how amazingly talented GFisher is with Route Building. If you chose to download any of these Routes, there will some to several Assets missing....Especially Trees. So just beware.

    Bay Ridge Yard
    Bayonne & Red Bank
    Box Butte & Meg's Despair
    Cattaraugus Creek & Lake Erie
    Down East Fishing Village
    Eastern Shore Railroad
    Gloucester Terminal Railroad
    Kiowa County Southern
    Indiana Western
    Ironbound Industrial
    Loblolly Cove Railroad
    Loup Lake

    The one thing I need to get up an Running is PEV TOOLS I had my Notes somewhere on how to set it up properly, but misplaced them, so I need to find them on the Forum, to get my settings correct. Have about 120 Faulty Assets that need fixing up....Usual Errors, uniform color, missing Texture.Txt files....You don't realize how much you miss a Tool you use all the times, till you change computers and miss it......

    As per Cooling issues, I was able to make some cooling adjustments with Lenovo Advantage Software that helps like a Desktop to handle Maintenance and Warranty, and all operational needs for Lenovo Computers. It is nice enterface and one only needs to launch the program on as needed basis. I found a couple of Chiller Pads, one on Amazon and the other on EBay.
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Blues YTube picks for the week.
    Comments: You really want to read how this occurred, gives lot of Food for thought?
    3 Train Derailment at Division Street, St. Paul


    To give a more in-depth explanation onto what happened, CP Train 296 heading East was running on main 2, The UP train heading west on main 2 had a clear lights to head down past the Depot and down to South Saint Paul over a track the spurred off of main 2, the BNSF Train heading East was on main 1. CP 296 had a red light but due to the crew losing control of the train because of going down a steep grade with a heavy load they ended up running that light and hitting the second locomotive in the UP trains lash up which caused the CP locomotive to derail and hit one of the BNSF trains cars, Thankfully no one was injured and all crews walked away without a scratch but definitely shaken up, For those wondering why PTC didn’t prevent this, CP 296 was running PTC exempt meaning they did not have PTC on while running the train.
    ================================================== ================================================== =
    Comment:This little Loco could probably do quite a bit for its size?
    50 ton GE Locomotive https://youtu.be/gAp-qoC5aCI
    ================================================== ================================================== =
    J&L 58 0-4-0T runs on the new eastern section straight away on the Youngstown Steel Heritage!


    The Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. No. 58 is a 24" gauge 0-4-0T steam locomotive built in 1937 by the HK Porter Co. in Pittsburgh, PA for use at the J&L South Side Works. It was restored to operating condition at the Youngstown Steel Heritage Museum in Youngstown, OH.
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    How They Move A Train Car To Your House!!! https://youtu.be/CVAKgFo797Q

    A family friend is taking delivery of his box car. Watch along as we take this journey through town.
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Comments: I have been watching this with lots of enthusiasm.....
    The Big Reset, Birthday Party and start up! https://youtu.be/1YPWM6FWjkU

    We check all the vitals and push the button!
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Granite Rock hopper train Derailment (Continued) https://youtu.be/mh3p0pen6oU

    On March Tenth a Granite Rock hopper train derailed at Taylor Street in
    Downtown S.J. due to a faulty truck (wheel). This is video 2 of 2 that
    documents the re-rail of the two end cars on the train.
    ================================================== ================================================== ==

    This is Island Cove Route that is WIP? By Author, really cool Route.

    I decided to do a Coal Run with 2 DPU's and some very heavy Coal Loads.

    Looks like I have some missing Textures to fill
    in on this Route.

    Got a 2% Grade coming up, and I think we have just enough Horsepower to climb the Hill.

    Nice looking interior with our CP Locomotives.

    I think this will do for tonight, thank for dropping by, have wonderful weekend.

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    Loved the list of routes by gfisher - there are so many and they are so well done.

    You left off some, though. One in particular, the Morristown and Erie is a really neat route, and it was even re-done by graslash for TRS19. It is based on the railroad that is still there and running freight today. It is very well done, and the stark winter of New Jersey is well modeled. I've been running Pennsy on it, with AI passenger consists and coal runs to the power plants. It is one of those timeless routes, so diesel and steam can easily be worked there.

    Thanks as always for the screenshots and the interesting railroad picks for us to watch.


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    Cool Morristown and Erie

    Quote Originally Posted by Heinrich505 View Post
    Loved the list of routes by gfisher - there are so many and they are so well done.

    You left off some, though. One in particular, the Morristown and Erie is a really neat route, and it was even re-done by graslash for TRS19. It is based on the railroad that is still there and running freight today. It is very well done, and the stark winter of New Jersey is well modeled. I've been running Pennsy on it, with AI passenger consists and coal runs to the power plants. It is one of those timeless routes, so diesel and steam can easily be worked there.

    Thanks as always for the screenshots and the interesting railroad picks for us to watch.

    Evening Heinrich and thank you for additional info.....I do have that Route, for Morristown and Erie, I need to find graslash's one too, I think I have gfisher one........and agreed his Routes they are timeless! I am taken by how well he designed them. HE is a Natural Artist with a very keen eye........

    I somehow missed putting this on my List.

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    Lightbulb Huge Moscow Rt/YTube Pics/ We are off to Texas for Road Trip 1400 Miles

    Hello all, Been getting Road worthy to head out to Texas this week, see some Family. Hopefully Mother Nature will co operate?

    Now over to computers, I ordered Cooler Master Single Large Fan on Plastic Grid 2.5" tall, noise level is 25DB sound, you barely hear it, and it has lowered my Idea Pads S540 temps down 10-15 Degrees Fahrenheit.
    Some Cooling Fans are built cheap, Cooler Master has been around a while and has several things for keeping all your computers and other Electronics running Cooler.

    Cooler Master NotePal Connect Stand Network Devices Cooling Solution, Metal Mesh, SickleFlow 120 Reverse Edition fan, and USB Connectivity

    • Metal Mesh Plastic Hybrid: The Connect Stand is Cooler Master's new entry to a cooling solution for your devices. Designed for your network devices, the Connect Stand utilizes a metal mesh and plastic hybrid construct for a sturdy platform while maximizing cooling capabilities.
    • Detachable Fan: With the Sickle Flow 120 Reverse Edition fan, the enhanced blade curves optimize performance for exceptional bottom up air flow.
    • USB Connectivity: With built in USB connectivity cable management for your devices can be kept clean, tidy, and hassle free.
    • For Multiple Networking Devices: Cool your router, modem, or any devices so you don’t drop the connection in the middle of your game or stream.
    • Device Versatility: Supports modems, routers, or various devices with dimensions up to 11.60” x 6.70” x 2.90” (L x W x H)

    I don't have the overheating problems I did before. However I still need to crack the back of the case open and see if I can put cooling strip on the back of SSD. The trick is, will it be thin enough to allow the Cover to be put on after applying it......Some Laptops yes, some no.....And that is just the way it shakes out.....But at least I have a great Chilling Pad now.

    Because my Computer mini is so small, 12.5"'s I had to do a lot of searching to find one this size that I could travel with....There not a lot out there, because this is Niche Size, ,most smaller laptops start at 14" and up.....

    As for Trainz I downloaded some more Island Routes for merging purposes. I also downloaded a huge Russian Route called Moscow. I have pictures of that tonight. And yesterday I downloaded the latest Route for Sandusky Route made for 2019, by ESC84, amazing Route.

    YouTube Picks of the week:

    Beasts of the Baltics - Mopac C36-7s live on in Estonia https://youtu.be/mKLh4QHKZlg

    The distinctive C36-7s were the last of the GE Dash 7 series, with the large air vents behind the cab they were unmistakable machines. Long banished from US rails the locomotives went on to live a second life in Estonia. Estonia, located in Northeast Europe has a 1520 mm broad gauge rail network, built during the Soviet occupation of the country. The rail network has historically been utilized for heavy freight traffic moving from Russia to the Baltic seaport of Tallinn. In 2002 the rail network was privatized by a consortium of Henry Posners RDC and Ed Burkhardts Rail World. The new owners imported nearly the entire MoPac, later UP fleet of C36-7s which were repainted in a stunning rendition of the Wisconsin Central maroon and gold scheme. The country later re nationalized its rail system but the C36-7s have lived on. In summer 2018 I made a trip to Estonia to photograph these locomotives in action and had great luck with several trains in perfect light during the long summer days.
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Bullet Train (All I can tell you it is fast.

    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Steam Locomotive Causes School To Cancel Classes! Hundreds Of Kids Flock To Railroad Crossing PT3


    Big Boy 4014 steam locomotive caused quite a stir! Hundreds of school children flocked to the railroad crossing in Pacific, Missouri. TOO AWESOME! Union Pacific Railroad Big Boy steam train worked hard with a long special passenger train in Missouri. This steam train was in Saint Louis, Missouri area on the Union Pacific mainline running toward Kansas City. First we see the train passing near Twin Oaks just west of St Louis.
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Comments:And you wondered why trains don't stay on the tracks!
    Huge trains masses on bad rail joints - Sweet sounds of bad rails - Belgrade Rakovica


    The main southern railway exit from Belgrade at main railway Corridor 10 in Serbia.
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Comments:You wouldn't believe this is how the would put this back on the Rails....Truck Driver knows his stuff!
    Locomotive Delivery Success! https://youtu.be/Bt-lz_QMOI8

    Railroad Locomotive now On Track
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Railroad Scenes You May Have Never Seen Before!


    There are many modeling ideas in this video. Whether you are modeling a busy class 1, or a hardly used section of track. For more info on the Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad, see my playlist: PROTOTYPE INFO
    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Comments: For my Steam Friends, I think you'll really enjoy
    Gathering of Victorian Locomotives Part 3 - Glenbrook and Eureka to Chama


    This week we ride behind the Eureka and Glenbrook to Big Horn on three restored 1890 passenger cars and follow them to Chama pulling an 1890 freight train.

    We have been at the Gathering of Victorian Locomotives on the Cumbres and Toltec for a few shows now. The Gathering was a bringing together of five locomotives built between 1875 and 1897. The Eureka and Palisades #4 known as the Eureka, the Glenbrook which was in logging and passenger service on three railroads at Lake Tahoe in Nevada and California. Also, Rio Grande Southern #20, a ten-wheeler (4-6-0) that came in from the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden Colorado. AND Denver and Rio Grande numbers 425 and 168, backdated to their original appearance. Both locomotives reside here at the Cumbres and Toltec but one belongs to a restoration group in Silverton Colorado and the other to the Friends of the Cumbres and Toltec.

    We have looked over old grades and will be following more interesting topics!! Stay tuned!!
    ================================================== ================================================== ==

    I like this Route a lot, they spent a lot of time in detailing it....

    Pretty good mainline tracks.

    I haven't seen Electrical setup like this before for Elevated Electrical.

    They put in a lot of Walking people.

    They have a pretty large track yard here, I will need to cut some of the Trackage out, it will kill my Graphics Card.

    This is the end of the Route

    Overhead view of Moscow Route, I like the way they sweep the curves on this Route.

    Here is a map of the Moscow Route.

    Im find out there is a lot of different items available to control speed, Switch options, braking for Cars in Rail Yards Etc.

    Well, I need to do final packing for our Road Trip, 05p00AM starts pretty soon, so need to get a move on....

    Have a Blessed day, and great week ahead....Thanks for dropping by!
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    Hi all,

    Just got back from Texas trip and found out our Internet equipment has gone bad. Logic board has to be replaced by Frontier and may be 8 days before we can it replaced.

    Bummer for sure, so I will post when it repaired.

    Took some train pictures but it is too hard to do it off my ad phone.

    Hope everyone is doing well?

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    Lightbulb Internet is up/ YTube Pics/ AZ, NM, Texas trip pictures

    Good day all,

    Our internet equipment all of sudden decided to work, a couple of days ago. However since this is the 3rd time and even-though these were Edison Planned outages, I'm of the opinion that once maybe, but not three times, each time succeeding to be more days, with this one 5 days. We have an Tech scheduled for this Weds, so I am going to do my best to have the old, which is original Equipment, probably more than 10 years old, replaced. Like any other Electronic Equip, I would think there is MTBF, or mean time between failure, length of time involved here......

    In the meantime I have been loading my Lenovo up with Trainz, and find out, a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive just isn't that large for storage.....I started at 930 with Win Installed, am now down to 140 Megs, so it is just a matter of time before I run out of hard drive space, I look the latest assets, which probably 5-10 Megs now some are 150-200 Megs for single assets. Lets face it, our Graphics and other things gain size as we improve performance and visual eye candy, so they are much larger. I remember in the day, say 2014, Routes were not very large, except the 100-300 Mile Routes, so some Routes with Assets could easily be 1-2 Gig, unheard of back in the day of TRS09, well, the program would have crashed because we were not developed as we are now, with the Fancy Graphics effects and other things.....It's called progress.......

    I also found out, that my Trainz Platinum had 7 Bk-ups per day and using a ton of space on my hard Drive, reduced it down to 2. That should be suffice. Opened up the back of Lenovo and it is super easy to replace the Kingston SSD with a 2 Terabyte model. So I going to order up one and get it formatted and disk copied. Will update later when I get it accomplished, One thing, I decided, was too make sure I go with same brand of SSD my Lenovo is using, since it works really good, I don't want to take a chance with another Brand not being compatible!

    Blues YouTube pics of the week:

    Wandering the Switching Yards in Chama New Mexico

    One of the GREAT things about the Cumbres and Toltec Narrow Gauge Railroad is they have no fences, no restrictions. Feel free to wander the yards and shops... SO WE DID!!
    ================================================== ====================
    Longest Train Ever With DPU Flies Around Shoo Fly! Grain Train Goes Under Me, Fast Kentucky Trains!


    Gigantic 2 mile long train with a mid train DPU goes around the temporary shoo-fly track. The abandoned railroad track that I am filming from is the old Norfolk Southern Railroad main line. NS abandoned a dangerous railroad crossing and they are installing a railroad bridge over the road. That train really emptied the yard and had just about every kind of railroad car that you can imagine.
    ================================================== =====================
    Gigantic 2 mile long train with a mid train DPU goes around the temporary shoo-fly track. The abandoned railroad track that I am filming from is the old Norfolk Southern Railroad main line. NS abandoned a dangerous railroad crossing and they are installing a railroad bridge over the road. That train really emptied the yard and had just about every kind of railroad car that you can imagine.


    Listen to this 7am wake up call!! After 2 days a CSX street running freight train came right down the middle of the road in the middle of the city! This is a street runner train in Saint Marys, West Virginia. The train is sharing the road with cars and trucks as it passes several blocks in the city hauling tank cars, covered hopper cars and flat cars. Awesome how the tracks are in the pavement and right under the windows of apartments.
    ================================================== ======================
    Blues Comments: I couldn't believe what I was reading, no power, gravity only!
    The UK's last aerial ropeway uses no power, moves 300 tonnes a day, and will be gone by 2036.


    In Claughton, Lancashire, the Forterra brick works produces 50 million bricks a year, from shale that's quarried a mile and a half away. To get that shale to the brick works: the last aerial ropeway in the country. These used to be common: but now, the last one will be gone by 2036
    ================================================== ======================
    Blues Comments:I know things can't last forever, but it still sad to see a place, iconic as this one to close.......Make sure you watch the Bridge lowering over waterway........
    Cleveland's Flats Industrial Railroad


    Enjoy a definitive documentary of the final days of regular operations on the Flats Industrial Railroad. In 2020, Grain Graft’s Cleveland, Ohio flour processing mill announced its closure, and so I set out to capture as much footage as I could before the operation changed forever. FIRR SW1500 1222 is the star of the show, and we’ll see some dynamic switching operations and learn a few lessons in history.
    ================================================== ======================
    Rom River: First of her kind.


    Rom River is the first purpose-built Standard Gauge diesel to be built in Britain. Built by Kerr, Stuart & Co, of Stoke-on-Trent as works no. 4421, she was delivered in December 1929 to the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway. After a working life of 56 years, Rom River entered preservation at the Foxfield Railway in 1985.
    ================================================== ======================
    Fire Queen:Revisited


    Rail Story takes another look at "Fire Queen" the enigmatic 4ft gauge locomotive built for the Padarn Railway in North Wales. Thanks to a collection of unpublished photographs from October and December 1969 we get to explore the Dinorwic Quarry and its works at Gilfach Ddu, today the home of the National Slate Museum.
    ================================================== ======================
    Blues Comments:Old may be Old, but it doesn't mean down.
    Southern Pacific 2472 Under Steam For The First Time In 6 Years


    Upon completion of the FRA annual inspection, GGRM was given permission (under the eye of NWP/SMART) to test run the 2472 within the museum's Schellville yard. We put at least 2 miles on it in the 3ish hours we had to run back and forth. Despite a few minor things needing adjustment, she's ready to go at the next running opportunity. Furthermore when asked, the FRA inspectors informed us that we are eligible for an extension of the boiler ticket from June of 2022 to 2023 as long as the proper information is submitted and granted. The engine returning to running order was one of the last big pieces of the puzzle enabling the GGRM to start new operations within the greater Sonoma region.
    ================================================== ======================

    Tonight's Pictures: These our from our trip.

    This was a very cool Store that has anything and everything you could think of,,,,,,,It would look cool as Asset too on TR

    This large Route is Moscow Russian Route, and it has so many things I haven't seen before.

    Nice defined yards.

    The electrical setup for the Electrified tracks is beyond my pay grade, I have to try and figure out how it works,,,,,,Sure looks fantastic......

    I don't understand what these equip pieces are, and there is a bunch of Red Lines which interconnect?

    I had to cut this Route in half for my Lenovo Computer to run it OK..........Took a while to delete all the baseboards.......

    You can see more of those red think Lines here too......If anyone understands this, I would be interested to know the significance? The Route is called "Moscow"

    That'll do,,,,off and running, thank you for dropping by.

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    Lightbulb Harddrive Software/ New Mexico-Texas Train Pics.

    Good Day all,

    There is an old saying, "you don't know, what you don't know" in this situation, we had been on gone for about several days on our Road Trip to meet with Family members. After returning back we found some of plants didn't survive the heat wave California had for week. Further inspection of our Sprinkler System revealed a broken Sprinkler pipe close to our Electrical line Pole, so that was it, I figured either the Giant Bird of Paradise Flowers, 20-25 feet tall, Roots probably cracked the Pipe. Further inspection revealed something that I totally unexpected, Edison Crews had recently inspected our Power Pole and determined a new Copper Ground Wire needed to be installed for Lightening and or any other Electrical discharge to Earth Ground. Well, that was fine, but whomever did the work, poked a small hole in the Water pipe, probably using a Pick.....And the nice Bird of Paradise Flowers Root System did the rest.

    My water bill had been a little high, and didn't see anything leaking, however, where the Pipe was broken is behind the Paradise and hug Seco Plants, no wonder they look so green and healthy........An area where we rarely walk at the extreme back corner of our Back yard......

    Now over to Trainz, I downloaded a little program to show how my files are using disk space in %'s, and this is what helped me find out I had so many backups in Trainz and some other duplicate files too.........Now my disk space is 425 Gigs out of 930 Gigs.

    Now in fairness, I also took some Directory's and put them in the Cloud, using Microsoft's One Drive.

    HDGraph (http://www.hdgraph.com) & other program, Duplicate Files Finder by Matthias Boehm 2008

    There are many Duplicate File Finder Programs out there, no one fits all sizes, and you need to read the reviews and comments to figure out if it is proper fit for your needs...

    I think all of us know this, we add programs, download this and that off the internet frequently, and before we know it, our what was an empty drive, quickly fills up.......Especially with Trainz Assets.......That is just the way it is..........

    Whenever someone says, what size Hard Drive should I upgrade or replace with, the best, logical suggestion offered here, the largest one you can afford, time and time again, we come up short on Hard Drive Space for whatever reason, especially if we keep our computers for more than a year or two, that is just life..........

    Today Picks will be more from our Road Trip........Saw a lot of Trains and other cool things while Driving Route 66 too.

    UP Train yard in New Mexico

    Trains in the Desert Temps 98-104..

    View from our New Mexico Campground.

    SP Caboose anyone......Couldn't believe my eyes when we came across this beauty.....

    And here is the sign to tell you where this beauty is residing........

    Middle of the day, and we were headed to El Paso

    Can't get much better than this, I was tempted to climb up the ladder Steps.

    Other than this little bit of Paint peeling, this Caboose is in really good shape.....

    Just take a look at the coupler, little bit of Rust on it, everything else painted up........This Caboose saw a bit of work I think, probably didn't even look this great...........I know, I know, the cardinal rule, the Dirtier, Grimmer the better......

    Night all........

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    Lightbulb Wind Damage/Pev's Tools/Texas Trip Pics/ Blues YouTube Pics

    Good Day all,

    We had some very bad winds this week: https://abc7.com/tag/wind-damage/

    Cleanup underway after high winds cause damage across SoCal
    Though the winds that whipped through Southern California mostly died down by Tuesday morning, efforts were underway to clean up the damage and mess left behind by the gusts.



    My Huge Bird of Paradise Plants 30' tall took a beating, so Blue had to do some emergency surgery and remove some badly broken and twisted leaves, before it affected the healthy parts. Fortunately for us, we didn't have any 80-90 tall dead trees fall on our cars like some folks in surrounding areas. I'm sure this will not be the last of our high winds. Because of problem with radical High Pressure gradients coming into cool weather, and the mountainous area surrounding us, it is perfect setup for severe wind patterns to emanate in our area.

    Now what I need to due is our other tree's trimmed up before more high winds return.
    ================================================== ===================================

    Over to Trainz, like with any new installation on another Computer, you know what happens, Missing/Faulty Assets etc, Problems with Payware. With the experience I have gained over the years. First thing was to assess what I needed as priority.

    PEV's Tools came to mind, what also popped was? Of course, how old are some of these problem Assets, in my case some Version 1. & 2. & so on, well sadly now that we are headed to Version 4.9 with Version 5.0 probably in not such a distant future. I need to make some painful decisions.

    I'm sure you have those favorite Assets on some older, even newer Routes. Recourse, delete, rebuild mesh, and a host of other ways. End result, is it worth saving, or is just better to let it go, only you can make that tough decision.

    Today got my PEV's Tools installed correctly, not in the Win Apps Folder, but in C:\PEV

    "C:\PEVSoft\AssetX\AssetX.exe" and it so far is working perfectly. I was able to fix easily, missing txt Files, and other things. Additionally, my problems with missing Payware Assets, I did the "disable" command. Which removed these problem Items.

    Now instead of 240 messed up/ missing Assets, I have just 17 more to get through. All is better for Blue, in case I didn't mention it, this has to due with Travel Micro Mini Laptop 12.5 inches.

    Fort Hood Military Museum we went to see. One of our Family is a Vet and took us here to see the exhibit.

    These are things I have only seen in some movies.

    Just looking at the Winch setup will tell one, what type of Terrain these vehicles had to go through......

    Down near Austin we spent some time Camping.

    Great Sunsets to wake up to.

    U.P. NS Locos pulling through the hot 98-101 degree temps.

    95 Year Old Train Tracks & 3 Abandoned Spurs at Railroad Crossing


    In 1926 Seaboard Air Line Railroad built these train tracks to Miami and eventually Homestead, Florida. At one point, they even connected to the FEC Overseas Railway en route to the Florida Keys and eventually Key West. During the 1970s Sunshine Industrial Park was buzzing with rail activity and it just so happened that at the same time I-95 was being built South toward Miami. This industry spur was a victim of progress because it was located right in the way of where one of the highway columns was supposed to be located. Needless to say the traffic engineers didn't care about the tracks and just placed right smack in the middle of it. They severed it and immediately it became abandoned never to be used again. The railroad crossing here only has cross bucks and I'm pretty sure it never sports crossing gates or signals and much less a cantilever because it was lightly used. Eventually SAL became SCL Seaboard Coast Line then Seaboard System and finally CSX in 1986 which it still is to this day. Nowadays, the main line is used by tri rail Amtrak and CSX.
    ================================================== ======================================
    Tiny Track Mobile Pulls Heavy Rock Train Across Busy Railroad Crossing! Industrial Railway Switching


    Loaded rock train pulled across a highway railroad crossing by a tiny 2 axle rail car mover! Awesome industrial railroad switching at its best! This is on a short line railroad in Ohio called the Indiana & Ohio Railway. There is a railroad yard on one side of the railway crossing for rock trains and a small railroad yard on the other side for grain trains. The tiny Titan Track Mobile moves cars for both yards. On October 11, 2021, the track mobile came across the road to pull a 15 car cut of loaded gravel cars from one track to another track. Watch as the "train" is pulled across the crossing, the crew member switches the track and then the train is shoved back across onto another track. Cars are being loaded with rock here to make up a heavy train for the I&O Railroad. The line was originally Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, then Chessie System, the CSX and now I&O. Right next to the B&O line here was another railroad line called the Pennsylvania Railroad.
    ================================================== ========================================
    Steam Locomotive SMV 205 Restoration


    The story of Thielsen McCoy's 38 year mission to restore Porky aka Santa Maria Valley Railroad No. 205, a Baldwin 2-6-2 Steam Locomotive built in 1924. The original video was put together back in 2006 when it looked like completion was imminent. Little did I know that it would take another 15 years to finish the job.
    ================================================== ========================================
    WIDE LOAD - Train Caught by Detector on the Port Road!


    The unexpected happened when I chased a train down Norfolk Southern's Port Road Branch, which until recently rarely saw trains during the day. A defect detector announced a "wide load" on a car so the train stops to let the conductor off to do a roll-by inspection. What they found may have been less than amusing, but it was the first time I saw one of these in action up close.

    I continue to chase the train to the Amtrak Northeast Corridor, which is dominated by dozens of high speed passenger trains, so seeing a long freight train under the wires was certainly a treat!
    ================================================== ======================================

    That's a Rap for today, wish you all good health and Blessed Sunday.
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    Good Saturday Morning all,

    Well it has been a fast paced week for Blue; Windows 11 showed up for a upgrade on my little Lenovo S540, and I took the plunge, figured it was better to go with the flow on little computer, since it is brand new, and my 17" Asus Laptop which is coming up on 3 yrs old, or as they used to say, 3 yrs is considered a Dinosaur, with today's fast moving technology at near warp speed, it is hard to keep up, as well, not everything is a marriage made in heaven either. Software with not always get along and play nice, we all know this.....

    So I let Window's 11 upgrade, there are some changes, so you'll best be served by reading up on this link
    and take a read on the changes, objections etc...


    My 1st one straight out, I have put a hack into the Registry too allow my changing the Taskbar from the bottom to Left side of my window, why you ask, well my screen is wider than taller, so it more comfortable to have it that way for me.

    What I do see, it seems like my programs pop open faster, this is with Trainz, too, it seems like things move along more quickly. So far I had only one CTD in Trainz, but I think because I was using an old Route File, it caused some minor problems when I used the Delete Missing Assets, that was a one time event......No other issues with Trainz to Note.

    Today's Pics from our Trip through Waco and Central Texas areas.

    WACO Texas, U.P.R.R. tracks coming thru town.

    Looked like a new Spur line or an upgrade as we passed by on the Freeway.

    Sunset in Texas

    I had all of minute to snap a quick pic of this beautiful bird eating @ 5:00AM in the morning, after I snapped the Photo he got spooked and hit the air with some very large wings....Amazing to see him fly so gracefully......

    This tree would look nice on one my Routes, I have no idea what it is....

    Bambi is doing well.

    The day before we saw this Smoke Plume, I thought it was just some farmer burning some old tree cuttings, what we didn't know till the next day, this was Forest Fire on the other side of Dana Peak, where we were staying. On the next day, another Fire popped up from heat and dry brush about 200-300 feet away from our campsite, home on the other side of Campground almost burned down......Fortunately the Fire departments were able to put the Fire out, after consuming 75 acres, and about 1100PM at night we went in and got all our Camping Gear and Trailer out of there. As the Fire hot spots were starting to flair up again.....The next day or 2 days later, a good rain storm came in and dampened out all the remaining hot spots.......It was a close call......We were lucky.......

    Train Climbs Steep Hill To Get 2 Last Customer At End Of Line Belpre Industrial Parkersburg Railroad


    Switching the last customer at the end of the industrial spur. This is Short Line Railroad Belpre Industrial Parkersburg Railroad or BIP. I caught them setting off cars for Globe Metallurgical Incorporated at Relief, Ohio and crossing a trestle.
    ================================================== ================================================== =
    B61 on the North East Ballast! (for Blues Aussie Friends)


    North east ballast train, Seymour to Donnybrook Victoria, Australia. October 2021.
    ================================================== ================================================== =
    YOUNGSTOWN STEEL HERITAGE J&L narrow gauge railroad volunteer day 10/17/21

    ================================================== ================================================== ==
    Branch Lines & Local Freights 1993-1996, GP7 GP30 B23-7 GP35 SW1200 GP38-2 FP7A GP40M-2 UP 4-8-4 844


    Branch Lines & Local Freights 1993-1996, GP7 GP30 B23-7 GP35 SW1200 GP38-2 FP7A GP40M-2 UP 4-8-4 844! In 1993, the Central Kansas Railway still operated cabooses on trains pulled by former Santa Fe GP7 diesels. Further west, the Wyoming Colorado operated streamlined FP7A engines from the glory days of railroading. Rebuilt GP40M-2 units served the Southern Pacific on local freights up and down the since shuttered Tennessee Pass Route. On the Denver to Pueblo Colorado Joint Line, Rio Grande and Santa Fe GP30 diesels served local customers. The Santa Fe also operated B23-7 and GP39-2 units in local service. Alco built C420 diesels operated on the Arkansas & Missouri. Finally, Union Pacific's famous Northern-class steam locomotive, no. 844, pulled a short train of freight cars east from Cheyenne, Wyoming, on August 21st, 1996.
    ================================================== ================================================== ====
    Guess this Rail Head Defect


    Some folks call them woolly bears, some call them woolly worms,
    or woolly caterpillars, some call them fuzzy bears and others may call them hedgehog caterpillars.

    Folk tradition says they are one way of predicting how mild or severe
    winter temperatures are going to be. The longer the black bands on either end of them suggests the longer and colder the winter will be. He actually got run over by the hi rail truck and
    not a train. Hope you enjoyed the humorous little clip today.
    ================================================== ================================================== ======
    Blue's Comments:I have never seen anything like this rolling around in our area.....!
    Nuclear Train to PNSY on 09/09/2021

    ================================================== ================================================== =======
    Montana Rail Link SD45 Renaissance Vol. 1, The East End - FULL VIDEO (2016)


    In this 2016 full-length C. Vision release, we cover the east end of Montana Rail Link's system between Jones Junction and Helena, Montana. The 1st and 2nd Subdivisions were brimming with activity during our visits, and you'll see an incredible variety of trains and locomotives across this territory. In addition to the mainline, the 5th, 6th, and 13th Subdivision branch lines are also covered. Local and mixed freights, grain, coal, ballast, and even MRL passenger trains are all included in this two-hour presentation.

    MRL's fleet of SD45 locomotives are seen in BNSF lease and horsepower-hour payback service, as well as working MRL's own freight trains. The sights and sounds of these 3600 horsepower locomotives powering heavy trains over Bozeman Pass and Winston Hill are something you won't soon forget. We have also included some behind the scenes views of several SD45s being scrapped in Livingston by Progress Rail in May of 2014. Additional MRL locomotive models seen in this video include: SW1500, GP9, GP35, GP40, SD35, SDP40, SD40-2, SD40-2XR, and SD70ACe.
    ================================================== ================================================== ============
    RUNAWAY TANK CAR!!! Real Runaway Train in Bethlehem, PA!


    This is one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed, a runaway train! The tank car somehow got into the Reading line and kept rolling all the way through the Lehigh valley until it eventually came to a stop in Richards, about 15 miles east of where it started. The car was six to have reached speeds of up to 50MPH! It was loaded with Paraffin Wax, and luckily no one was hurt.

    In closing, California is getting one good old fashioned Rain Storm, that should last about 2 days, we should get some local Flooding, but in our demise of extreme Drought, this is one small price to pay for the greater good. I think it will be welcomed.

    Thanks for dropping by..........
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    Great stuff as always Blue! You might be interested in this link if you haven't seen or posted it already. It is called "NS 958 third and final attempt to pull the Poe wye.", but it appears to be N&W. Anyway, it's a great video of a steamer excursion train trying to make it onto the Poe Wye, and be sure and watch the back half, as it is amazing how many roads are represented by the cars it is pulling! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZlFPsCc4y0
    “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” - R.L.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forester1 View Post
    Great stuff as always Blue! You might be interested in this link if you haven't seen or posted it already. It is called "NS 958 third and final attempt to pull the Poe wye.", but it appears to be N&W. Anyway, it's a great video of a steamer excursion train trying to make it onto the Poe Wye, and be sure and watch the back half, as it is amazing how many roads are represented by the cars it is pulling! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZlFPsCc4y0
    Just in for a minute, We are in Amsterdam last week n half, visiting with a family member going to school here. Having a great time, can't believe how much it rains here.

    Back in California by weekend.

    Thanks very much for link will watch for sure.

    Been riding Trains n Trams everywhere. ..Beautiful Country n People for sure.

    Network is spotty in some places....Take care.

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