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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Talking Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

    I've been expanding HarborMaster (Phil Skene's Route) into a semi mountainous and Valley Floor elevation addition, using Dave Snows (thanks Dave) new Distribution Ctr's he released this week and running new Rails up to them, along with New Electrical, Etc, been working hard on Scenery and Plants, Disclaimer, I try to put the trees and Shrubs in,,,, so it looks somewhat natural?

    Originally this area had was an Old Abandoned Industrial District, and since the HarborMaster Route has these naturally occuring in other sections of the Route, I thought a transition by razing the area into some Modern Warehouse Facilities might fill the bill. Brought in some landfill and raised the Center above part of the Valley Floor by 30' to give some definition.

    Ive added probably about a dozen new Baseboards along different edges of the HarborMaster Route and can't believe how long it takes to Plant Shrubs n Trees in one Baseboard, I'm learning to Copy and Past areas where possible and that's if I don't come back and change it 6 times before I think it looks right to my untrained eye.........I still need to Add other misc Items as I get to it, so it's definitely a WIP, believe it or not I haven't run a test train up the Distr Ctr.....

    Suggestions and Ideas are always welcome and thanks to the great Asset and Route builders in the community who have contributed so much, and allows me and others to create something using your ideas.

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    Evening all, it was great Father's day, now it's late and tomorrow starts a new week...Hope you all had a nice day as well.

    Ok, I tried to cheat on Mountain Scenory depth of feel, by that, I mean, I put very thin tall peaks at the edge of the BaseBoard, to conserve space for larger trackage area.......so when you look at it from side views it look's fake, and they look a high curtain very thin at the top, so I added another baseboard(s) behind the range, and stretched the range back using almost 2/3'w of the board......., so it looks more realistic, took quite a while, as it's hard for me to build this type scenery, as you can see it is unpainted where I added. I'll texture it tomorrow probably. I couldn't quite show it on the left here, but the I plan on putting in a small private airport or something larger, haven't quite decided yet. The building on Left is just thrown in there for now....

    This shows a different view of the mountains, I might need to do some more modeling on them with a fresh set of eyes tomorrow? I also added a bunch of different Trees I found in my inventory. Also playing with Weed and Grass placement in small sections of track......Lots of you folks are amazing with how you make things looks so real life along the Rails.

    Below, I i've added a Water Treatement Plant next to a large Steel Mill, I might move it to another Square if I don't like it here, as Im not quite sold on the idea it fits in ok here in the industrial section of the Harbor, you can see the Y trackage going to the mainline line on the left coming out of the downtown Harbor area, and some town buildings and businesses I added to the area against the mountains.

    In this picture I added a Bridge overpass to protect the Dual Industry Rail Team Tracks the set between two large Distr Ctr Buildings (True Value and Sysco), This way the Semis coming and offloading don't interfere with Switch engine shunter moves, and there will be a lot of movement with this Industrial Park, as a dedicated 1-2 crews will handle daily Rail Car positioning to handle the large ctr. I might add more Storage Tracks too, once I start moving the cars around for consist assembly.

    This view, you can see the new bridge, for Trucking Delivery's, I might shift it over to left a little more to make it so it doesn't obstruct the Building so much. Have to play with that and see how it looks...Simple to do......

    Another view of the mountains here and some depth perception of the Industrail Park as it sits about 30' higher from the Harbor area which is mostly 0-5 feet sea level wise. Also able to see the High Voltage Transmission Towers I put in, and I still need to run them out to other parts of the harbor, but that's another day.
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    Lightbulb Grade Reduction improvement, Topology and additional Dredging

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    Thank you Outlaw77, Much appreciated, I have more Pictures coming in, with Story line, been busy with a heavy Honey Do List last couple of Days, it's called cleaning out all the accumulated Junk for this weekends Special Trash Collection.

    Lord I didn't know I could hide it so well! LOL.

    Thanks for visiting my Thread.

    I'll try to post something later this evening.

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    Lightbulb New Retention Dam built

    Well its Thursday already, lots of work going on in the Railroad. We are in Wire Mode here, as I cut a new Canal to connect 2 different heights of Water with a Dam in between and another one probably at the other end of the Canal when all is said and done.

    It's a tricky job because the water height difference is 9.5 feet high (canal side) to low, (Harbor Bay side) on the left, and they did touch once and I had bare dirt on the High side as the water connected to the Lower basin......EEEK

    Below still in Wire Mode, we see the new Dam in place, and I had to fiddle with the Track because it was too low, well we didn't have a Canal there before today.....You know how it is, change one thing and sometimes everything else nearby is suddenly out of Whack LOL....As for the new Canal, I'll wioden it quite a bit now that I see how it looks......Little by little. I also adjusted and Built up a lot of Hill area on the left side, and smoothed lots of area as well.

    This is a long view and you can really see the Canal, the Dredging is not finished of Course as another Dam will go near the other Bridge in the Back Ground.

    Staged a Passenger Train to see how my Rail Bridge looks, it was off by 4 feet when I put the Dam Spillway in and moved some of Track-age with Dirt height changes.....Good thing the Railroad is looking ahead on potential Drain problems from bad weather Storms in the area, all will be good once we finish this project as Water Flooding is now controlled and this area can hold lots of Water. All good.

    Here is a partial view of the canal with Water, but it will look much better when I widen more and I probably will extend that back Rail Bridge too with increased width of Canal.

    On left of the Canal, I smoothed, Raised the Hills on the Left, need Trees and other things too, haven't quite got it all finished as they say it is WIP for sure.

    This is other end of main line view where it splits into the Harbor Master area, heavy industrial area.....

    That all for tonight......

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    Cool Tanker Train with new UP Turbines (Our Trip begins)

    Good Day all,

    As you know, I've been modeling like crazy, I going take a diversion here, and do some Trainz Driving with my new Toys....

    So here we go, Picture of my engineer getting ready for a Road trip from Aurora to Montana Rail Link.

    Here is my other Turbine Loco, and does it have power and speed.....It will be the Helper that gets us over the heavy Grades ahead, one of them is 5% so this guy should keep me from breaking knuckles on heavy grades.

    I pushed the Caboose to the back so we can have it at the rear......

    Here is a look at the Turbine Motor, strange to me, I've never see one before.....Now lets see if it has the Power to muster this heavy Tanker Load up the hill.

    Moving back to pick up our Caboose

    And here we go.

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    Default Cruise Ships, Highway realignment, moving hotel beach houses, Pier relocation!

    The old Dock was across the bay and obstructed the mouth to the inlet, posing a shipping hazard. I built and doubled the length for the newer cruise ships scheduled to arrive this Summer. local business up river our excited as sales haven't been vibrant in the last few years. I f we take care of Travelers and make them want to come back and visit, tell their friends what a good time they have, this might be the start of something great in a business relationship way of thinking.

    Look at this, we already have a cruise ship in port here to pickup new passengers!

    The large beach house had to moved closer to the highway because Grade Construction, Railroad paid for the relocation and all the work , along with redoing the highway as well. They call this progress and it affects those in area. Remember the Railroad likes to be good neighbors with those affected by Growth and Change, it's very much in the interest of the Community and the health of the Railroad, which is known for bringing in Population and Job Growth.

    Grade improvements and Highway alignment came together and now the area flows.

    Sorry about the Trees left in the waterway, they're slated to removed tomorrow.

    For the remaining Grid pattern, I just will cover in Battleship Gray Ballast till I see how I'll Color Texture it. But I just got an epiphany while I was typing, I think I see some low areas that would look nice in Beach sand with Palm Trees and BBQ pit, well that's if I have a Beach pit in inventory..........

    What's this, I see we already have our full size Cruise ship sailing slowly up the canal, with a Ships Pilot keep them clear of any obstacles in the River.

    The large cruise ship might not have enough room to get thru the Rocky out croppings , no big deal, if not, they have ship Tenders to take Tourist the rest of way to local resorts.
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    Lightbulb MOW Cleanup Day and beware of Iportal Proximity !

    Sometimes you do dumb things and one needs a crack on the head 2-3x before a clearer Vision comes in point of View, in other words, pay attention to where you are stopped on the Rail when near a I Portal Entry Point! Duh.

    So here;s the deal, I took some power and did a reverse move up the I Portal Spur, pushed back 1-2 feet maybe, to make sure I was I made a good joint with said equipment, check my Brake Air, started to pull the Equipment down the hill, Whoa Nellie, all a sudden, my whole train gets pulled into the Portal and as-ta a bye, bye.

    What the Hay is going on here?

    Come to find out, as I thought I hit a wrong control Key? Nope, apparently when I pushed the MOW Cars up the Spur earlier, I was just inside the Perimeter where I Portal grabs it slowly, unbeknownst to me. Who Knew? Well I do now.

    Had to go into Surveyor and re position said equip t.further away from Blue I Portal Sign.

    Now we have that mess cleaned up, our power from valley yards will tow the MOW back to the Yard to be deployed elsewhere on the Railroad. We needed some ties replaced from Rot, and quite a bit of Base removed and cleaned, now our Road Bed is up to Spec. As it should be, never forget about your maintenance on the Railroad, or defer it too long, you risk lives and shorten Equipment reliability in the end! Yes it cost money time and increased Dwell time to an extent. But that's what we have Mgr's and Bean Counters around for, is to smooth out this dips in the Timetable.

    A colorful consist of BNSF and GE Demonstrators (leased) are going round the mountain, picking up all the MOW Drags, they move out by tonight, as they've done a wonderful job up here clean the Base under the Tracks, new Ties etc,

    Mining Loco, is just waiting for the MOW special to come thru. Mining Loco, will be filling the Tracks shortly with Loaded Ore Cars shortly.

    We won't see this kind of equiptment up here for a few years!

    From the looks on these Engineers faces it is a serious day, we are on a tight schedule to get MOW out to it's next location, and not have Crews standing around burning the payroll on Down Time. Corridor Mgr, and MOW Mgr's have warned on no certain terms, when MOW crews are finished up here, get these huge expensive machines back to Lovette Beach Yard for Pickup by tonight.

    Yup, no pressure today.

    Just another day, will get it done and on time too.

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    Ha ha I know what you mean about the portals. Once I set up a session and put together this nice beautiful coal train with TGNX gons and some JR engines I had just downloaded. The DPU was a little too close to the portal and as soon as I launched Driver I watched helplessly while it slowly got sucked in

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    Lightbulb Airplane Crash @ Aurora Airport (Fuel Spilled unkown on Pilot Status) Trains Stopped!

    Morning Folks,

    Looks like we have some action at our local airport today, A private plane landing overshot the landing strip, in fact he almost landed his plane in the Harbor, it appears his Gear didn't retract for some reason.

    We had to stop our Scheduled Train till Fire Department gives the all clear from any Risk of Explosion due to Aviation Fuel spillage around the Plane..

    Fire Department will make sure it has been rendered safe for both nearby R.R. Tracks and Vehicle Traffic

    In this picture you can see all the emergency vehicles around the plane ready for any fire, it appears the Plane has dug itself into the Dirt Field past the Strip. He is one lucky guy, now we are told he was flying around to burn up extra Fuel so their wouldn't be a higher chance of a bad explosion.

    FAA is on their way out to take a report. Probably something Mechanical that went wrong.

    Its late in the afternoon so we be feeding our Customers on the Train some tasty snacks as they enjoy the Harbor View and have a front row seat view across the water of what is going on with the Plane Crash, fortunately the Pilot is ok, well, funny thing, he is in a Suit "Dressed to the Nines!" So I guess he'll be a little late for his Business Meeting.

    Out New Tunnel and Tracks is working just fine, which is good, never expected a plane crash on the first day of this run.

    It's a beautiful Star Lit evening now and we are serving some Wine and Beer on the Train, to keep our Passengers happy, the Fire Dept. has told us, they'll be releasing the Tracks shortly so we can continue our Trip into Montana Rocky Mountains Tonight.

    Passengers are happy with our Service and they understand what's going on…Our passengers other than delay, are Safe, Fed and aware of the delays and why, Perception is everything in this business!…
    Communication is key here.

    Conductor is doing everything in his power to keep the Folks happy.

    I did some modeling and smoothing on the hills in this area. I didn't get the Power Plant moved yet, as I got stuck over here having some fun redoing parts of the area.

    Reshaping some of the Harbor Points. Reducing some more of the Water area around the airport.

    Thanks for dropping by my place, and have a great weekend Folks.
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    Lightbulb Dam Waterway Project 1

    Hello everyone, been up to my Eyeballs with Honey Do and paperwork projects around the house, wishing all you a peaceful and great Friday.

    So lots of things going on here, First in this picture, I revamped the flatlands in the back right, and raised them into low hills and Mountains. if you follow track slightly right of Center going into a Tunnel at Hill entrance, what I did, is change the Ridge profile and broaden the landscape out, so it wasn't so pointed in looking like a strange Rock formation sticking out. I decided to add the tunnel as an afterthought, and I'm going to Relocate the Power Gen Plant at base of hill in Back, I think I bring it in and over to the left into Plowed brown dirt and it will look better, Texture will be Sandy color, I think I can do a cut and paste, or Copy and Paste ops, to new location?

    Over head view of Power Plant and better view of new Tunnel. It meanders to right and out the back connecting to main line to Harbor Master area in back.,out of View area.

    Here is Wire view, now you can really see how I got the Tunnel situated underground. As everyone knows Tunnels can be a pain in the Neck to get the openings to lay in the Right direction, they Snap to the Grids , which I don't like and I don't remember if that can be shut off. .......I wasted a good 20 mins trying to get the openings to line up with the Track, of course I had to adjust connection points on both ends and move the Track to correct bad Gradients in the Curves, which terrible. Now it is fine.

    Now this is a different Bridge I changed too, because I think it works better, however I might change it again as I needed 3 Splines in here to get it to Curve right for me. I also cut out the Water pieces while I adjusted the Splines, it's very easy to drop them back in once I get the Curves in right.

    This shows both ends of the Waterway, and I widened it quite a bit, I might do a little more yet on the Left side, I have do more smoothing on Hills and some color variations too. Trees will be added later on, as I have lots to Texture and change in adjoining areas.

    Since I moved some Tracks around , I will need to Test connection points, New Tunnel Etc to make sure my curves and Grades are Ok.

    It's quite easy to to take a 2% Grade and have it change to 5-6% and not even realize it when your working in the Mountains. A couple of times my Grades were off 1-2% when I mover hills around nearby, just the nature of the Beast.

    I even wiped out a long Trestle Bridge somehow, Mouse must have reached out further in Draw Distance..........I never get bored around my Route......

    In this picture you see the other side of the Mountains and the beginning of HarborMaster area as it begins, the mainline from the Dam area connects and splits in 2 more main lines to the Ports area, as there is Heavy, Heavy Industrial areas in the HarborMaster Merged Route., Phil Skene has put in a lot of different industries to play with, and you can get lost in there with the Maze of Tracks, return Loops over and under tracks, he is a Master Magician.......Thank you Phil for your great work.......!

    That's about it for today, I have to run and get back to my other Projects.

    Thanks for Dropping by Folks, it means a lot to me..........Take Care
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    Default Lucy we have a problem! OMG highways to nowhere, bumpy mountains!

    Evening all, I was feeling good about my route till I looked at some adjoining areas where I tried to do some patchwork texture, and like they say, you can fool everyone else? Maybe, but can't fool myself. So I'm busy correcting my hiccup, Oh do I have few.

    One side of the canal, paint looked natural and inviting, the other side looked like mulligan stew, with too many cooks in the kitchen, so I went back and recolored several portions, now it looks good, not perfect but good.

    In this area, dropped a highway down to the Lake landing, and there is a cruise ship here that will drop off passengers to spelunking in the Countryside, B&B's and Wine. Not finished, I need Trees and Plants to compliment it better.

    I dropped (Select, Copy and Paste) some textures, but it messed with continuity of land, Waffle pattern, so I need a Steam roller to iron out all the ripples, and adjust the tree more Random!

    The train is stopped for a bit till line ahead is clear of some Freights coming thru in opposition, we have problems with uneven Highways, and mountains uneven, so lots of smoothing the mountains, with relocating the highways.

    In part of the new Canal below, I redoing the Farm Fields and edges of the land by the Water, lots of Color Texture to work with, and possibly some small Spurs line for Industry's, W.I.P. for sure. I also have to paint the bottom of the Canal too.

    In the mean time we are preparing for a family outing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains all next week so I won't be able to work on this as there is no Internet in the wild where will be camping.

    Our family has been camping all our life and we really enjoy it.

    Night all and QUES and COMMENTS are always welcome.
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