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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    A good Friday to all here, hope you are doing well, and wonderful weekend ahead.

    For me, our family will head out one last time this year for some Camping in the High Sierra Mountains of Ca.......Hopefully the large Fire of Yosemite won't affect our air quality, but I never take anything, especially the Weather and Wind elements for granted.

    I was able to find RMM's latest Speed Trees for TANE, I think they are Version 6, and should work a lot better, and look much better than those Billboard Types.....My GPU needs all the help it can get.

    A shout out to Sir Dave Snow for his latest Boxcars he made for us, and that larger than life Silo too, boy is that Silo big as in large Commercial type of Building. So Cool Sir Dave, you are the energizer bunny my ole Friend.

    Went over to SRS and Grabbed 2 other SD60 Cyclops type Loco's in UP and BN Green and Org and Black, double Bonus on that one.

    I'm thinking about taking a rest from the Flaam Route for a while and head over to one of my Favorites in NG, that's the Wild Bill ones, and I like TGR Fingal too, heck I like too many Routes, and then there is Phil Skene with his amazing condensed Routes he makes for us.........I better stop while I'm ahead or I'll overload my little Brain, ouch that might hurt.......All good........Trainz is the best to be in.........

    OK, so will head into the Pier Large in Aussie Merge Land, and see some train action pulling a heavy load of Boxcars out of the port, well, we do have a few empties in the rear for some Customer returns, but the 3/4 or more of our train is loaded with items coming from the Port.

    Soon will be heading up 2% or more grade into the windy and rapid River area.

    Below we fresh SP Power 5 of them coming to get our loaded consist from the Docks.

    We have to back down and pick up some more empties for our train.

    And here we are backing into another part of the Port to pick up 30 cars more.

    And here we go into the Canyon Full power ahead. 6 MPH for now as we gradually throttle up.

    Looking out and across from our back end, you can see the Circus over there, everyone having a great time at the Carnival Grounds. Even Hot Air Balloon Rides too.

    Got some Pacific Fruit Express and some Amtrak rapid Mail Cars headed to the Docks today. We have a side spur here, so Passenger Traffic isn't affected in the least by our presence as we pass quietly by the all the Passengers at the Station.

    And here is where the Fruit Express goes, this little Company here does a booming Import/Export business with lots of customers across the Ocean.

    Another view of the port here, while Fruit and Food await Ocean Transports.

    And that Black and Red Triangle Tower to the Right is for major Radio Communications.

    Looks like we have some traffic ahead of us in the Corridor........?

    Look at those nice big Rocks in the Stream to are Left....

    Think we have a nice looking City scape at Night......Purple and Orange Cloud Cover too.

    That'll do for today,,If things work out, I'll post some more pics on Sunday before we leave for Camping. Thanks all for coming to visit.

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    A blessed day to all, and prayers for the folks in Yosemite Fire area, 80,000 Acres and 530 structures and homes are burned out as of yesterday, the Fireman are having a heck of time due to wind, heat and drought...Very challenging time up there for all concerned............

    Today I our family heads out to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Camp, be gone about a week or so........So I wont be able to post beyond here, today most likely due to spotty or no Wifi conditions.

    So I got some Narrow Boats for the Flaam, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narrowboat

    Very interesting topic, and thanks to the Forum for helping me find out about and download them......Use Search on DLS for Narrow Boats, you'll find a small selection of very nice models.


    I'll have to finish the notes later, as I need to goto Church and get on the Road, it's a 7 hr drive today.......

    Testing more new Rolling Stock here and other things.

    We are on the other Canyon here 1000-1100Feet in elevation, as you can see lots of Texture and other things to accomplish,,Here we are testing Curves, Grades and Signal distance for now.

    Headed up from the Harbor area, we pass a little village here. I have to learn the names of these areas........

    Coming up thru the narrow canyon asses, we approach a small Rural Station for both Freight and Passenger Service......

    I testing a new high speed train here, and it handles the curves and elevation perfectly, lots more work to accomplish here, boy when I move things around I really make a mess sometimes......Like a kid making Mud Pie.....

    Coming thru at probably 75 MPH,,,,,speaking of which, I'll need to kick up my 40MPH in several areas, and reduce in some other areas where downgrades etc, have radically changed......

    This is the lake area in the upper 3 lake Dam area.......I have moved the houses around and made this look more natural, this whole area was torn for Elevation and Track changes........The poor residents here had to be paid temporary Housing while our major construction was in progress, but in being honest with them, looking forward, this will be a nice Tourism Spot, not over done, or over built either, I want the tranquil feel to remain here as we make changes to the local economy, I firmly believe honesty like in the old days, your word and your handshake is your bond, without that, well the game, at least here is over with......

    So far all these small communities have welcomed the Railroad changes in with open arms, we have hired many of them to help in the construction efforts here, so they have a monetary and vested interested in the progression of change, even our Railroad Crew new hires are from several of local enclaves here. What better person to work for you, than one that knows the area..........

    This is a Deep empty reservoir for now, but once Lake and Dam Construction changes finish, it will be fulll of water and stocked with Fish for local Fisherman Etc.......

    Look at the expanse here, there are so many views to see up here from many different angles.........

    That's it for today folks, headed to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, with Ranges of 14000 Feet in some spots. We will be in the 7500 Range, nice and cool........


    If you ever get a chance to see this great area, please do..........They are magnificent to view, drive and if you wish, camp as well.......

    Have a great week all, see you when I get back.....Thank you for coming by to visit.....It is always appreciated.......Best
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    Lightbulb Back from Camping...........Aussie Merge with Pipe Loads..

    Good evening all,

    Just got home from a nice but very smoky Camping Trip, unfortunately the fires in California continue to worsen for us as the Dog Days (extreme heat, 100 or better) continue and you watch, now that the Plant and Tree growth are gone in large areas, will have flooding from heavy rains in some areas that haven't seen such Floods in their lifetime or maybe several decades. At last count, I think we are well over 1500 homes burned due to Forest Fires.


    or Google "California Fires".............

    So let's go my comfort zone, below is Aussie merge Route, Harbor area specifically, we are headed North with lots of power, 6 on the front, 2-3 in DPU mode, and will need it, because we are carrying heavy Concrete Pipe, Excating equipment, and Heavily reinforced sewer pipe.

    Below we are pulling out with our first part of consist from the pipe factory..........These babies are quite heavy, so will need our 8-9 SD45's too pull the grade, in addition, we have a snow storm approaching.

    And here we go, and here goes the Snow Storm too.

    Looks like our Local mountains are going to get some much needed Snow for Moisture content. Meaning, we need a good Snow Pack this year........

    The Green Pipe below is our loads headed for some large city renovation projects.

    Amazing shot here, are train is the length you can see the last part of your train as you complete a Round Loop to head higher in elevation.

    I see we also have some heavy Industrial Transformers too, and some other special Gas Pipe............

    Looks like some more snow coming down as we head up with my SD45's, very reliable engines to work with......

    Looks like we get some relief from the Snow over in this area. No problems if it snows for us, I have excellent Crews working on this particular Train.

    Awh, now it looks like we might almost have a White Out starting here.

    We cross a very cold and swift moving River here, and it might freeze over in another month if the cold weather holds.

    On other news I see "Eagle River Railway" is released, and it looks like I need to go buy that Route, as it looks fantastic from all available information, and great looking pictures......I let you know once I accomplish the task of procuring one very interesting Route to play with......


    It's good to be back, I didn't have WiFi, so I missed my Forum and the great people that make it fun to read up the latest ideas, problems, Products, what's new etc. I'm so happy to see we have a common place to share our ideas and good friendship.

    Have good week, and our prayers go out to those that have lost their homes in these terrible Fires...............

    Watching the Riverside Fire rolling up into the San Bernardino Mountains........It's a bad fire........

    See you all in a few days =with some more pictures and commentary.

    Thank you for dropping by as always, it's appreciated.......
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    Lightbulb Flaam changes

    Good Morning all,

    Getting ready for another Road Trip to see some family we haven't been able to for a while, It be nice to see some of the Midwest I haven't ever seen before.
    Good thing, it isn't Winter, so other than some rain here and there from Thunder Showers, it should work out great.......

    Over to Flaam, this is the extreme North end of the Route and I needed to add on some Tale Piece Squares to adjust for large Elevation changes.

    These areas, the new heights can be from 1000-1300 Feet Max to get the effect I want.........So here I have leveled a lot of the Tiles added. But as you can see, I haven't finished it. I'm using full circle expansion to quickly draw the new elevation heights, but it takes more time for me, due to week GPU, and that's another reason I switch to Wire Mode it is 2-1 speed increase or more.

    Now this end needs to be filled in, and it will change many more times till I get it too look natural and not just hanging Cliff Drops..........It will make more sense, once I get the changes done.

    On this side, you can see my new Steel Bridge, and behind this cut off Range, will have a Watershed type wetland area for the animals.. You can see the Lakes on the right half of the Dam Control area for Hydro power Projects, we need lots of natural Electricity too.

    Different side of the lake area, don't pay attention to Ground Color's that's unfinished.

    This is the lower canyon side of the lake Reservoir System.

    I had to hop a mountain top across from the deep canyon area so you get a different perspective here......And you can see I have added Mountains into the Corner of the Route I was talking about earlier, as the Ridge line is now starting to look more natural, there is no longer a cut off edge........This is a larger area too, as you look at how small the consists is in this shot of the deep Canyon Gorges............

    This Wetland area is slowly taking shape,,,,the surrounding mountains, need a lot of work, as I have said before, I get an idea of how I want something to look, but it takes me a while to get it too what I envision it to be over time, and I never know how exactly it will work, or if it even does?

    Over on this side, I was trying too see how different type Rock Textures would look for my Dam areas of the lake Reservoir System, and I am not sold on these Rocks yet, I need to find something more appealing or less of this Texture blended in with 1-2 more variegated Colors.......

    Now this is a great shot of the upper North end of the Route, and you can see the last part of the new Tiles I added, on the bottom Right Last Tile Row, and they are sitting down over a 1000 Feet, or zero Elevation. The Whole Route has lots of twists and curves, which really makes for interesting Rail and point of interest lines.......

    Over over on this side we are putting in some Trees and new Farm Housing etc........The Ice Water Lines you see, will be redrawn........That was due to me cutting down the Mountain Elevation by 300-500 Feet, So that's why the Texture looks strange till I get it re Textured from the changes I made.........Mad Hatter at work her for sure......LOL

    That'll due for today,,,,,,,

    BTW I didn't get Coal Country Route yet, that is on delay for now, as I prepare for some other things I need to do ahead of it........

    Have a great Friday and thank's for coming over.........

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    Lightbulb Taking a ride on Marias Pass (delightful)

    Good Day all,

    This week was both good and bad for me, I got to see my Oral Surgeon post op, and had a great report, the surgery to clean out infection and save two teeth was a great success. SO now I can go finish the rest of my Dental work. As most of you know, when you get in your Senior yrs, and older, keeping the last of what remains of your teeth is important, unless you are into Dentures, many of my friends do have them, and I can tell you, a good % do not like them or the maintenance that goes into owning a pair.......!

    The bad part, I have Sciatica Nerve inflammation for the last 3 weeks, and those who had this nerve disease know all too well it can effect your body movement and daily routines, including a good nights sleep..........Hopefully this too, shall pass?


    Now for the happy part of the day, playing with Trainz takes my mind away from the pain and I immerse myself in Route Building, or playing, as was the case last night, where the Route was Marias Pass, a large and very interesting Route to play with.


    I highly suggest trying out one of the Marias Pass Routes, as you can see their ones for different versions of Trainz lovers. I'm having a ball with mine.......I have 2 different versions to play with, not sure of what the difference is. But there is plenty of Country to run long Travel Points as well as Industries well spaced for those that enjoy shorter runs and lots of Shunting activity. The Rail Switching Yards are of good size and variety as well

    I believe we are at MP1221 and for today's assignment, will shunt a MOW Consist, Hoppers, Slab Cars, and our own Caboose with Fred Light attached.

    It's 5:00 PM so this will be Red Eye shift with late afternoon start, and plenty of Coffee and Treats, and we have worked these before, as we are a normal Night Crew, and there is quite a bit of Shunting and Switching to keep us alert tonight. Weather is great, just some high clouds against a Blue Sky.....How much better can it get in this pretty part of the country, I dare not ask, I we might see a Bambi or the Mr Bear looking for Salmon..........Anything is possible at this altitude and time of year.

    Here is the rest of our MOW consist, which will be dropped off in another Rail Yard tonight, when we pick up some empty Hoppers from the customer back to point of origin Plant.

    At the end of our MOW, we have one car of Rail Sticks for small sectional Repairs, sidings and stuff......Camp Cars with Sleep Qtrs and Kitchens for the work crews........

    Ok,,,,,Dusk is approaching, Blue is getting darker, and Stars will approach the night sky.....

    Our Crew has the orders, and we are on the move, looks like we have a bit of Soot Fire cleaning out in our Exhaust, normal for this loco, as it has been sitting a little, MOW assured us. This Loco has up to date 90 Day Maintenance window completed.......It better be, or I will have someone head, if we break down........

    We are headed thru our next town.........We pass the combo Freight/Passenger Station, night lighting is good, and important for everyone's safety.

    Now we head out to the Country, our tracks go thru twists and turns, but nothing exotic......The Route is well laid out and constructed by MOW Crews, Grade is negligible at this point.

    Well looky here? We rate a switch-man and other yard crews too assist us with the shunting moves, how cool is that, of course they get off in another 1 hour or so, but will be long gone......

    We start one of several moves to cut off the MOW group part, and on the left is our empty Hoppers await the pickup.

    We are pulled ahead of our Switch and will back into the Maintenance area of the Yard to drop these MOW.

    MOW move will sit to the side of a Car Repair House. Another Crew will pick up this MOW equipt and Cars for there Job tomorrow......?

    Ok.....will pick up some more of this Trip in a couple of days......Hope you like it, and I hope you check out the Route, I think it is well worth it.......IT works ok with my Laptop, and I don't get too much Frame Stutter with Weak GPU.......

    Have a blessed day............

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    Good Day all,

    Getting ready for the last Road trip of the year, headed out to Illinois to see some extended Family members. Weather is good, a bit warm, maybe humid too, but not in the 100's like it has been here.

    So will flip over to Flaam for a bit, you'll get to see the Oil and Gas facility I made on the upper peaks of the Ranges, 800 feet or higher,,just to the side of Hydro Dam and Lakes area.

    While we see that, I have been working and playing on Marias Pass, and had another one of those Signal issues with a several Red Lights not clearing on large areas of main line, no excuse for that at all. So after fooling around with it for an hour, (not my first rodeo with stupid signals that don't want to function) or shall we say, don't play with with others.....LOL

    I find the signals BNSF style refuse to operate as intended......Too Bad for me, I liked their style, and it could be the version this route was made in, or it could be T:ANE up to his old tricks of the trade....Who really knows.......

    We go to plan "B", rip out all the signals thru the layout, and I found a cool way to do it, rather than visually searching the Route, which has miles of Mainline and Switching locations, I did "FIND OBJECT" then sub routed to "Track Objects" or "Track Scenery"

    I think it was objects and found all the signals easily and quickly, by keep the menu search window open to left of the Track Screen, in "Surveyor Mode" within about 20-30 mins, could have been less, I removed 2-3 doz signals out of the Route, hit "Save As" too save to new file, just in case I goofed something up........ Close Surveyor, reopen and voila ready to start dropping in new signals that have super Scripting or similar, allows me to check how I want them to operate, it was 1:00AM in the morning last night, eh, this early morning, and my eyes started to close, that's when you make unintended mistakes, so it was time to hit the sack for the night, and start today......

    Probably take the rest of the week to re signal and test the Route for correct Aspect Functionality.

    Already with just a few signals in place, I saw a remarkable difference in operation, so I know what I suspected was correct.....I also plan to add a few will placed Crossovers for some of the Industrial leads.

    One thing about the Marias Pass, it has an excellent selection of Single and Duel Tracking setup in designated areas of the mountains, as well, not over use of Tunnel Passes either...It is a fascinating Route to run and play with........You won't be bored......And there are some Portals at each end of the Route, I believe they might be set to connect to other Large Routes? Not sure, but it appears that way.......

    Al right lets get over to Flaam now, and see that Oil Center development.

    I notched out the Mountain sides here, and put just enough area for what I wanted to drop in. And it works nicely for me.......

    Here is an overhead view of the Refinery, not all the tracks needed where here when I took this picture, I found I needed some Loops in the back left corner to accommodate secondary Shunting needs for Construction and Trash handling.......But this gives a good idea how the facility will work here. If you look carefully in the Lake area, you'll see a small white Dam in place for Hydro and Electrical needs. Refineries use a fair amount of Electricity for Oil Extraction, Refining Etc. And just above this Refinery, there is a Power Plant that will augment our power needs too, when the Water in the lake is low thru some parts of the year.

    Good business mgt relies on multiple uses of Power, raw material supplies, never have all your eggs in one basket........It really is a delicate balance of power.

    Another view across the valley here, of our Oil Refinary and Trains loading up on mainline to get Oil loads for Market, Pier business, super Tankers......

    We are pushing up a 2.5% Grade here into the back for Oil Loads, these are empty, so it easy to do.......Signals working as intended.

    One Train coming in from other areas of the mountain with Empties....It will wait till the first longer Tanker Train gets shunted into the loading Docks here for Oil and Gas Loads.

    You can see our Storage Tanks, and we have more on Order, as these do not have all the capacity we need., our Plant is running at 60% for now.....But we need a lot more storage capacity for future needs of Community and Overseas Market Traders we supply....Sound familiar. Look at the Sunlit Shadows in our Lake below....Pretty cool I think.

    Working on smoothing some of the mountain slopes here.........

    Now the floor of the refinery is not finished, I need to Change to Gravel, and the tracks need to goto DOCK RAIL style, so this is all roughed in, too see if I have enough room, and I did not, I had to scalp 50 feet more in the back end of the lot, because more Rail and infrastructural changes are coming in for Refinery needs.....It's still a WIP.......

    This is the Office building I selected for the Suites and White Coat personal, I think it will do nicely. And you can see I got the Grass gone and Gravel worked in here now.........Tracks haven't been changed to DOCK RAIL style, but that's easy to do, and I need more X Crossover connections too for Shunting needs.

    I selected a Smaller Water Tower for this front area, and I might put a larger one in the back 40 as they say......I have lots to chose from....Just need to make up my Mind...LOL

    That'll bout do it for today.....

    Thank you everyone for dropping by to see me...........

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