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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb UMR 2018, Coal Country & other Misc. Routes

    A blessed Sunday to all,

    Dropping in for a minute, just a few hours before we head off to the UK, it will be an exciting trip across the pond.....Hopefully not a stormy one.

    Below we are UMR 2018 with lots of Farm Equipt here Grain and other assorted loads. As I work in the signalling issues a couple of miles down track from here.

    Dropping some loads off for the farmers here.

    I believe this is the updated Tidewater Route here,

    Remember quite a while back on earlier version of my Tidewater and Portland Terminal Merge Photo's, I mentioned you should always do a wire view on your routes to see what's buried below, that you don't suspect would be here?

    Well in doing Wire View, I found batches of large trees like this one below some places next or under the tracks,........Sorry, I didn't find any buried Gold or Silver, so some of these I found, I just raised up and readjusted positions, or deleted depending here.....Who knew, I sure didn't.....Surprises abound.

    I don't recall which Route this one is, but I raised some of low Hills in the back and made them into mountains, which I thought was a better backdrop for the Rail Lines going thru Tunnels their......And It looks OK from here....The red Track in the air, is for Helicopter or Plane ride over your route, by Author, pretty cool to do.

    Here is another view from the side here, as this route is about 2-3 Tiles wide, the trick her is to have the edges raised, or Tree'd or have some kind of Back Drop panels so you don't see the edges of your route as your driving your train, and it only needs be maybe 25-50 feet depending.........Not a lot will do the trick especially if your counting Tiles, and want a lot of Driving Mileage with your Routes. Lookk at how nice the water is here too, this gives lots of depth perception to your Route. Remember the water doesn't have to be very deep, except in some spots close to shoreline, you might want to dip several feet lower, adding some nice Boulders underwater for effect, I do see some folks forget to Texture the water, so try and remember to do texturing at least close to the shoreline, say 50 feet out from your Rail lines, otherwise you'll see those unsightly Grid lines under water......

    And here is the latest TC3 & TC7 Russian Loco's I got on NV3 Sales this last week..........Some other European Livery. The TC models are shut off by design, and you flips some switches in cab or on Properties to fire these baby's up......They work great, and a welcome addition on my UK and Polish Routes etc.

    Over to Coal Country I got the new Decapod here,,,,,,,Really cool Steam Locomotive, and we almost had a collision with Semi Driver as we doing a reverse move and had to stop for him.

    Barely clear by 3 feet here, just too darn close.

    This is the new Steam Session from Scratchy here, with Coal Loads. We just got our crews onboard and "Y'ing" our power here.

    Here comes a thru Freight now with full head of steam..

    And he is gone within about 1.5 mins with needed freight to the next town..........Very Cool Route to play on.....Well Done Scratchy!!!!!

    Well got to finish packing now.......See you all soon, and I'll post if I can from my destination points.........Be a new experience for me.......

    Thanks everyone for coming by to visit.
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    Good Morning, and hope all of you are doing OK.

    Just got back from the UK Trip and Cruise and it's one AM here, my body still thinks I'm in London, looks like this is a works in progress for now, went to sleep at 5PM after a full day of activities and awaking 4AM in the the morning......Oh boy is my Circadian sleep cycle messed up, and as would be expected after 16 days of 9 count them, Time changes thru the different continents...

    We went with some Family members too Spain, Portugal, Azores, Bermuda (I really didn't know this Island was in this area, always thought it was South of Cuba) dah!!! I need to go back to school soon......

    Went on to see Southhampton and London areas of UK,

    Traffic, well as they say, in a New York Minute see how far you get in a Car. Or better yet, try that Public Transportation, guess which we selected?

    Public trans by the TUBE (subways) and Buses, plenty of Cabs too, in fact I saw some really nice looking shiny CABS in the City, but costs would be just too prohibitive for our needs. There was just too much to see and do in 2 days we had left of our City Tour plans.

    Our Boat Captain kept us safe, but we did have a couple of rough nights on the Atlantic Ocean between Azores and Spain areas.

    We quite well expected the Atlantic to be rougher than Pacific Ocean which is where our West Coast is situated for California Coastline. We do however get bad erosion areas from big storms like everyone else with Pier Damage etc, as one would expect. That's just Mother Nature in action and we have to respect her, as she can tear you a new one when you don't, error to thinking like a Human.

    Here are some links and interesting information with better Pics than I could take off my Room on the Ship.



    One of the places we got to see was Buckingham Palace, and the Guards, very impressive as well as beautiful surrounding Gardens and Parks.

    Got to see some of the English Trains from our boat, I'm posting the Photos, I don't know what these Locos are, you'll of course recognize them easily I'm sure. Very powerful and quite.

    I was surprised as they were running late at night shuttling new cars to the Docks for export. Our ship had arrived from bad weather a day ahead, in France, which we could not stop due to excessive rough seas from heavy wind conditions.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_of_Southampton (This is where the our Cruise Ship landed us)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Port of Southampton
    Southampton Docks - geograph.org.uk - 1721650.jpg
    Country United Kingdom
    Location Southampton, Hampshire, England
    Coordinates 50.8965°N 1.3968°WCoordinates: 50.8965°N 1.3968°W
    Operated by Associated British Ports (ABP)
    Available berths 45 (20–49, 101—110, 200—207)
    Port of Southampton

    The Port of Southampton is a passenger and cargo port in the central part of the south coast of England. The modern era in the history of the Port of Southampton began when the first dock was inaugurated in 1843. The port has been owned and operated by Associated British Ports since 1982, and is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.

    The port is ten miles (16 km) inland, between the confluence of the rivers Test and Itchen and the head of the mile-wide drowned valley known as Southampton Water. The mouth of the inlet is protected from the effects of foul weather by the mass of the Isle of Wight, which gives the port a sheltered location. Additional advantages include a densely populated hinterland and close proximity to London, and excellent rail and road links to the rest of Britain which bypass the congestion of London.

    The average tidal range is approximately 5 feet (1.5 metres), with 17 hours per day of rising water thanks to the port's "double tides". These allow the largest container and cruise ships access to the port for up to 80 per cent of the time, according to the container terminal operator DP World Southampton. The effect is a result of tidal flow through the English Channel: high tide at one end of the Channel (Dover) occurs at the same time as low tide at the other end (Land's End). Points near the center have one high water as the tidal swell goes from left to right, another as it then goes from right to left. Neither is as high as the one at each end.[1]

    The principal berths are divided into three areas, The Old Dock at the junction of the Rivers Test and Itchen consisting of berths 20–49; The New Dock, known as the Western Dock, built by the Southern Railway consisting of Berths 101–110; and the Container Terminal consisting of berths 200–207. The last two are constructed on reclaimed land.

    Tried to get a few pictures here to show,

    This is our ship, one of the largest I have ever been on.........Wasn't expected, because we usually travel on much smaller ships. Definitely made 14 days in the Atlantic well worth it.....

    This is South Hampton, England, Auto and Cruise Ship Docking area, the ship you see here is taking on Export Auto's from UK area. It left later at night to points unknown.

    If you look here, you'll see a UK Loco with single step Cars, Auto Loaders coming to the dock for Export, Sorry I coundn't take a better picture this day.

    Better picture of Auto Loader cars, and look at the stack of Vehicles headed and staged for other ports on the continent.

    One of the many, many remarkable British Buildings we got to see in UK.........We tried to find Big Ben, but it looks he is under construction for remodel or something?

    Azores Island, absolutely stunning Beauty here,, everywhere on the Island.

    This is part of the Volcanic Cone we traveled inside of and this is looking out from the Rim of the Road, several small Lakes, this being one of them.
    The link below is gives a good description of what the Islands are like..

    Coming into one of our ports early in the morning, we passed by this little gem in the middle of now where, have no idea what it is or it's purpose.......

    A lone Freighter we pass on the way to England, in fact on our way to the UK, we saw more Freighters, Auto Shipping Boats etc. in the last day, than all the other days of our Cruise.

    Night lights of Spain area, as we leave for England.

    I apologize I couldn't get good enough Internet connection reliable to post here.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures, and as always, comments are welcome.
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    Question Locomotive from Southhampton Rail, England, UK (need some help on IDing the Loco?)

    Good Saturday all,

    My body is slowly readjusting to new Sleep hours from England, I was able to sleep until 4AM, LOL, day by day, inch by inch.........

    So I wanted to find some better pictures of the locomotives I saw in Southhampton, England, UK area off the boat......If I didn't have a Cold that day, I would have gone down off ship and talked to the Crews for minute, as they were idling nearby with Car Unloading to the Outgoing Auto Export Ship that night, locate next to our Ship. I found these on the Web today, and they look about right with Colors and type of Locomotives I saw operating this week.

    I know from looking at the length and size these Locomotives are, they should be about 4000 Horsepower or more. Looks like they have 2-3Axle Traction Motors. I just don't know what Model and specifics they are.........Maybe if one you knows what these big fellas are, you could post me a name so I could read up and find something in Trainz to try out?

    I would be grateful, and Payware is OK too...........Thanks

    What occurs that I can surmise, they bring in a long string of single level Auto Loaders, I believe single level, because of Tunnel or Bridge height restrictions, here in the States we do 2-3 level Auto loaders cars. So with that said, they break there consist into 3 groups, do a runaround, and shunt them into the awaiting single team tracks, where drivers start up cars, and drive them off the Auto Loader and onto the awaiting huge Auto Loader Ship at dock. And they are fast too, they don't waste any time.

    In fact there looks like 4-5 parking structures with additional vehicles awaiting transfer to Auto loader Ships in Southhampton Terminal Docks'

    Here is a link to some other Terminal Pictures, older of course of what I think is the same area, or nearby where I was in the past?

    https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/southampton-railway?sort=mostpopular&mediatype=photography&phr ase=southampton%20railway

    Picture below is the best one shows where we docked and the Rail Freight to Boat operations.


    And these blue cranes unload Intermodal Containers and huge metal Plates off Ships.......I watched one unloaded on the other side of our ship. This is ranked as number 2 busiest Port Terminal and there was 24 hour operations from the short period of time I spent here. 1.5 days.

    Terminal load on the way to Ports?

    This ship is similiar to the ones I saw at the Southhampton Port operations. And you can see what appears as a similar Docked Cruise ship we were on too.

    This looks like it is nearby.....But I didn't see this part of the Docks, as we took a local bus into town.........

    Thanks folks for coming by......to see me........

    I'll share some other projects I was working on while on the Cruise, lost in the Atlantic Ocean.......It was a fun trip, and I would love to do something similar in the Future......For me and the family, it always interesting to see what kind of Food and Customs other folks have around the World.

    Enjoy your week end.
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    EWS 60065 is a BR Class 60 more info about the real thing at http://www.railuk.info/diesel/getloco.php?item=%2060065
    There are 27 listed of Class 60's on the DLS from 2004 upwards

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitburncolliery View Post
    EWS 60065 is a BR Class 60 more info about the real thing at http://www.railuk.info/diesel/getloco.php?item=%2060065
    There are 27 listed of Class 60's on the DLS from 2004 upwards
    Thanks for the excellent info, now my Quest to see what this and the other model's are all about.

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    A Blessed Sunday Morning,

    So we discussed where I have been for the last 16 days lost in the Atlantic, and jumping between 6 different Country's, it was lots of fun, now it's time to get back into Routine.......It'll be a trip we'll always remember and fun with Family we don't see too often.

    O f course while we had what you call Sea Days, in between our Port of Call Stops when we weren't eating or dancing etc, well you know, I just had to play with my Trainz a bit here and there!

    I worked on several things, one being faulty assets, remember I had at least 1500 when I changed to SP-2 update,, with some diligent work I have improved that number to 240.

    Found were lots of incompatible Asset's, too old, mesh issues that I could not fix, because I don't understand that part of the asset.

    I'm not a Asset Builder, and probably will never be one either. That's better for others that have that type of talent. I also had major issues with several of Mcguirel's Tree's and I love her tree's but T:ANE surely does not! So it is what it is, I think I got rid of 30-50 of the Trees that I couldn't fix.

    Lots of these Faulty Assets had the uniform color and Texture.txt missing or file compatibility issue, which ASSET X took good care of.

    I need to learn more about ASSET X and I also need to update some of it's files, I don't think I have quite the latest ones. Am working with 3.0 or slightly higher Vers.

    Since I was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for a bit of time I took some time and read the Help File which is 124 pages of well written information and how too examples. "Asset X" is terrific program to help with T:ANE and other versions that need corrective measures for Asset integrity/compatibility issues and so much more I haven't mentioned. Andi (Asset X's creator) was a true visionary, we lost a lot when the Lord took him, but those who are working with the Program now, are really helping out to keep his creation ongoing.

    Also took some time to go thru my Route List Inventory and weed out some of my Excess or no longer needed Routes.

    As you know, I have been playing with KCS Hilliam Sub by Applegathc, I great Yard Module that is perfect to add or build onto one of your Routes. I decided after making some alterations to Signals and track arrangements etc, I needed another Route to merge with the KCS Hilliam Sub, after carefully checking my inventory? I found a perfect Route by our master Route Builder, Phil Skene, "RIVERSIDE RAILROAD CO" size was perfect, only problem with my hair brained idea, I needed to slip the "KCS Hilliam Sub" into the middle of Phil's Route, so this would take some cutting, slicing some Route Tiles. And of course we had separate Layers in Phil's Route which had to be worked into the Merge........

    First course of Action, and really easy one, I take the 2 Routes start a merge to see how things line up, and exactly where the KCS Sub center piece will fit into the Merge.

    I go into the Surveyor Mode and make backup copies of both Routes in case something goes wrong......Backup, Backup, Backup if not, you trust Windows and T:TANE to do things correctly, not in my Camp folks, I trust the Creator. but I never trust machine or software, been there, done that, and lost some things at great price as have you.

    With backup copies of the Routes, I jimmy the 2 Routes together and see what my best options are, like a good Carpenter, measure twice and cut one for proper fit.

    Now we see what tiles need to be cut out, and we also see that the Phil's Route will be cut just of Center into 2 Routes.

    Cut is completed, after two separate passes to end up with right and left sections of the Route. We now have "A" and "B" parts, drop in KCS into one of them, save the merge.

    Merge the 3 Route Layer's into One Layer for now, open the Center and "A" part Route, check it over, everything good, except we had some of nefarious T:ANE Texture Quakes where it had merge point melding issues. This is normal.

    Now we do the final merge of other half of Phil's Layout and the merge works.

    The only thing I had an issue with, for some reason, I lost all the Switch Arms in the Route Merge, I think I forgot a Sub Layer merge which had the Switches in it. So I went around and redid all the missing Switch Stands, cost of doing Merge business. I can live with that!

    Another thing,

    Now the Route has some extended areas, where KCS goes well beyond the Riverside Railroads Tile Board width, so will need to add several blank Boards to match out our land area connection spots, to make sure we don't have a too small area with quick drop-off look.

    And we also need to do the following in order to make this Route look and operate in unison?

    Extend and connect, Trackage, River, Streets between the points of connection where the Routes Marry up.

    This will take some time and imagination. I use Black Ballasted Rail Track as an outline to see how the River needs to look between the Merge Parts.

    I'll need some River Rail Bridge crossovers and do some Mountain Building in the new Water Way areas I created between the Routes.

    This is part of the KCS Hilliam Yard we are doing switching moves to get the Signal Aspects working the way I want them too.

    Out here on an old Branch line, were testing some switching links. Etc.

    This is a very old Paper Mill here that we still service, if it gets any older the place will collapse, very good aging work here by Applegathc.......

    View of huge anf I mean huge Locomotive Roundhouse.

    Below you see a lot of plain tiles, I have artifacts of Signal Lights left over from Merge Cuts, and the only way to get rid of all these Phantom Signals was to slip in Tiles under the Phantom Signal Lights, and then delete the Tiles and save the file. That does the trick.

    Black Ring area is K?CS Hilliam Sub, on each side is the cut in 1/2 Riverside Rail R.R. from Phil Skene, in the red square outline areas. Yellow outline is the bridging Tiles to make all 3 Merge Points come together.

    KCS Hilliam Sub with several artifacts I had to slide more new Tiles to rid the area of Phantom Assets left over from the Tile Cuts where Black arrows are leading.

    Here is an excellent picture of my Phantoms.....What a pain, I don't know why T:ANE does, but it does, and this is me, putting out new Tiles now to rid the Phantoms. You can also see pieces of Blue which are old Tracks that didn't delete when I cut Tiles. Just to clarify, there where no Train Consists on any of these Routes either, I clear all Trains off all the Routes before I merge them.

    This part of the new Merge Map with lots of new Tiles.......Lot of Texturing, Mountain and River Building will be needed. Plus Track connection points, with Tunnels and River Bridges Etc.

    Look carefully on bottom section of new Tiles, and you'll see my Elevation cuts for the waterways where I dropped the elevation by -20 feet for the River paths between the new cut areas.

    Here I am playing with the 2 merge pieces to see the best way to fit them together for the Track Connections, it usually takes 2-6 tries to get it the way it will fit so it looks OK.
    I think this will do for today......Thanks for coming to visit............

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    Lightbulb Little of this and a little of that for my Friends

    Good Wednesday all,

    Week is going by soon, and then there is Mother's day on the horizon, don't forget those Post Cards folks, get some before they are all picked over. It well be especially sad for one of our friends as there's is battling cancer, and was given there last rights over this last weekend. So we pray for her comfort,,as the mother has been thru 5 surgeries to try and save her, but Alas, they can do more........

    So I have been busy with the KCS Hilliam to Riverside merge, it is coming along well if I can remember not to save my work to older version files......Lost about 2 hours work the day before, could have been worse I suppose, I had done some River edge and Mountain work in a section, when I opened the Route it had reverted back like I hadn't made changes, I was hitting my head on the wall trying to figure what was up, then realized what I had done. Too sleepy late at night and not realizing.......All I could do was laugh and redo the changes I had not saved.........

    So I went thru some of my picture examples, and came up with these Photos for today.

    As you know I am am a Caboose type guy, I love Caboose's and I still think, and they can slap me silly, I know, but every train should have one. I never will get over the fact a EOT device, (End of Train air pressure checker) took out my beloved Caboose!!! Yup, EOT will tell you when your Air changes or stops working, but that is about it, it doesn't have those eyes telling you have a Hot Journal box, slipped load, or anything else going on at back of your Train......Call me sentimental, that's fine, but I won't except Trains without a Caboose on my Road........

    Anyway, I saw this Southern X255 and snatched it up........

    Made by Shebastan7, Kuid:442211:100497and here is his Notes:

    A reskin of PWeiser's excellent NH NE-5 Caboose intended to represent a typical Southern Railway center-cupola caboose from the steam era.
    Model is courtesy of PWeiser. Credit to Pete Willard of Rail Sim Stuff for the Southern Railway Freight font used in the creation of this skin.
    ORIGINAL DESC - All-welded steel caboose class NE-5, 125 similar in service with the New Haven from the mid-1940s, road numbers 510-635. Some passed to successor and other roads.

    This model is undecorated, road numbers and markings removed and rainbow-colored railings and window frames for ease in re skinning. Mapping improved to allow lettering on cupola.

    Look at those cool running lights in the rear.........Sign me up for a Virtual drive, and make sure there's a working Pot Belly and Rest Bed in to, with some Hot Joe to keep me warm on a Cold Snowy Night.........

    Over here at Scratchy's house, Coal Country is a beaut of a Decapod, and this little guy runs like a Tennessee Stepping Horse, whistle and Bell is stunning to see and hear. She's ready to prance around and move those heavy Coal Cars.

    For the newer Trainzer's that might not be familiar with this Gem of a Route, here is the Thread to Scratchy's Route, he does some awesome work.......Keep in mind this is Payware, and in my humble estimation, worth every Penny of it when you look the extremely realistic Route and Rolling Stock that runs on it. Decapod is from K&L Trains, payware too, again, very well worth it, as Steve Lerro does a bang up job creating his Master Craftsmen Locomotives.............


    And we are make our turn on the Wye to get our empties filled for the Railroad's Coal Session.....Thank's Scratchy for all you hard work.........

    Back over on KCS Hilliam Sub, I had to adjust this Switch leg merging across into the local Yard, it had a bit of bind on the nearness of two switches, just needed a little repositioning, now we are running our power thru here to does some yard Shunting to check our clearance points out.....So far so good.

    Checking Platform clearance here to make sure I didn't move these tracks out of alignment..........

    And a picture from my Bermuda Stop on our cruise, this looks to be an Old Pirate or Fishing Ship, I don't know for sure, but thought it was pretty cool, they were working on it when we came thru.

    This is a Map of Phil Skene's Riverside Railroad Map, before I cut the Route up for Merging, it is like all of Phil's Routes, complex and neatly designed with purpose and function.

    Ok, this is the KCS Hilliam Sub merged into Phil's route. I added lots of tiles as you can see so I have room for cross connection mainlines for the pieces to work.

    A in yellow is the new River I made to connect up with original River channels. B is the next part I am working on now, and have to widen the channel throat to make it look and work OK for my purposes.

    C & D is final River connection and widening projects, with lots of Train Track relocation, River Bridge additions etc. Takes lots of time, the one thing in my favor, is Elevation between the layouts is a minimal 10-20 feet so no biggy.

    Here is a Mock up of Paint textures on image map, as to how I think it will look, once changes our instituted into the Route module. You can see the Mainlines I have put next to the River's edge.....

    Red Line arrows are where the new connection points of River come together on the center merge part of the Route.

    Yellow is where I working on it today.

    And that's it for now......All have a good day and I'll be back with more progress pictures of what I am changing here.
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    Good Thursday all,

    The week has flown by for us, as we help our friend prepare for the passing of her mother with Stage 4 cancer of the colon, and for some reason her Mother has not passed, I can only think that she does not want to leave this Earth before mother's day and/or someone in the family has not made it to see and say so long to her. All we can do is pray for her comfort and support the family members thru this most difficult time.

    So I thought I would post these picks before I we head up for our daily visit to the Hospice.

    Have been working on my merge checking the rails, and guess what I found, there was a mainline signal that refused to go clear over and near some crossover tracks, double sets of them on 3 parallel main lines, so I knew something was wrong, as the signals down wind where green, but non of the approach ones nearby these junctions showed clear on this one or two main lines, after ripping out 2 sets of crossovers, tearing my hair out, and thinking some choice !@#$%^&*()_+ Words!!!!! Alas I figured out the problem.

    I had corrupted section of mainline Track 1/4 mile long in 2 sections, now why would that be.??????

    My only thought that comes to mind?

    I had moved the track radius several times to adjust for the merge of center changes between KCS and Riverside Railroad Co Routes and somewhere along the line I guess I disturbed the integrity of that section of Rail Bed, and you could not see it nor detect any errors, but when I replace the sections of Rail, voila, the light cleared from Red to Green........So the Crossover's had nothing to do with the error, and were on both sides of the compromised Rail in question........Problem solved after 15 mins of heavy duty inspection.

    I did have some comedy on the Merged route, I was in the process of coming to River Drop or Cantilever that raises on one side to clear boats, in this case it had lowered for our freight to cross, and I decided to snap a quick picture while the train was just starting to cross, the bridge didn't approve and started to rise up as we entered the passage, fortunately, it only rose about 5-10 feet up, and then lowered back down as our freight passed over it.........I sure the engineer had a pair of pants to get washed after this one......Stranger things that happens in TANE.....???????? Crazy huh....

    So I won't be snapping any pictures again when we are on that bridge unless the Train is in Static position...........Don't need a Freight thrown into the cold river water!!!!!

    Now over to Watseka & Kankakee Railroad for min here,

    Our local Hump Rail Yard is adjusted the way I need, less tracks, since my Graphics card draw 14 some parallel tracks at once. Our UP manifest Train is pulling a string of Dave Snows new boxcars down to industries for drop off.

    A distant shot of our train as it pulls out of Rail yard holding tracks on a beautiful clear day with wispy clouds passing by.

    We pass a local Coal Drag headed north to a Power Company for supply needs.

    We going to let the Coal Drag get ahead of us, as Power Company says there Coal supply is getting low, and they need this Train in today if possible.......Local Dispatch has stacked the signals, Code Speak for making sure signals are mostly Green with occasional Yellows if needed. But I don't think that'll be the case, we have double mains all the way thru, and lots of experienced Crews working.........

    A huh, Milwaukee Special is coming thru as Junk Special, a little something for everyone.......

    No delays for him either, he has lots of Customers to see and drop off the requested Rail Shipments. All in a days work her on the "Watseka & Kankakee Railroad"

    Another Milwaukee Power has just finished his Hump Load distrobution about 40 some cars sorted out for future manifest Trains tomorrow will have this going on 24 a day....

    Now we head over to Engine service and Oil, anything else he needs........Will have a look at his 90 Day service card too, make sure everything is square, maintenance is extremely important in our world, not keeping it up, can lead to deadly and costly results, especially derailments if it has to do with Traction motors or Braking issues.

    Our little Yellow car mover comes in handy when we need some small Shunting moves in the Hump yard or Bad Order equipment moves.......Saves fuel too!!

    Triple headed power is pulling thru the yard, they have a few cars that need cutout for the Car Shops repair.

    We got our clearance and Signal from Yard Manager, good to go, as we power up here. we have about 30 car consist now, but that will cut to about 20 after we drop off the cars tagged for Car Shops maintenance and repairs. We heard some of couplers on them need upgrades.........

    The day is slipping by as Dusk approaches now.

    We need to cut our cars off here and push them into the Car Shop ahead.......We have runaround and Team Tracks to help us do it easily.

    Afternoon Crews have gone home, and the night crew is in Briefing for what they need to work on for repairs, they already know we are here with more work for them.....That's a good thing, more work, keeps gainful employment for these specialized Crews...........

    That's it for now,,,,enjoy your day and thanks for popping in........
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    Lightbulb Happy Mothers Day to the Ladies/Kudos to rcgx Assets/Aussie Merge review.

    Good Saturday Morning to all,

    First order of business here, A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND TO THE LADIES here in the forum, you deserve the best, it's been another quick year, so thank you for keep us Gents out of trouble, a mother's work is never truly complete..........I applaud you for the efforts. My mother is in heaven so will pray and say hello, I do miss her.

    Alright, so a Shout out to "rgcx" for his tremendous effort with more Rolling Stock that has virtually no errors in T:ANE,

    I downloaded a few thousand cars late last night, and out of all that, 2-3 had minor errors in T:ANE which I'll address or just delete them......He has a huge variety of Rolling Stock he has made for us. See Link below for his thread and additional instructions. And I downloaded all his Obsolete files to make sure everything is balanced out with latest updates, revisions etc. Took a few hours, but very well worth it and I am grateful for his Asset creations and re skins Etc.

    Kudos to you rgcx ! Job well done!!!!!


    Ok now for our day's pictures below, This is mega merge I did probably 2 yrs ago, it consists of Aussie, Country, Snow Valley, English Highlands. Alps and other Route's I put together over time. I suppose you could say it is a very international route.....You go from the beach to the Out lands, thru Ground mountain valleys, Some desert type areas, and lagoon spots too.

    Now I need to be honest, these are not my Routes, they made by other Authors downloaded from the DSL and just changed for my use only.......

    And you should know by now, if you don't I love to merge Routes together, I get ideas and understanding from other Route Creators, which helps me to learn more about this Simulator they call T:ANE. You can never learn to much either, I have only scrated the surface here and I do by no means know it all.........There is always room to learn.......

    This one of the 9000 UP Steamers if I recall correctly, I had redone lots of tracks in this spot, and was testing the larger rolling stock (locos) to see how my curves and Radii were doing. I also had replaced the Cantilever Bridge in the back with something different. I really like these colorful Trees instead of all drab Green or Brownish looking Trees and Shrub Etc.

    Here is a pair of C&O switchers with nice bright looking caboose to follow, we do some Shunting for a new Chemicals and Water Plant around the corner, I had to lay the Tracks in several times to get the right curve in place for allocated space, next to River.

    Replaced the Crossing Bucks with Automated lights, so were doing a test here, and appears OK! My Graphic card hurts on the draw distance here, but those mountains in the back really came out good when your on the other Track in the back country there. They almost rendered out with color, but that is where the limit line came in from this side.

    New relaid Spur line into the City area, and then it hooks up with main lines in the Valley area to the Right, you can't quite see it thru my Trees and Foliage. On the left of us, there is SP Caboose sitting on Main #! as SD-40's roll up off the other spur to collect some Iron Ore from a Mining Plant........

    Ah, here is my SD-40's to come and pickup a string of heavy ORE Cars.........Over to the Right in the back across from river is huge Truckiing outfit, we have 2 tracks going into that building for car to Truck transfer of commodities, I think about 50 Rail cars will fit on 2 tracks in the building, keeps the Railroad busy and the Trucking firm, you would say a good symbiotic relationship that makes both of us money.

    Milwaukee power is heading to the Commodity Transfer center ahead I just spoke about.

    This whole area got re signaled and some serious Track direction changes too, so far, so good. We have a good wood chip plant on the other side to keep us busy too. Particle board anyone?????

    Wherever I can, use 3 Signal Inter-lockers for multi spur areas, and they work great for my traffic. Later on I will add PWares special junction controllers, just another thing in my bucket list to do.

    Here is an over head view of the many shots I just showed you, with the large Commidity Building that has 2 team tracks for extra storage needs.

    I thought Milwaukee Consists was headed there but Conductor told me they are instead headed out the Port area for Fruit and other things, this is a string of empties mostly, with some loads for the incoming ships.

    We are headed into a Tunnel, then up in elevation to the Mountain Passes ahead, afterwards will decend down into our Ports of Call facility and pick up some loads for tomorrow's run.

    Busy Railroad, you bet your booty it is......but actually this is a slower day, we have much more ships comming in later in the week, plus growing season is here, so lots of Fertilizer to move to the farmers and other folks......

    Have a nice weekend all, thanks for coming to visit.

    Don't forget to your Flowers and Card for Mom!!!
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  10. #820


    Good Monday all,

    Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend.

    Niddertalbahn, Canadian Atlantic Corridor, Flaam Route Pictures to share today, in the first set of you see the TC3 and 7 Series I got from NV3 recent sale. Added to my European Livery and run on the Niddertalbahn Route (German Route). I only have a bit of European livery presently and will need to gather more over time. My plans are to make just a few small changes to the Track alignment nothing major and I have to remove a few mass planting of Trees which causes some higher than wanted frame stutter. The Route is well made and very picturesque.
    ================================================== ================================================== =========
    Author's notes:This is the lat demo update before the full V1.0 remember V1.0 is under a new kuid. The CNR Halifax Sub is a real route with many other subs added that run or ones ran in Nova Scotia from 1800s up to the current day today. Most of the former railways have been removed and only 2 now renamed "Halifax Sub ( DAR )" & "Bedford Sub". This route gives you a look back at all former and present routes as if they still existed in a modern time era that mixed all together. The Map starts in the City of Halifax Nova Scotia the map includes Dartmouth Sub, Halifax South West, Bedford Sub, Truro Sub, Halifax Sub, Kentville Sub & former DAR lines. The route is over 200 miles long and is the only Nova Scotia Route in trainz with 75% of Nova Scotia Railway's in it that ran in this Eastern part of Canada.

    Railroads used are CP, CN, VIA, WHRC, DAR, HSWRR. Today however, only VIA and CN still use the mail line which runs from Truro to Halifax and Dartmouth.

    I have more pictures from the KCS/Riverside Route merge to show. Did lots of River Water reclamation and canal cutting to get all the River Flows brought together in unity after the three way merge process. And more item changes in respect to the KCS Hilliam Sub Rail Yard as well.

    Came across a locked asset connection stub for the hub Yard, that even removing the Land Tile on the original Route, it would not I'D itself And it was locked in mid air, crazy thing So I kept a file copy of the Route before I made changes, which allowed me to go back and make some small changes. But I was able to reconnect the Tracks to it and it works for now, have no idea what it does, other than a small Stub connection. In totality of the Route it's small thing, so what I did because I had wanted to change the height, I just lower the Tracks going away, and that worked out for what I needed to happen as far as Hump % drop, and cars roll just right for me.

    Niddertalbahn Route (German Route) shown here.......Wonderful to play on........Still learning the Route!!!

    Got some nice old Locomotives here.

    Very happy with my new Russian Locomotives here, and they have manual startup engines..........I need to learn their Loco Controls in the CAB as it is as one would expect a somewhat different layout. If you look at the Traction motors, these models have 3 pair per Axle, this little lady has the mojo to pull a good load in the hilly terrain.

    A larger view here as we look out the Gorgeous Valley, kudos to the Route builder here, love this Route and lots of fun running it, if you don't have the Route, I would highly recommend it,. another one of the Great Routes if you like Country Themes with lots of Mainline running and plenty of Shunting opportunities all nicely woven together seamlessly. Now the only slight detractor, and this is not a dig, I had to thin out the Trees a little only to help my Graphics card improve the frame Stutter.....On more powerful computers, this Route should run with no issues at all.

    Looking out over a mixed Rail yard and Station stop, we can do lots of Freight and passenger surface, there are excellent crossover tracks to due virtually whatever you want......Have Fun with fantastic Route..........

    BNSF junk train from JR I believe......Nice looking consist shown here in "Canadian Atlantic Corridor" which is a huge representation of the real Canadian Route.

    In fooling around with the Asset missing issues, I just ended up, deleting them, as I couldn't locate their origin, however it didn't hurt the route at all. I just need to add a few things here and there.

    The author has done a masterful job with Foliage and Shrubbery. Stunning Route in the way he made it after the real life Roads...........This is very large Route so you'll need strong Computer to run.....I can barely run it on weak laptop, but what I did, was cut some of the Route off for now, and I might just make it half and half with a portal connection between the 2 half's but that is for later days.......I'm busy on the KCS Sub, UMR2018, and Niddertalbahn, Canadian Atlantic Corridor, Flaam Routes........Never a dull moment around here.

    If there is one thing in Trainz, we have some terrific Route Builders, hands down, we are blessed beyond comparison to have these awesome Creators in our midst.

    The forth car in the back carries an old car for Repairs or scrap heap, I'm not sure, but this is the only car of this type load I have in my inventory, pretty cool I think!

    Longer view, we are just clearing the crossing headed onto the mainline, looks like we some traffic on the Road today.

    In the Flaam Route this is the top of the Alps Mountains where the line ends here with the Portal connection, and allows you to return to the bottom valley floor.

    I plan on double Tracking the Flaam Route, and extending this upper mountain top line, there is a switch back too which takes you to an unfinished Tunnel entrance, probably the Author had some more things he wanted to accomplish, and trust me, he did a lot of work on this Route with huge complex Mountain Gorges lots of crisscross Mainlines headed up the Alps. Amazing what he did on this Route with majestic Water Falls from high up, nice visual effects and I learned some more ways of Water fall effects.

    Very nice appealing Route, even though the Route is set for Passenger Service now, I plan on bifurcating that over time to include Freight service up in the higher altitudes of the Route.

    Thank you for visiting folks.
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    Lightbulb Playing on the UMR 2018 Route

    Good Wednesday Day all, it's the middle of the week,

    I'm having a good time on KCS Hillian Sub fixing a Brake Retarder issue, and it's not the Asset at Fault, it's that trouble child T:ANE didn't let it operate correctly.. So you know, I had to do that find a newer asset, any asset that would stop the Rolling Stock in my hump yard. And I did, it was a Pink Arrow, and it works great.

    While we are on the Asset's item, please check your, only if you use ASSET-X, and see if you have the latest version, your version should be 3.3 if not you'll need to download the update here.


    Download the file, double click, and make sure your Asset X is closed, and it might take all of 30 Seconds.

    So lets swing over to UMR 2018 Route for bit.

    Author's Notes describe one really nice Route, with Industries nicely spaced out, lots of mainline running, and good amount of Shunting for you switching fans.
    ================================================== ==================================
    Fifty one new miles of mainline/branch line track added to the West and North, with 5 new towns and 5 new commodities: General Auto parts, Corn Oil, Corn Sweetener, Propane, and 5/16' Copper Rod.

    All assets are on the DLS, with the exception of the free weathered container pack and the TOFC pack from JointedRail.com.
    Special thanks to all who created content - and especially to George Fisher, James Flanders, and Andrew Cochrane, who gave their permission for the mergers to take place.

    In picture below, we have a broken coupler, no the engineer wasn't at fault, it was a fatigue and fracture that finally caused it to break, fortunately we weren't headed up a hill and end up with runaway rear end of our train. Takes about 15 mins to fix, walk the Coupler from the Engine, 10 mins, knock out the hinge pin, and drop new coupler in, and then re pin, 5 mins, back up and make a joint, air pressure and brake test...Then will be on our way.

    Our Grade Crossing Safety CSX consists here are getting ready to move to another enforcement operation, every time we do one, the message gets out there and hopefully passes on. Don't play with a heavy weight, you can stop, Trains can't (they can stop, but 1/4 to 2 miles later) after they hit your car, or person! For more information Google Operation Lifesaver for your area, and or world wide.

    On the other side here, we have a power plant which takes lots of Coal to fire, good business for the Railroad, and it is a clean burning plant too.

    I decided to put a Fred EOT on the end of this passenger consists, as there are no apparent clearance lights on this one, don't need a rear end collision if another Engineer isn't paying attention, and believe me, it has happened too many times.

    You got the figure the long hours these crews work, a minimum of 12 hrs, and it can go to 16 under unusual circumstances, but then a like Airlines, Boats, Trucking to name a few, the serious thing called FATIGUE FACTOR comes into to play where your body starts to shut down, unless your taking some stimulants that you shouldn't be, and that's another discussion we won't go into here! The safe to say, you take care of your employees the same as a family member..........It's teamwork that counts in all Jobs and at home too......

    Very colorful and nice looking Dock Cranes here.......

    Just across the valley, here is our Dock with large ship in Dock unloading here. Great business for the Railroad.

    And we have Coal loading facility here as well. Lots of import/export going on. And it is pouring rain, but the Dock work will continue.......

    And some special FEMA cars for the Government. Which while I'm thinking about it, we move a special items of unusual size or dimension, that would be more difficult and costly if not impossible, such as Missiles and Specialize construction equipment. The Railroad when given a chance can do a lot of things you might not expect when called on for special duty. We even move Military Troops and first responders into inaccessible areas if our Rail is good....Just something to think about.

    Check out this article and how the Railroad trains them too.....


    A couple of C&O GP9 with dynamic brake Blue one's in picture. I really like these C&O Road engines, they work great. In the next picture below, I posted who made them and where they are available.......

    Author's Notes: Chesapeake purchased 363 GP9s between 1954 and 1957. They were numbered 5901-6263, following the GP7s numbered 5800-5900. The first
    148 GP9s were delivered in the classic blue with yellow lettering and
    stripes paint scheme. In June 1956, the stripes were omitted and the
    entire side sill and pilot was painted yellow with units 6048-6208.
    In 1957, the Railroad Roman lettering gave way to Futura Demibold.
    In 1964, the 'Doughnut' scheme was used, and this lasted until 'Chessie System' paint was unveiled in 1973.
    EMD GP9
    HP: 1750
    Engine: 16 cyl 567C Made by cincysouthernrwy on DSL.....Kuid 45588:6047:1

    Overview of rest of dock yards, and water here appears very black looking, I think because of altitude, I might change the color a little bit and lighten it a bit....?

    As you can see do to the size of this route, the Author kept the Tile width very narrow, and to run on my Laptop, I might have to keep it the same, will see, but in some spots I might add a Tile or 2 where the cutoff edges are bit too close. But that's me being picky, this is another outstanding Route to play with.....52 Miles.....really good size with lots of Variety.....Check it out.....UMR 2018.........

    This inside of our Safety Train, the head end power is Diesel..........Very nicely done...If I remember correctly these are SDM70 AC's from VIA Canadian Power on lease with us.

    I think that'll do for today.....You all take care.........

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    Lightbulb Watseeka Kankakee Excursion/Flaam Rte gets new Freight Service in town!

    Good Saturday Day all,

    Working between " Watseka & Kankakee R.R. & Flaam Routes. Lets see what's going on today.

    Our Excursion special on the W & K is heading up thru Farm fields today, still en route to Snowy Mountain areas. We continue to explore our Rails, here as I learn this Route.

    We see some busy Farmers roto disking their fields today. Farming starts early and ends late. A lot work to needed in Bread Basket areas of the USA.

    We are going to turn the ground here. Crops are picked and it's time to fold the Green back into the soil......

    Brand new Three-phase Locomotive 185.2 from Bombardier, ICJI 119 010-6(a-train) by "cj187", and will be bringing some Diesel Freight Engines from the same Author here to handle the Dock Projects!

    Shout out to "cj187" great models you make, and they run perfect, and better yet, no errors in T:ANE, that's a Bonus in itself for me........

    Over at Flaam, remember I mentioned I wanted to Double Track, and put in some limited Freight Operations, to help moving raw materials and some Silo for Grains etc, on a small scale.

    Well the work has started, took a while to figure out where and how I could put in the new Mainlines for Dock Ship trans load operations.

    It going to help our neighbors in the higher altitudes where only Rail Service can reach the Towns.

    In the pictures below, I noted the changes you see taking place.

    We added 2 new Freight Lines bifurcated against both sets of Mountain Ranges in the Valley floor area of Flaam Route.

    Those spots do not have enough room, and it's a safety consideration with Power lines close to the Water so I am not electrifying the Dock area Tracks........Diesel will be perfect for the job......

    This necessitated extending a longer River channel on one side of the Valley. Notice I'm using Dark Coal Rail Tracks to form my Channels. Makes it easy to see the Rail Track as a marker for the changes when I do overhead views. And I hit the level tool to bring the Ground up to the Rail height......That gives me a starting height form, as I raise the rest of the Grid lines later for the new Rail Yard area..........

    I learned this from another Route Builder who used this technique for building Mountains Etc.....It works fantastic.

    Here we making a man made Island area for new Freight Tracks, and relocation of Passenger Station, and a host of other things that needed changing around.....

    There was a change I made a few days after this photo was taken. The 2 Step see wall was changed to a single lower wall after I leveled the area out. For whatever reason it slows my Graphics down with too many See Walls in an area........So removing one of them reduced my Frame stutter.....The game of Graphics........Grrrrrrrr......

    This area is going to have huge changes here, this is just the beginning, and it takes several revisions to get it the way I want it to look. Especially when it comes to new Tracks going into the Docks below. As we drop about 10-15 feet, to the Level the water is at.

    The red arrow here is where I am putting up new land fill and changing the River Channel, extending a long ways out where it meets the Lake......The yellow line is a new Dock Mainline.

    This scooped out areas will be filled in some too.....We have daily 3x Ferry Transports for Buses and Cars etc coming into the city from other cities across the bay.

    This is part of the Land Ocean bridge between Sea Ports lots of Ferry Boat service. And some day, we might even have a dedicated Train Car Transport too. that's way off in the future.......

    It might be a little hard to follow what I'm doing here, but I need to get the new river channel put in the way I want it. Then Landfill pushed out to the left of the walls. The next set of pictures will make more sense once all the digging and land filling is accomplished.

    I know, it's a mess here, sorry for Construction mess, but wanted you too see how I make the changes, it might give you some ideas on how things could be changed up a bit.......Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

    Thank's for dropping in, will see you back on Monday with more new Pics as WIP continues..........

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    Lightbulb Revisit the Aussie Merge Route.....Driving the deep river gorges.......Etc.

    Good morning all, Monday the beginning of a new week,

    Lets see what kind of Tom Foolery we can into with T:ANE this week.......LOL!!!!

    I have been busy on the Flaam Route for the last week revamping Rails, Texture, River Channels, and now involved with Catenary restringing the new Tracks where needed for Electrification needs according to the changes I made in the Harbor and Wharf areas.

    Part of the reason is due to the fact, will have duel mode, Electrical and Diesel service in the Harbor area. Harbor is 100% Diesel, with Passenger service being Electrical only for now.

    Putting in Catenary is new to me, I have very limited experience, but they say practice helps you learn. It takes time for me, since I have go back and check to see the Wires are centered on the Rails correctly.....I really need to go and read up on Catenary system so I understand it better........

    Will visit the new changes on the Flaam, later on, lets go over to one of my Favorite merged routes, The Aussie Merge, which has several routes in it.

    Below is the Snow Valley and I think Loops area, we come out of the tunnel here into large River Canyon with steep walls, stunning views and wonderful to run your consists on.

    Here we go thru beautiful canyon areas, the Author did a stunning job here as we head towards the harbor area.

    Look below at the deep gorge and rapidly moving swift river below. We move along about 30-40MPH

    A shot taken from across the Canyon here......This is an immense Canyon area........We are using Milwaukee Power here to pull a heavy consists to the Harbor for Transloading.

    It is a very mountainous area here as you can see in the foreground and background areas as the winding river cuts thru a gorge.

    We slowly wind thru the curves as we descend down a 3.5-4.0% downgrade.

    Here you can see we have a good string of Cars to control, speed, breaking, dynamics are key to maintaining control of your momentum and physics. If not, you'll stand a good chance of runaway Train, loss of Brakes, derailment, and well you know the rest here. I have seen many a runaway incident and horrible aftermath. Especially if your train is under weighed, and under powered units, in weight per axle. Yes it has happened.



    For me in Trainz, I run extra Locomotives when pulling long consists, and I run distributed power in the rear, and when I have a really heavy Train, I have 2 units in the middle of the consist.......Like a Steel or Tanker type Train........It really depends on the Grades your up against.

    Looking up from the River below, as continue our descent. You can see we our down to 8MPH here as we are at 4% downgrade with maximum Dynamics and 10-15lbs of Brake Pressure.

    Front end view here, Engineer is watching all the dials carefully to make sure he is using the right amount of Horsepower and Dynamics. Looks like we are in 2% Grade here.. .It changes a lot in this Canyon area. Engineers need lots of experience before they handle a Train thru this Canyon.........

    We cross above here and will end up coming round out below next to the river.......Really well done Tracks and elevation changes by the Author here. And just about right on Tree Density for me to run....Just a little bit of Frame Stutter.

    That'll due for today.......Enjoy your week ahead.....Thanks for dropping buy......

    free photo hosting

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    Lightbulb Aussie Trip II and Flaam update ETC.

    Good Weds all,

    Our weather here has been nice and Cool, and I am really enjoying it.......However over in Hawaii, that Volcano is just not stopping for now prayers are sent that those folks stay are safe thru this difficult time.........I can't imagine having a Volcano going off in a Tropical Paradise......We have dormant Volcanoes in California......So far they have not erupted yet.



    I just read some folks are in the Hospital from Lava Burns........This sucker is really causing some trouble over on the Island...........

    Below is more of our trip to the Harbor area in great looking Canayon, at this point our Grade is even but not for long. as we go across a Spanned Concrete Bridge here over a Deep and fast moving River below.

    And here we are, you can see signs of the Harbor and Valley floor coming up below us.......That river with all it's huge boulders from previous Rain storms is a reminder of what Mother Nature can do.........

    A good luck of the Harbor Rail Yard layout can be seen from here.

    Now we hit a Loop DE Loop transition below.....Works great for drooping us several feet lower.

    Our train rear can be seen, but due to our shorter length, will not cross over our own train..........Good vantage point of other parts of the River are shown here too.....Water goes everywhere. Trees and Forest are plentiful too........I forgot to mention we have about 3-4 Logging areas in the Mountains too.

    Under we go from the tracks above.....Line ahead is clear for us.....Dispatchers have our Signals stacked.

    Looks like our Bridge is a bit Rusty here, need to get the Paint crews out and get some of this rust knocked down, hmmmmm!!!!! Only take time and some, well , I should say, lots of time and Elbow Grease to get this heavy coat of Rust removed........Bridge is very strong so it is mostly cosmetic for now.

    A view up from the River Rapids below.

    High view here, and again you can see why Train handling of Brakes and Speed is so important with any train going down thru and around the high Canyon Walls. I can assure you we make sure the Maintenance is top notch up here too, those ties get replaced on schedule, no deferred maintenance work here.....Not on my watch.....!

    Alas, we are at the bottom, and that Water is mighty fast, and very Cold as it continues down to the City where they use this pristine water for their needs.......

    Got a meeting to goto today, so I probably add some more comments later on the Flaam Freight Project.....Got to run now folks....

    Update: Re Flaam route freight upgrades...

    Added new harbor facilities

    Oil Trans load

    Storage Yard for Freight Cars.

    Diesel Fueling

    Communication Antennas and Mountain Top Repeaters.

    New vehicle Trans load on remote Dock across lake from our rail yard. It's a small Operation due to the type of area we serve.

    I plan on adding small logging, propane plant, creamery (Dave Snows model) and some small farm silo operations etc.

    And depending how things go, I have seen some possibilities of extending the Rail from tops of the mountain into areas where I found a large lake in a valley area between large mountain passes.

    In another area at the upper end of rail terminus, I have a Rail cutback leading to an unfinished tunnel on I think is the North West side of the Route. I'll try and get a map together for the changes I have in mind.

    This will be done over time, as I see how adding and changing assets affects the frame performance. There could be adverse effects at some point where I need to curtail the quantity in relationship to amount of Rolling Stock involved...... It is all a recipe of near equal amounts.

    Upgraded Signal types using Search light �� dual and single aspects for now.

    In regards to frame stutter, I think the really high mountain build have quite an affect on the video card, but this is the proper way this route must be, so in lue of that, I removed some fencing, telephone poles, dirt roads, and other items in the very high areas where no rail exists and you really can't see them from the rail lines..... This helped my frame stutter about 40-60% improvement over all.

    Redid some mountain washes, just minor ground level changes and texture changes.

    I finally got the hang of doing the Electrification Cabling and metal framing poles on Row. I did have to go back several times. Curves to center point the wires over the rails. It takes a while to get the best center or off center point. It's tricky, at least for me as I gain more experience.

    Have a great day.....And thanks for dropping in ............Bye now.

    uploading images
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    Smile Few Nightshots from UMR 2018 Route/ WIP conitnues on Flaam, /Grade % repostion Etc.

    Good Friday Morning all,

    Well, this was a fast week.......So we stroll over the UMR for some night shots, we have Operation Lifesavor Safety specials firing up. Not much light out here in the fields tonight as mother Nature is coming by to drop us some light rain showers.. Glad for the heaters in the Locomotives and Bright Train light.

    Speaking of bright lights, that Dim Light Rule is working great for me, especially in the Tunnels, I need the lower setting, as it doesn't reflect back into our eyes in some of the Tunnels.
    Works great according to how your Asset was built......

    Were heading out shortly here to get ahead of the morning Freight Traffic, same as your Local Freeways, we get lots of Traffic behind and in front of us.......

    Here we go, Dispatcher's have given us clearance, and the Rain has cleared for now, actually can see some Stars out.......Beautiful......!

    Got to love our Hooded Signals, no problem seeing the aspects here off angle......Great Signals to use.

    Attached EOT "FRED" device shows up nice and bright, don't need a rear end collision, if another train doesn't see us from behind.....Has it happened, oh yeah it has with deadly results, just ask any Locomotive Engineer that's been around 20-30 years, they know.!!! Proper and Correct equipment lighting is a must, but remember this, sometimes you just can't fix STUPID!!!!

    These Rail link will pilot us over some really heavy Mountain Passes ahead,,,,These Babies are large and in charge with Good Horsepower to Axle ratio, and great Traction Characteristics.........

    A local Freight in the siding awaiting for our Clearance, some they can move on in the night.

    Guess the Crew comes in a bit later for this Freight, it's just a Junk Train with medium priority here.

    Hmmm. .....Looks like a switch ahead is not thrown just yet, there is a built in 7 minute delay after the other Train has passed the Control Points, to make sure the switch isn't thrown before the Train has cleared the Switch Point.......Just little Rules and Regs built into the infrastructure to keep the Trains on the Tracks and keep the employees out of the deadly Fray as much as possible.

    Looks like we made it thru our Mountain Passes and we have cut off our Pilot Helpers from Montana Rail Link.....Thanks guys for job well done....

    Storm is moving off to the East now, as we head Westerly enjoying the view.....The Farm fields are a Green and so are our the Signals ahead for us. Everything is in balance for the moment.

    Another Local has passed us, he'll be dropping off some of this for Industrial Customers down the way behind us........He has several Jobs to do today, that's OK, he has a 10 hour window to play in, and 2 hours to return back to the Yard. We gave him a Roll By Safety check, all his hoses and Axles looking good, nothing overheated that we could see. Here on the Railroad, we are a family, we want to get back home each night,, so we tend to look out for each other, we know what happens when you don't see trouble soon enough.......

    Over on the Flaam Route, I encountered some really heavy Grades in the Mountains, so I am re aligning the heights of the Rail, and in some cases rerouting the Rail for better Grade %..........Having some fun making more change. It's taking some time to adjust, do a Quick Drive, or the Wash, Rinse and repeat again Mode till I get the % where I need them to be......

    I also found out one of the Reasons for more Frame Stutter on this particular Route is the height of the Mountains, it is hard for the GPU to keep up with the distance rendering of the the Very high Altitude of this area......And that's OK, part of playing the different Geological Style of each Route. I noticed a few time some of the top parts of the really high Mountians, almost didn't render out at Distance views would try to fill ahead as you traveled forward with your consist.

    Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, and remember our War Hero's who made it possible for us to be here......

    Thank you for dropping by..........

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