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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    blueodessey and hiawathamr:

    Hope you are doing okay with all the earthquakes!

    I know this is a bit off-topic for the thread but I'm wondering what signal gantries you use. I saw some nice ones in your screenshots. (I am having trouble finding prototypical North American ones.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueodessey View Post
    Thank you hiawathamr for kind thoughts,

    I remember pretty much all the earth quakes I and family have lived thru over many decades, they are scary, especially the ones that are bidirectional where you are shaking in one direction, then that changes 90 degrees and your thinking what the heck is going on.....I have seen Bricks flying out of Buildings and rolling Asphalt etc, with Telephone Poles being whipped about by some unseen force......So there is that!

    Me and the Mr's were out shopping, in between Stores, stopped at Signal Light for cross traffic to pass, and all of sudden, our vehicle started to sway, as it got worse, I looked over at the wife and said, here comes another one, and it is much, much stronger, than yesterdays quake......We just sat and watched as everything was swaying back and forth with seemed like almost a min.....

    We tuned to Radio Station KFI640 largest one in Los Angeles area, and began listening to hear how others in remote cities of Trona and RidgeCrest were doing, it didn't sound great, but no deaths or injuries so far...But heck of lot of Property and Road Damage in some areas........Later on when we got home from shopping, we turned on TV and looking at the new more damaging effects of the tonight's quake you could see the second Quake left a lot more damage to the Roads, especially Highway #178.....

    I think the folks in small City of Trona which is at an end area for Road connections Etc, are heavily impacted, it will take more to get to them versus Ridgecrest which is also Remote, but I think has better, or more Access Roads.........Not a good holiday for those poor folks, will definitely be praying in Church this weekend for recovery efforts to help them get thru this.

    Those area is already under disaster area designation for Federal assistance now........No question about it, going to take some work to bring things back in good repair, and Trona has a big Rock Slide and other damage, Electricity is out again? Not sure on that......

    Ironically some Fire Trucks and others were returning to their respective Cities to return home, but with this new and Stronger Quake, they quickly turned back towards the two Cities I mentioned to help.......

    We didn't have any damage here so far,

    but I can tell you what really surprises me, is the area this last Quake was felt, almost to Sacramento on North part of State, and was felt really strong in Las Vegas, Nevada, which speaks loudly the effects of shallow 1/2 mile deep quake we just had...VS the one day before that was 4.7 miles deeper, and not as rough like this surface one was.......

    We live 25 miles East of Los Angeles area, which is closer to where the Earth Quakes where, so we feel them stronger.........




    The poor people didn't really have a good 4th of July - not like some of us in the middle and east side of the country,,,

    I know it was a short post , but thank you for the additonal info from the links you provided. Going to do some reading about the quakes and find out more info about them.

    Stay safe, and have a nice Sunday


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Question Problem with test trains passing Red Signals on Siding to Mainline area....Help!!

    Thank you hiawathamr,

    Well so far over there in Ridgecrest and Trona, I think something like 3000 aftershocks from this recent Quakes......Below is the latest information for those areas 4 hours old time wise'


    Check out this picture here, I think it really shows what happened in the desert, this means the ground was in violent movement when last Quake hit......Lord knows how deep this may go down, and this guy is really taking a chance here looking in on the edge, with no safety rope attached it the ground he is standing on, gives way......?

    The good thing is, Emergency services worked out excellent, and these folks, although it might take a little time, have help abounding from many good folks, first responders etc....

    I would think a great many of us our praying for those folks for better days ahead........Imagine if this occurred in Los Angeles or any other large Metropolitan City, it would be horrific for the a large area.!!

    ================================================== ================================================== ========

    Well now on to Trainz, I have a problem with Spad (Passing Signal at Danger) with my new siding I installed yesterday...

    Here are the pictures showing locations of trains, and what happened.

    Using Search Light Signals, #4 & #5 on sidings with #6's for Switches opposing........

    So I placed an engine for testing, with Navigate to, or Drive Commands from menu....This Engine drove thru Red Signal in back about 100 Feet, and almost through the switch before it stopped with an on coming Passenger Train from the other direction.....It doesn't make sense to me, All Signal Aspects were dead on, no problem there.

    Now one thing is, I have no track marks out here, is that an issue for Train movement with Drive or Navigate to commands.....I did see some "NO PATH FOUND" errors on message, and driver of this train said he was stuck, awaiting new orders from me?

    Can you tell me what I am missing here......???

    Another test failure here too....

    I put one engine behind the Signal Bridge to the left, it has Red Light as the little switcher on Right here, was placed on purpose to see what the FEC larger engine would do when I told it to Drive and or then changed to Navigate too some where on Florida Route......

    Either way, it blew through the Red Aspect Gantry Signal behind it like it wasn't there, same thing as the first picture I showed you.? Funny thing was, it stopped where you see it now, just 50feet away from little switcher, which is nice, but it is not supposed to blow Red Signal SPAD issue......?

    In this picture I have a FEC Passenger Train 2 miles away coming to this spot on Single main line, in opposition to this guy. He was behind Red Light on Siding, I gave him DRIVE command, no destination, he starts from 100' away from Red never slows down, and goes thru Red @ 40MPH then slows down just before Switch where you see him now, and stops, says he is Stuck.....

    Meanwhile Passenger Train has come up to last signal around the mountain ahead and has stopped for Red Indication, and waiting for Clear, ( that's what should have happened over here with single switcher that passed the Red at SPAD) which he will never get since this guy in Picture is all the way a few feet from main switch here.....thus partially fowling the switch and both trains would derail on Sideswipe.......

    So that is what is happening.

    Hope you give me some pointers here, this is where I am weak on Knowledge, all Signal Aspects are dead on.....I get Green, Yellow Flash next, hard Yellow, then Red signal either at Junction, or 2 Signals away ......So they are reading Train Traffic correctly as far as spacing opposing train movements from each other........

    Any help would be great.....What I want to do, is run some random trains from one end of the Routes to other spots, to show some normal train Traffic....Using AI moves....While I run some manual operations with Trains for Shunting moves all up and down the line.. Etc.....

    Update:1624Hrs PST
    Hello again hiawathamr, I have been busy thinking about options for this SPAD issue, then I remembered

    Trainz scripter and his Enhanced Interlocking Tower Controllers and that is the way I probably have to go, to fix this problem........Self inflicted of course.......LOL

    I'm going to grab the components and see if I can rig something up ???

    Of course if there is more than way to fix this, I am open to suggestions too.......I kinda of understand the EIT units, but have never worked with them.....
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    I'm glad you're fine after so much trembling, my friend.
    About the signs, I'm sorry I can not help you.


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    Talking Things are calmoing down in my area, but Aftershocks continue Ridgecrest/Trona areas.

    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    I'm glad you're fine after so much trembling, my friend.
    About the signs, I'm sorry I can not help you.

    Good Day Javier,

    Thanks, and no problem, I need to learn Enhanced Interlocking Tower Controllers from Pguy,,,,he makes some amazing stuff for us, I have found my old Notes, and the associated Threads, and I downloaded what I think are the correct versions of the all things , Modules that control your options........

    Shaking has subsided in our area, but at the epicenter, they had aftershocks quite often overnight up to 3.5 on Richter Scale so that would indicate folks got awoken or felt the shaking if they lived in Ridgecrest or Trona Cities, they are very nervous and scared, and can we blame them for feeling that way, I would feel the same.

    So we continue to pray for them, and the Earth will settle down some........A fair share of folks don't know or have never been told, that in California not including San Andreas fault line, we live over to large Tectonic Plates that constantly push against each other, and when one slips, or the cross faults connected to them move, we can get some pretty good quakes from the uplifting and heaving and shifting as compression.........There are other parts of the world where Tectonics act and meet in the same fashion......Not very comforting to know, just like living in Hurricane Alley in the Midwest etc.......Crazy weather, crazy Geology, opposing things but with violent outcomes at times.

    I am posted another link here about whats going on in these cities.....


    Take care..........And I will be posting some nice pictures of my latest ventures and changes on Florida East Coast to BNSF Central Valley area........

    Hugs my friend and I bid you a good day ahead in this new week......

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    Is the SPAD an 05 or 04?

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    Quote Originally Posted by embeddedt View Post
    Is the SPAD an 05 or 04?

    Hi and yes, I just double checked because I have different signals around the route.

    E/B 10k long siding -------------->#5
    =======================================<#6 W/B to BNSF
    E/B 10K long Siding ------------->#5

    ....Sorry, I don't know how to put this graphically better......

    Two Fives parallel sidings come into junction with #6 facing W/B traffic........

    When the locomotive comes to #5 no break in speed, it only slows down and stops in Throat of Switch, just in front of the #6 signal which is face for opposing traffic...Really weird....I used both Drive and Navigate too commands......

    Also when other train reach #6 Red aspect first, headed W/B it stopped for the #6 like you would expect a short distance before the signal....There are not Track marks in this area yet, since I just built it......

    Appreciate your help.......

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    Good Monday to all, on this cool and overcast day in Southern California.

    So the earthquakes have slowed down, and the people of Trona and Ridgecrest are trying to get back to semblance of normality in life, pick up the pieces, put things together where possible, lament on losses of things that utterly can't be replaced.....We said a prayer for them and wish the best for days coming forward.

    Now over to Florida East Coast, I had some fun last night, I took a FEC junk freight and made lots of dropoffs on my newly orchestrated return Loop, with couple of spurs and it worked perfect. I might need one more single crossover towards the end of the Loop. And possibly one more strategically placed Spur track for Freight....I have to think it over and decide where and how much of an extension...And that will be it. I also want to small portable trans-load roll around Conveyor for possibly a few Hoppers with Bulk Commodities?

    My signals on the keys end worked perfectly so far.....Did some more texturing on the new Connection Route to BNSF side (Central Valley Division) and come to find out, I have some missing Train Bridges and quite bit of Rail realignment in some areas. Lot of other items here and there with Scenery adjustments etc....

    Another interesting project for me to get into and use my mind for what if scenarios.

    I also downloaded all of the Enhanced Interlocking Controllers and their associated sub files, going to take me awhile to learn how this Dog hunts in the game of Signal land....LOL

    I do know, or have come to the realization, I have go around the whole Route and inventory all the Industries, and spurs, Passenger Stations etc, to see where I need to make specific Track Marks and Triggers etc for certain actions to follow.......I am weak in this part of Trains, I understand the process somewhat in logical progression, but setting it up and doing it is quite another thing. Experience here is lacking a lot, but I will get there tip toe at a time......

    I got off the side of my thoughts on Shunting run in the keys, anyway, I got all the freight spotted and/or moved to where the customer requested them, then I headed up to the next Freight facility I created in the adjoining Island heading North, I think it is called "Long Keys" we shunted in some loads, and then we had to move back into that long Spur and hold till the South Bound Passenger passes us to Keys Island.

    Moving on, will see some Night shots of out new refinary area, an overhead map, showing what that area looks like now with the changes and some other miscellany.

    Here is overhead view of our refinary as it looks now, I might find some other special Cracking Equips to add, if it fits? At the bottom of the picture is Airport Landing zone where the refinery stops. Over to the right is Fiddle yards and way further over is the Docking area, which reoriented the Tracks and move the Dockyards further out into the Ocean, it was too close to our mainlines and the Track Curves were to sharp for longer Auto Cars.

    Every so often, I hear, or rather, I read where someone will pose the ? how do I start to layout track, and elevate to see how it works, for me, I take blank tiles and add as many as I need, giving myself plenty of Real Estate to work with. Like this picture below, then the very next thing I do is layout out my mainline, exactly more or less, where I want it to be, and give it the curves I want. When you do this, and get the curves the way you think they should look. Then I find, I might need to add some additional tiles here and there, because the position, size of Curvature can things dramatically. And you'll find yourself running out to the edge of your real estate limits. Remember you can always cut tiles off before your build is finished, it might be hard or near impossible to expand and area you made too small when you started, trust me I have done it, and had to redo whole areas into larger ones, because I didn't start with a large enough area to start with.....

    Consider this, you build a room in your existing room, and it looks roomy great, when empty, but you add Furniture and whatever else associated with that rooms purpose and when your done, well, you think to yourself, darn, if only I had made it a few feet wider, now you can't without tearing out a wall, and paying lots more money plus cost of Blueprints and new permit, that's if they approve the permit...LOL Or you sacrifice what you wanted and work with less than an ideal dream room.....Sour Grapes, yes I think so.

    So in this picture below I have laid out the Track, got it where I want it, and I have elevated it about 2.5% or less in Grade....Important thing now, run some trains over it, place some signals on it, see if hits within the parameters of what you saw in your minds eye.......

    Mind you we all do things differently in Planning and experimentation scenarios, you'll find the best way to handle these challenges over time as you gain more experience. Especially Building Mountains and Valleys, which makes the Challenge that much more interesting.

    Forgot to say, I will literary hang my track in mid air quick and dirty setup to see if what I want works, then bring in the Tiles to height underneath,, weird, yes it is, from what I used to do, when making or changing Routes, but for me, it works so easy and it is fast....I run my trains in mid air, and the curves, straights whatever tells me if this thing is going to work as I see it in my minds eye....Then shaping and filling comes in easier, as I just hit the level to Track tool and snap the Tiles grid to my Tracks, then decide how the rest of the terrain will lay out, where it be mountainous or level Terrain, or deep chasm-ed valleys etc.....Bottom line, find out what works for you, don't be afraid to experiment in Trainz and run plenty of backup copies of your work, en case you find a big error, I had one the other night, lost 2 hours of work, why???Well the Route saved was corrupted, lost 95% of the Route, Win10 had some kind of hiccup,,,Who knows, I don't and I certified 100% Geek when it comes to computers.....

    Late afternoon and I have New Equipment pressed to the back here, so I can Drag out step by Step to make fully function able Refinery. And it takes time to make it eye appealing....Clear space here in front is where I will assemble the modules. I know, I know what a mess I made...LOL, I promise it will look better.

    Slightly different view of my Chaotic mess.....What a mess I got myself into......And we don't even have the lead tracks setup yet.

    Over here is a view of I lost count of this multitude of Track Splines here and another place here on BNSF Central Valley Route, this is not something that should be done, waste of Resources and it will slow down your Route when you run through here, there was close 60 splines almost next to each other? So I cut it down to about 5 Splines only, and in 3 other sections of the route, I had to do too as well? I have seen this before, but I have yet to figure out why this would be done in this fashion.....

    Downtown night view of Skyscrapers next to our new Refinery.......Works very well here. I need to put more night lighting in for sure......But not over do it since there is airport nearby and I don't want blind the Pilots night vision as they approach to land.

    Looking across the airport runway at night here into the back of our Refinery, and to the lighted City Scape across here, pretty cool huh ?

    One last view from a different perspective Showing a jet flight just landing at the Airport now. And that measuring tape glows in the dark, did you know it did that, I sure didn't.....Interesting things when your around here at night........

    Map overhead of where we are looking now......We have quite an expanse of waterways here with the Ocean pushing inland, or is it the Rivers coming out emptying into the Ocean, I guess it would make sense it is that way......Anyway, it works out really nice I think......And I plan on adding more ships, Sailing ones if I can find them in my inventory.......If you look at the named objects below, you can see where the refinery is, and how long the spur line I needed to connect around the back of the city to reach it ok.........It will work out nicely plus we have a few smaller industries alongside the Spur route to the left of the Refinary.......Not able to see them, I have to make several Track Marks for Industry locations.........All in due time, I want to next get those tracks realigned on the BNSF side and move the Jail location to a much more secure spot....

    Signal head gives a nice Diverting Route aspect here,, Dual Yellow with top one blinking to show us we are heading into upcoming large industrial Branch line ahead....And that'll do for today folks.......Take care.....

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    Good Weds, hump day of the week, and the Weather here is now turning hot, so I must get out early to do things in the Yard. Else it is too hot for me to work out there.......Gardening is always there, and when it gets hot, the weeds and other undesirables etc grow one heck of lot faster.

    So been busy making some more little changes on Florida Route with Keys area, I will show pictures soon so you can see what I am referring too. I added some more small farm areas to the Keys.

    Today will look at the Mountains on the North end of the Route I made, what I envision, height and other items of interest for you.

    This map is the right corner of Northern Tip that is newly added, what I did here after laying in Mainline was elevate in some sections to 2.5% or less as it transverses to BNSF side connection. And I added the Ocean in here, since all of the Florida Route has Ocean Views, why not here too? It works perfectly, and of course, I can add some more Sailing or Cruise ships sparingly too.....

    In this picture, the Red Arrows designate the connection of new Main Line between BNSF and Florida Ease Coast RR. If you look carefully on the bottom of the U Shaped Route, you'll be able to see the Mountains I put in, nearby at the Mainline. They don't cover the whole area of the tiles, but they add too and not take away from what I envisioned I wanted as the Trains cross a huge open area between the Routes. Kind of an arid area to speak with Sandy Rocky Beaches. I have too still plant Palms and the types of plants, scrub brush etc. That'll take some time to do.....

    From here is beautiful plain view from Ocean side with Mountains added and the Train is crusing by here, the water makes it look so Tranquil. Nuts I have remember to move my pointer out of the way....LOL...Sorry about that!!! :[[[

    This is the area before I added the Ocean, you can really see the difference with what one simple Element change that is easy to do, can make such a difference, now I have to be honest, what I didn't do here is Texture the Grids before I put on the water, I did it afterwards and it took me twice as long with the Water covering it....LOL, Dummy me for being in such a hurry to see the water effects first.....Texture then Water cover the area,,,,,LOL Save yourself time.....Another thing I try to do, is smooth out all the crackety areas when you first make your elevation changes, I prefer the smoother look when I can do it........Like rolling hills, but it takes lots of extra time to do......You get faster over time as you learn the specialized control of how to move your mouse and leaner sensitivity settings as well......Less is more on those sensitivity settings, especially on mountain building, you'll see the difference in smoothness of Ridges Etc.

    Same area but a distance shot here to show you the expanse of the area, Which will looks really spacious and give you the thought of being out in the middle of nowhere with few Palms and Scrub Brush plants etc. Always give yourself more room now, in the beginning of your builds, you can quickly chop of excess areas later to reduce your Tile count if that becomes an issues for RAM needs.

    A long view looking across here from Upper Corner to farthest Corner.......Now imagine this area with no water and no Mountains.......Dull for sure.....I want to goto to these mountains and check them out as curiosity......But only if I have a GPS and plenty of light and Water, be surprised how many folks get lost in mountains? You always notify 1-2 or 3 friends your are headed for walk in the mountains and the expected time you'll come back, for your safety......

    Coming round the the Valley here, and the Route Grade and Signals are spot on......

    These last few pictures will show the approximate height of my Mountains, remember the higher the mountains the more resources, GPU Ram it will take to show them in Trainz, so moderation in large Routes can be key factor, when add all the other assets in afterwards....73 feet on this one. 10-15 mins to draw out........Dont be afraid to draw mountains, it gets easier over time......

    Check here in the Topography box it shows the height of this one 167 feet tall modest in trainz environment.

    I think this is the highest one here 250 feet approx......Now mind you, it didn't take me more than probably 15 mins to make this mountain, it is the style in which you draw in succeeding brush strokes of your Mouse, it takes a lot of practice to get it here. And I am not the best in Mountain Drawing, several of you Mountain makers have a real flare for making very realistic looking ones, just look at the mountain seen in your opening Trains TRS19 how cool it looks with Passenger Train in front...Amazing view for sure...

    Ok that'll do it for today, have Questions about what I am doing here, you are more than welcome to ask......Thanks for dropping and keep hydrated well now in the Summer......Take Care all.

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    Wishing a good Friday to all,

    And I have been getting thru this weeks Summer Heat, the better thing, cool sea breezes in the evening have been coming in, and that really helps in our Hot Valleys, we have are normal High pressure dome setting over California, Utah,Nevada and Arizona, right in what we call the 4 corners where there States connect for a few miles, but 2 large Low Pressure Patterns are to the North of us buffering the High Pressure Dome, which gets us every year....If some of that Low Pressure would make it down here, we could get some badly needed Rain in the Summer, I know the beach goers hate Rain in the Summer, and it is a mixed blessing with the humidity it brings, but it would cut our Fire Threat down quite a bit....

    So yesterday I did some cycling on my Bike early in the morning, today, I feel the work out in the legs, LOL all good, too keep my healthy in my late 60's. LOL.

    In the evening I had a 2 mainlines headed to the Southwest on just about a ways from Florida Keys on the Penensula part of South Florida East Coast line, so I dropped in a ton of Tiles and made the new Mainline Connection to Southern part of BNSF central Valley Route, now I have both Southern and Northern connected to same on Florida East Coast, with one or two more mid connections in the middle parts too, maybe only one connection in the middles using the River Water paths, it will make more sense when you see my topographical maps of the areas. Pictures, especially maps make all the difference in my mind.......Over Text descriptions......

    Also with the Mainline, I went thru Central Valley and rearranged a Ton of Signals using Searchlight and "C" Searchlight Module Signal types. And I think I have a small smattering of BNSF ones in their too.

    As well the day before I played on MSGSappers Catturaugusc& Lake Erie Sessions he made, love that Route, it so cool....Amazing Route and Asset Builder MSGSapper is, and to have the new Pro-Track for TRS-19 it is one heck of difference too. It works and looks great in TRS-19, I know MSGSapper really did some hard work to make all the Variations of it for us to use....Thank you sir.....Job well done.......

    Alright now, lets take a look at BNSF Central Valley Route and some other Misc Photos.

    BNSF Route is huge Route made by this Author, and wasn't finished out, so there several areas to be completed on how I want to do them, I plan on looking in California Maps to see how some of the area looks to give me some ideas of what is missing......I have a lot Spur Switches installed by the Author in key positions along the main lines so have to see what I can do..Be interesting for sure, I know one thing I want to put in is a Water Treatment for Sewage concerns....For sure we need one, I haven't noticed one as of yet anywhere on the Route and that goes for Florida East Coast too......

    Our first picture is some mountains somewhere in USA, Arizona and Colorado, I don't recall where I got this picture online, but I like the protrusions rising up from the Floor....They could be old Volcanoes? But I like them so much. And this is what I was after in Javier's Route I worked on....Didn't come out the same, so I need more practice.....

    This is Florida Mid Coast and part of Oil Refinery area I built in the back end of the Route. Running a light engine here to test Track setup, Grade% and Signal protection Etc.

    Florida Keys area during a normal Rain Storm as a Junk load of Freight awaits signal Clearance to enter the small Island.

    Late in the afternoon, we have finished our Freight Shunting it's late in the day, as we head back to our home Rail Yards for tomorrow's work.....All has been successful today, our Customers have gone home to their families now, probably having dinner as we leave this most tranquial area with a great Sunset.

    Now over to Central Valley area, here is an example of unfinished Spur setup fro Branchlines into the Businesses along the ROW. I am glad to have these prepositioned Spur Templates here, makes it easy to add the Track to wherever it going.....Some of the businesses are here, others are not, hense the reason I need to look in California side to see what is there now.?

    Silos are here, and you can see the Track is way out of alignment, I guess track was quickly dropped in but just layed here, no big deal, I straighten all these things out, and some missing bridges over water Creeks too.

    Here is one of the areas, I need to find a Bridge for the Creek overpass. Probably was a missing Asset?
    I usually delete them all if I can't find them.

    Another Lone light Rail Engine comes along the BNSF Central Valley, where there are miles of Track, and one heck of lot Fruit and Vegetable Farms etc.

    Passing through small industrial yards and city areas in the Middle of Valley farm areas, there is lot of openess here. One thing though, I need to see how many Vegetable and Fruit Trees are planted because if there too many Vines with the current size of my Merges, it could pose a problem with the VRam etc strains on the system....It comes down to a balancing act of performance. I already shut off my Shadows for now, because I notice from time to time, I have Track that disappeares, which tells me, I might have too much Trackage in some areas...Will find out more as we go?

    Our final picture here, we have sent our out a rescue locomotive to pick up a stranded BNSF Loco on the mainline here. Don't know what happened, but the poor Crew would like to get home sometime today before there 16 Hr Work limit comes up, and we have to send out a patch crew to stay with this Locomotive awaiting a Rescue Train....LOL's but it happens....They had another train take there empties adding to the consists so just this broken down unit remains from original consist.

    These background Trees need to be moved too, they are not positioned where I need them to be......NO big deal, it comes down to taste.....

    Lots to do today, so I got to get running.......

    Thanks for dropping in Folks, and have a good weekend, remember to Hydrate too....Take care.

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    Always very interesting your explanations Blue.

    On the photo that you have put, it reminds me very much of the Tepuis of the north of the Amazon; In principle it seems to me a product of water erosion.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    Always very interesting your explanations Blue.

    On the photo that you have put, it reminds me very much of the Tepuis of the north of the Amazon; In principle it seems to me a product of water erosion.

    Ah my friend, thank you,

    I really got taken by this Photo, and I am going to try my best to replicate it something like it if I can, these are the kind of things that catch your attention and imagination when you look at, so unique and aw inspiring........

    You think it over as to how long it took for something like this be created, similar in a sense to Crystal Caves underground where minerals have dripped for millions of years and created absolutely stunning crystal or Rock Geode type things, I really can get into to this stuff, what would my life have become if I studied to be a Geologist etc.??

    I know they are distantly different types of Creation/Erosion techniques, but the common Thread is copious amounts of Time involved to accomplish the outcome......

    Please forgive my disorderly train of thought...........I think my ADHD is kicking in, I need to take my meds.....LOL

    One can day dream and wonder, and ponder on the Principles involved in the exercise and time it would have taken me to fork out that road of Education.....Too late now, I am born with NERD tendencies......My Brain is permanently wired in NERD SPEAK....LOL

    Take care ole friend........And thanks for dropping by........

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    Good Morning my friend.
    I put some images of a Tepui de Roraima (Brazil) and other similar formations in Colombia.
    Really the important ingredient is the time, in thousands of years a river not too big can carve those valleys leaving the hardest areas.
    The best example I can think of is the hose in your garden, when you open the valve and the water flows, if you do not hold the hose it moves like an accelerated snake. That is the behavior of those rivers and yes, nature is fantastic.

    Good weekend.

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    Lightbulb Shunting in the Rain

    A Blessed Sunday to all,

    And for Louisiana folks, I hope you do OK with the Hurricane that's driving thru the State yesterday?


    And it seems the larger part of the issue with today's Hurricanes is the Storm surge, more than the Hurricane itself.....


    A shout out goes to MSGSapper for helping me out with some dimensional ?'s on spacing of Rail Splines, got what I needed and I understand how spacing, LOD works with respect to Graphics Cards. Now I need to go through all my Routes over time and check the distances, now so we keep this in perspective, I am only checking for overly long distances where I should add a Spline....For me, I like to use less splines over all rather than button down the Rails to heavily, as that in my opinion will affect resources used on your Routes too..Everyone has there own way of doing things of course.

    So for the last several days, I have been working on the Rail Connections between BNSF Central Valley, and Florida East Coast RR's. Now I have both Northern and Southern Tracks in between the Routes and connected with Signals tested 90% of the way. One of the things I think I might do on settings, is dial the Restrictive settings on Approach in some areas down a bit, so I get some more Greens in the path, my thought is, if too restrictive with one train running, what's the display going to be when 2 or more trains are in the Circuit, I might get nailed with Reds too far away and can't move or shunt when I want too as easily.....It's all about experimenting for sure, just finding that right setting that allows you to do what you want, and in the end result, I can use more signals and/or invisible ones too, to make it happen.. The good thing is, I don't have dark Track where I don't want it, and end up with CORN FIELD meets.

    I had to replace several Bridges both Rail and Roads due the invisibility issues you see in TRS19. I think it has to do with Mesh and/or Alpha color issues, which is above my paygrade, so I find other items that will work, and there is plenty out there that will..It is just a few that don't, and some of the YARN Road pieces as well.

    Changed some of the Waterways a little bit, built a small industrial area, and lined upped some more Tracks that needing some attention. One of the other things, I noticed while running a Passenger Consist thru Central Valley, I need to reorient both position and distance of several of the Background screens used on the Tiles. Problem is, when you drive by, you'll see a lone background Tile Screen in the distance or 2 opposing Screen Tiles @ 90degrees to each other, I suppose if they were farther away, rather than 1-2 tiles you wouldn't notice it, but my old eyes see it, and it bugs me, so I have to fix it, LOL....

    I know there was some other items I came across, but for time sake I address those areas of interest in later postings.......

    Oh, I just remembered one thing, I had to make my new Pic Lists in TRS19, I don't know what happened to them. Hopefully I made some individual backups of them somewhere in all my files. I knew it when I started this version of Trainz, and never got back to doing it.....You know how it works, you have so many things going on, you forget some stuff, until it becomes important again......

    Alright so will show some pictures here on Florida Keys during a somewhat Rainy Day. Morning Rains in progress here as our Local FEC crews bring in loads to the island area, come Rain or Shine, they'll be here for the Community.

    It's not a bad storm at all, we are just having pockets of Rain as we cross our Ocean Bridge here to the last Island in the Keys. We go a bit slower for Visual read on the signals, no one other than our Local Switcher is here at the moment, but our Daily Passenger Special is enroute a hour from now, this will gives adequate time to switch, Shunt our loads as needed here.

    Oh I think we got a little bit of Squall line here for bit,,,,Good thing we have experienced engineers running the Train.

    A little bit later, our Rainy weather has cleared up now, and we have a beautiful Sky to enjoy. Well we need to pay attention to our job too, as we shunt our loads into the Customer loading Docks here.

    Only a few customers here as they wait for the outgoing Passenger Train when it arrives, there'll be lots of new folks coming to enjoy the Beach life with their favorite Drinks they make so well here. We make sure to go slow in this area, carefully not hit anyone as we do our operations. One bad accident can ruin everyone's day. So we do it well, and safely with our Brakeman and Conductor keeping a sharp eye out for us.....Our City here, depends on us, to do a good job, and act safely as we do that job.

    Loads are in, didn't take us more than 15 mins to do 3 docks here, customers are really happy with our on-time service, as they were waiting for much needed supplies and orders for their customers.

    After this shot, I did drop in one more Crossover between in the middle, between the Green and Yellow buildings, this allow more flexibility here when specific loads need positioning.

    Whata you know, weather was clear, but looks like more isolated bands of Rain are coming thru today as we leave out on our Loop to return back to main city areas upstate from here.

    Turning the Corner here, with a fresh load of Lumber, need to get it into the Dock soon before it gets too wet from the Rain. Rain is just a part of life here so we are always working in it, around it, as this is very Tropical area. And our Produce is terrific, ever had Florida Orange Juice, try it, we think it is pretty good Juice, or heck, just get some Oranges and do it the old fashioned way....

    Spotting some large Crates here and some plastic Sewer Pipes here for a renovation sewer project the City is starting...We have lots of old Pipes in the Ground, and there are starting too deteriorate a bit, they need to be upgraded to the newer stuff made these days.

    Coming thru our favorite part of the loop, Lighthouse and the Blue Ocean all in one. Can't beat that on a days work.

    Speaking of which, I am in the middle of a Garden clean up job, replacing some old plants, and fixing the leaky or broken Sprinklers, LOL....But it looks good, and the plants will appreciate the consistent water pattern during our next several months of Summer Heat.

    Enjoy your day, and the week coming up...Thanks for dropping by.....

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    Thumbs up Tepui de Roraima (Brazil)

    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    Good Morning my friend.
    I put some images of a Tepui de Roraima (Brazil) and other similar formations in Colombia.
    Really the important ingredient is the time, in thousands of years a river not too big can carve those valleys leaving the hardest areas.
    The best example I can think of is the hose in your garden, when you open the valve and the water flows, if you do not hold the hose it moves like an accelerated snake. That is the behavior of those rivers and yes, nature is fantastic.

    Good weekend.

    Good morning to you Javier,

    Liked both the photos you put here, but this one is my favorite, it so majestic with the Wispy Clouds.

    I need to read more about these how the Rivers run in through these majestic Peaks.

    WOW if I could make something like this....I am going to take both of them, and use it for Windows Background, so I can study them more.....Thank you for sharing.....They are just so Stunning.......Have a good weekend.....

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