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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb Fairview - E-W merge work in progress

    Happy Labor day to all,

    Wow was that a fast weekend for us, been running around doing the honey do's and other Fix it jobs, now it's time to play with some Trainz. Because it is to hot outside to work....Besides it is a holiday.

    Been busy late at night working on Fairview E/W Route section merged to Wilson's Mills & Mount Olive main Route.

    I got the Passenger Station where I want it now, needed lots of line adjustments and approach to Station changes with Tracks etc. Part of the issues stemmed from how I had changed some tracks in the Main Rail Yard and other parts were due to a Track I had put into an old Industrial Center, which upset the approach clearance for Passenger Trains in/out of the Station.

    Needed to cut out some crossovers and due some redesigns for the Track Directions, too get it where Trains would flow into the station unimpeded by other Trains working the Crossover line into the old industrial area.....And I added an inside Stub track to have more shunting room to keep the consist clear of nearby Passenger Station Approaches. I sure this is very convoluted until I show the pictures later on and then it will make more sense.

    Pretty much took the weekend to work it all out. And I needed to run a lot of Trains thru the yards and Industrial areas to see what was working and what didn't. It's one thing to look at Track Plans, it becomes totally another when you actually run the trains, then you see the bottle necks you've created.

    Over in the Wilson Branch, we pass by another Chemical Train here on our way out to Fairview.

    We are in the Industrial leads here, picking up the last of our Consist headed for Fairview Branch. We used a local Yard Switcher and Road Engine here for power, since we are taking just a few cars today. Later on, the Consists will be much more heavier and longer, since we have many industries to serve on the different branch lines.

    Got our on Consist, loaded, Fueled, and ready to head down Wilson Mainline and make several crossovers to line us up with Fairview Branch, one of the reasons for all the switch, we junctions ahead, with Double main lines connecting Fairview, in the crossover area, lots of Passenger Trains come and go on both sides. So we have to thread the needle so to speak, not holding or delaying those Passenger Trains, else we pay a penalty fee to Amtrak. Plus the Ridership depends/wants on-time Scheduling to Work and Vacation connection points, where as us, a lowly Freight have what is called Dwell Time, and Priority Deliveries depending on what we are carrying, so this little Teeter Totter of Time Handling is delicate balance.

    Both types of Trains are important to the Rail Road in terms of Money and Customer Care. IF you lose business, you lose Crews an you lose money allocated to MOW projects, a real killer when you think what could happen if MOW is deferred to long. All very important things to consider when running a Railroad.

    Remember too, lots of Railroads went bankrupt over the centuries for one reason or another, but mismanagement was a big reason, economy another, greed another, you get the picture, so it is team work, not individualism that gets the job done. Of course I am broad stroking the causes here, it's complicated and many things can cause the Bankruptcy, but you get the picture I am painting.

    We head out from the center of Wilson Branch Lines towards Fairview Branch, which also reminds me, I need to put signs for Branch Division Points so I know where I am. I have for Merges going on here. We need to get our Switches and Route directions setup by local dispatch, so we don't interfere with Passenger Trains who have priority over us.

    So we start our test consist coming out of Wilson Mills & Mount Olive / Fairview E/W merge point. A lot of this area I did copy and paste of different types of trees. It went fast, the only mistake I made is having trees smack dab in the middle of the Tracks in some spots, LOL, so I need to go back and delete those guys or move them clear of the lines.....

    As we continue in the Fairview City area, a distant shot here, you can see the Row of Sky Scrapers I added. You'll see them a lot better in other Shots, because our Tiles our not too wide, I just ran one row of Sky Scrapers and I think it works very well, not over dominating other items in the City Scape. As you can see, I have lots of Grass, and Shrub to get planted, but my main vision is to get the Tracks, Signals, and Buildings where I want them staged first. Then more details later.

    We take our our last curve here as we get ready to drive into the City of Fairview.

    Now we come into what I believe is the East end of Fairview City here, I have to learn, well, establish the proper Tracks to take, since I have changed a lot of things in this area. On the left, we have lots of Silos Co Ops to service.

    I forgot to mention, one of the issues you face here is one of the Bridges used had Piers that got in the way several of Rail Yard Trackage, a real pain if you will. Problem is of course, I like the Bridge, so I had to work around with one of the Tracks, because the Piers are fixed to the Bridge, so when you stretch or put expansion Splines it just ends up crossing over other parts of the yard, so you end up with fixing one Track to go around the pier and leave the others well enough alone....Now the other Traffic Bridge is not problem....Another thing, I can use one of those long expansion bridges as this area is to small for them.....So we make do, and get it working.

    As we enter the yard, there is a lone Amtrak Engine awaiting orders, which leads me to another thought, I need Engine Yard and/or Round House. So will need to scope out the area to see where a good fit will be?

    I bid you all a great day/evening etc, see you in few days, to show more of the changes.

    And thanks for dropping by. If there is a question, please, don't hesitate to ask.

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    Thumbs up Dorian Hurricane, Cal Boat Fire Disaster and problem with Branch Elevation issues Etc

    Good Friday Morning on this hot and muggy So California day,

    Some local power outages and a few Fires to fight, but I think we are doing OK for the moment.

    Back on East Coast, very lucky with this last Hurricane Storm, all the way from Cat 5 to C 1



    Unfortunately the Bahama's are in terrible shape a prayer and hope for better days ahead.
    ================================================== =======================================

    On to Trainz, I have been working busily on the Fairview W/E extension, redoing several Tracks, changing switches out, lining up particular Signals, Searchlight etc do get what I want on Aspects Displays, I know there are several newer Sets of Lights with some realy good aspects, but for now, I plan on staying with the traditional ones, till I get to where on want on this multi Merge operation Etc.

    Here is the latest map of the Fairview Merge. If you look on the lower right side, you see the settling Water Ponds where the new Potash Plant is added, and just below and to the left those Ponds, I added a commercial Natural Gas Plant with it's own Team Tracks off of the Potash main lead Tracks.

    Also made a small branch line off the outskirts of Downtown, about a mile or so out, it serves 2 Farm Silos, Grainery Store and 2 Rustic Mining operations for now. With a nice small Lake as crossing entrance, you'll see better pictures of it later on, I think it finally came out really well, once I got the elevation problems solved, I had made a critical, unknown at the time, because it wasn't apparent to me? When I put in the Rail Bridge across the lake, access point, the Bridge underpinnings are old wood Trestle, which is the style I wanted for the farming area, so I changed the elevation several times, and got it wrong, throwing off all the upper trackage to mines with 2.70% Grades in some spots, what I found is my main approach track, needed to be set almost level with the mainline intersect.

    Once I found that out, all the rest of Elevation calmed down to .50% into 1% max elevation at the mining end, as that is in the higher hill area at the edge of the Route.......Fortunately it took me 1/2 the time to correct from initial toying around with Track elevation, and now it works perfectly.

    Now in this Map, Left Lime color:Small Mining and Farming Silo Etc Branch line
    Deep small Yellow: is new 115 foot Roundhouse for all my Loco Power
    Red Thin Line next to Yellow: Return Loop track coming from downtown City area.
    Large light yellow: around 3 Water Settling Ponds is Potash Plant area.
    Aqua Square Line: is main Rail Sort Yard, Passenger Station, Downtown area etc.

    In this Map, a different view of Downtown Tracks and all the Spur connections.

    Amtrak daily is headed for downtown Passenger Station here along outside edge of the main Yards. And you can see all my Skyscrapers I put in. I didn't put in a lot, because we are about 4-5 tiles wide in this area, I didn't want it to look too crowded here.

    2 tracks on our left goto to huge Farm Silo Operation behind us.

    As we approach our Station stop, we pass by numerous Flower and Vegetable Hot Houses, first I have seen this in use.......That bridge in the back was a real pain in trying to align my Tracks...I like the bridge but the set under pinning do not work will in this small area. But I was able to get the Tracks aligned with a couple of them bending around 2 of Underpin supports.

    Ncie view here showing more of the City Scape Buildings etc. and you can see the area is not too wide, so I think my large Row of Scrapers works out ok.....

    These Bridges needed to be raised bit higher from what you see here. When you run trains under the Bridge it becomes more apparent how low this Bridge level is. Looking past the Bridge you can see the Double Track Station Stop with head end of Daily Local Amtrak. Speaking of which, I found out, I don't have a lot of Amtrak Trains made up, I and really don't know how much of what Version, like 1-5 I really have. So another thing in the bucket list is to make blank Tile with lots of long Tracks, and throw all my Amtrak stuff on it to sort it out and make some Trains up, else make a large Amtrak Rail Facility to have all the equipment in it? Hmm? will see......

    Looking across the Rail Yard since I don't have any Freights barring the view here, there is good shot of our Train in my redesigned Passenger Station. It works quite well with double Tracks. On North end, the Tracks merge into single mainline. On the South, they don't merge at all,, they go and go into the loop Track Circle.

    Now here is Passenger Station lot, I have put in more Lighting, it was there to start, but I had to rip it all out, because I didn't like the pre down Parking lot Asset, it wasn't made right, maybe someday, I will fool with it and try to fix it, the lines are all out of alignment....It looks really strange to me, so I don't know what happened, I should go check and see if there is newer version.?

    Our Amtrak has the morning Customers now, and we are headed out to other areas with workers for Potash and Electrical Plant short Stops, I need some small simple Stations out in those areas too....I have to find the best place on the Loop to set them up.......It is a lovely morning out here now as the Sun is rising in the East.

    Looks like this is it for today, have a lot more to share with all. Have a blessed day, and pray for those in the Storm Disaster areas. As well our local Boat Disaster, which is a heart wrenching thing......This investigation is probably going have some major changes on Boating Safety in many different aspects.


    Have a good weekend and keep hydrated out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueodessey View Post
    ================================================== ================================================== ====

    And to my friend "hiawathamr"

    Quotes "I was just playing with the sunset settings and though it looks like a good picture for a possible screenshot showcase sometime

    I see you added another Trainz project to your list

    Decided to share some of my screenies of another side project I made ..."Quotes

    Thanks for dropping by with the Pictures, they look really good.....Sunsets....How can you beat that....Yes on another Project, I can't help myself, I am always tripping over something that comes to mind, I have I think about 4 little Merges going on with this Wilson Mills Route, and so when I look around after making a test run through the area, I see things I want to change or add, and Potash has been on my mind for quite some time, I just never had a spot to add it, so I thought, why not on one of the merges I did, put it at the end, add a bunch of Tiles, and throw it together in the way I see it, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't but I'll give it a whirl and see.....Now after visiting Morro Bay and seeing the Rock, I have an idea about doing something on one of my Lake scenes, with a small Mining operation, with Jetty of sorts that takes you from the Coast out across the Bay to a large Rock Outcropping, just an idea, and it might not look or work right, but will see. I have to finish with Potash, and this Passenger Station I changed up for now, but this is in my bucket List for later......IF I don't forget it and get caught up with something else, I feel like the mad scientist, too many things come to mind and I forget where I am....LOL. or is it OCD.....But Trainz is lots of fun and homeopathic for me, when my Arthritis acts up......
    Thank you for the kind words Blue
    lol,I remember doing that when I was younger with UTC, TRS2006, and TS2010 with all of the mini projects, but mostly edit the heck out of the Razorback Classic route. TS2010 I been editing the heck out of the Regional Passenger Transit route. I mostly made it into a Christmas themed route since its a winter route, and of course, why not?
    They're both awesome routes, and I highly recommend checking these two routes out, as they're great, even though they're from TRS2004/06 days.

    As for the recent hurricane, I'm very glad the people out on the east got an easy storm this time. Went from Cat 5 down to Cat 1 - very lucky this time, and hopefully for the future. I wish I could say the same for the Bahama's, but sadly they got the worse part of the storm

    Anyway, love your content as always, take care.


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Good Monday Morning all,

    Well tenacity, headaches, deletions, and just plain hard work on the Fairview E/W WIP project is starting to pay off. I addded another Track on the Grainery Branch Line. Then I tried to put in some crossover connect points, the extra line did work, uh the crossover, well? Lets say it just didn't look right. So I made some precise x outs of the Tracks, and reformed them again, this time it flowed and after running some quick drives, it appears things will now work as I intedended them too.

    When you make Routes, Branch lines whatever, and this is my opinion only, there needs to be a purpose, a working symetry, and it needs to flow, by that, sometimes it is too easy to over complicate things? The question then becomes why do I need to do all this switching etc to get to a particular place. Now there are times when it very cool to make something difficult and challenging to embrace and make you better at Shunting, running a Railroad, and add some mystery to the Route.

    It really is a balance of ideas, and I'm sure after playing around with your Route, you end up going back, making large and small changes to the betterment of your operating experience. You have only to appreciate and view some of astouding Routes created by our Route Builders to help you out when you get in that creative mood!

    We continue today with Fairview and our Passenger Station, which is still going with renovation, lighting etc. Our Amtrak is in the Station and picking up the morning commuters. It took me a while to realign overcovers (Sun Shields) for train width. Our train will head out shortly for the Country Loop line.

    After we pickup our Passengers the others here await their Northtbound Train. One should be here in 15-20 mins as all Freights are parked on adjoining Tracks, local Shunting will start in 1/2 hour in the Old Industrial Section of Town.

    And here is our North Bounder leaving the Station on the right is load of Grain cars headed to the Grainery Branch.

    We head out into the morning light here, just ahead is our power Plant and Water Reclamation operation (aka Sewage Plant), one makes our city power, the other cleans our soiled water........Behind a nice high Brick Wall

    Some nice trees to make it look less industrial will be added later on.

    Out of the City now, this is an area I need to do some planting of Scrubs and trees I may have a few areas of Desert Theme, not sure, will see how that works out.

    Another thought on multitude of Signals, once I am satisfied everything works, I plan on going to Approach Lit, reason, too much of Christmas Tree lighting here due to the multitude of tracks in small areas here and there. (update after I wrote this note last night, I went thru and did a lot of Tree and Schrub planting while adjusting Texture Colors with more Green in the area than Desert Colors. One problem I have is several of my trees are Translucent, see thru like, I need to see if it is fixable or I just plain need to replace them.

    We have nice view of the Downtown area far, far away, as we roll into the morning Sun......This whole area will have sparse planting of Trees. Not to many, so I don't impede the Graphics card workload. I know when I put in a lot of Rail Cars for industries it will affect the Graphics card, it surely is a cat and mouse game for sure, LOL.

    Now we are completely out of downtown, coming into rolling hills, where first Sun is creeping up. Lots of area to plant. (couple of days later I planted and changed some of Color Textures)

    Passing near some hills as we head around to the left and behind them. We travel a single mainline on this Route for now, but soon, will come to some junction points. Travel time is good here, our Green lights are stacked 40MPH for now, but I hope to have a few higher speed areas......Will need a couple of Short stops out with small town Shelter Platform type stations. One is needed for the Potash Plant workers.

    Out around the other side of the hills, we pass thru a small River area here...

    This very early morning coming thru the very quite Downtown area, I like the night mode these buildings have.

    That'll be good for today.......Please enjoy your week ahead..........

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    Hi Blue, old friend.
    As always, I am happy to read you and learn from that capacity of yours with the routes.

    I like autumn, its colors and that indefinite nostalgia; adequate time for the railroad.

    It is autumn on the Blue Silver Route, tomorrow I explain a little what is done and what I thought about it.



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    Thumbs up Javier your Automn display of Color looks so inviting.

    Quote Originally Posted by fant_autentico View Post
    Hi Blue, old friend.
    As always, I am happy to read you and learn from that capacity of yours with the routes.

    I like autumn, its colors and that indefinite nostalgia; adequate time for the railroad.

    It is autumn on the Blue Silver Route, tomorrow I explain a little what is done and what I thought about it.


    Hello Javier,

    Your Pictures are so stunning my friend! The work you have done looks so inventing, maybe I get a plane ticket and fly over to where this Route is located.........I send you a CUP of Virtual WINE to drink.

    Currently one of my issues, with some of the Routes is having transparent or translucent look, I'm not sure what word here is the better description of the problem???

    But I hope I can swap them out, or maybe fix them so they are not see thru, and they are really nice looking trees other than that issue, and it is not not all just a batch of them.......

    OH and the last few days have been significantly cooler for now, but they say will be north of 100 Degrees by the weekend, so I am out working a another Water leak issue, have the plumber coming out in the morning to see if we can track this slow leak down....Fortunately it is outside, so it's not an inside plumbing issue......LOL

    Our Autumn weather is trying to come in, but I don't hold my breath as Summer has a bad habit of hanging in late some years, almost into December sometimes........Will see how 2019 ends up for us....

    Thank you for Sharing with us.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    Thank you for the kind words Blue
    lol,I remember doing that when I was younger with UTC, TRS2006, and TS2010 with all of the mini projects, but mostly edit the heck out of the Razorback Classic route. TS2010 I been editing the heck out of the Regional Passenger Transit route. I mostly made it into a Christmas themed route since its a winter route, and of course, why not?
    They're both awesome routes, and I highly recommend checking these two routes out, as they're great, even though they're from TRS2004/06 days.

    As for the recent hurricane, I'm very glad the people out on the east got an easy storm this time. Went from Cat 5 down to Cat 1 - very lucky this time, and hopefully for the future. I wish I could say the same for the Bahama's, but sadly they got the worse part of the storm

    Anyway, love your content as always, take care.


    My apologies here, I had just got home from watching the Grand kids for a week, and just posted and ran real quick, I meant to respond to your post........

    Thanks for Route you discussed, I will check them out when I get a chance............

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    Lightbulb Early morninng Amtrak Run on the Fairview to Fairmount and Kelly Shortline via Wilson

    Good Thursday all,

    Had been working on sprinklers up in front yard, and had a problem with gravity and water coming back out of Anti Siphon Valves I thought, from when the Sprinklers came on,,Come to find out, it was actually a small pin hole leak in the water pipe underground, which developed into a Crack, probably from earthquakes, so it finally cracked enough enough over time that was really leaking.

    I had area drains that are nearby for flooding when we get too much rain. So it fooled me. Fortunately I know a good Plumber who has Video inspection for Pipes, sewers, sprinklers what ever. We after 1.5 hrs finally found exactly where the leak was coming from. Dug up the area, you would have never known it was there because it was draining into a pipe a foot away......

    Now I can fix it, and back fill up 4 areas where I had been digging too see where this mysterious water leak came from.....I'm sure one of you has gone thru this type thing in the past, oh and I forgot to mention, but the pipe goes under Concrete in several places to, which makes it even harder.....LOL

    Alright, so I have been working on Fairview E/W making more industrial centers, and changing the Industrial leads up a bit to allow for better loading of Rail Cars, along with more precise Signal aspects etc. You'll see those pictures later in this month.

    Today we show some early morning shots coming thru the city in Fog conditions.
    Just enough Fog you need to drive the Train a little slower here, else we run into the back of another slow moving Freight or stopped ahead one in this busy Downtown Yard area.

    The crews know all to well about these sometimes Fatal collisions in the Fog, so lots of Coffee, good communication between Crews and dispatchers and we should be able to prevent Train vs Train issues....Crew Safety, and Safe operating practices especially in these Foggy situations.

    We have been stopped for a minute here while Dispatch clears up some Red Lights ahead, probably and earlier inbound Freight that came into our regional sort yard here?

    Clearing downtown, you can see a couple of our Night mode Skyscrapers here.

    Ok, we are on the move now in the back country headed to Fairmount and Kelly Shortline MP Route, Via Wilson Mills interchange Junction a few miles ahead with Passenger Stop to change Trains for N/S area Route coverage on Wilson Mills Route.

    Due to heavy recent Rains in the spring, we have lots of overgrowth and MOW is scheduled to trim out the area for better visions here in the Country area....(Truth be told, I had to realign the Tracks along here, and didn't go back and recheck my Foliage clearances) OOPS......LOL

    Coming into Wilson Interchange area now, double Track mains, still some Fog conditions here and there as morning light prevails. Fortunately Vehicle Traffic is stopping for Crossing Signals too.

    We just passed the Double Main Diamonds now, and are stopped at the Passenger Station which is double triangle set on one corner of the Diamonds, it spans all Tracks, so Customers merely walk back and due a sharp left turn to pickup their Wilson's Mills & Mount Olive Route to continue up or down the state. It works real well here there are trains every 2 hours or less for Morning and Evening Commuters, less at off peak times of course.

    You can see connection Tracks curving around on Left and Right Sides here too for other Rail Traffic. It took a few well placed signals to get the aspects right, and later I will drop in Diamond Controllers for more realistic control of the Double main Diamond Traffic.

    We head out around a curve now on the other side of the Double Diamonds and pick up another Street Crossing. Speed is a bit slow here, but will much better speed later on other Route.

    I really like the colors of the Trees here, beautiful Fall colors coming in now.....Our train is way down the tracks here, picking up speed as we head into Fairview E/W Route area.

    Got love some of these many Bill Boards on the Route placed by MSGSapper, I need to get bill boards in on the other Routes too, that' be a little tedious, but fairly easy........

    Looks like we picked up a Red for minute, Dispatcher tells us we have 3 mins safety delay, trains have cleared ahead, we awaiting Switch movement to clear our signal. This early in the morning, most of our passengers curled up and are taking their naps now on the long train ride. Our Crews know how to handle their stops an starts and not jolt the train.

    Well that'll do for now, I need to get outside an get on with the Sprinkler and broken main water line repairs, always something needs fixing in the house....Ours is over 50 years old, just like a old Car, they break down sometimes.

    Have a great day all......See you in a few days......

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    Lightbulb Bahama's recovery /Fairview Pics/Horace Fithers Bocars

    A blessed Sunday to all,

    Well, today and yesterday was over 100 degrees and at the moment as I type this it is 91 degrees, and the Sun has set over and hour ago.....EEK it is hot, can't wait for the Fall weather to show up, none too soon. Unfortunately for us we have some Forest and City fires going on, but our beloved First respondents are doing a terrific job.......

    There is some potential bad news for the Bahamas and possible East Coast, another Hurricane is powering up so will see how it goes. Please says some prayers for the Islands, it is in really bad shape. (I just saw Humberto didn't hit the Island but steered away from Island, though they got Rain from him they didn't need!)



    Today's pictures show more of what I have been up too.

    Passing thru the Power Plant in the area, I just added Fence line to it, there are lots of other details I need to add over time. Since I still redoing and building other Industries along the line.

    Over by the Potash area, I added a lake and a Bridge to span it.......Since this picture, I have added a lot of Trees to the area, which I show in later pictures.

    "horacefithers" made some really nice old looking Boxcars for his Route, this is a picture of what they look like. If your not familiar with his name, please check out the Route he is making, it is awesome!

    Here is a link to this Route Builders Site please check it out:


    <kuid:884720:9100001> hf_bcsj Custom 40' Boxcar - #1
    <kuid:884720:900000> hf_bcsj Custom 40' Boxcar Lib

    Over view of the Passenger Station with better designed Parking Lots, I got the tracks laid out the way I want with one track crossing over for connection points to the Old Industrial Center, I still need to finish out the lighting for the Train Station.

    So I was thinking here, I need a place to stash my engines and do service etc. So why not put in a small Round House, in this area? So I did, added 115 foot Round House and it will work nicely.

    Another aerial view here show how the Tracks are laid out for the new Round House with some small engine house facilities etc. Ii used both small and large Engine Stalls for the different Locomotives I have. Seems I have 10-12 Bays which should handle the Traffic here, on the other end of this layout I made a Fuel yard with some Storage for Locomotives there. Between the two locations at the opposing ends of the Route. Will see how it works. Don't know till you try it. What I am doing now, is running lots of Freight simulations to see how Signals, and Track segments work. One thing I ended up doing was changing out Industrial area to a different angle of Service direction with the Tracks last night, because a bunch of Diamonds in a small area was not going to work out well, with cross traffic. I will show you pictures of that later on to explain better on how it works now, from original design specs.

    Recall I spoke about a Short Granary Branch I created with some Mining opportunities at the end of the Branch. Here is the start of the rails on curve headed uphill. One of the ways I start my Grades on Level areas, is to preset the Tracks to the grade I want, I do not raise the Terrain, because there is usually several small adjustments to get it right, a few times I get in the first try, but not usually. So here I have set the grade @ 1.5% to max of 2% depending on where these tracks will lead. From this point on they will encounter small hills where I need to adjust the Rate of Climb with Terrain change. So that is why you see this Track hanging in the air for now. I use to do the old way, and raise the land first and then add the Rail now I do it this way, for me it works really way, your mileage of course may vary?

    Moving on, here is the next part of the Grainery Branch this is first of 2 Silo operations there is also a local Grain Store here as well. So will have Farm Machinery to bring in on occasion as well. In the back right of the picture here, is one of the hills we transverse on the way up the Grade to Mining and Second Silo Operations. Track is set for max 2% grade, hoping to bring it down to 1%-1.5% grade once I get the rest of the Track in.

    Over here, on Grainery Branch line once I got the upper Grades in tolerance, I found that this area was to low, and needed to re adjust the approach track here, fix the % and now the line is on par for 1% to 1.5%.

    A view of the countryside as we head out of town. There are some really nice areas out along the Tracks here.

    Looks like today might be a bit Cooler. Thanks for dropping Folks, and have a good week ahead..........
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    Lightbulb Microsoft messed me up with scheduled updates

    Good Wednesday all, hump day has arrived.

    So it has been a great week till yesterday when Microsoft messed me up with scheduled updates while I was working on Fairview E/W Route, I had just completed about an hours worth of staging Rail Cars and Consists in the new Facility's and Industrial Tracts I had made....Everything was fine, I had saved my Route, and I had gone to check computer messages in my Win10 Action center, when I saw it said scheduled updates were ready to install, just need to set a time.

    Aware of it, I went back to my Route which was in Surveyor mode, switched to Quick Drive to check on my recent Train additions I has done in Route. It went to Quick drive, it took about 2 mins o load, Red Flag number #1, when the Route opened, it was into a clouded Sky, instead of Airport area where it usually dumps me.....Red Flag #2,,,,,,so I goto Map mode, and find out all my Signals are gone, tracks are gone and whole host of other things...... Fortunately this time, I had 6-7 Older copies of the Route spanning to the Beginning and or end of last month......As well, Carbonite has copies of my older files too.....

    So all is not lost, when all was said and done, I had to delete my last 2 saved copies of the Route,, Weird part, if you opened these copies in Surveyor everything was there up to latest saved work, but if you went to use Session or Quick drive, then most all of the Route Tracks, Signals etc were missing, however, you could see some of them in Map View.

    What I think happens, because this is the second time in 2 months, is, Windows does a silent download of updates in background, and you don't know it, because nothing pops up till it finishes, then win10 tells you downloaded updates are ready for install, choose time etc.....

    Well I think, and this is speculation here, while in Trainz with disk writes and saves etc going on with Trainz, Wins tries to do it's download for updates, while Trainz is trying to do it's thing, we end up with corrupted files on the Trainz side of things.

    Now all is fine, I just had to go back thru my saved copies, making sure not all of them corrupted, so it was good, only two copies corrupted, which I figure were normal 30-60 min saves, but I didn't use Quick drive in the 1st save, so I wouldn't have seen anything wrong.....Crazy huh???

    So here are some pictures today, I have been adding lots scenery items, buildings, new downtown area, Mining camps and whole lot of other things. Which you'll see later on.......

    Going over to the Grainary Branch here is the problem area with % grade and Ground I had to re do....What I also do here is drop in a Ruler Measure, to make sure part of this Track is straight. I love the Ruler with Trainz, I use it for everything now....One of reasons would be when Grid lines are at 45degrees or whatever, so you can't use them as straight for certain areas.......

    If you follow the track around here, it curves, goes over a small River and heads up the hill in the back.

    Longer view of the Grainary Branch line and Mainlines etc.I know you see the edges of the rest of the Route in the back part, the way I have my hills and stuff on Tile edges, when your ground level on Tracks, you can't see any of those across the field of view edges. So there never seen.....Sneaky I know......LOL, where there's a will there is a shortcut, way to accomplish hiding unwanted views......

    Ok, so now we are looking at the Grainary Branch West end of it, towards the East end of the Route, looking in the far end of it, you can see my Skyscrapers in the distant view. Closer to us, you can see the River and water areas that is around Granary Branch.

    Couple of SP SD45-2's ? I think, headed up the Branch for Mining Duty, pickup some heavy Ore Cars once they get up into the deep canyon areas, I made the curves on this Branch suitable for 6 Axle Units. And the bridge supports the weight too.

    Up in the highest part of Branch-line, we have some good curves, and very deep Gorges nearby the Rail Tracks, good thing, there is heavy Rock Base a few feet down, so no problem with any land slippage here, short of Trainz Quake from merging Routes, you've seen that before on my Merges......LOL

    We have made it too Mining End point of Granary Branch, I think we have about 8-9 Heavy Ore Cars to pickup up.........

    This is the highest point up in the Granary Branch @2.5% grade or less. Looking out over the Valley.
    In the heavily Wooded forest area is where we end up at 2 Mining areas at the end of the Branch line here.

    Dropped in a second mainline here, along with Dirt Road, checking signals, % grade, proper Switch curve connection etc.

    ================================================== ===============================

    Update correction, I was just re checking my post verbiage here,, and realized I didn't say this properly.

    Should have said, I dropped in a Second parallel Track on the Branch Line portion, not the Mainline........ I could have kept the single line going thru here with Spurs all over, but it just was not going to flow right without lots of extra Shunting to move a ton of Cars around.....This way will work much better and save lots of time........

    Between the 2 mining operations and 2 Silos producing several cars a day of Loads. We need to get the items to Market with reasonable Dwell Time. The business is good on this new Branch Line, and good for Fairview E/W shoreline operations too?

    I have it on good authority from one of my Locomotive Crews

    "word has it there could be more opportunities up in these hills, like a nice Quarry Operation or some other type of heavy hauling operation desired"

    .......It is speculation and scuttlebutt For the moment, don't believe everything you hear, and 1/2 of what you see (old timers phrase)

    Our hills have good Sand and Gravel and other Minerals to play with!!!

    Now the ques presents itself????

    Do the investors want to work the hills for Commodity business? You never know where the hot money flows in our Transportation Business?

    We have the Locomotives and running Cars to handle, however, they could also just use Trucking just as well, and leave the Railroad out of it? That is OK with me, I want a solid relationship not a fly by night operation, Risky business plan.....Been there and done that, I won't risk putting up good money (new Rail infrastructure, if this Job creation is not worth it's Salt, with a good long term potential)

    This is a continuing Story, will keep you posted as I hear more from the Grape Vine........

    This the latest map showing my new Round House, Potash Plant area, and the to small Water areas, is behind the Skyscrapers downtown area. And you look very close to the left tiny little water Pond, about 4 tiles to the left, that is where the new Grainary Branch is built.

    I just thought about something, I forgot, in at the bottom of the Three settling Ponds for the Potash plant, and 2 Squares to the left, I put in Natural Gas Production Plant below the Potash Plant. I completely forgot until now....LOL It was th best area for fitting one in.....Well have a lot of LPG Tankers coming out of that Plant later on......

    That'll do for today, and now that I see what Windows does with updates, I have increased my Saved Copies of Routes as I build them.....Run with 6 now, just for good measure, with one of them being a fairly old copy, just in case, the last kerfuffle costs me 6-8 months of work......I wasn't a happy camper either..

    Thanks for dropping by folks.
    Last edited by blueodessey; September 19th, 2019 at 05:20 PM. Reason: small changes and spelling corrections

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    Lightbulb Merging Route Issues ( I messed it up) Forgot Rule number #1

    Good Saturday Morning all,

    Another week passed by quickly as our weather is slowly turning over Fall cooler days and I welcome it after a slew of 100 degree plus days and 70-80 degree evenings.......

    Now I have a little story to talk about, that I think might interest a few of you?

    I'm sure your curious now, about my Rule #1, and this one is an important one, as you'll soon find out? Do not have any Consists or single rail cars on either Route to merge!!! Make sure you delete all of them from Routes to Merge!!

    So I have a couple of Breweries on Wilson&Olive Fairmount/Kelly Shortline MP Route/Fairview E/W project, after finishing my Beer Plants and stuffing some random Boxcars at the their Docking spots, I got the idea, I need to find some Beer Boxcars specially designed for Transport of Said Product and keeping it in the same condition as when it left the Factory, that means Temperature Controlled Climate from Brewer to Customer, IE the stores you buy your Cool or very Cold Beers at.....

    So I went on the DLS and looked/shopped for everything under the keyword Beer, and what do you know, there are 2 different Routes called "beer Line & Beerline" one is Capitalized and one is not! So I downloaded them, and decided I would like to Merge "beer line" for now, the is one is Model RR style, which I will check out later.......

    That was 3 days ago, so each day after merging, I would make new Track connections, Mountains, some more connective tiles, etc. The Route comes with about 17 Tiles and is rough unfinished, which works for my Customization wants.....Now about 12 revisions later after lots of rebuild, cutting in new mainlines to Beer Line Route, I goto use a Quick Drive and also attempt to use default Session, to my horror, it takes 3 mins to load, and all Tracks, signals and basically a white screen, I can't run either Session. Houston we got us a real problem here....Sessions and Quick Drive load in 15-30 Secs on my computer, not 3 mins or more, I knew something serious was afoot!!!

    Ironically, I can close either Quick Drive or Default Session, and or Save or Create New Sessions Etc, but if I try to use them, same thing occurs. And I can open the Route for Editing, and everything shows normal, I can even Edit in Surveyor no Problem, but try to run Quick Drive or Default Session, nope I get the missing layer issue....So I go thru all my backup files, and to my dismay, same issue, you see, all I did was build things, I never tried to run a session or Quick drive after the Merge, Stupid me, Idiot!!!!!

    Thinking back, I made another bad mistake, not thinking about proper merging techniques, I have a ton of Cars and Trains on the premerge Route, I know better, when merging, that all trains have to be removed off of both Routes, before merging, there are merges that you might get away with in Trainz with a few consists, but I probably have 30 trains(consists and over a 100 cars easy on the Route......In other words, I probably shot myself in the foot on this one....

    Fortunately I kept the last few copies of my Route premerge on Beer Line, and Driver mode works perfectly with those copies.....

    Now if only both of my feet would bend backwards, I would give myself a fast boot in the pants for stupidity. I have to say, after losing 3 days of work, I think I won't forget to remove trains and all consists after this kerfuffle.....LOL !!!!!

    I know better, let my lesson be a good warning for the new folks coming to Trainz........

    The bright side of it, I took a ton of Pictures showing my Work and the changes I made, so I will use the pictures and my memory to reconstruct a new merge and do it over again...........I chalk this up to good experience teacher........

    Tonight will see what I saw and how parts of this merge looked......

    Alright so when you go from Surveyor into Quick Drive or you go from the Menu to Quick Drive or Session, this is what it should look like in TRS-19, some part of the Route showing OK here, and you start your Session......

    Now same idea, but when you get a Screen like this one, long time to come up, well, I think this picture says it all.......Got my driver, that's good, but we are in the Stratosphere, not on the land.....We have some type of Corruption with the Route, or missing Layer.....It doesn't really matter at this point, with the Saved Route I just opened here along with 12 other Saved Files, it opened like this,,either in Quick Drive or Session using Driver Mode to play with Route.

    Here is picture of the Beer Line.....Very cool switching setup for me to play with...... I will re do the merge with this one.

    Map Picture of where I merged it in with Wilson and Olive Route, would work perfectly as Branch Line headed North West in Wilson Route. When I do the merge again, I plan on adding 2 layers of spacing Tiles do to some issues where it meets the Wilson Route.........I don't care for one of the views I get of the other Route, so I need to space the Beer line further South and then it will look more the way I want it too come out. Just me being a little picky.......

    And the finished Map with the Merge 3 days ago. Now I turned the who Route 90 Degrees on it's side, so North is on Right edge of Picture, not the top, for more clarity to see how it looks..You can see the other Merges I did up to the Right side of the Route.

    This is the left rough side of the merge, we have about 25 foot drop, no big deal, as it ends up about 1-2% Grade easy enough to set the tracks. I allowed for one tile of expansion on the side of Merge. This is why I want too add 2 spacer tiles, I need the transition of height to be further away, so it is not quite so abrupt here distance wise.

    Looking North West from Merge connection, here is Rough Switching area, very nicely laid out, Author says it is still WIP........You can see the bottom Lake area, and Power Plant which is edge of Wilson Olive Route. On this view, I plan on extending the water area below the Power Plant area on upper right quadrant of this picture....Hope that makes sense........You'll see the difference later on in a few weeks when I catch up to those pictures......

    These are some of the Consists Author had setup, I haven't used these type Switchers, I didn't get a chance to see how they do, But they look very Cool......Lots of Boxcars here too......

    Alright here is the initial Rough Cut to get from Zero O Elevation to upper part of Olive Line.......Everything needs to be blended in here......Which I did, do, now I will have to remake it..And I did a really nice job with it too......LOL

    "The Milwaukee Road's beer line" use this for search in Google Etc, there is now a Bike to Rail Path setup where this line used to be.......I'm not a Beer Drinker, so I never knew anything about this lines existence...Pretty amazing about how it was created and what they used to do.....Word has it, that Micro Breweries put them out of business along with other Economic issues.

    "Milwaukee Road Historical Association"



    OK folks, I'm over my outburst here, time pull my boot straps up, forget it and get ready to do it again, only this time, I'll check the Driver Functions after the merge... I have to think something is different with TRS-19 over TS-12, I never ran across this after a merge.....Either it worked or didn't in TS-12, and you knew right away, because the Program would crash and you'd have to figure out why you couldn't merge your Routes for a variety of reasons, mostly for me, it was too large for the Graphics and System Ram, which is not an issue any longer for me with my Newer Laptop, that I have maxed out Memory, Converted from Rotating Drives to SSD's etc. So there's that? Something more learned how things work differently in TRS-19.....

    Night all, and have a blessed Sunday.......

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    As always, you come up with some interesting screenshots and descriptions

    I don't know if I shared these with you, but these are from the sessions that I made for my Leadville Sub (will be released...sometime-ish)

    To start off, can't forget the good old Auran

    Player's train is in the siding to let the coal train pass by

    General pics

    Head on view

    And arrived at our destination


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    As always, you come up with some interesting screenshots and descriptions

    I don't know if I shared these with you, but these are from the sessions that I made for my Leadville Sub (will be released...sometime-ish)

    To start off, can't forget the good old Auran

    Evening Sir,

    Love the Pics and the Sky color style you have going on.

    I'm doing better this week, I just had to buckle down and do more error checking with TRS-19 Trainz too make sure I don't get another corrupted Route issue after several nights of diligent work to get the changes/mods I want.......

    Thanks for posting some awesome shots........

    ================================================== ================================================== =======================================

    Good Evening all,

    Been a busy day with Meetings and fixing water and sprinkler pipe repairs, finally could fill in all the inspection and repair holes I had to make to find the 3 different problems I had. That is what happens when pipes get close to 30 yrs old in the ground plus normal earth movement from Moisture and earth quakes, and we have had some 6-7 earth quakes over the many years. They don't call Los Angeles Shaky City for nothing, we know earth quakes all to well here on the West Coast all the way to Alaska and down into Mexico.....Earth is fissured out with earth quake Faults, new ones are found all the time,,,,,,

    And since we just went to Autumn this week, our weather is slowly cooling down, great for me, as my body does not do well in Summer, I have had 3 Sun Strokes over the years, since I am older now, I have to be more careful with the Sun, and no, I am not overweight either, I wished it was that simple, I could lose the weight, the problem of heat exhaustion comes from one of my parents, fortunately in a sense, I don't have it quite as bad as they did. Non the less, Summer is bad time of year when temps go over 90 degrees.

    So get let to Trainz, so far now with my rebuild of Wilson Mills and other Merges I did, and this time, I made sure not one single train asset or Airplane Asset(Loco of sort) was on any of the Routes I merged into the Wilson Mills Route. And after merging, I made sure my Quick Drive and Driver Sessions worked, and when I do a nights work on Route Demolition and rebuilds, new mountains, tracks whatever that said items will still work, as well, I now taking the time to periodically, once a week, take one of File Copies as I do my Saves for Route Changes and Convert to Cdp backup files too.. In short I am doing things more stringently so as too not lose 8 months of work like last month because of corrupted slew of Files that Quick Driver and Sessions wouldn't work properly.....

    So far so good now, no runs, no errors, no losses in this Ball Game.....LOL

    Tonight you'll see some Consist action on the Grainery Branch.

    A Canadian Pacific special is coming out of the upper rail yards from downtown city area and is headed along the second mainline on Left when doubles as assigned Spur connection to Grainery Branch, thus leaving the other Mainline #2 clear for traffic inbound to the City, and it works great......We have a 42 car Train coming into Silo areas on this Branch today, when do the main Drops, and then Local Crews assigned to the Branch will pull their Power out and spot/load the cars, we'll pick up completed loads in couple of days.

    Better view of our main lines coming out of the city this Route had one mainline, and there is too much traffic from all the industries plus Amtrak locals, have to have 2 Mainlines minimum in lots of these spots otherwise our meets and Dwell time take a real hit, and passenger and Shippers get pissed off, then we lose revenues from penalties from Amtrak, lost time performance....Not good for us......Perception is key when operating a business, and word of mouth will kill a business if it is bad reports.

    We come off Main #1 and head across the River here to first set of Silos. Grade is 1% or so...No problem with power bringing them in,I think its SD60-70s plenty of horses under the hood.

    A different view of our train here as it crosses the Creek. I do see one thing I need to adjust, it is set to 40 MPH I need to cut that down to 15-20MPH.........Get so wrapped with building and changing thinks, I forget to set my speeds accordingly from default 40MPH....OOPS

    Looking out from West end view you can see the edges of the layout way over yonder, but it's OK, I covered Trans Dem Aqua colors out with some Earth Tones. So it looks kind of like Cliff areas from this side. I might plug in background Tree Scene or something else......My work is never finished but I have a blast here.

    Remember I told you I added a Farm Module, it has lots of buildings, I think 1/2 doz or so, works out really nice for quick Farm area setup, I have used them in my other Routes too, there are 5 different mods of these....And they have some trees already in the Asset....Cool setup....Kudos to the Author who made these......They have my vote for Innovation and ease of use.

    OK here is picture of Silo and Feed store outlet.....Set of empty covered Hoppers awaits a Shunt from local Crews up on the hill.

    A Map overview of the area I textured out and in bottom left corner, you can see the Grainery Branch Line as it winds its way into the back country where the end comes into 2 Mining areas...I might extend it more later into a large Quarry, but that's for much later, as I have lots of other work to do with Beer Line Routes I just merged, 3 of them as I am going to reorient them into one Route once they are merged together, each one has certain characteristics I like and want to use. I have to read up and sea the map on the Original Beer Line back east.........Because the main route is Tracks laid out but building placement is not complete, so I need to see what I need to add, and try to make similar to the Old Beer line Route which is now a Rail to Bike Route conversion, how sad the Route is Gone.....But that's progress and Micro Breweries and other Economics that caused it's demise.

    Btw check out JAW TOOTH Videos, he is quite a character and finds some really interesting Train Shots.....On YouTube

    Still dropping a rake of empties here for the Farm Silo Grain operation.

    Final Pic here is another Farm view as we climb further up into the canyons on the new Grainery Branch line.

    Well it's time to goto bed, I have family headed out a Trips, so it's airport duty in the morning, see you all later....Have a good week.......And we are praying for Rain here, awful hot and dry with our lovely, I'm being facetious here Santa Ana Winds off the Desert, and they bring low humidity and big chances of Forest Fires, the brush is already timber dry at this point in the year, our last rains where in April, except for some stray T-Storms which come with Dry Lighting and no rain sometimes.....One of our Mountain fires we had a week ago was from dry lightening......

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueodessey View Post
    Evening Sir,

    Love the Pics and the Sky color style you have going on.

    I'm doing better this week, I just had to buckle down and do more error checking with TRS-19 Trainz too make sure I don't get another corrupted Route issue after several nights of diligent work to get the changes/mods I want.......

    Thanks for posting some awesome shots........

    ================================================== ================================================== =======================================
    Thank you Blue.
    The sky was a copy from American Plains route (aka City and Country USA) as I loved that environment setting
    This was probaby said a month or a few back, but that route that I showed those screenshots was also corrupted, and I had to go fishing for a working copy again (as all of the backups where corrupted as well)...

    Anyway, without making it dry, here is a small industrial switching route Im working on. I want to say I'm halfway done-ish, but I don't know for sure...


    NARM's site^

    My personal site: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/​

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    Smile Shunting first load of Beer out of Wisconsin Beer Line

    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    Thank you Blue.
    The sky was a copy from American Plains route (aka City and Country USA) as I loved that environment setting..
    This was probably said a month or a few back, but that route that I showed those screenshots was also corrupted, and I had to go fishing for a working copy again (as all of the backups where corrupted as well)...

    Anyway, without making it dry, here is a small industrial switching route I'm working on. I want to say I'm halfway done-ish, but I don't know for sure...

    Good morning hiawathamr,

    WOW oh WOW, if I didn't know this was Trainz Shot here I would think it was real life........Detail is incredible..........Sorry to hear you got the Corrupted File Copy Bug too!!!!!

    I'm glad I am not the only one this is happening too. It sure teaches one to keep good backups and check things consistently for what you think are just fine and find out they are Not!!! GGRRRRRRRR!!!

    So I did a lot of more work on the new Merge sections of my Route with Beer Town add on, Wisconsin, USA, it is an actual true Route from old times.



    Last remnants of old Milwaukee Historic Beer Line........Check out the story behind this once great Railroad..........Who knew, I didn't......Pretty cool Railroad, and they made money too......

    Anyway, I did a lot of repositioning the Tracks on the Route I downloaded and added Signals to it as well.........So it got to be about Midnight last night, and I decided I wanted to do one last thing on the Route too see how it was coming along, I had a Bunch of Erie Switcher Road Engines on Route as I was testing out the Signals and Switch positions etc, Thought to myself, it is time to run a loaded Beer Train out of this Industrial Park and see what happens?

    HAHA......Famous last words,

    I started a fresh session, time wise late in the afternoon, Trainz Time, collecting several of the Erie Switchers off the Industrial Leeds, and string of I think 30 Boxcars, and empty Grain Hoppers etc, even got an Erie Caboose with Fred for good effects.........And mind you, I can't believe it, after missing 4 wrong set switches (my fault, I needed to stop train and set for the right direction to get out of the park) DUH , 3 hours later, after making several reverse moves to set switch direction, I made it over to Wilson Mills and Olive Branch on the new mainlines and Tunnel I orchestrated in the Merge, and after 10PM train time, got the Beer delivered to the Companies that asked for our first load of Beer off the Beer Line. These where to go out for City Celebrations by the Mayor next day and had to be delivered to 3 different company locations on the Wilson Mills Route......

    I had so much fun driving the Alco's Erie Units and boy do they put out some Smoke and Noise....Pissed off some local Traffic as they stacked up on the Crossings where I needed to reverse move and Shunt in the Beer loads.....5-10 MPH is the max you do on Curved approaches into long industrial Leeds.

    As with any driving on Routes you have changed, saw and experienced lots of issues I need to go back and correct, a fair amount of Switches not long enough for the engines and Rail Cars, too short on the approach, so you see sharp left/right movements when you cross over to new tracks etc, doesn't look right, and if I was going any faster, which I was doing nominal speed, I would have tipped or derailed the cars for sure......So I have to go back and redo several of the Rails and extend the Approach leads back double to what they are now, I hope I explaining this right, it similar to a curve for a train that is too sharp, and you experience hard overhangs of the loco and Rail Cars, doesn't look good to me. Just my style I guess.....

    Here are some quick picks, no one has seen these yet, they are brand new from last night, you'll get a sense of this is very much a WIP, as I have to figure what type of buildings I need to add in here, by studying some historical pictures of the Beer line.......in other words, I am winging it here, as this is where Route was left when I downloaded it from DLS last week, and I am not complaining, I like this, as I can customize the way I want to, It will not be prototypical by any sense of imagination, just Blue having fun too see what he can create.....

    That's why below, you see a smattering of buildings here, but the Tracks are in...So it is great, I just did some major realignments, and I am not done yet, this is a huge industrial Park.......The whole thing, or theme, here make some Beer, lots of it and have fun doing it.......I still need to probably put some kind of small River thru here, but I don't know, I might not have the Room? Will see what happens.......

    Below is our first loaded consist of Beer Boxcars coming out from some of the new plants here.......As you can see, I can see the tail, Caboose and all of my train, as I turn a huge circle hear. Too much Smog and Fog here....LOL

    We have four units, when I get done picking up two more, will have 6 Units.....Im in love with these units, the builder of these did a terrific Smoke effect and Sound, I had the house coming down with my speakers on MAX......You'd think I was a little kid here, giddy with excitement....LOL....Tell the truth, I was....Had so much fun here after 2 weeks of hard work, it paid off in Spades......I going too extend these crossover switches a little more to make it easier on Train movements.......But these are not the ones I had problems with though.....!!

    Night shot on our first drop off of freshly brewed beer, we are splitting the power to simultaneously deliver at two locations, one on each side of double mainlines......It is 11PM train time, no Amtrak's to worry about, commuters are all in bed asleep, as it should be for us, to get our late night shunting done. I have 2 Engineers , A brake man and conductor, we are flush and can make it happen, after this, the Crew dies on the Clock ,and we leave the power here overnight, will pick it up tomorrow by noonish..... Its a beautful dark night out, you can see the Stars here.........

    Power is split on train will split off 4 beer cars for the first midnight delivery......

    OK...Here is Beer car getting spotted on the loading docks, workers are here, this place runs 24-7 schedule, so they'll start unloading the cars to deliver Beer to Mayor and friends function......Work goes on......They're happy, we are happy, we made some money tonight, as we got extra delivery charges for getting it here on time......Railroad loves that, think FedEx, UPS etc.......Oh and Amazon too, big gorilla in the room....LOL

    Oh and meet our cute Engineer, she is the best, and does a great job for us......

    We stage our Power and shut off the engines here for tonight, be back tomorrow to pick them up, we are almost dead on the Clock for Work time, A van has come to pick our crew up,,,,,We are past 12 hours, and really rather not work 16 hrs max federal time limit an engineer or crew can legally work a shift.

    Last part of the Shunt for other industries on Beer Run Consist........

    Anyway, went to bed close to 4:00AM, Well, I have to say, Mrs blue is away with friends on Trip so I was alone for a few days.....LOL.....It's Trainz time.........Playtime for Blue........Well sort off, I have go outside and finish my Sprinkler and Plant Trimming etc, before the wet weather starts coming in? Today is really cloudy, but no rain just yet, we had some Trace rain yesterday.........

    So that about does it for now, I got to get the move on, before my day disappears..........Seems like time is moving faster, nah!!!I think I am getting older and slower.....LOL

    Take care old friend......
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