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    The Trainz team has started a new development channel on Twitch TV called The Trainz Channel.

    Anyone wanting a list of all previous videos will find them on the wiki HERE

    Daily broadcasts consist of content development showing off either internal or 3rd party works, how to's / tutorials and other suggested streaming that the community would like to see. It's a chance for the community to either sit back and hopefully learn a thing or two and also chat amongst themselves and the n3v content creator steaming what they are working on at the time. There is a streaming schedule on the channel to let everyone know what will be streamed for the day. We will also try to remember to post something in this thread when streams are happening.

    We are hopeful that it will result in some content creators learning something they didn't know or maybe some of you skilled content creators will teach us a thing or two while watching us work! At the very least it should be an additional place to hang out and chat to content creators in real-time while the stream is going.

    You can post in this forum to let us know what you would like to see streamed. Keep in mind priority for what gets streamed will be the most requested topics and any internal development that we are working on.

    - Anyone using the chat to post inappropriate comments will be banned.
    - We will try and answer any content related questions but not all chat comments will get an answer from N3V. Please don't spam your questions if you don't get answered.

    Find all the current videos on our channel by clicking the image below.
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