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Thread: How do I make my track smooth?

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    Default How do I make my track smooth?

    I spend hours going over all my track, checking all my spline points, but when I go into Driver, there is a hump or a dip at every spline point on my entire route.

    How do I correct this?

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    Use the adjust spline (H) , bring the track slightly up , the track will maybe further on dissapear , place a spline point in the middle to the next and do the same , very slightly bring it up.
    In case of a double track use "get vertex hight " by klicking on the repared spline point , you will see now some measurments , klick on the button on the right "apply vertex hight" and klick on the splinepoint from the track beneath the repared track .
    It's a lot of klicking but it will work afterall.
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