Below is a ticket I filed with the help desk (or so I thought). The text is self-explanatory. I checked today with Trainz Support (View Tickets) and received the message "No results found". I have no tickets listed. So, exactly how does one go about getting help from the Help Desk?

June 30, 2015

We have received your request and will get back to you with further details shortly. You can login to the support center or
check your mailbox for further updates.

General Information

Ticket ID #HUK-526-78627
Full Name torino72
Email (Redacted)

Subject: TS12, SP1 Digital will not Download

Guys, I have a problem. I've ordered the digital TS12, SP 1 but I cannot download the files. I've been trying since June 28
to download it with little success. Those 1.45GB files will partially download time after time but but then terminate
before completion. The message, when there is one, is "Download was Interrupted" but it will not usually restart or, if it
does, it never completes. I've tried downloading with Windows IE 11, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Foxfire. I have a First
Class Ticket but don't know whether that helps on anything but the DLS or not. On Windows IE 11 where I can see the
download speed it is usually less than 50kbs. By contrast, the download speed of my 2010 CMP varies but can go well above
100kbs, sometimes 200kbs. For almost 24-7 since June 28 I've been trying to get these digital files downloaded. I've tried
it one file at a time and even that fails. I give up.

I'd like to cancel my order for the digital version and replace it with the boxed version. The game price is the same and I
understand there is an additional $14.90 mailing charge. My digital version order number is 100072278.

Can I do that and what is the process or sequence that needs to occur?