Hi All,

Trainz Dev is a new channel of communication between the wider Trainz community and the core developers. Membership of this forum is restricted and will be granted to tech-savvy individuals who feel that they can represent the community's technical concerns. The exact process by which people are selected will likely vary over time, and will in a significant part depend on the opinions of other members of this forum.

The Trainz Dev forum is deliberately visible to all Trainz users, although only the nominated community representatives will be able to post here. As this is a voice for the community, we don't want discussions to be hidden behind closed doors.

This forum is not intended as a general helpdesk or content creation help forum. N3V Games already has mechanisms in place for both of those needs. Instead, this forum is intended for two-way discussion of issues which affect the wider content creation community. We'll talk about what's coming up for the product, and existing issues that need to be rectified.

In terms of scope, we're aiming to discuss anything which affects our content creation community- from the content management UI, new tools, warnings and errors, material configuration, compatibility bugs, DLS cleanup, and moving forward with more advanced T:ANE techniques.

Welcome aboard!